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The Red Sox win their 7th in a row 6-2-14

Jun 2, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing a great weekend for the Sox and Mickelson's insider trading.

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You probably. Already heard this a number of times and if not you will by -- on first pitch tonight at 715 whatever it is even if Red Sox win tonight they will be the first Major League Baseball team in history. Ever -- double digit losing streak all the by eight wins in a row. I follow that up with a simple question you tell me. Which is the real Red Sox squad the -- -- who could not get out of -- -- for ten games rogue who lost an unimaginable ways. Or the suddenly world beating team that is playing as good -- baseball as you ever see -- just aren't what I can answer here -- yeah. Somewhere in the middle. Things are never as soon and that high as they seem when you're winning -- is low whatever the expression as that's the truth that is true it is somewhere in the middle -- -- never saw it -- -- mavericks -- -- what do you think so they're did not even lose -- their games -- Wyndham. Well I told both of -- when news of the season's over wave the white flag no team has won the World Series in a row. This team was too good to be that bad for that -- quite simply try to think what you're seeing now. I think about the fight told -- this is your least favorite game if -- told at the beginning of the year. But colts lost. Napoli. DL middle Brooks PLM lost -- brought injured may never see him and victory note yet again injured. Of edit copy he's out and over your -- and don't forget RP and they would fashion this with major contributors and understand Lester was one yesterday. Jackie Bradley junior to a certain extent standard Bogart's to be sure brought -- Alex -- and Derek Cheaney and we don't Rosa you'd say. Drinking again to you via your drink. I feel that way anyway but I don't yet know you're out. You know I I. I buried them what a week and a half ago I still don't particularly the playoffs but I did not think during this close to 500. Before July would not be related that is the most encouraging thing it's not too keen and -- even rock hole there. Rugby bill rose it's Tampa is on net was all he can they'll pick. I don't know what is more surprising that it Toronto's in Korea to campus and lasts because most people. There appreciate some predictions had them just the opposite -- on top restaurant on the bottom and and I think. Where as you watch Charlie's say they've lost their way another manager is a genius who loves red wine in reads you know that made -- It temperance or Tampa in on the man's genius we know yes in Pasco. These collect -- -- and other interests not just baseball guy but I that team sucks right now on the plus six in a row. They're in last place the tent and have games out there with which declared that they -- the base on the day dead certainly got it that's a good thing when you cross one error list. And that if if you do that you're talking about Toronto New York Baltimore. That sucks can't win that division. I don't care who's -- moniker who's hurt the Red Sox can't. And I say this all the time -- winning envisions being involved in late September yes that's your goal to be involved late September it's baseball -- things can happen you can win you can lose that you're involved. In late September do you think they will be smoker. I think I probably have to reevaluate yells yeah I would do that when you lose ten in a row. In any point nearly two and a half out and it's you just the beginning you Julia kind of shows you where you're at the second fight yes it is if you're right they're. Two or three games over 502 months from now they'll be in the I think you could make the case. That tempo. Would be more likely to play better baseball than Toronto to continue to play as well those are playing. That was going to be this bad that long I went to run it can be this good that law called template at all lot of injuries -- campus and and bigger and more important treasuries. In the Red Sox you're right it seemed impossible that it's exceed 500. And straight -- -- Generally it takes a long time to get back yet and yet what happened last year. Weird things I mean it was the weirdest. Year and Red Sox history just a strange year which strange things happen. -- good thanks strange group things just on one and things. -- disguise that it is winning in strange ways. Why can't that happen again. Could you or magic fairy dust it's I don't know would you be surprised -- -- 67 that would be this year I wouldn't know opens as me anymore. Stephen Drew that it will be an issue. -- I was looked J. D. Drew said he does. He's in his -- world is Stephen Drew that way you know. What he's stepping in to hear this he'd know that there is. -- there's pressure on him. Coming from. A place you don't normally he would come from -- -- mean he stepped in here move in Boca Raton sentinel of the bench first for the four. Might have been -- He can't field position right. But think of that. You're Stephen Drew you know you're teammates are British Museum is embracing but Red Sox Nation is not a bit of an -- out there by the -- from the press box that's I don't know it's good. I don't care what the media through the media says you know. I mean I knew they would circle knew they would support Bogart's could be in the house and and playing -- -- -- the short rock COLT could be. Like four doubles in in the game one and yet one game and -- it -- around 37 you know and playing good third base great third base. It all happened. It doesn't -- Stephen Drew news is gonna come back he's going to be welcomed with open arms in the clubhouse and in the press box. But not in the stands on Ellen yeah I feel. I'm leading the charge to trade his before he takes the field again with first and by that. That's the only solution a solution they have right now is to trade Stephen Drew nobody want. Do you think the ten million yeah I think coach they would -- some money neutral I'm. Whatever in the I don't know if they don't like 383 human -- -- I don't care -- -- light pole and Bogart's