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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Jenny Dell leaves NESN 5-30-14

May 30, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Headlines brought to you by precision fitness equipment shop where the pros do precision fitness equipment. We start the inside track. My first destination always get the two papers from enemy to lectured on at morning it's part yeah yeah. -- -- departure from NASA yesterday was no surprise to pals. We saw the former Red Sox out of reporter struggling between her job covering the team. -- her love life with third baseman we'll Miller Brooks he tells her everything. She's friends with all the wives said one FOJ. -- -- -- Jenny correct but nobody on the team really trusted him or her was just too close for comfort -- one. They don't trust him I didn't notice this is that this has had not heard that from any. And yet on the short order a source right yup. But nobody on the team really trusted him or her it was just too close for comfort because he tells her everything. He officially broken stories and I'll learn a tugboat blurred line until -- -- -- that he tells her everything and she's friends with all the wives. But does any -- it's king -- -- you're just stuck in a situation. So we don't know where she's grown either managed now as another -- landing spot we don't know where it is jealous -- -- job hunting since the change of assignments but she wanted to remain in Boston to be with -- Or options were limited. She left NASA yesterday without new -- -- Gary rolling. Speaks in its attracted to -- -- -- delve mutually agreed that this is the right time for her to explore other opportunities full time. Sit Roy today's elastic the network that was yesterday's search is underway for replacement on nests in sports today -- -- which beat. MF BD. Who layups. Which again I have people from Iran notes call what's called the as the end I was the highest got lucky from market -- through joke. -- I I love my job. But you're working every day so you've got eight pass. I doubt any -- get from October February off site at W -- has invited job if it does not eligible for our jobs in this -- week. -- -- Shia area that don't get me some license well really the worst it truly that many how many teams there are death list he's at the notches in his -- that yeah I so that's the big one idea it was just assets that I didn't I like -- -- -- -- if you time she's very nice. General no I saw it need -- my dead. It's much -- me all right instantly black hearted about growth -- about -- dog is back tonight I think rightly so. And we wish him well -- optimism and you've failed in that one of contrite anybody German. Fan boy like you but that was trying to get rid of Grammy in their other people have been critical to continue the work. How much he still work that's true yeah maybe get him suspended -- -- and it does help you have a bet but but yes so. Players that would always expanded. It's your right for a while about and maybe some Iraqis over there yet but you know the other being raised the right at the time off Hampshire well. Was missing so basically. Nice aggression to show -- Koresh. Might. Mention it since it's. Give -- like he looks like you know let's go to waste and away rip entangling behind the scenes as a -- and way and a four. Forget when an excitement elements of the so basically what it is just a dumb at -- The players are mad because a scorer on the road -- -- their frigid -- I don't get that from them they should be -- not -- what did you get from he tells her everything she's friends with all the wives. -- -- put two and two together why's that hurtful. It's not follow his fault. NYC what happened the Geico. And take players a place like he's younger and cheese and I can dish it cougar for a police had some hot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Surely you he was in the pocket we interviewed him he was dating a couple W your leader and dumped her virginity. Well. You're gonna make at least. Awhile for awhile sounds like true love. And earnest in what could have a whole reality show that she will she be like. You don't David -- group from the -- and gentlemen -- say. Wanna marry you I wanted to Merriam Major League ball player -- usually settled now. -- it is tough -- -- rock COLT. Do you think she could do okay. Whether it's ball players' names of people -- I think she fallen on sure she would really want to put. Big fat so works you know. Here for shipment to wind up with that Buchholz -- -- -- -- that -- probably door by the way I was sure well. She's. Well nothing dancer but. -- -- tie last night in the Scripps national spelling bee competition with outlook controversy. But they very strange ending to -- legendary melt. One of the worst. Bloopers I think are ready. In history would you say is it's obvious it's costly error in. This makes more sense -- seemed good at Coca-Cola and I think -- I think