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Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley Discuss David Ortiz, His Behavior and His Legacy

Jun 1, 2014|

The recent developments with the Sox/Rays rivarly has put the spotlight on David Ortiz and the guys give their opinion on him and if he is "selfish" or not, "classless" or not. Was he in the right for what he said after Friday's game about David Price? The guys also get into some other Red Sox hot topics.

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It's -- and much of a sports under UAW ER we're live at Fenway Park taking your calls. Not too many people around yet. Here at 10 AM with Sunday morning for 135 stop -- they'll start flocking in very quickly outside the window in center field combined knock on its say hello. Six on 77797937. To join us in the meantime. -- in this last decade what with all the I've found you and I having this conversation more and more about. The teams together the success of the Bruins in the Red Sox and patriots Celtics kind of -- off each other do you believe that. You believe there's been a Boston sports karma that's kinda -- yeah. Absolutely what I think when the patriots. I don't think the Red Sox would not trying to win a World Series before the pats -- a suitable. But it if you don't think -- ripped up that blood. Flowing through the pain it's no I grew development to okay to -- take it to the point behind the scenes that the ownership and management talk to each other enough and kind of work together to try no no no not at all I think they'll -- because if you do. I have Kevin Love throw out the first -- finally it. And what I need another look they've they do play nice when it comes through the public facade. When Garnett signed. -- the party. Celtics I I was here that day in the head and throw out the first pitch. -- who was today had a first pitch recently it was a disaster that the whole country talked about. Subsite I'm drawing a blank -- with somebody had a bad birth to expect the reason I mention that is when Doc Rivers was named coach of the Celtics. He wrote a first and if you happen to be at -- that night that was about the worst first attempts at. This cement and the funny thing is it -- played baseball for his dad. As a kid growing up in Chicago. All if you talked to you know dot. If doc frequently talks about the role his dad was a cop in Chicago in the his dad with his baseball coach. You get nervous that in that so much he's he is is it was formed by the teachings of his baseball coach. Any areas on the biggest stage of them Fenway Park mound. Any like over with that. So so yeah I do understand that so did Kevin Love were to throw out the first pitch this isn't easily attempt by you to turn this into a Kevin Love and no I'm not I don't know maybe we -- care -- the last night I mentioned the fact that he's in town. I've got it on good information the counter on his own dime he's got to his buddies here and it came here very specifically on his -- check out Boston. That's pretty interesting thing is that it is plenty of sightings all I think I think that if he were to sign with the Celtics he would be quickly ushered out to them on the -- I think for them to have to bring him out when he just as in town and I don't think that beat. I love it. I would love it so I think it apart a welcome to Boston Kevin Love let's go to Pete east haven Connecticut Pete -- -- -- Hello Pete. Again -- -- Sunday yeah boy yeah it's. Good and wanna. As wanna talk about David Ortiz I -- you guys talk a little while ago. You know I in first or somewhat -- You can you give -- more -- anybody off the Sox. Ebitda means that the Grand Slam against each -- The gains against New York in in in 04 and you know people -- However one thing that the court he's just those in Iraq. Is class -- -- the game where he said that there are captaincy. And it to me it was just he had nothing else the face of war we -- our sincerity we all know that. He couldn't say some little bit more classy kid you know I can do their interest was fortunate -- like every -- guy in Washington. All of us stocks is also -- Fall already happened or is it just -- popping in while. It's been useful because it's so -- that public schools let's go back let's go about Pearl Harbor that -- really are those you know. Announcement that it also edited -- consider. -- is now so the heat I respect what they're deep and it have been different and better that there aren't -- interstate or piazza. -- -- this -- our continuing when when they bombed the trade centers. -- -- -- -- There's been many times including just this past weekend. He just -- -- -- -- wouldn't player is Perot looks warmly remembered don't want my favorite players. But ET go around the fact that -- you view that -- about a clash. Well. I -- I differ with your choice of words. Classless and so -- BQ answers number one I respect your opinion on the drop in the up on however you said if I -- right. That he had nothing else to say and he struggled for that -- I couldn't