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Stephen A. Smith: Lebron is better than Larry Bird 6-3-14

Jun 3, 2014|

Stephen A. Smith discussed the future of Kevin Love and said that Lebron will go down as a better player than Larry Bird.

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Steve it's different for me SP in the first statement -- 24 guy. -- 24:0 yeah yeah I am did you watch last night. I didn't I've got it he -- I've been traveling that you will now shall submit it. But I wanted to check you don't want all of my 24 capital by the week. Wouldn't you agree that he too wouldn't you agree that the mother terrorist is one of the really nice people that are on television. Our rule of the mother of the daughter and news that terrorist who's who was plotting or. And I wouldn't call and I only can we can put a long. The that was hit flat without the leg. -- them in an EPO. Is try and -- will and it's been able. We've basically given -- should we all -- no Madonna adopted two and I don't that you -- the -- prostitute -- -- -- It's. They don't have -- You know what we hear it. Yup she's not a -- where she's not the -- of the year. We have a yeah we have a rematch of last year's NBA finals the spurs contends Steve today that they have lot of very little else. Since losing game six and seven last year and the title. Will this year be different and if so why. Let them on -- did -- come -- because it up and and number but it won't because they gave no indication they're here only on. The devastating -- -- peppered in there and final match -- we all know that. And in the kill the professionalism and open at least sold in. Being who they want to up the feed into this in itself ought to actually thought the big believer in -- -- mind that they law the event that got blown down. I think makes a very epic account look forward to -- I'm in the end you know would use and application one less accurate they believe it stick. They're clearly the better team now. It cute that that they didn't want LeBron -- career it's critical to pop the ball but me personally and bet against. So I'm of the mind trip with a stick it into seventy. And the ball games somehow it got away the whole won't slow court I don't know if he's kept the glue that keeps. Where this is Butler Brian we do this argument all the time but I'm always fascinated by what's in the -- wins and falls off a cliff after that the the final game where does he rank historically you have third fourth 62 where it's. It's -- the day with a three titles are but he lost to. On that he'd written some real struggles in early on that career particularly -- big moment. What what you didn't see much to the chagrin of many people in Boston I'm I can imagine I did in the month that I agree with Mark Jackson at the very least. Google the greatest small political. Equaling that of eclipsing Larry Bird you -- Blackberry with a better shooter. I -- recount she didn't become league MVP. -- bird definitely somebody that outlook for the clutch. In terms of work over the all of our games over the course of 82 games in the regular season. So much I'm -- the polls he's an -- -- than they would you consider though the entire. In the that the broad -- -- could table. Q would -- have been released and out of the greatest power only. -- our grid more or small portable com. And obviously I'm somebody that worthy of this -- consideration to be an amount well. I'll give you that all December it was a better. Sure better rebounder passer passer. -- That there won't. That cuter that LeBron -- -- -- Burke class. -- -- -- You've gotten me with the rebounding because the new congress say he was the better rebounding even though I think it helps to have McHale and parish or Europe -- a lot because. The old guy -- -- wanna grab the rebound that help you can't beat out because their ability to block out a patrol along with our condemn but don't tell me it was. It took the about it. At all on walls or the slugger -- that -- a -- It didn't get out of an off. Off caught saying that. -- Dubbed. Dad embraced the moment and I'm -- college -- -- -- -- -- that Britain could. Not even hole. -- -- -- There's plenty of things LeBron does better the -- is the better shooter rebound better shooter brought to. Lava -- the better -- -- that certainly can get in the rhythm out there and read about them -- say they -- Birds that are low post and say this to give one game yet to win one game of life is on the line you can -- LeBron James and Larry -- -- to -- that's the underdogs and -- there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Odd I don't want to take it to them and so considering what -- do that didn't make it sound like you didn't like. Known as the Pentagon credit boasts of -- you -- an -- I'm I'm sorry but these -- that I'll be there all the -- that. I would hate where in the Watergate. I would say we're not in any. Given situation because of the ability she's not just from a formidable road block. But I'll no doubt that takes it to look out the first 46 minute. I think it will now. 82 regular season games not just clipped multiple pieces and take into account what you're able to do with the parent and -- it will. Not just offensively. And that's why I'll give LeBron at -- definitely brought anything to Burke class of the -- And he's got that he's not he's