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Fantasy Football Off-Season Podcast 5

May 30, 2014|

A couple of weeks have passed since the NFL Draft and its impact across the league is starting to become more clear. With that in mind, Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson of Rotobahn.com hit several of the hot topics around the league and focus on the early Dynasty League Rankings up right now on Rotobahn.com. Those rankings cover 100 recently drafted rookies and undrafted free agents and Pete helps bring all of the information to life with deep insights on several prominent rookies. Then Jim & Pete take a first look at the early NFL Quarterback projections for 2014 which will set the table for all your Fantasy Draft prep. It all starts right now!

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This is the fantasy football. Thank you and Pete Davidson in the world. Does he flew home. Presented by a Mohegan Sun Bowl and don't. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the WEEI fantasy football podcasts and talking to Pete Davidson. The chief writer and editor wrote a bond dot com this is your host Jim Hackett from WEEI. -- in Tennessee football a couple of weeks after the draft. Our presentation is always brought to you by our friends at Mohegan Sun a world at play and Pete. We -- to talk about -- if you're a bit if you've been on Twitter this week which I know you are. Every day and that wrote a bond. I've been laid -- sort of sitting out the last stop on twelve I absolutely actually I don't Illinois got got to do a couple skirmishes and says yeah. Don't dust ups you'll find stuff yeah that the typical. -- -- -- -- -- although we have we've got a lot of fun stuff to cover because you were a couple weeks after the draft and if you guys were. The listeners actively. Following Pete pat wrote -- on Twitter or is going to decide wrote on dot com. I mean. The I would put it. -- content up against any thing in the world. In terms of scouting of -- when the got drafted. Did the the quick like rabbit like reflex responses to the teams are out -- like hey this is why we think this is good pick for you. So we've got a lot wanna cover but. I think it would be irresponsible not talk about the fun stuff in this sensationalist Dick -- that we are an America. Fund Twitter topics with Randall Cobb and Eric Decker -- act is solid and burst yeah -- -- -- -- out there to -- -- With a couple of short put up. Kutcher nice to know we've we've got a couple. Discussion the last couple days and our old friend this institution. You know keep chimed in with so the -- of this stuff and and I think I think there. There site is that the Genesis of the discussion. But essentially they're they're saying -- -- a dynasty thing you know solicit them for folks who played typical -- directly but they're thinking. You know this year or next here's a good time to sell -- cop I guess they're really saying so then now with its content together as maximum value it. Essentially the -- The -- to the discussion is is that. Obviously to get pushed out you know they're looking at the device to Adams the Jerry Shepperd there respect. -- look at that Dutch Afghanistan. And doesn't Tuesday has brought in Afghanistan. Yes and you know I think a lot of people are looking at that depth chart. And I think that making the rightful conclusion that Green -- is preparing for some tough decisions I think that's what percent true and it gets to a Green -- does business in general. However. I think personally it's more likely that it is. One of the big bets and at this point there's only two left as a member Jennings is go longer club James Jones as long gone there's really two core guys left and that's carbon. And Nelson. Now when Nelson comes back up for his money he's you know he's going to be going into he's gonna be at his age 29 season should -- be extending him induced thirty. I'm not sure that's going to be a major contracts to the point where it prevents them from signing a guy like -- You know I think they may opt to extend Nelson they may not but to me -- is just. Two essential part of that team. Now. He's the guy opens everything up amend my -- question is is anyone consult and Aaron Rodgers on this. Well -- Liked. Well and what seemed like offensive yet they're both obviously you know. You know it's very much embedded in that often just. To me it's just simply a factory you know -- H I mean cup you know. Nelson will be toward the end of his productivity curbing cops going to be 24 years old going right into the -- of his career. -- going to be a guy with four years in that system for years a tech quarterback to me at that point he is so valuable. In terms of third downs -- -- and not to mention. Big huge plays downfield with the -- otherwise those who missed his first came back last year Munich I can make you know all kinds of different kinds you know place. Armed and in timing as brilliant comedic -- timing with cloud is just minutes is what you I think every -- desires and have a quarterback received Sharma. And get his timing with Nelson is just as good. It is and really -- timing with the Jones and in the end and getting -- -- -- -- Aaron Rodgers makes everybody look good but. So I ask how this sort of wood glue player his worst is actually greater than his stats. To that team because he can be what you want him to be when you want him to be a piece of situational football player. And I -- how many were how many slot receivers can go play tailback for you if you needed to how many how many of them can play outside you know. -- he's an extremely valuable football player that you don't look. -- it is there a scenario where you -- scream back yet but to me here's the scenario. He leaves Green Bay because somebody came in and blew all the way ride. Now somebody commendable way. They don't plan on evaluate and they play an improbable leaving their number one receiver this case in -- talking about inciting with a really bad football team. Stats might even get better because -- didn't -- in Green Bay. It's -- to be part of an ensemble cast the least bit because that's the agreement were also spread the full bore out there like patriots. -- case in point -- on Cobb as you is your opinion I grew that a 100% album. I -- -- a keeper league deep. Then -- -- -- but by the same token the folks were saying it's time to -- -- I like what they're doing in terms of being a forward thinking I just don't happen to agree with this. Particular projections on the delicate -- -- yeah I know we you know we don't like all day here. Art Deco is an interesting little series of conversations I saw on the -- here. -- don't look at -- just because it's like wow again. Q I think I mean every year we go through this with decadent had zero. What we're sitting -- going folks. Eric Decker could -- -- it looked -- -- the general population what do you think she's any good I mean it's it's to me it's just mind boggling talking about a guy. With 33. Touchdowns. Over the last three seasons. Any sense the gentlemen bunches of your if your fantasy -- -- -- -- a bad thing players but -- when it's a good thing it's a great thing I think you put up right. -- for five of the game last year from not mistake I don't. It was for Floyd thank you guys at all I think you read the summary and but it but either way you don't matter I mean anti. You know early and I'd say it's usually you have a dead spot in the season. At some point but again I mean you know I used for the -- usually actually read the word usually around. You know perhaps inappropriately here because we really had. I have four and 22 -- three full seasons but you know as an NFL starter and one of them was with Tebow. Which is the continent and this is something that I overuse admittedly but only because his detractors overuse. This which is well he's a product -- Peyton Manning. -- recollect it was a product Peyton Manning wouldn't have been drafted fairly early and I. Okay and he wouldn't scored eight times between people as quarterback yeah Gupta returned a punt for touchdown and he had to get knives course you replaced with people. So. The idea that is up Peyton Manning creation. It's just silly this statement and help them -- -- -- helped anybody who plays and -- there's no doubt you know but. You know he's not just saw him. Product of the system anymore than Jordy Nelson is a product of -- Aaron Rodgers. You know -- to very similar players both second round -- spoke about 63 both about 220 both were good but not great speed. Both great route -- tough guys and they're you know they're both big time NFL receivers. And you know Decker is gonna. You know this year. Obviously added a lot of truth comes out and Decker because if he does it would Gina Smith people are just gonna have to shut up right to I think they're gonna have to all whitbeck. As -- -- and it's early to kind of get into this conversation and I was I was gonna say you know what -- -- -- -- -- and already we're going to be higher and a commercial world this year I can see it coming already know I seen him drafted in the eighties. Yeah oh yeah nice which is ridiculous in terms of where his value that you -- -- Eric Decker could scored ten touchdowns again this year it could easily happen. It was people who don't think it can happen haven't been watching and Opel. There was gonna say -- it was a minute fix it fix healthy gets the job in Vick can get to a community you know a -- you know cam and I'm sure Vick can't. She's not a trouble borrowing -- Tim Tebow has -- right now on what you know. -- look this could happen to him personally I think that could be the jets' best receiver I think the jets. You know the they're gonna promote put in Iraq that -- the NFL I think by the end of the year. -- pure attrition -- gonna have some decent numbers I mean right now you can division's third receiver if you