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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Courtship Edition- 6-2-14

Jun 2, 2014|

We tackle four topics all stemming from Kevin Love's tour of Boston and the Celtics rumored courtship of him.

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And Hollywood. It's. -- song and it's perfectly for what we're trying to do. Ease. Boston. Me I'm not. Florida for rusty by HE NG it's a unity covered more than 9099%. Of all Americans. Building UA better network. Please come lost it -- -- -- service kind of broad and really well done that's kind of broad. And let's let's. Seriously like I go to our online lives speak my Disco boy I. But the US Disco is terrible. Well. In the except when you start -- and it went. All right we've heard enough but I guess it's time to play the game then. I'd still pick the Sox are certainly don't have I don't have problem. Question number one how much does that song so. Stop but it's worth three for three and here we don't what we don't mind them much. I'd in the summer of 2009 the Celtics had just lost to the magic in the Eastern Conference semifinals. Kevin Garnett was hurt missed the playoffs the team needed a big man to solidify their chances at another NBA championship. Garnett Allen pierce and doc and -- all traveled to recruit Rasheed Wallace I think this. Worked out for formal clothes -- they wanted someone of my caliber and vice Versa so that they sort of frustration on my face some time last year. Campbell county we met some new medicines aren't going to game right now as its own -- -- -- and I just can't wait to have trying to get. Two minutes thirty minutes when it loses. I'm contributing to be seen or reported it goes home bottom line. We never set all the recruiting -- -- and here's the funny thing he said they saw the frustration in my -- -- last year and now. All the time entire time you're here I don't have a well the biggest of players in NBA history is the right idea though in terms of our recruiting tactic. You bring you bring all the -- along. Get on a plane and go visit a guy. And you tell him how much he can help your basketball team that's probably a -- should use for somebody else who really was going to be in shape and committed. And it wasn't at the end of their career. It was a it was a good idea probably the wrong guy. This is actually led to the first and only ever Cedric Maxwell heckling of -- player during the broadcast. Max might have done that a couple times. Ministry Carmichael after the ALCS disaster in 2003 the Red Sox need another Frontline starter to get over the -- that was the Yankees. Theo Epstein decided that man was Curt Schilling. It's going to be different. It's gonna be different than anything. On on a consistent basis and it's going to be is now. Whether we believe -- yankees stadium business first game as a result these games. The Yankee Red Sox rivalry transcends sports news news it's so much bigger than everything else in sports and part of being part of that was certainly an -- -- -- -- I gotta say I thought it was one of the most brilliant recruiting jobs ever done. They show up but at the shelling household right Thanksgiving weekend and can be exactly. -- him by themselves to spent Thanksgiving there but that's the way it ended up. Plus they had a ton of information they don't. They're Curt Schilling with a guy like he copious notes was really you know really concerned about. What Fenway Park would be what it would do to him what it would do -- was the only way they explain what kind of park it was it how that would play his game. Like a guy gets up a lot of home runs but doesn't walk a lot of people strike out guy. He's Smart enough suit to pitch to the ballpark it's that doubles parks not necessarily a home run park. He made the adjustments to it for the other thing how how far do you take. You're there for Thanksgiving I don't know how Thanksgiving is for you -- my favorite holiday Thanksgiving so. You have football. The bill come over take your shoes off watched football -- -- green bean casserole right he brings some pros they did great and they get a stop against them. Little little. They couldn't published orcas Thanksgiving doors are closed but that they ended up buying it and I may have to slightly wrong but like some cheap wine at some you know we got in arsenal are -- they did yeah if he had so. You go where you eat. Of course what -- FT -- -- -- lead you know take a little nap -- thing. Then you wake up. Eat some more how long this lasts longer they say at Thanksgiving -- -- stand for the weekend after that everything that audit at Thanksgiving Day I don't know. If there there for like the Turkey sandwiches at 10 PM. As the past -- have to absolutely it was a -- raspberry and some and some stuff on hand sauce on it. They have off the record chats about baseball teams in baseball guys like guys your whole life who's really. Who -- -- -- our conversation that's fun stuff I thought and a lot of guys feel like not only was -- a great recruiting trip in led to a a World Series championship. So it was the best kind of recruiting trip after and then we also forgot about the recruiting trip. Keith