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Brock Holt with Joe & Dave after the 7th consecutive win

Jun 1, 2014|

Joe & Dave talked to Brock Holt after the 7th straight win for the Sox, in which he made his first career start at first base, and tied a Red Sox record by hitting four doubles.

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All right thanks but Brock did you realize you tied a record for doubles -- the six Red Sox player ever to do that I did not know that that's that's pretty cool news though. Last year I was Victor Martinez some great names there and then what a day for you use the whole ballpark. Yeah. You know it's fortunate to you know get to placement on a few of those well got some help. Help from the wind and and everything else so you know is a good -- good win for us. Brock you realize what a fan favorite here you're becoming here I mean when the guys at 337 he should be popular but it. Fans really seem to be taking to you because you're obviously playing multiple positions and you're not stopping getting. Yeah you know it's on you know till now playing first base last night after the game so I actually on a little bit but. No I got here they took some ground balls. You know it's fun it's it's a new challenge in you know had a good time out there at this. From my arm reach your sister or your own only -- as -- -- -- you can play their college right yeah that's the first time ever played first base in my life so. It was fun this. I gotta ask -- what's the most challenging thing about moving around the diamond like that's going third full of first base so quickly. Just the different angles I think the biggest challenge for first. As you saw in when was it when -- wouldn't miss the ball. Does get to the base you know normally you're you're you're -- cure here at third or second you're pretty much -- You know watching -- so it so you got to kind of keep your head on this little gotta I gotta get over there cover their own on the government's so got over their little late on not one but round. But I get Tom. Jeff -- that you made and play some center field about that yeah that they to minister to get some balls in the outfield. Normally -- -- -- that you're DP in. You know it's circuit through reads -- up -- well. After you stole the base bribe somebody to weeded out. You've seen holt. For you so. Yeah well I don't I don't know if I'm quite as fast and at that they -- -- -- -- probably run once around the bases but talent expert they itself but speed is part of what you do. Part of yeah I'm in a little white guy got to be able to do. You're pretty much everything on the baseball field and how about the having kids you play with -- -- it now -- chassis gets his first Major League yet thank you Aaron. GTV. Drives it a run with a double yeah that was awesome to see you know have those guys come up and you'll see them succeed today. Both in their first hits and he obviously driving in. The big fourth round fourth. Final question for Brock foolish to go what do you think he'll play tomorrow in Cleveland. Yet yet to find out I guess we'll we'll see tomorrow whenever we get there OK okay congratulations on another big day for all right thanks a lot. Gave Barack -- four doubles double with a six player Red Sox history to do that.

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