not in the same ball up in the clot. League -- situation because we're just might be with a walk and I'll give him that but all around game all ball into the school. LeBron James is appropriately. And that than the average production back. -- David -- because something significant happened basketball related here this weekend which we will get two and a minute I asked the following question decide to set the stage. In your estimation Stephen -- how many stars. Does eighteen need to win a title to two and a half. Three what's the number in your mind. True what you have to -- quality will play. What you really just me you don't eat or you see him. Okay -- and ended up being written up. The -- that the -- I cannot go back to your yoga -- -- Boston Celtics go back in the day. -- -- off your feet but I have. I have strongly that there are. The -- look conducted. I have consistently. -- -- -- -- -- -- And it is that close -- -- on Opel -- ever witnessed in my life. On the basketball court and shot -- senior Kevin McHale with the money. And because of that movie before Duncan Iraq can indicate it was agreed -- Koppel. I had that he. What does where. You have a burden to stall on and on the level. You have Mikhail. Would you term that doesn't -- will present in the post -- actively. And of course at the east that run in the air as to the world at any age it and as Josh. Like that that got perhaps one of the -- -- -- helped at that second superstar but outside that he's equally well. All right so too is the number would Rondo and Kevin Love qualified to make -- -- Celtics NBA finals. Competitive. Why it happened because -- can you can we're. He that he doesn't leak plugged into the with a W routine. She's definitely somebody were to happen. -- outlook is dealing with the exception has the ability to remedy. Kevin hit a target Kevin Love can hit perimeter shot better than most. In the old that you can't leave between -- and well because that when he delivered to you that at -- but at the same time. That take into account the fact that even though he can do go into an oblique. He's he's got portable but that's a lot of people on the -- I believe that he is a long while on the inability to -- for a minute shot. At some point income of one little element of going to let you download count. -- we know is gonna go for 2010 in the pursuit -- double double sixty times next year for somebody. Is there any chance it's the Celtics does -- end appeared there. I don't you -- he can -- we can't rule it out. I didn't even just pulled most of high in the we all know that everybody is for an Academy Award would be suitable gear were -- Kevin Garnett. But the last. You know what he can -- law in the end however Kevin Love says he wants to be with the content. He -- to Chicago he mentioned Golden State. -- it all of that equation at this particular moment in time. I'm not -- that I believe it's plausible ought to he could become a botnet that we -- big topic we want an old but in the end. What conduct was an important topic at this juncture in the rebuilding mode and not good enough that Kevin -- want to -- -- -- -- go. Let's play along go -- as possible to love does wanna come here in which is to that for second would you give up 41 round picks for coming up. Absolutely not. In the number of war between three and five number four now. Absolutely boards Borger Pryce -- yours yours. I think that they Kevin Love look the first round pick. And -- A little -- don't you were -- it. She and I that would. Ainge has ten of them I'm believe nine or ten can be Kenya is seven I'm not -- -- I'd given up what I am not -- But a question for me Stephen -- Smith is the window in the west closing on the spurs and will the thunder ascend to that throne next year with their stars -- to start. I'm not sure that on the world because that -- got -- to do a better job coaching this team and positioning is what is. To exploit that opportunity every shot they take that challenge. It did not want to look that great. You know what what what athleticism is what you can open all of his ability to get the ball Kevin Durant. But outside of that. Every practically every shot they take it content that networks to -- attachment you've got to do -- the better than that if you got which he had not done. So as a result of that because they've got to get that a low post presence helps a little better. Also you can open he -- -- -- for all the way. -- but I a couple of key data from Oklahoma City didn't want to challenge whether it be an out you know wind championship itself. It becomes a more than women -- The spurs the window is open closed because all that -- that he increased well this week on a ball. There's no way around that deal with that reality. But. -- have been counted out on the occasion in the past. Look at how they've made -- -- people's predictions I'd give him a lot of credit a lot of respect. But in the end they still need to do. These are Fred Steven A Smith from ESPN and first take -- all the skip Boris Steve we'll talk to down the road and by the way I. I'm sure you don't monitor did like him I want to do. Enjoy the last two episodes of 24 EMC trust me that's the way it ought not do it. -- -- that didn't we talked the other six guys at a -- Callahan on the AT&T hotline.

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