don't want Eric -- this year Asia's third receiver. Wake up I thought. I feel like if he's my third receiver coming on the draft excellent -- good. Lol -- my team. Well not totally opposite of debt. So anyway except go to -- -- -- -- on Twitter last couple distrust some a different discussion at an active while they're getting information you know this it's good stuff faulty at at -- -- You can follow me out while to get the occasional. Quit and it's a sometimes. Every squirrel finds an acorn with a good two week which is at wrote a bond. -- sides me so check us up I think to treat her well thank you very much. -- -- -- -- man you know it's twitters all of those things you know your. You're Twitter style evolves -- as opposed Obama desperate sort of -- Beckham suffered -- piano I don't really get all that but I do I. But I do and Tyler -- gonna get a little angry likes Arnold -- out there have been any who. That's it's either you know their check that an admirable on that that's when that's when there that's when the real -- Such as it yet that's exactly that I -- -- simply don't make a break at the Dubai and it's the only people who do it -- -- right. So -- so we -- just. Little bit of the card -- in like NFL to order drama at the top as of yet since -- zero wanna hit some good to me now it's -- of football so we had. Updated articles that Radovan dot com one of which is the rookie dynasty rankings that people put out recently catalysts all the players that in highlighted. Position of players that could impact a football teams in your fantasy football rosters this year. Not great rankings and -- He's I mean yeah yeah it and our dietary control what it's worth our. They're pretty different than most of -- you're thinking you're gonna see that I've gotten some comments from people who. You know use our site we're certainly really keep this is really the order you want to take. That is sent. And the additional answers -- it is I mean but there are some exceptions. It was noticing today that says that's catch up but like you know would you if you watch the NFL draft and you did -- -- lot of listeners did. You know buffalo trading -- -- next year's first round in their own first round pick to move up to get Sammy Watkins and don't -- dynasty repeat rankings and he's fifth. United and to me that's what that gut instinct was not Hawaii to analysis to do you perceive a class. Yeah I think also really screwed the pooch on that move it just doesn't make sense to me and it and this is that the did nothing against Sammy Watkins Glen and out and out. Standing player. -- but in this draft with the debt at the position. To give up. This year's first round pick in next year's first round pick to move up which might have gotten ended right. You know. And -- -- not even I mean you know on pick it up -- -- my -- fraud -- -- -- Edward. The -- my -- but you know you just can't feel like Brandon -- -- right I mean that's something very this is a draft where possible Kuwait to the second or third round they could've they could've taken Paul Richardson in the second. You know insurance -- last I heard things like -- -- -- I. I don't know I it's are missing and the rationale. It seems to me the thing I sort of you know. Smell when they make that move -- ice and by the way and look at his -- yet and Evans would not gotten them wrong about that he would accept what. It smelled of a kind of we need to make it. If he EJ Manuel move work like -- going to get fired. So let's trade up for the best. I think we can get for EJ Manuel to make him better -- and I think now you're chasing your own problems which is always a bad way to go about things tussle. Yeah I and you know it. I think. And it -- I'm did you were not trying to bigger jet critic in me. I think that the jets' passing on -- -- and or Teddy Bridgewater in the first round was a big mistake I think I think they really messed up there but. I would give it gets credit for one thing. They don't understand it up against the patriots. They get it they realize that the patriots are gonna have big heads that this is one of those things it's gonna just collapse. And we get him to drop a little later what there was agreement but the patriots. But the jets it's taken. A very long term approach toward a deal -- They're building slowly they're using metal patriot model they're acquiring picks first is giving them away. And -- -- other building in the trenches it's going to be sustainable they're trying to sustain -- -- trying to be responsible with money now that's good for the long term. Because if the jets ultimately fail they'll have a lot of young talent the good cap situations so that will be easy to find it a good GM -- a good coach -- But at some point you have to be willing. To me can be important moves when you need to make to you how. Have to be willing to say chief of Smith is not be answered we don't have to move up to get a quarterback in this draft. This is the time -- didn't have the guts to do it now I think it's gonna hurt them. Meanwhile look at the patriots. OK twelve million dollars a year for quarterbacks outside of their model. Darrelle Revis is worth it they get it they say let's break let's break the model a little bit for this particular player that's what sport teams do. What -- yelled -- for -- -- last year not the way they like to do business. But you know what sometimes this is what you need to do you wanna make an impact and they went out and give up some big money in the first rounder for -- and. He's filling he's -- good -- I can see out there and others. And how much can manipulate the wrong -- -- but what my point is that sometimes you have to say. You -- -- quality irons hot yeah this is the difference maker for us this is something we need. Let's do it at the jets seemed to me to be a little bit. Unsure of themselves a little bit nervous a little bit. Afraid to make a mistake. Yeah and I think sometimes -- I think it always. Yeah yeah well I mean I think it in this election I think that approach overall helps I think it's good overall approach but you have to have the courage or convictions. To make big moves we needed to make him. And you know it in the same way that I think buffalo is trying to save the Manuel picked by getting him. An inordinate amount of receivers which I mean good lord look at all the receivers they have now Robert Woods and Retief could win and you know now and and and now they've gotten. Black and so I mean it's just that to so many bodies. And now -- actually went out and got. Bryce Brown panicking a couple of big -- lights -- I mean it's nothing against brownies and -- paralympics. In in this running back market you really think you needed to give up third rounder to get Bryce Brown. I can beat action Hannity all veterans don't. Know -- And all the transactions to be -- of a little bit of panic there one right. And that's included trying to head off to -- -- situation they can afford still they wanna have been clearly building a speed team I mean if it's if you look at what they've done. They've got speed at the quarterback position they have speed at the tight end position with grad from last year did it got good -- who can fly. Kenny Watkins can fly you know Robert -- just got 45 speed is great technical receiver you've got to running back with -- for force speed. Clearly. Speed is something they're trying to do. -- You know at some point. You gotta say OK and all of this speed is worthless if we can't block and they haven't made it necessary improvements to the offensive line so I. I'm like what I question what they're doing up there. You know they do have an account kept -- in a bottle but I don't think they have something that's sustainable I think the jets in the -- to the two teams in the division are still. Doing what it well the jets are finally doing it in a sustainable way and I think the patriots have. Continues you interestingly when you look at the pats draft vs the bills. They were all about the building blocks the united in eighth grade if they lost to leave it -- not got Revis the improv there. But the building blocks and all offensive linemen interior depth and strength and the one place. That they needed to build for the future. They did and and I know that Iran -- -- a lot of people others just talk radio fodder. Are you people don't really understand. You and I've been talking about the sustainability in the succession -- it has to happen and what better year than this year. With a bunch of you know -- pedigree quarterbacks. He had all the little tools and they went and got on the the second round. Yeah I mean look well are great arm drop below is higher than what the pitcher's -- for. An and I think -- the wonderful things about the whole -- situation with the patriots -- it's a perfect fit for the player and the team. Because the -- it's -- players not to make a stink about an active on the field. And the player it's a situation where he's got to be rushed because he's a guy coming from eastern Illinois. And he's continual time. And you're gonna get it. They can get it you know in -- rate environment -- learning environment learning learning from Malcolm Brady you've both been -- -- from a great coaching staff so. We we really think that the patriots did find their quarterback of the future and eventually I think fans are -- really like Jamaica rubble. I want to say it again you know what's amazing is that we knew we knew we -- get the feedback from the fans. I'm Dan Bartlett people that the that the overall feeling. Is that people think they overpaid to do that and you just said they got him for value. To the west. I don't think if I mean and look I don't have my -- my ear to the ground in New England when you do I don't licences. Sports Radio New England 24/7 I get a little bit every day so you know maybe you can give me a feel for what that the general fan consensus is up