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Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley are Live from Fenway Park for Sports Sunday

Jun 1, 2014|

It's Sports Sunday and it's a beautiful day with the Red Sox on a big time hot streak. The guys are live at Fenway and are psyched about the turnaround in just 1 week's time. The guys discuss all of the Sox events in the last week, from the "brawl" last Sunday to the victory last night with De La Rosa on the mound. Of course, they also get into David Price vs David Ortiz and it's a subject in which Buck is very passionate about.

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Yes indeed let's get it going on a sports Sunday on WE yeah I live from Fenway park at Spock in butch on the first Sunday in June as the Red Sox go for. 7 Euro good morning Steve Buckley -- not doing very well I've -- So much to talk about just aren't you just -- opium that you little collided there in just -- out of the stoop and talked to this guy you know. He's -- -- they don't yet know that'll crowd. Engage the cell Bagley on the stoppers and agrees that it is so much went right yeah. But it is still -- its -- is so much to talk about. Today would you -- be well. For the purposes of the general discussion I wanna begin. We hit last Sunday in Tampa Bay can't. At the -- win union list the bar takes the third base not a stolen base but the that the difference. And in the Red Sox before on the deathbed scene from love story with the all the frightening event. It in let's begin right -- the Red Sox were 100%. Wrong. With the way they winding cattle -- about that after agreed okay there is -- don't call what that gray area area and all that they were wrong. They they really made asses of themselves. And they gave third base up with a five currently the mere fact that by the ninth inning David Ortiz was on deck with the potential tying run. Tells us that a five run lead wasn't enough and so. Let's begin right here. -- The eagle one that would have much in general to turn things around to playing some great baseball now let's go to Friday night at Fenway. And Joseph Maddon says that what happened at the trop the previous Sunday -- nothing to do with what happened Friday night I think -- confidently say now. But that's the case. So David Ortiz steps in against David Price now I wrote about this in cities -- But if you. Look at the situation if you want to turn my phone. If you look at the situation if you look at the. We'll post season from the year before and we David Ortiz did the styling and David Price at the inning home run two home runs. But -- -- but the one question the big long the foul ball alternative for people that don't remember it tournament yet in it was a -- the first time that he's faced him since he hit the trauma of our building up toward okay. And apparently they had discussions in the season is over apparently they've mended fences now. I'm of the belief that David Ortiz is a big crybaby and big show vote. And a lot of people feel that way in baseball he's an enormous show -- even taking into account. The fact that a lot of guys do that this Spain aides that that's part of the gamesmanship now if -- it was going on forty years ago we were kids Reggie Jackson was doing so it's not exactly a new thing but the right people in baseball don't like. David Price apparently is one of those people. He apparently had mended fences with the authorities but when Ortiz stepped up to the plate he drove. Now we can talk all he wants about our try to establish inside part of the plate blah blah blah well that's a -- that's that's laughable. Just as it was laughable last year when when Ryan Dempster. Who had nothing left decided to jump into his protector of the game cost him. Angela hit it right. When he put the team on the back aren't winning the game was not important right Dempster that you establish that. By taking three attempts to hit Iran who later in -- -- run. And that but the game was over John Ferrell happily said that Dempster was just had -- -- inside part of the -- so when these guys talk about. Intent distrusted opposites nonsense it was nonsense when price that it Friday night it was nonsense and for growth and last year. The umpires lost control of the team. Because what they should have done given the history they should take a history lesson -- like popular community college -- a nice little quick history lesson. And understand. What was going on between the two teams the mere fact that the plate umpire warned David Price after hitting Ortiz. Tells me that he at least at some semblance of what was going on. Yeah he should have eight from price out of the game wore. Issued a warning to price not issued a warning he keep the game was over in terms of the Portman when he issued the warning to both teams right. But what really gets my go. Is in this so -- to talk about the deal deal -- is pitching last night. -- -- to Cheney's coming up the play one game who's gonna play shortstop the great play by hole the home run. There's so much and in the way they just humiliated the rays last night the salute to talk about. But what really gets my goat was win pricey car in the fourth inning. And I don't think it was intentional leader. -- thrown out right there I'll be surprised that he did not get the benefit of the doubt having his team having already been warned. Once you probe from a column in that all I gotta say I got to set this up a car so so that's that's watched number two. But then Ortiz steps up the next inning Ortiz was really pissed that the benches to empty the fourth inning you could -- which he's had bullet in his eyes. Price get to it she's only two on two