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To Drew or not to Drew

May 31, 2014|

Danny Picard and Rob Bradford debate bringing Drew in now that Xandar Bogaerts and Brock Holt are playing so well.

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Fault lines give me a -- 61777979837. But first right now all I bring in rob Bradford. Who joins me on the show WEEI dot com is rob Bradford rob afternoon I don't today. You know every party candidate Kevin Love you always turn to me -- get our country. Well he you know he did reject our initial. On -- on and so that's why I sent you attacked -- I guess we'll go with the Red Sox from they don't fight a fight last night at Fenway more potential fights tonight. I'm -- first things first do you think. And I think there will be in effect if I put my money on this I want my money on both teams being warned before tonight's game do you think. They're gonna warn both teams before tonight and. Do and into the war -- used before last I can't do I think Al that -- -- a no brainer and by not warning them. That's what led to do basically you have a guy getting hit the first candidate event. The rest of the coaching staff for the other team -- court -- by one by one it's been how baseball works. Buy it would have been history that they've had Williamson -- they had on Sunday. I -- I would see no problem with the warning before the game last night and I certainly they've got good appetite. But it's funny because as we find out I mean price shouldn't Ortiz had really nothing to do with -- Sunday or at least that's what it's saying even Joseph Maddon said it. It has all to do with with price being unhappy with David Ortiz and a home run in last year's -- asked. Are you by and that. What do you think that what happened Sunday also affected until last night. I don't buy that price hit Ortiz because so price is feeling toward murky and as you heard the sound any direct it -- in this basically or keep saying. That after all the incident last year -- playoffs where price went up from social media I don't mean to cool itself. -- Ortiz had a conversation with about a couple conversations with a -- -- he had left it where you know -- you understand -- -- -- coming from and we -- Come to peace could and everything dog and then he comes back and ultimately -- the intent of the perfect oh yeah executed. Perfectly executed -- and that was that was if you wanna drop out of it someone that was it. But I don't outed or indicated that price cut agenda. By you have to also -- with all that history with everything that happened before. You little thing including -- -- carpenter actually you're not. There's no lead to the -- -- get all riled up. I think that I don't think this is all around I really don't and I think the people who think it's all of -- maybe. I mean are not limited and in real life situation because the Red Sox are clearly still fired up as we just talked about David Ortiz his comments. And a -- David Ortiz I sort of want somebody to get my back I know it threw behind Longoria last night. Here's the deal -- -- -- yet to pick his spots -- a place at the Red Sox picked a spot good last night. I think they pick a bad spot even if they're not warned before the game rob. I do not think they should ask ruby belarus' it to do which advocates would that would be a bad idea to put him in that spot. Yeah I agree I think I owe that to be awesome view -- -- we -- today it will probably tomorrow. Really. He'd be yeah I think it's Indy Al the Google already W happen there was in the course of probably this year between the teams currently. We we we that wouldn't Kotnik improve about it -- a little guide to what we gotta -- recently uncle bill Christian are trying to shield. And go double wide that it can it -- me is that I still. By the way this to spend the absolute -- robbery. It all these big rivalry at all these produce rivalry of this child and everything else well there it is live and hatred. And it has been going all the for a Portland decades it is possible. So like coming back to what -- apple over the next couple days. I don't think anything can happen just because I -- think that people people or and I agree with you in the red -- priority. Have to be to get -- dollar us and it could well not get caught up and everything else. And and the way it that way about how they should be on the publisher approached and asked. -- would rob Bradford WEEI dot com we're talking about fight night at Fenway last night. Rob we disagree you'd think that that nothing will happen these next two games I seem to think something will open at least we agree that that throughout this entire season this staying. Is not all the even if not it does happen in the last two games. I'll get into the Red Sox side of it I -- John Farrell is not happy that they have 404 guys rejected -- didn't -- him himself to coaches and his pitcher. And no raise rejected David Price should have been rejected when he hit cop should he not. Yeah I think so and I