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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda Edition 5-29-14

May 29, 2014|

We tackle four topics that take us in the way back machine and think about what could or should have been.

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You know what time it is just after 4 o'clock and so. Hollywood. A -- in the second. Bryant do but I like where you wouldn't let me out of it yet we know you do we take it up your -- I. I like that. I mean anytime you can work Celine Dion into the show you feel obligated to do that country it is authorized him. I -- -- felt -- god don't -- your other larger iPad called me or more brought to you by AT&T AT&T coverage more than 99% of all Americans. Building you a better network. Well. But what if what are Ricardo what are shorter innings. Well yesterday many return to -- -- old emotions were stirred up about him quitting on the socks and -- -- was part of the grounds of for days for four will talk about pass storyline that will never die. And you can talk about the workers showed us -- today we'll start with Glen Wesley and -- shot. That he missed over the empty net in the 1990. Stanley Cup final. Here's the tough fight card. Wesley step. That was Bob pulling Gary -- -- with a call on Hockey Night in Canada you know what urban legend is urban legend is. If Glen Wesley hadn't missed. That gaping four foot by six foot. Yep that was right their form on the backhand. Somehow the Bruins would've found a way to win the Stanley degree -- no. No my game -- no chance against Atlanta that was the five game love it all right if that was the five game here -- they were not as good a team now. You could say well who knows they went OK I don't know it was. But not as though we by records yeah it happened earlier today accident tires smacked him right. And I great bull yeah I split the defense manner in order -- let's not. And then you know Hillary military hands companies there to get very dust out Victor in the shoes post season. That goal of that on -- after all of feel like it happened about six times they've -- Sorry to bring back bad memories but I don't we're going to win that's I don't think that we're gonna win that series against the Edmonton Oilers. If he had voted him -- okay maybe not the case but there are some other examples. Or some other examples moving on to you. Ought to. We are in 1987. The Celtics -- possibly their best team ever on the court. And fortunately for the Celtics Kevin McHale broke his foot and a potential back to back champion -- Gypsies and was not to meet. It. The Celtics. Twelve I want -- two seconds there's no Dennis Johnson on the back. Plus he -- it. Back to Johnson -- the winner. A few things there one. Great hesitation dribble from Magic Johnson. Is to create the separation for white noise in the office today so that's that's one so this is the game live at the garden. And that was the longest. Most taunting horn. If it happened. And everything right never let all of I would get it still lost -- awful hard to stop the that was a great of the great look from Larry Bird ball went in and out. They win a game series 22 even with Kevin McHale broken foot. They may have been able to they may have been able to witness theories the only thing that -- helping the lakers were -- had to say about that. Season is that I equate the eighties Celtics for the seventies -- this respect. Both teams involved here is sort of won more championships. Bruins should've won more than two Stanley Cup with or as the veto cash and -- and if I am Ken Dryden and but he even even taken out of you after they should've won a few more. And the eighties Celtics 1123. Championships they should've won how. I don't win more I mean it was just yet you're the golden age of basketball where you've got. Because they had they had bird and McHale they had perished in -- -- in the -- wasn't hurt they would have once they might have won one there in the team that won more. But would they have made just like you have the Celtics of the West Coast of you viewers you had equals. Just -- directly across the country. I don't yet we got we got bird and got. Mikhail -- got pairs and they got magic if they got Corey Raymond got word being when Nixon and a great coaches. You know Arnold and I by the way. Fallout Perlman left I have not read up reading it now it's it's a very good read and then at the end of the eighties. The pistons. The despicable. But that's all I -- no I don't mr. nice guy -- -- -- the way they don't they just don't -- much competition too much about quality competitions they have more. Never found them. Victory. Let's take a minute revisit what was the most painful moments in Red Sox history game 61986. And no we're not talking about Buckner. We're talking about Roger Clemens being lifted in the seventh inning. The -- Goes seven innings and goes -- winning 32. And you get the ball to Calvin show all the. -- Steve Buckley. That doesn't glossed over -- -- and ask if you ask Roger Clemens. There was John McNamee and one out if you ever ask your arm as he ever ask John back to America it was Roger Clemens. Police believe while I don't know. Speech is adamant in in -- backs up that Americans the pitching coach but what I will say defensive job that merits aces don't by the games. Aces all the managers stick and -- thing right here and with -- morbid case in eighty win season reflect history Roger Clemens and he says yes. So he should have grabbing -- that we talked yesterday there were talks or else. But I don't I mean -- Bradley but but. But he did he was an MVP they're everything about it. Thank you George king tired and you go -- and ignorant look at that that statement aces don't come out of games which that's a great little. I would I ever I want backup Grady Little clip -- -- disagree with them but. Go about that logic. About medical pager market dolls there's a difference because Pedro with with older and faltering. In the book on him was that batting average against. What I went over matter things at a hundred pitcher Roger Clemens 44 he -- -- -- -- we're not an accurate thing is just beginning his is that if you can believe that. -- of -- who do you -- you think Roger told him he wanted out. I believe Clemens I am I believe Clemens -- I can't imagine I can't imagine but I was only clouds tonight grabbing his manager throwing up against the wall putting I don't. Yes -- ideology grabbed a -- diploma because the now that America. That that the thing we don't talk about this game is not that Bachmann made