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The Bradfo Show: Red Sox pitcher Jake Peavy talks blindness, retirement, cursing and 'The Boss'

Jun 2, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox pitcher Jake Peavy to discuss the origins of his subpar eyesight and how he manages the issue. Peavy also weighs in on the decision he will make in regards to playing beyond this year, along with everything you would want to know about his in-game cursing. There is also some Bruce Springsteen talk.

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It's nice easy and. -- things that interest. So I wish my -- it's. Just sit there and still. Episode of this and to be who would win and show. Cheers rob Bradford. Thought through this in the grabs so show sponsored at all despite whose distinctive clothing the people who -- it's so dark and insurance the -- the absolute best to get the best we have one of the best here Jake Peavy and we gonna go through some things some. Some things I think are pretty interesting and the first thing we're gonna talk about is something that came up -- your last start. And it was the -- issue and I know that we've talked a lot about the -- siren of the first press conference he had here it doesn't fix things that you had to address. I've talked to you dad about it he told me great story about win. You -- first found out that you were legally blind which was going you didn't had never seen the McDonald's arches or something like that. -- You know what -- it was life changing event I was in the second grade in my. The first time that was ever. Confronted about my eyes in the back of the class and we making excuses for myself which is so. Crazy to me as a child you knew you couldn't do stuff that other people to do yet. Say something about it it was not an option you know I was trying to -- couldn't see around the the guy and into the from a class of the chart ward. So the day I went and got my glasses. For the first time. You know the the the biggest thing they can put on the screen is that east I mean it's and they blocked his antics of the whole screen. And for some reason I thought. That if it was awful long rectangle. With some lines and it and I told the doctors as a singer I'd never seen that before. My mother starts crying at this point in time. In the and so I get these glasses it was a life changing day in. I get the -- mother and I obviously could see things that never seen before. Once again it made her terribly said she felt like the worst parent alive but. It's as a crazy thing is it's an unfortunate thing. Did this you know has such segments isms and it's been written as it in my is -- problem I'm not a candidate for laser. Surgery so haven't and that it -- on and the best they can really demise is about when he forty. So when I have a bad night -- them like I did my last start. Makes it makes -- The amazing thing is that we really don't talk about them much and came up -- he says in the last start. To take us through what where went awry in have you had other instance like that. Yeah you know I knew it was very tough because he's -- games it's seven tan which is still some good lie about it since then. And what you realize starred in the game seventh then it's only worsened darker in between Davis likes where he's given signs so. I knew there was a problem about if there fourth inning where it Trulia dark. We're throwing the ball and making it do the last seconds the little slightest of movements. And all that matters if the catcher doesn't know that it's gonna happen he obviously for -- pitch in and catch the -- rights. Strikes are -- again. And you get runs on base you can't. Missed the signs -- go back to. So I mean David had to improvise -- -- If elected so you guys that you guys and our signals and what we were doing I mean do pretty locked in the each other hard. Body movements wing -- touches we were doing at all. -- I think is a testament to David -- was mean and really. Get over frustration helped me out with the -- I don't know if that was the preeminent time where you said this is not going to -- -- well adapt improvise. Was there another time in your career where it is Steelers had reached a point where this is really bad bad choice you know it's. Really it's the only thing Castro with -- -- the ball well enough off the baton in and everything else. It's just does lose fingers are so small so dark and we're trying to hide them from the other team everybody from third to first base coach to try and look at those signs. Say year year obviously very. Yes secretive about giving them in and you'll realizes one finger point you year index finger point and down and into your left flag is a fastball. All a cutter to the other side hopefully it's just that same thing when your pinky down running down -- your right leg. If you can't see very well you can easily just see one of those fingers -- -- completely different this won't completely different ways so. Which -- covered is is it so it's it's challenging the net nonetheless we get through written Carol with a big oil. -- Softly softly eyesight topic can we were to documents are you leave in the game Saturday in Atlanta and you had your two boys with the two boys two boys are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get to hang with -- parents or Major League