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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Franchise Purchasing Edition 5-30-14

May 30, 2014|

We tackle four topics that all revolve around the selling of the four main local sports franchises, all prompted by the proposed $2 billion dollar sale of the LA Clippers.

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I guess -- right and blue. We have one other -- and I think when -- this around fear and the other up DOJ -- -- played overdone Florida. I don't think. This is a great album great -- that are important right absolutely amateur. If I get -- -- -- can't even say anything negative -- -- if we're gonna spend somebody's billion dollars what else he'll play again. How much you know and this is a long time to understand. Long long long time ago. How much we did you smoke when -- -- the Pink Floyd over the deep into calculated. That you speaking sort of culture. Don't know it could be family is now and it was a long long time ago -- long term. -- Or brought to you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans building you a better network but. We just thought I spent two billion of his dollars or try to spend two billion of his dollars it would be nice to -- smoke in the week a victory -- we heard of earlier. So that then the question became if we had forty billion dollars. I am I have a back up imagine right now my entire life it's a real for me right now it is real I am a billionaire right now. Well we thought it I want somebody to help people fail it's critical people. We'll find out we had to sort of get the curse word here. Yeah good point -- let's go then it. So wanted to hear is that what -- Atlanta on the radio I was asked that question and I've never get a good answer. They don't believe that out on the radio why what -- played at a mainstream rated. Rock stations split. Something about one curse every some it Alter -- -- -- -- that continue his sickness you'll begin with a couple of them. Sending with The Who and or you would effort use utters that song. I didn't know hoops. The we didn't play. Let's spend some money out of let's we're rich let's go so for this exercise -- -- -- -- valuation information from Forbes just -- you guys know. So we'll start with -- beloved Boston Red Sox according to Forbes the Red Sox are the third most valuable franchise in baseball behind the Dodgers and yankees. You ready. He turns on the rubber attitude to home so. Yeah. CNN world champions. And they didn't sing. -- The World Series at Fenway for the first time in 95 years. Relax the best. The Red Sox have won their third world championship in ten years. And they've done it at Fenway Park. The team was bought by John Henry in 2002 for 380. Million dollar -- When buying the Red Sox you'll also be buying Fenway Park and -- and -- I -- Fenway Park by the name accepting your silent bids now. Well -- NASA which is a cash cow NASA and is a cash cow. And when I when I submit my bid for the Red Sox I like everything about. The operation right now. Like the improved ballpark. I've thought about this I've met -- by consultants. We don't want a new Fenway Park. We've done our research the people want this park. It's history we like -- we like the fan base. We like what we can do with NASA. I'm gonna bring in some and bring in some additional TV people to have my guy Dale Arnold I'm gonna give you another position thank you Michael. I'm gonna make you. You're basically the president of a program I'll thank you at -- I can tell that though because I'm gonna win the bid I don't know when the bears because it here's the other thing I like about the Red Sox and why have this. A pretty aggressively on the Red Sox. We got a new TV contract in Major League Baseball. I gotta get my money back. I may often overpay now knowing. That in five to seven years they'll look at -- look back at my bid historians will say wow. -- sitting pretty. Some pretty and I got a feeling based on what he said then he probably outfit -- -- -- habits -- right here Michael -- did. One point 406. Billion dollars I'll aggressive bit on your part Michael. Does that include like some tasty burger for us we don't get up at oral sex not altitude. -- -- You at one point six billion. Boston Red Sox are now yours I was even more aggressive -- you. Because I think essence going to be worth more as we go forward according to one of the recent surveys I -- the eight most profitable brand. In sports marketing now in the sports media business. I don't think that's going down. Can I get a job absolutely I got a job for you got some forming don't you worry. Yes we -- Michael up next on the auction block we have the Boston Bruins. The six most