spoke. -- -- -- Came to town and went to a legal Bruins game itself but she can't spell broke everybody cocky. I thought -- gonna -- So it right to go to Jerry cared so that our taxi can be yours I could be yours. Just come they have the recruiting game going in the in the fall of 20033. When the Bruins hired Peter surely in the summer of 2006 his contract stated that he could advise the Bruins on any Ottawa free agents to those hiring became official. On July 15. On July 1 however the Bruins signed Ottawa's star defenseman Zdeno Chara and named him -- Didn't -- those things if you -- -- very proud of and something a bit you need to have the whole team work working. Sources same direction. But I am very humbled and I'd say it's a huge honor to be nominated and. Natalie Natalie debate signed today in a chart that day they signed Marc Savard that they do with the recruitment game like for the Boston Bruins. -- -- much of the people especially eager to -- it is of course Peter Shirley was not all like it's not very good pitches to him. Pittsburgh over the debt and but he came back. Yes I I don't know how they what their. Normal operations like in that regard. But we go back to the hold Chara -- signing. Technically -- general manager didn't work for the team. Free agency began July 1 he was prohibited from working with the team until July 15 and of course. That meant. Even though Chara was coming from the same organization should rally wise they didn't have any conversations about a -- like these -- hear about this and other sports. Do you think -- example. Like a football -- side at 1201 yeah we showed up at his house and we. You know we had dinner with you re told hair arts got with Brad doesn't -- all efforts. -- you think of an example when hockey where this has happened. I can't. Back off without my head I can't think of any. Outrageous recording stories in the NHL. The -- point of making his contract on the fifteenth instead of the first. So that you would -- Hewitt hired him away from the Ottawa Senators and and the senators want to be this or that it that it wasn't involved it you know that he was with their draft and I worked out alarms. We're separate for the growth yet and I'm not so much. That I mean the Bruins. Courting and signing -- both Chara and Savard happened pretty quickly today of -- the last prodigy have you ever heard any behind this thing stories of what actually happened they took him to. Some great restaurants they did something creative to ensure the deal was. Met with them secretly. Promise in the world the moon the stars. To come to like this Saskatoon -- pastors and a better some snappy place in Ottawa. -- I'm now pretty AT&T question of the day if you are being recruited by a recent champion in the to go to dinner you might expect to be taken to -- -- -- -- fire. Not so if -- Rodney Harrison was taken to the ground around for a free popcorn and meet bingo the clown. A couple of fly it would shorts -- because I'm in California it's about eighty degrees. Lot of New England out and get their way just like 22. Below zero wanted a young guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm starving and had a long flight people who do something really nice political and Chris some -- that they take me to. The ground around and Belichick has this little raggedy. Sweater on what does -- -- holy pair of pants that Jesus look at terrible and I'm a look at him and I he says they we watch. And when he gave me download your mind so I'm. -- Think about that right now and -- -- this and they've got exaggerated patriot place didn't exist yet. I have a feeling now in -- might just walk up the hill to adopt -- I know that. That's one of pop -- favorite restaurants and he's in their quite often and I have a feeling you might not be the ground round nowadays if they do one of these recruiting for an -- remember this this week ms. pac man games right there in the corner of the is that the high score. But out of the that smelly sweaters. In the holes in the pants hoping that would change that much and probably obvious but he still be. Where the same stuff that I think you can do that when you are a good team. And -- the Seattle the Seattle Seahawks. Wanted to recruit somebody. After winning the Super Bowl. Do you have to where do you really have to go all out to impress that guy or is -- -- to impress you. Like he's auditioning for you because you're the world champs and this is where he wants to -- -- kind of -- that kind of that the great thing about being. The best just an update you don't have to try hard everybody else. You could take it to the ground were the closest -- and how overwhelmed me that's awesome. They have to go to shut the place down. I I will say this but Bill Belichick and he and he shows up and it's like you know when he Tupelo like Rodney said these shorts and immediately question his intelligence. You can't check the weather before you up on the plane -- from California. Toughness. -- -- -- -- -- this is my kind of guy in the care. But he the the other thought is what Rodney Harrison had the ground round story out Rosevelt Colvin. -- the same offseason. They brought him and they were showing in the locker