there. Com but I think I mean if I'm the patriots fan but I get upset is I wanna be doing all in on Brady for the ended his career right. The patient and I think we've been around. There's a long time if you're expecting teams like New England in Pittsburg. In Green Bay and Seattle to be reactionary. Yeah. It's -- I happen right it's an exercise in futility I think what happens beaten particularly in our medium. A lot of the people who call it's emotionally charged and they haven't done it you gotta give a little bit of a break as they haven't done discounting research that you had you know they see. -- we need to receiver and wire all these guys taken lock -- and although Beckham junior and Mike Evans and Brandon cooks all these guys and you know. And the patriots can get shut those guys just. -- twelve games. The exact. Answer that the point and what the patriots do is they always looking for those. High values in in in and in building the sustainable machine and what people don't debt. Is that later in the draft to get a guy like Jeremy gallon who can help you would do exactly that and the year before. You know. They grabbed Dobson you know he was a little up and down and hurt in this and that he's yet to potentially get it. So like they actually are getting the ball in the past two worlds it's just that sometimes the squeaky wheel doesn't always get that. -- how funny is that I mean I I'm not I'm not popular or hear so much it's just sort of ironic police said. When we reviewed Dobson over a year ago this started really well you know he'd be a good patriots yeah. There we said the same thing. Think I'd drop below at least at the same thing about a gallon I think I think Allen is an amazing for -- new England's seventh round exits the downs. If we don't right there is a downside in the seventh round because most of those picks don't really make it any way and I think gallon as a player with. -- such a Smart player he runs great routes. I mean yeah he's 57 -- -- very odd kind of talent but you know what. We're talking about the team that took would head off the wood pile up. And turn him into something. -- pretty darn good and end up getting a big money contracts and playing well and playing well I mean look if if if if you don't do anyway they can make it as a running back. I don't see any reason like Jeremy gallon can make it as a receiver you don't. Concussions -- ability that's simple legal questions that need to be answered you know can he get an adult men and helping Yemen dole as a rookie or -- gosh I mean I would think not. But it when you look at what he could mean to the patriot offense maybe next year 2015 or what he might as if there injuries this year. You know I comedic -- a pitcher's hands once they actually get a look at him out there playing he's so much foreign anyplace just so much heart. I think he could really evolving to a fan favorite iconic but you know I'd have to play -- It well it's an interesting and I'm kind of yet that this is the patriots fan in me and in also the view that the football analyst cited media and eager to see a guy like gallon or even voice kind of so ahead of him until I don't know how it happens it can happen his contract situation I don't know. I don't think the -- I mean. You can probably answer this better than me but I've I've never found the patriots the team where the contract the big fact. Handled adults extensive like right on the right I think you know it's this thing about him and don't look for me is I think -- to some extent we've forgotten. How billions yeah. I -- asked and there is -- is that right and I think that this thing that. And remember patriot fans how they felt about Lackey at one point oh yeah. There and I mean I'm unsure I could pick up a lot of post on John Lackey forever Red Sox fan of those sort of message board that they don't wanna talk about and now you know. So let's just keep our perspective. Because this time next year we could be talking about -- is an essential patriots holiness Erickson speak because he's got the ability to do it. What we and pretty much everybody questioned at the time of the finalist can stay healthy and I think last year. It's helped me is pretty ambiguous it would -- -- that season he did not look healthy he looked like a guy who's playing because this team needed. It's -- and you never know the patriot pictures and -- to tell you he was playing at 80% 70% are undecided itself. You know you have to sort of told that in that impediment or played all last year a 100% and that's what a year since then I think we have a problem. And he also the other the other thing in this is Vince because real about this is the but I don't predicted. Just yet but is that the size and scope of the transitional redundancy. You know that that. You want bigger receivers I don't I didn't -- -- when us troops system I want what I mean I felt yeah I want that. I want it I want you know a cup Porsche convertible. -- -- he denies nice yes but. Should -- you look at the patriots could find and economical way to get an alpha X receiver who is six foot three and ran for four they would do it. But those guys cost a lot of money and a lot of capital and they also tend to be deepest richest. And you know not entirely a good thing in the -- the -- Yes so you know I mean we just did I mean I'm not saying the Bill Belichick would turn down Dez Bryant. But it'd be guaranteed match made in heaven either correct you know and so. And for the record I think Bill Belichick -- desperate putt. There would be I think an element of he needs to be Belichick guys to Brady I think he'd bring a -- Teach him how things work up there. And I'm not talking about the patriot way which I do not buy into no offense to anybody let's think. I'm talking about the way to pitchers -- football. Like a little bit when it comes to what happens on the grid iron there is a patriot way. The question why that -- pitcher -- you know -- enough to attract but -- -- -- It -- it became misinterpreted and mystified but really what it really all it is in an -- I think people -- doing what he'd understand what the other 32 cities think about what they hear that they need it. Yeah and it broke this crap. It's arrogant and it has all but did what it really is it that it's all about. You know that is sacrificing for the greater good on the field and so I can do right and site pilot became a circuit payment up front yet and somehow became this'll twisted thing about ethics and all this -- stuff it's it's. I think I -- and that's when you have to be really careful because when you start. Putting yourself out that way you just -- Then he's out to turn it down to the character every single person in the organization and any new in this world can put together under so perfect people camped out. Debbie Dunn and not let it all got mystifying is that there's some bozos out there it did its. It it takes a certain type of athletic in sports. Team work character to sacrifice on the field for the greater good that doesn't mean that you are a person of character that is -- you know you might be a person's gonna hospital lady cross the road. You might be a person that's gonna push -- only into the road like you -- That's what people got a little bit muddy. And there are funny people like Tom Brady who would help the young lady across the across the across the road and there are people like Aaron Hernandez who who would shoot the woman so. That's -- that. This little thing but it's almost the woman didn't instantly did say Aaron Hernandez eight. He probably could cost Republicans the -- and a good team like action superstition -- definitely the -- -- then you know. It's just a warm milk on -- had to happen. -- boy were probably need to get off this stuff couple -- rookie dynasty around. But now you know -- just called this thing out it's been discussed for you know forget the -- for second I -- -- -- try to take it that's (%expletive) here. But I think everybody in sports. Where would we keep players doing things that make us happy on weekends we start attributing other positive things to these guys and I think that's dangerous tiger you know keep this stuff separate. -- -- -- Let's sit so you have a long list of of dynasty rookie rankings up on -- of. And I know that we've blown half hour we can probably get through it depends that it not. What does that I was that it sees something all right they're a hundred players on its promises one. We obviously did well in the heart of what most dynasty guys are gonna need but in Evernote played a big league. You never know and an independent at that point is proven year after year to year league after league after league. As he gets sent to the nitty gritty towards weeks 1112 and thirteen and need some of that depth so check that article out I just wanna hit a few of them. That are big names that went into spots. There -- for folks were talking about dynasty leagues are people are drafting guys. -- for four -- five view windows and beyond not just for this year. Yeah I'm gonna say that again to dynasty rookie dynasty rankings on moribund dot com -- hundred of them on a clock through a few that landed in really interesting situations for them. In terms of football and what it can impact and how can impact it can't. Thanks to one quick thing here to do that good an -- efforts aren't so that the diet drinks so wrote a bond that we are going to be different double the director anxiously a lot of places. We definitely lean towards long term -- rankings you've -- -- and sell in the top ten which I haven't seen anybody else do. I attempted to put the one just make a point and that's that we think is one of the best long term prospects in this draft. That said we understand the value the quarterback position is we don't expect Johnny Mandel would go in the first round of a lot of these drastic. The point we're trying to make is that