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SoccerCast - World Cup Preview Number 2

May 29, 2014|

In this episode Ben and Russ talk about the Landon Donovan news and the current state of the USMNT. We also bring up the Champions League final between Atletico and Real Madrid.

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Plug it into another edition of WTI's soccer pastime here host young -- alongside me as always has my cohosts Poland -- But most of the time when we're doing World Cup addition doctor -- You would mean those are doing. I'm doing great you know off all the politics because of Iraq begins at at at at that. Well as you can tell we probably have another world competition. Soccer cast here for you were going to be breaking down when Donovan news that happened last week. And talking about some of the aftermath that came from at some of the quotes some discussion topics and and also talking about the US Azerbaijan game. Which. Was a very good. No not really could -- it. And you know we'll sprinkle a couple others news -- from around the globe if we can so let's just jump right into Landon Donovan last Thursday we find out. He is not on the 23 man roster and there was some. A lot of shock from. Especially the French soccer fans that are just kind of getting into the -- only names they know might be Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan and when you hear Landon Donovan is not on it. And you go OK now -- screw what the hell -- they doing what's -- doing. And you've seen some of the aftermath of the quotes. Which are saying Klinsmann said. Well there's other guys were just a little bit ahead of him he didn't express ahead of them in what capacity whether his fitness whether it was. -- Desire I don't know what. And Donovan expressed his frustrations and then went out and had the best game of the last two years for him for the galaxy. What were your initial thoughts. When you heard the news that Donovan wasn't on the team. I was a little bit surprised because again I've I've heard whispers that that was a possibility but I just didn't see that. Happening. We we did it I'd podcast two weeks of last week the beginning of last week and we just said Alamo landed on its on the team. Neither sought coming now and in the aftermath I was thinking. Why am -- not surprised that I'm not surprised. I should've seen it coming I guess I guess I'm surprised that I. That I reacted that way. And off on on Donovan it's funny because then went out when I look at when Donovan is career especially for the US men's national team he's a clutch wire. Absolutely when you're in -- World Cup what do you need whether it's coming off the bench for starting you need clutch players you've so that was my thought why would -- Not. Bring a clutch -- two to the World Cup itself. That was that was the polls are part of and then of course we're gonna talk about everything else that what went along within -- and all the things that we've heard. On but I -- I've had time to think about what he might have been thinking about watt. What his reasoning is and it's it's been about a week now and I do think. I do think that when you come down to it there is a part of me that thinks that he thinks that the 23 he picked the best players that. Can help him in this World Cup there there are some people that think that he's looking ahead to four years from now if you look at the roster. It's really not built -- just young talent. There are also. Experienced players that are now getting a chance to play such as Chris one velocity. Brad Davis yeah. Kyle -- so the attitude that it's just about the young players doesn't really fly. It it really is it really talks new looks at what that the roster and thinking. He's building he's building a rom players that he thinks can actually win now it doesn't seem like it's strictly about young players but he has bring in. Julian green jobs and -- we've barely talked about. You know what we just figured he wasn't going to be part of the mix you know and that of course Devlin I I never saw coming because again maybe I was a little bit. You know on nine Avon now because I was going off of the -- match where he looked horrible. Against the reds and and match that the reds scored five goals and guess London in the war against them so. I'd just didn't seize some of those young players going and that one really thought about it. I think he's try to get the Nixon reports that he thinks he can win whether he's writer Ron. His goal on could there be some Purcell wishes on the -- we could talk about that. Yes the answer is yes there are personal issues but what do you here's what -- and I'm really surprised though is. Why he did when he did -- yet another two weeks till June 2 was the deadline for your 23 man roster. Why did he do it two weeks -- That's great question why did he do before. From neighbors Azerbaijan. You know there have been theories on this he did it now so he could make clean break so will we get towards the World Cup. Everything gets established and and the story goes away maybe he was trying to deal with -- -- and that's only thing I can really. You think about is why would he want anyway for the front -- What are also tells it -- is that he's made up what twenty fours who wants to bring. And and I think he meant that apple a lot of -- yes. I think he made a decision on land and last year that's my opinion I think there's a serious rift between the two. Because of Landon Donovan sabbatical when it was qualifying time and if you're qualifying for the World Cup and let's be honest about the US it's not a lock that they're gonna make every World Cup they're not in that upper tier of France. Germany Spain Brazil. And Netherlands. England you know those guys. They're not a -- David good chance because they've been easier road here in this hemisphere. But it's not a lock and he skipped out on those games because he needed to recharge his battery I -- and I think that affected Klinsmann. Now going off that further is you -- on Twitter during Klinsmann son who's eighteen. Made some disparaging remarks that disparaging remarks but -- data on Twitter and all pulled caps. Which if you know anything about Twitter in the Internet bold caps means you're serious. So that led me to believe that to singing about human psychology. Klinsmann has expressed his frustrations and his anger and is down a disapproval over -- Donovan behavior. Around the dinner table in front of his son and his son took that. And it manifests itself into his. I don't see hatred does that to Charlotte right disliking of Donovan himself. And then put out their Twitter. Well. You can definitely go there there's no reason not to go there it was until it's while we went there are you know -- it's -- one that broke this entire story. Until it while was the first place I had hurt. A ball. Clinton and silenced weights and first I thought okay. You know a lot again and it's kind of rough to two made the intimate that we we are -- a little bit of -- week and absolutely from his son to -- Klinsmann but not. But obviously his son and the son and father detox cell so it's not if I could see why people make and now -- its. It's a difficult caught me not I think that's you know what I understand why why I'm -- it's been brought up some I don't. Obviously what we're doing here is speculating just what is ideal house right -- -- -- was. The other players are a little bit ahead. In that doesn't mean anything it does NB unless you give us specifics in how these other players are ahead is Julian green faster in the mine Donovan sure. But -- actually bringing up Julian green there. Len Donovan was always you're marked as they strikers. Corrects we -- so the people that say oh he made room for you -- green by getting him when Donovan that's not true. -- that's. To going green is a Winger midfielder. He is not a striker. So that is not where the disconnect it is. I I don't know why you have went on ministry and especially in the World Cup especially someone who's as poised as he is on the field you want him in the midfield when I'm controlling everything there. Playing in front of Packard or -- alongside Bradley -- Bradley Donovan in the midfield together. That's a scary midfield that's a good midfielder can hold the ball and move it and control the game from that side. Liza striker. Or listen as a striker I don't know -- -- for the galaxy. Somalis. Iowa southern miss in the film that's why I was Chris when when we first talked about it on the last show it just didn't. Add up to me and that also should have been a bell going off in my head that that's things going on here because he did not make. The squad. Because I Julian green is the reason. You know you can argue maybe it's Chris one Alaska instead of you know instead of art Donovan and honestly Chris one Alaska's been scoring a great deal goals he's been better than him on problem unquote what. And and also he's been scoring goals for the US men's national team so he has shown the