disagree more. Ortiz wanted to say that word meant to say that word. And said it would purpose whether you liked it or not again I respect your opinion I have children myself I was watching it with my kids. In my fifteen year old daughter turned to -- and he just say so. -- -- you're talking about but that was not a struggle for the words and couldn't think of anything else at that time that was orchestrated. But my agent and get me out there and you said it was class they're written into the that it makes it -- amnesty and you said it was -- you know. Let me go to the classless points let's get asked the F percent to talk about the other things he does the -- Talked about the last out of the fact that he's a crybaby defected he'll do this network will what is like -- I don't understand classless I think that's the wrong word. He carries himself at parties you know yeah like all. About what you when he went way love recordable in the meeting he -- in the meeting. It is a -- -- acted RBIs back whatever. Little good apple does lead to four record I -- yeah he yeah. He could any any -- term. You know I think table last week at the end of the meeting take your manager -- hey listen this was going on got to fight. It's not normal high school kid he ran in the. -- I mean would you promise I don't puck is a classless. Is too strong a word for some were teases actions for bursting into the manager's meeting in that was classless. -- Now I have a problem with the word. Do you think he's in general was classless is you say that I said that episode with what you're asking me my opinion of what the caller saying yes and when Ortiz and let me just jump in because you'd put your finger like like what mean analyst. So wise I sat in the second row what you do you think and you unlike that your twenty minute diatribe off the beginning -- and I'd like you do it but now being invited to ever let everybody know that that and I -- invited to participate. And what I will say is that. I agree with most of what I've just heard I don't disagree I don't agree with what Ortiz said that they finally. I'm on the I'm a believer it's not the word federal and it's the meaning behind the -- -- and my sister Julia -- it was a school principal -- -- for forty years. Print book on the school I called my sister and I said what do you tell kids in the aftermath that would deportees. And she said. You tell kids sometimes adult use adults use -- weren't. In the -- -- doubt you can understand now. I respect the fact that there are people were penned by would Ortiz said. I'm simply say I was not one of them -- -- the issue with what -- -- that was great because the as the Bostonians as that person who grew up in Cambridge -- Somerville. With the massacre at a whole package -- to see you -- -- -- your local talent local guy. And the other thing is huge fan of America I have run the marathon. Friends of mine who run America on prince of statement you'll reap what who's in charge of the merit and is different too early to charges that charity teams dot -- Is a dear friend of mine. So all of this meant so much to me is an individual. That say nothing of the fact that there was two maggots. Which my high school. He had no problem with -- orders whatsoever. So PG a point that Ortiz has done classless things. But overall in general when you add it all up a lot of things he does a classless. Ordered -- -- meaning you knew what you do correct if you don't -- saying you're not classless. But I wouldn't overall -- want import in the sherbet -- cronies and if you're immature don't do. Archie who absence of -- I mean I don't know you an idea that your policy amateur bodies brought there were thirty. I'm just saying when you say to me my reaction when you say to me that overall David Ortiz is classless. -- that doesn't resonate well with me. Because I don't there's a lot of things you can call -- emotional. Overreacting at times. He takes his position as as as it as one of the faces of the game seriously and in May be that allows him to do things that. Other players don't like stock around the base is watching home runs and gets away without a stop. But I don't again if you had to give me an adjective class it would not be in my top ten list they're sure. Then yeah that's about it about an issue got to look at say let's look at Ted Williams let's look at our those in the past. Our great ball players and pat would ever go into ever stand in front of clout in used the F word to this school. All the Ted Williams and a lot of other classless Pinkston. -- stand in the early February right it will. What were they wanted in some in some cases. Total weighted order and illiterate he now now that warranty with the others but would be able to -- it's not warranted. Well why why it was worth it for him to get up that he could instead he couldn't say. It meant a word to what got this point point across but he shook each that dropped the F bomb. All right all right let me jump and oddly quiet -- time now I get a jump then -- -- if you wanna focus on David