players and you know we've done stories on -- before. But the part of it that it is so cool is that when you have to leave and pan. Talk a little bit about oh how old that dynamic is and also how. Difficult that is. Especially when you were trying to decide the future what your futures in baseball. Yeah Europe I think it's something that a lot of people a lot of parents that it wants is do we do. Really mean we. Our our thought of in the highest. Regarding you could ever be thought of and we should be we are so blessed to do we do for living. People don't understand some sacrifices that we do Macon and being away from our children. In in families. For extended periods is something that we all deal with -- your kids yet. Is old as my boys are my oldest is not clone and little boy -- turn to and they have all there. Different summer activities and their their flam ball their own different teams traveling here and there and in their mother is -- them and takes them you know and in my pants help out. But it doesn't leave a whole lot of time to come see daddy and in the who's in Boston Massachusetts by the way and it's it's home and then obviously traveling -- -- well. So lump finding time to suspend them is precious for me. And that's that's what's so cool with the Red Sox and we do they don't mind. On the road you know we've got a big workday of -- -- and didn't really do all another instance on my boys in the big league clubhouse and on the field. -- worked on a lot during the game in and statesman extra hours to to get our work and so. Really cool day in in the -- -- Certainly. Always on the mind you think about your future and in walking away from the game would never be easy but it in the day. You know it's been timely voice in the mountainous and any more league games anymore graduation anymore. Birthdays. First home runs. A B honor roll get walked across the stage and you'll need to see any of that in in those days -- coming for me. The that he's going to be a good -- and make them happy. Hello you know we talked having in spring training about how you approach this year. You couldn't dislike you approached previously for this could be your last year and give and take it became by game by game. How difficult is it. When you're going through a course of a year and you're trying to look at even slightly and not be Vietnamese you know I can't do this anymore. Bar and then get to the next month and today maybe I can -- this some more is it just like you have to tell yourself let's get to the end of the year and has figured out from there right. Yet I mean there there's not any part of me doubts. If I can do this anymore I know I have plenty of talent plenty of ability to keep playing at this level and then. And in -- a contributing factor to -- of championship ballclub. I wouldn't be playing if I didn't I didn't didn't feel that way. But like you said so sometimes. You know is is is it maybe isn't worth it anymore. It's used to balance you know what's more important you wanna get that experience some of these things these children mother children. Or do you wanna you know played alive and we get to experience things because of baseball with our children that many others Hillary to do so there's obviously some give and take -- -- -- we do. You know that's really the only thing that gets me going -- to start is something that just it is it's -- -- for my mindset you know. I think people can look at it starts to see what teams are -- in the next month and you leave it. Worried about stretches of the schedule or this and that is really toast start. You know -- of Cleveland Indians here in a few days. I'm absolutely all home trying to find a way for Jake Peavy and you know guys. To go out and win that that baseball game it's just or are really simplistic outlook on it. But at the other day and that makes my day today so much better and takes the worry out of that I don't worry I am and a good spot and live to where. I've been blessed just take it day by day is cliche is that maybe. -- -- I try to take it dated by the fortune when I get up in the morning it's I don't wanna take that today possible cuts but the it is another thing meant. We talk about the eyesight and we talked about your status in baseball and your future in baseball but the thing you know obviously known for his. Your intensity on the mound and -- comes with the intensity witches. And colorful language I guess I guess here's here's his they're very challenging question do over the first -- you were sore and a baseball field. You know I don't and I know that sounds crazy but you know I but I try. We just talked about you know have our children in Vienna in -- parent. You know at the end of the day I have three little boys that that I know or watch in my mom mother for crying out loud -- The deep Alabama southern sweetie. Baptists. You know Bible fibers there could be so to speak and Estrada and not care at all it's it's over the best woman in the world. She's watching those games so I understand my mouth is on TV it's not hard to read some four letter words that that we caucus -- in today's society. So I try to keep this PG thirteen is likely and I really say. Josh to hang in gosh almighty and I actually get made fun of sometimes as the Stephen Drew because we try. Is he injures another father of two young