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Did the Red Sox handle the 2004 10 year anniversary properly?

May 29, 2014|

We discuss the celebration at Fenway Park last night and why Manny Ramirez of all people was made the centerpiece of the celebration.

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You know and he said in -- over the intercom yours as the open was playing eighties at any. Any coincidence here that but -- part of the show today and moxie. Is one of the sponsors of trendy now pay. Us is the main guy right now I mean I actually know where in Lisbon balls moxie came from grew up drinking it. And Harvick on until Friday night tradition. And up and Arnold household have moxie days I think they do they'll do and they do falls absolutely -- -- I also drink moxie and it. My dad always at its back months and there is there is marketable -- guys arena right now is it right now and. All so dad had a six pack of moxie and a refrigerator to sick so expect. There and you had a lot of how many have Brothers and sisters. Or brother my parents at six kids five boys exits so it's. -- proxies in Baghdad Michael OK don't don't mess not everybody drink much in my car albeit I did my dad did. I don't know who I know the Paul and I did. I love moxie I absolutely love moxie in I've been a Lisbon falls -- And that's sign an adult yet diner there where it originated you know 1982 policemen hide basketball team went to Ireland. The played -- tournament I would win. Covering them now because yeah. I go. We get started -- -- -- -- at -- and it's like he's a good president aren't there yet we have turned box microphone. And it's. Now it's not you it's -- It's that. It -- game did not -- it's not union not -- -- is. Oh further indication -- of our life -- it's not view it. It's -- we just can't how's that policy much -- sound better at the difference now adults -- tones. I Steve Buckley said her twenty secured the 26 years old 1962 right -- and -- that right you know what's weird about this is you know at that throwback Thursday evening and FaceBook. Sure I put ate my first Everett throwback Thursday submission. And I thought to be funny I said. This being my first official throwback Thursday photo I want something officials the use my partial passport photo in 1982. And the reason I had to pass without a ticket was so that I can go to Ireland with the Lisbon falls basketball team rob. Welcome to game being all members on what this is what -- is in the -- -- -- not all of -- -- -- that's why are we answered -- -- to pass though this is that beating up meaning. -- -- -- and I said man I hate but you did that last clearly. We read the Boston Herald this morning with our oven mitts on this morning at him probably you probably finish -- record time and Aussie they still. Call want the -- you -- -- otherwise you know those ones right now that I support deadline implied you know those was -- themselves. Like I -- a guy can't there be reform Steve Buckley public and. And before we begin -- the thrashing of about of the head and shoulders let me at least say this park and I think the Red Sox made a big mistake making Manning the star of the show we wonder. That there were several of the candidates who would have been much better in my opinion ought to not the least of quit it Pedro Martinez Pedro and showing who's the third Ortiz David Ortiz -- about a good -- OK fair enough but I'm thinking of the guys returning. Other guys returning at least now now I preface that by saying. I'm not sure about -- what Curt Schilling could have done. -- you know end and you know given his recent body looked great by the way. I don't all things considered yelling at mainly members undergo chemo and radiation. All things considered I thought he looked awesome attitude now about Varitek as they as possible I mean was tapped as the as the captain yeah. And before all we get to part of -- -- and I wished I had found a way to say this you know it really gave be a great deal of satisfaction last night. Was the in this was memo to Red -- but everything has to be scripted. And choreographed sometimes it can be organic and -- deal. What was organic and real last night with -- ovation the Johnny gaming guy at all the ball when he got young people Romney used for the tigers. He was still getting -- he's the turncoat he played in pain. He hustled. He he he was popular when he was here. It's by the its exit and boo and you whoever they want but pick him to get cheered last night. And -- get a chance that I talk to me for the event but not afterwards I'm sure he was very happy. I was disappointed that they made Manny the stock having said that. Look I I said this to the guys on the -- moment ago as this is always a huge deal for me yeah. Isn't it possible to redeem yourself yes isn't it possible -- and. Before somebody goes crazy I'm not talking about Aaron Hernandez I'm not talking about -- -- No there are some things you don't redeem himself from incorrigible absolutely -- But is it possible. Now I hesitate to say it is 'cause I've always used Irving Fryer is my example of a guy who was a certain light made himself another way. And then ran into legal issues on the back into that whole thing in -- now wonder if I was right or not boys and girls at home Google Irving Fryer and I'll continue please mr. Arnold so I've always felt that Irving was one of those examples I use of somebody who turned his life around. Remember he's told us the story of laying naked in that jail cell. Shivering and and his come to Jesus moment has come to god moment. And I have always wished I could hear him preach 'cause -- birdies wonderful -- that's right we've talked don't mean isn't it possible many. As sincere regrets for the things he did and the way he acted and has begun the process of trying to make up for. It's during the question we opposed it yes karma is possible period. -- While it basically is the deal. Aside from the obvious which is that he apologized. Jack McCormick for pushing them down a little ticket fiasco. Which he should have. And I think that was genuine. What the part he what he did last night was -- to eight. Blanket I did some bad things but when he was asked specifically. About quitting on that team. Which is the most egregious thing he did when he was here and I was there the day it happened. July 25 2008. The beginning of a three game series against the Yankees. When he was on a scare in the eleven gave -- like ignore some worry seven or eleven games -- -- up. And Francona didn't even know he pulled himself -- -- -- -- they were pissed they sent him to a hospital MRI on both knees -- you know what you're gonna remember him via. And when he pulled -- -- -- lineup. He walked downstairs and I followed him -- -- the batting cage behind the first base dugout don't that we stated yeah. And our stadium watching him break home home the home. And that he sees me he walks over he pulls the curtain. In he couldn't play that night in game they lost one nothing. And John Henry is treated edicts are in emails saying he was personally offended by some of the things many marriage was saying about. Him one in the Red Sox to pick up his 2009 option now. Insult with said he stopped playing. Forces the Red Sox into making a three player trade that made them not as good a team right there weren't -- -- they -- there any season when they went to game seven of the LCS against him Beirut. As psychologically they were better but in terms of talent no would you rather have. Jason Bay at the played a manner mirrors the answer is obvious but but but -- -- that inning didn't apologize and out -- and there's a disconnect here don't think there's a disconnect between. Columnists or reporters like yourself and the fans because. Are you really upset with Manny Ramirez are you upset with the fans Manny -- -- and apologized. Overall purse for specific things war. True the fact that he apologized and orderly it's a -- man analyst -- exactly apologize to Jack McCormick and now it's convenient. Because he's returning to have Fenway Park kept secure -- South outplayed doubles as any church for four hour I'll play devil's advocate and and I'm not disagreeing -- are playing devil's advocate. This the first time he's seen Jack McCormick he wanted to do that man to man face to face. Q do you you can have the best about. You know the best -- -- you can say you can call him up and say what I did was wrong and we I wanna talk to you wanna tell you -- to deceive my sincerity. I have really bothered by what I did and I -- forgiveness. That's one and then come here and do it again in order to only have one apology. Seven the best at the disconnect and talking disconnect is. Despite everything that Steve Buckley says -- speak in the -- everything you just said is true. That is not what your average fan of the Boston Red Sox thinks about when I think about Manny Ramirez. Reportedly got -- -- populists -- -- average Red Sox what what happened last night and US department parent -- well as a response. It was fun. -- -- because it was scripted and choreographed by the reds on what he knows what else you know what you think the you're gonna feel good moment. -- date date date date carry it on and on and on and on in the world in which was stupid in many steps out. -- again it's our spot in the moment of the two doesn't. -- do about it realistic to think aliens or listen to him every day -- -- -- -- -- showed it was just on -- called in FBE. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All -- -- -- about I'd say it's is that what you said I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is -- of course it'll be that he's the cafe if most of the fans -- and they're most of the fans agree with you and I don't today's the fifteenth the anniversary the diesel weed grass. I can't help it I don't think that it wouldn't think Manny Ramirez. I think of what he said I look at my numbers. They think of the entertainment value they think of 2004. It picket 2007. Everything else he did he get what he did. With -- Jack McCormick was wrong. The PD use we found out fight I met up after the fact. Some of the stuff he did on the. Rose Shaughnessy in his piece today says he was using PD's every day but he played better I don't know where that comes out of its -- that. But you know some of the stuff we do with the Jimmy Fund kids what didn't do. All of these things the crimes against Manny Ramirez. Are well documented all what I needed but I'm gonna tell you I believe this. That your average fan of the Boston Red Sox looks at Manny and has good thoughts. And disagrees with. So that's with a disconnected it. He's he's so talented guys that is able -- talented charismatic recovery wanna put it. Is able to do some things. That would have you running other guys out of town have views saying I don't -- I don't wanna see that guy get hoping that we come back but it might -- my coming up beyond that I got. My job is not to put my finger in the air engage. Is it 5149. Is a 7030 how the fans feeling I know what my job is to lock in their life. It to take my viewpoint and throw it back. OK without I'm not gonna be fair. I'm not gonna be objective and this is its decisive and effective but I'm -- -- O'Reilly O'Reilly was totally bad but I thought I would ask anybody. You more disappointed in. Are disappointed Manny for not apologizing legitimately are you disappointed. In that span by price at that fan who. -- they -- well that's my column was a two championship listen I wasn't going to sit there and in dual wander realistic every single thing Manny did wrong. That the visiting it to the Jimmy Fund and not going to the White House the Walter -- those topics other people can discuss. Because it to me it would be just beating him up I was concerned with July 25 2008 and I was appalled. It was consumer fraud that night at Fenway Park there it's -- and you guys beat up -- -- ruling yesterday for making the comparison in 1918 a little hyperbolic. Yes wholly hyperbole are you by me and by the way we didn't beat him up at -- yeah. Like I like I didn't I currently hard buster but I do want to come up on that. That if you read particulars. Absolutely ridiculous comparison well happened in ninety. Not a story about well I don't know that. I don't know how what an outrageous lead yeah. The worst thing you think the worst thing buster army team in baseball. Even realize the worst thing if baseball is covering guys put needles in their blood. And -- totally rewrote the record book that's the worst thing that anybody had seen a baseball of our lifetime. I don't 9898. He was worth. Of his lifetime all the worst thing that covered in baseball that's. I thought that -- many were -- did in the summer 2008 was the worst thing that I've ever seen that started covering baseball. Where. And it really would in my opinion wasn't that far removed from what we -- with a black Sox in 1919. Stop them OK okay. If you purchased -- -- To the July 25 2008 reflects game against the New York Yankees are the -- -- did not put their best team in the field. Not because the play was injured but because. One of their top players one of the highest paid players one of the marquee attractions. Said I refuse to play tonight. And they lost that game one enough. Sox -- have a little ceremony last night that it does support champions they should've followed all the people that they -- July 25 2008 and give them a free ticket last night's game regular. I was -- I get no no it's not know it in the same way that if you buy your ticket for the Broadway Show and the understudy in the park that night. That's not the fault of the Broadway Show -- without ball to the Red Sox they didn't commit consumer fraud because Manny Ramirez pulled himself out of a lineup. They put the best lineup they could put on the field today they -- -- wrong OK let's pick a Broadway Show at random I don't know Gypsy with Tyne Daly. You bought a ticket the Gypsies Tyne Daly not on the stage I'm good with Broadway stuff. And earned a -- wasn't stereotypes up and so what happens what you think kind daily news said my knee hurts I don't feel like playing that she was down halls singing. Not know -- two missing my point you're missing my point which is that how would you know -- you don't let me finish which is that I didn't hear it or not so -- it's -- yes that's. His fall. Not the Red Sox fall they didn't commit consumer fraud they don't 25000 people free tickets they do they did nothing wrong. If you if you purchased a ticket to the game. You thought the game was on the up and up but the brits are doing everything they could and I and I mean the Red Sox organization right I don't mean John Henry. I mean every single person right with Manny Ramirez out to win that game against. -- that I want to thank you but OK but it. Along those lines. You could say the same thing about for different reasons. You could say the same thing about. J. D. Drew. I was always the knock on J. D. Drew that he was able to play and for whatever reason not to blow. So I don't wanna tested on not to go out here for -- Ramirez Manny Ramirez decided and I don't think anyone paid him to sit down. Like what happened with the blacks and it was there mobsters ball there was a favorite. Don't don't afford to this level because we have something in mind we're gonna make a lot of money up this. Manny Ramirez was acting on don't want -- he was acting on his own. That I don't wanna do. Because he wanted to shoot his way out of town any -- it successfully. And and which is why the -- you compare and as -- work and any condemnation. For from in the wanted to get a slightly that belongs to him but let's. Set that aside. He did everything you've just described and I agree with he did he pulled himself out he was physically capable playing all of that stuff. Never -- ever in Europe in your opinion of him. But that that he'd when he was asked a ball. Those last couple weeks the Red Sox -- went wrong. He says look at my numbers. Which is very -- which is by the way has numbers were great as -- as I wrote and not -- The eleven games they'll -- and if you Google what I wrote in 2008 at what the exact same thing. Here's what he's done over those last eleven games with thirty year having -- and -- today's paper to. But he he just took himself while. And that's whether it's -- the fourth to make the tree at his point and -- hesitate because if I'm if I'm talking with Pedro I know he understands everything I'm asking. And I and as I said yesterday it's great interview by what his -- -- -- wants and everything is. In Manning's case I'm not sure that he understands everything goes by the way that we had no information yesterday. One goes I didn't know that Zimmer said what Pedro says -- that was no autism walk I'm in my every breaking events I admit I now know that was no all right now I sort of -- understand why it's. I think probably what deserted -- -- brought -- up I think that was part of the many narratives. Well it and it's something that was convenient for him up. And and I and I can understand why did so many are Maris. Not groping the Dominican Republic republic right group in America and -- tonight's show. This is the answer in English absolutely understands English I think. He won it in certain. Nutty professor. Persona going -- that's very fair for a couple of reasons one he knew what he was doing at the plate and secondly it like dealing with the media. So if if he can have -- if you're gonna give them an excuse not to talk. He would take the excuse I remember before its first press conference at Fenway Park. For a six or empty club out of its Juliet yet -- you could have been Shakespeare that day yet walking around now before the press conference started. Who walked up to me said any -- about it the park I'm nervous. -- -- I just clear day talking -- Cleveland homey part regularly perfectly good kick it can be very nervous. Why you're so nervous. Wow I know about the part