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The Bradfo Show: Brock Holt talks newfound fame, playing first base, how he puts his socks on

Jun 2, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox infielder Brock Holt to talk about a wide range of topics, including how he still hasn't been recognized despite his newfound notoriety. Holt also discusses the challenges that come with playing first base, being vertically challenged, and what goes behind getting just the right high-sock look.

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It's nice to. I'm Bradford talks all things that interest. I trust us to sit there and still another episode of this and to be award winning show. -- rob Bradford. Welcome to the Bradford show sponsored as though it's like schools instinctive close game and I hope New England insurance today. Very interesting. It's very pleased brought Cole Roch thanks for joining us and -- Right for a soft for most of the course and keep asking you everytime I see you're spring training where every time he called have you been recognized yet. London. Negative. Yet still have yet I'm pretty. Like I have to I think I told you before truck try to stay you know under the radar. Kind of quiet guy so. Come. Winner you know after games and stuff. You know shower eat and in and next to the hotel room apartment order mighty so I'm not out out a whole lot. To to be recognized but they have haven't been recognized yet. I thank -- -- -- -- a cry you know. Ball -- young talent -- army and it was good news is this is everywhere you go in this time last at least the last couple weeks there's been a lot of talk well. Tom you personally performance. There's a lot of Brock Colts. -- amount there so when your units from walking from. Wherever maybe -- the park to the hotel or -- -- -- apartment -- still nothing not even met a Brock. Nothing I can on success coming on assuming Iraq come out of the of clubhouse after the game to it to him to get -- -- it to go home. And if people out there you know -- something -- but other than that man honestly. Haven't been recognized. You know but yak -- this this past week -- to BBC has been the puppy. My wife but the to Boston Tug of medium. So I'll -- -- to play with him for. For yeah for the five days Overtown -- and tank. The reason -- -- Watch like the name. So you know I I get a gave her full full rain ever ever pick in the name so she she -- tank take COLT is what she calls themselves. It's. SS so violent her her pick it out then I end up liking it well. This did not Iraq tax the obviously. You've been a prop plane playing a prominent role on this team and and a lot of people are excited about it and and for good reason. Com as we see her sitting here right now it looks at UMB planks from first base. He played first base for the first time in your life I believe is that correct -- just the other day yes yes sir it's the first time ever so -- have only -- Okay so take us through that if you could -- first dog would be the obvious question is whose club TDs. Our task and I'm borrowing his Scola. I'm wondering -- that snapped at ease when he does this mean he's he's an actual first baseman you know. Mean isn't it toderat you know I don't like people in my glove so -- on and one to you know take his uses but has some of our own -- there's a lot of -- Our. Things about playing first base if you -- middle infielder. Become number one as you have this huge glove -- it and number two yet to hang out with people at first base what was the most bizarre thing about the experience. I think. Yeah holding guys on first you know whenever. Young guy it's comfort bases as a middle -- at third year you're still playing in the same spot but. At first calm myself guy gets offers the promise of a couple times being like. Still kind of stand in my position he had got a I got a hold them on here so lie it's a little different over there but then it was on where you reduce Wear your conversation guy. -- I'm not really one of the guys on second base by. I talked to a to a to a couple guys this small small talk here in just few few cents back and forth but nothing to to conflicts. So obviously one of things that stands out and this is an art and you put you -- as -- as usual first baseman. Has has throughout the course of your baseball playing career. Has has anyone ever mentioned your -- at all but if you play good you play good -- that's the middle infield. As any has has has your height ever obstructed your path to becoming a next level baseball player. Not in baseball. Now -- play football in in high school my freshman year. -- even smaller events though that's -- on the football football spiked freer on the step in baseball. Heights never really. You know obviously people say you know he's he's too small -- this team you know we want them -- range arm angle this and that but it's generally expected. You know my ability -- -- -- Want to to it to to be played the