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May 31, 2014|

John Rooke and Scott Cordischi take your calls and breakdown the rivalry between the Sox and Rays which came to a head last night with 4 Red Sox ejections vs the Rays who had none.

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Local sports show on sports Radio One 037. -- -- Rocket and Scott scored regime. Good morning everybody and welcome to go local sports show on Sports Radio WB ER 1037 -- mammoth. He's John -- -- Scott British -- -- sports editors for global -- dot com we're glad to have you with us on this Saturday morning. Do nothing happened up but then -- -- know about it now than -- at all not. Not that just a typical day at the ball yard you know not much you know and. -- involved. The people you know I mean that there ripped seats in the stands real rain in the in the in this guy's. No fireworks at all I'm going to be honest with the count I kind of like this of become a little bit bored. But the disenchanted with -- Major League Baseball and the Boston Red Sox had talked about that this got my juices flowing that -- I was I was kind of happy to see. -- I was wondering what would happen if there'd be any residual carry over from what happened down in Tampa right. And clearly there was -- mean David Price and David Ortiz. Right off the bat. And you know it's game on. For at from a Red Sox perspective I'm happy they won the game first and foremost. But I am not happy with how everything else played out because this clearly was not -- and I -- -- got the better of the hit batsmen and the lack of rejections where the Red Sox got screwed on every. Yeah that's that's what I think most people are probably gonna have a hard time understanding and just kind of recap in case you missed the gamer. -- closely -- in the game as is I did I have to admit that whole moment and see the end of last night. You know what happened was -- In the Red Sox got engaged in little low. -- -- was beatable for lack of better phrase or four hit batsman. There were. Four injections. All of the more Red Sox notes Tampa Bay Rays players or coaches rejected which -- that most people gonna have a hard time with today considering. -- And then David Ortiz his comments after the game last night were kind of striking because he said your call course last fall when the Sox in the rays were in the play offs. That you know David Price took offense with a lot of the things that the Red Sox were doing and griped about it may -- wind even a little bit about it after the Red Sox beat them in the playoffs. And Ortiz. Related a story last night that he and price had the talk about it in the off season by phone. And basically says you know buried the hatchet so to speak you know that he said price admitted he was wrongly decided to move on in the first time. And faces him. First time that he faces in this season. He gets hit by price and so he says it's it's a war nicest next time I face -- the gloves are on he'd better be ready. And I understand them I don't know these next -- net charge the mound Norton I think prices opened up. To actually throw at him again what it tells me I would the past as well here's here's what it tells me number one of David Price is a bit of a punk. Right he's just he's a bit of -- number true. That the rays feel like now they can get away with things or as the Red Sox being the marked team being the defending series champion if you will. They're the ones that are buddies look and ends of the Red Sox are going to be sent out were unfairly being blamed. As the the rays are gonna -- try to tweak their nose at the Red Sox every opportunity they kept you noticed that last night if you watch the game Joel -- in the come out of the dugout. Did come out of the -- no. What was going on this was orchestrated in my opinion no it was orchestrated by the -- -- bay -- pick. The skin to get under the fingernails of the Boston Red Sox and you know what I think it works now the Red Sox are lucky. That they won the game they did win the game. Are they get a big hit in the tenth inning presents key who'll -- and is hitting the ball and he looked like one of the biggest freeagent blessed that come along the IQ long time. Before this you know as the season got under way. Now he's certainly hit a little bit and so we got to give him credit credit is due so that's how the Red Sox won the game and they were able to stay in the game with pitching about Brandon Workman. Obviously scuffled a little bit. But he's certainly pitched well enough. Two to keep his team in the ball game no question and of course he's sales one behind the head of the matter. Third baseman Longoria thank you -- Longoria. And he immediately gets tossed brand voter who gets tossed so I mean you have three managers and a player who can -- nobody on Tampa side. Got lost. I admit I'm I'm in -- -- people from Boston I'm ready for I'm ready to watch tonight's game yeah hasn't read it like it it's bringing me to the table I agree otherwise I would not I totally agree so what we've got here now is something that you talk about for the last couple weeks here on this program. You know how action on just not into it that in maybe it's the World Series -- maybe it's the overall performance of the teen. Now I'm coming into this now I feel a little later. You've got some drama you've got some drama story line got that story lines to follow you've got a rivalry you let's be honest here this is now a rivalry Red Sox rays is he rivalry the race have been good for the better part of in almost the last decade now. And so -- jet despite the fact that they get no support down in Tampa from the fan base. They are legitimate team here is a rivalry between Tampa in Boston it's not just Red Sox yankees anymore. Red Sox rays is a rivalry and I love these juicy story lines that are now being attached to this but the problem out last night John is okay. We don't know what happened in the series finale down in Tampa campus deals Escobar steers steals third base with a five run lead in the eight inning. And and that kind of pissed off the Red Sox will now you know -- -- in my opinion obviously as the Red Sox fan I'll say shame on the Red Sox first of all. A five run lead is not a huge lead in any can be overcome. In the Red -- you know that because they overcame a five run deficit to beat the Braves -- Atlanta right after the Tampa Bay. In Tampa Bay is a band box at the stadium where you can make up a five run deficit. With that said. Com you know that whole ordeal Escobar pointing toward the Red Sox dugout and -- coming in Shelvin in the benches cleared. So it made me wonder going in the last okay. What's gonna happen tonight is -- going to be any carry over to meet the Smart thing to do. From the umpiring crew standpoint would be to go to both teams before the game and say. Usual warnings right now. OK when I know that crap if you think it's gonna be carrier from the other night. If either pitcher throws at the other team what we deem to be intentionally. Your route. The problem is that warning was not given. Until after price it David Ortiz so the Red Sox ran out a situation where could not be united for and I -- exacted revenge. And there were no repercussions in fact it even worse John targets on outs and he -- that was clearly intentional you know I know we all -- And they didn't awesome and so I understand barrel. I would be just to fire him has yet that was clearly to you can't tell the laws. There was no question that was intentional he should have been tossed right here they should have been one so dollars and ball which is you'll want. Now the Red Sox are handcuffed were we can't do anything they can't throw because now. He's getting tossed if he does. To make matters worse price comes inside a car a few wings later. And hits him up high. And naturally the bench is clear the umpires don't -- though that that one wasn't and yet you know and it's funny so so to be honest with -- I question that one myself I had doubts in my mind as to whether or not that one was truly intentional or not okay. So I'll give the umpire to defend -- out there -- I however I agree with however -- John. Given what authority happened in the first inning and he gave them a pass on one of the intentional ones given the volatility of the situation. I think at Byron apart with tossed it right and in the NC you know what you had a chance in the first inning that may have an intentional but the one on the first wasn't. You're gone yeah they should have done that but the OK -- and -- and it's got to let the sharks coach gets kicked -- lack of leadership and lack of control by the umpiring crew now that should have been overcome by the umpire -- they didn't do now here's what I don't understand now Brandon -- I thought it pretty well last figure in five and a third Q4 hits two runs pull the camera there weren't just like to an integrator. Here's here's what I would do farm manager in a situation like this where -- warnings have been issued. And you know with your guy hits someone and it's deemed intentional he's out okay yeah here's what I would do I would tell my starting pitcher. Usually the going rate for starting pitchers about 110 pitches maybe roughly okay. So