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Answer the question Kirk: Best excuse to get out of bed? 5-30-14

May 30, 2014|

Kirk answers anything and everything.

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Finally and at last good questions from our techsters. They they they use -- proud that they may be -- answer the question Kirk. Is brought to buy moxie so distinctly different just like -- man. Live your life with moxie and drink one day we'll start with a the view from 30000 feet Kirk. What if anything bothers your wife and family the most. About the things you say on DNC and has anybody asked you to stop. Talking about certain things and job yes yes they have failed. -- -- -- -- again I think my kids just don't listen they want to get to watch sometimes on TV and have their breakfast in the morning commute on a hot. Because daddy sometimes does some things that -- -- explained it like a real suburban -- my wife and I want you definitely don't listen when they're eating oatmeal pretty well particularly. And -- right -- up from twenty years she. Understands them she's she's had lived with me for players. Are Kirk who is the most talented member of the Boston media. And it was the least. Talented member of the Boston media in Europe it's hard to be good on television to make an impact on TV on the radio and in print a lot of people do that -- one of them were to meet you will most talented. The least not a member of the media. One name I guess roach. Probably and I think by the pick -- over. -- right and all don't. Dumb have you heard the open has one talking about Roche. -- I would say Hagerty -- forget the obvious -- Fred not sure I don't you -- winning five straight games and asked Donovan well our talent is there a lot of archery at the next and the most talented it's an intimate. -- that is who can't say his cell most talented. I thought it was good yeah I know you know I know he digs homer for the patriots. What cart is entertaining thing on television that show is good that he's he's as a picture really good -- And -- -- on the radio enjoyment he loses focus at a couple of hours he admits that companies can't count -- watchers say you know I can't you know like ten to -- he's become my favorite columnist -- very good calm. -- radio. Would be. Meet Perot. Used to be different in the other day who was. Talk and Boston I can't say that it's and they Stephen Hayes. Gets 27 dawn of meter. Most of the car. Multimedia star right. -- -- The best TV in Boston is never on TV anymore and that's Mike Adams. TV directors and executive at expert. To speak for what it's like thing like like to show. You tonight. We want to time a six there. I Kirk who is the hottest girl you -- bank decides who -- much -- life. It was it of course obviously. There was a all my god this girl was awesome she was in LA she was. A legitimate for them into those gross taught I'm -- -- -- her name. But she was an aspiring actress who fell into the -- hand. Well yes she got she got sucked in by alcohol and yet yet legitimately bad eyesight. We -- back to apartment she lived there with her roommate in a lot of money she was also. She shall we debate you said we sleep in the same bed every ball. It was one of those rare -- and I. It's a credit for pumps. From Baghdad -- it sets a record the cement bag for you. He looked like them much more attractive. Much with a full chested Annette -- and prime member Leo you're very Q. And Peter -- To read it it's a legitimate nine where she's -- this fall to. -- Well but he what's the closest you've overcome cheating and actually. -- com. Ever ever come close yet early does that mean. I think urging never you never know mavericks -- masters famous at me -- thanks the other side we've been talking up prison people behind bars for later this stuff if you're behind bars. And you were forced to play the game while -- would you be a picture. Or capture -- you know. Who would choose to be an obvious candidate who is you have to get a throw I think a good guy openly if you. Just start the game and -- all rounds I think I would just go ahead depending on the W that it I'd get my ass -- the Buick and different to say beat me to. He say in their forty years since you did so well officiating your Brothers and -- If you were called upon at those funerals to provide the eulogy. What would be the opening line and he knows eulogy from the mouth and I would look at all the ladies assembled affront to me it's okay now. You're free. And that you can go live that life and you -- life you re run the -- Well it's a sign. That was what was that question. On repeat on eulogy first line casinos similar I was gone and there's. Does he work -- -- for over a year what's the most interesting thing you learned about some -- noble. I'll say this of which while bad things like it's been absent. As. He is. In extremely generous guy to be fair he's always offered to -- you stopped off always offered the paper stuff. I don't -- his charitable guy individually he's a much more generous guy met body that's huge that's fair Jerry. The most interesting thing you learned about him. About about flower Friday which I didn't flower -- -- a -- -- but the mandatory other. I didn't know about the