ability to schools in the is -- all the player he's not a young part. He's getting a chance I think I wanna see what crystal -- Alaska thirty degrees 3131. So so again this is not going for younger player because. Because I was tropic of -- he made it over. And I I think one -- -- For me would be would be the -- could also say Aaron Hansen but I don't think it's been good but he's been good to sell. So on but it all goes back and he was listed as a striker he's not making it over Oakland -- Knows it or or Josie because because even though I have my issues we Jozy. Joseph -- is a big part of what I currency Joe's big part of what Clinton wants to do. -- -- -- At top form for him. He meticulously -- deaths might be all right you can argue a couple of guys -- -- the -- you leave them down because it's such a different world right. You could argue that Jews Jesus. It is -- Dempsey went -- if not better. Well listen you know it's funny you bring up Josie because again watching the scanner talked about during during the game his hold -- play is going to be very key. When we get to the World Cup because the US men's national team does not gonna have the amount of possession that we saw Arkansas Azerbaijan and so you're going to need him. Two to take those long passes and be able to distribute the ball. I got the CL a little bit against Azerbaijan and -- and OK if he plays that role spot might not be all about scoring goals that. It might be about his distribution. And setting everyone else up you know again I'm used to acquire and I'll go back to my full days of Bob blog is more. When bodies and large you know thought on -- -- that night and it is not a not everyone six years. There might be people that got enough from I would -- some more blood on but he's a -- that was. It's still to this day and actually scored the one -- that drove me crazy in the championship. Final are not on Saturday. He still has to go to hold of the ball which sets everything else up. I such as you do a little bit of and I'm thinking okay. If that's going to be his role if he's gonna have a more defined role -- not just about scoring goals because a strike obviously it's you know everyone. Focuses on scoring goals but if you can set up his teammates. That's gonna be key and off when I saw some of -- OK consumer Klinsmann going with this. Joe's is going to be -- a big part of the World Cup team I concede I mean I don't and that's gonna change and and if you watched. Beyond the out -- pieces which which I would recommend people Washington. I think it's been excellent so far and we hear him talk about Jozy in his time. His time at all at Sunderland talking about the blackest service that you know that deck I mean I think okay the -- in 2000 and the dichotomy to think that that night he's made up his mind about Jozy Altidore that he understands that as a player himself. You know that he serves as a strike can't do -- -- rights record needs to be given the ball in the right position for him and a lot of time that's not happening for limits on right now obviously when he's playing in the Netherlands playing for. Who's he PC Eindhoven notice play there furlough. Cause that are not out that's right that's -- -- reckless who cares how many. He was the best currently. He could dominate obviously moving over the you know that's not the case and can't dominate. And he's not getting the ball in position and he's not he wasn't playing up his -- anyway. But it's the right move to keep him on the team because he when he's going. He can be very very difficult for defenders. So. I mean just didn't a lot of things Clinton's concerns. Didn't you know obviously what you brought up earlier with the whole Clinton got a contract extension he's going to be here through 2018 in the World Cup in Russia. Is he just bring along these guys to get them ready for Russia which I think is of pretty stupid notion. I don't think I don't that this is going on here -- that's our secret deal yeah if you dump out if you don't look when a single game in your in your group in this World Cup. Clinton you're gonna get fired a -- the contract says those amount. You'll be fired right these -- nobles -- no games no draws no nothing and your bounced early. You're gone. Right so the notion of him pulling these young eighteen year old nineteen year old kids to get them set up for Russia is I think will. And not I don't buy that as a reason why. Julian green and some of these younger players -- -- I think that that he truly believes that he can win with them and he's gonna use them. And on its you know again it'll be part of the progression of its roots in the program of the US men's national team under twins -- -- so so it does have that benefit. Four years down the road. But it also was about winning now and I don't think Julian green goes to. The World Cup if if Klinsmann doesn't feel that he can win -- you know I mean. Listen we -- voice in bits and pieces of Julian green and he you know like he shows the top potential but again -- season. A lot more than radio and I don't think he makes that decision to -- four years down -- or I think every player it's funny because of slick about this and and I heard a park just talk about. But the movie miracle of all thanks in a local doctor herb Brooks in the hunt and every player was picked for a reason. I believe that that's the case here whether you re not -- you create a bulk. -- Landon Donovan are not coming I think that he picked every single one of these guys for a reason. And dog. And again I don't called the depth the reason is for next four years I think the reasons for now. And you know again -- there's an interest in situations going on all over the pitch -- that's starting eleven. It's kind of a fluid situation all over the place and net dot -- find interest in. That's why really wanted to watched it as a -- -- not except I don't know how much we learn learn from it because of the opponent. But we got to see the senate backs play together we can proceed to different parents that of senator Max protect a fund interest and you got to see Chris one -- you play with. With. With -- and so without -- outdoor because Dempsey couldn't go at the last minute -- found that interest -- You've got to see a very interesting situation with. Without without Jones and and and -- Michael Bradley in the milk is unclear cinema that's gonna work this -- coming get a chance to play about role. You know and instead of law of -- Jones you know again. He he did he what he wasn't in this match at all. But I wanted to see what would would Jones be that holding midfielder he he stayed they could talk about that during the match. And not allowed Michael Bradley to Ronald Moore and but he also statement. Is where it -- Bradley's. Excellent. You just kind of let him have free reign over that made field. You can dominate them and he is an excellent player. Right and and honestly then I think he could I think -- can defend as well when you need him to because not that back for the key to that back for could be. That defensive midfielder you know -- basically help and out or like you said everyone track and back. Because it's a scary situation with their no symmetry yet. And I'm you know again that to me you don't. What can -- miles I was fascinated watching this because and think about all over the pitch there are questions there are questions everywhere there are questions front. There are questions in the midfield and they are definitely questions in that dark morning. And the key will be. Does up act for all meshed together and and not and what we -- is the back for. You know look at some recent demarcus Beasley Fabian Johnson looked pretty good to me. You know Timmy Chandler played as well they've brought in Omar Gonzales yet to it to team in the second half without. With diesel are but I also like Geoff Cameron and I you know and I -- -- -- one thing interest and I believe that was of a once they elect to allow assault on boot Macs froze watching -- metrics talk about. All bought the partnerships and about specifically about Cameron I Cameron Cameron played very well for -- But he wanted to make sure that everyone -- was it right back and on its back -- that's that's a completely different position absolutely. And and even though he did so great at Wright doc win. With -- and he did it. How does that transfer it to be in the senate -- the reason why it was a senate -- focuses they have two very solid senate backs who wasn't gonna. He wasn't gonna played -- role bundle but I don't think Geoff Cameron did anything hurt himself in the -- Ormat diesel or Omar himself but it can't we go back. How much can you take got a bit of us it was like a warning that decides it. -- -- Yeah that. It's always trillions Azerbaijan. A Philly guy to put together tickets from framing what you're not you and I and I don't what you and I could. And I got two bad legs -- -- But the so. What's up next for me you know. What's next friendly. I believe the next -- Turkey and then and then it's