pitches there were unhittable. And that price wants to be mr. tough guy he wants by unnoticed under the punch out the -- would -- on three pitches. And he throws a fastball right down the middle of the plate. Which he smokes it Bogut who is that Boston's first run of the game Sox want to win the game in the lock up late jeepers it's in the tenth inning. And this is one of the best pitchers in baseball he's won a Cy Young three time all star. 630 something like ten winning percentage he stated the very good chance to go all things start acting like. He PP he played the role -- shop by throwing an 02 pitch down the middle because he wanted to punch out Ortiz. He put self ahead of team. Just as Ortiz ports so they had a team and whines about third strikes and charging into the manager's office I want my extra RBI. These guys who don't think team full and nobody looked for it more foolish Friday night that David Price. So that sets up Saturday. Win you expected the Red Sox do something they had four people -- of the game only guys gave it on a -- big -- don't know when it's -- -- big -- You you had to assumed that the Sox and do not. Do something. Instead what they do it was they -- the daylights out of the race at that point there was no need to get them if it it was even more humiliating for the race for the Red Sox to do nothing. -- -- -- -- get what I did it and it dean to hit you. We just gonna kick the daylights out of you do you use the epic about. And enable UN Sunday that's my big set up to the show continues. Very nice very nice. We'll see this from the back I watched every -- that seamless magical -- go back I go back your point about car. And when he got -- and just the point of clarity because there isn't a lot of discussions weakened about that game I agree would you promise from the umpires came out and warned both teams. Farrell came out said one word and got thrown out. Caught Red Sox lost three managers that night because of the events of the night all tossed out of the game why -- both teams. When David Price -- David Ortiz clearly the way you're supposed to by the way. Back of the but I you know -- we can't get out of the way why warned both teams not just David Price it ought to talk to him. And ending a majority went against only only only -- and I'd -- probably should have been warned aria but. Atlantic I'd like -- it can get a warning -- make -- going price is so obvious. But I would just -- price that I disagree with that I don't do that it's baseball. You've been around a long time -- If David Price takes a personal agenda didn't like the styling from would have would have. Has he doesn't and he shouldn't by the OK I agree agree I agree that let's let's let's cut to the chase here. -- -- The -- Red Sox Nation fanatics are gonna Collins it will Ortiz did know that ball it's peer file. Yet the jets come in style in styling Majorly. And it pisses off some pitches other pitches to -- be amused by it just hit. Well whether he was styling or not he doesn't get the benefit of the doubt -- he does styles yes right yes so whether whether he deserved this. To sit there and wait to see if that ball was fair -- you don't -- the benefit of the doubt because more than anybody in baseball he stands at the plate and watched the home runs and it jogged around the basement and his hand is -- -- I don't mind with my when my pitches get angry like -- to Jon Lester they're -- attack but Gibson made a career out of it I was accused what Gibson and when I was a kid. One -- show like that Kim Palmer with like that yeah. Jim all right you know -- was like Pedro is like that I don't have an issue with that -- -- -- -- -- -- David Price hitting Ortiz I don't either I have a major issue with him. Carrying it up to that he -- a total -- items with the David Ortiz is -- showboat. The price he pays for being showboat he's gonna get -- -- and deal with that David but my point is my point is. That he totally lost that game in the fifth inning and David Preston yeah I challenge our comment 02 only to Alter ego trip like. This is that this is the guy. Who got into Vanderbilt which is the best schools in the country on an academic. Scholarship. If you listen to David Price -- He's smarter than 95% of the people based. You can tell that he's the right -- -- understanding guy he's savvy. He's mean I like everything about David Price as the pitcher opt to include up to and excluding. He totally lost me. It is I wrote The Herald today I don't like being able to watch great opposing players where we kind of -- -- I considerate of privilege. I was a kid I saw on the -- of -- Robinson Brooks -- it's okay line I saw Reggie Jackson with the Oakland days. I consider privilege that I got that Frank Howard -- -- payment vivid memories of -- -- it was a privileged to have seen those guys. And if you're that age right now are you following baseball -- consider it a privilege to David Price pitch because he's that good. For those of us to know you didn't you see homes where an attack on equity was to tie with a little by that I didn't seek tied to prime. Six and 17779797. If you elect chime in with a very fired up Steve Buckley. And Butch Stearns alongside this morning at Fenway Park Red Sox in raises the Sox go for seven. 