talent wise he does belong there. Nixon and that we really do believe he is. An outstanding football player who you can Bangkok we think he's that good. I -- account it's kind of it's kind of talk about that in terms of the philosophy in how you ranked them. Then by the way the other guys Carlos side. Who you know I see him in the second even third round some of these traps which to us and saying we think is the best back in the draft -- he. And you can't say I've actually -- it and -- again negativity with the first of course there whatever we don't know win. How I'd -- it -- there but to our. He is an eventuality -- time will come and once that guy gets in there in that scheme behind that line. Looking back critical. He's I don't think he's gonna wallow in in in a role like Kendall Hunter has for a few years this guy can. Takes the world sees this as a lead back now. Are there I think is there any player there's some potential problems I mean. If somehow Marcus Lattimore gets set me back 20%. He could cut and I it's time to Lattimore is a potentially great back. But again we go back what would always stop -- that injury was so bad. It was just so bad the idea that he could ever. Get back Torre was -- you know I I I hate being negative about someone if you wanna be positive about price such a great stories such a good kid. But man when he blown all out I mean he did all four plus cartilage. That's just. And into the political and have to go competed since the guy like Carlos -- That's I just I just think it's too tall an order I think if he becomes a good depth player for -- -- be a success story for. So let's have a couple solo what does and doesn't talk about win. You look at these dynasty rankings and he was making his point about having -- on the top ten and probably really wanting him at the top of it. Is you got to take into account the whole philosophy where people are so for -- -- remembering dynasty traps you're talking about teams drafting proposition which strong need right. Because you know it a lot of dynasty -- all players are kept or them you know the vast majority Iraqis -- kept. Sir you're talking about may be a team going into the draft -- thinking if I don't get my quarterback in this rookie draft. I'm going to be looking at. You know depending on the side so he got to be looking at Chad Henne is my starter that kind of thing. And so team you know you may take a player based solely on need person evaluated dynasty -- in -- -- you would never do it in the region with. -- -- -- that's important for people understand so when you look at our first round picks the they can move the corn based on need and we put walked in that five to make a point. But we also make the point -- Watkins is basically a virtual tie for the one spot right. -- -- -- Six players on our border all incredibly close in terms of value. And I -- -- just in case people just look at the rankings and don't read the write ups yet asked the right right -- -- -- -- our rent -- -- -- we really try to -- what we're -- And so I put I put locked into the five to make -- I could easily put in order to. -- Do we put the -- because we're just trying to break your mental. Inertia of Watkins is number one not necessarily rights. And also to to give it to when you go to -- dot com -- up you know. Up cruising statistics -- Watch the film that he's broken it down. Umpteen times -- nets that's public conservative. And in every year you're getting this information you have to glean from the perspective -- I'm building a fantasy team. Where the best guys like get the strongest team and and and in it in dynasty specifically and his -- and were talking about. These are rookies and where they landed and win their. Starr is gonna shine all matters and that fact isn't that how you rank them and so that's -- the first on the personal access to me because he's in that. He's in a situation where I think he can -- got to quickly in Tampa Bay's Mike Evans. Yeah yeah everybody yeah evidence. I mean. There are some minor concerns would have been in terms of routes full work I think. A lot of people ever since big Mike Williams I think people had a little bit of a concern about big monster receivers. Going to really -- in the draft. I do think that -- 453. In the forty sort of -- I think that's sort of shut a lot of those people up I didn't Evans would come in general of course 61. You have more detractors. But yeah I am going to put him on that team when you look at the fact that Jackson going to be drawing double teams. I mean Mike Evans with a lot of single coverage it's just hard -- not see -- have a pretty good rookie year. And then for the long term goal. Why I would have long term be -- bad and worse hitting on the -- release are yet to me he looks like it's safe bet right now if you really wanna get the most value. I have a player in this year's draft again and -- Sure and it and that wasn't the in -- another guy there in Tampa today. Robert Herron who's who could make and he's not he's later in their -- Yeah is hurting his it is is a personal favorite bars and his presence in that on that team. The outset and still I think. Well it -- they all help each other I mean. And again and we -- you think this time it's it's something along the lines of the next Laveranues Coles we think he's that good now where you in the draft is. A bit of an indication of the NFL doesn't agree with us. No offense for the NFL -- decade it's important we're gonna say they blew it on -- Iran we think Iran should have been a third or fourth round -- Now when you look at what -- did. And they got sins at running back crew would sort of dovetails from the skill set perspective perfectly. With Doug -- yeah. And then they bring in Iran who could work the slot they already had -- to -- is actually -- have to put Evans over the flag and the -- is the kicker. Austin's a -- Jenkins and tight end yeah. I mean actually. Limited. Aren't they went from Vincent Jackson to a complete offense. And you know what I also I in and out on the what they can with a long term thing is that at quarterback in the long term plan but. I actually like -- and I think he's pretty go to and I mumbled volley -- now sometimes you know that. That can be misleading you know you and thanks Jeff George threw the ball but he just had didn't -- anything else. But absolutely not pentagon announced at a glance the -- Yeah I just think he's too slow the keys to a mobile now work. Yeltsin -- Yeltsin as a goofy looking -- but that doesn't really matter if a quarterback who -- next usually you know I don't. I've got my period and they stop putting those net measurements compound and half black and not kidding of course this -- sounds. -- but I think both sides as well. That's just a little horse racing -- I don't know about you guys have been brought in the Boston area but got a new York College Sports Radio we're giving it a full -- -- horse racing and out of him. You've got I think my princess further the big -- god in the -- to the horse racing guy -- For somebody who I think because there's thirteen people calling -- he thinks that the audience likes to. But man I mean you do I mean you -- -- in my opinion you wanna -- city to sleep they're talking about the pretty. Yes I mean that's pretty well he's pretty good at that songs just songs when why you couldn't resist that I think it's back and how bella all I ever they -- have a putback attempt brought. I'm younger women and listen to Glen Davis succeed into the kind of seen that he could do it on right because if you could. But he does throw a decent but also if you can keep them operate for five seconds -- -- can do role on this team a different account probably starts this year. To give me did they take a quarterback late Tampa you know the -- arm. If you don't know went. Aren't locked up my head I can't remember every single trick in May -- -- I -- it's -- -- receiver lately clearly it's ironically -- -- and -- Right Solomon -- however it's -- patent. They do get a quarterback Brett Smith. The court to court to -- at -- are citing his yeah yeah yeah they got that Bob Brett Smith I believe they got the media played in the yeah. Yet so it yet they did pick up Brett Smith who by the way on Syria rookie ranking where you -- just you got a right in front area. Yes so I mean. Did you know yeah we like mr. -- quite a bit it's funny at. Have to draft I talk to Iran about Robert Smith because dismissed -- to come by him by which we boxed joke. And Iran agreed. -- -- -- -- -- Now as if somehow he gets the job in Tampa this is Brett Smith he could be great for fantasy he's got great wheels is a leader. Is also an underrated passer there was a bit funky. He had the funky sort of pushes the ball. In fact I think that's probably the reason he wasn't invited to come by and the reason he was not actually drafted. However. The thing about it is if you watch a lot of has passed since -- accurate they've got some good. Meet up perfectly he's definitely might be a career backup maybe. And perhaps maybe doesn't even make it but he's got some. He you know he he he's a little bit like a smallish Jake Locker. That I actually like a blocker and he's not at. You need to -- hit the the broadside of a -- I think he'd be NFL quarterback but you know -- he's got a he's got to the accuracy was showing just briefly before they get injury last year. Really needs to continue our I think it was last year. It's. -- -- Yeah and Hillary's I got -- we went down that path is as we've just kind of going through the Tampa Bay talent. Poole that has been refreshed and just wondering if yeah I think at the guy again at their but you're probably right on the county's public got to take the -- allow I saw how ironic that. This year I think we count as the guys you know I -- but McCown went thirty fours so clearly. You know if collisions starts out playing him in less McCown