on Nigeria. Which are too. Much tougher matchups right Azerbaijan Turkey is a there is so team hustle they're very physical team. And I'm interested to see. Azerbaijan is nothing. I'm interest to see the Americans play a more physical game. Especially since. Klinsmann is really really making this had a German team -- and it. And yes I do mean -- in the terms of OK any German born. Kid with half an American parent is welcome over here and you know will take you well I'm kind of but I wanna see that -- German style of physical play. I wanna see the Americans -- the big bad bully it's. Whether you win or not I wanna see you punish the other team. Opposite policy win but I wanna see you pusher and that other team I I wanna see. Atletico Madrid -- That's what I wanna say I love that seem like they're a fantastic. I I love that with and we'll get to the champions league. Final in a minute here but that's what kind of I wanna see is more physical team that's gonna push around bigger stronger. Maybe not faster. But play Smart be in the right position and -- You're not going to be -- the Brazilians are not going to be stressed that the Spanish and not fast. But I was he pushed those guys around. And especially the Portuguese and one receive push someone you're not going to be as fast as it's -- is gone. Push them around right make punish them for ninety minutes Germany I've already said -- it's a loss I do not think they have a perfect game. I would tend to agree with you and and that goes to these these two friendly matches you know what it's gonna be his approach is he is he going to take its -- Because they can you know when you have the ability to take its -- you really should. But again them who were rewards were looking forward to Germany's that the amount of possession that they're gonna have against Germany's going to be. Very limited so. At some point. Clinton it's gonna have to. Be tested I'm talking about his team has to be tested in the back because they got to know how they're going to be able to. To deal with. Players that are gonna become an -- and on on basically all three teams that the German team they're going to be under the can be under attack pretty much the entire match how. Or the senate that's gonna hold up power for the fullbacks gonna hold up and how much coverage will they be getting from the Al central midfielders from say Jones and and also from Michael probably or Kolb -- and I think that's gonna be key in this is well. You know long defensively this is that this is where the major concern is for me -- I mean. I don't know how much they're gonna be tested in these friendlies to see how they're gonna react to teams like Germany. On not and then also you know again their -- the third reported I don't know why I'm blanking on the 3 June Portugal with Christiane overnight Hulk but I. Look at -- like -- Cristiano Ronaldo and off. That's in me is going to be that's me it's something that I need to CIA and -- how they're gonna react to 21 when there are under attack us. Right you brought up Christian Ronaldo. So. Perfect segment. And I just ruined it bomb. Did you watch the champions league final I didn't know. It was a fascinating fascinating match for eighty minutes. To -- eighty minutes atletico dominated the game. Dominated. They could do no wrong and then they gas themselves up and Real Madrid. Really start pressuring about the 75 eightieth minute and was getting every opportunity and just couldn't put away until the final minute of the game. When you have. A corner kick. And Sergio Ramos does what he does lately witches. Had the ball in when the game obviously went to extra time in the port on a couple more goals there. And it was just a really bad showing from a Politico at the end. They were done. They couldn't move anymore they're out of subs because of the curious decision to San Diego costs out after the eighth minute. Which I still find to be stupid -- Booth. -- Diego Simeone should not be worried about due to cost be ready for the World Cup. That's not your job your job is to win the champions league final with atletico Madrid. You -- job is to win the game that's in front of him put -- the best effort he did put forth a very good effort for those eight minutes he was on the field. But why. Just it kind of -- group them wired -- Diego coming towards the end of the game and reports I'd rather see him come in the last eight minutes. And really push the pace you know tension is bad push it. And put a tired Real Madrid on the heels. That was a curious decision I think that really ended up backfiring form because you saw. Who drove into his name but he really screwed up his ankle and had to hobble around fielder. That was horrible watching that in Helena and I fell for that player because he was used to -- everything that he could -- is just to help his team. That's -- I do I do have the matches I mentioned earlier in the podcast that I what I would love at atletico Madrid. -- to say I love how they play. I can't say loved the club because they beat -- in the final and I know the full support is gonna listen to us. None of you know again not a fan of of them as a squad and how they play. I'm -- how they played in this and it and it and I think it's hard not to admire. What athletica Madrid was -- the doing this because like you said and they controlled the play. Until it will -- came crunch time and when it became crunch time. Then route Real Madrid really really turned on the screws and they got -- for Ramos. And political -- was just spent an and that of course tumble play with players that were injured and and thought it was just a matter of time -- wanted to see if they were there would be able to. To hold them off the next time but there was a part of me that didn't think that was gonna have my thought that Real Madrid would win this. In and actually time they did and of course at the goal from bell that it just takes off from there yeah but I'm. No I mean I'm mean. For me. As a fan of football I wanted to see of medical Madrid -- of one incident team that that doesn't spend how much money when I absolutely I wanted to see that. They won a little -- one will be I don't know if you saw the week before but I watched their match against -- against Barcelona and as fascinating as well. Because again it it blows me away that that this team in the can can hand out not only hand -- -- Real Madrid. And Barcelona but beat them now and and and really control the game like I said and in the in the champions league final through the first half they were the better so they were the better side -- what was amazing. Unbelievable. David Villa was excellent. Until about the seventieth minute and he couldn't go anymore right guys 33 years old so about 3030. And he was awesome for them he kept putting pressure on that back -- for me Real Madrid and pushing them further and further back. And you who's doing a great job and then he just couldn't go anymore and -- lives off the counter and when your starter kit. Know you have no count there so there was no no response from them they couldn't do it anymore. Which was disheartening to see which is another reason why go back to the Diego costs of substitution. Which was. You're putting. You're gonna tell the guy who's in his thirties. Who has a whole lot of miles. Still very good player right previously you're gonna have to go before Monday and you're gonna have to key areas -- We don't have much up there. You Medicare. And I just thought those unfair to via a -- under constant. And I just thought I thought it was a bad bad position. Well if you think about it and in I've seen. Situations. On on both that's where where you'd started a player and then you're down and up block hurting yourself like so with Costa I I have to Blake the the substitute you know run the change of pace if you bring him in late in the match. Went with tired legs he could actually hurt hurt the other team on the -- piece -- when they probably need and it did as good arguments you make a very strong argument. Two those are the only I had a arguments I make process. So. That's okay because I I actually agree with you on this and it's something down on. Our on our full or shall we talk about all the time because there's a player that we've been arguing should be coming off the -- should be starting so I understand this argument. Especially with a with a player injured. Why would you. Is there more benefit in limited minutes to have later in the match than earlier than. I think so for two -- well really one major reason won his. Who when you bring him in the beginning of the game the other team has fresh legs they can keep up with them right. Bring in a slightly injured player at the end of the game he doesn't have to push himself as hard and he could still potentially get -- Because your your legs are really tired you'd you'd -- gassed out for the entire game. I just doesn't make sense to me why you -- a injuring him early in the match. Or taking him out within -- minutes either way