understand the ruling out a wee bit -- -- -- discretion that the intentional or not. By if you look at that pitch it out there and and okay whether it's intentional or not. You already having an early in the -- majority had been spent last week. Go something like that this what's it like being the basic almost got hit by the godspeed. It's getting knocked -- -- the elbow pad this Mugabe and I don't think he was probably intentional. But I didn't realize it absolutely make a difference is that you have to try to. It to the letter of the law and you have to get a get a feeling for what's going on and so I do think. The other part about it nearly -- the public umpiring crew we had three rookies it was three rookies on the umpiring crew that a lot to be thrown at them. So I don't open a veteran crew would have had a different motivation different decision but personally I do you probably think he should have been brought out. -- -- the second one when he -- -- and even though I don't think that was intentional I think that with the judgment call if you're the arms you have to ask yourself. All right maybe -- maybe into a purpose but we have to think about the retaliation fact it hasn't come yet. Do we minimize the retaliation by throwing him on I think that needs to be -- the judgment call. No I agree I agree I -- that yeah yeah the factor everything and I don't think they did. And and the umpires. These. Jeff Kellogg said we can't weigh and how optimistic feeling her phrasing but that's -- Oh yeah you do you have to weigh everything about it who worked with pro PI anyone Gloria on on on a night were restarted uranium was getting really slippery. You have at -- clearly you throw that part aren't you probably not used to broaden at a batter upright -- -- different price stability exactly how to do need to perfectly. Why did you get a -- -- go high do you agree would be paid out an eight bit patient who made -- all the academic didn't. Do you think the reds would that work -- pitch that was thrown pop behind Longoria. Do you think to -- that clubhouse the Red Sox say yeah we retaliated with -- good you don't you don't think they believe that right you think they still think somebody needs to get -- Yeah welcome back to the problem is is that is they also know they have to -- they also another priority after being getting beat your as a pro game. And if they're gonna warranties before they you have to be wary of that there's going to be other games they play each other again. And -- -- -- said during the game I thought the -- -- blast edged. Boy is gonna hit -- Tampa Bay uniform and not agent -- club I would have fright night if they didn't get any deeper into cold but what kind of that -- point wise to doubt what the time to do it. There was no problem getting -- on the game and doing it by executing it that way. This time around maybe not so but there's going to be plenty of other times we found out throughout this rivalry execute what you wanna act Q. Speak with rob Bradford WEEI. Dot com rob -- -- outside of the rain for a minute outside of the squared circle. And taken the gloves off what's you know exam about -- is on a tea and now Stephen jurors didn't close it to you to return. First ask -- this what this -- Steve injury situation and and the way Bogut has been -- I understand and -- taken ball got. Out of the lineup did -- move -- from short to third which I still think is a big move. If you if you're the organization the Red Sox organization and you still believe that Pope -- your long term shortstop do you think they actually still believe that even though they tell us that. I do I do what step Moreira steps opera and and let's set the world on fire over the next year and a half. Because look we have to be realistic drew here four this year and that's. And also didn't even look at how Bogart is blank playing shortstop. At least simply trying to grow and it's like a different person he's been really really good. And he beat -- we -- -- that you -- -- spring training I saw a lot of games this spring training I thought you guys make a lot of plays and then you get to this season and whether it was because of injuries were there was because of the cold weather or because of merit. He was not making those same players -- now he's making them so I do agree with that I didn't think that he could you won't practice short. -- got to drill site politically and in Iraq I thought that was an upgrade -- get back copilot because goal streak or winning streak a lot of -- -- And I do group into law at all you would take it Stephen Drew all were brought cold and there's nothing wrong to me. -- moving Bogart's over a third keeping guys that lineup. You did what we're seeing here Bogart I think we should take step back and understand there's a lot of bad quirky performances we've seen -- a lot launch. And actually before. Exactly which is why I don't wanna see you move from short and that's. Why you carries -- -- -- -- a lot of good book that I didn't eat that he's