Ortiz do so. Don't make the stupid comparison Ted Williams would Ted Williams ever do that because. David Ortiz never stated the direction of the fans and he never brought that into the stands that hit a woman sitting in the box seats. So I wouldn't say will -- with with David Ortiz ever probe that said that don't make the comparison with Ted Williams it's it's kind of dumb actually. If you want if you wanna say that you personally offended that would David Ortiz said. I'm OK with that even though I even though I didn't have a problem with. Now you're you're you're you're totally correct -- that point I was -- -- the green ledger was headlined could that figure. Eight he was around during basically terrorist apple -- harbor and he didn't you know what. What you're doing it yet you that you and I just told you don't -- comparison to weigh in tonight again you go right now this Ted Williams was around for Pearl Harbor. Don't use Ted Williams because you're suggesting he was the best you know all of that is good about baseball. And in with the final word on on field decorum when in reality he was not. There were times during Ted Williams's career he was really bad about stuff like that there is that if you read it who wins biography of Ted Williams. Partly molecules are reviewed Ted Williams and I haven't read Ed Bradley yet because just haven't gotten around to it. But you can you can read numerous examples that Ted Williams is immaturity and -- thing in this Thabeet. Disrespectful to the legacy and memory Ted Williams I'm simply pointing out that you'll latching onto a bad example to make your point about David Ortiz. We have take break it's Bakken butcher of sports on it from Fenway Park stick around be a part of it. You know you're screwed -- he did I don't resolve Nomar and you're saying him no -- was. Gone through this situation he did that on his own. Which is boat and they can get somebody else hurt can be -- and a. Fenway Park relied on a sports Sunday -- butch our number shoot techsters texting enemy AT&T techs aren't. -- I 79750. Cent was why you I was gonna -- housecleaning here there. And my buddy Josh Polanski from Comcast he texted and to me off there. That it was fifty cent in May be awkward first pitch which -- still haven't semen noble country was talking about so housecleaning number one was. It was fifty cent house -- number two is -- much people Tweety and I -- on the second baseman. On the cardinals on the 1985 St. Louis Cardinals who drove in a hundred runs with Tommy are. Harming her and and the point is trying to make was that. You should not necessarily keyword necessarily you should necessarily be caught up with alt keys are. Right fielder the support he's getting hit twenty home runs drive in 95 runs and so forth in the example -- used here is the 1985 St. Louis Cardinals when the National League -- And Vince Coleman left fielder one home run forty RBIs Willie McGee sent popular tenement 82 RBIs indeed it's like in right. Thirteen home -- 55 RBIs. And we're talking 692. Plate appearances 652 plate appearances. -- seventy by plate appearances. And out of 12160 almost 2000 plate appearances. You're you're starting -- you produced a total. All thirteen of a total of 24 home runs track and then you've got Tommy car. Who only get eight home runs but drove in a 110 runs -- it was what so I'm simply using the obvious example which is 85 cardinals to illustrate. That you should not necessarily locked into. We gotta get this from right field well if it Pedroia puts up the -- type number at which it did he hasn't so far. And Bogut puts up awful numbers that -- stop and later at third base. And drew was one of the top offensive shortstop in the American League -- -- -- when we -- that but he was so you don't you know half. -- -- You don't have to have Frank Robinson numbers from every single -- -- at all times but when you have David Ortiz leading your team with twelve home runs in the next closest guys Napoli with five and I know he's been. -- -- Red Sox fans feel like they need some pop and don't take. Not in -- correct what I'm saying is eat eat eat eat it you shouldn't sloppy offensive numbers. I agree with that -- politician especially -- -- because it it's like. When the -- and we Houston when the reflection of the World Series final four obviously Ortiz and Ramirez hit off the charts seasons. But they also got a 397. On base percentage from the catcher in by and large you're not gonna get great OPP by catcher catches tend to be big and slow and even the ones that can get a little. That's all time who are expected phones tons attacks came in on the -- call about calling Ortiz classes a ton of them. About what about all the charity work toward teased does -- disagreeing with people don't elect the most us. Sort of addressing both few -- park where somebody said he is a crybaby but he's our -- But I totally cool that. I like I don't by the way -- respect for David Ortiz and in no way do I think he's classless I think he has done classless things as have -- So -- -- not