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Christian Fauria discusses his encounters with Aaron Hernandez before his arrest. 5-29-14

May 29, 2014|

Christian Fauria recalls his initial interactions with Aaron Hernandez, his prior connection to Rae Carruth, and the dynamics of an NFL lockeroom

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Immediately after the shooting defendant and his associate fled the scene in US UV. While traveling westbound in Massachusetts turnpike towards Connecticut the defendant stated through his brand quote I think I got one in the head and -- and chest and quote. The pair arrived at an address in Hartford Connecticut at approximately 5 AM on July 16 2012. Later that morning the defendant searched the Internet and watch television news for media accounts of the Boston shooting. -- and is pleased -- deals news accounts of first degree murder and five related charges. In the double shooting in Boston us Suffolk County DA Patrick Hagan coming back invents Christian Fauria Lou Maloney it's an FB -- -- -- -- you. On WBI Sports Radio network Christian. You actually had firsthand. Dealings with Aaron Hernandez -- well -- but not this shooting the. Owed nearly yet purple gold and at night yeah I left early -- I got tired I don't know it earlier lacrosse practice thing up like old ball. No I mean I did I -- -- and yet I've interviewed him you know during the strike came courtesy of their authors strike he's a -- was -- -- their all the time. But the weird thing was that you know I had a friend of mine who would who was training him and -- a bunch of the -- he's got a -- the training facility down Foxboro. And you call -- governors like listen. You know working out Hernandez. You know it'd be great if you could be no work if you train with us. And hopefully he can you know you know learn from you maybe you can almost mentor weather issues -- -- why don't you just seems either -- wasn't showing up -- being saying he was gonna show when he is -- one time and and he just bloom off. But he would show up you know. Off and on but there's no consistency to it you know and I don't. Know how hard how hard he was actually working and this is the guy that I trained my last two years or six and 07. In my last year's only did he basically gave me two years to have you -- -- outs. No he wasn't -- is another guy that you meet another time. Mathematical. Approach which will be invited -- -- rocks. Aaron Hernandez has -- as simple blood alcohol. That's right at the idea for a it was funny because I remember that we're supposed to train come on Monday it was it was a day that -- all that stuff broke from helicopters were all over the place. I river you know -- Shalala. Never repeated text message going you know you know basically he's likes our -- Not you know he could make it and that's all he told. Okay well later on the -- you know you know all the news is breaking -- didn't all the details and Mike doc there you go that's why he could make. I mean his fall from all over the place it's crazy watching on TV eight and come on out -- -- Chuckling you just have to work out with them that Monday morning yeah so it over the week -- Friday Saturday -- we call mitigate this guy. Get him right. Yeah he called me -- I was I'd seen on authors are Fridays or would you be interested in -- like you know. I don't know like you know I'd -- in the -- -- a bunch of times and any did you think of it just. It just didn't seem like a guy that I would. You know. I just as he got out have a relation with. You know but I can relate to offer for now for obvious reasons. But at the go to -- you know but it was but it was funny just because. Obviously recruits went to Colorado. Okay recruits for the teammate of mine and the funny thing is call Carl row was the receivers coach at university -- he said Christian. A senior at times like he can Google Talk to this did. -- -- -- And an ever mercy in the same thing I said coach two row that I said to my buddy about Hernandez's like Alec -- tribe it. I don't think is their only if you take I don't think he cares. -- needles like some kind of you know Nostradamus. You know you -- successful it is an occasion after I failed Missouri. Hello and tours are half what should happen and we'll let me hang around you. This outlook tip or go to jail way to Canada you know that little bit are often although I'm sorry almost got him on the -- we're gonna street -- -- by the way access -- civil war -- -- took him -- But yeah it was just one of those things -- its next and it can't make your first audits. Well this guy really is cut off lake yeah I was I was -- -- like I I wanted to do if you had my time is way too valuable to be. You mess around the guy who's -- show up you know at 6 o'clock in the morning when world going to be there at 530. So you know obviously had no clue but I think I think I mean. I think you know. You know -- if you hold a locker room. Got to know the guys that you. Probably could relate to you probably have something in common to become with like what I would -- I would walk down. The locker room I'll. For the Red Sox and other you know debating on what Major League Baseball team on it's probably small right. But the pitchers had just bought this huge thing so. Locker was huge leap from -- almost fifty yards. And you start at the weight room door where everybody had to go to -- walked out to the door that would lead to the field. The case there was at least fifty lockers. And every five steps you would hear a different style of music it would be your country music is like going through neighborhoods country music video you got the rap. OK and I got gospel. Katie got the guys who are in the gospel. -- hardcore rap he got like. Tim Dwight you have liked this -- -- Dallack techno music that it would Germans in the background Sagan and nobody understood it. But still was there you'll -- to note tool -- he had to hardcore you know heavy metal bands so. It was obviously but right away to my point you knew. What kind of barrio you belong -- based on you know that mentality into what they're listen what -- -- in -- parent to me. He was a loner. I mean very soft spoken. Didn't really do need to really relate to a lot of people obviously you know why because the people he -- were were murderers. You don't work dogs -- killers. Drug dealers so if you got such a bad vibe off of him so quickly and you got such a bad vibe off of -- route so quickly. Wide in the patriots get the same vibe when news I'd take -- we'll have to keep the contract why decent. Urban Meyer it that seemed tribe why didn't. University of Colorado on the same vibe on -- -- and the Carolina Panthers will see here's the thing seat just choose to join an adult playing what you say bad vibe it's it's not necessarily. There isn't a bad five do -- do I do I have this drive this you know. And a different and I'd be lying with being going you know comedies is a forced Alameda you know to be careful. Like no I just knew that. And it got to be careful because it's so different personalities so many different ethnicity so many different backgrounds so different religious beliefs some people are just different it doesn't mean. That their -- guys they just they just don't necessarily mesh in a locker room and or they just they -- -- -- quiet and then you've got to have to respect that. You know you know being associated with. We know one murderer who didn't actually pull the trigger but set an all lot another one -- say alleged murderer. Multiple murders okay it was just kind of struck me as odd that Andy -- they both kind of had the same. Personality that was that -- and -- I always hate when -- -- You know he did -- -- newscasters really put a microphone somebody's face mistake I'll tell you about your your neighbor who just shot up like five schools. And guys as well you don't kept himself -- really quiet after they all say. How cynical I'm laughing to myself because. That's exactly what I said about recruits that -- well what I set it to my girlfriend -- -- -- -- about air and edit now. I knew nothing I knew none of this and you know an -- that and allow the tattoos and the quiet demeanor. To -- you don't dictate my opinion of what I really get no problem. But I -- around him enough like I was re the kind of form the same opinion. Of him and that's and that's it and that's maybe it's locked it's just. We were talking about the feeling you have that feeling -- -- -- the feeling it there's a difference I would think about. But I have to feel like this guy he and I will click he and I won't be friends. -- -- -- -- like that they can oh yeah this guy's got a killer I mean it's so rad it is all show because we don't so yes. There's a leap between -- got a bad -- about this guy and he's gonna it will never be friends but we're not gonna collect if you're gives somebody a huge contract or you're about to take the chance of drafting them and you've got that sensation. Did they do enough diligence to make sure they're doing the right guy or did they blow it off the look the other way its analysis of. That experience you basing it off of -- -- that when you deal with all different personalities come out of draft -- different person I've walked in the locker room. You could just look it's a city under different everybody's different so this -- a little bit. Different you know. Did -- you don't experience of reasonableness -- -- killer that. Beyond just being different from everybody else or somebody else that luckily everybody's unique. To -- just look at that way of the get a million years they thought that that. Wait he was was gonna turn into what it wants. There's no possible way and any talk about like you know there's guys in lock arms are different because. There's there's guys on those teams that you would have nothing to do it you would you would never wanna go out to dinner with them you would never wanna sit next somewhat Abbas. But you're forced to create this brotherhood this this team camaraderie like that's if you don't have that you're not winning. So there's guys that you just hate. I mean there's I I know want I just despise -- put the Seahawks didn't ever talked to one who was on games and yet he Simmons -- the linebacker. But on game day. I was like head but now let's go man as good as he came up a field on a good third -- excellent play the game is over the goalie at the bus. I don't see you know but there's also guys that. You are friendly with that you could ever released you have a you know good conversation with but you're not gonna yet you don't wanna go to Vegas with. You know -- don't wanna go. You know -- to have a fun trip or maybe what did or what but you know they're good enough to join the group B you know and they're good guys just they're not your -- This this trainers that that I asked you to help out you know more pro with Aaron Hernandez was that. Did he get it to a dignity say that you know this guy is always been like this he needs help or was it more of you know lately he sort of lost but how long was he is -- okay start to see things. He was -- out he was straight a for a while and then my buddy was you know he was -- who's a substitute teacher like him Brockton to relive it rough you know near death so he was used to dealing with. For young kids who who did Estes is troubled or you know lost their way Rory incorrigible and it is tough to a tip to coach. You also he was used to that so he saw something obviously and he brought me and -- like all right. A dissident let's do this out I'm -- I'm down you don't let's make it work obviously have a connection the pages I want them to be successful -- willing to go lot of my away. Just to make sure that you know when he was young and he was a young players who obviously needs some guidance. I mean you need him more than I could get into it is -- -- a lot more I could -- the guns and need. Quick thought on tight ends before we jump aside here Rob Gronkowski says he's had no setbacks so far his ACL recovery I don't know that's good news or bad news. So inspection -- and I don't have to get nervous third early setbacks is a good start yes necessarily hey I've got great progress but there's no gas setbacks. That's the word from Robert -- It is -- setbacks last time console right I mean it was it was a -- regular CEO. Almost August thing that -- an arm of the forearm that went got the infection -- again and he came back with broken against like -- East Java beans make it. When we come back are we looking at the death. They favorite hockey tradition. Play one it is and why it would return. On W media.

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