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The Red Sox winning streak is snapped 6-3-14

Jun 3, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing the Sox first loss in a week.

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We've asked this question before Jerry and I haven't you can weigh in on this and you digress if you haven't started talking yet. I'll digress technical grounds -- you just grab a prestigious Corus you don't like I've title well some of the brain reacts on our text machine the me too. Somebody from. Is where is. 781. Actually says why are you repeating. Yesterday show word for word. Well. We memorized the mental exercise and try out the last half hour might be better error. The place some of the more interesting things we did yesterday so I -- come as a shock to -- -- 71. Or much of that's a good idea that. Go to Padilla. Pretty cool wanna try it's it's exactly the same things that Mickelson is in trouble. I don't mind -- do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Early in the morning. A new job today a job description. Today for our ports so this program. We are going to be today. Apple that's neither is edgy well -- One but there. We are going to be lie detectors. You know -- meet new. Lie detectors. Are six people about rotten little. Verbal graph we gonna go back to minute and last day. Go back to Mickelson yesterday that it needed to be brought. Back out for our back the last night and today. Lie detectors six people got to run the ball. Hedo is glad men knee is in a good place right time to -- -- happy for him that's what lies. Rondo did not pitch -- in Boston. On Boston in those 39 seconds. Stephen Drew says amber and -- fine we're on the same page and connected at the hip with that one is -- saying. Good to get started at third base last. This for light detector idiots in Hayley Idaho. State deserter and they're right state writer. Bowl -- is an American hero. And finally John Lackey claiming that run support isn't something that really concerns we're sure rub where's your -- -- -- Governments. Lie lie lie lie lie limelight. Yeah yeah. Stevens thinks he's good with -- -- on the same sets the yeah yeah I would so I think -- Smart and mature. -- note that he can't. Make way -- not yet at least -- boots a couple of balls at third and goes -- little you know who for 23 slump. He minus different ball horrible moment I think and I mean it's talked completely out of living at the better for this moment. And and you know the poem was only temporary animal it's only -- you know two weeks but. It's temporary through October it's a temporary. Via a temporary it is at worst actors and -- position back in spring training. At best you have a back in two weeks and do the right thing jumped through the policy that goes. I must say drew looked very good at shortstop -- all the plays except for the tax apparently he didn't work on tags when he was in in you know bill I don't do that in practice and cracked yeah let's do yeah. -- down but. You know he's he's always look and feel I guess it's not that's never -- -- problem in the always looks crappy at the play almost looks almost always expect plate. And he did last night as expected -- does that worry that he's wearing glasses on a good look. I mean when Jim Rice lost -- its Kazaa guys went and you know started couldn't Wear contacts that bothers guys. Couldn't Wear glasses because whenever sweat and instead Regis quit. Retired yeah it's true now music viewpoint he says got a big ulyetza will be playing of those huge class by the yet. Goggle things export goggles Marcus what goes doctor Melky looked like through it looked like white -- -- -- myself into. It's thick -- is always why why would you get laser surgery why wouldn't just Wear contacts the body you take a month after the game maybe maybe the dust from -- you know -- -- the context so people can't tolerate -- -- eleven seconds for doctor -- beat the make it 22 wanna go do that all it has to do -- laser and burned your eyeball. And laid down in the U picket group could handle these assert this could be a good yeah. Don't say what's the point -- to -- three months. -- This week it's like yes that my son drew last night on the field with -- point does not inspire. Red Sox payment dynasty -- short syndrome or those classes via -- that not over let's just get -- I can't I know of the media and we knew they would circle away and they are a manners very very happy to see Stephen Drew back in the fold and they're not give up on this. I'll bring him in -- talent bring him in as depth. Com and obviously he's a good fielder could defensive player a good guy and everyone likes plays hard for Rolex model that. It changes things and in and -- that seems to ski. The guys in the press box of its own rock Cole might just be a -- he might just be journeyman. But he does two things that you can't do -- won't do. He leads off and hits and -- part two of its yet a third -- but at that I was gonna get to -- appoint an important -- he leads off and he placed third. Who doesn't lead off or play third right now in my mind. Yesterday two days ago they needed someone who led off and played color correct. Why isn't so hard with the Stephen Drew fan club to understand -- that they're defaulting to say it will -- -- return to a -- Burkle does which is fine but again there are other options if that happens there aren't sure what a 228 hitter which is what Stephen Drew was two years ago. Return to weigh like 11 point 2121 he had I would what's happening to us that assists in September. -- call might not be 8330. Hitter. I don't know if -- -- close so. We sure -- a better hitter. And Rocco has -- a lot no I don't expect that to be the case at all of seeing the -- it. Maybe -- samples protocol looks like he better. Offensive player than drew and he'll play third and at times he played it very very well the play for a late first bought apple direct rule wouldn't do that he's -- much saying he's a bad guy -- all stipulate. Terrific guy I've love to hang out of them have a have a whatever he brought his entry in the moxie -- chocolate milk -- boxing when boxing was David Thoreau. It's no one's arguing that he's not a good -- good team make good fielder. He doesn't leadoff he doesn't play first doesn't play there those things they need those things they. Yes