I would tell my pitcher before it goes out on the if you get ninety pitches going into the sixth inning at Saint -- and probably your last inning. So you have my permission get a couple outs here. And then you know that third guy when your -- 170 pages let it between the numbers and hit him hard that's what I would do it's gonna opt out anyway. Excellent it is it's relievers do that goes into the game after that OK -- get when he pitches you've got thirty pitches when he brought one here at around thirty. The bases are loaded and not give them a good situation. Just want -- because you're coming out anyway I'm -- make -- change you know or you know you're elected specialists. After this guy is a right handers here coming out if I had to start up around is your whole. What do that as a manager you know I mean. That's not I would handle it. Here's the question now that I have clearly there's there's now you know -- acrimony what are you wanna call between these two sites. In your estimation Scott knowing the appetite for baseball and for rivalries. In this particular area in which we live. Of the race to plan and the Yankees in terms of rivalry you know mess in flash that hole and and they had a fans text in last night during the game and and the rays got quite good support you know it's funny that no question you know but but you know I take those polls with a grain of salt because every time they run one of those polls. Naturally. It is time release so whatever is happening in that moment is included in the poll of course and actually people gonna vote in the moment people in the mall and the that's how we react. We react to the moment so. Tampa Bay I still on the Red Sox rays is as big rivalries Red Sox yankees know but clearly it is a rival because it doesn't have the history. The -- and -- his history obviously at all that goes back and all that question and I hate Yankee Boston new York and alcohol that yeah yeah the -- RG -- goes way beyond just baseball it's obviously as you said Boston New York. However I will say this for Tampa. This is a team. They clearly knows how to get under your skin this is a team and organization. That looks to the Red Sox. For whatever reason and says okay that's who we have to beat you know it's funny it was either on Twitter or FaceBook last night one of my. Friends on one of those two social media web sites. Weeded out after this or put on FaceBook. The rays are the Canadians and I agree with that I think I think there's a certain. Again well well I I don't wanna say that their rivalry in the Yankees. But they know -- irritate agitate it under the skin of the Boston Red Sox like the Canadians due to the pro. No question that's one question and I would have this morning how do you look at the rays. As a challenger as a rival. At least a plan anybody in your in your eyes and in your thought process are they a lot like as Scott mentioned even though the Canadians to the to the Bruins I mean it's you know. It's it's we're talking about are they like the lakers to the Celtics are they like the jets to the patriots I mean look at all these rivalries between our major franchises are big time teams. In New England 13 of the Tampa Bay Rays stand in the -- on a rivalry. Almost doing -- sport stinks. I think it's it's it's worked and as you said we do live in the moment -- and kind of seized on that last that would when the groupings -- in this and do -- while. Is that don't normally they're not normal that oppression in elements that they don't normally pick up on the I am very disappointed and in a lot of lessons and I'm very disappointed -- Dell is leaving us and just said today that that's an that's an old hired -- You know she's she's decided to sell her lot with will middle he's gone yeah -- -- Portugal and I know I have no idea I've knowing news. Months got it over. There will be another one come along. 4017371287. Nancy get all of us -- -- the local sports 7371287. Text line is 37937. That -- text this morning 37937. Also you can send this email go local. WEEI dot com he reaches via Twitter he is at Scott equity issue and I am -- GR broadcaster. You have and bought one way or the other on the Sox and rays in the burgeoning rivalry that is certainly -- down the pike between. The two teams. Com -- give him by the way yeah I can't tell you how much when Ortiz hit that RBI single in the fifth inning that scored Bogart's. You don't know how badly I wanted to Ortiz homer and views and they are in the box like standards and stand off I had not even get out of the -- it right just stand here and stay here and then when he didn't do it yet there the RBIs hit it to to left field house hoping that Gomes -- beat again I'd do it to unfortunately that happy in the former -- -- price and I've got to ask. I an ordinary well. That happens sold that I wanted Ortiz to hit the homer off of price while he was on the mound exactly yes -- in the box India expand via. Off as you know that would impede the -- oh my god it would have been great life that's important so tonight. I'm gonna -- before we move on them one ruby -- Rosa gets his start tonight you know outlook from -- -- and you know he's getting the start to support is speaking to -- all yes it is sacrificial lamb tonight. The -- does he get ordered to. Send a message tossed that lesson well no and tell you why a their thing in the rotation because of in the injury to. What's his name in and colts also been on the DL. -- And then and also you don't wanna taxable -- like now by telling you started to go on right away I do the same thing with -- listen. -- -- -- To tail off -- bring this up for the game does not want his mind getting. Wrapped up all the stuff I want to follow it and I want you focused on getting guys out yet but what I do you do is is if if he's on a hundred pitch limit and all of a sudden he's at an idea my -- -- -- to -- the next inning -- elected. With this guy. You know what pro with this guy that's what I. Or -- Realizes he if he throws not only is he didn't cost for those with him again. Yeah that's a well you think there's warnings will be issued before the game and all of us have been yet yet they have to be patient before. The demo or last night Red Sox got -- -- last night that's where the Red Sox got hammered -- -- and fortunately for them they re able to overcome that and course the result of this now. Is after losing -- -- won by a -- now if there are no warnings issued tonight. Absolutely. Telling go ahead throw it right at first batter. Sent him a message. You know if there are no -- -- -- wanna be the first ones tonight via -- wanna be the aggressor to yeah I think that's would you look for and until that's months and if there is no warning issued before the game it will and the umpire -- just completely stupid. Just absolutely stupid they should all be fired. Because -- you're talking about it before the game starts you're telling me that they don't know us. That's ridiculous. Totally ridiculous are your thoughts on the Sox in the -- 7371287. Coming up. Football practice -- this week. This is the that the great exercise you're up there right in somewhat so is kind of -- I -- Wanna I wanna get a chance he Darrelle Revis you know now I I I stayed back because I kind of wanted to see it from afar in NC what the reaction is like. OTJ's the whole organized team activities that I'm sorry that's right you -- in Key Biscayne this week. Yeah sure the next I'm front right on FaceBook every day this is a picture from my hotel room. Nice. Asked some money after. So as the sovereign it's not going to be me. I was working -- -- -- I'm sure you are working working as hard or hardly working not working hard I was doing exactly what was asked him. To whether it is what -- I've. They're having trouble and -- -- I don't know how to describe this -- obvious -- well lights at doing that it actually set had a very very nice dinner conversation. With the president University of Memphis real yes. All I mean almost all evening Thursday night and what do delightful gentleman com. -- in news ease of former football player he did his master's work at the university of taxes mean it would which owns everything and -- I know I love the guy. Before on the it's great conversation with a now right now however is to get an -- magical -- I don't I don't think I will call myself. Harmony did the dumping had a nasty average election as the -- You know me I want you to do that stupid -- -- thing did you not update now I didn't do that I say that testimonials it was a -- -- OK you know. The president and SMU doctor Gerald turner. Who actually game one of the speech that was for those that don't know I was attending the latter part of the American public conference meetings in in Key Biscayne and doctor Gerald turner SMU kind of welcomed the crowd. And doctor turner did his masters were also at the received Texas -- a wonderful of these great minds in our country all have roots unbelievable in Austin, Texas. Incredible I gave him I gave him though that the pony your thing -- the -- No it would not. Although I did tell doctor Dodd who is the president Memphis. I did tell him that I was a longhorn band he was very impressed by that really yes it was very. Yes -- instrument