game. And look at it out there are some of my home runs being taken away well I'd be the same guy into the center of relationship when you would be a really known. No -- has picked again I would dread that time. And and we can understand why -- non depends where. You with a inspiration I guess so. He is. -- English is my understanding is never has never but -- It's my point I think what he was saying and -- I'm trying to translate for the man here. His last year in Red Sox uniform and a hundred games he hit 299 with twenty home runs 68 runs Saturday and 22 doubles scored 66 runs when he was saying let's look at my numbers in other words. He played well. His last year here and as you pointed out buck correctly so the eleven games before they dealt him -- he was like. Another -- is on fire. So I think what he's saying is look at the numbers I played well in other words when I played at that's the parties leave out when he played he played -- played well. The -- very valid criticism here is double what about the times you wouldn't play when you could have. All right you're hearing this this is where the rubber meets the road when your ticket Manny Ramirez what do you think that when you think we're better Marist Red Sox. What comes to your mind natural World Series championship. So that's first for me it's the best 34 hitting a combination of ever and I and I think I think most people think of those two championship. Where the disconnect is. A lot of people are willing the fans are willing -- gloss it over. And members of the media not just -- members of the media generally are not not necessarily but but no it's -- it's two different but it's two different jobs. There's two different is through different. Ways of viewing the game as a matter of fact if I were. A sports editor. -- -- -- Columnists and writers. For six month. Amid a long time I've that would make everybody switch jobs if you're blogger. Who'd never never ghosts apart as they stop blogging go to depart. And talk to people face to face. If your reporter. Who uses a press pass all the time but it rarely sit in the stands and talk to people I would say stop using the press pass for six months and hang out with the people. And that's that's where this conversation is coming from you probably have seen in the -- a look at the -- earlier this morning I read your column. It had like 260. Or 265 comments at that time it was like 9 o'clock this morning. That's more than you've had no wait -- -- wait until. And let comets are probably saying the same thing what are you talking about this guy we wouldn't have to world championship without -- mirrors the conversation. -- the facts are there are no roses are seldom delivered to the comments that I just wanna pray that conversation. Is is missing something we talk about this guy was literally in other words remember the comments section is like that text machine. Okay Manny -- on the first pitch. I. -- Jason Varitek catching. Thank you guys they think you'll pull everything you guys on the president of the world war. -- -- And and this this is gonna -- start out as a compliment men and it has not so complimentary. I think doctor Charles is usually the master of these things I think the and he usually. Under plays things just the right amount the subtlety opening day with the families of the fallen firefighters. And I was just it was wonderful. Just felt forced the whole thing with Manny being the star of Johnny Damon cutting off the road of -- and diving on the grass it just felt. Why do you why do you guys think I know what Larry Lucchino said this morning that. They went when Manny Ramirez because he's the MVP of the World Series in your honor in the 2014. Here's the World Series MVP. Fine. I don't really think when you think of the 2004 Red Sox. Don't really care about. Game four of the World Series that's not even the story. Game three the World Series is good at this story -- the -- -- yes -- hit what's the story but the particulars of World Series okay five. It was the second best series of the post season it was -- World Series games five Celtics in seven and why you guys why do you guys think. They did it. Was a real -- and you -- you try to help them redeem himself but he's redeemed. He's easy well if -- here. Our our fans if -- if you don't brought the first pitch. He's not the last one out of the wall are people saying bad things about Manny Ramirez to Boston. After a bad things about many people. 2014. Most beloved team. Of all the championship teams in Boston. As say an -- say that knowing that how people feel about a one page you know you're right it is always it's the most bloody championship team so. That team returned -- happy to see everybody you're happy to see pokey Reese. Your. -- -- -- -- -- a lot of guys Doug Mirabelli means a lot of guys built they did have a video tribute to they had a video of Bill Miller. In Dave Roberts to gather. What date it was clever they had they waited for the Padres to play the cubs -- both coaches with the respective teams right and then have them in new uniforms side by side open -- and so are we camped here believe cut in jobs we get a so there was that but there was Nobel on -- nominee -- bill the architect in my department. What are what you get my best guess is that. That Pedro has been back. Schilling's been back -- been back -- been back the all. Pedro tech and wake all had joy of jobs in the organization. So they are. -- -- presences at Fenway Park. Mania hasn't been back as a citizen yet. And he's in the news because of the thing with the cubs. And it it's a chance -- create a moment which is the major floor the whole thing it was an organic. The beauty of these things is windier when they're so organic you don't even know that it's scripted. And that the pesky foul pole. How wherever it was you know apparently. Help Arnelle used to call at that entity ball to the joke estate picked it up. In its organic. But they're mad at stupid ceremony one day and they decided let's have the disk file Paul in it it know what it's so check it any choreograph it you want and it never got that right. And it didn't work and so rapidly and let this play out which is Charles it is best. And I love child I'm Lebanese brought the Fenway the energy excitement and he has taken his ball park and turned it into just a big. -- -- -- Sometimes it it was not he's not got about a thousand and Larry not this was him. This could have been above him credit for all of them -- OK that's fair. I I didn't and it again I wanted to stick to my point which is him putting on the team. In -- wanna make it look back at about a pile I should adopt the -- should amend allies want. I wanted to stick what what what my message and I can I give -- credit for this question I wish I'd thought of it and I'll ask you guys this. Why wouldn't they have waited two weeks why wouldn't they have done it on the -- June 12 thirteenth fourteenth or fifteenth. Great question and what the Cleveland Indians are in town and Terry I have known as Andy has recourse and just make up the relationship is and his mended as we might have spot. I -- the -- the gas and it's strictly gas on the wind five times. Is that. Terry Francona in concert with the U Epstein. Wrote a book with with -- as the messenger. It I don't mean I don't mean that in any way disrespectfully of but it was a great read. But they did use that forum to settle a lot of scorers with the ownership -- And I I I thought that if I thought it was way over the top in some instances. And what about some of it was flat out wrong. OK but there are a lot of their a lot of guys who were here who were their last night including the guy who you're talking about the featured guest right. Manny Ramirez who said some things that ownership was offended by you mentioned an accountant John Henry found it personally offensive some of things in Manny Ramirez -- He -- traveling secretary. He did a lot of things that they didn't like they featured him. Curt Schilling. Who was it -- is improving and sprayed millions -- but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The championship is bigger than any kind of petty differences. That you have it couldn't be readable so you don't have to sit there hang -- -- -- he's got -- nice excuse of -- got a game him and it's sorry don't have -- -- conversation. Everybody wins bring back Tito. Bring back Theo Epstein. Rule I have and I'm pretty good authority as of last year wanted to come he wanted to go to a game last. There wouldn't it was not welcome in the ballpark. He was not welcome in the ball Michael. I agree with what you're saying I think so I just parity I think it would have been a better use of resources in convenience and scheduling. To do it when I mean can we all agree that Terry Francona it's the greatest manager at such history blanket statement. Nobody else's -- earlier it would on the rail. But it didn't win a championship he did turn the franchise around which is why he's in the