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Should Manny Have Thrown out the First Pitch at Fenway? 5-29-14

May 29, 2014|

The guys discuss if Manny Ramirez should have been the Red Sox first choice to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the 2004 Championship Reunion.

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When you win the World Series. You break the curse. Theory Matt renown and remembered forever it is fun loving. Forget about all that stuff that eventually happened later right. And that throughout the course the show here on and it B Maloney for gas. I thought it was completely over the line Lou win. -- -- and Levy today. I'd jury lead -- are blowing in your year to get your head before the she'll likely Stephen. Ortiz and he's not feeling let's get rattled. Likely -- right now I think it is lost seven pounds so hot here we'll get to burn up that unites this anonymous place I'm worried after the -- -- -- a rate that you sheared off and a roomful of guys. That's my birthday and so we need some coyotes were good. A -- the chase it around. -- -- -- coyote chasing some coyote music and we will see some coyote musical qualifiers like I don't -- -- -- -- to answer to global -- and hobby you. You're gonna find. That I one day you're gonna find out just how big guy -- excuse me. The coyote elderly runner. Either way there's music that accompanies it that somehow you could reference that makes sense of at all -- by acme and it's our factory. -- which picket the ceremony last -- introduction in. I thought it the -- I thought it was rate -- -- auto dusting it doesn't take a while you know the way they were deuce and everybody in the Atlantic while. But the end sort of jumped sharply -- talk about with Milan a little bit. Anytime they can't stop into the microphone. Over to these guys ready I got ceremonies is -- ago they had it alarmed that paid the same thing in either that or soda. Stripped out where we're going with that it's just the ad lib stuff it just -- weird. It gets them comfortable the inside jokes Tuesday. At that I'd done a year anniversary of Fenway you know they had everybody in the field and Pedro Kevin -- and get a microphone it was just. There's the toast. And then have a toast written -- moderate think it was just -- uncomfortable seeing an appellate at the end that it was as well I -- -- the guys him in the morning at this group will -- that this morning. I am not a -- to complete many basher. The guy -- know that the data turned into which you can't ignore some of those things they should not put him on the pedestal. Pedro Martinez in that group is the guy in my mind. Why Terry Lloyd just all watching it from my coach and being a point for the patriots while. You know they are winning the World Series and then you know obviously staying in town when he -- conduct off the rails for a much different reasons. I was flat out disgusting. Disgusting was the only word. I -- think gov. What I saw him walk out and then they they had to throw out the first pitch and in the -- of the morning as looking innocent question as far as like you who. Was it was a whole thing script it would be -- going to catch that ball basically. You don't -- -- hole cut off -- -- had it would Johnny Damon. Later on in the years so. It just didn't. You know for guys that was such a jerk I was such -- just that pompous just. Slacker. You know and trying to get out of his contract and member playing here -- -- and living here obviously -- -- watching your from a far going. How the players on the team deal with this guy. Didn't even know stores and I don't now. Just watching from afar watching him play going how can I deal with a guy like this and it how could they also. Is there anybody that I played with that act like that. -- appealed for the patriots that meant so much what I -- -- -- -- the difference maker of you who like other 03040. Wants to bulls are trying to figure out -- -- guy that was. Just so over the top of. Can't served. That I could say that I could point to it -- a record deal was a guy that comes -- -- dealer Thomas record deal was not. And agitated Cory Dylan might not have liked talking to the media but he wasn't. Wasn't a jerk on the field with this team as we love number it was a hard worker. You know Randy Moscow fell off the wagon and later in the career but -- he just wasn't trying. But he was not even near the -- that manner Mears turned into. We're -- -- Larry Lucchino defend. The decision to have Manny Ramirez throughout the first pitch could be the focal point of that celebration last nineties don't dancing talent enemy in hand. This morning on 937 habit for him momentarily but -- I disagree with the guys honest. And here's why what I agree with everything you just said Christian and Lou I agree with your sentiments as well about that they are better candidates. They are more. Expeditious candidates to make this go without any debate the next day -- could throw out the first pitch or be more of the focal point. These return ceremonies. For. Teams of the past triumph the teams in the past we say they're honoring the players really honoring the players it's for the finance. It's a bush -- even more surprised well that's -- goal with and these. Remembrance. Occasions it's a big circle jerk for everybody. The stand around and go back and remember the final days of York right that's what these this is for the fans to applaud their own memories. Of the World Series yeah so that it is really the players getting something out. -- and it seemed to me last night. That there were way more people