you play and as a matter of fact he did did you tell me put the -- Noah did not play the -- all the all the good looking girls were -- section I want to moment. So really we are very friendly with a -- sector everybody. Yeah absolutely. What was doing this is all you know I was I was definitely what we were called forward thinker. I can agree to open a -- -- I can't I I I can't do it. Early OTA he's. Lucky news -- I. Field CB. The attraction. I mean because. I just in general a little bit about this week in the province. On for those that don't know I'm actually also started new venture this week latency it. Now but animals solo going to be featured columnist for patriots -- and ice thank you regret very much and almost that much. And that's one of the things that I'm writing about this week is the fact that it routier's you know people orphans go nuts. All wrote the -- and and finally one. There's really nothing football wise of any significant note that's the one on the only reason we do not is because then we are the problem here the media goes nuts over -- with the first talked to Tom Brady or. In this instance that we will be the first talked to the real Revis you know -- come on. You -- Two practices a week over the course the next 45 weeks and they have a three day mini camp toward the end of June and then they've got. A month off basically a dead period there's nothing going on before training camp starts Angela. At least get the training camp before we get all the public while with the on this one I'd like to argue with you but I don't have any interest -- there's this is it ridiculous to think. There's nothing of football nature of any kind of significant note. -- -- the Dallas Cowboys complete and total volts that they aren't as my team you know on grew up right. Sean Lee and -- attitude should be taken -- football no god no -- Though European -- I'm no I'm not OK okay. Totally distant point -- but Tony Tony blame it on Romo you know that's -- that's what I called in today and it's -- -- -- -- all -- in the big game he's got the horse collar around his. Our -- one of the biggest choke artists should they have drafted a quarterback in not necessarily Jindal I mean you know frankly I think that I thought that they could have taken was that the patriots to. Drop below it and you know they obviously decided in the past -- to the sixteenth. Two. That means only about where he belonged to go beyond its effect you know. All. Allegiances aside to Texas -- the in and in all I thought man was probably late first round pick that somebody would probably select and -- which had me worried because I -- the patriots you know they. They did bring him in for visit although you heard about the scout report a journeyman -- That apparently the patriots you know rode up on and it leaked yes and and distribute in the cold and basically selfish on a little bit of -- You know just to kind of you know. A wild that they did not want the in this organization and -- of that when I saw that leaked and if it was legitimate. I have some doubts as to whether it was I'll be honest with -- I just don't know. The patriots would do quite some it would do that the patriots -- they wanted to strategically do that as you know bill to tweak his nose at. You know establishment -- right to maybe they did that I don't know but I was kind of glad to hear all that nevertheless. But the drop was a guy that they might take maybe in the second round in the -- have them -- it took that. I'm not a huge horrible and never that you and I just that he he's listed as the quarterback comes when the big games he can't do. Well for the record I do nothing -- -- in -- gonna turn out to be good pro X however I will say this if he does turn out to be a superstar in the National Football League. Cowboy fans will be lamenting the years. Not taking him with a sixteenth pick saying hey guys this kid I play for the cowboy hats why now so I'm just that's all -- if it does work out for Jon Heyman Zell. That'll be removed the cowboy fans are bigger issue bigger issue Cleveland now the since Cleveland did you know trade back up to give him up to 22. Is who's going to what Josh Gordon in -- -- that's the big story that really nobody has to he's gonna beat O'Brien or to start the season. Well and that's the other issue is well I mean they've already said the bride wore a lawyer is the starter the expatriate. Backup to Tom Brady and frankly I think that was probably the right thing to do because you know and and that it and they follow his every move like he's a little pied piper something and I'm like. -- can we at least. Let him play. A game in the NFL and mean and even so he he nights thinking that one game can we let him at least go before we camera I mean the fact is is that they put all this unbelievable burden on a young player like that. That's. Completely and totally. On fair to him and I'll take Johnny mental side of that year. To have economic burden placed on yet he keeps going down and doing things. And putting his public persona out there in the -- you know money Robin thing that he does with his fingers you know after a touchdown because -- I mean he kind of brings -- stuff on. He does and that's why I kind of liked the way the browns to handle this from the get go OK when they drafted him. They made it clear they say Bryant warriors are starting quarterback. And they essentially said to him you gotta start acting like a backup quarterback. I think they're trying to deal him as much humble highest possible because they don't want the circus that is. Johnny football. Coming into Cleveland they want something much less than they wanna guy that's just all business focused on football and focused on fighting for the starting quarterback's job. Not a guy that's worried about. Johnny football. And partying and all that other stuff that goes along with -- so why I don't like the way the browns have handled that initially they're trying to knock him down more than a few eggs. See if it works on the work of the work the whole issue over OTAs you know OTAs are really good for one thing it's basically look at guys. You know and watch and go through their paces they're learning the playbook. They're not really instituting anything the rookies are kind of behind the eight ball by basically one and ran out there as it is anyway. There's not a whole lot of evaluation you can you know putting on pads there's no contact at all so you don't really get an idea. Of you know somebody's value to the club overall this -- just forty Tennessee are at this is who we drafted this is that we like and these are the plans would want. For training -- So for people to get hot and bothered over OTA practices. I'm just not by and it -- need. A little down times like -- build my enthusiasm. And my energy for a long and grueling regular season and OTAs is not the time as well it. And here's the other reason why don't get excited about that and as I've said I'm not not that I'm into baseball lock stock and barrel on not although this whole raise Red Sox thing has me intrigue in this gonna make me tune in tonight. But even though the Bruins are done. And even the Celtics did you make the playoffs this year this great time for the NHL and the and the NBA playoffs heat wrapped up their series won the east last night. They are awaiting the winner of tonight's game between San Antonio and Oklahoma City the spurs win that series is over with its San Antonio mine in the NBA finals in Oklahoma City -- -- forcing game seven. And -- really see you don't eat you don't you don't care about that home. You know and they stepped on my guy coming White House have you watching these yes. -- -- -- Sadly this is it is much that I think NBA players have been very good this year the Rangers have been it's all -- got a group that Montreal New York series that was that was awesome and in the Chicago LA series -- -- -- right right I won't last night -- 43 in LA some other -- Back to Chicago. For a game seven and the winner of that series will -- strangers in the Stanley Cup finals. That's another reason why I am paying zero attention to OT right now that this stuff does not the only thing that would interest me like you said he brought about the -- from Dallas. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I have to console -- week on now. Let's just get there's not supposed to -- -- -- -- one other quick thing before we get to the first break here wanted to at least -- and it's not a whole lot that had to talk about unless of course we of those that. Wanna talk about a but it is a local story of note. You know the -- Bulldog baseball team is in the NCAA baseball tournament in the in on the road of the college World Series in Omaha Nebraska aspirin -- asset price softball baseball lacrosse track everything and they've all won championships in the Northeast Conference so there's a there's -- many juggernaut coming out of the athletic department in Smithfield Rhode Island. And Bryant is in the NC double a baseball tournament last year -- recall the beat Arkansas. In the opening round last night they went ten innings with the American conference champ the Houston cougars in lost three to two tough way to lose because they played. Their butts off. They gave up only four hits to the ten innings rob what they had four overs. In the game -- -- -- lost three to two of the play this afternoon in name in in an elimination game causes double elimination. In the regional round of the NCAA tournament. They play in relation game against southeastern Louisiana. Believe -- this afternoon at 4 o'clock 3 o'clock this afternoon so anyway I wanted to make mention of it because we may not get a chance to again. But number one to the ground -- to the -- Brian baseball team that. Clearly has had an unbelievable year. On and is sort of his cap off. Spring -- university that has been remarkable. By any standard I don't care what leave I don't care what division I don't care what classification you're playing in. It's just remarkable. Absolutely remarkable performance all these teams winning league championship from the school no question you know so credit in -- quick ascension to the top. All of their conference and division and I'm not -- He wanted to be good and athletics he can just wanna make the move to division one for the sake he wanted to be good they wanted to be competitive. At the top of whatever conference they were going to be in. And he clearly there is a commitment at that university. Towards athletics and it's -- with the results on the field. -- 17371287. The text -- 37937. The email was a local -- WEEI dot com the Twitter apps concorde issue. -- John brook or actually now let's go at you are broadcast. Okay is that the -- actually use. Some -- select John -- from me so I can't use that anymore. Analyze and then really somebody some of them took it to somebody's somebody's. Masquerading -- not getting the -- this somebody net now I have the I'm sure there's other John -- out. But understand someone took so it should be at not how much is that we're happy to fake or not the thing John wrote. -- like that how much how much is that handle worth the facility Buchanon. Those it's a golf ball it's at JR broadcasters -- that I like the use our -- I'll get back to the telephone calls we've got Sox -- we have football -- a local summits on the table -- local sports a 1037. Escobar's ups and he's looking around why it was -- -- meant to -- definitely he's getting hit with a Red -- not got -- -- why it took the -- somebody's market data. And Paul -- the coach he's holding him back. -- -- -- quite upset with the stock got it now Jonny Gomes comes in Jonny Gomes Bush's Escobar. And bath -- is it snowing. It makes his event he it and there's this from. -- don't get -- though it didn't try. The hit multiple alone cannot guarantee the loan amount. And nervous about the runoff with a 32 win. -- -- to pitch Ortiz inside and of course that was of the too so literally called me and apologize. And because you know I was brought -- -- -- -- myself from everything and the thing was cool so. First or better this season against him Hugh Durham means. The war. And that is all. Hello Big Papi in all of our great to a lot of others has apologized to apologize. Like that appalling idea on a guy -- to decent ethical ones like that and Malia and its home its own TV its own. Now it's on on its -- it's only it's old. 401737. One to wait seven it is own. This morning here on the whole local sports closely involved with -- -- 10 good morning on goal local. Well let me say this is not a rivalry between the bay rays -- out -- had never want any. Yankees used to say about the -- are currently it's not right we've they've never won any. But we are paying more attention and raced -- anyone else on there what's up there the last place T. Let's not forget that John added I don't Joseph -- whatever it is mean distinct impact the game of baseball he walks around is still the -- out this little -- well short. -- -- You'd never won anything and Juliet will be fired. That -- to be right where they always are last place. We are giving them more articulate they deserved did you belittled it a little and you need to. They got nothing to keep called him a rivalry it's given them more credit than what they deserve. Suddenly well I don't like the Arnold you can't I agree with what Matt and Joseph -- -- so smog yeah yeah I I wish what are Red Sox pitcher withdrawal pitch at his face. Thank you a complete game of baseball and the temple on the -- like I. -- his little. What are they won an American League east title and what are they don't and not saying. It doesn't even -- bottom why should wait there -- You know I I agree with just whatever he says but I I do think it's a driver from the standpoint he's right they have won any world championships. But in all -- they have they they've won division titles there's been a perennial playoff team or contender over the last decade so. I do think there's a rivalry your ideal. I think -- just the scene which exist in debt and -- gamble. He created bishops are cheap that everybody all over the place. But that's about it got his -- that it -- be honored today that it -- and I'll be back in the style. Stocking up first round draft first excellent trap that -- -- nobody cares about that aren't aware check out and so we talk about the only public in that. Did it does sound though you have to admit it sounds like. They've made you a little bit animated I've got a panel right. I mean that they -- immediate -- about them honest I don't stolen at a not at a I mean the media that they have. There are a lot there -- a lot placed in the American League. -- not too far out of the heat but we're. Barely there -- event I mean I don't just get it and thanks and congratulations to Brian I mean I have it every single spring -- one that -- these copper and golf tennis across. Baseball softball they want everything in that out I don't know if that's ever been done in any other copper. It doubled. Yeah that's that's pretty impressive which is why we wanted to take the time to at least mention this morning because I I'm I'm. It's kind of flown under the radar a little bit you know we tried to do a little bit -- go local and we've talked about it from time to time and you know course Tim O'Shea the mask what coach is a good friend of both of us got a mine but. Or what they've done -- athletic department in a short amount of time and made all teams. Competitive in their league and division one is is pretty remarkable that's a that's a great group of folks. I -- expect that we ought to stop talking about that -- that's all right we -- You smog that smug look from the dugout really components of the children added for the Red Sox manager you would love shore and the would love him to pay the price -- a Red Sox uniform problem -- -- -- not. So I hate them. My right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Danny grants you have next morning -- your goal. What's going on top. That definitely I always figured out that the -- roll on what I heard that we. They should not have been -- -- drill that -- loud somebody. Had to -- in that position and that is contacted and if that happened in the NFL PA you'll get involved here and there is going to be a grievance and and and and lawsuit quite -- -- that when I heard that story is that only. Dallas I mean only Dallas that it's just it's ridiculous. What the cowboys try to do and what they try to get away with -- and and they just can't get out of their own way because of their absolute utter stupidity. I don't care about ODA that -- while not obviously but I mean. I mean it's not -- to get a little Revis can't dispute looking at the guy in a PPL. I'm I don't try to aren't really -- I'm trying to play it low key here because I understand. Where the excitement will build with him and Browner back there I really understand that I get it but I will be more excited once we actually get to play to training camp. When guys can start hitting NIC Vince Wilfork lining up. On the on the defensive line and all in in in how about you know if you know the the number one draft pick actual lines up at some point in time this season to compliment him and Dominique Easley I mean. Then I'm gonna get excited then I'm gonna get my football -- role and then my football and he's will be in a wide you know what I'm saying. That's just a visual not a Bosnian on Saturday morning expertise and seventh or let's go wrong place guy who always take things the wrong. I am I your cup of baseball I just promised -- your original appeal beyond a lame ass excuses. Well last week Labonte colts. I don't wait did go 193. Break and then he's. I couldn't recover from it and then. He doesn't ever get a completely healthy and then of course the other the mysterious X hyper extended -- opened two weeks. SK I need to go see we'll see like Charlie Brown did you know -- darker than meaning that shrink this there are a lot of what them man between it is a mean. -- was the best pitchers in baseball maybe the best yeah right now you'd go towards. Agree with you he he has among the best golf of any pitcher in baseball but between the years right now. He is a basket case. -- injury and a I don't really yeah like I hate this the excuses at -- -- commodities not the past week -- two I. The it really really is turned me off to him a little bit. And then on the other end to expect from John -- -- to me and you know what I I've gone right you know chicken MBS stuff and everything has some legs but. You know when the Red Sox sign this guy he was already damaged goods I get that point I -- and he got edited out. Per year even before he got the surgery he will -- normal and -- really dedicated east probably their best pitcher right. You know. He's a guy when they signed him out while I thought they overpaid a little form I thought it was a great sign because my opinion of him when he pitched for the angels and -- the Red Sox suffered -- his hands of the post season. I always viewed him as. A guy that didn't necessarily have the stuff of an case but it -- was it solid number two starter and a guy that was just dubbed. Old dog on the mound that would just kind of go out there and grind out good start -- good starts on like it's not a guy I want in my team's rotation. So I was happy with a signing and that's what we're seeing yet or seen the past couple years and a lack yeah I agree with you completely. I think now in retrospect looking back yet that did did -- turn me off like Lester and Buchholz and Beckett and everybody else the beer chicken thing yes. But on the mound the way he's performed I'll give him a pass for his early years in Boston because I do think he was damaged goods until he had that surgery. And now we're seeing in the John Lackey that I thought would see the guy that used to pitch for the angels that's at that he's a Bulldog out here with a stronger ACL and army as -- -- tendon in his elbow right. That these people -- broke our -- that is you know. Well that he'd be an eight. It's got to -- even took on the basis. I hope you pay any attention to that the -- he was normal blood yeah but you don't are also well yeah you elaborate. Bush league -- -- -- and the justice. You know it's funny I'm surprised that we saw last night because this did you read the story SA narrated and espn.com that that Larry Bird told ability to -- -- -- -- you know I think it would see any of that so maybe he just said well Larry told me to stop blowing in his here but I'm gonna do other stuff is clearly last night. You and other stuff. Accurately mimic I would dump a crazy thing. Sick. I remember it and. Thanks to the ocean you know statements of Italy is a free agent so the immediate reaction was you can re sign him and -- obviously it's really tough to. You know to get really any kind of reaction especially the its bank collected it last -- by Miami. I'd be surprised. That if they if they re sign him because number obviously is going to be at the head of the decision making here and heard the little knock it off I mean it's kind of like you know. Are all you're gonna do is just (%expletive) him off and I exactly what I think -- happening they drilled the pace last night even -- it was Indiana that was the top seed in the east are not Miami it's so. You know you realistically expect with a home court advantage. You realistic expert realistic that the -- -- to be there and possibly to have a chance to win this thing right at home and never even got there because they pissed off. Well I know I don't I don't think paid out on the I don't want Silverstein for an entire -- yet out of Miami won the series because Indiana pissed them off I think I'm -- clearly aren't really there letter T yeah but they clearly got Miami motivated Indiana Scott they did they -- us if you watch any of yourself I know they did but but and to -- credit as much as I can't stand the heat. They kept their composure through all the stuff they they were not -- -- Indiana game under their skin and not enough they give back to a championship. Game championship round fourth straight year import every year in the first team to do that since the Celtics in the eighties from 8387 you know so. I give Miami all the credit in the world to me Indiana didn't lose that series because they pissed off Miami -- processors because. Just didn't play well at the end of the regular season and all through the playoffs. I don't know what happened that team but they want the same team that that played a majority the regular season. Again I I was expecting great series between these two teams. And it really wasn't. Indiana just not a Miami's level I thought they were already this season long until the very end. And for some reason they just went in the -- and a lot of it had to do with Roy -- disappearance the last couple months I don't know what's happened yeah -- may -- -- Good playoff games and and that was about it that's a huge reason why India kind of self destruct and -- an all time best open like me. I was kind of rooting for the old old ABA final San Antonio and Indiana I was you know. Emotions aside for the -- in the heat or against the Miami that's what I was gonna root for I still think that that San Antonio probably is the best team from top bottom gonna find out. Miami is the one team in the east and in the Indiana would challenge him but -- San Antonio -- closing out Oklahoma City and I think they will. But if they do within -- you know Tim Duncan and then now aging group. Well up against the heat and LeBron and and the talent they have -- report straight year in the finals that definitely going to be I think a series that will be a -- yet it will be I I I think if the MBA at its -- about to -- Kevin -- against LeBron James in the finals no question you know there's no question you've -- this the game is about individualism. And it always has been in the -- two biggest part of the reason though why San Antonio is kind of flies in the face of that because they really haven't been about that they've been all about team. And of course I think Duncan -- sort of driven the the the the the truck so to speak but you know. Duncan doesn't have to have a twenty -- game for San Antonio to be good enough to win. And that's been the secret you know Barnes and -- -- Gregg Popovich get all of the credit that he should get for being you know one of the better coaches you know in the league maybe even in recent league history because of his ability to get these guys to buy into what he is Celek. -- that's. Part of you know what San Antonio is all about but you're right it or an individual match between you know LeBron and and -- that. That must that's still that's also must see TV if you just into the talent of -- overall. It's gonna be San Antonio I agree with you. 7371 to wait seven program and the break we'll get right back the phones we have baseball we have basketball we have football. But we don't have you get on it right now go local sports 1037 FM. Listening to that do locals would show on sports Radio One 037. Here's Jennifer and -- Kurdish. Does a great game. -- was have a great on the field by the of course I thought. We'll put on both sides will pitched on both sides we had some opportunities not a whole lot. They came back -- she got him credit. Yeah of course he thought it was handled well by the umpires is Joseph Maddon. There's none of your guys got kicked out including you however we Red Sox posters and it worked out food that's a Stoner -- just wound got four guys taunts and nobody from Tampa got lost it all up. Which to me is just. -- I'm like. How do you explain how do you explain I don't know how the the the umpiring crew explains that -- just about a merger lauded the total. Does it start in the first place. You mentioned it earlier. And will repeat it now it's got to happen tonight the bench warnings have to be issued. Before -- -- -- -- -- Red Sox now appears now that Tampa -- it was not lifer and I last night Tampa Bay got the best of the Red Sox in the -- you know not and you mentioned that you also -- -- -- if they're not issue before the game starts. Then immediately I'm telling ruby -- rose to throw one in well but it is fun out the -- you're right. I would do that's what I would do I would I would men make the warnings -- -- dent in the first inning no question yes I would know what would come right -- you do it from a baseball perspective give half to. Do that before the game starts if they're stupid of not to that you're telling -- in. Absolutely both him and the message right now if warning if you wanna good you wanna strike the first. Blow that's right that's right and if it is even worse for the Red Sox would be is if warnings are not issued tonight. And Dana Derosa hits a guy in the first inning and he's booted from the game. I will gold. Knots because. Listen we don't mow it or is it hits a guy tonight in the first inning it's intentional can be -- Okay. Well I would agree we also know last night and David Price stated David Ortiz. It was intentional yet he was not kicked out instead warnings were issued so. You know if you got a call one way I guess you get a call the same way the next. Will see what happens -- it like I said that this this drama these side stories now make this worth tuning into the -- I've -- 17371287. Carries on his way to segregate as a good morning hearing loss said yeah. -- -- an area. Called great enjoy -- -- also I had a list that but I got to say something about the rates are. They got the host last night the old artist had no comment whatsoever. Why should the big goal. Why didn't he get lots. At the very least Kerry I I agree with you first of all everybody in Fenway Park and watching the game knew that he intentionally hit Ortiz so that to me enough was to get him booted in the in the first inning however. When he came -- and -- on car and hit him that to me. Was OK we gave you pass on the first one we're not giving you pass on this one yeah Roddy here in yet he still didn't pick him. I don't understand why after -- gave the warning -- all the engines. He came back the medium price again now -- getting beaten me. Still got to look -- should be drawing up. Space. 