you're burning a sub. Within the first ten minutes of the game I just don't get it. That's that's that's pretty I've ever seen that that often except Y I it's a few times for injury and that's obviously what watts. But you bring up point let's talk about via if you take off via incident seventieth minute you bring on Costa. And yes it's for say twenty minutes and the navy. Maybe you do have an issue -- with his injury going into -- time but it again which is played out let's say things -- a little bit differently when they. That there and they are able to hold off you know. I'll -- Real Madrid because of him having that ability to law. You know to to beat them on the -- a little bit and can control the ball and you make a very strong and it's -- yes thank you look silly arguments that you make your. But -- that -- that I'm full of crap but sometimes a direct sometimes I am right. But it was an -- and match. He you know Christiane urgency to -- on dude. Not care mostly guys are watching this. Leisure and summit in a settled. Have you have you heard the latest with him someone wrote a book about the extra bone in his. In his ankle could be an extra bonus supposedly and that's the reason why he can he can you can probably also while. There's so he can't do it as well Beckham couldn't his prime and Beckham added extra bone in his. As I'd -- I'd just tell you is this enough not to ludicrous that the slump that someone wrote a book and actually. That's part of its claim is that that is that there's only a certain part of law. Part of our -- it's -- people that have the sex to -- he's one of them that's -- that's what makes him special I don't think that's what Nixon's battle. That you know what if I was him I'd be offended. Like Witasick and so it's just as -- have an actual bone in my foot. It's not because I've worked my ass off and I'm just naturally more gifted than some people and on top of that I do work this hard to. Put those deals out there because -- -- -- if I'm pissed about and I don't even care. The future. So those uninteresting match it it is -- didn't go the way either of us really wanted to express. You obviously you wanna see the underdog win a lot of these times especially with the team that is generally likable like athletically is -- may leave your. In Spain in your -- -- they're not I I don't know but here's an American I am because I liked the chippy style play. I like to work and are working to rack up yellow cards here we're gonna go action. I I like that style -- -- that I wish Americans would apply a little more of that style to kind of punish the other team a little bit. What they beat him up you know they don't know -- they beat up their opponent and I I liked you know it's kind of you know. It hit the bring the Bruins until but it's almost like Blake. Like a defensive mentality from from hockey where where you you know you beat up the opponent a little bit you you won't force you well. On the other team and it and it works it works listen he's a very good coach -- disagree. With the without the starting eleven and and the substitution that we talked about you know -- again he's an excellent he's an excellent coach a -- Yes yes but let's -- some of the best coaches are. Our -- -- mad men in the end he's one of the blood -- but I liked the store I wanted to see the story and a different way it didn't. You know Real Madrid as as a juggernaut they're always going to be a juggernaut but it was nice to see. See -- someone else in the next. You know it it it's a little unfortunate because I think that was athletic -- one real chance. Com -- costs is -- -- the current the first speculation is gonna go to Chelsea's so he is most likely go on. Diego Simeone -- big name linked to a bunch of places he doesn't speak English. So. We might not have a chance in the EPO but he's been linked to a couple different places. I think what we see in sports. Will old. He is is what's gonna happen in this case is a lot of times that plucky underdog kinda comes out of nowhere. And makes it to the dance. Doesn't win and then they kind of fade into obscurity it's it's not the rocky story. Where they made it to the dance and I just could not because they went toe to toe with the beast and lost on points. It's not rocky where there's a rocky two -- and politicos not going to be back. Well here's my argument that you could be wrong in their case a guy okay his argument. And of course -- reform until now of course in 2010. They'd be formed when the Europa league final that's 2000 has -- four years ago they did take a step back. Four for a couple seasons and then -- came in and basically revitalized them as well. Our blood on I would be shocked because again they they lose players every single year that that they can that they can find players. Play the style and hopefully he states. I wouldn't count them out yet I don't know if they're gonna be at champions league. It's you know wait I am disgusted that level. You know they might not make it opt out of out of the champions league you know group stages. But I'm I wouldn't be shocked that there's still top four in. In what we -- next year I mean. Yes what is the cost is going to be leaving there could be other president waving. But I just wouldn't come this side. But it was so we think us is leading where almost assured that he's leaving. And going to -- The -- come back. Well Taurus I'll -- story is go back to a political where he started if I was him. Well I mean it seems like it's a natural swap. Taurus is a play that just. I guess puzzles me. Will that he is if you're unfamiliar with him when he came out. You don't we have an extra Sheen on on else ever did same body. Seems styles and very aggressive. Play on sports reported willful Liverpool yeah absolutely. But any fellow officers here yeah once he ended up at Chelsea it was over for him he he didn't score first. Only the first twenty matches. You know it's funny because because I saw that in his last season at Liverpool. And I thought the change of scenery would change everything that he become the player that he was before. But he never became an again it's bizarre that. That odd that a player dropped as much as as -- because you know we have to tell because these are shown it but for some reason not to sampler. No no it isn't but could that if he ends up back there where he started could that be. Could that either of the reset button for me and him turn it back on I mean these are between seven which is mind blowing -- -- -- You know I I discounted let it go from doing it again. That if they keep the coach. Bring end. Torres. May be. May be I I don't feel strongly about him as you do but maybe they could trying to reclaim some of that magic. Well listen I'd like to see it because I remember how good he watts so that's what I would like to sit I'd just seen it. Cynical the other way for for a long period of time now than this isn't just one year this is this is a few years now Taurus and and think about how much money. You know lobbed Chelsea hit from its is mind blowing. When you think about what they pay for it's funny because I think there's some of the moves that they -- shows you. How much money some teams have they ever striker that's still on the books of the rubble woodcock who scoring goals for ever attend an -- long. You heard it here before the -- goes on loan to west -- it's like will you have a player hit there. Why wouldn't you use your own play and yet you. If you Jose Mourinho you don't like your -- situation. The that you keep putting this guy out on loan off as a ball pretty good player -- that. I -- tell he really I think he's a very good. And art are I think he's a I think now after two seasons and he's proven -- score. So what does it not doing but it's a good let's bring in let's bring in Samuel -- fair amount of money. On 33 year old who's still very good and he still has the ability but he didn't do what Chelsea -- -- and Marino was complaining about a strikers season. I saw speculation that that arsenal could be interested in him. So we'll see what happens -- -- that's Obama. But on it's just it it's the -- team went down just pulls through -- how much money they have spent. And basically they can decision to buy -- divide divide because we can spam we can spend because that would just bring a more plus. I do have much respect for Jones and for some reason he does not like -- for you know what ever reason does not fit what he wants to do I don't get it. Because he reminds me a great deal of player that that the very well for him Didier Drogba you know. I I think we'll -- who has just to be an excellent player Sunday. Why does he keep sending them out of Monaghan he's only responsible for your -- but still. And don't understand either. There's a couple of other rumors David -- And PS chief for 82 million dollars that thou when I don't want -- one. And I of course a good amount of of who is an endless and he is definitely he's a -- -- -- he's a man without a position right. Ever employed