06177797937. At 135 start with Jon Lester on the -- today so going forward. That shows -- -- people attended wanna talk about the events of this -- going forward. -- Jon Lester. On the mound today. What are you expecting from Jon Lester in this -- of pitch and side. She drills somebody again remedial also was not gonna do it last night -- idea right. I think that. Mean the Red Sox on a roll right now and again again very wise for them not to hit. People saying that when you even Joseph box I was homeless -- election -- when fox. And that's -- nothing's happened yet but state food. Well no no I mean maybe he's doing that to keep the audience glued to the game itself with new TV people would know that better than me. And epic and it's not gonna happen if it seven nothing lead. The that this this young pitcher making his first start in the majors than three years is is in garrison new. Why why light a fire and these guys send them off to the clubhouse with a method that -- it would board by it would and it -- will hit you later. Now you get to today's game today's the series finale sucks going on the road after this Cleveland back and -- -- -- in Cleveland -- immoral. And way to look at it is. Maybe later in the game today but they've got a winning streak on and that got -- -- Sonoma. And I think they should concentrate on winning this game ending the homestand keep in the -- on a positive note. Keeping a winning streak alive giving -- update yet more to think about as they head back of the trop eleven games out of first eleven games under 500. And and just think about that now you get it easily lead that go ahead. You're saying you'd be disappointed if Lester came out early on and drilled -- -- -- -- I don't think I'd recognize I'm not a fan I would be disappointed but I don't think the wrong thing I don't think you beat tactically brilliant market. I agree with you because let's go back to last on last Sunday there were about to lose their tenth in the -- there about to go one this year -- Escobar. Tirade handle the wrong way that you and I both agree however since the events of that day they have yet to lose -- baseball right so now flashing for a week later. Oh what a difference a week makes you know me I'm waiting for my next 500 parade. -- -- is scheduled Marty Walsh on the streets of Boston. But but there on their way back to that. An unnamed Red Sox player was heard running in the clubhouse yesterday said we're gonna be the first team to boost and in a row and come back and -- forty. Let us rejoice at. So. But but that's their attitude this team -- to your point -- strategically. Whether it's macho -- for Lester to come out and drill Evan Longoria. First time -- will drill will Myers. Whether it is gonna journal Desmond Jennings. For it's wrong it's the wrong thing to do right now is or is. -- is it flashed up the argument for it would be last Sunday. The stupid as it was threats such haven't lost to baseball games since that. So let's not -- that a stock music is try to attach any. To attach anything to the Yunel escobar's incident that that somehow little fired from the team around -- -- -- -- saying a little different. -- in baseball when their fights are defining moments of the benches and they tend to be. Moments that we look at and things happen after that -- splurge and get it right wrapping it up in new in new paper but it -- Baloney I say anything and accurate and they lost the baseball knowledge and other -- not but the that I refuse to attach it if they know they were. They know they need to eat whatever they did they use it it is candidate in order it though he didn't it it's -- -- -- it's totally it's -- there then Michael went up every day use you as devices like my point in saying that would be that if Lester goes to hit somebody now bright day. Good or bad it. Could turn them in a different direction because that they got that data as well which is what he shouldn't do exactly I agree and don't tied in with the S department expected toward the team around the balance park again tell me when I'm wrong ever lost money telling you were aren't they haven't lost based on an easy to do you want to latch on at all. Along the bottom is what they -- fight back. App on new dash it's already -- but that's enough to do with the way to play well they're playing good baseball right now which we both agree let's talk about remedial rose. This is a kid they got from the Dodgers in the deal this kid who's gone back and forth between a close or not it made him start these prosecutors were Pedro. This offseason executed gotten 97 mile an hour stuff as Joe Buck reminded us several times and there's no pain on one pitch I don't know. I don't know -- did had was in and out of these sleep watching the game did you regulation that you see the dog -- they put up a did not see it. Is 191917181912. There was like at twelve and you know like the fourth -- fifth inning but. Pretty much every inning it was 1819. Pitches it was it was as though quarry. He was so methodical on the mound. I think -- two guys got to second base the league it's the third. I mean it was just it. And and and don't call -- they would Tampa Bay can't hit and I hate people do that because that's dissect what what why didn't like Colfax 05 no hitters against the 62 -- I mean. It's still Major League Baseball team. And let's remember too that tiller roast has got limited made I think it was his first Major League start since he was with the Dodgers gives -- a few starts with the it was a Tony to your world. And you get tiller roast on before he had Tommy John surgery which remind people that you get bill grocer in the mound. Making its first Major League start with this team -- for a Major League start three years. And two years whenever it was coupled with the fact it's Fenway Park it's Saturday night it's national television it's still pockets somber -- Can Roosevelt the bow tie in the dugout. And on top of all of that you've got all this this animosity between the two teams dating back twelve years right. Which blossomed -- on Friday night which Eric Williams -- Pedro the whole bit