is winning games -- and I think did the job at some point this year you know. And -- -- could evolve in accordance into sort of a -- scenario. Where not the best quarterback but he's having enough success with a team is hesitant to make a change. That's definitely the -- that that that it OM although last. Yes and I think the penalty at the same exact mystic at the jets made. You know any time you have an opportunity. To upgrade the most important position on the field you should do it period and -- talking about eight point 01% upgrade you know. And to me and want to do I think the NFL I was sort of going Beckett on the whole values thing. You know what no -- -- AJ -- -- -- -- and Indonesia which has got some some upside -- some appeal but. I don't mean to me if you could put man's cell or Bridgewater. Unmet dental team. Yeah I know and look at the weapons and -- particularly so even or -- back and look maybe -- -- -- to do that but how about in the second or third round you know how I look at it dedicated to it that there are some of the academy. Because moved back and gotten a guy like any of those guys that some of the AG -- -- the should. Well that's you know that's what I'm thinking but you know what what. There and they've decided to embed with Dalton and -- see what happens you know it's it's I'm not a big fan of getting in bed. -- the quarterback is not a -- You know I never would have done the -- contract firework. The jobless. Don't -- quarterback. You know as much as I like Chad Pennington with the jets when they get in the big contract post shoulder surgery and it was done. You know discussion contentious contract with a chance to meet the -- money on a map around the community thing yeah. You know -- quarterback got a Perreault of the money will only if he's great right. You know that's a lesson to learn to stop the quarterback -- -- -- Staten Island great quarterbacks are overpaid. -- -- sadistic you know demanding makes big money rider at -- big money briefly to big money into the other team's goal this is our quarterback we're gonna have to give them their money to know. Play hardball. And I'm if I'm Kansas City Chiefs. I'd like to extend out Schmidt but I document one of these crazy. Contract his isn't -- what is it twenty yards. Right. So I mean you don't like it. Quarterbacks need to be paid based on how good they are you know another classic example of this -- the contract to build if it's Patrick now meticulous as an assistant at one billion dollars. We can say about that I don't know but. You literally had like three fantasy weeks I was doing all they went there aren't I great NFL -- there like three stand as -- weeks. But he's atrocity know what -- -- I'm -- I'm sure direct from the hit if you don't have your money back I was so blown away by his contract and actually remember it. I think it was six years 64 million dollars. I I don't I can all remember. There's those crazy -- -- can cost putting myself up to the floor my back guy. Harvick got a 61 and. That's true to the cultural and personal paycheck look at -- -- man I've I've made some mistakes and. So that's a little that's. A bit and quarterback and our -- quarterbacks ownership for a second. Can we talk about into a DA in the said that just completely put the brakes on you tell me but. One of the things I think is interesting is that gonna flip through your dynasty rookie rankings and talked about this a lot pre draft about how. About how the running back position is. You now is definitely in a in a slow down in terms the NFL however. It it never ceases to amaze me attendees on both fantasy football some of the top ranked guys here the most important people on the running back still and always will be with fantasy football that I -- Yankee team. Yeah I mean -- I thought there's definitely going to be showed that -- sure that it is too wide receivers hire you see more receivers in the. First round makes sense and because sort of backed into a false fault. Yeah I think. I think what people need to get into their head when you're talking about running backs and present -- offensive football you definitely get out of that I must start my draft with two running backs mentality. Definitely get out of that and you have to get out of this idea that a running back who -- running back. That's a new switch though that's that's that's a real. And that's a paradigm shift that's. Yeah and I I haven't been at running back going back god for. Point five years or more. But I think it's it's still lingers a lot of people are -- because a lot of people had success for the yeah talent but. -- -- but here's the thing I think people mentally need to get into the mindset of running back is actually two positions. They're too. Well there's more than typical Obama but there's two primary -- of running backs that matter in fantasy football are you lead alpha back. And we're talking about. Between four and seven -- he's got. Yeah -- -- Frank Gore has done for years. A lot of some -- -- about Michael telescope north AP -- it was you know what Jamaal Charles yet you know Priest Holmes in his prime -- kind of guy. Are comfortable -- The even the guys who. They were they bit. -- there's no change in value for our first does the running back right they are what they've always been in fact there -- more. But what people have to do is make that distinction having had those swivel and realize when those guys are gonna. Because once they're gone and you're moving -- -- a different class supplier and running you're not getting what the guy in front of you got no help side. It's important to realize once those guys are off the board because what happens is now the position has. -- -- Because you can get the second great running backs in this haven't been able around -- -- that's the values right you don't puts it you'd be running back is still the most. Valuable position if you're talking about the -- backs. But the important thing to understand is not to pay. Incrementally. -- so let's hypothetically. The finish seven also backs this we're defining -- or let's say there are seven of those backs go in the first for a intact. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll tell you one thing you don't you don't take the next back in a list yet just because he's the next back on your list there's a gap there's a -- GAAP. There's productivity gap where you're calling and it's an important it yet it's important no way that it's. Okay so it was a different people draw the line in different places some people say area Foster is going to be an alpha back this year. Okay -- I don't and that's typically okay now are we gonna agree -- you know we're gonna we're gonna tell you that that's not the case but. You have to defense a couple of what is different opinions yet. If your opinion is that area frustrated and upper back all the go ahead and take them there for us once we get to. DeMarco Murray Foster. That group of guys. We're not looking to jump into that -- the end of the first round early second round. We don't wanna be with those guys at that point so his questions are not change Giovanni Bernard going down there. There's just no way I'd wanna listen that but his list and I love children -- but I mean if you don't think Germany -- a potentially bad factor first fantasy value I don't think you can Jeremy it'll play enough. I wanna stay on this is is this is fascinating is we we're will be it like the really hyper draft season before we know at this is the way to count or excel but here's a question. The obvious the obvious replacement for many many years ago which is like everyone had their running backs on the top. And get to that that the end of that year the the obvious -- Which isn't accurate but but but didn't you think Jimmy is -- that. But back then back -- didn't go to the end of the second round I don't -- a multiple times. Yes I'm sorry to get some sense but now the obvious villain of the stud receivers that they're right -- and and occasionally when you have when when you know the when lightning strikes and got like a Glock and Graham and a -- how many there at the top -- here's my question which is. I think good fantasy football drafting practice has always been sickly land. Unless -- specifically when. The quarterback position is deep because people who tend to go early on the stud quarterbacks they really have trouble filling. -- the -- I just. -- didn't line up in you know hundreds of fantasy football league yet I can count the number of times somebody when quarterback earlier one on one hand. Yeah accurate. And -- has seen as well but here's the thing. With such as with such a gap. At the running back position to -- is -- -- the alpha backs vs kind of everyone else. Does that change at all. With the quarterbacks is the approach it does is not art each I would justified then you may be pushing up the value pushing up the -- on the quarterback or is that still apply. You know mind that that wait wait I -- it's it maybe it could be hit the but it politics short answer no. Our -- is no because the also receivers are worth more in the elite quarterbacks you in my opinion. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah if you look at them. It just look at big gap in productivity from the top flu like number eight. This was not even better look at the top six. Now I can get the number six quarterback. -- round after the first quarterback. And their pretend they're productive productivity gap over sixteen games is about twenty to thirty points. Do not -- right because can fill the holes more smartly -- with without -- -- maybe are now back to -- do you like yes. -- the -- like quantitatively if you are looking at that Peyton Manning as the top. Quarterback to -- and answer your question is no good because. This deep group of we're reducing the sort of alpha receivers has developed he's got this group of six or seven you know at the Marriott is in the you know in the Brandon and then now you have you know -- shot Jeffrey get in there and Julio Jones belongs that's what you don't show up healthy and Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant. You've got this group of very very good receivers right. You have a -- eight years ago. Yeah I had you basically yeah I thought -- had moss and you had it. -- it fits me one or two of the guys depending in the year TO whoever -- -- do you know that group has gotten better. So it is -- its opposite -- solid randomized on else on just such as and as. A cabinet have to do some shameless promotion if you go back and read our dynasty update on Michael Floyd last year yeah we basically said outrun -- -- Michael for the guys. According to become an -- and then -- -- -- there are both going to be in this group we're talking about. And now that I mention him Michael Floyd rate outlook underrated players in fanciful blown underrated -- -- incredibly underrated. Even my top thirty I've seen him go in the seventies it's been seen. Just for what it's worth. So I -- -- -- -- it as they start to you know build more closely to towards the draft. Beyond dynasty is that's what's it like hot right now in the coming off of the the NFL draft and all that stuff. Is -- adjusting to watch this picture get more more clear and it's it's always fun as fun exercise like July -- August to kind of compare. The trends of like what's hot. What the draft strategy is some of the names that popped up I I definitely feel a real shift in the way. It's gonna happen. This year just ownership -- just what do -- we're talking about -- kind of went of the marginalization. Of the running back position in the NFL. You know I mean I don't think they asked the alphabet. I think you're talking about is correct however I can shift really has been taken place the last couple years yeah. You know if you look at last year arm you know I -- ability. -- -- program a -- in the first round and a lot of credit it's not yet there's not a couple years actually not last year with crock took to the injury right and then. I can't imagine her casket being in the first for him this year as they say is completely quantity can actually doubters. But. I mean it clearly this thing has been going on now for a period of years and and you know there's -- I think some people have been slow to adjust but clearly those with receivers have jumped up. You know I think they're gonna go from the fringe of the first round to really getting into it this year yeah. You know you're gonna see two sometimes three receivers in the first round of the twelve team league and -- see more but they're usually there's usually going to be one or two builders and they're picking quarterbacks. I just feel like there's gonna be thanking you are a 100% right and we've. We do we -- and we see it and live it and and a jet either act on that or just do it but. I think this year it's I think that it's -- anymore a mass appeal. That wouldn't like more now that that's possible in this you know that the trend towards PP are scoring. You know. Puts a bit of an exclamation point on that yeah that's coming up related stated it increases that that for a bomb because to people who catch passes are working more. And it also. Increases that depth of these secondary running backs. Where -- don't -- back yet sure that would go the way people don't think about PP are scoring and think about how many running backs are relevant. You know you're too little of it would had a good example. You know and and this year it's -- you know -- -- -- Since in Tampa I mean I doubt he makes a huge impact this year because it had -- have been injured Doug -- definitely could. So yeah. Yeah you definitely have to keep your head on a swivel these days because. Depending on how teams use these are running backs. Is significant. -- archer Pittsburgh -- -- -- good example -- talking about now is technically a running back. And -- Dexter McCluster has been has been has been redefined as a running back and so guys like this if they start getting heavily involved in those offenses and are five catch per week players plus whatever productivity they come up with. -- -- Potentially appear to back yet you know this was so not the case. Ten years ago. I didn't have a goes to -- different positions and it. When you sign like -- don't have much are scoring back and right you see guys -- a couple of years ago you know taking snaps. In Minnesota and then -- doing all of the ball from Kansas City core Barcelona Austria Paterson it yet it's it's kind of changed the paradigm it's it's it's. It's always a fun time mrs. Obama it's a really really interesting time as the as the league is shifted. What I definitely think that you know there are a lot of people out there who would really prefer to be able to play the game the way they've learned to play it. But work does but the truth of the matter is that the NFL it's sort of a cyclical we graders you know. Revolution and then counter revolution the offense still felt in the defense -- rule change happen -- -- Tennessee football -- strategies or encourage reflect. The changes that the NFL's undergoing some and it's it's it's you're never going to be villagers say this is gonna be an offensive philosophy for the rest of my fantasy career. But he can do it but can pocket -- Yeah that's not the constitution of the -- need to write it just and overcome right. You must you must take your personal petitioners had absolutely. So and so okay so one of the the biggest. Policy change such change at all but it that -- one of the several solutions we always -- it would never. The and Google Canada the most -- subtle. Evolution has been just the and to the emergence of the NFL thing at passing -- And with that in mind he put up the quarterback projections for 2014. The article launch this morning. It's an interesting list -- what what what strikes me is. As I look through the list -- lifted this morning you know. So I see about nineteen or twenty quarterbacks that can really have an impact on the Tennessee pastor. Messed up I mean I taught you about yesterday I mean right now I have. Combo radio thirteen. Let's talk now we are WL I don't know let's let's let's let's be honest I have him one behind me and bill. And they are separated by. -- at 3579. Brady decrease of 576. Right up take -- pick a decade. Arm and then obviously once again we're putting -- -- -- to try to get it in the people's mind to make a point. This -- an option for you yeah and we're not telling people trapped Johnny -- this year. That will make sure that you don't have the mindset I'm not gonna draft. Johnny mental issues. I know it's different but I it's a Glock a few years ago at thirteen and it really paid off against the ball lost but I got them. That's absolutely and I think. Our push quarterback has always been. We that the position at the draft. Don't try to get the best quarterback election gets to a value position. You what you want if you want to break out guy in the middle rounds. One Aaron Rodgers the year he broke out. You know so it. Have to look at what it will be undervalued players where the guys who can give me delete production without paying an elite price. That's what I want. Now for us this year. Stafford right now probably that guy. Probably now is it is Rodney Leisle. Well -- is just you know and last year he was pigeon -- the last couple years they're had a lot of injuries he's had a lot of bad press about the mechanics of marble block. I think the general public consensus front Stafford is actually bore hole. You know how good he actually is. Slow starts to the end but now he's got still got -- -- -- still got Pettigrew -- out but that's a big help but they bring in -- when they bring in you brought in addition to that plus Golden Tate. Any -- before touchdown Fauria this too and. And whether Fauria is a role player it's. You know even guys like during his role players embroiled -- coming back -- -- this year and Reggie Bush is very they're bringing you the old -- system. So that offense. With Stafford and all of those weapons and many people really underestimate in my opinion -- and you happen to agree on this one. Golden Tate now like I think the Golden Tate is completely helpful -- yeah and Stafford so. -- -- hand he has been handcuffed did in Seattle has just didn't do what. -- -- the order offence the kind of way that he could excel and I think Detroit's a place he excels. -- -- -- -- from purely statistical point I think I agree keep -- I mean I think he was clearly the best receiver in Seattle. You know what part of being outlawed here as. You know -- absences -- different kind of talent but undue use. I think if everybody was only used -- -- out of there right ran the ball they -- they were so injured. There's so few quality options. Because you know they lose right surely any of these lose heart literally in the in the year. And so they didn't really have big depth at receiver but you know isn't it ironic. That we you know everybody including us sits around talks about how it's evolving into a passing league improbable blocked and some of the best teams in football Seattle you can empowerment falsely before. I did. Have to admit there's some irony there there's probably a few lessons to be learned in there. I guess what and that the patriots play their best ball and they reality had to rely on blunt you know to get it done Foreman. You know and and and really Ron Ron Ron -- C nine years. I'm sure if it's and again I don't I'm not questioning via the whole evolution of the game I think it's it's it makes sense but again people. I think one of buried a running back position prematurely. I think the running back position is still. A very important position I think -- -- use it correctly. Like Seattle and San Francisco can still be the best teams in