being -- this year I'm simply say. In -- in the grand scheme if you go back up three months ago. Our economy in the front page of the Sunday herald I think we should expect our great marquee. Iconic athletes. Not just be great players but also be great citizens of the examples I use Tom Brady. David Ortiz. And and guys like -- point you don't have to be you don't have to be a a top star. Charlotte though it costs are he's a -- And and enjoy it though it is going great stuff in the community I think that's that is great and I think we should get more of that for the money. The end paper tickets in the in the ratings and all that and I think that more place to do that and David Ortiz record as the do -- in the community is is. Top -- One other text to read for go back to the calls -- butch. If I have information on Kevin -- itinerary what's in infamy. We'll send mrs. itinerary and election. Outscored Georgia war court Ireland who's next I George. It doesn't particulate call you know what I found interesting. Is that how some of the David Ortiz is -- Scott Parse out. After the fact especially the focus that dropped some and some. But some people on his use of the word war. Especially different price kind of been in my words say I say misdirected from the point it. The overriding point I think here's David Ortiz English as a second language and and. Don't call there George please don't go there right that's one of my pet peeves I can't steam and people try to say that David Ortiz expresses himself very well let me just -- point when everybody says. Second language -- used -- -- let me finish and George can I finish. But this is my opinion especially when I just watched on the eBay. Pedro Martinez talking about how proud he was. That's our -- is that the English language how -- was. And how proud he was to have. Come -- to master it so why are you bringing a second language writing point if you shut up the let me talk please call you George -- Because -- worked -- so. And the point was misdirected. I mean I've heard people say you have no problem with him getting hit. Didn't have a problem with that I have what does your second language point. Well that if he uses the word. And that contact is upset that he used war it is the president. It's not no that's not anything to do with the second language -- completely disagree. Completely disagree I can't stand when people bring up that the second languages that they don't understand what they're saying. That's not the point David Ortiz understands very well what he's trying to express no matter what language expresses. Allison in Cambridge your next opponent. Good morning good agreement there and I had a competent at last night's game with an exclusive the white laboratory recently. It was a sparkling. Was well below eleven but it is important like -- it's it's been kind of odd that the winning every game -- we have -- more players -- -- an idea. I felt good about the Red Sox got so many of the players who happen is that enter talks with Mike Napoli. And then really should go on the DL but especially into the coupled with that -- gluten performed system. And that apple at this point for the last month -- dismantling dislocated. Ring finger. I was right hand. Yeah exactly and the other players police have beaten up think of the way we might be better to have them go under -- yeah I -- it is going to be should be asked him wonder who else. Mr. ricks points system and especially after the weekend for the benefit from the time of the collapse -- -- this would be out there and look at the places. Well so Alison I'm sorry who. An appointment in the book on them until they actually end -- doing that in people don't even know what is. Several -- saying should go on the DL now. An independent and I think -- kind of didn't let them put them and we'll have. That's when he starting position players in the world who's starting pitchers who -- help but it would seem kind of apparently concluded that this could happen. But I think as an example you have people who under the rubble should be Nvidia. And and then you have the replacement people who are happy. And didn't into the apartment it's actually -- good. I don't want my typing that's I think anything about what do you agree with -- -- People's identity. Until this contract. But from the front but it didn't wanna comment about what I had that we wanted to show that it was when he made up this morning edition -- -- -- -- I think it would have been better if we don't even know if you don't even have to look yeah. OK I can't speak to rent to readers injury help and so forth night I'd I'd have to look you. I'm not gonna say you're wrong. But I know I -- -- -- general what do what -- to expand maybe and you point. What I will say is that oftentimes. Guys play in great pain in we never know what before during or after. And in one example off the news is is Johnny Damon often Clayton. Tremendous pain and I remember vividly. And abuses at a million times that last year at the -- that it was a ball hit the left center. And