in all of that. On his mind in it and I saw arrive in The Herald this morning I forget who wrote it but. Della Rosa said that David Ortiz to discredit took tiller roast a side. Last night before the game and said don't be caught up in the style to just pitch. We will take care all the others that you just -- it. And Villaraigosa said that that that's helped settle him down. That that the a particular individual battles would Nike's models his battle was the -- opinion team Smart move by duties would. So the question to me surrounding Della -- going forward now has to do with the pitching staff. Has to do with the trade at locked in a further on the road and other stuff coming up. You've got tiller roast of clearly deserves another start that workmen in the rotation now. You brought Buchholz or not get the buckles in the second clearly dealer osu gets another start. His point does any I mean clearly. I mean I would think he's -- one sure but. If if you gonna make that cosmic mind you but if one were to make the cosmic leap that -- to back out. Well now he's still enormously talented he has been unable this season to harness his considerable talent. And I grant that -- -- frustrating. That you never know what you're going to do what you do don't you gonna get this year you know he's gonna sock. But suggest. Delivering in the -- on the team for five cents on the dollar I think at this point in time would be not a brave move to do. So. -- wants to make his next start the team is rallying around him Lester comment that wants him to make the next start. Again I don't think this is at the expense of ruby rose because you got five slots in the rotation. Schedule. Sometimes permits different guys to be slotted in here. But clearly do brought in Buchholz started the season as part of your rotation these questions start. Yet it's a good thing you got a young guy who's come up and made a big impact in one game in a big game. So now -- starts to be a domino effect is happens in baseball all the time -- you see it. It's a good thing to be happening I guess I'm asking you to look into your crystal ball. See how this plays out here I mean -- you brought probably takes longer to come back now if -- execute pitches where if Workman. Continues to be unintended Workman like. Keep throwing his six innings in just active in kind of a subtle way is in the just want those effective guy's got a Bob -- and we -- Marty. And going back to Jennifer -- season last year Farrow said that Cuba was very Workman like. And I treated at what went went went -- -- as well -- the very -- -- like to lecture at at at. I guess you know again will know the answers to these it'll take care of itself I'm sure he'll dive more into -- in Cleveland. 'cause it'll start coming up what ruby Diller was why I'm gonna Cleveland and it is -- suddenly quarry interest in what this team doing. And this normally would have just been -- to June theories that the Indians reds sides in the -- that -- Suddenly is great interest in this series that because it's been Francona but because. Suddenly the Red Sox Terry -- -- we say forced to be reckoned with right now and it is in the Celtics and Bruins are -- patriots are -- Is Roy know the story in town right now. And a week ago. We talked about this very program a week ago. The Red Sox on the cusp of becoming irrelevant. Had had they won. Washed rather another 45 -- home a win one and lose another -- and suddenly becomes the 2012 Red Sox. People would have to on this team out and about other things to do until training camp starts. 6177797937. Mike Napoli Shane Victorino and others will -- -- still on the disabled list. Clay Buchholz he looks to brought five. Major. He's a term loosely contributors to the Red Sox of last year and at the beginning of this year and the Brock pulled from the world ruby gala roasters. Are now leading the Red Sox to -- are part of a Red Sox team that has won six in a row going for the seventh and we're live at Fenway Park. The talk about it -- -- Steve Buckley Butch Stearns -- -- butch on a sports summit in W yet. That's Tampa Bay Rays lefty and ace David Price talking about how he passed to pitch in. Which had nothing do would effectively general David Ortiz in the back but on Friday -- Red Sox and rays. Played tonight rats are looking at this afternoon 135 start Lester on the mound. And against Erik Bedard and had such a percent in a row protect and -- boxer played a lot early on so far they don't play again until July 25. In Tampa sore after this data say goodbye to them for awhile and go away. From the Red Sox race thing to madness comments are pretty interesting and all the papers today I'm reading from -- Our June -- column in the WEEI dot com -- saying I want to just get back playing baseball. Believe me I do. I don't want this grudge stuff I want it just to go away where scuffling right now which is go play baseball again from my perspective from me it's over. From us it's over we'll just see how it all plays out. -- you don't like about. The way stuff gets covered we people talk about people is that. 345 years ago we need Tampa Bay Rays were just beginning there emergence as the power numerically and there was still kinda. Cute with that nice that it finally playing good baseball. We we like we collectively -- -- drinks one line reads. History books that he's become -- villain very critical. Battle cry of freedom by James McPherson -- series rate books in his office. And towards -- good David McCullough and all the great historians and and -- I know replaced by cigars and -- might like everywhere this was all good stuff. Well -- now that he is the villain of whom you speak. Now it's like I'll look at