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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Latest on Bowe 6-3-14

Jun 3, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Hailey, Idaho readies for a big welcome home for Bowe.

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Headlines is the highest rated segment today -- W yeah you know. What do you doubt the veracity that I don't that yes there's so I don't odds true or give me -- -- segments right. -- 44. That's for a -- in Seattle as an outlets that are out there but he took it would probably did but it's later. Headlines the highest rated sports talk segment wing has brought to you by AT&T that cover more than 99% of all Americans. Building a better liberal arts equipment. Josh corder was a former army soldier reservist beau bring doll he was on -- dollar other views on the top. Jake Tapper on CNN. Last night and I had some pretty interesting comments he said the bird -- begin expressed anti American sentiments while in Afghanistan hot. First time we've heard nobody -- yeah he was unless and he was pretty good. Eight on this now mean again as Google closed -- And there is Hayley Idaho Coston in at least six American lives. And is gonna end up costing many many more since we've left we've freed five pop element commanders including two. Who are wanted for war crimes by the UN one of -- judge with. Thousands of murder of the -- let -- guy go get this no good lion trainer back. With a score for me former CIA agent. We could not treated five more generous idol Taliban savages for bold bird doll -- tried. That's prefer to send that former CIA agents wow that is not like I was thinking about that that I read. And every detail but these one of two I don't even a wild week in the UN doesn't protest. We're releasing these two guys one of -- 21 of war crimes one -- murdered thousands. Of people in the history of mankind. Have murdered thousands. Well that -- goes on every Pol Pot Hitler would be Hitler that's right Hitler there'd be Americans -- pollen pollen Kim Jong Hoon won due to a list is short it probably. Wouldn't want it back in the data you'll do what about the years ago -- all of that they weren't even a thousand people in the world a couple thousand years ago picabo. I mean to to murder of that make a case -- coast to thirty. Yeah just. We just released one of the thirty worst people in the history of mankind. To buy my standard -- that you need to get the deserter back. Up dirt area. Here's a quarter tapper last time -- see it. There's I don't think that I could have continued to go on without being able to share with you and now you know the people on the true. Things that happen in this. Situation because if you guys are made aware of it. It don't just go wanna be hero and and nobody's going to be able know the truth. And the truth that you that you want people to know is that he left. He deserted in your view and that good men died trying to find. I mean. He's at best a deserter. And at worse traitor. Wow did you hear his medic who was in his platoon with him. Illegals mile an all nobody. That you YouTube -- -- -- yesterday when hagel made that speech there's a reason why it was met with. Silence. She is Susan -- said he served with. Distinction. Sprite that's why -- line. Which that's what she he's on Sunday talk shows and lies she's been doing that. For awhile but -- If you used to think the administration was devious deceitful. Has not been downgraded to just stupid I mean this is not devious deceitful. This is Jews and play. -- break but let's bring in the Watergate. Rose Garden ceremony. The Rose Garden at the White House. Daddy Taliban and his mommy and and he should have been released and sent the cutter. And it -- union by the way it was sickening they have on the road -- all the vehicles came together. And they all got another car. They seem fine I think you misunderstood a celebration yes -- and I just if they were hug and kiss that their beards on your system. And you don't want -- have to spend at least a year -- and I don't think to violate that condition at a well well the -- room service foresee -- not about -- you know kind of guys who break the rule -- about April cultured -- in trouble and in -- respect the office of the gonna go back the battlefield and kill innocent Americans. Questions how many. And we catch him again right. -- lose literally dozens of innocent people to bring this. To serve I heard somebody from the administration say if they break the rules of this agreement. Then have to kill not capture. It should be easy to kill purse and and the scary thing I heard someone make this point that Obama views this as a win win. You get the -- back on and you. -- decrease the population at Guantanamo Bay he wants to close that was and the Taliban like you that's a good point out of New Hampshire -- we move on to. -- -- What on a one stroke or this from the morning's Daily Mail which is on top of every story in the states honest one but they are. Really -- Could he said that bird -- converted to. Says -- American soldier. Is training Taliban fighters. -- this this is back in the day when he captured he was there yes and the reported. That he convert to Islam and trained at the Taliban. On in bomb making an ambush scale open according to. One of his captives now. They talked to one of his captors he can change his name to Abdul. According to the Sunday that would. That was taken one there and Abdul Abdul public thinks gathered on the Israel S meanwhile in the it's frightening if true. On sleepy town of Haley Idaho. The town -- -- called -- to -- our -- up everywhere -- -- -- -- look at the -- explaining for the kids that cable then escalated USA today there will be you do get the cable a couple days via a tip from some of the folks in here. It's been almost unbelievable day and I kind of like a hundred Chris mrs. All rolled in Taiwan they're there is no better news this -- could have received family's very resilient community has not wavered in its commitment to get him trade. And sat there last jest it's -- I think everybody that burst into tears can get a silly grin off their bases that's. As long coming it's been by the. -- -- ask somebody else on one of the news programs what she thought about the issues that did the same things and the bully though we're so happy he's coming back. But what about the fact that he. Deserted his platoon walked away and and agreed to do I'll think about that later -- really -- -- -- about that later. A -- in Ohio. This is really you know -- really bad for a -- and administrations are you hearing any defense no no I mean I don't spend a lot of rights watch and MSNBC. But usually circle the wagons around because they circle the wagons and you know that's a tough -- they're guy. -- defense. This is just. Stupidity it's artists and Jeffrey Jeffrey Toobin on CNN like Jeff real true and prevailing thought it was hard core Obama -- -- he broke the law this guy who dreams of like showering with the Obama it's one of those -- he's a lot of content and -- turned on him. That's bad news and it's because what I said they view even when he screw up they still view him as the smartest man in the room Harvard Law Review. This is like. Home this is like Jared Remy -- That's a strange yeah. Strange. On -- Singleton -- of Aaron Hernandez was ordered to remain in her Connecticut home after pleading not guilty Monday to contempt of court in Suffolk Superior Court. She must were GPS monitoring device -- no contact potential witnesses except her family in must check in weekly probation officers. Had suffered DA Daniel F. We should point out that Tonya Singleton. Was the woman who Aaron Hernandez hasn't. Was asked to hide the issue would be that is in her house he used in the drive by in the south end last few of the options -- -- -- Todd -- they tracked down that vehicle in her house in Bristol Connecticut right park. In the garage covered with Cobb yes Eric in their Q hi my car for me and she said yes -- -- -- much so shocked -- I did the same thing I agree with her I'd be gone out by. Aaron Hernandez ash could hide a car that we used a number in your pocket do. Yeah but it's different -- entity he could be -- Yeah -- -- -- -- the secret can occur everybody around him ions in the -- and used her last year in office and one hell yeah I got to -- mechanic come this election. That call. A handsome but yes she's they they seditious material and relevant information. To the case for months in jail or shot or this guy. She likes there's no reason for that. If you don't keep your mouth shut you get there -- she's like the male version of -- -- exactly right right Barry Bonds are greater female Melbourne it was. -- Melbourne Melbourne right it would just let it. That's headlines brought to you by AT&T 61777. Point 7937. Sam Munson. -- we've spent a lot of time talking about from pro football focus joins us next to explain exactly why he thinks. We're all -- crap and Tom Brady is on the line.

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