WEEI>On Demand>>Deion Branch, former Pats WR: Pats didn't reach out to me: 5-30-14

Deion Branch, former Pats WR: Pats didn't reach out to me: 5-30-14

May 30, 2014|

Deion Branch joins MFB to discuss last season and if the Patriots ever contacted him to return to the team, why he signed with Indy, and if the Colts asked him for any information leading up to the game.

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Talk to pitchers still of the 1 o'clock hour of MF be -- days -- MFB Maloney Fauria and bans. An insult to every day and night 37 WEEI WEEI Sports Radio network. As promised joining us right now -- -- or patriots wide receiver Deion Branch with us here -- 937 -- how laureate thanks for joining -- -- its first week. All court are you you're beyond man what are you up -- that you drive it from Indy. We are lower real hurt your remark -- a summary armed robbery -- -- direct. Well beyond. Human hair and a lot of stop blocked oxman a talking about Tom Brady his window. Based on your experience with him and you still well now -- still have a release -- with him now what do you think realistically his window -- -- I go until it would -- eternity ago there and then and detonate it area. Open about it. Before it. From our -- Very. I doubt already spread to Europe that he has to put our people but that's absurd -- -- -- Baghdad. They deal we were talking a lot of vote -- a guy like Eric dobbs as they came up at some -- kind of hard on him and it's it will really haven't seen a young wide receiver. With the patriots really since you -- the kind of rookie years and they were kind of similar. What was it like for -- year one year two in what can you expect maybe for a guy like -- given that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Unfortunately. I think the guy. There it is true. I'm glad he's part of the picture book early and a lot of guys ever go to prepare you. I don't -- it. In -- so but I think. It will be a lot better. Yet he is where. He noted he knows what it take to beat the principle -- -- -- -- go -- great respect it's it's very cute or. Dion do you think it should be a priority for the patriots to try to get Andre Johnson now under the core or is that not important that this team. Oh. You know participate. I've -- so far out of the -- you first. It's always great great that particular process that would be a great day. -- it is basically -- it and that you know that beat them and you know corporate tickets are not -- -- -- -- Let. Deeper than it goes my but it I love to put stricter upbeat. In opener from the deficit down -- it would -- it. With this group of guys. You know there -- a lot of the prayer -- vote to bring our period all called for order. If you get prepared well. Yeah I'd say if the price was right if they're not mortgage in the future they get -- -- under the cap and re -- it. -- that they get a better rate it will be grateful for that. You know I think they'll be great dad -- you know -- -- -- on the anecdote that he would do in our think they'll be great. They'd be out what makes this offense. It's obviously changed a couple times but at its core its -- -- what what makes is often so tough for young receivers in particular. To grasp why does it take them longer to figure out in a free agents who come in wiser glory of those guys to figure out the system. I'll read it if -- -- not -- who are older thank. It's worth it is it is all or don't regard for Larry. You know there at that mark -- got. It it bit into that people think that -- You know they get -- -- a -- -- -- -- day every week. And -- in -- at what we practice and even now feature article -- -- is a great coming at the wide right. Or at least get a a matter of information. You know got you know -- or are automatic bill -- because ended the man on the is it wicked the -- -- you know and expect -- -- But -- -- we go on. You are the carpet go to -- -- -- -- and deputy. You know. You know it don't they might be regarded. As -- I mean it may be and hear their work. It's got to -- Where. All of our state -- to get credibility gap. Quote oh yeah. You deal last year a lot of the wide receivers were going down for Brady and there's just a lot of youth that we get a lot of calls you know. Where is the -- where is Deion Branch and it and it showed up because signing with Indianapolis my question do you is. Did the patriots. Reach out to you during an all last year. -- you know. Well you know I'll put it that way you know weird you know I would love to go Beckett and adopted these there. Our big oil split state you can reach out and not prepared to -- ultimately. I think. A little -- that you. Are that. It. Report. -- -- There's it was a report I'm -- at one point when -- -- well the Brady actually reached out to you in -- -- yet you still wanna play. He talked you. -- vote to. But it Tom -- I'll reach out to. It. He -- -- I act on these ballots got to take. I agree I got a lot of respect -- Ignored it portrait that -- -- -- -- you know all the quality. My health is more or anything so that's -- they say you know I know what -- -- some etiquette. That I. You partnership public a mile or so it would go out about it. I would targeted Deion Branch here -- now. Because when you did so with the -- -- before that game. A lot of people around here click on the -- this -- it is just doesn't feel right for you was that is part of I'm not gonna wanna play some more and and do you wanna continue even this year. That followed that Ottawa who ordered. It's a market that now. You know any doubt about that guy. Where there are these guys. Say. They know what's coming is -- player who. I really big that they -- -- -- there are port target I think adopters -- because the -- out of our debate. I've still got a lot to get it yet so well. Any debt problem -- -- -- -- -- -- around with the guys but I would say that what one -- and equal. Are there. And didn't take my kids who every day. You know or around -- and other albeit it's it's it's all Arctic here and there. And it and on the right. I thought -- -- out but it it was like he had a -- It but what I. At the right to feel realistic is sitting at that you are really did you know I'd -- -- story. It will be it a lot with the guys that the suspect -- really. What do look. Once we get the cart it like it. Yet at the I don't I left the page that went to the Washington Redskins the first thing they they did with me sit me in around. And Joseph -- peppered me with questions about the operative calls the colossus the mentality of the coaches now. Indianapolis Colts do the same thing. They didn't do. A bit and -- they did analysts. Also -- And -- -- -- present them with secular. Certainly the bank that would agent that. We were recovered it also. It if not I'll bring you. A charter. It typically -- used to. Be very certainly got a great. If you don't -- in -- now figured out there are well there's one individual area. I can't help you pay. In two brigades. Not one -- You get dumped not billion hey how well I they're bigger replace their -- to build up. You guys are gonna have the guys who play football so broke probably opt for. Andrew Luck Tom Brady you Tom Brady when he was young quarterback you're seeing Andrew Luck as a young quarterback. Can you compare the two real quickly. You're. It had been Cabrera with the -- -- is. There on the -- almost immediately. But I would figure -- on the air out of it. Or -- the rate at saint July. Government leaders. And though brigade out of government are literate you don't trade -- -- -- to -- -- the they'll eat -- recorder -- He's in the article -- 48. Or Robert in Britain. In the day. In -- he dealt with it doesn't matter if I like in my that you could break or be wondered after -- -- -- and with a two part question here for -- -- -- address if you would please the two main -- tree -- conversation we had today the first of which is for the patriots Smart to get -- drop below in the second round as as Bob Kraft said yesterday disaster insurance for Tom Brady. As the first question the second one is. Vegas says that the patriots are going to be well they have their win total set at over four under ten and a half wins. Where would you go over under ten half the patriot win total this season. Are they open. -- -- Over their over -- these other guys don't know dot I I think they went division attendance six wake up there on that with eleven -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- probable LB draft was that Smart. I'll let some sport you know those -- -- -- you know alert that the government are apparently. I think they're able court. They have to do in the -- They are -- what they did. -- it and you know another young quarterback. But it could become that level -- the ballot it got it. -- deteriorate. 800 ago Arctic secretive. It does that make it makes move it set up for it. -- -- -- -- listen and I appreciate you coming on the call on a Friday have a safe drive -- or talk and you again ladies dinner with the great. The one and only Deion Branch. Regarding where there are. Yeah branch Foreman during the patriots are 937 WE IWBI's. Sports Radio network some.

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