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Tom Verducci on Price vs. Ortiz 6-2-14

Jun 2, 2014|

Tom Verducci of SI joined the show to discuss the Sox sweep of the Rays.

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You know last year we pick it says in the play he went off on the -- everybody. Don't -- you and everybody players and now and kind of got to talk on the phone. We face the music and the things we've we've got to stick it straight things out. He was cut off -- say you know and me as a resident I kind of let him know how things go in this game and that are only Coleman apologize. Because you know it was wrong and apologize and fully apologize myself from -- -- -- -- was cool so. First about a decision against Hugh Durham I means. The war. And its -- Poppy vs price joining us on the AT&T hotline your read him. In SI SI dot com to see among the MLB faux baseball broadcaster different number -- good morning Tom how are you. Good whose body a lot of this little dust up -- or rice. I'll well more than David Ortiz that he had my back. But. I. I editors and low prices doing there I think. Is the bottom line is that -- brought it into -- -- I did not think he deserves to be our the game I think the Red Sox were brought about that. But you know bit right. -- is right to back gain -- actually let Evan Longoria hit a terrible position at the time. There aren't a lot the lot Gloria and retribution. A lot glory get inside his racist rant. At the end and debate these and an already well. But I don't think bill -- it settle personal grudge that was -- apartment all -- really not. Was that a -- here at poppy as well call it didn't -- it -- -- it worked it out yet. Oh -- I never got the whole thing and and and I guess it's you know long standing. A situation in baseball guy what is better takes to longer run around the bases and somehow. That disrespect me the pitchers like gonna get to back at I I never understood. All went now won that game. If you look at it looked out the match around maybe they have their right if you tried shell out the guy at that point but. Especially. Party -- last year I mean that was. Right above them all it was Ohio and -- are all you really literally -- it a little. Was watching it -- computer foul -- or -- grind it out that he Billy. They shot the pitcher -- get a job right well in fact he had the ball long way. Hot public beyond that I think. You know some of the older guard dog issue -- watching all right at all. I'm like it that you have Bob you should be able -- -- -- it yet but they can't get here they're war. Say in the interval you -- but a lot like it or could it be right and it. Well how disappointed were you and your fellow TV network guys on because Saturday world -- and expecting you know around to. And it never materializes. I -- said you don't think price should have been injected now I don't either for the first. -- Ortiz. What about hitting -- yard have been warned to camera -- high and tight and -- -- Wouldn't that have just settled the whole situation that just tossed price. You know why aren't they disagree with you I I don't think that it wasn't at small car. I there was really no reason to do it one spot to do it I think he was coming up and admit that pitch that I actually -- gamble at all. Made a good decision not to drop out all kidding especially your Red Sox at. You're thinking all right everybody -- out the next guy get hit that pitcher's going to get one. Well it's really not that -- I mean the umpire Doug have to use some judgment. And I thought that was the proper judgment not to drop out under the Red Sox are frustrated that it sit out the first -- -- -- Getting the benefit of doubt again -- yet but the umpire I actually be -- all their. Saturday -- I can't salad there's been pointed out showing a lot. I let them -- yet. You kind of game yet -- got hit it well. But he told you that you cannot raise a Red Sox are at it again but apparently the ball -- -- that that the damage. If you if I think a week ago or ten days ago whenever the Red Sox sign drew I was before but I understood why they did but sensitive once said mineral. Over to settle that he's played really good short has been great at the plate obviously Holtzman you have middle Brooks into key. If -- to could do it over again today to get a Mulligan would still sign drew. Yeah I think he told I mean I had a very good wired act. Make it better -- the manager to figure out -- it out make it work they'll everybody audit act. I never had an -- and adding more -- that's what they did. You know that kind of rankles a lot we get not the first -- not to -- it as a bit -- all depends. And he really well let me especially at the leadoff spot where they're trying to find -- -- did -- do that all. Good morning good -- and one of -- surprises all week. And you know what they've been out trying to keep that Alliant Energy it'll lineup -- the ball -- play it. I just shot barrel but. And a walk on the floor -- under a stock I'd rather have true but not out. But Tom do you think that John Ferrell is quietly concerned that moving standard or third to make room for Stephen Drew Michael to kill off might make him uncomfortable might but -- -- -- the mode Joseph what's going on his last seven wins. Yeah I'll keep it sped up all the way right I would date and got the interstate the game for the game on Saturday percolate. And about their kicking out all sorts out walking early and it -- that -- -- -- -- -- -- and more day. It is not -- pragmatic you know short stop I mean obviously it never did Derek Jeter never did Barry -- retired rather than -- back and pay. Epic big quarterback a point guard it that you're DNA in the app -- the field when you're out there. And -- assured it's arguably the parity act matured and hopefully. It doesn't affect the way to eat it quietly as. I mean you -- it right now I mean you have the better players in the league period up and compete in the late late on the basis. I'll -- president did not hear any picket level here. Tom what's more likely to last -- the season here Toronto in first place -- -- in last place. -- -- -- -- That they are very short right now obviously the injury -- and I'm more rotation. Did you wouldn't have any case be shocking at the Buick the -- and are now already. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of it everything like that for about six year period -- And sort of at the end here where. -- the way and around the world by street to degrade into blogger Robert alt. You know Matt Joyce we get there. Be better off the wire. Things aren't happening and it's great talent at all and the way. I'll -- -- off. And I love -- going to be challenging McNabb. What they do it July if they don't make an out and grab that I don't think it will. I think happened with David Price the market with a yet to get a little bit upbeat and that other window here and the outlook it straight and but what about there and beat somebody at Major Wright and I think there will be because -- -- -- getting much better in the next thirty days. I put price on the market where it -- Lester pitches great yesterday we talked to -- last week he said they talked a little more to Lester. Since the start spring training are you hearing anything going on with that contractually between the Red Sox and Lester. Yup nothing and Arab diplomat. I hit a situation where doors are closed it seemed to indicate that your third strike. -- -- -- -- I think they're not momentum they're clearly John they'll bought the they bought it bought that want to keep themselves. But you have -- alive I think you've got champ. But India and. You know like he got it up -- in outrage lady architect of the -- Only go to -- I realized there was an opening bid by the Red Sox got leaked out there outlawed. You know the number it's gonna get a deal done. If it adds to our upper they get that -- Bible or the year ahead though. Yeah I think they'll be more back or but I don't see it you're getting that out those. Robert if you final question from me the worst team in baseball these Chicago Cubs fourteen games under 512. And a half games out of first place is they -- Chicago honeymoon. Coming to a close out their little what do they what do they say about Theo and and the cubs failures. Yeah -- anger at our -- at all that the being more and Madrid and every that would that would put money into the game. Why it certainly doesn't reflect well on the general manager because. The track he had an appeal right now is not -- -- eight. And it ain't got a lot of guys are Larry like old art world and that god out. But got adequate weight loss and a -- and it's about the widely and -- good. You know out an adult next year that will be competitive -- is very rare bird -- player out and they all up. Well there's a lot of -- -- Amount of -- They'll have to get the ball mark. Issue -- get rebuilt. That. Yeah I mean a lot of credit clawing back on field and yet all Wyatt is bought out in the -- I -- you said perhaps we'll see price on the market that would be the biggest name -- pitcher to get moved that the deadline unless you count. -- a margin but. What about hitting -- position players do you think Stanton and or camp. Will be on the market next month. Yeah I could -- at ending up there I don't see that being out there. It is. The franchise player whether they -- up I had no idea but he is much happier there and it's here and it looked like your. Captain is normal tradable being. The other ankle injury last year is not close to being back what you want to -- lots of -- and -- it. I did the Dodgers basically any and Gilbert and it will be happy eat a lot of money. Debate taking it would have picked the -- that. Is it -- the critical -- I'd like to get better but that's -- -- -- because they feel so far. Though yeah I would expect that maybe that it could be out there keep your head out their property and they ought to pick up -- martyr that -- outfielder. At all. I think I would be I don't want to get straight. -- -- -- it will be definitely all the market matter I'd take it over it got cap also. -- on the money is not forty million dollar player. Any chance at all on the the Red Sox have buyer's remorse here and put. Stephen Drew on the market deal him. In the next two weeks. Wow I hadn't thought about that young pitchers drag it I think it probably acted too much could it get shot at -- -- right away I think. I'm not really. Any. Post season last year. At Jeremy let me get adamant that Carter. I hadn't thought about it yet yet but on the market I guess the that he'd play it happens at the up. -- little doubt that it probably launch dot. Dustin Pedroia is signed through 20/20. One do you think we have already seen the best of Dustin Pedroia comforted -- As possible if you. Talk about -- -- -- PP yeah how much -- -- like again. But not the bat the pitcher you know whatever you got like yet. Clearly the wait wait it out already played the game with a undersized body. Take it all about about that art is a reverse that trend of the gets it was thirty. IP and said you know he told -- you ain't a different way. That I think that Atlantic contract structure that they'll great bet Red -- though. MVP awards probably not seen that happen again but all started back to -- got out -- people there are a lot. These are French coverage from SI SI dot com and MLB on fox Tom as always we appreciate talking baseball with he will talk did on the road. The white guys poverty Jay Witasick -- -- AT&T. And theories that -- -- -- and -- This comes I don't know if not flat there's a. Keep those creative funny or what but -- thick of this he's a slow starter if he comes back into this isn't hitting an all hope satellite picked up portrait like October the post season. And -- still looks really good at the plate and hold. Looks good at the plate moment first and then -- comes back what are you two. Just keep ride with them -- -- everyday people aren't going to -- left eakins I don't know which remarkably true. It's going to be drew and -- can and we saw we saw how bad he could be October right is that bad play every day. Yes Farrell play in every day and they'll ride out worst through September yeah -- -- thanks buzzer -- next.

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