right if you go back he's holding midfielder I was gonna say what is his best position. Pulled in midfield general plays and senate back Brazil's complaints and yet that's not where he's but that's not what I want to do every coach gets frustrated with him. Because he keeps trying to push it up -- -- up and get more involved on the offensive side of the game. 82 for a million dollars now sorry impeached she what the hell you doing. If you watched him play as much as I have no sorry you know he's prone to making huge costly errors. Right you know again he. He was on the edge she's someone that you can pay off big time -- and score some incredible goals that. But the -- he said he could also make an incredible mistake it's it's that you know. That risk reward and the risk is high and the reward is high so it's one of those -- supporters but. I wouldn't it after I've I want a proven commodity it's for me you can't count on that guy because he's up and down. Especially for 82 million if you're saying I'm gonna spent 42 million and it's a and it's open it's a little high you know. Even someone like sheriff bell and I love -- -- nice -- -- I think he's fantastic I still -- they pay a little bit too much forehand but. Gareth bale is one of the best in the world so he is 23. I guess that I guess that's a fact so. Putting the agent I'd say yeah. It and if you think about that team and how it's constructed give. Another on the left bill -- another being the right -- left let's -- it's it's perfect it's devastating it's if you're playing a game of fifa. And you're doing a fantasy draft of teams you'd have Christiane on the left and -- on the right it just works perfectly. And is there scorers on the way right and you're giving them then natural position going in firewood their dominant. Yet they maybe hit a little too much but with its literal -- that pace -- -- upscale. -- -- -- -- Well you know listen I don't blame them for doing it. And you know because they want the player and there's always that adage you know you you've got to pay you know you gotta pay money for the full equality and obviously that's at that that -- that they overpaid all of that but they want the players see you do that. If you Real Madrid you can afford to do that you can afford to make mistakes you know and but no there's no mistake. With -- I just you know again what when I think of the highest paid. Transfer as I I would still start with now you know -- -- technical beyond her up for me I can't go beyond. Anyone getting paid more money than Ronaldo I guess that's that's my only issue. It's because all when that happens it's like okay we're not the sets the bar no one should come close. To Ronaldo because -- that could have replied -- -- -- -- messy if it is it if you went out on the open market that's never gonna happen. But come before me you know. Built with some -- Was incredible and is incredible and I enjoy watch you play out I'm disappointed that I I don't get to see him play in the darkness rarely anymore. Because I always liked him as a player it's funny because I remember one. When -- when I first started hearing about and then all the spurs fans of -- to send you you don't realize how gritty -- -- right action that's like what's he doing claimed there. But but it didn't take long to really sees the brilliance of all of all -- Gareth bale and Heath yeah he's that good he's active. That's a fun team to lots -- article that's -- moderate. Who was outstanding. -- your coach and the bottom of the Maria were -- two best players on the field. It's out. Date to homage -- and for its excellent candidates are moderates never knew he Franken jump. -- -- You watch some of those set pieces he'd get up there he really -- that's a good athlete period. And team Korea -- those little chicken legs aren't around. He he's good I've always use good he really controlled that game that he was much it was good. Di -- it was great. Yeah and just you know it and it can -- about the players. -- -- of view of your other main superstars and that team and it just it all fits and that team is gonna be dangerous for many years I don't see I don't -- one -- for awhile it's constructed. Perfectly yet. And that is a brilliant mind that put that together. And even losing your coach and bringing a new one. Doesn't matter now -- constructed -- deal the only other team that I can see dealing with them on a regular basis would be -- -- I'm Byron Byron I I think. Could you know could be that Red Sox in case it is if you wanna get down to buy it's getting old though. So some positions. On your wings down river in Robin -- -- -- -- mean they've sold. Liberties maybe actually while last year is the best you've ever played. They'll this year what odds of that it's a good point about the age because -- -- because eventually they're gonna have to -- in my -- players seem to aplomb and is this -- he's not twenty years old anymore he's 28. It's years. What did that thirty it's like tennis when you're thirty you and -- -- under Pirillo. I think I love watching pro platelets from number he's one of my favorite players he he's in that lineage of might have a favorite player which is. They love her way to control the game he has not much speed anymore well but he has always in the right spot. And if you look at his passing percentage. It's as good as anyone -- university. My fair player all tons of effortless nature in which he could dominating game. You know yes she was trying but he made it look like that really do anything -- -- -- -- And that's why I loved him minus then we'll take that as -- out of the equation. That Marco much arazi. They had voted in the chest. But Pirillo. That's not a player I want. On my team -- that one dealt. It's funny you conduct moderation I got into this argument was. With a gentleman that that does on the -- and soccer Twitter account and we've. From from the little bit to go back and forth about the difference between moderate your most of the bail because of Christmas the dailies to play for. Performance and really was a key contributor for four million dollar places -- different role. For first Burris and he said you know he can you really can't touch moderates and I suggest he can. And you know what he ends -- -- right because -- the better appliances you know I love most of them -- I don't get me wrong. But -- -- riches is just to cut about. Is very good and I was I was confused. Win re out -- And really and -- a ton out of them in the PO maybe I wasn't watching how close enough I did. I thought it was curious decision but again that's probably my focus I wasn't watching -- closely should have been at the time now he's he's well he's are shown you he's. But he's the real deal I real drama is real deal. That's that's a great team. I think. -- Will run is done I don't I don't see them coming back and toppling the giants now I think reality giants again. Well that's you know again capital smile on my face again I have many followers that while Barcelona. And love that you know that. You know like -- it's it's -- backcourt team that court T might you what you said then they've. -- modified run its course and I wanna see new Guatemala you know I cannot borrow some of the fine new blood that brought an MR. But if -- had the same thing it's still -- it and right it you know again I'd like to see I've looked like to see that -- don't change a little bit I guess it's not going to end it until all of those guys move on and and then they and then they reinvent themselves. But off. Listen you know I thought that Parcells we're gonna win 45 you know yeah. Because because I mean that that tight unit you know when it's on its final firing on all cylinders and I thought it was going to be impossible to beat in that and now we found out that it can be be. That's it's no -- it's fascinating because of the people the fall policy. Really didn't see this common -- -- the fall off now we've seen teams that compete them we've seen. Atletico Madrid beat them push around. And that a small -- about that. Picabo did you know the you know they were able to. To take away that. No doubt that. That engine did -- really dismantle that engine. By B and top five by beating them up a little bit and -- It takes a special team to do that that's what that's what made this and political Madrid so interest. Even though I'm not supposed to say that because of the full support but I can appreciate I can appreciate. What Ximian did and what what those players. -- -- Until lecture time it was one of the best games I've seen a lot of time it was. Wasn't technically one of the best games but it was just a fun back and forth battle. With good hard play. Both sides -- playing hard. Real loose getting in their their defensive line was was doing some things there to make life difficult for via upfront. Used. And I Politico was. Really really frustrating Christiane Ronaldo who was not getting opportunities -- had a couple opportunities and just couldn't. Lou just couldn't find the Internet. Those