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Minor Details Ep. 86 Part 2 - MLB Draft preview with Jim Callis

Jun 2, 2014|

Jim Callis of MLB.com breaks down a 2014 draft without a clear No. 1 overall pick, the talent that might be available to the Red Sox with their two first round picks and whether Johnny Manziell will get drafted.

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You've heard from -- holiday about the Red Sox preparations for the draft. But who might be on the board when the Red Sox actually pick in what is the town polite in this year's draft. For that we're joined by Jim -- of mlb.com. So let's start with this is this a draft without a clear number one pick. That that's very true I think coming to hear a lot of people including myself expected concert on the bedecked I cannot afford to distrust for price level that. It's you let -- siblings strikeouts last year he constituencies state toppled trees for the first time in -- supports 45 years -- spectacular -- he has played in the summer. And it wasn't going to be accused the price is can be pretty close and he was that big front runner and it barely then. Good to very good -- -- this spring it is still in the mix. I think that stress it's been. -- it has an option and Emeril will grow between now and again I think publicly yesterday received it would keep its six players. I really think the decision for -- is gonna probably come down to -- On the Paris San -- high school players left -- -- agent and catcher outfielder out Jackson. And then may be. Texas fiscal right hander Tyler political update. It can't call it gets a lot of does because -- he's he's particularly touched 200 miles an hour just about every start this spring that I -- guys saw that on into about the stretch this. Also let's not if not -- chained CP also kind of rock and I don't know I just I don't necessarily think the pastors would speak. A raw high school pitcher number one agency doesn't want to be the first fiscal -- hitter ever to beat first overall pick that. But -- capitalistic of one wanted to interest because I know coming into this year are people felt like it was a pretty solid draft where's the last couple we're we're kind of mediocre. 2011. Might hold up early at the time that was considered depriving -- when he wanted to once in a decade have addressed. At -- this year OK you know we have guys not electorate Don and Tyler BD from Vanderbilt happened and it gives people hope that you had. Two of the top -- college pitchers in just possibly the next city of Tommy John surgery there's other injured pitchers. I think there's optimism that this would be solid draft -- not hear from guys said. It it's an okay draft you know it's it's it's not it's not quite as good as they -- you know and total disappointment I think and all the pitching situation. Well let's get to that a little bit the phenomena pitching attrition and a time when everyone and their mom is talking about as segment Tommy John surgery my mom is fascinated by the way by. All of collateral ligament ligament transplantation. -- -- -- -- bit the you know how much how much is have have the medical sides of the evaluations changed as a result of of the rash of Tommy John injuries and how do you think do you think there'll be a difference in terms of how teams approached the Tommy John type guys that Tommy John -- candidates I mean. We talked a couple of years ago about Lucas -- being available in the first round. He ended up going what is Iran 1516. To the nationals looks like one of the top pitching prospects in all of baseball as a result. Of their having been able to get this guy lower than his talent suggested -- How are you finding teams are you fighting any difference without teams are treating. Medical risk especially with elbows. There there there are certain options and yes sometimes whether doctors. They got stepsister. And then they'll they'll talk about medical and it was Trappist -- exaggeration to Casey hasn't entered their burial costs to mean obviously. I think even more so than ever with all the injuries this year not just the Major League level but the moderately global too. You know Tommy John surgery to change razor cut at the forefront. It is. Think it is approach it differently and sometimes there is such look at that is -- opportunity to buy low comic that we look at a shot that other teams are. You look at data like we don't you know we don't want agent pitchers we don't want a deal that ended. But the atomic desperate to have a job this year are just hospital was in the next to good April and it was it was probably a likely top sport -- -- -- And it's said he who has pitched his way out of into private top ten currently trade on agent types and I doubt he's gonna have to weigh -- Could help us in the cottage on one hand you don't forget about the track record surgery. On the other hand I mean maybe there's there's no guarantee that the -- -- -- a percent not everybody does. -- you have coverage on this spraying you get back on the -- the middle of next season. And you get the guys that can't get -- carefully. So I mean if you draft just pop banner Betty and I come back to a 100% the but the doctor really peaceful go until 2016. I mean. And that's just different basically when -- can really start to development in earnest. And that's a worry to some extent is that there's no lifetime guarantee its knowledge you have Tommy John and -- -- -- for life I mean a lot these guys have a second surgery. If 567 years down the -- -- you do you wonder there's kind of an expiration date on these guys TC. Capital activity in that that the risk vs spinal a lot of guys I think what's really come down to and it's still a little bit early to know for sure. Is what the price tag is going to be on the gas usage -- leader of -- should stick to go number one overall he was brought under miles an hour. -- nice person as great and it would like number one if you if you got there. And there was a lot of merging it with and go to the draft. To get really good