various central the Romanian made in his cell they'll happen -- Do you have a problem not having your name on the Dennis Allen Jim -- got this -- them locked -- -- a couple emails since the new and it shows started -- -- -- and there's people on that with their names doable think of risen to levels I have this city. Why do I feel a little bit slighted for months ago is said no today -- through -- -- -- had yet I feel like you've thought about it now which is suggestion for a name you its its okay calm. -- and as a brand I appreciate that. Actually. I do -- -- doesn't it doesn't. It bothers -- but it does now. Before -- -- -- didn't bother me host them mentally it's cubic -- of article by -- ticket that typically you can have come up with a solution lot of Smart guys just replied that bitch about them why can't just do. The see him indium now audience he has done but done but that's a talent is the show. So hot and we had an -- Q did the score and sometimes disgruntled about Dennis and Callahan with Kirk -- come up part of the show featuring. That you'll hop part RL too long to get -- and or start to arrive at it what is the best excuse. And find best and -- one that you used to leave a woman after -- I mean -- -- listener of good times. Also know that's not true what tubs and another LA boy. Currently twenty times five times -- -- whose career. One time I left I said I had to go get Springsteen tickets which is why it is best that you can pick a city or selling -- he thinks. That day I have to go show what time it's our tickets. Going on sale Saturday 730 that's a -- I didn't she was. Not to -- Charlize there. You as a monster at that time ago yet it's of those questions to be somewhat better if we didn't answer the question -- now. I had to give you could talk to which a friend who Mike -- Germany France and -- us a great story the ugly girl to dinner yeah. And it was raining up there and they got busy Brian in this -- ever get Bryant -- -- Bela. What -- name -- changed -- bright -- and anti and they got the parking lot. Like the first heard about Bryant Jason talk -- -- Anyway -- -- parking lot monthly led to another and you lose. Pretty -- got a really wanted. Two and threatening to drive to the front door ready willing privacy that we don't get wet and got a car into the restaurant below par. It's still there are having a replica. He's living -- -- -- Barbara why -- Ohio for an extra pounds are fine. He's very that is a really frightening. In my last -- -- I recently heard the a lot of long distance runners when they're out for a run. Well occasionally. Stop in somebody's -- yard and drop a -- Have you ever done that. Not open I have because I was you know me I was deprived -- -- -- my faith -- -- little -- little pilot aipac wipes yes. Zug a walk from trail running some of the -- Colorado office ticket dumped there yet who if we gonna do if -- three miles out in the halls. When you're running. It sucked the turtle back and forth the whole point. You kids that if there's decreased because of our friends from the up early in those movies that. If there's a torpedo. Attack -- -- right yes I -- -- -- that trail. Animals to what's different -- -- if you're doing -- the question is if somebody's yard and I enough about being in Paris it's time to caught at least double a couple of quick ones you don't worry about the wrath of god never good. -- -- -- -- -- -- I've never -- but that ever. What kind of -- wasn't. It was darker I don't remember what was mangled answer yeah interracial. Yen level you would done with -- did -- down the drain in the trash. Summit. But it it went it went in the act an average hacker went and the yelling -- the last incinerator right I mean in the and lastly this is -- proposal. Buildings you know. Frank and don't don't honest yeah I -- and that's what do you think hungry. Of the lame Promos that now run every break and be. Not my favorite I don't think they're good. You. I think they're wonderful news I mean but that's another it's gonna -- called on the office again they're not my favorite. It's that's -- -- -- -- but that doesn't mean that I'm right I can definitely be wrong but I think we get a lot of feedback on I think people think it doesn't fit. With the temperature of the issue right kind of childish. And I think it's we're not we don't do. Look at that think they're trying -- folks trying hard as they -- rise as at that we're trying to I think we have a solution. Dennis including Callahan and -- otherwise. Addicts. That's got -- including Callahan and -- so subtle run DMC if the policy is that he's gonna wanna do run DMC. You get. Screwed I'm -- and you think of me is I'm not -- ones in the eyes of management -- per -- I would say it's all it's higher or lower lower -- -- gone for a week yeah it was called in the boss' ups every single day I would say. Tweak it meets -- actually -- back there because. Minute hand needs structure at least actually the four. Days it was called in the most the fifth they had the flu bug all that's right yeah yeah no I don't -- or they made him sick yes. Never. I don't do that the heat -- supporter cafe we feel sick yes mistake much much was this buzzer beaters next.

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