valuable franchise and hockey night. The -- they come. 39 years. Ford says the Bruins being worth 600 million dollars and Jeremy Jacobs bought the team for a staggering ten million dollars in 1975. With the team you'll also be buying the TD garden. So place your bids on the table now. And stepped away according to force magazine there's only one franchise in the National Hockey League worth more than a billion dollars that's the Toronto Maple Leafs. They've got police to valued at. One point 15 billion. They say the Bruins at the sixth most valuable franchise in the NHL by the way owners always say the forbes' numbers mean nothing they always just debunk them. But I think there's a part of this bid that your forgetting you do on the garden. Which also on the land around they've got extensive plans. For the land around the garden where the players' parking lot is now there's this huge grandiose plan. With shopping in and hotels and office space and and all that stuff so I think that the product is worth even more than people believe it and say. Dale going into this process and -- I've met with by my team here trying to come up with me the appropriate. I was completely. Because they're really. I didn't I didn't I didn't do it. But the throws the pros are. I -- to be a pioneer. The first -- yeah. And I employ and there are let go boys and I have no chance of being the next Donald sterling and I can imagine me. Spain to my mistress. Slash archive list. It what people are fired at -- departure as well I don't have friends. I don't -- players about it at all I whatever I'm asked what he already come out of retirement. If I just -- black -- at hockey gave it to be pretty limited -- cover it up and partner of the -- The -- are. I don't know anybody. Who loves. Hockey. Who really appreciates the game of hockey more than my friend -- -- So. Every at bat businessman here I don't wanna get into a bidding war. What bill Arnold I had a very. Conservative -- here it's a lot of money. But I don't expect. To rest. The Boston Bruins away from Poughkeepsie are right. But he with the bits are like -- Hollywood -- it just barely over the evaluation of 600 million with 604. Million. And dale GA's -- but the rescue money eighteen point four billion on the -- Dale will be owning the Bruins with a bit of 700 million dollars I think the TV money's going up. I think that the as -- set the property values down there. It is I think they're gonna do some big things with that so I now until the franchise is in doubt mean -- Michael -- -- cut off -- There. The Boston Celtics are listed as the fourth most valuable franchise in the NBA -- Forbes. The current valuation is at 875. Million dollars the current owner Wycliffe grows back but that's important collect. I told Forbes out of I don't know. About the team for 360. Million dollars in 2002. Will be buying nothing other than the team in this deal. -- It's evident that the. I just can't imagine. -- hot here I don't care but don't have the garden. I know the guy who has the garden now and I -- -- about analog is up our mind until right. Regard. Get along fine. Want. Don't think it's what I want quick -- What Steve speaks a winner here of the conversations during the games. What this team history. Read. Bill Russell. Congo. -- Hartford. How hard that you can work wherever you don't have to retired. I want the Boston Celtics are going high damage -- will not be a bit on the. Think you know what. The same way you felt about the Bruins you wanna be to have Billy what did you could have the Celtics. Thereby. Verified everybody's racial stereotypes of us are very. But I wanted you'd have been -- so then how did we did. Michael you said you were going eyewitness. Pick here you must have been eyewitness bid one point 26 billion dollar. Crazy and -- You went under the evaluation with only 800 million dollars so Michael the bus and some grass -- I heard -- this is that this is the best day is that this is right up there I'm so thrilled by the I saw Randy Forbes there's only one NBA team worth more than a billion. But X I don't know if it's not lakers late today and I noticed a bid to billion what does Ford know the -- worth more than a Celtics. I don't think so I don't -- there and -- there. Well you don't gonna do everybody don't we don't agree about short shorts I cannot ever back short shorts before all my friends out there. The home opener. I appreciate the season ticket holders. I know they paid a lot of money for the home opener were making 5000. Seats available. For a -- about. Shrink -- the -- George Bradley about it about wrecked every. It's gonna be bankrupted a unit of Michael cannot be in charge of hiring the Celtics dancers. All -- just stopping