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Marc J. Spears with Dale and Holley: Concerning Kevin Love and the Celtics? Where there's smoke, there's fire.

Jun 2, 2014|

We check in with the great Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports to get his further take on the courtship of Kevin Love by Boston.

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If you don't follow him on Twitter you should at spears NBA Yahoo! I follow him. One of the better NBA -- out there and a guy who can now. Help us decipher this Kevin Love situation of the weekend. Marc spears from Yahoo! Sports joins us on the AT&T hotline -- -- on Michael and Steve how -- And you do that I'll explain this because planner. It is how about that about them yet got a problem. But right you got a problem that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're you know probably no more humble well weapons forgive me. Like we're big time so but but this is Barbara calling you because on the short you have some. And insight on this Kevin Love situation this impromptu visit the Boston what do you make news. 01 of those people -- where there's smoke there's fire. He just have to go out there and anything kind of chickened out with a look -- game -- mean has anybody been able to figure out. What kind of business is going on there but he might have or there's some girl involved that people wanted to see. I don't think -- and -- just -- to come to Boston with his agent mark. It is patently wrong though. That doesn't mean it happened to open which that would. At the baseball -- credit. -- -- I'm actually look at that's. Less less less. Incriminating. REP. Well it as you know the thing is. I think with Kevin he's. Probably. Familiar with the everywhere else more you know. You know what you're gonna -- with the lakers you know what you're gonna hit New York or Chicago or trying to think what he's been in these are very familiar with those cities -- The situation. Other than maybe new York and even new Yorker with a better record brought in all the scenes in Sacramento obviously. Exec will -- -- was involved but anyway it is a point is I think he probably because it really seriously consider Boston. The Chinese see the city I think the main quad -- but they do a couple things to get more familiar with the circumstances. Because well the market is the market that you want to be in. The struggles that and -- there are now this is that the Big Three Celtics anymore so Gerry just do the homework is they're -- Market Europe if -- Danny Ainge in the price for Kevin Love was two or 31 round picks in Jared -- and some salary cap filler. For for Kevin Love do you do that. Yes. If you don't have to resign. Rondo -- state. And I'm sure he'd wanna play what Rondo. And -- who have figured Kevin is there. You know they're gonna have some salary cap space for the contracts somebody else -- got kind of animal I don't. Keep in mind that -- -- -- -- very critical. Difference in -- pick it up be a free agent who. And as you go Rondo will be cable. As pretty good. In that bit. In that you get that kind of grew. That say that that happened with just speculating. I'm sure that that it was because around. But getting -- could be akin to. Commitment Kevin Garnett. -- Meaning you know what they've went on the subject stepped on that well. I akin to that the torch took out dancing I'm sorry I meant -- amid a misunderstood. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The team was terrible -- -- 26 wins and that it thinks that franchise. So put Kevin Love almost certain. When he comes everything changes and then there and let the political world. Governor I mean mark and try to figure out what Kevin Love -- you know I know he's put up great numbers. Just efficiency rating on and on some of this that's the double doubles. He hasn't made the playoffs in six years for six years of his career. What what what's reasonable to expect from this guys -- legitimate top five player in the league or. Is -- a really good player -- putting up good numbers on of that today. Not that it would translate. After the -- USA basketball is great with them to. Kevin. -- the box office star. It is and hit that market a lot of people's privacy in the most of the visual. I mean he's he's helped the rebels who -- this game. -- Great passing field in threes he hit that shot. The double double machine install. Star opposite. And I remember two years ago talking woman that you as a basketball practice. And he. Who was frustrated with the situation I'm actually surprised over there. He's been that the players on the funneled as four. Against liberty. Because he was the only got to -- who had not played in the opening of that from abroad and got a first title. Well he got LeBron and wade their pot with trophies and Kobe -- trophies and Vietnam. And so I think we'll try to prepare principle so. That I'm no look Flip Saunders as saying you know that demand that. I can't see -- play there anymore. And it felt like my internship. I think is that -- and that's troubled division going a different direction. Mark just addressing that just the buzz around this city because of his appearance at the Red Sox game knowing that he bumped in to quote unquote Rondo there. Have picked a more private place to do that or is that exactly what they wanted kind of a public who look who's here enough. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know I -- all over the place I don't know who actually took it. But I mean look it up. -- the -- -- -- out maybe they want it would be without their possible private until -- you know with phones and anything you have to put. That being I mean he wasn't private about shall not -- able to reflect and for the public places that he can. It took me that that was all of the that the recruiting trip that he paid for and so. It's kind of thing if that's been that he would like in north cabinet out we'll handle Kevin -- Being like. Brady. Back page. It kind of the next started coming -- it -- Very below. I think is. You know supermodel also has -- stripped it. Celtics. -- at number six. Yes we wouldn't they got a how to pick the pictures. We've got to have a picture of bigotry. I think what brought that you know that some players. That they can then nobody other -- -- that I could super excited about put them. My point is I think they have -- that will be attractive. And so. What Kevin. They can -- a leap of faith. That is -- that Danny's gonna put team together. To activities in the playoff and more. Physically goes in Chicago are well well here you know you know without question that the will be -- put people problem. I think he knew just try to do a little -- -- initiative I would be surprised you don't any. Probably played by who tendency. Ourselves like that put. There's smoke as fire in check please. We're talking to Marc spears from Yahoo! Sports you can follow him on Twitter as well at spears NBA Yahoo!. Mark one of the things Michaels talked about is the fact that while love has been a member of the timberwolves they haven't made the playoffs how much of the blame does he get for that. What is pretty good now. That the didn't it and sort of -- Geographic. Local political it was sort. We had a really routine. The question. -- thought about it. And a you know obviously he's had some injury problems that have some other injury issues when coaching changes -- trouble. But I don't I don't blame him. I just think that it seemed to better. In the preferable not individual sports team game and he's in the latest straight quarter of king. Are my final question for you is when. Able but it is greater Toronto it. Will -- go because -- well. You know these problems are needed ultimately to win. You have I'll think Rondo always is viewed the same way Kevin Love it. -- Oprah coming up point it is for me not as stupid -- for the lead Oregon -- healthy. You just can't do apply yourself for these kids and in the west. And you know there's just no margin for error here as far as that in the playoffs. Here's my final question for you who wins the NBA finals. -- partners so if you are -- Seven games. It will -- you have that you know keep in mind this time the spurs have all worked. This is the new ones. This wouldn't shoot shoot to too little -- format like Russert welcome change in the let you know happened watchable team there -- a lot of the games in the post season. That spurs supporting cast is better now than they were a year ago. They're young guys have finals experience that got more playing experience fourth liners and and those panic. Just such resistance better than they were a year ago national officers are also. -- partners LP elect. Mark -- appreciates taken time to join us thank you. Michael how would you pick program dedicated to and Markel will quote multifamily and that book. -- -- -- -- market good to hear from him. That is a mark spears from Yahoo! Sports as we said you can follow him at spears NBA Yahoo!. He's thinking like I am where there's smoke there's fire. This was not a coincidence this weekend. Thirty coincidences that happened for this but they're not to be some going on. All right -- and I agree with that. Here's a question for you guys have to think about it. Does it does it make. Does -- make the Celtics. Less guilty -- -- hard to -- it's hard to believe that it's just coincidence this is the guy to tapped to be in Boston. Does that make them less guilty that it was so public. Because if it's not public there. And can't they be -- can. Around well when. I went to win it this all coming together in did you do what you were supposed to do. Now they're saying hey it's no secret at all he's around Boston. Hey can we stop a player from coming -- -- and it is -- my responsibility as a general manager in the MBA but keep all opposing players out of my city. Now I can do anything about that. There's no indication that anyone Danny or anybody else spoke to him. So that's not a big -- you know I really think that this is part of the big dog and pony show that is not going to be the last place he's gonna show up. I think that. If he wants to have an interest in this franchise and come here and kind of be the mandolin and try to find out what they can build around him. Yeah show up. Figure out what you do like about city find out if there'd be a reason that -- even wanna come here I doubt this last place is gonna stop. ICI I started the day thinking like that I'm beginning to think this is the stop yet this is all part of you know and and an agent -- Kevin would you be willing to sign in this town. May and they need to know. And the Celtics have more to do. Are you could say go right theoretically. -- Milwaukee has more to give 'cause they have the number two pick. You you could say Cleveland has aborted you because you know they're picking first but the fact is. The Celtics. Have any is so they got a lottery pick a top ten pick. And then they have another pick in the teens. And they don't get another pick next year we take take your pick that we need to throw Brooklyn's than there ever got a player. There it was a pretty good NBA player right now going it was thirty year. I don't think other teams can match them when it comes to. Organizational depth. -- with with the assets in the first round picks M and a players pretty good -- 6177797937. As telephone number. Texas if you'd like 37937. It's dale and Holley and Steve Lyons will talk about a big emotional returning Cleveland tonight. And no it is and Stephen.

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