not as much happens what happens if -- moved to third. Eagles both on tomorrow night as planned -- bowl first inning boots a ball. In 040 profile and they lows against -- for five. They lose -- looks like he confused when he won you'll rookie what are you bail them out Napoli. Because of Napoli were hurt and hold can go play first -- -- sitting on the bench while this is going on that it's really strange is able to act soon. Next week via I think it weakens suddenly some days away Iowa poll it's. 330 this week keeps it just keeps to what he's doing. It's easy hitting and fielding a third. He just brings -- and geez he knows BP's -- leadoff but. He sits down to -- to takes over leads off. We talk drooped. Over titles at both are still there is making it a double -- like you moved to third -- lead him. And suddenly swinging at bad pitches taken good pitchers go world Jackie Bradley on us. That is going to make these Stephen Drew move look disasters and so many fronts I mean it. Oh expert committee and a robust 230 ally and play good defense yet solidified things in the infield. That's not good enough of Boca doesn't it in this field and Brock holt has to sit down. All the pressure's on through all the bullet will be on through if they should probably. But -- -- third. Third for the next six years yes as I leave him alone Tony -- that's the last thing or why why should Pedroia to third. Both petroleum BP execs threatened so he's yeah yeah he's part of the team. I know metrics plays a major role in all the Major League Baseball certainly in the Boston Red Sox organization as well but isn't there a sort of Joseph Morgan feel for the game kind of thing that needs to go one as well up about it ought not to say you know set those metrics aside this is what we are with -- without -- this is what we are with or without Bogart's -- playing shortstop batting third batting -- -- advocates will be. Doesn't have to be some sort of sense a little bit. -- all of that with what seems like the right idea at the time go with the hot hand play the guys who won seven games. Else and you know if they hadn't signed through during the losing streak they would do would not do it out -- so clip that you know what that means it's a mistake. And it's I'm not saying -- -- -- bad guy or bad GM he's not terrific I'm not saying in its heart was in the right place. He caught a break here you know Bogut got comfortable. At short rock -- hit at and play third so you've got to find a way out of this little. To quote conundrum. Here though is -- hatred for drew -- -- know because nobody was gonna side but it. First of all he's signed right for one year brightened in less than. I assume when in Boris talked to the teams among the June 7 day when that. He was talking for years and 35 million you're probably two trees that he's just at least two and 25 the Red Sox don't like you can get Stephen Drew for the rest of this year. Seven million -- what you don't have to happen is somebody's premier shortstop at the break an ankle and I'll get hurt -- as as you do exactly alive. Fine they'll -- hole though that's what comes out there -- -- they don't believe that that's why did they -- you think they think brought the goods using their -- unborn children would mind that it went through Stephen Drew and let's find a gentleman Zetterberg. Beat it it it it. We've had -- sell for far too much here in -- you don't have paid. A week before he wrote. And I I'm a big request failed -- A week before he wrote the ode to Derek Jeter wrote that Phil Michelson has never. At a scandal now -- Any pool table and ask. It's off the course and I've told you that you know would we we left the bottom because all the you know rumors of bill's gambling. East and other things turn it would rate he's still good and he looks them in the sides autograph does a lot of charity work it's not a bad guy. But he is. I think Riley's gonna have to do little but -- it would fickle and they re issue book and they had a chapter. They'll all all the you know all -- -- us and them into Canada and a bonus chapter at all. They recruit as -- to a -- this column about Phil Mickelson latest scandal because it sounds to enemy. We could talk a little later fuel public. It's usually figure and I don't think that prove that about six years away from open -- newspaper mornings he Mickelson with an 88 at 21. I. Well the guy that uses it probably it'll be the elements white collar prison right -- -- -- apart were review of the babbling -- you workers' wages hand ball right now. Makes the white collar -- Clorox. Good -- I think about this couple weeks invested. Yeah that's. What you know the grocery store that's a bunch of -- grab from the caloric you know wanted to win a supplement this with. They say okay can we just see your round yeah that's. -- -- Nine million shares of drugs what displeased at how would you were on the phone with -- the day before he had lunch with go at eleven phone calls in the through the race. Plays Augusta Mickelson. He's about look at the space in the press comes back it's fine I didn't do anything. Did anything wrong why would the FBI and the SEC cinder groans. Of course -- All Orleans yeah they wanna get yeah. B Jack I this I pixels in trouble and I don't think -- -- with ten years but he microwave for six months like Martha Stewart. Ambien. And that's. By all accounts he -- nice guy that spans. Skeletons -- would be that as -- may. -- combined seven. Three million dollars. Minutes findings were right all that's got to be how got to beat him mush UB. To say 73 last year was not enough let me. -- inside trading information -- like on and bulky. Much. What -- and I would match more than three last year that's a trophy loves everybody that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lucky coincidences. He you know check this. On good authority that Clorox ethnic what you Walters you have -- -- resist the urge to make a little transaction and make his helmet he's on the tree off in that the computer he sees Clorox at whatever seventeen bills this year he knows. What he spoke just resist yes she got YouTube -- -- it's not -- it's legal appointment all of that I think -- -- Don't