him drinking is a line in the -- history what he gets he's -- a -- the same things that we use -- like about him. We now use those as they are like sight of that. And I still like kill -- that's assuming okay I think he's an interesting guy. I think that that based -- needs more. Not less of Joseph -- we -- more guys in baseball tournament who bring unique personalities of the table. If that viewpoint where it's contrary. To what the masses when it was pointed so be it. Now having said. Again like we talked about the drinking if you disagree -- call with discussed the savings David Price I love David Price. I think he's a phenomenal town. I really like watching David Price it when Dave David Price and he is like he used to be. You knew -- week at a time when Clemens was pitching you knew when Pedro was pitching for that worth the time -- 07. You -- in court chilling with pitching because they were appointment viewing. I feel the same way the Sox were a series tipped me pressing it to -- price pitching is that too. Except for one thing. The 26 point six seconds between pitches to second slowest in the league behind his teammate Chris archer. As I've -- also pointed out on Friday night it is painful -- It is painful to watch him pitch -- not. And you know disagree. It's not period it's not been to me it's not -- what David Price at the 26 point six seconds between pitches and I didn't. -- will make you feel any better I'm just saying it doesn't Mike caught up in that if if the guy stinks. And it's painful understand it which it pitched fast. I wish it okay if if you're asked if he'd beat it by which he pitched pastor fine OK but if you asked me if it's painful what Steven price -- no. It's not people collective price that I think he's that good. Which is why again the the bite that you played that -- played coming out of the break. Where I'm just establishing -- that's crap. That's nonsense in it it it is noble and as they said the first segment it's no more or less. The brain to crap that John apparel labeling out last year when Ryan Dempster who's a real shot. Hit it right because Ryan Dempster said winning its games not important I just wanna be. Policing baseball community right so so so -- estimated decision that night would not gonna win this game I'm just gonna get it right. And it Farrell asked to wait a while these just establishing the inside part of plate which is nonsense. That's not for us are gonna establishment -- born. It and it's okay it's as long as you you know -- be aware. To understand what it's all buyout. But that that's me of course it was a fastball in was actually out. I gave her body but everybody knew he was trying to get Ortiz I don't quite understand it if it's true. This is and help me out here if if that is indeed true. That. Ortiz and price had some kind of daytime. When this season is over and we expect them to show petroleum board together -- in Beers in casting them you know that you've done right you know that you. Charlie and I've talked about it forever coming on the show how that somehow that our team a good fit -- Gary you're a Boston guy Adam fisherman -- -- Charlie and I talked about a lot of it is just when I know what you you you like saying you know -- -- else if if it boiled you down that. What is one of those guys you're not alone. -- at your Yuri eureka and -- the Yule and we frankly respect yeah yeah and I and I have enormous respect -- that. In that spirit so we're -- tracks. In that spirit -- can. You've been not been unfairly and you wanna make that happen to -- culturally now I don't know it wouldn't have given them a -- past I that's I. I'm sure re entitle the country -- and -- the Philanthropic stuff I don't think he would not that I'm simply saying I'll make it happen for it to make you happy -- but I become a more complete person in your -- if you turn on -- and in -- on child Iowa. Fishing -- now I have a -- -- Ortiz and David I've. I am back to the car I was not lobbying India and -- -- -- -- like all the way to plug this thing -- that -- -- their match should we do the mad fisherman and do a Sunday morning sports Sunday live from Charlie -- boat. I would love that. We're you gonna be. He beat threatened and at some get a technical I get the feeling of what appears to them during. In the production that programs let you that a fair to say now it's neither wants to go back to the price Ortiz got it but if you look at that stuff. -- which heading into this now but let's look at the bigger picture. Cleveland tomorrow the red text on a nine game road trip -- city road trip to Cleveland and it's going to Cleveland they're going to Detroit owner with a Red Sox are just going Cleveland after you leave it's not like you know life doesn't exist I'll go to Belmont it's not. Is that. So Cleveland Detroit and Baltimore the nine game trip here that goes -- buddy Terry Francona and the Indians. And then they -- -- they often on Thursday they go to Detroit for the weekend for the latest series against the tigers interesting time if they keep winning -- go to Baltimore. Against the and he kept threats like the next time they're back at Fenway Park is against Francona. And Cleveland Thursday June 12. So as they have on the road it would Jon Lester on the mound today. A lot to talk about and this team I mean. The fact that they lost ten in a row to means that means to meeting and they're gonna get that back -- ideally they'd win tenor role but they got to win. Florida the next five or three out of the next five to sort of get rid of that ten game losing streak and just get back. Even Lester on the mound today like you said Bucky you're a seizure guy you expect him to win -- especially