00. I agree to a 100% agree it was. They totally and this is what's gonna bother me Harry about tonight. If they issue warnings before the game starts now other handcuffing the Red Sox. From -- exacting their revenge that quite frankly they are entitled to in my opinion. You know all. The elbow but it. Relates not barking -- right. I. I don't know that -- -- resist that idea last night -- -- -- But he is trying to get into with what you -- in the background. Yet it does some -- I'm I'm looking this up because I -- -- that what I'm I'm trying to remember correctly where or who that. When the instance would have occurred if he's right about after the players already got out on the field. -- -- up when the benches cleared. And just. View Walton Ortiz. -- all of his. Venom out of David Price because because of price throw an added. So I'm not sure that there was anybody else although there was several players that. You know got into shouting matches that rafter but or -- original intent was we left price and he basically said as much forties and next from a pace in the clubs around. Was it Rodriguez I'm trying to think I forget who. I think it was Rodriguez now that you mention my name okay. Either really stuck in the spirit of ought be okay well both gave him global appeal. Absolutely yeah well that's why you know tonight is going to be a unique occasion you know for a for a late may early June type affair between two teams were in last the next to last place in the league east. Very true very. Just what sense we're glad you're. Right I -- should be accountable. Good luck. You know talk of the press. He read. YE. They didn't they they did after the game there was a pool report that goes in and they get their appeal to get if something happens during the game they feel that the umpires need to have. -- say on they need clarification on. And they send a reporter and -- talk the crew in the umpiring crew said in their opinion priced god did not throw at it car which is why they did not throw him out of the game. And as you look at the game on re look at the pitcher on replay and I did look at it last night a couple of times in fact in the middle the game I remember telling inaugural run as a you know I don't think. I don't think he threw at him in that particular instance. And David Price did say after the game looked there was six left handed hitters in that Boston lineup last night. I'm left and the guy I have to establish my inside fastball sold as a pitcher. I'm gonna go inside on these guys and that's what he did now he might have. You know use that as an excuse to plunk. Or as he did go behind David Ortiz. I think that one was what got Ortiz -- is when behind him and generally speaking that is of course a sign of of -- disrespect if you will in baseball parlance but as far as carpet as you can clearly see that ball's coming up in in. If he wanted to hit him I think he would have hit him we're squarely because these guys. And you know they can not to -- oval -- -- ailing -- Eddie you know they came with Iraqi. Bottom line is felt like I said they let him get away with a clearly intentional. Hit batsman in the first inning so to me. All of his leeway it was gone after that so whether or not it was intentional on -- to me he should include -- and and that's my okay and and I won't I won't disagree with that but. In terms of the intent the umpires did say we didn't think he would throw one car that's why we left him in the -- and and I would have follow that up of the question did you think you start penalties in the first thing. That's exactly. What did exactly how the Red Sox that's how John Ferrell toward the ball -- -- -- that's how they all got kicked out of -- questioning that very thank. But reports that indicate he got kicked up because Workman got tossed in is the manager you automatically get lost -- along with your player. So but that's how we'll follow and Ferrell got kicked out because they did question you know. The the -- that he threw to car. -- So there you go Perry had a story today we're almost out of boy. Thank Terry you've got to go to -- in north Smithfield good morning on the local. Ari do it very. -- have that connection you very took in -- spent in the and I talked about the he visited circuit video part of it was part of -- -- alerted. -- he -- but he was done it you need to know what. Those will receive an auto. -- Rodriguez was Rodriguez was runner -- that's what I got it yet. It was Sean Rodriguez on the biggest. Yeah okay that they did and I community other qualities don't quite under a little bit tournament -- game. What it I think it would connect that write really is that they'll -- that was done and so. Oh very good intimate knuckle. I think it is the -- -- -- -- yeah but don't -- was definitely civic outrage did mark. Yeah well but he wasn't so that's why that's why we're gonna have the other than -- -- the -- we -- -- that I think a little bit. Right here we go out to right yes but that's absolutely right it begins to piece city. What spoil sport to -- completely. You know he still hasn't publicly said. I he wanted to wait until he gets in -- his release. To talk to particular schools apparently before he. -- wants to tune. I guess tell folks why he's leaving. I I so right now I can only surmise I have not heard one thing or the other. Followed why he wants to do this. They came as a surprise to most everybody on the coaching staff. Certainly came as a surprise to his players. To his teammates. I can only tell you that I know his mom who's been in the military for number of years. Is back from the Middle East and I don't know that had anything to do with -- but the fact that his mother is back and he's very close to his mom. It may have had something to do that it also. May have had some that do with the fact that you know there are some younger players that are coming in that could in the taken some playing time away from him which is like most kids do transfer because it's only issue up playing time but. That really should have been an issue -- Josh because this was his job the two guard spot was his job to lose going into this next season. And yet. Curious deciding he's moving on so you know it is truly in all an altruistic reason he's going back home to you know spend more time -- his mother. Which it's hard to argue against that you know as you know -- it's hard to tell Katie can't do. But I I would urge him because he's not even twenty years old yet. What I would do though is I would urge you know any young person was a tough decision to make it all along those same lines uses them. You know -- spent two years -- you put you know your sweat equity in two years. In to your talents and trying to improve yourself and you've taken advantage of those who have taught you in who have helped you grow up in that time in the absence of your family. And so I would does say that you know for every action. That you perform there's always an equal and opposite reaction so. He doesn't realize that his movie is leaving a coaching staff of any team and his teammates in the lurch a little bit in terms. Of LII you know in terms of much as late in the game to fill his spot in the it definitely Bennett guys here's the problem I think that really sets with a lot of people. If he was gonna do this he should have given an indication more toward the end of the season now. It's more difficult for Providence to recruit re recruit that position again there's not a lot out there now. Yeah Scott I talk last week about the kid done for a month Niagara the transfer -- Antawn now Mason Mason thank you yeah Anthony makes it. And and I think I know that the province is right in the mix of water to other schools for him and he was a leading he was the nation's leading returning scorer. From last year they're able to get Mason. That obviously. The loss of Josh fortune is is mitigated somewhat although it's still I will argue it will still hurt in terms -- world depth. In the backcourt for next year in anybody knows anything about basketball has to realize that Providence didn't need a lot of depth they were able to win the east title last year without a lot of depth. But overall you like to have the depth when you can get it. And I in it if it's the problem is it's still too big and yes if they get him that's great. But it's still hurt depth that they don't get -- that really -- Providence and a bad spot just that was short sighted and and I still think shortsighted. Yes I agree with UAE yet -- -- -- -- you realized he he improved so much of Kristi. And I could only see an improvement more of this -- and I just it is. You know why you hate apple will be yeah. I I agree we will with