still in the a lot of energy. Stephen Drew and it's still right now better defense insurance company didn't Bogart. I have a very hard time believing due to -- Bogart -- stopped it and if you move over to third base. I know he's not gonna stop Peyton but I did is I like seeing rob I committed to the kids. Well the Red Sox committed to the kids at their position I committed to the kids at their petitions and oh gods I committed damage shortstop. And I wanna see him I would keep them ever -- I don't think it's steep even though. Rob maybe you -- you in studio blasted during the playoffs and you know all that I have Stephen Drew back last year. I had a back I want to keep -- -- as bad as the lap was offensively I said his defense is going up the middle got to keep him in the game where everybody and their mother was call and wanna -- got to play short so I consider myself as Stephen Drew garbage that's said. I don't think that he's he's good enough to common err make that much of a difference where you need to make the move the ball got to move -- -- Yeah it is but this or the course for the rest of the year who do you think will be better a better Major League player and better for this team. -- -- or even girl. Stephen Drew I there's no question. Going into the question and answered. The question is answered this if I understand that you -- -- -- didn't Bogart and they have big guys -- You might keep -- into consideration for the best player on the team that is perfectly fine but did I I would get -- also ask you this bit. Have I given up all will Mel -- the -- now. I don't think if you think -- true to notch up defense believing in Bogart. Of course he has other I think it I don't necessarily thinking of right knowledge may. I'm thinking long term it would send a ball got to I thought long term began the season. If you don't know it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So what might actually. You mentioned that I haven't given up well Mel Brooks now when he gets LP I still wanna see him in the lineup every day at third base. So -- teach you. I would say that David I would say this is I I I agree you can't you'll cool little board but you also have to have -- -- you -- get it right handed pitching. And if you import it incorporate him against you why in why -- prepare like drew clear that's fine. By at all or even -- let his rehab assignment -- that you can get right handed pitching and then eat your way back into it didn't make the decision but that's partly been for awhile and that's -- -- be amount. Do you think the team has given up a will little Brooks. I don't think so because they'll come back to what did you I would I would that type of potential even though the bumps in the road -- That you just don't give up a lot of discretion what you by giving up on what you do you know -- Serbian doctors say he'll either. These are you can't trade right now because the trade value of what much lower than it's ever -- So where the potential weak side Uga 32 are I'm not to nine games heading into this year with that kind of potential you don't get on that and -- Yeah we've seen his organization. Is as patient patient patient. Another example that rival Broadway every rival hardware extol the organization it would appear invitational and that's how they work. I'd speak with rob Bradford WEEI dot com rob give -- side Yemen any injury update on Dustin Pedroia. Last thought he left the game in the tenth Denny what are we looking out with ten. Are -- it's it's a good question at the end and the thing I noticed perilous downplaying its -- confusion or we know in the medical circle great Bruce. -- side. We're Dustin Pedroia to come out of the game -- inning tie game against him by and that sort of sad thing. Dumping much -- -- and wisdom when it streets at -- end in the reds and yeah yeah corporate -- -- between computers continued into the lineup today they're great actually wrong. By if you factor everything into it and went endorsement of what you believe in game. You know you goodnight Chet hey I don't feel quite right usually Powell I think it is. Oh wait I thought today year old daughter live you'll note about 45 minutes or so. Hi wolf they need your manager at the -- Jackson's tonight the some more Jackson's will you -- be ready for that route. I'll put it to -- couldn't do it Ian Brown jumping up and eat a lot of people keep fresh tropical Little League teams to victories so you want to man at all. And I I. Is he is Ian Browne a small bald guy does he play the small ball this Little League team. What type of managers say we need to know this got a report -- Yeah I think you go I would Greg Goldman stylist I don't know what it but it these look a little bit -- I didn't wish. It would be much different harper didn't scooters without the alcoholism. At -- tell the boys in the press box I said what's up thanks a lot great job is always talk decent. Yeah all right rob Bradford WEEI dot com.

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