discussion on a Bill Carrick and got myself but it arrogant. -- -- For a monopoly for the run the bank. Play in Europe authorities he's dealt flavored manager and I play center crowd didn't play in the game here right now and what manager would leave his job to go run a bank can mean no offense -- -- easy. So yeah it's a good question it's a great course that's also why neighboring baca Tito and Theo and why did the feet under I have two -- I don't have manner merits being arm problem I now come down to the book -- being here I think I think they found. My my belief my feeling. Is that they found the book to be so much of an insult. To Tom Werner and John Henry. That I think that they have cut ties I'm guessing. Every day until one of -- would've been the story the story still would have been. The personality of the personality of the team. Is bigger than any individual. I mean you can say that David Ortiz this team all the big hits but then. In the about Johnny Damon and then he focused on Johnny Damon leave out. Kevin mylar Jimmy Anderson Jason Varitek -- and on and on I don't think Tito would have been the story I don't think we would have been the story. While I and look Colleen and I'll I'll answer the question -- another question is it possible they asked him. Any set I don't know if I'd be comfortable as the manager of the Cleveland Indians being part of a Red Sox ceremony. And I am just guessing here I don't know. He's dissed him have the ceremony when he's here -- this -- and do it I can distort historical perspective in 1969. Is -- I was there. As a kid they had the all century team. They've it was a hundredth anniversary based on every team was instructed to pick its all time greatest team. And when they unveiled the Red Sox all time greatest team. They picked a date -- the Washington senators -- in time and I remember it. Ted Williams in his Washington senators your -- lining up with Yastrzemski and the other great players like. Joseph Cronin -- to get who they work. But pretty -- bits with the catcher and so forth so it so there is historical precedent for in opposing manager. Taking part in the other teams ceremony absolutely do it. Not my understanding is basically what I've read BO and and Jen Boyer and Josh Byrnes were here. There was a dinner all of the mean the returning a lot -- at a big dinner on Monday or Tuesday night that they were here for that dinner based on what I read. And then they left and went back to their respective teams and back to the respective jobs and didn't stay here for the ceremony last night. Parts of your question you're -- and and and I don't know what the answer is but. I do believe Michael that the rift between ownership and Francona. Slash Epstein. Comes out of -- book in again. Great great recommended I mean I sat -- -- red -- -- recovery it was part when it went down it was wonderfully aid in Medicare. -- -- But the problem I had with the book. And again I don't have to absorb and agree with every piece of information and it. Was it it it necessarily downplays. The often stormy turbulent relationship between Francona. And Epstein Berry each other's -- those last couple years we all agree on that. I mean you have just the stuff that didn't make the papers but they they were often lead to the throat but. That's under -- sold in the book where you know sometimes we agree and some type welcome that and agree a lot. But they they they bonded for the purposes of getting back at the ownership and that's fine it's this is the way we love our lives -- Yes you know he probably use your line. My job is not to be fair. In -- -- -- to be objective it -- might take my story a -- -- with a baseball writers' dinner -- that winner right after you know came out. And sent -- low and shook hands we talked from this deal wouldn't stand too close the sniper my ticket. And. NN and my major problem with Tito's book. Is and I said this is -- at times that'll say it again who the hell is he would decide loves baseball. -- how dare he. Dana I don't think these guys love baseball why he wasn't what is he grew up in a big league clubhouse. Is it love it more than you is -- with the new it is a little with a mate there's a lot of what the umpires the fans because he wasn't a little kid in the club most is -- -- point. As you say that let's. Get to the calls that you guys 6177797937. Adam is an Auburn Europe first on Sports Radio dale and Holley. I thought that I am so I. I -- got that and I think that the Manny being featured little bit -- the issue. Eric artful my current whenever I'm -- and featured now like care I don't. So I wanted to take this opportunity backyard in the record and no entry into it. -- and -- sitting there on the couch watching apple and the only time -- like let's stop it he went payment -- Oakmont it lacked. And he would like you that he felt good EU but it could. Right and it comes back to one that he went -- played for the Yankees. And I know that seemed so child trite but I think the real diehard fans grew up. Every year he published in the mud by the Yankees shall many years right to have your best -- by the party to make a connection with. Beyond just the launcher Johnny -- here long enough. Didn't know what it meant to Red Sox in the CD -- up. So you know critic Manny with the -- girlfriend that you go all the gonna be creepy and you -- good and bad and they. -- what you're jealous that it. You make an analogy but National Guard Erica. So like YouTube while all sorted and -- bad you know wouldn't. So when you saw her years on the road I -- -- -- checking it without. You know the -- what can actually -- Cuba the good girl. But -- were progressing birth and she knew intimately how much hated it so that you when you broke up you rehabbing. It's gonna keep our business managers that hurts it hurts you know what that's our right to talk to her. It's not a Michael Michael into account and beyond talent and -- met -- the -- -- credible it. He -- Adam you don't you don't wanna -- you don't wanna hear the whole part about he went to the Red Sox and said this is what they've offered meet. I want you to match yet and they didn't believe him is that -- really they did go ahead of -- -- and what do you don't regret to know you do realize that they don't forget don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's part of the story now you are no longer allowed five by. I don't -- him. While it -- is that no it. Everything doesn't begrudge Johnny Damon for chase in the money but once you Trace the money don't expect -- don't expect to come back here. And and think that things are going to be the same they're not the same. When Jacoby Ellsbury it's a 157. Million dollars from the Yankees and Red Sox don't wanna -- anywhere near that. It's his fault I don't I know Jacoby Ellsbury I know when he got draft a lot of people -- it look like Johnny Damon played like Johnny Damon but there is not the connection with. Jacoby like there was would tonic to buy it because those bad. I -- -- I gonna -- to grow my hair on his beard I like it that's what we're gonna do we're not the Yankees they're corporate. There -- all buttoned up we got the nice then get cliche but we will be the opposite. Of the Yankees. And have the book come out. The idiots. We do it differently but it did that to -- a -- but -- take 67 minutes. Hours seven hours may be -- Great equipment with me letters. Merit inexplicably big type in the it's a little bit -- big letters that it is like Mary -- quick raid Brad. Six lead that it's 7797. -- 37 it's dale and Holley and Steve Buckley Sports Radio W media. The argument on the wall -- first time you come up from behind the wall didn't have much partying and that's also the the fifth I'm Kimberly you know this is a I did that I would never forget him home and -- working for the folks. Also and they you know would like to call me anymore for the Sox. Had been his present employer loves to hear that they just hired him. Cubs just hired someday I hope to come here work for the Sox won't all manner. By the way that -- baffles me. And and it's the one thing. I I I thought buster role it was a bit hyperbolic and comparing Manny Ramirez in the summer of -- -- to that of the black Sox scandal and that was a little much. Ball when he talked about if there's anybody on the -- plan. Who should say you know I'm off the Manny Ramirez bandwagon should be Theo Epstein. Up anybody. He's the guy they had to stay up all night workout the trade that sent mean the dodges and resulted in Jason Bay coming to Boston. In Roland what I presume would have been his master plan for spring training this is how we're gonna win the World Series this year with Manny playing left field. Yes I agree. As to why it happened not a club nobody in baseball understands and I know blustery and set. It shocked him as well I didn't get it then I don't get it now. Why did the -- -- it may be just looking at the pros and cons of Manny we ought to what the cons are we -- -- but the