in their -- speaking. Moving mountains between pitches as a novel. This whole staff for camp as brutal when it comes to that but he got a big game today when Jon Lester on the mound the last game at Fenway for a week and a half. The middle of the six game winning streak trying to make it 76177797937. To join us we're live at Fenway Park. It's a 135. Start today and they have a lot of moving parts of bark when you look at this winning streak and what's going into this winning streak just the six wins in a row. How about the fact that Napoli is not part of it that Victorino is not a part of it. That on novel was up and now he's back around but there are some networks. Middle -- is not a part of that Stephen Drew was on the horizon will join you in Cleveland guys flying together. -- you know literally nothing planned yet so so there's a lot of as often there are in baseball and in every sport especially baseball appeared time. Unexpected contributors. On one hand that come into this whole thing however they're not unexpected. Because forever we've heard about. This huge Red Sox farm system and all the prospects of what they can contribute in this is what a deep system does the -- -- -- them -- make you stop by the way. I like the fact that they gave the start to do -- and next. And not Webster. And not -- real ones at this point. -- and not Renato at this point and I like Coronado I like the fact that they give it to -- -- it's easy to say that today. After the performance he had last night but this is a guy as you pointed out -- who's already made a Major League start -- Tommy John surgery his quotes today. I'm I've been throwing the ball this month the month of may better than I have since 2011. When he came up with a guy who was just 99 mile an hour guys can just rear back and throw it he looked like a pitcher last night. What impressed you the most about tiller -- last. -- Remain just -- the fact that it is I said during the previous segment. That there was so much so much going on last night they would they were so many sidebars to -- use an old newspaper term. That he. Certainly would have been aware out walking out to the mound. And yet he was able to shed all of that. Or at least put it elsewhere in his -- In concentrate on pitching to the tip the race and it's hard enough -- veteran guys. That ship all that and content David Price and David prices that is is 73 Major League victory society on he's pitched in the World Series. The real star appearances. And yet he could not get past. Even -- T show boating. In a game from the last year's post season. When he walked up to the month he was on able to put that on the back -- So what he does is the first pitch he -- David Ortiz emails them. Well what happened to try to win the game. In India is still Rosa in the watch out there it's just I'm just gonna pitch. Right and he is only the on a path. It's not like he's got his guaranteed contract in the get a couple bad outings and you know I am and so what he's only there and -- yet. And if he doesn't perform. He's gone who brought -- as they are hall pass. Brought COLT is is a rise of it's with up big stamp on his -- thing expendable when. And that's the nature of the job that he says that's why he's wearing number 26 that's the number they give to guys who aren't going to be around long. That they do that was -- way -- by the -- And and if there's Alia that is that way they they don't like Wade Boggs today. Make sure look at the goal look at gold cool Allred such uniform numbers. And look at all the numbers. And look at him to look at all the players who went 26 and Wade Boggs is coming on interest and and not if it's a fact look it up to -- and so you get guys like brought COLT. Who's only -- -- -- hall -- and eat your ability to stay a year is contingent on you putting up numbers which he's been doing which he's been -- And he's put up such great numbers that now they've got him taken ball in the Althea and if you notices but. During BP he shag balls -- field -- ground -- at first because he's become such a valuable player they need to find a better role for him. Because pro is going to play shortstop right so we -- we can debate that all morning but it's -- -- -- -- Going to play shortstop in Bogut is going to go to third base. And there is no spot hope mobilize a mature work amid a different positions and if you listen to -- Friday night. He was asked a question about Jonny Gomes and apparently Jonny Gomes has emerged as the -- feel it is not a platoon player he's gonna play left field and Ferrell said that he sees them on my words he would seize the moment. So they've got to find a job I mean and in good -- -- you know I love -- story. More from Fenway Park relied on a sports Sunday Bakken butch. Join us. David's -- the -- he comes in with two hit batters and eight walks on the year. He's got the lowest walk rate and and the American -- and we throw the ball it's David Ortiz in the back. There is intent. And they can dispute that all -- -- there is intense about it. As emphatic -- -- and believe those warning -- it sure seemed like gambling at all like -- well I disagree with it he took the ball out of -- him and then after Mike -- got it. The ball up around his neck and they didn't make a move and the a parking lot this game escalated. John Farrell's comments after Friday night. After he got thrown out after toilet bowl -- pulled his best Earl Weaver and he got thrown out. And after Brian Butterfield got Roberts had three managers as it happened I I keep waiting for one of those parties to -- as. You know alliance system and get reference on that is I don't have an incident that is seen that before on and I've never