a -- black candidate -- I would note that aren't -- yeah I mean. -- What are admitted that create eight I give him a lot of credit. It's definitely do that that's not easy to do you agree it is right. And but I hope yet need to be imposed yet but it. He would be a much improved player region as he did. You're going to lose steam you know expect that out he would beat it did he just that the EU EU. So I don't know I just think that. I I. Idea I don't disagree I don't disagree it's in it's it's it's unfortunate but I guess you know they've they've got to move on and figure out a way around it now. That campaigns starting in the last two -- three weeks that I don't know -- No sir I mean there're -- now but I want them there and have -- -- a quiet period right now so. No there really is that they are. On on the details of the kid Mason and potentially one or two others the -- there was some news this week that Ted Bancroft is going to apply for a a fifth year. Medical waiver which would allow him to play one more season. Even as a grad student and other than that they're just there hasn't been any other news. Well page this when it is the president always it's. All of it you know it right after we view that -- be -- -- renal week it. No no problem I'm too old but we're glad that you waited forest. All right very good though look -- -- ghetto zone. Thanks Ted appreciate it. Absolutely you've got to count on what do you do approach and -- in there all over the place as things flying around in the the -- After we passed -- break. Yet we are OK let's let it that's it she's doing she's trying to tell us to go ahead and yes it will take the break 771287. Text line is 37937. And we come back with three things in continuing your phone calls go local sports -- 1037 after. Now but I want them not -- on Rodriguez is at it again. John Rodriguez. Had better be very very careful he's the guy did David is most of -- Remember he was thrown out down there -- -- out right after -- quickly when pinch homer. News. Welcome back our number two -- local sports show sports Radio One 037 FM WEEI John -- Cochran did she would view. As we continue the long. Been a lot of Red Sox rays talked this morning understandably so after what happened last night what will happen. Today at Fenway between these two teams. Got -- 55 but I. Greatly -- you know you're absolutely right I I have. Lost my interest for the most part Major League Baseball and the sense -- included. Yeah -- -- -- little energy in his own right no question like these guys that we had the gentleman from two over and called for part of the show yielding our that you could -- He was agitated. It was agitated he's like he's raised think they are there ads like pedal on these guys and I'm just like yeah. Now -- Stewart did a little -- vehicle to Olympia the end those of the the -- Endings here you know it's funny we haven't even mentioned this in the first -- loss of the show. But a lot was made this week of the celebration of the 2004 world championship team. Earlier this week. Before the game against Atlanta and and the fact that Manny Ramirez was the chosen one to throw out the first pitch. I guess -- got a polarizing figure because you know when he was here there were -- the well documented cases where he was labeled a quitter. And you know obviously. Nobody condones the fact that he was charged with assaulting -- widen. On -- -- a lot of different things pushing down Jack McCormick the traveling secretary when he didn't get used at your request now. A lot of things that that that don't -- mania and in a positive light -- It's amazing that distinctive like that I think I've for I've pitched I I thought of that steroid guy in total unmitigated. Disaster his mistake. The Red Sox to allow -- to. Basically take charge and and allow this whole -- redemption tour thing. It's -- -- Callahan talked about it earlier here on the EI this week and I could not agree more I don't agree with Paula torture he says. But he is a 110%. -- wrecked. This was a blown opportunity why they allowed a three time PED. User yeah. To come out and basically lead this parade in the celebration. Of 2004 a ten year anniversary like he did. Is beyond me especially in light of PD being out there. Johnny Damon being out there and how about Curt Schilling god bless him. And I know there are a lot of people Rhode Island don't think a lot of virtually -- 38 studios fiasco in this state. But the man was caught. He was skinny he clearly looks like he's in the throes of something that he's really struggling battling cancer he's battling cancer why wouldn't let him do that. Yeah that's the thing that there was so many other great candidates to glorify in and have them be the wanna throw out the first pitch. That's why can't understand what we're Charles Steinberg -- and -- collecting many to be that big mistake. Just about that you know we applaud Charles Steinberg the Sox when they get it right they blew it this I'm not one of those guys that has a tremendous amount of disdain however for many like a lot of other people listen I do not condone. What a lot of the stuff that he did -- -- make it very clear. And I. When I used to hosted a show full time we were back in the days on the -- right I call them on the carpet many times for for dogging it and and and quitting on the team and -- over the reds put placating right got right. So listen I'm not sick but overall. My my feelings on Manny or this okay. Very few guys that signed those huge free agent contracts ever. Ever. Turn out to be worth the money in the contract he resigned to. In my opinion -- entirely as a country that's right in my opinion he was one of the few guys that 260 million dollar deal. He produced he was one of the greatest leaders and all the baseball. In his entire tenure in Boston. World Series MV PE. You know from a sheer production standpoint. I mean Manny Ramirez got it done he he was not one of those guys it's not a big contract -- -- -- he was not Carl Crawford he was not in I'll pick you guys. They just you know felt lost the face of the Europe after he signed the big deal. He actually earned the money that -- and kept by the way signed him to. When he was in Boston so. I don't have a problem from that standpoint I also just generally speaking thank. That he was a fun loving guy that was beloved by his teammates in the clubhouse while -- -- here you know it was Manny being Manny he was kind of -- like air headed Joseph. That you know you just love you know what I mean. Out on the his teammates loved it when he you know refused to go when a game or did some of that other is some of those other it takes. But overall. I think teammates embraced Manny Ramirez I think they like in the studies kind of a fun -- -- guy well he was he right. And they always wanted mainly because of the stupid things he did when he was a player here they always wanted -- any. To perform his -- call they always wanted him to apologize they always wanted him to. She's maybe you'll like this with -- us why can't you be like this to the media into the fans right and so that's why you saw all the players I think embrace him and I really believe that's the reason behind the Red Sox embracing this whole redemption tour thing is it was. Aptly called this week. As -- use all the organization try to wrap their arms around one final time you know as he tries to you know regain some shred of dignity and listen you know as far as his you know of found god you know saying in and have turned -- such a convenient -- well yes well -- -- but -- -- I'm not gonna judge him on that maybe it is maybe just maybe he has -- god may -- that has changed his life for the better. Whom I'd say that it -- and I don't know. Actions ideas -- and -- -- no question no no actions no question. What have we heard him getting and ain't that terrible of late. Since he supposedly found god I mean I saw I don't know I'm not gonna judge him on or after he with his wife if -- court. After broken nose after it now now that he's been called on the cart correct beating as one -- he's found god correct correct -- and again and that's convenient that exactly but let's make it clear that. You know we don't condone. Any of those actions and on the report regulars but I was in the whole thing is farcical but well I tell you take it just a convenient. Badly for him OK all right. -- actions speak out of the work let's see Manny back up what he's talking about let's see him I -- go and visit some syndicated talker you know like you know that was one of the things that was thrown out and and did being okay and to my knowledge no okay thank you I was in track time after eleven -- look I'm not -- -- necessarily mean he's done some things that clearly. Are out of the mainstream is because many operates in many world that we all understand that. So if he's changed. He's found -- -- is gonna change the way he's acting orbit and let's see it. OK let's I elevenths mean anything actions again baby action that's all I care about again you can soundly what are you wanna tell me. But until you -- -- someone sees you do when it. I just I listen I just question the Red Sox wisdom. Of selecting him. Throughout the first it's glorified on in the -- anybody