your cycle and anywhere near the Celtics dancers. The Celtics. I don't have. Time now for the AT&T auction here comes the hard part our area finally -- -- -- the New England Patriots the team was Bob but Bob Kraft in 1994 for a 172 million dollars. The patriots are currently the second most valuable franchise behind the cowboys. -- -- -- This Super Bowl for the. Ford has them -- that was a locked -- ago was that Forbes has -- listed at one point eight billion dollars only team more malleable as cowboys with the team you'll be buying the stadium as well as -- please get your bids in now viruses this has got bureaucratic war to -- -- text though Michael you can -- -- -- the home when you're not a lot. That's I think are well. You have got through that well I cannot Wear a cape on just on Wednesday. It's Friday -- to predict another another public dollars and player coach Antoine Walker. Or in a couple considerate. Considerate Iran's OPEC to back a bit of a threat to -- trade it -- -- You tell it wouldn't trade I'm telling them okay -- -- you do on the editors of the are all act now on Wall Street this patriot place is what -- is what messes up this bidding up the messes up for being too because I really don't want patriot place what I wanted to do. Is. I wanna make me. Soccer home Angeles -- young band Jimmy on this unless I want day. Soccer only one of them and Rory I thought -- It's so sort of give you 25 bucks for the revolution front are a reminder -- -- -- -- -- the revolution with just -- about back. What -- I had a clue that might be it but I I wanna take -- -- -- Dhabi coasters then don't worry Steve. What got real estate bass pro shops. But it waiting to receive your chance -- no. No. On line five guys. Know. They had the -- in a stadium in my soccer only state now I have to beat the man -- the 41000. Seat soccer only stadium lots of room down there. But I'm very excited about the National Football League you think about the worst owner in the league. I don't care who -- who -- it. They make money yet did you really have to beat it moron. To lose money even if you're more morons -- with money and have felt. This is this money would just keep it will people keep coming at you cannot go wrong with this deal and the more -- I think standard. See now I like under I want patriot place I like I like patriot -- -- -- there all the time it's close to home. I like your idea of the soccer only stadium but I got lots -- land down there I can find room for that I can I can figure out -- place to to put it. I agree with you you can't lose money I don't know usually don't screw this up I didn't think it through enough I'll just see guys know. About two years ago Forbes the -- was it 89 million. Please the united think of the -- and we were -- it's my fault so look out let's figure out after -- franchise let's but I haven't felt a bit unhappy about that. Michael you did with New England Patriots is two point 12 billion dollars dale. Really like those numbers two billion dollars. I holly is now the owner of the -- and hatred so wave breaks down bill you've got the Red -- number ends Michael you've got the Celtics and patriot. It's our I'm just. I don't say I think. Our coach Belichick. I -- those interviews now. But they'll -- -- now talk to be out my case. Let's keep it accurately Mobil's US argument that right when -- come to your office to take your -- -- that's. Take -- tomorrow. But -- dollars. Talked and don't fumble what do you say. -- more added I forgot about the revolution I think Tom Brady is going to be. What Tom Brady to be team president. When he would die someday when he retires. He's going to be as team president. A text -- Early on says you know I have a feeling this for a four took a little more research than most -- -- we actually worked to you know. As terrible -- throw accurately I made a mistake of my bid on the Patriot Act got away with that there's no way. I should have the -- privately I want or got the rats that that was my big missed. And and I did screw that. But I got two franchises. You got two franchises. You know will be go to each other's victory parades you got seats -- my stadiums whenever you want reference you you come -- -- want to stay as long as you want. Bring everybody to -- -- the entire story -- -- everybody. All bring a ball. It was fun actually and that's our report. Ought not yeah I would -- seller but now we stop dreaming I was a billionaire for about the twenty minutes it was fun. 6177797937. With telephone number the AT&T text line 37937. It's dale and Holley. Respect the calls -- you guys coming up at 545. We take on the tough guys here on Sports Radio WE yeah.

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