handle on how would you wanna decide for -- was it was probably in the in the five million dollar range at least forty got hurt. And then the workload has kind of -- not directly from anybody you know like the -- -- They are lowering their expectations tapped to -- elated camel is well off. And it is what really sure what to make accompanied besides almost three million -- -- that the quick steps he would. Guy like Jim Costa give it just popped up when the first four tactics I mean. If that's 345 million dollars and not. It is Jeff Hopkins still looking for -- headache it is too early to know I don't noting that it would just -- and still want to say between half million dollars. It's going to be limited. To justice very educated they'd have to figure out you know how you can -- that it -- -- stretching it -- did you -- is willing to -- for. Let's say 60% of what he would got -- he wants title one and a half to two million dollars. I think there's a much bigger market let's just think they would steady means that he was probably gonna be. In the 22 and a half million dollar range and it's distorted for close to that. Well you know and that's going to be tough but it is speculative decides for a million dollars. -- that can happen and I don't think it there it said there's a lot of thinking and it makes sense to me not opponent has gone to college. It is you know major college junior you're you're better off signing now you have a little bit of leverage and -- -- forced seven. We've you know proteins doctors that you are going to school. Try to rehab. You know while you're going to school to -- -- rehab is is very expensive any of these guys were to reenter the draft next year it's not really going to be able to pitch just to show what he's saying. So you look at signing for next enough extra. If you -- a little different due to high school guy he can come back in. Like Richard EU CLA have been eligible as a redshirt sophomore entering reestablished himself but for popular cities in the tops -- Connecticut assassinated deceit. What the what the price panic it would will be on these guys and I think that'll really affect the willingness or at least counties would he want to Chinese. You have the Red Sox taking -- in now with with their pick the right hander out of UNLV. Pardon can you describe a little bit about about that he's arsenal pre injury and why you saw the Red Sox -- me as a potential fit form. Yeah I -- to get better we can get on -- -- and in my draft and I look. They've got it was said he had no direct Internet address -- -- like last year are taking so -- it's hard to know exactly who's going to be scary get any direct Intel. Although in full disclosure Jim it's worth it is worth mentioning that both you and I I think had -- with. With -- one through six on the board pretty well lined up. In probably like eight through ten and we missed I know I I've I didn't have them with Trey ball at number seven and I'm not sure there's did you have them on him throughout and. Not state that has yeah be our studio yet I create a -- that's true -- it was steady. Duties contrast there's guys he did -- go in the first round are had a chance to go in the first round but you aren't sure where especially the bottom campaign and I also like to exit the -- actually -- that mock draft and we together. It was more maligned that he's gonna go to the multi -- team minarets not to have multiple picks. In the first round Morse said that anybody directly to help me yet the Red Sox are on him to thank each trilogy standing piece. You know three pitches and -- to control -- ID 195 basketball life. Low eighties slider. Changeup but that's the -- could have it and plus fastball plus slider. You know solid changeup -- above average control. The east you know he keeps -- it is very very -- pitched. UNLV in the -- -- conference which is the best leaders lead in College Baseball writers like the California a week of College Baseball. Yeah and I don't think he keep up maybe to give up three runs in one start wants. -- brutality that he's been very very get all year. Who else qualifies as not talking to Jim tells of mlb.com about the upcoming Major League Baseball draft to -- qualifies. As a candidate to go to team if it has multiple pick someone who might fit that profile. Articulate to think guys play kept it just -- and -- talked about and another guy who hasn't had surgery that is out of a real while Carter announced president -- again. Texas Christian he's a lefty. Who it was midnight basketball maybe a slider NET upstart about six weeks to get past six weeks ago. Which sort of comfort and make him cry and Ellicott insulation which is kidneys and so they've missed a start kind of as a precaution. And it came back he just does not Dennis Chris and an eagle at 511185. And it will -- -- -- to think he could start. You know had been near the fact that this that the this shoulder thing whatever it is came out and evidently did cents. Yes and teams you wanted to to reliever a little bit more debate in the past. Position he's kind of one of those guys to be there aren't. Eventually lead to clean cut guy beat a gut player from a particular stage he's like there's some kind of risk involved in -- Elite not disappoint others seems like that this is upcoming -- candidate in this TDs for the draft when the numbers are coming out that is there's nobody jumps out right now. As a you extreme side ability risk. That you know that that's gonna make the -- -- I'm sure there will be there always art guys but he's just it's -- nobody's -- out of China price -- has people's scared that this. The Red Sox have of course have of course in a number of instances for instance with guys like. Price brands Anthony Renato -- Guerrero in recent years identified college guys -- -- great track records -- -- had it Jackie Bradley junior being another one. Then had a down year in their junior year in perhaps on the draft as a result of that. Are is is there anyone who might fit that kind of profile of of a player who who's the Red Sox