the hour. It's that but -- was even in the game if you go back a look at the ALCS the World Series in 96. The common denominator in every single game the Red Sox won. Is that it ended with Dave Stapleton playing first base that was the automatic will. Late innings Red Sox had partner out Stapleton and because but they have the bad we'll. In this one game MacNamara became a slave to all players instead of my clock on the field. -- -- the -- here you know what it was like and we talked to -- yesterday. About Pedro pitching game seven of the ALCS. And I said did you know you're going on all -- what's -- -- Ian and I was still sore from from working out. And and Tito wanted him I guess that. We are lucky like canceling or thought he wants Tito thought major award in -- said that that wasn't -- Obama. No not the. Time -- for the agency question of the day we talked to Bill Parcells last week. And the controversy he created around the Super Bowl in 1997. Okay. Patriots were ahead 3127. Some guy was in his bathroom door to call there at all about what. At least we actually found it but they were ahead. With 31 feet and two -- -- -- that -- what do you make of what it would go right to come to one touchdown with his with the with the previous Gordon and that this is the ensuing play. There's no particular Desmond Howard now it was why and some reports that was kicking -- Desmond Howard the reports that that. This space that Troy Brown especially seamer. What have good standing it was built by a sonogram. Troy Brown was an active for that game we had a injury and and he wanted to play of ourselves that that you try to play. And and you want to about urban legend a lot of people feel like they they don't get that power they had momentum and winning game. Few people remember. The Packers. Were fourteen point favorites going into that game. And the MVP of the league and Brett Favre. Are much better team in the patriots. It won a game by fourteen points. So and eyes of Vegas what happened what suppose that what the rams were significant favorites over the patriots as well yeah whatever it's safe. In that and that is a huge upset for the patriots. For the most part. And heavy favorite as an example with a heavy favorite either doesn't cover. Or just loses. From a good time. That team. That expect we're -- Is is gonna win that game. And you know what they -- the story line in this town forever more. It doesn't focus that Bill Parcells had his mind on the jets job we've been talking to the -- well -- -- soldiers say is true but but but but he wasn't but what isn't the fact that was the idea that he wasn't focused on the game waterfront hotel window hello. I never already -- when he called hit all the jets and have to at halftime -- connect -- I don't fret about users. Whoa whoa -- And -- like whoa that's a bright guy that if you -- more often. If he's calling the New York Jets. During Super Bowl. Then he's not focused on the job -- it exactly that I think he's not sure if I talked about dale edit on the sidelines in the superdome. Coaching this super calling the governor and itself but it -- bill with -- ordinary -- -- fall back that was Bill Parcells won. 100% focused. On this Super Bowl during that we know but they're great whatever but nobody nobody felt the there aren't Saturday when he standing on the sidelines at kickoff do you think he's giving -- -- one ounce of thought -- That's like no that's like you got to take a big text. You don't study for the test this is what every particular -- now they're gonna -- the -- -- -- it this way if you would -- today you yellow. From 8 o'clock in the morning until noon time. On the -- winding up the job in New York to do the Rangers -- here. And then you can -- here and Europe completely focused on the field we needed so he'll. Would you be culpable for not giving me show you one of the senate. If I accepted your premise that I hadn't done any show prep QB right. But honestly delete yet I -- game pretty good a weather 100 -- well idling well. -- and and you need to stop coming here doing what Buckley said what we call a drug that is about it it's got to -- to spam exactly what about bill to peddle it in Manhattan and Jersey by the way -- definitely a once a week man's gotta feed his family it just -- got to worry about double -- -- the written rages on radio by the way. I can't he just don't forget I don't know -- -- -- ethical use Google yeah. All I have -- I have no idea. Why I haven't looked good so I'll watch Steve I would I would now. 61777. -- -- have a vote 1193. -- call me. All -- like Wallace -- we have the bonus question and it's just for you mr. Steve Buckley no more. Started this -- -- And the fans would -- the cardinals who barely big break billboard and mark in the afternoon but feel good right now. It's. Really -- during the third. It's -- for the -- And I mean the good thing. Going a little bit. When we believe both politically and we -- to play. Think -- important problem with the federal building boom boom the little girl with the group. Barcelona they've ever thought they got their list. It's news to Ellington -- dignitary yes I can just get like -- to get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And a lot of was already routing expert thought it was off on the pitching kept going a perfect -- the play would not have -- -- slaughter place. When this season was over Johnny went back home to Portland Oregon and was at the annual Oregon Oregon State football team. It was a cold rainy muddy day and they were fumbles the war on the field. And someone stood up as the players fumbling the ball a lot and so -- -- jumped up and yelled give the bought a pesky yellow a lot of that's a fact we just -- this 84 mile an hour fastball right across the heart of the plate for mr. buck 74. Are. Derrick -- loves this stuff. And that was Brian Butterfield going DP that's what Dallas we knew this was that we were able realize we don't match and Garnett knew in the BP -- penalties that some baseball coach. That was is a lefty that was when his service. Outside -- and that's all over we -- you know all of the next and we did you do go to the bucks I've got to actually go there yeah I do have this thing out what we had to pull from Michael's what does al-Qaeda I would -- version of what -- Alice gotten -- -- -- song. Come -- but doesn't have that one on its iPods. 6177797937. As telephone number the AT&T text like 37937. Texas this -- don't worry. I want blames you for looking for a new job no less -- -- with.

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