you get the most telling you buy that for income yeah well he knows somebody that's so I believe he's completely guilty. But that's the commander of the other -- really -- to get a -- -- -- you ask yourself is this legal. I think. The people that -- dealing with different people on steam these big east may of course have these -- biggie but maybe he thinks that -- Insulated him from that. Level insider trading but he's just give -- you need six degrees of separation here one -- not -- one -- -- if you had to guess the government. Now we now know find a verdict for for big big messy things. Weren't affiliated. Become a funny story. Mickelson -- jail tiger mocking him. They don't give up that had a element and not a war is surely anger that he's gotten my estimate. It at its. Stuff like. An hour and a pop waitress in the parking. Or -- package and and and resound -- at the or it certainly it is and that's up a new -- vote for the went to our work it's dumb vote for the wait that's worse -- -- -- -- -- self control. Lack of control I could see myself get out stock. And although picky rationalize -- picture worth you know 300 million workers. Close worth 300 million. Public is still see pizzas and just the front of mine told me gimme. Issues. It was like ten million yeah till date and pretty clear that you're fifty shares could be -- -- -- could buy ten million really catch an animal we can buy. 50000000. Shares like 1000. Guess guess what Mickelson. And around the dinner table you probably never got a phone call you know and they said. Which -- -- -- again. I -- -- got in the -- in the -- and him beaten oatmeal now he. Gets a call to a friend. And Pete gets on the phone broker you never -- and elegantly I got app now it's day you know what I would do it. Your circles that you would do this year. Comfortable on Mickelson is not yet. No -- to me -- that gambles and what of the raid witnesses get to the bottom of the windows is getting -- -- great -- does that he's the smartest -- In the war -- does he -- action -- that he can bring the action. -- -- its ability -- 100 million. Game when he box on the -- audio it's a lot more than that he would do people only if he was at a higher stakes are gonna programming please morning. These guys play he lowers his Madonna there doesn't care as high rollers to. Programs -- the role as. Yeah. Which wanna gamble not a box -- Mickelson now and I can afford it wouldn't. It is creates tension and animosity you know public entities. Toward what you play pro. Am lost. -- -- box in his pocket. -- 89 dollars. Hello currently at one -- Clorox. Trading at eighty there was. Well before. -- I don't know results. It's doesn't look -- -- -- takes about all he's got like. 5000 dollars and try to talk that's right it's actually remember a time this -- watch the term yes it keep the -- -- -- -- it like to hunt this -- you know rich guys this -- and cared for a program and -- enough that Clinton in no doubt that John -- there's nothing. In needs of the buys coffee because he has enough cash. And Mickelson. Has that one opposes the law and but you think. Applicable. Spread did -- -- 100. Million shares that day that I am Bucky Walters did the day before -- icon right bought the company the hunch it was 68. Award from. -- 81 book how we fund publishers who urged the public in Atlanta I think we'll find -- -- what's your number which her. What what number do you use bullet. Shares would be it would it would be money. You wouldn't say and 755. Shares at some sort of ice assault. The -- 200000. I would say the number would be a new pictures and -- it's more than that and the Phillies but it's also you're right bodies of those guys but she plays the -- Well he's -- -- a -- would be thinks he's really Smart and you know and almost look for tips. Probably you know like the we have -- in this for a can cope with -- -- heard it's in that Matt Damon movie OT. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Matt Damon bill that's a little -- to be oil independent he's a little -- of the oil that shots he says that the image should play -- COLT in the movie. Is Damon twenty years old -- fifty years old but I think -- that you have even been around has met that could catch. It should you'll look for it 20s26 at -- African -- is good point about -- -- that man. And I know hole brought cold when he sick should you get like an actor who's 26 AM like. Maybe have a little. You know little actor who's 26. Will think of one that your job is yet you see a lot of movies tons of movies does a movie this year here it is really scared about. All right 6777. -- 7937. -- produce you'll join us during the 9 o'clock hour when we come back. We are going to provide a primer for you. By one of the media members in Boston. Who covers the Red Sox on the daily beat to tell us what we are supposed to say. About the advent and the renewal of the Stephen Drew era all right in the office at reds like this economic Brad folk I do not know though not -- what others. Brett yesterday and -- like one other things straight walked him this morning you were in their Dino. Who sleep on the couch our offices and kept them off and now I -- It's I don't care if he -- with the timberwolves and flips on the says that's the plan the season moved to Boston any anyway exit you it's easy it's an easy flight. You know it's lovely all year round and round here you know it's like this like this every day he loves Fenway. This ego surfing up you know shortly with the day that's true thank you go there yeah I mean I think it's perfect but he called the -- Your role he said he talked to Bill Walton -- He said yesterday. I haven't read all -- Kevin Love stories he's been everywhere you know yes or all over the place so Walton. I assume. Ainge called Walt that we need you bill I guess that's a plan that's -- that's strategy and it all poppy said. And they went out page called we noticed -- adoption deer charge him for anything. And hand. Everybody else did that at Fenway I mean yeah which is Bynum -- -- -- -- alcoholic mr. -- that's that's okay. Is it just so he doesn't purchase or at all we'll be right back.

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