have have really kind of zeroed in on over and over recent years. -- it is and that in fact I have been going to the Red Sox Matlock but he but he has been tightened their attacks and that would be Derek Fisher. But EPA who also took the profile a lot of guys that he was outstanding in the keep I'd leak which the Red Sox obviously can scalp you know it's badly that it would destroy their own backyard that. Itself kicked out of high school by the Rangers. He had to do okay. What especially the dominant performer -- prince -- as a sophomore but it greatly Todd -- can anyone up Brittany in the bone in his right hand. About you know a month since this season which is kind of held his numbers down the Pataki say that -- -- Jackie Bradley had the wrist injury. During his draft here. And -- Derek Fisher was initially as accomplished as those guys. In this is a guy who has what that is potential yet taken the key to -- and into the year. It was great in the tape Angela keep it would an on base percentage of 4053. It's definitely time for three years -- he doesn't fit that profile and you can hear his name associated with the Red Sox a lot. The -- and you you also in not in your last not just understanding that you're going to be updating of these projections and that there's a degree of spit balling that goes on when you're talking about. The later part of the latter parts of the first round -- it. You have the Red Sox with steady at that number 26 met last month draft and then at number of at number 33. You have -- with AJ read a power hitting first baseman out of Kentucky which hit an interest in profile because that's not typically the time the type of -- that the Red Sox have drafted. I'm from your vantage point do you think the Red Sox -- team. Did there it is more interest in that -- -- to prioritize. The well rounded player over the or the pure power hitter or. How do you explain the fact that the Red Sox. And well he they had brand of course was a power hitter in college. Prior to that they had Jason place I guess that we're on an every four year cycle for power hitters so they're -- Yeah I mean I think generate any -- do you prefer it is the -- around an athlete in on the predictable you know -- you know guys you know more than. College slugger. -- like AVG readers like okay this guys can go the first round and you know maybe he you know I don't got to put himself player. -- image would -- a little bit bad people bought it does really well and I get tickets secretary of the draft is about as it is anybody's. In recent years is. I think they'd they'd -- set their board. In the draft -- got -- -- -- board and it you know they even bring everybody would rather have the five -- -- -- test which I think he's connected but. In the age you know he comes up compressed -- is the best -- -- board but you take -- and I think what they do really well cheat you know we just -- -- -- Alex is that I think they look at the big picture if a guy has a down year -- -- -- as a junior it's not injury it's been affected long term prognosis. I think people to take into account saying and I do think they do you have clubs where you know it's kind of like he done for me lately. Where's the red packets you know what -- done -- over the last three or four years saying he gets some good values. And to what degree do you find that they're focused on upside rather than rather than kind of floor. I ethnic group on. Or upside recently although it would either have to tie you would hope would have upside you know what you're drafted at. Equipped to take regionally Brad I think what they've done -- -- -- a shop. It's up over that. Any guess or what -- near eleven or twelve kind of candidate that John Henry ownership and insists its whaling booked on or about the team. Park system was horrible he's been guided by trade they had drafted well they spent a lot of money and Asian prospect a lot of content and out. It was very sad and so at the beginning very John Henry's ownership with -- was GM. They -- they drafted a heavy college labor for a couple years I think just it's got pushed into the system. But you know what what had happened and it started its talent circulating and the big league team has been you know with the exception that you're here there you know in Antarctica intention. They did they can these strategies kind of what I would do an elite class -- to beat if you look at the big league level. And I think he can take your shot a little bit more you know it you know just issued a little bit higher. And assembled at more risk we got to come there are going to be pretty key players -- antenna out for so I get sick did these. Maybe. Everybody -- go for upside but I can't think they're willing to -- upside and -- and their ability to develop and refine players a little bit more it and in the typical club. Talking to two counts of mlb.com about the upcoming mutually draft coming on Thursday which you'll see Jim's face all over MLB network -- number of days or at least one. So does he think he is that you mentioned Dustin meadows which is out which in the end the idea of the well rounded high upside I think that does raise an interesting question you know a year out. From last year's draft the Red Sox did have. That extraordinary position in the draft that they almost never have they -- -- ball as opposed to Austin meadows. All has gotten off to as as so uninteresting signs in in Greenville there was for instance. An outing early in the season when he got sixteen swings and misses on a fastball and his fastball. You know I doubt but he's he's had he has a high ERA a few starts into his professional career. Meadows was a guy who who hit immediately and you know was just doing ridiculous things. In his pro debut last year I -- at this point do you already start to kind of reassess okay. Who who was making the right decisions or do you just say okay let's let's look back in in a year or two or two years his presser with some of these young high school kids. It's fixed it's too early -- -- That said I mean I