even seen. Three guys. You get the man jackets ties that in the bench coach whoever takes over. I've never seen a situation that -- -- -- -- after it happened. But I can't sit here right now -- say that I reference to 6177797. Under through seven as we go to the phones as a lot to talk about AJ Pierzynski with a ten game hitting streak. Behind the plate catching ruby -- Russell last night Stephen Drew is coming back Jonny -- six straight starts in left field oh by the way they've won all six of those games. How about the shortstop. But the level of play that Bogart has been playing a before drew comes back so much talk about the Red Sox -- Bachmann -- -- and we knew we kick it up and -- chicken I -- Good drive and a beautiful Sunday morning. Good morning one I talk a little bit about what the pitching staff offense you can start with that that -- step. It was until the last two nice to watch these two young guys bitch. And especially last night -- do as an -- would be best starting out of any pitcher on the Red Sox this year. He did a nominal it was great to see into the. It. Bridget ten and with what equipment to close down this belt I think there are much entertainment these guys this the way they're capable of. Then where that would -- -- -- debacle on the mound so I'm really excited to see those guys continue. So hold on let's let's deal with that in a second so what's your. Look into your crystal ball Joseph how do you handle this going forward clearly -- Rosa gets another start what do feet all things being equal he -- five and two -- six and a third. Gives up one run you know keeps him in the game more of those better what I mean. Of course it is a -- what you're gonna do you're the manager your bench during an argument handled this. You can't connect -- -- very -- they are your rotation than what it comes with work meant that. Don't block is -- -- these -- good -- -- -- -- good torture in the bullpen use to -- out of the bullpen. I in the postseason last year he backed up there have been saying that for a long time I'd like to see -- -- there. To adjusting or cutting and a guy like two bronze handles that a regular season. -- thrown into the bullpen this I don't -- I mean they haven't done it so it -- brought to me is enormously disappointing because. If you go back to spring training in read all that was written about him. He'd. Won. This. Beaten weight loss thing and he was somewhere in the Tampa Bay Area that. And in he he -- eating better use working now warrior looked to be in slightly better shape it wasn't like he came in the in the office. And I I think we all believe he has talent. But yes me and harness that talent and beat the pitcher they thought it could be I actually got one point I saw him pitch for Portland. He was in Manchester brought yet when he was an easterly and I saw on pitched 34 years ago. And it. Might that take away -- mile -- the sky is gonna win twenty games someday when you know it's double play hard to say. Like you sometimes you see a guy and that's why people still what do you think this guy and act like he's got -- -- -- -- play and know he's coming up big least the star is he gonna get a start at third base today that a don't all know it's not -- so I know he's up he's on the Major League roster right now. If people keep saying what do you think it to -- I see him and I I remember. And I'm disappointed in myself. Our number I saw a lot of Papelbon Lester in print or -- when they were in the minors. I haven't seen this -- yet because the Bruins went late and so forth and so on so it's it's it's on me to go to these guys. But to brought again to backtrack you brought ice on the minds of thought he was going to be pretty good pitcher. I'm Joseph before we wanna Stephen Drew and you wanna talk about him like I will quibble with -- one comment you made it. While it was fun to watch red ruby dealer rose from his unexpected to me that was not the best pitched game by the Red Sox this year Jon Lester went eight innings and had a one -- -- -- you said that the game where John Lackey had no walks and rose twelve strikeouts so I'm just quipped yeah -- appoint a little bit there at some better. Look at that second basket on the watch good this week and I hope he continues that. I would regard -- Stephen Drew -- -- bear interest in peace and WEEI dot com this week about how in game 60 World Series before that game. She even drew one -- got contacts a year ago I think to Florida game with a home run. I'm wondering if that's gonna make a big difference you look at that -- -- Stephen -- -- Before he came about simply was an exciting player I'm hoping I'm going to be the eternal optimist here about that may be. Get a little bit of that guy back in season here and -- since. Still coming back for what I think was a wrist injury. -- to undertake a little bit longer to come back and that's. They -- get a -- that is a little bit better than you are remember he had a big old 94 in the post season so I'm excited to get him back. I think we're gonna see this team come together exciting and boys have been fun to watch baseball again. Thanks Joe Buck last Sunday we were here. And I told you that we regret -- I -- let me let's let's look at the next sounded pretend we -- get this call this team's really coming together. Which are these anyway we were gonna get back a week later is about fifteen things that happens is by Sunday could not it predicted could not have predicted that. We got to find a place -- call. This one. Connecticut and -- Della Rosa would come out and have that star break up the red side is one how about. Could you predicted that -- ball that's what you agree with the level of shortstop