great game is a great game pitchers are the champions league is. The second best -- in the world. Cecil cut besides the World Cup. You know in the euros or great. For awhile I always thought the euros for the second best in the world but I was. Champions league is so much fun to watch the sort of finished. You you always you're always gonna get a couple classic games along way. So you know I think of the last three finals the luster -- Beyond you have you have Chelsea beating by iron and you know -- again I know that might not be you know -- good ending for you. Then you know blood -- but it really was fascinated to see that team the way that they beat. Barcelona and then they'd be buying it to win it I mean I have to conclude I can't stand. That team but I don't see -- and I'm probably going to law be fine by my own show because every time I say it I I a lot a -- to the -- Tuesday to the former FC foundation. And it keeps rising. And and I'll guarantee you Iowa have supporters that will call me out. First always saying that that's Siewert about a dozen times that. Tells he tells he tells a tough. I don't Chelsea there I really can't stand them I can't stand Jose Marino I cannot stand overrated. I got into an argue it's twellman about it he disagree is real that is great. I said he overrated. Now I'm probably as is but. I just don't. Maybe I just don't like his personality. His I'm the greatest on the special well. Grow from Bloomberg screw off. I don't like Chelsea I couldn't normally Jon Terry a lot of punch and a stupid looking face. Gary Cain he'll lose -- don't have finished on feelings towards him. At so at one point I love to produce fantastic. Notions -- -- point BB was on the wrong side of thirty. Who should just go to them. I want an entertainment outlets they applied that I actually really -- on that team that -- house are. So who he's -- -- that you know again -- our actual past. Who -- four. Because I you know a lot -- and his little -- coming -- to I. Rights to its rights scare but it but Eden has artists is the real I enjoy watching watching him play. And he makes it you know I can deal with watching them Kazaa because I can watch him play and now. You know he's he's he's -- special talent so so that you know again that there -- players that annoy me like jackets and John Terry and you know frequent part I'm not a big fan of frequent -- -- I mean again he -- government part of that if you're asking me if it's between the two to Girard ten times out of ten. Yeah absolutely. And I might -- said that five years ago. But I'd like to think -- if -- I really don't like that tila I I root for Liverpool in the PO which is not always a popular decision. My good friend -- he's in big time Manchester United supporter. Animal Liverpool Byron Munich. Top heavy Charlotte I don't care. But I don't Byron I'm really Byron Munich -- as you know I've been courting them for a long time and you know Heidi I never get my predictions right ever. When I got my champions a prediction right last year and I think I've made the prediction in late January early February and by whom was gonna -- you know. And that pat myself on the back just -- Who. Visited all of that had a shot out to Andy Manchester United will be back next. Yes very very good I should say I don't know what blazer just died. He did it bluntly shows have been running the team now so I don't think that we'll have any impact on held the manager that they brought an excellent. And I'll yes Ellis ending you know when you've got a situation there recap -- as an assistant. I think that's -- -- it was a crucial iPhone. Because because he's going to be he's going to be the transition guy between he's gonna actually show. The manager I discussed at the Manchester united way he'll be able to still. I guess you could say put that stamp on that that team that admit just united way -- still be there. But they're gonna have a new man in charge. And -- going to be. A bunch new pleasant Bard heard the speculation with a gonna bring and they're gonna be back that this is this is one year. And it's like it's because I've -- elected them poisoned. You know what you wanna be the guy. After you don't want to be the guy to replace -- I wanna be the guy now place the guy right place the -- exactly and offense Dale Arnold. Sorry I had thirteen plugin for the daily it was so we gave it weekdays two to six and BP I and I. -- the W what you know how much trial network listen you know how much I like dale and Michael -- I'm glut. Personally I'm glad that the doctors and you know what's great is actually to talk soccer return. That's great. Played the game he knows it very well you've still falls that watches it as much as he can so I actually have someone now to talk to. In the office. Just before it had nobody. But I've talked to you right you and I would talk about things go back and forth on on Twitter. But I know -- talked to here on the idea at all my friends back home those about it. But listen listen you can talk to Taylor Twellman now now I can but. He's part of the don't only show but I -- before. But what's good and and and I get a shut off your show on Friday when the news broke when the news when the news broke about Landon Donovan. Com I had I had mentioned you that that your your competition was talking about what may be that the I should talk about it no. -- RT we was already in the motion that's fantastic what what ticked me off about the situations not to owns -- out of school is. We and -- early that morning and we should have announced that we are doing it -- them look like. Writing a bright and he is Erica. We with love Taylor -- an awesome guy all you he was fantastic. Is that I enjoy and it's and you have to Jauron. He has his fantastic and in the nose -- -- adamant about -- of the sport. All totally you know. He will be valuable Forrester in the World Cup as well have -- a couple of times -- assess what's going on considers the World Cup and he if you don't like soccer most you will get into it and and follow what's going on such with the US team in the World Cup because you want help. If you're from from him in your phone to present it. I don't know South Korean which is exactly. So that'll be good time I'm religious. I think counting down the days. Into the World Cup begins I can't wait and I'm so excited. This is going to be agree time. I'm already looking forward to 2018 and Russia. Well it's funny that you mention that because I was already thinking about this as retirement some of the young players. And I do have to mention promotional. Because do it because I think there -- few revolution players that could be involved for years from now. And -- the good news it is graduation cleared up I hope so. I would love to see him on the list but he's not the only one that I think that should have a shot that. I -- moments Patrick Mullen should Andrew Farrell -- oh I absolutely think it's fair you know Andrew Farrell I think deserves a chance. I think he's good enough I mean. He's still he's still kind of -- player that it's a man without a position. You have -- right back. Which makes some sense. But I think he'd be more of that -- center defensive -- guy I was gonna say then I think ultimately he could be a defense in the -- That's where I think he should be. It it seems to make more sense he seems to have enough skill to do it. And will -- Jane knows better than we do. Especially with the ways teams constructed in the way of implying don't mess with a good thing so. He is and in about a position I think you'd think I it seems like a lot of people think. I think this year win at some point for the US team I think Marlins. If he keeps up this pace right now where. Where they finally figured out touted appropriate utilize him -- -- Worse he he is just a goal score you know and I was we talked about him before what what's fun about him. Is his positioning his position is excellent he's always in the mix that he's sitting here we are retirement Jozy altitude. Watch him beat -- set up now watch him beat the target man. He does it to perfection and he's not the biggest guy in the long -- -- is not like bill mean he's not so -- he's still young so he's still younger towns and for me right if he puts more pounds on his friend. He's going to be extremely dangerous because he can finish the -- one thing about and you want you watched that you watch a couple of his goals -- what's the goal against Toronto. You watched -- goal even last week in a in a very difficult game. Against DC united he pulled that in. Posted -- and that's me is more impressive than Denon. Someone neck and I don't know why shouldn't from forty yards where -- at forty yards away I think someone that deck and make something almost out of nothing. -- find that more impressed. And that's what -- Because because adopt ball could be easily gone someplace else and he put in the back and. What I've noticed with the resolutely is. Taken draft. They can draft a very good players come there they're very