at the park. That or excited to see Manny as involved as he was there were may wait more people in the park applauding Manny then there were blowing him. So what I walked away from the hole event think he was the Red Sox gave their fans what they want it. The Red Sox gave their consumers. What they want. So what he was the most qualified whether he was the most appropriate. It didn't seem to matter to the fans because the fans liked it. This wasn't really about honoring the players this is about giving the fans another reason to remember back to 2004 when 2014 he'd been so good so. -- are there but you -- doing it for the fans and we were now the fans were were were some of the people along with everybody in the media. That was bashing this guy for act in the way he was a completely compromise the integrity of the game for completely just not not giving. -- craps about anybody else other than himself. It was a amazing to me that they allow this guy to walk out and throw the first pitch. So whether the old Johnny gave in you know catching the ball like was they did that economy lighten the mood. Any hat -- you know what this script it did to many even know. OK so I -- where the other guys on the team kind of pissed off about it. I mean if you like yourself just due to think about it as a 2004 was the -- yet that he played great yes OK well if that's what you're comedy your decision. And your forgetting about everything else that Manny did I think the fans did I think the fans want to. I think fans at Fenway Park first this is a different when you're at Fenway. You know I think that there's a sense of your in there and you're cheering the moment cheering everything -- continued -- I think if you asked of people maybe would call and they might have a different opinion of you know I I just. See that guy you were describing right the guy that just malcontent that was cause it's -- -- problems in the locker room that was not the guy that I knew you know for the three years that I play with them. Nobody took a serious enough. He was hired gun he would joke around the awful lot that locker room right it was just like whatever major school appeared -- it was frustrating because at times. He would take himself on the line -- and you weren't quite sure because you -- any impact -- the team -- him out there. So I didn't see the pushing Jack McCormick downside of Manny. I didn't see it it was it was a goof ball right. Just an unbelievable the hardest working guys that seen as far as hitting the baseball goes in and working out. Obviously defensively get goofy at times but. That's item that the crack at the end of his career boss that I never saw him a pass -- -- I judge of what the guy I know. I I always like -- but that doesn't mean I can't ignore. What happened at the end the -- I respect the hell lot of Jack McCormick I love that guy. What a great human being it for him to do that lost a lot of respect for Manny. You know the steroid thing now wants. But twice already -- that that that that could be the judge quitting on the team at the yen. The refusing West Coast trip to get on a plane -- I'm done that's my point I'm not gonna play for you anymore. That did the things that he did on the road that stories -- -- come out about this guy that year. -- that disgusted me but people don't remember that well because of that. I don't think you can just you can force it upon Red Sox Nation like the Red Sox did last night to say. We should all -- give all of those things. So you -- that's -- the crucial point and you'd think that was forced stands absolutely relentless -- let's just people who were there let's ask people were watching 61777979837. Was that forced on Red Sox fans last -- is I don't think it was I think people really wanna forget. The bad Manny they want to remember the 2004 me. And they had an opportunity to have last night he's not playing anymore he's. Obviously -- usually I ever ran out. Mean one thing I do wish you would change that Mohawk that was worldwide that that all other stores for another segment. I didn't feel like it was forced. On the Red Sox fans that were there I -- you look at as a whether it was fourth of what they're trying to do there were just. Better choices. They were just better choices are just better human being used to choose. As far as this and I don't think you can separate. The guy he was how we was when you played -- and that and the guy he turned out to be because obviously the guy turned out to be. You know what he was calls only problem being a jerk was guy he really -- -- and have an opportunity to bring it out yet the ME II. But doing that I I don't think you would do some like that if you wanna get out your contract you get a flat out sabotage a season. I honestly did look at your your guys in the locker room and in the clubhouse and just flat out does that leave them hanging for entire season to use so you personally get what you want even though you still make it twenty million dollars. We go back to 2008. I mean is that I guess that we yeah we won't we dealt with what I dealt with -- questioning you know. You know can you play one want you playing today it up as we knew how good he was I keep in all three last year year. We got to make a game in Philadelphia. The -- -- start of the game will get blown out early on. Recover backlit patriot big popular -- at second base -- come up in the eighth inning its bases loaded one out. Where I am in yours -- behind Nomar right David Ortiz spot. So many before that game -- sort of nursing the injury. And we were saying let's go we need you at September meant it