he's played since he got the news had been pretty pretty spectacular. Well the level offense has been pretty spectacular I'm just -- defense I Aggies played OK -- I think he made three. He's playing fine but I I'm sticking to my story. I hate it it's so funny when the -- -- don't make a move. And they continue to lose it's because they set me hands. When they do make a move and things go well -- spite of that. They panicked and in that spirit people saying they panicked by signing Stephen Drew and good move. And because. I -- Stephen Drew was the phenomenal presence on this team last year he seems for some reason meal lightning -- a lot of Red Sox fan. Part of it made the that. He's GD -- Jews brother part of it may be that Bogut dissolved when Cheney we wanna -- -- he's our guy now he came to our farm system. Drew is just another guy from another team they -- and but I happen I think I'm of the opinion in his lot to wiggle room here this is an absolute. You wanna gives a coliseum on bingo. I happen to think they are a better team. -- which shortstop in the -- -- dart I would agree with that I'm just saying what it's been an eye opener for me absolutely yeah that Bogart's has played his best level of defensive shortstop since he got the news. That he's not going to be the shortstop and -- -- I don't I'm more impressed with the ways. Ramp up is -- that's. It and you said I don't sit on the Iraq but he has become colonies and he's really showing it out there I'd give you all of that. At the end of the day though I still think he's going to be a -- -- and it happens to be that pitchers like to have drew which shortstop. So I think they were better team withdrew its shortstop and -- that I would agree with -- go to -- indictment all your bark and march. A little ill or you guys good. Well at certain column I've got a problem with David Ortiz are fluctuations that probably wouldn't be three World Series about the guy. He's a tremendous -- -- no question. What if you look at this current statistics over the years I think the Yankees have hit him maybe once or twice in the last three or four years. There's a guy who can't be. I don't understand -- The fact is that. Great short there's always been thrown and dust and what this guy as soon as the ball comes close it can't happen again. That that's like first point arc on Ortiz agree on its own -- -- A certain point in terms of the Red Sox they can't have a -- Are the true sign and you might call that gimmicks aren't. But the fact is that the Red Sox are high market need and commercially. Capital those reached and the sooners are going -- slight. Victory panic because -- -- regardless well. Okay now that we all know that's been that's been -- stated so why don't we just by that point -- that's fairly obvious. And go back to you which he's gone. To keep -- go to one war more and although -- starts again or Oprah and happy and I am sure going to you -- -- on today. Where troll but what's going on right now which is still leader and -- field you can go to 458590. In battlefield we're gonna do anything that should actually -- All right I don't necessary group life partner I don't think you need. You need rules as to which position -- to resume produce quick results so a marketing it to mean that the cardinals -- World Series with. Vince Coleman and Willie McGee in those guys in and got a hundred RBIs in his second baseman. So. Nine they. That a second baseman had a hundred -- Connecticut and anyway. But in the break into -- I don't they have like like the Orioles all the cardinals they have like three populace to elect 5945. Pounds and a second baseman drove an under -- to welcome him in his second -- But to his first point. Listen we all appreciate David Ortiz what he's brought to the organization use our -- That and the caller is correct when he says. That they probably would have won three World Series championships were it not for David Ortiz. David Ortiz that was single handedly beat the Yankees. Post you know beginning with the late stages of the game war. Of the LCS and 2004. It is one of the great clutch shooters we've seen -- forty years I understand all that. That doesn't mitigate the fact that he -- never taken a called strike in his life. Without -- performing. A big drama big opera are at home plate and you cannot hit David Ortiz without him getting all upset. That's part of the package so. It if you got -- if you going to applaud David Ortiz all the great things he's done and I always go back to that. That Saturday afternoon game against Kansas City last year in the aftermath of the marathon bombings when he said the story NC. It was one of the great moments Red Sox history and I still any notes and stop the -- him all the humanity of the messages sent the kids gimme a break with that. A but that was precisely in accurately. Portraying the way we collectively felt at that time we weren't all pissed off as a community in -- she spoke for us and will always be appreciative of that now. That doesn't mitigate the fact that he is a big crybaby always will be -- always has -- that's -- -- and that's not a criticism that's just the way it is so if you wanted to put on your Red Sox shirt to say all things -- you entities -- great guy and all of that fine. But there is the flip side of the coin. In a given -- output side. With David Price said about how the -- he's not being in the game that in and of itself is not inaccurate. Steve Buckley butch aren't sports Sunday -- live at Fenway Park 135 today Lester and Erik Bedard Sox go for seven in a row we're at -- talking about a -- 617779. 7937. Our number two -- Sunday after this.

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