good at scouting Marlins. People kept passing on him and they'd just scooped him. Melissa what's good on the west into -- AJ source. You know like again these are all players that that they drafted and you know what it's all you know can we haven't seen Newman now much but if he's I've seen him on a limited basis he he looks like he's got skill Tilton. And that just trying to. Basically fit all the pieces together and then. I'm watching it together and was and nothing against -- to its -- teams were excellent. And have their place but the team that they build them right now I'm not saying that they're gonna be that good. But they have a chance to if they keep it together you know our conversation. And. Sunday I should say not now of course that. Two leaders two years down the road they keep this going to fix it Jake it's building what he's got going. It could be a similar situation that's homes on the accent but they're gonna be better than than than that rumble with Dempsey twelve men and and and Jay heaps of course and and and Ralston -- not gonna. They're not gonna be better than that but they could have a -- type of team that's dominant and -- They have so many pieces right now and they're all fits when. When you're when you're thinking about OK how can I played Jose consult us. And you have to probably even think about it and and you know and some of the other pieces that they have that you don't. We kill and -- can't start right now because of of a Kobayashi and and land right now because that that symmetry it just shows you what's going on. I have to give jail so much credit aunts and -- subtle moves that he's made from unity electorates of moving from good to plaster -- Movie moments to the to the target man this this this year huge -- everything now seems to fit in the place and and I'm not afraid to say the US men's national team. Look at the -- look at some of the young players that they now. Because you might be seeing them on the US men's national team for years of wouldn't be shocked. Well you sold me from head and at that. I think I hope they do get an appropriate look. I do. As much as I kind of enjoy what -- is doing with the -- team which is kind of find these German born US nationals and putting them on the team and on one hand I like it on the other hand it's kinda it's kind of a slap our face a little bit dealt a duplicity. See more of these players get looks. Moans in a couple of years when he's ready he's not ready. You know he's been playing extremely well Ferrell when he's ready. I wanna see those guys have appropriate looks -- the team and not just. Do Julian greens were very excited about right but. Again that someone who's flying his trade from Byron Munich not play. But he still music he's still training with some of the best players in the world and he's sitting behind two of the best winners in the world. Right right listen you made -- points I wanna see more players I guess you could save more. More homegrown American players I get that. But sit but the coincidence credit this year around you know again we do have all -- -- replies but I go back to those those MLS players that -- -- -- our -- He gave one velocity of shot you gave Brad Davis shot. He also give Kyle Beckham and shot which I'm telling you I think coop could really be a key here you could be their X-Factor. I like Kyle Beckman and and like I mentioned that -- -- series and when you learn about how badly beckoned him wanted to be part of this team and how we really did not get a look he thought it was done. Klinsmann -- a shot itself so again that's that's one of the things that I do like about puts me he's not afraid. To go against players that I'm out of thought well what would you go to some -- -- that they're they're they're older why -- why would you give them a chance but he did. And you know -- name three players -- -- and I was watching. What's in the on as a budget I'm not sure of the -- and how much can you weren't there a couple things similar. Look at that look at how could they were on set pieces that. Set pieces again when you're playing against the teams they're going to be playing against it and that's going to be vital. They have the players that deck and that can deliver the ball on set pieces whether it's brands -- whether it's Brad Davis. They're players second deck and do what I guess you could say possibly what what Landon Donovan could. In some ways ensemble brokered deliveries of the ball. You know they can do. You know -- -- Glenn -- was a complete player obviously did did many good things and a big part of me is not happy that is not part of this. But I can see players that can do things that I was concerned about what cassette set pieces why -- players that that have that type of skill that can do this. You know again you go back to that that match. And and -- this article on a set piece on a very good delivered from Brad Davis to ought to Johanneson equivalents. And that's in me is very important that they still have players that can do this again Clint Dempsey can do it too. Bottom. I'm not against him play and Chris one allows even though he's 31. I like it I I I like it you know again we can argue about when Donovan to a to a blue in the face. But -- I keep going back he picked these players for reason. And he knows better -- and he knows better than us you know. United said this you know you know when -- you organ Klinsmann. You know we don't know what he knows. In Ohio I wish I did -- -- wish I could probably I was could be in his brain one day and figure out what what he's doing. But -- I go back to thinking about. Pick -- -- 43 players thinking about someone like herb Brooks reed and Bill Belichick quickly -- -- about Belichick and disability check move debt. If you think about. Think about -- Malloy. Not a popular move. I thought more of like Terry Glenn -- back in the day where where where Belichick made a controversial move of of not. Bob basically said Terry Glenn you can do not plan with -- -- -- season. There was a reason for because. Because Terry Glenn wasn't really committed to the compatriots at that time I'm not saying that's the case of Landon Donovan. But he made a stand for what I'm dying man. I'll say it but here but he's picking the players that he thinks. He can -- I don't think it's about four years that's just my opinion. I don't think it's about four years later either and I do think it's a big part of it is the rift between them he's not sold on Donovan is. Is not sold on his desire. Especially when you're an older player who's. Are you leave. Their best American player ever. Naturally. Whether he's the captain or not he's looked at as a leader. If you want a guy on your team. Who took a sabbatical and took his ball and went home death when you're trying to qualify for the World Cup you want that -- -- team. If you're asking me you know. The talent the talent alone obviously I do but that was a big red flag for me. And because I want someone that that's gonna wanna be part of it no matter what. I understand players get burnt out but the sabbatical rubbed me the wrong way from being honest and. I look at it rubbed me the wrong way to end and I look at it like this Linden your career is only so long. Especially in this sport where you really don't have 35. If you're still playing hanging on after that. You're not even close to a player you once were unless you're a freak of nature. Publisher Drogba. The or Pirillo exactly thumb. Your windows so small. What the hell he's thinking. It's an honor to play for the country I get it yet we all get burnt out from time to time that's when we take a vacation recharge your battery and come back. We don't just leave work for months at a time. And if we do then kudos to you. By. Escarole. Screw you Landon Donovan. Now that we've talked about it that don't like you. Probably -- -- We don't know that we don't you couldn't -- hence probably. I was I was this -- maybe the next time to talk to Taylor Taylor Twellman not outs from what -- personally and Donovan as navy content I think you excellent and I could just I think. But but here here's the other side of it again I am always come back to psychology and sports it's something I have -- little bit about. You know I've heard complaints that Taylor was a diva Taylor is well here's this. -- it was a must -- your team. And with that comes certain privileges. It's natural let's look at the Boston Celtics from the late fifties all the way through the sixties. Bill Russell was the best player on the court. What have read Arab active. -- best practice right. If you played against heart is -- those you don't need to practice. It and I think some of that comes with when when some of the best player on their team there is always going to be natural resentment from other people. -- most of the time on fairly. I I personally love Taylor -- friends we get along very well. And it can be the same situation -- Donovan where some people think he's just kind of a pain in the butt. Howard -- And