kids will we tried not to use that language that some people use but their mouse just on all the time on the television has starting pitchers is so. -- you know. I'm far from an Angel I think we all know that and I -- claim to be by any means I wanna be the best role model can be. At the same time people don't understand the place that we go to play this game we have 40000 people in the stadium and you. Have to remember scouting report and you have to. Remember all the signs your thinking about. Pitch location and what scouting report says squarely -- in -- base runners are there's a lot of stuff going on you have to be a special place this kind of you know disconnected from what's going on around you. 50000 people at times so sometimes you can act like you're out there by yourself and like when Bob Davidson calls -- you know you me. Lose your christianity for a little bit and -- like like to lose your christianity that. You know that it's I know we laugh about it let's. Just you know for the for the people listen for what ails you do I wanna do this role model and best parent that I can be for. Of ours you know of coming generations people watch closely like I did your own so chuck you PG thirteen -- -- day. People who do get mad at us just try to understand a little bit about where we are I mean there's your manhood and here hormones testosterone is raging through the roof when you're trying to the plan. Physicals or justices. And try to -- to hustle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it wouldn't do so when -- definitely and when you're in you we are young baseball player instead it's baseball that's you're still intense because level. Did that was that. Who was at apartment -- ways yet yeah I've always -- -- certainly not grown up in where I grew up I would never ever slept since it was dirty words that that I occasionally heard my father and you know and in. Men that I was around say. I knew better in the say that grown up in in high school went to an episcopalian school. That's. That in baseball practice or in games it would. Still Ramirez -- going to be you know consequences. At home and at schools so. Pride in pro ball I guess I command and and maybe through first. Forceful ruling was either produce. It means that for you this do that the that the. The the last question is have you you do the radio parents and spring training and you didn't do the seemingly impossible which is a win over. The the crew from the Dennis and Callahan Show. And whisked away is mostly with your knowledge of though Bruce Springsteen. So with that in mind and keep that ball rolling and just knows that -- -- -- doing this day you'll actually -- this and and and they will spread the word. But what giving your favored your favorite -- moment now -- ask me shows stupid because I mean it's after you get to a point where who cares but I was who is your favorite. Respond. You know I mean I think I think we is Bruce. Fans. That you to a point where you. We stop accountant and you maybe so long some times ago. In my own like crazy he can I lost mine. It's. In the world this man but. Now Bruce's. Amazing care victories this man. Musically and just. Creative sense. Disguised as my god. In -- I mean he is special human being in what he does and I've been to many shows. I'm a big believer. It's gonna happen here Tom -- plan Fenway Park as -- know Bruce says. I love getting c.'s special people played. Special places I got some go to Wrigley Field. NC bruise on Saturday night he played Friday and Saturday show today it's got to go out -- and season. It rained it. When that show's story. Shortly after -- war policy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thousand and stand on the field and bruises and some sort of Wrigley Field you know such a special place in. There's just you know believing goes to -- spirits so like I think that's those. Cool of the spirits that have been in and hang out there and in -- -- part of when you're there. And the average racing bring in you know -- element and it just turned it was such a magical night. Go to C Bruce to me we've we've we've joked around with the word christianity a little bit it's like a religious experience today it's. You know it's something bigger than stones in concert show and and it's that some people mom brother anymore. Those guys John things for sales and teammates that didn't know aide Bruce Springsteen song. And they left there in there about us and articles I -- now so as a special 95. Players. Not a soul news it was raining so far. We would've played baseball while I was told that we're on the fields right now we wouldn't be that we couldn't physically play. Bruce obviously never let up in the boss and it was a problem. Any idea that you'd be here for that you know we're not I'm pretty sure on the road that's my dad for not on the schedule but no islands or sand. Referenced that because Fenway Park is special place. When you get special people Tom athletes in the is one of those special -- acts. It will be a really really neat experience in this building. With Tom Petty harbor this -- and some of the I know was when my daughter came to see New Kids On The Block it at the same brush. By -- -- I appreciate appreciate you joining us thanks again. Doing well thank you.

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