the league you you know so. -- just adding to their pilots within the draft there's there's no one way to win but you know it's. Hey I definitely think. The one thing that's never changed in football and it never will is that it all starts from the trenches yup. You know. Yet -- of an offensive line like the Chicago Bears in 2012 you are dead. Did the sweet Immelman at. And San Francisco they remind outline -- -- -- your credit because they do have good counter offensive line but they had a lot of injuries last year and they just. They used those power backs to just keep pounding on teams in the news that the defense. And you know I don't insane if a long time and I finally feel vindicated -- Pete Carroll beautiful book -- you know a lot of people like to focus on. You know the different aspects of his personality for example jets fans will never let that Pete Carroll basketball court co -- It was like a huge mistake that he made how could he put a basketball court. But the training facility -- calories it's. Erica whatever what happened what happened in New England would get a barbecue and that was a big deal it's amazing what people choose to care about them. We're pretty good at that appeared to but you know I -- departed last week people freaking out you know our mid day I knew mid -- show features Christian Fauria Joseph -- is uncle. Good patriots or Patriot Act of pages where the current literally as he does. -- don't get soup and he said the other day is that the topic of man's own thing is Timothy was like. I played in -- solved in the locker room retirees to. He got drafted he's had a good time that's OK it's at a good time. It's amazing that we expect these people stop being human. It's I mean I. I would college athlete and I'm not a very big time -- deadly at all we're talking about sports school tennis yet but I mean. We didn't stop being a college student night. Just because we're playing a sport I still went out I still the good times are but I didn't miss practice right you know so to me to meet until the -- -- -- College guy who played sporty. You know we don't sustain people. I've never heard that Johnny football wasn't there practice that he didn't show up that he wasn't doing do diligence and football player. One tell you I started hearing that. It's all just. Nonsense. I agree -- one day of two days in July is gonna sweat all that out anyway. That cultural impact of papers and balance and make it into credit. He's just kind of similar to how does -- what are we working overtime how much work we cover. Yeah Olympic gold. Probably should go five minutes let's go ten if you -- know that. That's what I like about jackets armed. And well let's let's let's. Evident once set for 12 let me let me toggle back to visit dynasties and I don't wanna close with some of these quarterbacks. I just because it is just because we haven't built. Air since the draft. I discuss sort of scroll through and -- The 65 minutes and we'll watch Casey struck I think is a guy -- that I just. -- because I I was -- -- to -- the brain a few minutes ago because you know in the dynasty rankings there -- a lot of running backs there and that's kind of how we got national conversation but these are. Lot of running backs however what do notices they're not all jammed up to the top of the rankings like they would normally -- You you go back to the guys we've done silly -- years ago. And you look at the top ten at least seven running back in the quarterback receiver media tight -- some degree came right. Now it's spread around yeah others running backs up their -- One of the few people put a quarterback in the first round at play here receivers do and I it's I'm not mistaken five over top six or receive. Well let me -- popular ATF -- the listeners understand they deduct the dynasty rookie rankings. On -- a bond right here the running backs Carlos tied at number two we talked about him. Bishops Anke act running back at Tennessee I love him because. -- and -- its unique short term value yeah. Well OK if you take and take your -- that's OK it's just understand that we do see ideas being the big stud player any year to. And we tend to sort of go that way -- the other big factor what I think is we trust Jim Harbaugh and the truth about peace organization a whole lot more than we trust the tight right. Did the deed the shiny object this Anke because he's in a situation where -- at the job basically yeah we do think the -- about Beckett back and we talked -- that pre draft -- darker Dovonte Freeman in Atlanta a similar situation with Stephen -- coming -- an injury. Freeman the guy we like we -- he was underrated the reason he's so high in the dynasty though is -- same thing we were saying all through the pre draft process which is these are all. For the most part location backs meeting where they go its key Freeman caught a break. Yeah Atlanta you know -- going to be hurt you know that's probably if there's good since Jackson going to be hurt. There's an even better chance city's old because he is on the you know so that's the thing he caught the break he goes to a team with a great downfield passing game. And perhaps a vacancy at the starting job within the next year so Freeman -- became very valuable. The second. He became a -- and obviously liked him anyway. But just to give you an idea what I'm talking about let's take parents west. Went to Cleveland there's going to be behind take at least in the beginning right. If he had gone to the falcons. Can -- be number one. Or number two and that's how crucial this stuff compared to exit. You know high school in the -- now and I -- brought up keystrokes -- -- just. Yeah as a sort of grim number fourteen and you dynasty ranking -- -- -- She's config I've seen going in like the Ford stepped around a dynasty draft a text and egged it well he competed in different you know you personally got to know your league. And you got to know what you need you want you to you need to know and I in a position to take a chance. Write downs of this destructive it is it is -- he's like. You know he's a home run hitter he's peaked at twenty minutes. And he -- oil into the water. Don't mean so he didn't you pick you're in position to say if you don't like. I sure could use a real big upside play at running back and I'm willing to take -- chance of missing this is the guy. You know so we we put an -- to make sure people saw it consists of Cuba yeah you know what. -- upside. The other factor receive truck is what you do not buy the long term viability -- I was just gonna say that announced on the -- so right. Immigrants and we just don't and I know there's a lot of counter opinion to that and I'm you know. But based on what we've heard gruden say -- to come buying. Based on what we've seen them say in terms of scheme they're being polite about. The old scheme is obviously they're taking over Shanahan and that is a great improvement -- Kubiak -- thing. But it's not prudent -- And it while I do think also Morse and have a substantial role this year I don't think it's going to be when it was under Shanahan and long term I think he could be. In trouble especially. If -- comes in at adapts well. And if it's essential comes in and start picking up the pass protection stuff and it's catching the ball well oh man I mean is he's got all kinds of potential. By the same token he's a guy who has struggled mentally he left -- -- so he's you know he's an enigma and mystery wrapped that are little. I would say this I think a lot of the guys and you dynasty listed running back we've cut we've covered. So. I cannot move on -- -- jump ahead but as a -- what kind of talk about. As I do it yet I was gonna say my favor insurance salesman Paul Richardson -- out of a yellow gold dates gone and done we. Covered Richardson I think everybody who has the podcast knows we were big fans Paul Richardson I think he's. The next coming of DeSean Jackson but with a better attitude just that's just my personal take in the -- I think he's that good. But what I think Richardson the story of Richardson for me is the story of the Seahawks. And the way they do it and I'm not a huge Seahawks fan but if you don't respect the way do things. You're not saying it -- relax in February says that this I mean basically they traded back to get Paul Richardson you know. And then they and then in the fourth round they got Kevin Norwood. -- cool we think can start right away. Now when the Super Bowl champions are drafting receivers in the fourth round and that's their position in need and they're getting guys could start right away some prices. Well and let's underscore had done on the team I root for his digestive -- Saunders out of Oklahoma who by the way we really like the feisty did. It's not a 164 contests. In the fourth around his neck. -- gimme a break. Anyway. We move onto the -- the one rookie I do wanna talk about before we go history -- I think people are underestimating his potential. I do think his rookie year could be a work in progress could be Randall -- scenario where it's. Second year break out. There are. Questions about his ability -- the injury but the ability. For the Steelers to use -- archer. As a chess piece to create mismatch this is something I think the general football world is asleep on what just throw that out. Yeah and I think in that game in Dave's. Pittsburgh is shown an ability to do that over the years and -- they'll use the pieces they have. What other people so he could be the next Randall well. Well maybe the blood if if if this kid can stay healthy you can build a lot better Randall. Now since you like -- of more than that has been right and I'm not trying to destroy an oil output but it can -- -- to -- I mean. And reds also was never poured -- eight -- slash us. But this kid is the match up nightmare because his quickness and his speed. And their ability to just move around to do -- to put him