he took the -- off the wall turn in and threw the ball to the cut -- man. And I happen to have binoculars and I put my binoculars on him after he made the throw and the look of pure agony and -- base. After having made that throw really reminded me crystallize just how much pain he sometimes. Yeah that's that's never upload speed to our commitment about it after -- -- -- to go out there everybody into the pope's comments about the battle for the team. I'm gonna -- actually going to do well especially just one assistant video would attract. Anyhow it's just the Pentagon and I think that -- is something I think that the people didn't have pros who have come here and got their first big free agency contact Rebecca renteria. And then the incredible pressure and didn't particularly haven't -- we're going to have an impressive group proud. And I think what people look at -- And we expect a lot -- I think both would make sense. And I'm over my competitive to have an idea -- special thing to do have a response system. -- I think the farm system does adding to your point. When it comes to position players I think what's different now with the Red Sox is they do have a handful of guys. Who we'd like to see that the Brock COLT won his inched -- to me because nobody you listed the top position players nobody's put -- I didn't think they're big demand iPad competitor of their basement of the problem is that the actual -- -- Leap to get that statement I don't see. You yelling he's made phenomenal please don't seem as a match -- -- -- shot RO IC using -- and everybody's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's very perfect for written about. But I definitely do that don't have cable and the president actually traveled here and it would just startling run and the Houston -- came through religious community including being. But I. Anyhow I -- them that it that it -- go to public opinion. Yeah thanks for the call -- and I mean. I think when you have a farm system like they do in baseball ruby Della -- is a good example. And we see with pitchers all the time bark but it's more refreshing and -- position players. I mean -- he's coming up today by all reports. If he gets a start and produces -- one game and goes right back down which Stephen Drew coming in the lineup tomorrow hey more power RT system because you got a guy looked at that came up. To do absolutely. I we get to quick break we're back with more -- and butch on -- Sunday and Fenway Park. Next -- defensive player early in the game. With two outs showed off an inning when a potential run. It's a fastball a little played its own ballpark. He he's done an outstanding job in terms of on both sides of the wrong on both sides of the ball it's just come back to us. Red Sox manager John Farrell talking about rock poll leading off yesterday. Playing great defense. Spectacular play that saved a couple of runs two -- too RBIs and 71 win. -- each Keeney coming up to the big club today from Pawtucket. No word yet whether he'll be in the lineup or not a lot of intrigue around the Red Sox right now but lineup yesterday that had AJ Pierzynski hitting third. By the way with a ten game hitting streak lot of moving parts a lot of stuff going on with. Zander Bogart's continuing to emerge as a potential. Middle of the lineup guy much anybody would dispute that that eventually that's -- on up. In his career may be put him there now. Pedroia continues to struggle a bit at least a Pedroia levels but tolerant pop it continues to play like the dirt dog that he is. And the leaders that he is David Ortiz continues to be. Consistently the slugger they need all the while while -- -- six game winning streak going for seven and wrote today -- Jon Lester on the mound. With a 135 start all the while -- Mike Napoli on the disabled list and Shane Victorino on the disabled list it will middle Brooks. On the disabled listen if Stephen Drew. Joining the team tomorrow so they had to Cleveland tomorrow. To start. To Cleveland Detroit and Baltimore their -- back at Fenway after today you're Red Sox on Thursday night June 12. And when they do come back it will be interesting to see who comes off the disabled list by June 12 them when they're back here at Fenway against Cleveland Indians. Who in their rotation. What's up with Buchholz -- -- and others. Where is ruby -- -- -- pitching by that point two weeks from now after we saw last night. And what's going on with -- Napoli Victor Reno and all that so a lot of moving parts a six game winning streak to go for seven and wrote today. And we go to Ed in Worcester who's next fellow at our yield. All right or you guys. I just wanted to make it quick point I know -- want you to when I'm sorry guys I am on that Whitney and so. I don't remember I'm butch and he's buck. Hi how are you good on yet the view may have -- a point about the -- -- the second language at the yes get might did you get my point -- Well I I don't agree with a completely -- Your caller had a point and in combat in -- giving him a 100% you know. Legitimacy here