pros are. He's in they've got some talented guys in the system. So highly drafted guys hitters. Who they expect help them the next year to. And of Manny Ramirez without PD's. She was Joseph shoeless -- Ramirez. If you -- -- and it helped them out and teach them the strength at all. If you like that an end in teach them okay what to look for in these situations similar tendencies. It helps the organization and then many will move on and do something else it -- short term -- That makes sense. Yeah and the only other part I've got is that is that the L. Above all well all of us is actually buying the Manny -- is freedom did. The with -- one that I toss out immediately this makes no sense is this business of it being equal equal publicity stunt. There is no good publicity be derived it could help the cubs it it the Tripoli teams -- -- point it's owned by an interest that other than the cubs. So if if they're gonna get increased attendance embedded media played good morning. How does that help the cubs so it is no there's an old Danica sell more tickets to get higher ratings. In Chicago because this -- so it's not a publicity stuff. Now in fact just the opposite if this fails miserably -- if god forbid Manny ends up you know flunking another drug testers something. It's the move that could actually bring Theo down and there are those in Chicago say. It ain't gonna take a big shove to move it to get that done now anyway I don't think so what a second grocers are out big time -- the Chicago papers and east kept -- hello what the hell and the only thing that everything about this. This guy went there instead of that you were their long enough to get -- If Canada -- not a catch him out of its way I'm afraid that it's that kind of pop that up their four. But the that it Chicago would you have discovering some sort of like a red -- -- -- and I think if -- Well I think the cup finalized yet it was over the top I think have that you go to -- the president. Is there as president right. When he told them sort of gotten it down it's gonna take a long term -- disorganization of the perimeter. 2012 was his first year. Give it every guy takes over an organization talks on how long it in the -- but you know you take over a bad team like the cubs in 2012. And you hear it is not even in the summer of 2014. Again what a turnaround. That seems a little bit premature doesn't. Ali is supplement drive them out -- against. Bring in Manny Ramirez to AAA and that's going to be 16177797937. Peters on the cellphone you're next on dale and Holley. I hear what's up. I feel pretty strongly and is this to a little nervous by the throat went down wanna deal and might consider players and inside and close from Pedro man and has become -- -- -- cut watch them play it again. And as far as look at his numbers. Coming again to the average playing in -- as the Red Sox and I believe it's more than any other player so. That -- feel. You know. If you shut somebody he apologize that if you missed the game or probably. Other issues going on. While none of -- don't want to -- other issues tonight he took himself bottle lineup at Yankee Stadium but I'm glad you said that or grudges -- that Peter from I think I think this is. In a nutshell. What Peter saying. Many times have you Buckley how many times you heard this. A version that dale how many are beavers showed some guy we know what Jack McCormick we know Jack but. OK to Patrick I he shot some got to come up to probably deserved it. Probably should've given our amended extra ticket you just after for extra tickets and. You didn't Bethany deserve. Hey you know Revver already hit that ball in Toronto we -- no one to 2004 World Series without Manny I remember if I remember that. The fans are never. The more media outrage there is the last the fans are gonna say one. Two really good point it's just -- different world today and you're never gonna you're never gonna unite. And they don't quite ID in my opinion most fans don't quite grasp how serious the Jack McCormick situation. I happened to be with the team I was doing the games when it was. Houston it was in Houston when they went back to Houston the -- after your friends and and help -- -- on -- first I was there that day when they went back they they finished up the pre season there. A couple of years later. And I was with the team and it was the first time they've been back to Houston since the McCormick and and you don't players -- like crime. We get into the clubhouse. And they've got a tape outline of a body on the carpet. Where Jack wise you know they're joking about yet here's the and you know what what guys are like but but they nobody was joking about what Manny was like that that. He was out of control. And and so much so that Jack McCormick a former Boston Police officer was scared by much spies by the way. Had to spend the rest of the day and Terry Francona office. He went to Terry Francona is office and spent the rest of the day there. Because they weren't sure what Manny Ramirez was gonna do. This was -- and I think at the time I may be off by years so I think at the time he was what 6464. Yeah. This is a a -- to be -- professional athlete. -- Downey 64 year old man and physically threatening him. It was bad so don't gloss that over if if you're a fan out there's -- -- -- may maybe push somebody down in Houston well he threatened them him. Eight pushed him down on the floor and threatened and don't don't just pretend like how what's the big deal here a big deal -- And I always said I I I vacillated back and forth about Manny Ramirez until the date Jack McCormick -- the floor. Then as far as I was concerned Manny Ramirez was dead to me -- of as the Boston Red Sox player. From that point on seal later curriculum that extra ticket. Did -- I could ask. Our buddy Steve Buckley from the Boston Herald is in the house. Steve Buckley the creator of grunge. Apparently friends who says Grimes started in Seattle torque and carted in Portland and AM. Steve Buckley it's 301982. Passport. Vote. We got a nice plaid shirt on then you've got panel. When and where don't I promise that was flannel as at a grand doubles teams -- -- -- it was a long time ago it looked like the same -- like it now. -- I agree that there are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Almonte finally I will wait you'll get a good Grasso all get a free case of books I love month. If it hasn't worked so far maybe it's not the first time of upon -- doubt it probably should happen in the first hour. If you win pretty. When it pretty hard for hours so might -- -- in your face unto itself. There's there's a pull quote. I. Newspaper -- got a there all right this is that a fact the. -- stuff right here at 6177797937. With telephone number the AT&T text minus 37937. Dave O'Brien. Our body does the Red Sox game with -- -- -- will join us. That bottom this -- next hour north -- were paired up for thirty Dave O'Brien will be with us when he gets the ball park. Back to the calls we go would you guys Joseph was down on the cape Jillian next on Dele -- -- -- and Wallace agent Joseph. Personally I do enjoy your program every day -- -- -- -- also pleased with the news articles in the newspaper. Should I thank you make a couple of comments based on the celebration. Lasts a long time but it's actually -- I was literally. Very discussed it and start to -- honored and -- approachable woman's celebrations. Gentlemen we're probably the biggest helpers in Major League Baseball many Americans. Our conditioning side other -- -- -- -- -- -- certainly deserved. Bigger acolytes -- that we discussed in committee and I just don't know when the Red Sox organization. That. It's real considerations totally. Not connected what's whoever wins the Red Sox Nation of the Boston sports and east. Second of all I'd like to say I don't know whether an abuse -- he had listened to -- Conversation. So play -- game. I did not that was in the pro sports will I'm a couple of occasion to at least two or three occasions. When he was trying to downplay his own. -- teacher was good friend neighbor accused of us. When partial last week about or entity to internally to hit again. None other than the biggest and most carry arms and I saw that would be very very disturbing. I don't know whether. Pat and I are here that I didn't hear unedited clip but I will say you -- and this is a possible reason for bringing a Barry Bonds. -- I talked earlier about the disconnect between. Reporters and fans there's also disconnect between fans and players. The players for the most part talk about Barry Bonds. Most players don't say hey Barry Bonds was good again -- what he did. Both of them marvel at the guy who was able to draw right 260. Plus walks in this season and able to do something that the hand eye coordination the bat speed now. Of course it opens up all sorts of questions. Pity pity that he had. Great guy could that he has the bat speed hadn't done. What he did and where do you make. Where do you draw -- -- draw