three days ago they don't have any more ready for his uncle's going to be able to be sitting down he's Internet go go for four -- and -- on top of playing out of position is gonna lead you take this guy. Who's driving the ball and ultimately because. No one else really wants to -- half. -- Barack has won an -- And doesn't that football Napoli back in the weekend etiquette that was gonna be back -- first yes holt got no place to that was -- -- plays every point. You can't pull it off he came in on okay what he'd do. -- -- look at the -- I agree I mean Bogut is driving the ball it's just stupid to say this as a lead -- guy. Line on a drive he walks Pedroia. He says it anywhere you believe that you believe you could take a former MVP. Of this this. -- -- Former star what's gonna happen. He's he'll be unhappy like -- what to produce less in the is now. Yes it's gonna only gonna hit for analyst less production. Obviously. He's not an ideal leadoff -- -- -- -- BP right now. Who BP is well below. We -- Pedroia portraits -- police 5360 it's 349. And and on the great but I mean will you want about 39 he won it with power. Well who wouldn't want to be right used to have our our opening -- he thinks he stilled removed the -- who. It I can't come up that I want -- cult steely blue. We won't you know we want you know he won't. But he's he's not comfortable by Eric Eric you said last night after the game he was very comparable. Overall felt good you know it's because some yeah that's definitely going to be an adjustment and -- following have a point 1 -- bats or whatever its fist. His stiffly. You know overall affiliate -- and unifil. Seen -- ball well and moments just a matter of time. And breath fall or any of the beat guys shared with you or you. What the affinity what the fascination is with Stephen -- -- helping the bad guy. But he's not like David with a quote machine to greet well was before that it has -- names -- Jerry it's -- -- he's not one of those quasi. Fuzzy warm guy treats them like human beings yet I don't think that's an okay well I think it is -- likes them a law off and chaired the likes him a lot. And these guys -- in this case Farrell Farrell's happy there happy Richard -- They're happy every Christmas in session on how you feel about somebody's based on on your into -- relation that aren't as good farewell he's like he's he's good. He says the first names yet yeah yeah yeah -- feel Brad folk Robbie. They Robby and a -- -- on the plane or in the hotel and act always given knuckle -- -- that's a you know those kids they say they re not tonight's -- I know I feel it. He gets screwed up it's. But I think they view him as. If he makes their man the manager of GM the veterans at radio and and that's the other thing it's kind of an -- play because there wasn't anyone like on the record. When they were circle in the print on May 21 and said and we need through. In -- that I think the prerogative privately and they wanted the veterans. Whether it's Ortiz -- Lester Pedroia to be happy and the hell with the younger guys like -- holt and and that the happy the mental state of the 21 year old. Wasn't important the mental state of the perfect person for 37 year old the 38 year old in the on the list -- -- Pedroia is these veterans that was important which is backwards in my opinion of course the enemy knew he'd be I'd be more it's the last thing you wanna do. The last thing if your barrel -- in a few of the Red Sox his mess up the 21 world. But it doesn't seem to be a priority to them that maybe they think he's tough enough maybe news. Would you be concerned but that mean I think it's like the most important thing they have going right now. Is one of the best players in the game he's got this was going to be going to be one of the -- has already one of the best offensive players. He's going to be one of the best players in the game and the risk they're putting them at risk because they missed. Steve body's internal pilot -- but you're betting you're right it makes him I am sure he looks -- true it's really this finesse and over here. And -- and make a mistake it's a demotion he's been remote in his ma -- of course he's beat Texas -- -- every level always was either the shortstop or the senate to do you think just the shortstop in the -- the third base to bring Stephen -- I think you've been due for doing -- well and you get sent to third that's what happens when you screw -- units sent we have been diverted. He's been demo on that's not what I hear from the BP -- this holiday from the media. This is the most line is you can never have enough good ball players I think you hit on the head it's something -- said yesterday. I believe it's something the cheering and and Ferrell. Holy believing their heart and this guy is mentally strong enough mentally tough enough good enough walked in. That move a couple feet his Wright playing third base clearly a different position is not get a mess up this -- mind this isn't some week. Minded. J. D. Drew. It's gonna move to third base and suddenly as Kirk said. Turn into a pile of dust and last night -- last night any indication. Didn't seem to affect stroke too badly did it now now now but you know although we bubble Baum exchanged they're trying to get the -- we will see. And hopefully he is an effective at all but again who leads off on Sunday. Napoli back he's at first who is off. And I know they can just put anyone there it's in known in whom they put Obama there at the beginning of the year. And I -- going to be Jackie Bradley Gomes. Both want you want lead off hitter who takes pitches digit guy yeah. You -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- occasionally go I think and he hit I think even by Red Sox standards that was not a good -- inning and he does all the all the way to minute Whitman he he he did not take the bat off his shoulder for 12346. Pitches troop there but little Bobble did not swing. Six -- The first three in that what that. A bunch of pitches before that mashed and could not find the plate here so why have no problem with him being patient there and three to outrage about what -- getting you're not. Would get a three. I not not obviously you know one who's up next. No outs bases loaded -- and Grady Sizemore kind of like that's a consideration. Is someone has to drive the ball drive in some runs right. It's not