we can joke about it for now but once we find advocated -- taken -- -- -- the bottom of the Hudson River ports deal differently in this is sad. I hate this event the most hated this event. I picture -- as one guy who wins. And -- -- you're a hundred well when -- the other 99 suicide yes handsome and Syria will be co champions and Jacob lost. And died Jacob had his chance and -- comfort. -- -- yeah. -- cool yeah. Yeah. Okay. Couple aren't cool idea. YA -- -- -- as healthy hazy days. Our studio line and couldn't get the first letter. Both champions are Indian American. The past eight winners in thirteen of the last at their regular American Indian. His Indian Americans in Indian American which -- -- totally different than American. Legacy unthinkable on the right but. Festivity to the Indian descent around the began in 1999. -- -- Advocates like it's a marathon and a terrible idea that the Boston Marathon and London and America's never gonna win again I finished third coral vector Sharaud. Well chesterfield Missouri. Sounds midwest and as you unless you see that that crowd Bloomberg chesterfield restaurant that. But that is a that is in the event absolutely dominated. Dominated by them so congratulations to the -- I feel bad. Personally. That's I did not all it's not like it Arnold learn more about magic words from now we will we will look him up and -- from him he looks like the camera and a central casting haven't seen these glasses and -- was from South Park victory for she doubled in you know kind of manic. Right and I hope he's back and has beds and Maria was last. Up and sad news broadcasts Thursday. Jai stepped down. After eighteen years heavily Rudy stepping down as coach of posted WGBH is nightly news and opinion show Greater Boston. The same for me watch an -- I must be an interview me in history. For stories and blastocyst -- This small. Mr. Arafat -- is this twit. Particularly home schooled the funeral from Cape Coral -- OK go up next year jumping all home school. I mean you know 75 -- schools to see real real school regular school if -- parent a fourteen year old college sophomores -- do your home school all day. Just spell. It's just to spell it average assets. It is -- -- coach in question -- Isner due picky as ever to throw up all around the home. He would -- title let them know he's a deal is not depend part of this. Upbringing. Here your I understand the kids you'll see those two winners the two Indian American -- that you think they get outside a lot and play a lot. The Sox they'll go -- what are your kids a little older and you go to the library. That were there Saturday and Barbara after 10 o'clock its all tiger moms and their and their kids. And they are driving them hard hitting them hard and they don't care about the plan -- ball war. Street talk what last month in a real quick and aura -- -- -- -- group clocked -- makes up president Barack Hussein Obama called Thursday for more robust research into youth concussions saying their remains deep uncertainty. And said he's probably suffered market countries himself in his last two on one. -- one golf. Played basketball he said he probably answered cautions you. -- -- You. And he also added boy this. But chick is -- I who has soccer player from winner. Where's that people haven't sworn soccer player. Is also the soccer player has gotten right past. Victoria -- BE LL UCC. If this were Clinton or any Republican does not the sentiment -- on or or or Jimmy Fallon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- for this victory it will actually -- graduate from -- Maryland who suffered by concussions during high school and -- soccer career. Those look any worse the Wear to me any day now soccer player is going to be wearing helmets -- chipped it. When your paper White Sox players and you know. No but it isn't a lot of cups I liked it. -- It -- it marsh had to pick up always have that the Taliban especially as you Jacob can say. I didn't do that but you point them in the South Carolina yeah wish before we marker which on the refuse to witness. That might cause permanent -- his -- Cuba yeah Oscars -- duel over. Oh yes what you do to get -- with the Iraq. Was not mentioned here is again this -- can Jacob Williamson. These -- dirty inch hole and he has he has so upset -- -- article. -- Look at the two winners and I'll admit it would have beat Oakland. It looks that it brisket syrup which it is Jared Remy looked happy when he -- the first degree murder took an early dinner which was at that black. And they're putting the truce agreement are much. Eric your -- as chair and eating eating something you set on. And in nagging question that. Can. And I act like. A war. That's that's I've brought to you by precision subsequent -- -- -- what 777 -- 79 -- -- and Attleboro it was a -- -- a fan boys in the media below do that go down the list continue. To go down the list of things we were wrong out.

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