the line between skinny buried in Pittsburgh and bloated -- And fair for just go on on the players just don't get into all that they just say hey Barry Bonds. Was a great it was a great hitter so I don't think Manny Ramirez. Was trying to call out David Ortiz in his mind that's a compliment comparing him to bear upon. To via text -- who says guessing you're not allowed to comment. On -- feel or Tito -- even mentioned on the Jumbotron last night. Two prior shows talked zero about it may be Buckley consent while the memo. We're afraid. Sorry daylight at the same on what you're guts to Arafat are afraid -- cause all I wasn't ball park and was don't. Don't mention it. I don't dare I know it's different and grabbed right here do not. Hey to all shows also do not do not mention. The name game high thirty talked about the will be -- dinner time on the already in trouble ahead. So it's okay I didn't see the video presentation -- and you did odd did they talk about. Coaches and things like that on Anchorage always myself is I was. Actively writing outside so what I saw bits and pieces of it. And I was with Chris Gasper was sitting ex threes writing and also. And we both were calming -- it's hard to write what what does the same time he's got to be in my first edition and so forth. So what I what I did see was which and I was gonna cool. Was Dave Roberts and Bill Miller. Sitting in 882 shot to gather in the same studio and it looked like a cubs' home uniforms it was done Wrigley when the Padres presume we were playing at Chicago. And they get the you know iconic players from that season right. Bill though it won a batting terribly before a key player Roberts the stone base. They're both coaches now they couldn't be here now -- you can now it didn't occur to me song I'm not tricking the question. It didn't hurt him you wait a minute they've got Dave Roberts and a cubs you know of a Dave Robertson apart beige uniform. They've got -- known a cubs uniform not loyalty don't Indians uniform. Fair question. I wouldn't -- is on everything and I think Jeremy back to your point earlier in any point. What about -- about giving you know in in the uniform. -- here -- in June for a couple reasons. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Joseph in a way that I hope. I hope that we get a 65. Please -- first -- 65 degrees can we get that. In June -- ball park last night is it reasonable way why didn't have. You can happen it it was great it was great you know what is it that night finally -- I was in the stand on Wednesday if I got my column done by. First it has Rohm and I was I I -- -- it I would I believe I -- the senate feel section forty to convince me anything happen and it was. -- It was cold out it was it was it was late November at Foxboro. There are some significant reason for yesterday with a 28 right. Hey Tony I did anything happen may 28 2004 where it had to be -- this date is it would they learned that Pedro. Well wasn't going to be able to make it I -- David Ortiz now -- on the teams not to worry about him Varitek. A member of the organizations -- I why why would they why did it have to be there. I don't know the answer of why they picked that day I -- On Wednesday you know interleague game against the Atlanta Braves I'd I'd just I'd have no idea. And also the question for you guys just. Looking at all the tributes and listen to the interviews. Gentlemen Joseph before the top commander -- with or solo and lines in the -- Animal are where I didn't see that acted before and it was funny you're not yet it was just dornin has -- -- -- very very and I was very well are okay. Is it just is it. My imagination is what everybody does. Where you say. I remember whatever you're talking about what you're talking a mob movies or music or books case TV shows you know -- gun smoke was better than anything. How to which it was but -- -- Weren't they more entertaining. Weren't they more fun or is it yes we're doing what our parents did and saying how it was better back then I feel like that team. -- lot more personnel at all not yet in this teamed up with albeit not even close have felt like that team. You know I -- is Rhett tugs at a lot of personality game did have. Personality but the 2004 Red Sox had my personality I agree I agree with that. And any team accurate as the ducks in July she's he was lacking in person there wasn't lacking a bit of we're so. They were so fun. And they were stacked I mean you had the best of both -- mean sometimes it's a fun team. They got their flaws in our pitching is not so good in Africa but there -- a lot of fun to watch and listen to. The Red Sox at 2004 Red Sox were both isn't chance they'll and they were they were full personnel. Isn't it fair to say that because. They came back against the Yankees. The personality in our heads is different if they've got swept by the Yankees if they'd gotten if they'd been beaten in five games by the Yankees. And gone on him when the ALCS and on ought to win the World Series but just what about what to flakes with long. I don't think so because the counter to that is when you think the 2003 team. Loss of the Yankees. Wouldn't think cowboy up. Some of the same character some of -- wasn't the same now I mean I think I think the winning anywhere from what are our lovable band of -- lovable team. You agree with that the 2003 red meat prices and last year's ended up being very lovable as well that was frustration -- I -- over the World Series -- but the giants won. And -- were -- in that. If the giants don't win the World Series we don't look you know Lincecum along here in the Kung Fu panda bear and and and that was eighteen with a lot of funky personalities Brian Wilson and -- Brian Wilson with a beard and black all -- all the kids with the marijuana teacher it's a once a -- freight freight rates him. Tennis so it and that we -- team that that was very. That represented it's weird city and very weird way. And I'm thinking well it if they don't make the playoffs. To the emerges that kind of teams so I think that's from that that's. Your point. About this team that the 2004 Red Sox whether it's many or anybody else their a lot of guys -- teams who had some moments. They're probably not proud of now -- would -- with ten years to think about it but it doesn't matter. -- folk with a bucket of pokey yesterday bail out the interview hill's body. Hey look at at energize you know tell those guys it's it would Johnny from burger King and I don't wanna talk to you and I don't wanna talk about baseball. That you think. That really came up yesterday that that was the first thing. He looked like he was having a blast yesterday he did I mean and he was in the all I gotta be brought all of the all four players in today interview room behind the press box. FN -- and in the what I was going to keep ball was having great time and if you know he didn't enjoy the media aspect of his job. He seemed to be genuinely don't be like a baseball part of his dad gets at that point but he he seemed to be having good time but just to go up the rails just the second. What was weird but is there a hole -- -- the I would terminally shop. Which ones. We have to go to the it happened more than I thought it would end and finally. -- Kevin Gregg as a the chair in the -- who is. East champions. -- -- Pushed him into such a Democrat -- I got -- And and and and some of those obscure guys that remember like Indy Domonique was that like -- nine year minor league veteran came a political weakness for his Major League at. That was sent back down and and so some of the you do remember that some of these guys you just I -- remember -- I do being on the eighth. 04 Red Sox however of those I wonder those guys like the French guys. When they were making plans for the celebration for the reunion when are they were like that high maintenance ones have listened from the travel first class. I. Can I -- and I I don't know I use that and whenever they've had the 86 threats are expected finally. What do the guys who always makes the trip. And he heat outside its tests like -- that -- is guys here is a little guiding what shall Tarver. Who got called up about a week he's one of the guys that got the Mets in the body -- -- he was up five point 960. Pound left in eating outfielder. Who came up just a short period. And that was it -- him might play a little bit of the Mets that -- -- before but also that was -- that was some out of this but he is so happy to be here god bless them but that. Several -- and asked the question where was no more. I mean you've had other guys were here in the season of work year for the World Series run. And at this wouldn't you think they invited him. Should they have. It didn't seem right although I'm I'm I'm guessing you would do what I mean it would it would be a normal are is on the 2004. If you're celebrating 2004 worlds here which had guys on that field yesterday Michael and I'll let -- import even close let's go around but in this case. You are able to win in 2004 because you treated. Margaret -- because -- that the blanket invitation was anybody who played -- fourteen therapies different. Is different at a I'm not sure he would -- Nomar Garciaparra would have been comfortable standing there. It's a quietly K I don't think he would accept -- or don't have so much at personnel -- already here I don't think he would have accepted the invitation. I wonder if it was extended. Normally -- wouldn't have a problem they didn't extend it. I just -- know if that's not death that is ground. 