room. Internal lights off but -- idea -- -- -- be over their spirit here's locker on it it really line trust me tonight you know. -- -- -- -- Here's the locker room the media room look at -- some film. And that's the way it goes. But this Kevin Love situation. The recruiting of Kevin Love. Tops all of that. The whole -- whatever you want -- it almost feel like like he was recruiting the Celtics -- the other way around I think the whole city. It's -- what I mean is it if it's not like the Celtics nor could -- invite him to Boston hey c'mon at a Boston we'll show you around. It's like he and his agent are are like they're recruiting the city in the and the team. It's not the other way this is a reverse recruitment going on. I don't know I think it. Theo Epstein goes up to the desert picked up his Jeep line. And becomes house guests who who does not leave the -- council. Kerry and Kirk. Are gonna leave -- and that they'll get a Little League yet waves. What they're one embody your love love the stories but this time ago. An entire city. Recording your guy it's fascinating but it's a little scary to digital -- -- you drive. To a B drives in Boston picket the rental car he's driving. They will be flipped off an average. 23 count -- that's gonna happen you know -- Think is going on here in all series season and all joking aside we all know that that these things the communication behind the scenes does happen. If you're the Celtics are not gonna give up you know a whole bunch of stuff for a guy who's going to be a free agent at the end of next year. You do that if there's some indication from the agent that -- -- -- you won't consider you know a contract extension. Some of those unofficial behind the scenes communications have taken place. Kevin Love says to -- look at it there at a really you know I don't hotel I know that I know the arena. I don't know a whole lot of fanatic couple restaurants. And the agents -- -- trapped. Let's go look. Get an idea see which it thinks he returned the deal and it's at a weekend here have -- pay for. -- the fact that the agent was here is why I say I have a feeling this was not this was not let's go away for the weekend. This was this was business. I don't going -- in anyway. And you know lower the age I think let's go away for the weekend I think that the Celtics are not on a deal. I think this is all part of that this is communication is already taken place between the two sides they've discussed what the parameters of a deal are. Danny correctly cell has set like I got to know that he's gonna sign here. I can't give up XY and Z and have him take a hike on me next year. I think this is all part of the process. What do you see this team becoming. With Kevin. That are out and clearly they're better yeah ago Kevin Love on the team we got to assume that not by itself that -- tell undergone. Challenger will be part of a deal. And then. Maybe. Them cap filler and subjects. Number six gotta gotta -- public yes. Seven today and probable probably gone -- and maybe one from next year. So you're trading -- returning number six overall pick he trading seventeen. I don't know about next and that's a lot already made I don't picnic and I know I know that you -- it take a big nation until seventeen and always a very good player but that's. You've already traded three pretty good assets. For Kevin Love -- that the number six pick in this draft. I know everybody was disappointed. Because this was -- tanking c.s and I've got to take your minds will take had a had a top three level and the Celtics couldn't do it but the draft is pretty good. So you could be trading the equivalent of Julius Randall is going to be that good a good -- maybe not a franchise player but it -- -- very good pro. Another good approach so far in sellinger. And number seventeen pick and a deep draft. That's a lot. May -- what what you think it's reasonable to expect that first year for Kevin Love. You've become a playoff team makes the playoffs for the first time his seventh year in the -- he becomes a playoff participant. And then and and maybe it it accelerate the rebuilding process takes a year off the rebuilding. So that's what you do you should expect and then that next year year two of the love era if you can bring back Rondo went -- the -- -- and his contract year. But I have a feeling that that's part of the comrades out of -- -- -- if we bring guy like this in which you would you re not exactly and then. What kind of numbers you talking about. Reopening. Rajon Rondo was just -- what is. Is -- as you Max contract -- As you've already got one of those guys in and Kevin not yet a trickster brings up good point is Rajon Rondo in this area of all time. RO freezer full time but it just happened to be -- and Kevin Love it just happen to be at Fenway. When Kevin -- happen to be at Fenway. What a coincidence yeah it expects. -- -- -- Federal bureau -- or not but -- a different way I'd just ended it just seems like they're too many moving parts here. For me to believe that not to be a direct messages or we can talk about this plan follow me so I can DM you 6177797937. -- telephone number. AT&T text line is 37937.

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