but he does have a point. When you're dealing with different languages sometimes -- where does not translate well -- unless you speak live with different languages. Unless I imagine. What life is like mine where you have fifty is the you know interaction with. English. At work. In Spanish at home. Sometimes you have to think you know in the different language that you're going to speak in I. I'd say that's a fair point that -- any -- you're mad native language Spanish and your second languages English. You know what I would -- is mostly here in the United States that was -- 5050 OK you know so. I mean I can express myself really well but sometimes I'll be honest with -- you know I'll say a word that as perhaps it's quite well and I'll have to correct myself or explain myself -- work. That's -- you know and that's critical not. Yeah the word war I'm sorry on our current -- none -- that. He used the word war you know I know for a fact that -- -- and -- it's a common word you know. Of competition. In the necessarily mean you're going to you know if you're referring to Vietnam War and World War II when he -- you know is. Some of these guys were to wait literal. You know and they don't understand that -- -- this guy used misleading his words. Split seconds before speaking. So Ed let me jump in for sex with two points and one is about my pet -- and one is about this term war as far as the term -- David Price is the one came out. And really criticized Ortiz became a Mulligan to -- and look. We can't compare ourselves to war it just doesn't work with professional athletes Yani -- And then he said but sometimes you see things in the heat of the moment that you don't really mean. -- your your point about a second language is again that your life. Well taken the only thing I can relate to was the time that I went to Japan to cover the Red Sox and was the first time in my life where I could not communicate. Not only because of the language barrier because the letters. Where even our letters it wasn't like being in Spain and Latin America wasn't like being in Greece and Italy and other places I've been to. They not only didn't speak English the letters couldn't kick it it even translate so it was that's the only relation and I am personally the pet peeve to me. In particular there's guys like David Ortiz. And Pedro Martinez when people try to and maybe a jump on his throw too much but he wouldn't give me a chance to talk. My pet peeve is when people try to say because of a second language. You got to give them a break because we don't understand what they're trying to say in my lifetime and all the athletes I've covered David Ortiz and Pedro Martinez I've never mistaken. What they're trying to set. Never so I don't buy the second language the choice of -- your point I think is a very good point it. But I don't by the state we cut them a break because they didn't understand what they were trying to express. And and you know that's a good point you know that's why the caller like I said I didn't give him a 100%. You know this point -- I didn't agree -- under that because yeah Pedro -- shouldn't even. Have an accent at all. And Big Papi. You know -- principles really well now the -- I have a problem is like you know law. What what it was -- may not sort you know he spoke English really well when it was convenient for him and then not when it wasn't the all of a sudden forgotten is our. The second language. I've never seen that -- in the -- -- public as Torre and I. And pick up right yeah I mean you know sometimes guy. A really quick to jump on a word that was not use or -- correctly the -- -- understand it -- Depending on what country you call from our -- they awarded them might wrote. You know. Eight Mexican election Mexican Latin for the wrong way or something Puerto Rico you know what I'm saying poll on late what a lot of people -- not a whole. Spanish beat people -- from Mexico or Puerto Rico you know. In certain words. Have second meanings that. Do not have as much power and then let me tell you from experience. Okay we'll listen I've Ed we appreciate the -- to -- made great points -- would you agree you might point to both David Ortiz page or similar in that regard -- Majority of the time if not all the time -- he don't mistake with the meaning of what they're trying to say is yes I agree with that. And is as far as would he would he says about the whole war thing. It -- as a general rule I'm not a fan of using. War soldier battle and -- it. As sports lexicon. So so so in Austin but to me it's over journalists have been more if -- you're writing columns in game stories. Players do it all the time out I'm not I'm not offended by going into battle yet I tightened our backs are against the law so. Seoul while not a fan of it. I was at all offended by it. I think with David Price is doing and it's on the competing up David Price here if you read the column in The Herald today at the -- I legal enough criticism of everybody here. But it's -- David hectic with David Price is doing he's finding stop the