2003 team yes 2004 -- he took his -- Is the World Series in which it and where anarchy and nobody wins it in ways by not sure -- -- nobody's -- Ortiz has got. It wanted to Champions Tour volleys and got to meet next on Sports Radio dale and Holley. -- -- Opened one holds it against Bynum -- -- indicate your next Sunday -- -- And I got a critic Michael about. You know what I gotta say I really like don't element really in the 2014. But I just order on that one caller. You know previously extended the reds because you know they made any kind of opus they were completely out of touch -- Red Sox Nation and I take issue with -- I've been a Red Sox fan my whole life forty or years. -- -- and you know right under Pedro Martinez might be player ever. I'm under no illusion that he did steroids in bush ordered everyone else and they're not everyone else obviously but. I'm not an old -- -- you don't act declared a great personality -- huge part of that team and I had no problem when it's so I just want. You know back I realized he couldn't speak -- Don't the entire Red Sox in the welcome to his opinion but that's politics. Yeah yeah -- good call Bob bodily no I was invited. To the ceremony -- had a prior commitment. I'm looking it is is tweet last night. Red Sox Nation sorry I couldn't be there today darn work. I'm wearing my ring today in honor of all of you how they are always in my. I'm amazed by that. I did not see is tweet I just went looked up his Twitter account and that's what he wrote well twenty hours. Like hell you know Eddie Dominic at a -- is do you guys you don't remember OK that's fine they're there. And I want to be there you know you know. Short of French players on the team you barely remember that their -- team Nomar Garciaparra. He's got and I might just columnist you got something you wouldn't find that we here. No you interpret the 2004. World Series champs and Nomar is there. Because in game six against the Yankees know. You -- here in policies and remember we came back. You know dramatic game game -- a bunch of other guys like that but also the other guys on the same level on -- that part they're not -- higher level we're talking about it being allowed to Jimmy Anderson popular player. Gillian Anderson could have played in the -- you could say Jimmy Anderson in any sport and I believe they have yet to. Football play guard yeah there -- basketball. It's the bruins' fourth liner. Well he was invited. And again I'm quoting exactly what he set on his Twitter account yesterday. Sorry I couldn't be there today darn work I'm wearing my ring today in honor of all of view you're always in mind. It obamas and -- Manny was an entertainer that team was all about entertainment. And unconventional production. There and do what they always do -- the way you drew it up. But the job got done and always look the way you think -- made a professional baseball team should look it didn't matter. They were a anywhere -- fund group. Who. Who provided. Over the top. Excitement and entertainment. For New England especially in 2004 but it wasn't just 2004. There are pretty you know a playoff team in 2005. As well playoff team in 2003. Or some of those same guys. I think a lot of people. Fully understood. What Mary was. In what the challenges were. But they look at it this way I don't have to manager. I don't have to play with then. I don't have to cut -- Steve Buckley. So that's your problem all I have to do is sit there and luxury. Or sit at home on the couch. And watch and we have many -- bears can can take another wanna. Let me ask you baseball rather -- a a simple question. Other Red Sox better off short term right now. As they're trying to build on their three game modest three game winning streak are they better off without Clay Buchholz and Felix to brought in the rotation for the moment. The better up the belt buckle -- -- I just. This is is that news -- to put him on the mound right now he's gonna get lit up he was noncompetitive. Yeah. I mean it was news is that the numbers his last 34 stars were striking. -- -- a better up with a helping to brought I believe that brought -- actually hurt I don't know I think that story about the car doors -- sketchy but I think he's part. But colts I don't know I don't know what's going on I genuinely don't know what disable -- But but argue that election -- my guess -- I'm wishing him. Is that this hyper extended neat thing. If he was six and one and no one point 89 ERA he we never hear me Immunogen Saturday. I mean don't we think that yes they were manufacturing. Something. To get this kid out of the -- yes it's not a cute if this guy out of the rotation get his head back together figure things out whatever it is. Yeah I think that's the case but okay. Craig buckled ditches. Two or three starts away. Then he comes back there what changes. What kind of what's done during those two which we started working on mechanics. Is going to put AAA about what's gonna do -- you what well what we're gonna anyway not gonna do he's not gonna sit around and in the clubhouse. Correct. -- okay so let's say they send him to extending camp down and down in Fort Myers. I don't know who's down their -- and -- -- -- with the rover is Ralph toilets to with the organization. To be down say working with -- for somebody. Or he goes to catalog. Gets a couple of starts from the sea dogs are down a McCoy. By aperture you're talking about normal thing I ever got I am guessing. I assembly but these are normal things for guys who were hurt. When the guys not hurt. Are are you wasting your time doing all the stuff you know continued to. Don't you like out of Greenville Greenville drive. They won't bring you up and you have started to a productive and we'll bring your I think you'll be ready to go to -- not hurt to detonate the build up his arms. -- don't think they don't need to do that but here's what they do need to do. And and John Farrell and won any of us talked about the late night. Film session and they found mechanical things wrong in his delivery which he hasn't been able to fix yet. So this is all about fixing those mechanical issues barrel insist that -- us again. It physically he's fine. His velocity is you know it's not 95 but he was touching 95 from time to time to physically -- -- in the -- -- so that's important right that's the whole idea with the right hyper extended knee. He does have a shoulder issue which is what landed him on the DL a year ago his arm is fine. He's got a mechanical issue which probably relates back to the injury last year and they can't get him to straighten that mechanical issue out. And we can't let him straighten it out on a Major League mound because where it carriers box I don't understand this just occurred to me why can't they put a guy in the DO mechanical issues. Why -- they have to invent injuries. -- I don't know the answer that it's a bit of perfectly valid he's on the DL with mechanical issues thank you very much his deliveries all messed up and order argument chance to straighten it out went out. I agree with you but they can't apparently got to manufacture some phony baloney injury thing. And -- right knee injury that top guys for 95 agreement what does this mean I mechanically euros. Starting pitcher. Oh I can't get his delivery -- with why he walked eight guys the last time it was out of -- well I forget who said it's years ago and I apologize but the quoted so great. The guy what -- in the minors he said every time my starting game I go -- the bullpen and teach myself how to -- horrible. That I start and I cannot recover ball on the pitching coach has to say repeat here it's -- -- in here and I have to re learn how to throw a curve ball because. I was never natural with a crowbar after reinvented and then I go on the pitch that game and know that sounds. Dumb but. Pitching is so metal its its sole. There are a lot of ice like guys the mine is that the program -- the ball but could not get to the big leagues because they couldn't harness this can. Can put it all together yep that's a common part of commandeer an ulcer or just -- -- -- -- comic combination of Daniel Bard and the blast and it's got up into an intelligent Daniel -- by all accounts are very bright you know they used to interpret for Spanish players. Who couldn't speak English is because he took Spanish in college and had really good Spanish skills and he would come over want to alone interpret force. Missed a really bright guy you