governments. And after I can't convince myself otherwise I tried to do it but I couldn't. Economic and I Mitchell one last thing about don't know yes 11 more thing I want talk about the coverage of Donovan. Boca because a picker finds its interest in because not. On on a local radio show him. Under the I have heard some criticism about the coverage. Of law of Donovan that it was just basically. ESPN that was pushing the coverage of Donovan. And I don't think that was the case I think this this is a world story went on and this wasn't this. So it's psoriasis that's a bunch of horse crap. Is because. Obviously you know we had Taylor on that day -- hockey and tailored. Trying to book him early in the morning -- -- -- well I'm sure is pretty colors going through his schedule wasn't thankfully we had. A -- a time for him. But he was on NBC. News on CNN he was on fox. He was everywhere. Why because they were all covering it because his big story because the World Cup no matter what is a big story. And if there is a name out there is that people will recognize it is Landon Donovan most people won't recognize these guys names most people won't. But if there is a name excellent Donovan. Right and and this was not just this is not just I guess it's a small -- this was a national story at -- so I was surprised when I heard that it's on like its mobile local show talk about it it's obvious to someone that does not like soccer which -- Just find it again I am. It would be -- possibly someone on that show mentioned -- are. It would be just a minute hand. It would be mister Manning had mentioned it. And he -- of the has opinion absolutely. And I love Turkey is very Smart guy and he is fantastic on the -- LeBron -- excuse. For a while. To Chris credit he backed it up you know because again he he -- -- his convictions that he thought this is about ESPN. Pushing their their coverage of because they have the coverage of the World Cup their portion store. And I'm just here to tell you. And to Kirk if he does listen to this podcast that up and doesn't. In this case he's wrong because. All you have to do is check out my Twitter feed and you know labs many Twitter followers. It was all over it was everywhere and it was all over the news it was everywhere it wasn't just ESPN. This is a big story and did deserve to -- If you'll take shots at the Austrians -- means go ahead I'm not one to stop you but here here's the reality of the situation especially with the sport is that. Yeah is kids can push surgeon a little bit Y one. They have the rights certain rights to the game they have the Mexican national team in the US national team right now. They put out a couple of documentaries following the team on the road to Brazil and all that. -- their bidding rights -- there have been where they're bidding wars. Between these networks NBC fox ESPN wire they're bidding wars. Because there's interest because there's interest in its growing up. The you know I love -- Lyon and Kirk. But they're kind of in that archaic sports world right now where they're not adapting to seeing what the trend news. The trend is soccer's becoming popular will breakthrough -- top four sport clean -- I party think in certain instances it's bigger than hockey in most markets of this country. And if you look at that list that you and I looked a couple weeks ago talking about what the highest. What which markets were at the highest viewership of EPO games. It was all mostly in the northeast corner when obviously Seattle and Portland were thrown in there right but it was from Baltimore -- up to Boston. And -- Providence and -- -- I'm including Baltimore but you know New York City. -- -- There's a reason for that and it's not just us people that like it -- it's getting bigger and bigger and it really isn't because yeah you heard that 1994. When yank a little bit bigger they've got big enough to form a league which is huge right and that it tapered off. But the numbers. Dictate that it is going in a more positive direction for Austrians that we're gonna get better quality. Of game here and that we have to shake the tree of these guys and explain to them. This is a fun sport to watch you sit down. You watch these guys and and I didn't when I started really watch I played as a kid but a moment please -- you don't Bruno tells. Just running around -- -- and -- and I moved to football and football is my favorite sport is my first true love. But when I started to watch sit down and really watch soccer with people that knew what the hell they're talking about knew what they are watching and I really learned the game. You see how much fun it is and oh how physical of -- game it is Michael producer and he sits there next any while watching game. And anytime someone's on the floor. He just as the old Peter Griffin from Canada writes. Concerts like screaming just to make fun of it again can I don't like that aspect of the game either but when he talked soccer has to say it's a strategy. And when Taylor talks about it goes with an I'm running. A dozen miles over ninety minutes. Sometimes you need to do some low shaded -- break to get you need to catcher win right. It's a part of the game and it's not my favorite part of the game it's my least they are part of the game but it is part of the game and Americans right now. On as a move the majority of Americans can't get paso to put woods tees were noted just flopping title or at least go watch a game hockey. It's the same for it in sport to watch the Montauk and yet but it we hate to Canadians here. Because they flop. But because there are rival. It's because for me it's because there are rival and there's someone out there are other people that we'll tell you otherwise but. But listen up I'm there with you on the on the yard diving and I'm not finish that it's it's one thing I don't like and I think. The Barclays Premier League has done a much better job of trying to get an -- It's still there but it's not -- -- you can other parts of Europe and it's it's it's still really that bought. But you know. Taylor makes the argument out its you know its strategy it it totally is the strategy and you know our. I can tell I can tell you a player that is actually excellent and that's Clint Dempsey. Clint Dempsey did it time and time it gonna fall and you know what Eitutavicius part of the game it's part of you know he would get -- -- -- -- -- You know at the setup a free -- OK you know is at the two terrible thing. People really there are people here that don't like it at all OK I get that. But I don't look at it that way and I don't think it's as bad as it as it used today. It's not as bad as he used to be got to a point where it was somewhat it was almost on watch. Could you see guys flop on him flail around like little girls. My biggest gripe with that is. A lot of times when you watch and someone does take a dive with the -- just a highly -- code addition and they go down like they've been shot. That some of those pissed me off because the guy who just. Flopped and -- brown who had possession of the ball Chris still had possession -- ball with one tiny little leap over a tiny little toe. You could still have possession of the ball and keep going and then you've got to defender on the ground behind you. I think the strategy sometimes of it is dumb and it's wrong and each year you're shooting yourself in the foot a lot of times by taking that dive when you should just can be progressing -- Well that's a very good point because because you could still score what you said in many of these cases you could score. -- you are some people are concerned more about getting the penalty. Which doesn't make any sense because the games on about a crew penalties the games not crumbles exactly. So report. Another -- if you ask diatribe over. Podcast or could it. I as always I am your host young bad you can find me on Twitter young Ben WEE -- can you -- every afternoon of down -- -- at 4 o'clock but I host for at four. And alongside me. For all of our World Cup podcast is my good friend -- Goldman wrestler can we find you on Twitter you confine -- -- -- -- Russ underscored Goldman you can also find me caught a stock which is the Twitter compromise show -- And hero through community. Let's say you can hear me and while. Now now no doubt that at that now I want to you know I want to -- patriots podcasts -- -- -- that's -- -- into. Double with -- -- -- commit to patriots for the two that's formula can overturn the white tiger I -- -- -- -- -- that in. I get a sneak in some blogs from time to time are right thank you guys very much for listening to another edition of -- WBI's soccer cast these -- the World Cup additions relating -- -- to the World -- We're gonna be going through the World Cup. And we'll do the aftermath of the World Cup. So by the end of it you if you're not a soccer -- will be. If you party or soccer -- probably hate the sport because we won't shut up about it so. Just enjoy it while it's here.

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