help my team know what I thought that was a little surprise them no question so you -- rated for three things and yet they get you started yes all right hold on we go radio Laura. Bono those rays squad room in -- -- one. OK number I. Table you know number one I just gave you know one -- -- that's how you got behind. -- yes all right well sox' decision to at -- beating guys yeah that was pretty focal point yeah I I don't disagree. But that probably as good as an all right as far as mine for things is concerned. I don't know if you heard this story or not bullet com. You know we do hammer Boston we -- Boston fans for being provincial around the pro teams that you know college sports it's very very little. -- coverage or in in importance. Especially in and around Boston I guess I can understand why is because of the way that the pro teams have sort of been. We've all grown up with the but there was a huge move in college ranks last. Almost two weeks ago now in the city of Boston that I think is Anderson could have repercussions here is well. On eight Boston city councilman. That image -- taken -- actually. Mom. Wild motion a couple of weeks ago I think it's been almost two weeks now basically filed a motion. Two. Receiving at the correct terminology here ordinances relating to the health and educational rights for athletes who play college sports in the city. This would affect athletes at Boston College Boston university and northeastern because those are the schools to offer scholarships. Inside the Boston city borders. On so what's the ordinance say the orders is basically to allow them to head have consideration to attend school. For a fifth full year of institutional financial aid and also to allow these student athletes to have comprehensive. Year round health insurance it's. Which they don't have. -- this is part of what you know the new rules and regulations that the NCAA are considering now as part of meeting the actual cost of attendance. Four schools throughout the country in a Boston City Council stepped up until well we want already do this for our schools that give students. College scholarships or athletic scholarship to Harvard is excluded because they don't offer athletic scholarships this particular instance. I think it's a nice idea. I think it's an idea that's long overdue and I wondered anybody in Providence -- in the state of Rhode Island would follow suit with any schools here that offer athletic scholarships because after all. If you are an athletic administrator -- your first and foremost. Planned. Of attacks should be for the benefit and well being of your student athletes aren't. Very good all right that's number one. Here's the 22. Our number two for me with hurts so much during this great run by the patriots from 2001 the president about the quote unquote. Patriot way on what exactly is the patriot way what exactly does that mean. I don't know I guess it's open for interpretation. There are some believe that the patriots only draft people of a certain high moral character. You know and we go back to the Christian Peter. On drafting win Myra Kraft objected after they found out his domestic assault issues and they cut him right you know they -- we also hear that they bring in guys who questionable pass he Randy Mossad Corey Dylan. And they somehow someway conformed to the patriot way they're good soldiers while -- here in New England that. Might be the patriot way. That they're there's if there's many definitions of the quote unquote patriot way I'm here to tell you pay two ways about UPS I. They're just like every other NFL franchise pay my fan of the patriots of course born and raised here and win them local law of the job Bill Belichick is done. Lot of this organization under Bob Kraft ownership thankful for Tom Brady and all that stuff. But when you look at the whole Aaron Hernandez situation and just just keeps getting worse by the day. On that to me just blows up the patriot way -- Bigger than anything because this guy. People knew about his checkered. Past when he was at the University of Florida that's why slip in the draft that's why a team like the Cincinnati freaking -- took off of their draft -- all together. The Eagles get the post -- their draft board because they were worried about what a questionable duty was yet the patriots not only drafted him. They sign into this lucrative contract extension because they believed he had conformed to what he was -- change demand here in New England. Well apparently based upon these latest allegations. He was not a change man this guy rightly outraged or has been charged with murdering the when he. -- -- That just blows my mind and it blows out of the water the concept of the quote unquote. Patriot way. I'd number to remain -- completely local and I would tell you that I mentioned that a little bit earlier in the opening hour at the -- -- the RB if you missed out back battery is is that. It's your senior Ted Bancroft. Who we thought was graduating last year and province and actually he did -- graduating with a undergraduate. Looks like he's going to be back at least he's gonna try to come back for a fifth year of eligibility. -- he's gonna apply for a medical hardship waiver which would allow him as a grad student to play one more year as a scholarship athlete for the province prior basketball team. The reason is that in his freshman year and Ted tweeted this out early this week which is how we came -- a little bit more about it. He broke his leg. In his freshman year and he played three games but the injury didn't occur until. Well after half of the season. Had it been finished and the ball was well if you're playing and you play the game after that would -- the -- you can plot. That technically is the case but he is trying to apply for what is currently medical hardship waiver to get that. Fourth year of full eligibility back now the fact remains is that. I don't think this would have happened if Josh fortune we're still on this team I think -- either a would have gone -- the business world would be there was some talk about him coming back as a grad assistant coach. Or next year but because now that there's a roster problem and a little bit of a lack of depth. Especially in the backcourt that Bancroft is actually gonna probably best gimmicks Providence if he gets his waiver. And number 32. Down for the third. Are right so now we go to number three John and and staying with the local sports here and I know we gave kudos to Brian for the unbelievable -- that they had from an athletic standpoint. One -- give kudos to a program that that receives very little publicity. Yet is one of the premier programs in their sport throughout the entire country -- brown and women's crew you just don't like it is is going on for an unprecedented in national championship and and I don't wanna say that well on the -- there after a great start a they took first place and all three keys to open the 2014 NCAA division 11 women's rowing championships at eagle creek park in Indianapolis yesterday. Bomb but this program is an unbelievable they have won seven national titles in the job that coaches John and Phoebe Murphy have done. Is nothing short of spectacular it's not a sport tickets any type of publicity in the local newspapers on goal local -- dot com on this radio show or any other. But you know what those ladies work darn hard at what they do and they are among the elite. Every year in that sport. And that's that's really Somerville cement in the minerals and another man are -- I I agree but I I guess I was miss a shot in the that it does spotlight on the woman because they rarely have been respect. Active program. -- my third fine. Thing I'll repeat from all the opening our case you missed the opening part of the show is -- we wouldn't really get a chance talk about -- much but Bryant baseball team. Winning the NEC -- championship a week ago. In the NCAA tournament trying to get to Omaha and the college World Series and -- last year that beat Arkansas in the opening round. Last night in their opening round play in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They took the American coverage champ Houston cougars right down the end scoring a run in the ninth inning that tied -- 22 -- lost in the bottom of the tenth inning. To the cougars three to. Even though they -- basically -- Houston for much of the entire game allowing only four hits to the cougars the entire night. Although they lost the game 32 it is double elimination. Which means that Bryant has one more game play this afternoon -- believe it's 3 o'clock against south eastern Louisiana and if they win that then they will play the loser. Of Houston and LSU the home team is that double elimination in -- and regional continues in Baton Rouge but. Bryant is still in it they will be playing this afternoon. Is the baseball team tries to -- ball which what has been an unbelievable spring for the athletic department Brian universe I agree good luck to them absolutely right. There's three things we'll get a break in here we go right back -- the telephones. -- 17371287. Text line 37937. Go local sports 1037. After. 4017371287. Source Radio One through seven FA MI.

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