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Rubby De La Rosa postgame with Joe & Dave

May 31, 2014|

Joe & Dave talked to Rubby De La Rosa after his excellent 2014 Sox debut.

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-- congratulations. Dallas what's going through your mind would be thinking -- it is great performance. Thinking it was too late in spring training work and when could do -- hokey. And afflicted with a -- well. Prove -- we love the fastball. 9899. Miles an hour but the changeup. Is such a great pitch for you is it true that Pedro Martinez the great Pedro Martinez is the man who taught -- a changeup. Does he told that -- -- we have that goes so we can and you it'd be so Renault is mostly composed finish. So we never get tired to do it for him to people who consecrate it was it hard to learn. Yeah on the for -- -- hard because it's a Christian doesn't sweep of the Cardinals both improved Arsenal and went to go to it too hard. Watching you pitch -- rubio looks like you like to work quickly you don't waste any time out there is is that the way you always work youth. He pretty much get it and throw it you don't waste any time there. No I'd like you know like it was -- looking -- singles thinking that you can think about it went through for them. And so the sliver of -- really -- -- -- -- -- -- have -- it was that light didn't do regularly. Thought the soul until. You know John Farrell told us there would be before it became the most important that we you would -- be. Worked the count and stay ahead of the hitters. And you really were very good to get the first pitch over. Is that sense is that you keep playing when you start it doesn't make him violent. Thinking -- repeat but it obviously keeping everything is like. What I what I live look at that is Bledsoe -- stuff -- 21 of those things. The finally reveal what wasn't what's it like being on the mound here it did Fenway Park. Packed house national television you didn't look like you were the least bit nervous being out there tonight and know that you're here last year. For eleven relief appearances but tonight you're the man you were starting -- what was that like. Alleges Duffy did. Assists tonight if only you know for those rare opportunity for little of it difficult to vote for everything. So but things got you know when and people to. A great great great job tonight it was a lot of fun watching you pitch -- thinking you may get a call from your friend Pedro -- hanging. Right thanks -- okay thank you. Graduation derby Della Rosa -- this first win as a member of the Red Sox.

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