latch onto to champion his cause I didn't he knows. He's coming out looking -- you know list I would agree with the -- What do I got now a BCI. I I hit David Price I get David Ortiz with a pitch when apparently. All had been forgotten -- look bad. I get my car with a pitch intentionally or otherwise that got away with that I tried it strikeout David Ortiz went three pitches in the fifth inning. Emit a real ass of myself throwing a fastball belt tied middle. And Ortiz cranked it for a hit which help the -- -- beat the race. Wouldn't and so at some point David Price how -- I don't I get pick up some ground ball out collecting one war is no doubt in my mind. That that that's that's what's going on between these two years. So. If it. In in the grand scheme in my crazy about -- using war references. -- with they had to buy it no two way see it what it was from David Price has perspective a chance to gain some good club that's exactly what. Red Sox lineup is out by the way. -- cold leading off playing first base -- Rock hole leading off complaints brought as I said during the show he'd been taking ground balls at first in the outfield they're trying to find a spot form there it is. As I'm about to read this give -- your predictions Caron chief -- in the lineup there. Abrupt halt -- first and K I'd agree with you on that might both be wrong and here July and uphold Bogart's Pedroia pulpit first blogger to short Pedroia at second. Ortiz Gomes has. Ortiz DH batting fourth when your guys Colmes guest in your neck of the woods Alex -- Quincy he has and those -- Ortiz -- pass in 30456. DH left field right field. David Ross catching Jon Lester today Jackie Bradley junior in center field and Jonathan -- rare. At third base so Brock -- at first Pedroia at second -- short. Jonathan how rare third baseman a couple of hits yesterday. -- field is Gomes Bradley junior and -- and right field Lester Ross there's a Red Sox lineup that. And raised in -- is hanging on hello -- Big guys I have a point about -- Hernandez that it ought to be made before we move on this story and that is that. The indictment he just received you know which you think. Was almost exactly similar to the each report that came -- eighteen -- 2007. Where you fit the description of the shooter a -- -- -- -- a couple which can choose. Where after a nightclub incident shot into a car full of people. Particularly deputy keynote two incidences at that meeting with that effect. I'm in that matter people start our second time and they also -- shot. But you know the are out of work -- ballplayer was positively identified report named Ricky Nelson he's also an NFL yup. And Eric Hernandez refused to cooperate with the investigation he would -- in the police report. -- you know so does this idea that. He -- to double life and people -- know about it or perhaps he's been brought up. I don't know I think this is the -- behavior ideas earlier that the exact same thing and actually. He would operating with impunity because they got away with it the first -- so we continue to do. See your point is your point is that this has been going on for a long time it's just finally caught up. Yeah and it and you know what you don't prosecute you don't follow through. People don't learn at each other which are ready continue to do that are women. And ultimately. It led to death. You know so. Think the story needs to be about little bit further I never bought into the idea that. The teachers didn't know about these types of incidents. I think. Urban Meyer is acknowledged that he knew about that incident when it happened. You know there's just no way to monopolize this in my mind at that at a distance yourself from accountability for looking the other way and -- to be subsidence. Are -- thanks for the call appreciate it 617779792. Through seven weird. Coming up on the top of the hour 11 o'clock people are lining up outside of Fenway Park. We get to -- Syria and other. Just about two hours to go in the show leading up to 135 start here at Fenway tweet from. Trop SRH Jerry stands makes his raised debut batting cleanup today at Fenway before look him up in the break -- What to you know everything about Jerry scenes -- I don't need to look up and break but apparently he's batting cleanup and making his range debut. A lot of guys in the lineup today that if I actually beginning of the year would be sitting here on June 1 and seemed rock -- Jonathan perera. Alex Haston. Jerry stands. Out that's and I know about Angela but if I told you that's going to be -- line up -- Buick up. We get some hurt baseball players we get some stuff going on between the Red Sox. And the race Jon Lester on the mound tonight David -- two -- not tonight folks 135 start Red Sox catching him. And we got -- -- all covered for you here at Fenway Park taking your calls. Up until. Pre game Red Sox pregame right before 1 o'clock. To stick around be a part of it's 6177797937. We'll have more we come back on Bakken butch on sports Sunday and WB yeah.

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