going to be Grady Sizemore and it's awful -- -- that goes -- half the size more it's bad it's about the size brewery that Bradley and then oh. You have three week past hitters in a row -- is your only shot to really drive the ball Democrats had not found the plate at all version -- -- -- -- -- trio -- -- -- -- -- -- -- right. At around got a one up that -- and yeah it was an 89 -- on the batting practice. Whenever which he probably wouldn't stuff the bad that that's bad office of starting a few -- life last night I mean is look -- I -- you like don't he stinks. Good he's not he's he's not that's -- snakes it was a getting them. 29 and -- worst in the outfield is the plate. He is as -- p.s three -- -- his tattoos and he's a military guy Richard he stinks Sizemore for instance the other guy is great sits second to paerson. He's hit six like little -- much fat side and went out decline -- to compare and right now guys thinks. Sizemore is awful and Bradley's. Still hopeless -- and and and through. -- W I feel terrible and bottom of the order and it is bad and it is amazing. They have and they had a seven game winning streak. And we point that now last week -- of one starting lineup that had fewer home runs that Nelson Cruz and you get a -- Napoli back. Fine what else change that's a big got to -- character that's one and I it's another OBP guy that's and that's our that's a good defensive player -- -- your orders though. Awful and it it is those guys -- entrenched in the please move introductory no leadoff if and when he ever -- well yes and by the way and the latest evidence of drooling -- about him yet but it seems like this one of those years -- victory in the yet to -- be around two months straight. Is OBP fortunate that again was to 76 what's gone -- and I think it's -- -- in leadoff is even worse. And Combs does. -- the -- -- nine -- hood on this team. But he's maddening to me he does. Occasionally drive the ball only occasionally he can battle up the ball which -- mind that is done in the years. Indian students there and how hostile look at least 2.2 on the middle and I think. That's organization -- the -- relent in the -- that he's now over the place goals and he slumps and agony after takes the third strike yeah on his -- it would increase in a game is at himself. Well into the -- -- on the diplomat that was right down the middle. The blast -- low -- -- abroad on a -- right now ultimately not it was a strike but it was close right now but it was not on the -- middles and some can't find the plate shouldn't be getting that call I've heard about it they just call that was agree about it churches and these -- hit it right right. He wasn't great -- -- -- and seven and here that's the Red Sox fall and what you say your your side would you like you I came to saint of these great against someone I don't know right I don't know I don't. -- -- it was such a bad line up and the bottom of the order that notion. I thought he was Hannibal all might. I really did it mean when you look at the miles per hour and locations and go up there with a little aggression. And drivable but they don't do that they wanna walk everyone wants the war what do you say yourself when they had them on the ropes in the first inning and got out of that would that -- I said if he comes down this crises that could be the end. I didn't think I think he sucked this year and I thought that it sucked shear and does -- -- I think he did that dilemma for the Olympic. They did the first African limo phone call might my point this is not a great performance by Justin Masterson was a terrible performance by a week -- Red Sox lineup. The justices a free agent you know we talked about this month ago if they let Lester -- What about another guy what about -- free agency -- know James Shields is out there and and and obviously Max Scherzer and Justin Masterson would be a poor man's. Base of poor man's number one. That's what we thought a month ago. Not anymore know something's not -- so often leads the league in walks by far he's got no location anymore. He's going to be interesting as a free agent you know pitchers get paid. No matter what even bad pitches get paid but he's not to Jon Lester some scientists. Got that right -- but it'll be shorter I think to get maybe three won't be Lester or certainly not sure reserve money. Concedes he's -- maybe stays in Cleveland. They use in everyone likes music great guy like Stephen Drew a wonderful you don't you unum mentioned those intangibles detention and removal summer in the outfield that's for once Colmes. He's gonna be taken flies in the new heavily enough Kepler -- and more meek -- -- they will be can't. Should cut them they should cut them loose he doesn't have an -- -- summit summit gets down last night that final pass -- he still knows not to -- knock it still looks good new uniform and still remember the self adhesive line are numbered it's nine suits -- screeching of technical. Put. At some point is -- cut losses. In the and you don't pan am all the yeah. You know these sentences over bonuses and just say it was nice try Grady you know it's over John Ferrell after the game. Here we come in a driver's seat to an element. The question comes in the league in walks starts to play out the first inning. He makes a call 32 pitch and -- zones it and the threat and then like I said seem like something clicked and he settled in well. Yes he did 677797937. And so. We have dealt with the first double connected -- that Stephen Drew and Sander are on the same page in the Sanders says it's good to get started at third. -- attention -- -- and many we get back. How often said jury that there are certain qualities. That you need if you -- manager. -- in general manager somebody representing a team we simply couldn't do we simply couldn't swallow. Because we have to say something. Wasn't that an example yesterday TLC and yes he's a good place now and I'm a very half Manny Ramirez what Tito enable them every year he did here. That was his job I mean it was in the job descriptions in the contract you must kiss the ass of the biggest punk. The biggest prima -- in the game and he did it every step of the way apologized -- he enabled them -- was it was frustrating but it worked your. Your phone calls and the lie detector will continue.

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