guys believe them. And I. -- at the let's let our -- said yesterday. Apparently he -- used to hold the windows but nobody -- Annika told us yesterday he used to do the quotes from many argue for you. -- you call an -- and it immediately made -- think. When he was doing was was many would columns on that and an income over -- tell you guys would -- percent. I mean that's what he was -- I've had accused you cleaning it up yet. Of course the old days when when dale would travel with the Mariners and he would call the quotes and that was part of his job. And he would give us the quotes from all the players and it was a fine game we gave it our best and typing in all when the put the paper -- all right. And threaten our deal would they release. No I don't know this as such it was I just made the mops the that I I can get on the bus go to a month and -- something that -- -- -- that is the subject senator Joseph Hagerty and I just -- this -- third this is -- stuff. -- that's when he was assuming I was doing a -- -- -- about the little girls are what I imagine having to let your immediate family you imagine having -- -- -- can be applied made up quotes that stuck yesterday mob of I don't walked among in the neck. Stein but you don't answer your question and there's your question in the short term fine. They're better with -- -- now this team has won three games in April 1 government and our happens they actually won three games -- made. For them pigs are listening to trending now I appreciate it well OK. Okay didn't -- but. Certainly it's like. Wow man that's too bad but. If they wanna make it if you're gonna make the playoffs. Imagine the Red Sox making the playoffs. And you don't have. I buckles perform in the -- supposed to you know unhappy with the brat -- happen. -- -- -- that play buckled to being what it was post debate yet he got there but that -- buckled did pitch. In the world she was a shadow a shadow don't try to get five miles an idea yeah it was a four innings 43. And turned it over to Felix to -- -- both those guys to get where you wanna go. I can't do it may still a question for me. It is they have looked like a different team here against the Braves. -- I still have major major questions about the starting pitching not about their hitting. We -- people you know look at the stats of runners in scoring position team batting average -- them are great they're going to be fine. That's gonna start with a guy who keeps creeping up toward the top of the batting order young Zander is the number -- today. I hate to break it to you but if he doesn't get to them that took the lead off spot by Monday I think that's spots going to be taken by Stephen. I don't know that helps them. That doesn't help the idea I'm and I am only guessing here I think that's what their plan is is to put the Motorola Bogart to start a look at the plate that I love how are. So now are you getting you're -- so I'm not worried about their hitting at all I am I am legitimately worried about the pitching there was a stat I read today were Zander -- has now reached base I think it's eighty times before June 1. The most for any rookie in Red Sox history or something. Nobody is doubting that this guy's going to be a star in the in the major leagues. There are questions and I've heard buck talk about this I -- on Sunday talk about this but doesn't think he's the shortstop. I have to admit I don't think shortstop. And I don't really see what the big deal is if he's not shortstop. As I said before your raskin and -- forty feet which right now a 120 feet two with left over to the dugout. He still going to be still batting second. And you'll continue to bat second. But I do think that that from a Red Sox fans I've heard them all the call Terry -- -- guys on the weekend as well Red Sox fans want -- gone. Irrelevant today don't trade him get him a get out you'll first ball traded today you're gonna get nothing. You be trading him at his lowest possible about you makes zero cents. What you have to do is -- fault line Michael you don't run from home -- fix them. They got affects him I got to figure out a way to fix it hasn't fixed them you know who who steps in in engaged in the production. And and buckle the slot. In the rotation. I would guess Alan Webster yeah I mean we're. I mean this is an old trite line and I hate using it -- right he couldn't -- world and my -- shouldn't be. He almost couldn't be cutting. Seven ERA I don't think so. So so he will give them a better chance to win. On the Clay Buchholz who would be going out on the mound on senator. Which is why I said before. The better off right now. You think this short term don't write it in and it's easier to say well with a turnaround that's knees would give Utah. Give you guys tough. Do you think this team's gonna win the division. The Boston Red Sox winning the division. -- no adult -- but I do see it I absolutely think they have a chance that the wildcard or a chance yes but will it. What will I mean that's that's an absolute I don't know with they will I think they. Our righting the ship right now I think Ronald looks pretty well it has to stop here you told us and I lectured us -- you know earlier which are jobs that -- job -- this -- -- -- I. Get my job is but my opinion our job right now -- not as -- Pena will go Mike you brought your your big it is not opinion. My opinion your opinion that's your opinion is okay what are you you're you're safe and have a chance to -- car okay did I the loudness that they're gonna be one of the two while is that not the future. They're gonna be one of the two wild -- OK I think Toronto. Right now. Looking at that team last week Gibbons has them running through walls and believing they can win. -- and RC on Batiste. -- they've got guys that can hit the ball out of the ballpark. They have a really good 12 punch with Dicky in Mark -- I think they can win the division yes. That's the one thing I'll say is that thank god they're playing in the American League east with a flawed division so I'm sorry I'm not saying they added. He said yankees and they have zero chance of being a championship contender. As presently constituted they would get -- -- in the Red Sox yes yes if they if if they won the division. Presently constituted they get wax and now -- that is the St. Louis Cardinals a few years back -- like in 8485 win team. And they won the World Series. Every three Mets when he. Re games 82 games I think and they went to game seven of the World Series. It it does happen to get these flawed teams to make in the post season the these -- twins would no great team. But they had two good starting pitches. Loyola and Lila and one great dome it went great don't that they -- -- team all the doubt about what I don't but I think this is that all US cigarette stocks. -- in the playoffs and in winning the division whatever it takes me in the wild card winning winning the division I have to totally flip around the script from last year. And that is. Not just Jon Lester was good last year Jon Lester would have been great from here on out -- to -- pitchers. Lackey and Lester who has -- great and I say they'll have to do that the entire season because I don't see it. I'll see it happening from Buchholz this year I don't see it happening from Jake Peavy. I don't see it happening from Felix he brought so you would have to be as -- just mentioned you have to be one of those teams. Really really really top heavy in your rotation a 12 combination and we know Lester is capable of that. There's Lackey capable of doing that like he did. Think 20082009. In in Anaheim. 6177797937. -- in Quincy take -- I don't. Gentlemen paid today what's up you guys really like the -- I doubt like Nostradamus. You what was that -- it would. When directs the. All the credit -- that he's -- up. -- Work out as little thing in the end it mental while. No question about that but he he could. Very well when Matt and I listen. Whatever your mental problems now. One -- -- the current issues regular rail equipment on an -- an acute that he -- I didn't need that that's got to do -- he didn't need to be -- -- a little bit and -- at the top thirteen at occidental World Series. To the World Series against the question I'd like to -- -- That's a joke eight -- Early on early augment. What -- -- it. Better maxed out when little al-Qaeda members. Right now about LA cal of course and anybody that you call Sports Radio anybody you talk about whether it's a fourth liner for the Bruins whether it's the utility guy. For the Red Sox all of these guys have more ability than we ever had asked me that imply and that's just basic. But if you could if you gonna use that for whether you can criticize somebody you're not that you can never called sports talk radio which you never talk to a microphone of course these guys are. Our -- a hundred times more talented -- we are athletic not even a question for talking to a sports talk microphone. Again.

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