we have I was a baseball America last year and we had met as ranked ahead trade ball and I would take that as as -- bobbled. -- -- -- -- -- The only way -- before -- concern at this point is if we got like some report that interest ball was thrown 84 miles an hour or he got hurt herself and I mean. You've got to let especially the high school kids have time to play out you know any of those. And you know I think missed block I would hamstring injury to use some knowledge he's completed time -- -- it's still early in the well I try to -- there we go back and look at it back track ahead old -- you when you look at fighters double line. 88 and try. To eat what I say to Syria and -- could take whatever. Dustin Pedroia remain on the board into the second round. Yeah exactly -- and I understand states. It -- -- -- in Dustin Pedroia because if you look at the profile and a -- shortstop visible below average runner. English -- be killed every pitch but it's not a fight Eli you know had a have a lot of success in the big leagues in Iran continues Dustin Pedroia is may captain. And and I -- deprived and I ninety percentile. Which used in a byword for him and then they're not probably other guys who are compared to Dustin Pedroia. You know -- anymore but I got I think back like a good example is like in 2008 when the rate at the number one pick in the draft. And they -- Tim Beckham. And that they didn't know how that -- their body of Beckham's played very briefly the big leagues he's had a direct suspension he's not the five tool athletics shortstop the total body was going to be. Really because I had Buster Posey really needed attached at the time and they sit Beckham and you know I talked to prevent -- it's horrible but you know I mean haven't covered the draft and he got the time Beckham was considered you know a legitimate number one pick. -- actually -- it worked out. -- I -- I have a hard time just hearing the rays because there were some other teams that would have made this indecision it wasn't like the territory. For instance like the use the title to Matt bush and you have the greens the way up the boards where you're just like what are they doing with the defensible decision to even list. Pillow place it even have to trade -- doesn't -- out not to that it becomes a superstar. And I'd probably take -- have a ball in -- probably -- -- -- -- -- Illegitimate tickets timely trip I was going to that -- to the draft they just likable that are in the yet again. Who are some other guys you've heard connected to the Red Sox. Well look I think it would it would having -- -- -- put together at about the first round you appeared. I apology guys connected with the red that's very who we talked about it we talked about this year we talked about said he would talk about read. Metric guys like Luis Ortiz is a bicycle right hander in a lot of high school pitchers they're usually sort but he is justice -- field. -- -- -- You know -- those types of you hear a lot of top athletes and athletic physical players like Derrick Spiller -- take various standards. Or Marcus Wilson and NATO it's situated just got high school aren't in the northeast effort at their two. Hey it's what -- -- a situation where you don't know exactly. -- -- -- -- With those picks. But I thought on draft day you can be pleasantly surprised if the Red Sox could you try to get a guy -- you have -- eight or ten spots higher than that it. You just don't know now which guy that's going to be. I -- not sell its. No -- I mean I've heard. Commentators college players pitchers high school athletes high school pitchers that fact I've. Every demographic seems like it there's a tiny guys and played it but that's tried treaty just don't let it can indeed. Who got journeyman -- Belichick drafted in baseball he was quite the player. Yeah I mean why wouldn't it -- you know we've seen we've seen that a couple of times like the the Red Sox didn't fact. Draft draft a quarterback out of the University of Florida and they've. You know you you're seeing you seem players drafted who haven't played College Baseball. You don't think that a team would take a flyer on him. Can't say it definitely -- -- -- he's playing football. Unpatriotic or bad that's why a lot of hype you would -- -- -- to -- -- the -- -- have achieved what to do with the big bully got to have been a first round pick out of high school. But tell people we talked about a quarterback of but there's no way to achieve is what I mean this question Mike drafted next year -- I believe that the department WW play baseball. It and I think it took all the preparation and time a big -- -- -- NFL quarterback like you can. It's not like Jenin itself a problem brown took a look at the summer off and played it read back system. There's a precedent so Brandon McGee is with the browns and he's playing in the Red Sox system. Well it is not music but I tell you what our first -- particulate and a quarterback I just I didn't think for a quarterback it's almost impossible. That say it Michael Vick get drafted. But it is a more is that more as a flyer. But -- Beijing China still not gonna play baseball right now he's got immersed himself in the clip of. Well Tim as ever grateful for the time you know I we we look forward to senior remarkable coverage of of of the fun and games of next week. Were of the coming days in senior face. Delighting in it on MLB network on. Well a lot of fortitude to leverage there and then second gate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They are huge and tell us nothing else out -- for joining this week's show if you'd like to hear the extended versions of both interviews in there is a lot more visit W yet -- com slash podcast thanks is ever to spectacular producers Saturday and bill peanuts -- We'll have some special content in the days leading up to and following Thursday's draft to check back at the website again W yet dot com slash podcast. In the coming days and get ready for the excitement later in the week.

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