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David Ortiz Postgame "I have no more respect for David Price"

May 31, 2014|

David Ortiz had some very strong comments about the Tampa Bay Rays and starter David Price saying "It's war. It's on" after a game which Ortiz. Mike Carp, and Jonny Gomes were all hit by Tampa Bay pitchers.

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-- the bush and they need to us -- umpires. -- We think. How respect for the guy manned by. -- of there are no more respectful. You know last year. We pick it says in the play. He went off. Tell -- and -- everybody. From produce here and everybody players. And -- -- Kind of got to talk on the phone. We threats mistaken I think we've we've got to stick it straight things out. He was -- all wholesale you know and and massive economic gonna let him know how things go in this game and they're only -- apologize. And because you know it was wrong and apologize and fully apologize myself from everything within the school. So. First at -- of the season against him Hugh Durham. I means. So warm. And it is all. This thing Amy -- and it goes off. I had -- furcal in the moment and -- it and put it on purpose. Would you think. They go that's the question. Also strive for the -- and there was division you know. -- school nominee and can start. Can be actually a little bit out there I mean you don't win all the time when you give it up that's an experience for the last time. You know but you are reacting the little bits you know then you've given up. Balls by -- got -- we teammates in jeopardy. That's gonna cost you. Oh yeah that was that enough. I don't know I respect everybody in this league and negatives and respect from their way. You know and if you man because I think you need to wait and let you know though -- found their homes in this league. As part of the -- -- In its effectiveness. Not then. You know you screwed up he did I don't result Nomar and you're saying -- -- -- was. Gone through this situation media that don't zone. Which is -- He can get somebody else -- Can be going. -- --

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