outside. So what we do we consider that they've already got a nice talented roster the ability did you bring him in as a satellite gimmick kind of player -- man. And if he showed the ability to be able to handle it and take -- Then he could develop into the -- brokerage kind of. Just. -- that and I -- Wes Welker little wrong speed. The nice I mean wrong -- fortune you know fluctuates -- That's pretty that's an awfully interest in Blair looks like dogs he -- I think -- is a guy where yes. People are correct to say rookie year we don't know what we're gonna -- yet but I think people are missing his potential if he can stay healthy and it's cement. Are we do a couple minutes we keep. A couple minutes on the QB's the QB -- -- projections are out. Come up on -- dot com we touched on Stafford -- a little bit on Andrew Luck or -- from a historical standpoint debt strapped. And you get to keep saying man it's it's it's the -- yes I mean Robert Griffin is our seventh guy. But they expect what I read -- -- the center so here's what I write out and you can make up -- number you want the trust protections don't I mean I could throw that just about any kind of number for this guy and it's possible. You know. This -- it was going to be -- availability. You know gruden is not gonna come in and create a scheme that is not friendly to RG three if anybody who thinks that's gonna happen -- -- It happened. Stanza it extends out to me he is a look at the top ten. Is they're all little different you know I -- Let we let anyone and it's worth noting that we had -- won without considerable step back. Statistically right it is totally got -- -- down more than ten yeah we've got -- yardage down you know it's 500 or so yards. So. You know we brought mending down -- he's still number one. Yet and yet that's that's what a freak years last year was but yeah. To migrate a point you know Manning one Rodgers to Stafford three Newton for breezed five blocks six. Right and -- it's outrageous that people understand. Pencils and Andrew Luck is -- six. 308 or even aggressive at 382 -- -- -- eight at 381 these guys are all essentially the same yeah its depressed. It's -- -- you're talking about the top eight quarterbacks being separated from 408. Just 381. Right. Total points yeah. Think about that. And you get cap predicted 378 so. In the top ten but just listen but as I can't retreat sixty trapped -- just it's it's interesting Munich it's physically like from five to ten breezed -- Griffin. Foale's. Russell Wilson -- project. Right all the do you make good points and the different part a -- and try to explain what I mean by that. We have also -- ranks fairly high. The reason we don't the reason they're probably not gonna be ranked up with the elite is because of the division they play it right. I don't know how excited I am about starting Wilson against the niners were -- against the Seahawks they're gonna be weeks where even though there. QB once I might wanna poll them just because if I have a really good back up. You know going against a light defense. I might wanna do at any given week you're never gonna pull breeze you're never gonna pull Rogers in man. Omelet or lock. But the thing is distraught class allows you to say hey you know what all the way. I'm gonna -- significantly. Under the pick Russell Wilson in the seventh or eighth round. Okay and then a couple -- later with a comeback Gregg Cutler. And I feel very good with Wilson color against -- -- over sixteen weeks and what about -- I think. Nothing and you know it like to take a step further. You can wait till twelve with a you know maybe 1112 with deteriorate and. -- you can take it. You can take this step past that he can wait even longer take Roethlisberger takes over -- -- -- I had no role. -- path now -- may have been dealt a general was different outlook is now you have to really think about it now I have to have a plan B and maybe even a Plant City. You know but because I'd rather put this political groups in the back surgery that sir I'm sort of worried about Romo yet but it's to help these great but. Yeah that guy has taken some big -- Yes but you know what's going. Last year rivers is like 25 announced fifteen they can change committee. She's a -- especially when -- had a couple touchdown passes can move you up three spots yet no doubt. It's very impressed that states check out -- -- I don't what does that mean to people are drafting. It means is to blame it means you almost irrational let everybody nearly take two quarterbacks before you take one right. You just can't get boxed out at the position. You may have a but the quarterback you definitely want to upgrade. But did not get it you're not gonna have a problem we want to -- Philippines and he. Not give a little advice to as we knew that we aren't WEEI dot comes in knowing a lot of pats fans listening to them if you're homer leak. Let someone I'll stick Brady because there's a lot of people out there it's true -- this aren't you can. -- under New England fan. And you're not in a New England week. Yeah which this can -- you don't wait until Brady on the cheap you get the best of both worlds exactly united of the holy hand -- back into -- Nobody gets revenue and I think that says that at. Monty Python fans out there. Well weather is -- but -- we do when Brady was having his career year with the you're had a actual item in our league so we. We call him only candidate that you can do literally just put him in the lineup and you want -- straight. Watch the points pile up as like the bombs dropping on my opponents want to. To underscore the point we made earlier in the show it didn't it to a playoff. Now did you can't have that -- probably try to -- our quarterback for sixteen weeks and that's Tennessee's season you know who won that -- -- your route. Much better to have a balanced things -- Depth depth and that's -- if you go to royal -- dot com you can see. 100 dynasty players ranked. You seeing projections for the positions and come rolling out. Day by day week by what we chose the draft and the player universe is a really large is -- not the. It is good for the universe up yet that's coming in the next couple weeks we're gonna get all of the different I -- we -- with the quarterbacks today. I mean I do cornerback predictions first -- really all the other projections -- From the quarterback projections and extent so -- up we'll probably do the receivers next and then the back I think. That'll be in the next week or so and somewhere in that same timeframe of may be right after we put up -- first player universe they'll probably have like our top 400 players. That sounds great that -- great so we'll look -- good front here it is and so so check over wrote -- -- dot com and you'll like get all that info as T. Pumps it up and as we get closer. To -- on mini camp and in training camp for football. The at the WEEI suite of Tennessee football pox is only going to increase you know about the in season stuff with the with the rankings in the starts it's in the waiver wire -- chats on Sunday it's growing and that could be a big announcement coming. Not any day with deny that we will keep you. Two didn't -- dialed into self. I have my apologies to anybody last week I expect we didn't do the show -- register. You probably still hear my voice I would just look it up for. Yeah watches film and it's stuff work and you really want to I want to run what do you know how pathetic -- that's an an arms dilute my voice screaming at my kids ask us. It's so innocent so there's no continuity no I don't know how can. Not I hear that so anyway if you know didn't really I don't mobile. They're mobile I'm okay I'm wanted to get what happens to have -- walking around in just clapping all the noise behind yeah. In about three months you're just yet you know you can do tie them together. You literally don't like it over so roper underweight so they can't get more than like ten feet apart. The policy is that anybody -- -- synagogue room. Have my or and it sounds like an idea jeans -- tiger I might have liked my friend Michael I wanna US Bancorp with my diplomats yet. He -- twin brother Dan is that when they were really young and they're like three they used to run up the front door they each got a different direction. -- can't get this kind of analysis anywhere else hey come on come on we can't predict how powerful going to do one minute of twin nets and that's -- a little time. And to stop listening. I'm dignity maybe our producer could edit this part of the show are behind the united limits of the digital three digit. So are wrapping up so when you wanna get to that the best analysis that can possibly get in great depth. And how it translates the fantasy roster I'm telling you check out -- dot com Pete's got you covered and those those. Now rankings and reports and becoming day by day as I said BI suite of Tennessee football products are going to be growing and growing as we get closer to not kick off some fun. It's going to be a really good -- I think July August and the iron and it's going to be great to do not really department. Yet and a lot of fun. And dumb I will be keeping you updated it to follow to follow when the podcast and when the launches of the articles and what we're gonna be doing with the EI and wrote upon how that connects. Follow us on Twitter that's the best way to do it at wrote a bond that's -- handle. I'm Matt wrote a bond -- some gonna pump but all of this information. And can wrap it up and hold big guy big present with a ball on it tonight here podcasts so comeback thanks for tuning in fix our friends at Mohegan Sun. And would it be Deng and he's out more more more as you start to get into football season Pete thanks Mick and it's. Absolutely got to do this next week -- should do an actual time did you mean not right. My buddies take care.

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