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Sam Monson: Tom Brady is not a top 5 QB 6-3-14

Jun 3, 2014|

Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus joined the show to defend his story stating Tom Brady was in decline.

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Stephen -- Smith will join us in the 8 o'clock hour Sam Munson from pro football focus. We owe a debt of gratitude to. He's provided at least one now probably too interesting and lively segments for yeah warnings that cuts on W we've got to our greatest ever joins us on the AT&T halt like -- and it's Kirk cherry on John here in Boston how -- you. Border area we're doing very well did the eyeball test of you watching Brady play leads you to the metric analysis of how he's doing on the field. -- Olivia I think the -- taxes is what we have pro football focus do it's it's eight analysis. We watched the tape that the statistics are almost kind of incidental bonus to us you know watching tape and analyzing what happens. All right I gotta ask you Sam. It's an interesting piece but I go into this -- and there has to be some explanation for a some. Analysis of his weapons the weapons he has around on the receivers. We're sorely lacking last year compared to other QBs. He had you know we lost turn and is he lost roughest -- Los Gradkowski -- -- Welker. I mean it is it was not -- -- had no chance -- was useless and here's your and I and I get to the point where you say people point out point to his lack of receivers. As a reason for his compared of down year but it's worth noting. It was also the poorest performance from the knowing offensive line in years. So that's it that's the only thing you say about the receivers as they were bad but the line was worse. Broken heavily. Objective analysis of guy when essentially. He's under fire any strong one that to journeyman. I think the receivers that -- doesn't help something new you have. The receiving corps that completed -- particular struggle more -- -- those trying to make is that. Brady decline has been in action for awhile -- and all the receivers didn't make it look -- And Bennett it would have done -- -- -- and the point is though that at this stage in his career. He needs protection from the offensive line more than ever parents and didn't get it last year and that just. When you look at is decline over the last few years you've been out front lines and strong. He's been struggling under pressure -- the more pressure he's gonna get over the next couple years are going any place. The words would guarantee Tom Brady look hand it would or he has receiving options or not he's still gonna struggle struggle in the face pressure. -- about I'm the one guys almost with the one deciding Brady is dropped and -- the quarterback he was in 2010 certainly have a quarterback he was in 07. Oral form. I mean I watch these games or watch all these games you can't tell me Roethlisberger to bear the Brady right now he wrote that -- -- watchful these guys put Roethlisberger is not that. I gave a few guys -- I think care. Potentially better than Brady amateur Roethlisberger is right -- I think Philip Rivers last year certainly -- Police say I'm sorry I said the Brady has slipped below passes like rivers and rapist Percy wrote that that Roethlisberger is better. I think there's a collection guy -- I think everyone can agree that Brady is no longer in that mount Rushmore group of I Manning Drew Brees and are issues everybody can agree well OK at any objective. Burton getting reasons so it -- don't agree with that but I think anyone watching all of those guys together is. It's fully in on that under the assumption that Brady is not and I -- anymore. Real because of last year because of the year when he's thrown through a bunch of rookies and Danny Amendola. Absolutely and behind it and behind it and behind a lousy offensive line and he took that group to the AFC title game so we can all agree not -- anymore. C championship game the team got to the AFC championship game he's just one part of the quarterback doesn't. Page 53 guys on his own. -- -- that is obviously -- -- -- let me let me ask you this and again I'm I'm kinda with -- on the -- sort of drift away if if -- Hernandez decided not to kill people and Wes Welker resent the patriots last -- that we're having this conversation right now. And I don't know I think we -- see it then -- from Brady put it may not -- that Burnett is a lot. The senate -- making cross reference to another sport is what you're saying similar to a baseball writers saying that picture. With 84 record is in decline when in point of fact maybe there is a horrible defense behind him ranked 29 of Major League Baseball. And he pour off injuring 28 the Major League Baseball is that totally that pitcher's fault that a yes you know. A six and fourteen record. Unseat FaceBook not support the you're bringing up an analogy in the just not -- and -- And I'd like cricket. So much what I -- -- it's the same thing over the other side of the Atlantic ten. I look I I'm happy to say that there are other factors influencing greatly fancy and that are beyond his control but my point is so I think that decline is inevitable whether he's got help or not I think we're we're seeing. A guy humorous. Gone downhill over the past few seasons. And the only question is how far that that happened and how far you can expect -- -- -- -- and went fourteen. Even -- the team surrendering weapons and suddenly the offensive line is as good as ever being I don't think we're seeing Brady get back to the point he was at the peak -- -- Paris. Why because he's old main home or. Loans or younger than planning inevitable for all quarterback it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't think seven may ninth that word -- he's somewhere I've stated the fringes of that top flight may be slightly sixth maybe seventh but I think very. I can -- in that group of players he's in the group where it. And with Russell Wilson -- Roethlisberger will have. And you look at he's not a nice group with. As with Drew Brees with at Peyton Manning -- current. -- final question for me how much of an effect do you think Tom Brady being sacked war. Then twice as many times as Peyton Manning has on. Brady's ability to find open receivers I believe was forty to seventeen sacks vs -- sacks on Brady vs sex on -- Yeah but the question is how much about it and quarterback Patrick Manning. Himself. Gets a fair point. I think men more than any quarterback held its offensive line it's incredibly difficult to sack Manning I don't think it is difficult to sack Tom Brady and I think. It's certainly the receivers. Didn't help that's where I think Tom Brady does invite more pressure from the offensive line and got -- from -- I think that's part of the problem is that. If you struggles under pressure more than he used to Adam. That's not gonna be something that goes away you know he. The longer he plays and the -- east you've left trying to do saying he's he's left kind of stretching and line more than a -- Manning does. Unless he gets a bunch of good weapons back in the offensive line somehow repairs whatever is wrong with it. Sure that's asking for an awful lot of help. Also decline while I'm not here at. And I if you do an objective analysis of the previous seasons you know what he does when he's under pressure he eco boost was tight ends and is. Slot slot receiver who could have been the greatest slot receiver ever. All those guys were gone -- -- I -- I -- with same amount even a year or two ago was the same quarterback under partially was sixers have figure there's -- -- your analysis of that break it -- I think is the client a little bit conceded his feet are different he gets through will really get him is that the back that -- Jerry you can look at -- that -- -- is that the pros a free I'll tell you -- -- Julian Edelman is like the only receiver he hasn't like the top fifty. In receiving yards in the kind of under pressure he doesn't have any weapons. He didn't have any weapons and thanks to Sam we know how bad is offensive line was I don't understand how you think he had a chance with that group around him. To remain in that small elite group -- not. If you're looking at objectively Sam how much weight you put in wins. Which is that Matt. Honestly for a quarterback I don't think it matters much at all I think of political wins or not. It's like quarterback the -- could not win game six guys and the coaching staff are well. Win or not the quarterback statistic and anyone that thinks they are need you know. Look at more more was there it trying to analyze it you the way to measure things. While I was so what is your sport if it's not cricket baseball. It's -- about it -- well what do you do in the off season which -- second favorite sport. That there is Nazis in the NFL anymore put. If I had second -- -- probably be -- Does winning matters and rugby is a little thing is only in any team sport but that's not to say that it's the way you -- things you don't look at -- guys played well or not and soccer and rugby NFL by whether -- team won the game. It's a team sport. Is -- sale -- and he is with pro football focus thanks for the conversation is that we appreciate it. Dot com -- and ultimate Tennessee Callahan on the AT&T are now like amazing. Fight you with and the winning doesn't matter but keep score -- this. Everybody can get a trophy up right after this that or not a great that or Everett from Brighton I'd say that's pretty don't. This is a guy who works for pro football focus. And I are among the winning way they have the same way you measure -- medicine they've got to get his cynicism hostage when the quarterback is the reason -- winning games than winning matters cleared the -- we say about Brady last year and obviously had no weapons obviously he wasn't put an approval numbers as a part MVP numbers. But he was finding ways to win it was an amazing so he went twelve game for the argument to the AFC title game. Without flocked to the jets are there was if Jason Campbell quarterback Ryan mallet they probably -- -- 156. Right I think it's. Maybe send is that that's that's definable but it seems to be in the old shortest that's I mean. What do we say about Russell Wilson and used to say he won writing prize winner. Josh Freeman do with this team was -- it was Matthew Stafford Matthew Stafford is -- great pass your past you might think he's got the break. Hello -- he had more passion right yards and -- I don't know we looked under pressure he had great weapons obviously as the best jobs and yet at the best weapon in the league. He -- because he didn't win. That kind of the point. 3-D NC fault lines opened 6177797937. About a half an hour from -- cup with Stephen A Smith -- some avid lovers some NBA finals. Honestly for a quarterback I don't think it matters much at all I think of political wins or not. It's like quarterback the quarterback could not win games guys and the coaching staff are well. We are not a quarterback sadistic and anyone who thinks they are need you know. Look at more more what they're rammed it trying to analyze.

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