highest levels so I think it's it's actually helped me out and -- -- more what position was and football. I played all playground -- backs on them and receivers. So well the last few you played was one year. So wasn't one of these things -- to colleges weren't come on. By ability when you were called this -- Kong for baseball it's just -- you Lisa and physical tools of physical tools but. He also production production anything trumps everything in -- horrid. That he's so I mean I think if you're going -- producing you know that's that's why you're out there so it you know no matter. How big you are on telly or whatever it may be if -- going around playing well and you know they're gonna find ways to keep you on the field. You know one of the things you talked that you really makes a huge adjustment from last year to this year but one of things you don't have been doing really really well it's hitting lefties. And and I don't know if there's any slight adjustment you've made if there's an approach that you made or is it just that your firing a good rhythm against. Yeah I think -- I think it's just that and finding your rhythm on give myself and in good position it. Just said you know hundred times so I mean it. He pitches Mueller and you know pick -- -- wants to swing and then you know -- bit fortunate that. You know that's that's when some balls that aren't animals. I'm a lefty hitter not that makes a difference to anybody but I know that when I was facing tough lefties I want to jump on them early in the count. So I kind of not to give away trade secrets but -- expect thinking. You know for me really I mean I'll go up looking for a -- hitter they have a unit you know all out you know when it interpret its going on -- I don't mind -- -- can count. You know if it's something I'm not looking for. You know statistic -- John Holland for a while taking -- -- both -- and get a better pitch than the next. Also worked on -- I'll feel a little bit and it's only been sagging and everything but I how's that feel -- Have you played there before -- know they're playoff for the either. I went out one time. You know on the homestand in Jacksonville to answer phils -- nothing concede -- that there be peace now I'm just trying to -- -- But the alpha and reading balls off that and instantly. Talked to anybody -- vote count the progression of things of this -- -- -- to stated date. Get through this week. Is it that we're gonna play a lot of first base this week and go from there. Haven't talked to anyone yeah just show up show up ready to go and if money was in the lineup. The accidents to a position is you know is next to it and in theory play. My second to last question is what is the coolest thing. Throughout this run produces a cool things to this is your Major League Baseball player for your Major League Baseball player. Who has been in the Kraft applause and also has coming off the game with four holes. Of what is that duty when is the coolest thing. That has happened you. -- -- -- -- -- I don't know I think it's all been -- pretty cool on. You know just you know give and take a step back you go home and you know kind of think about it on one plane he'll make -- baseball. On doing. Doing things well. You know I think everything's that's pretty cool to me. But I mean yesterday it was was pretty special not only known. With what I was it would Cuba didn't see. You know to guess make him and he's in -- -- on Saturday. Themselves. I think yesterday in that sense of unity ass and get his first hit and -- wells though. Critical. Violent promises was last course and so will be the last question a friend of mine. Do you guys saw him during the game yesterday. -- says to me says you have to talk to -- -- about the proper way. To fold over his uniform when he wearing high socks because it's back in the day used to do it all the time it wasn't just. Punch it out there was this whole faltering over thing. So far -- for his benefit. ORR are you dissatisfied with -- pulling up to advance to this crumpled ball up or is there a process that goes into. Mine are mom my crosses put him on in Paloma. I got some some short ones. That are that are tailored to. From short legs. So they don't go down very far as it is thought this is Roma to -- than me. And a but it wanna Brad -- with the Pirates. In my hourly we had to Wear pants -- a years long pants so we kind of had to create. Create away. To make sure pants on solid -- would have a -- system. With those that -- but. That you can get -- -- leagues alive was the last time we were store stir ups. I think a more -- ups and high school few times some stripes or it but I got these. All of red -- Sox are pretty cozy -- my -- so much stick with us. By -- -- to the opera for sure is on the way and also a special at Brad brochure for tank the -- write them a lot -- appreciate that -- in the -- -- and -- Camp. Our thanks and thank you.

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