always -- playoff time try to get in this thing we need you before the game. Very he grabbed Chris -- the trainer. It tells Chris -- I can't tell radioactive plated it is don't you come in the office with being a talent because -- at that point we're gonna look -- we need this -- let's go to -- -- field. Is okay I'll go to a -- Gray's office with the of and I'll sit down and I'll tell you about Tom I can't go -- you're coming you're saying economics okay. They walked in the office he left ready walk first we Gray's office accused walking. Physical with a craze all by himself the Gray's office. And -- turns around a snowman. He's like -- agrees that what's up music. Many -- put it may just completely avoided it's -- he couldn't play that day right. I come up in this game in the eighth inning. Down two runs one out against the Phillies bases load intentionally walked Nomar to get to me I'm on deck and other potentially walk and a look in a I look in the and I don't really know what's going on but I look at and in Danny's there he's talked to Grady you know signal basically sit down he points to meaning that he looks to some way to get pitchers for days and a bench -- He -- he points to -- that you've written. Many adapt points and I commend game agrees that -- You're not you're not -- a little -- hit. And it was you know it was just it was proving a point now I actually got it's I LL I had a single. Okay today they'll work how are out of line it worked out but and a lot of guys and a team like you know what I'm so happy you know whatever -- -- -- hit whatever was. Because at that time we got to get fed up with Manny now it doesn't mean that they want in a lot of data -- main island the next day but the message was sent -- just. He needs to do wanna play that. He could even -- -- -- -- -- go at the kind of it would seek it out on that's my point late in the game we should have been hitting it he wanted to agreements so they know. So you put it if you're a fan -- summer all right and you. Your whole life rooted for the Red Sox now is a crowning moment for your -- to see the team finally win the World Series do you want to remember many that way. Or do you prefer to remember him as the guy who was one of the driving forces to finally get a championship here. -- -- Ethics of people forget the way left me and the date every dare people a bit don't forget the weight dark Johnny Damon is -- suggested they refused a to accept him because you eagle the way he left he left a quick is he with the Yankees. Liberal member all the good judge David did it is -- with the Yankees and if I was the -- of the sale except but the same opinion of man. About Tennessee last night I would've felt the same way you guys do. But I'm thinking of this from the standpoint of what the overall consumers want it and last night based on the reaction that he got. And despite all the negative stuff we know about Ramirez and everything that came out about him all of the 2004 series and eventually when he left Boston. People still want to like him badly and I think that's why it was done because that's big gave the people what they want. -- and also now a problem with with that I wouldn't admit he was coming to Boston OK and if we just got introduced a beautiful from last third the last second from last it would have -- the fans would have cheered in the would have remembered. The great -- they remember Eddie it got to meet twenty million dollars a year in while he's in Boston was worth every single penny. Probably the only guy you can remember that -- huge deal that actually produced. Throughout the whole thing but remember these are the greatest red handed hitters of all time. But when you put him last. And you make -- throw out the first pitch. You are now forcing it at -- thought it was uncalled for a get a reception would have been fine if he was the second or third to last. You could -- she made this game going yet exactly while you make the guy that always wants to beat the story the raw story. Part of a celebratory -- eight. That's like I listened to institute a whole thing narcotic right at the middle when they were introducing all the players are soft -- -- -- out what drug policy. You know I was a huge Schilling fanned. But I was awesome to see what what some silly was the son while -- yes atlas. Here's what Larry Lucchino had -- DNC this morning when he was asked you in essence depend decision to have Manny Ramirez be as much of a focal point. As you watched the ceremony last night but this one Larry put that that was a disgrace to let that become a boat this bomb this this this guy. Who manner America who quit on you guys on a number of occasions. Well I don't sister happened but I respect your opinion talent and I just don't. It's you know Detroit has that he made a month. Several. Candidates who -- -- fitting or appropriate and I believe the decisions Karen about the World Series. And DP. As a as a rational. -- a war that's what we're -- -- World Series championship. And that's seem to be. A rational decision. We also Manny from last night to take -- -- readers. You know defense that was great. Also played great Aaliyah when I was to put already I would we realize that a quick that I behave bad manner and I apologize for that book. Among new -- us what Jesus and and does what I believe. On -- -- everybody out there is buying the whole I found Jesus were all of it. Yet because there's more there's more audio I don't know Hampshire Joey has -- bothers -- you know we talks about. Do you regret -- there's a couple different people have been asked and that's exact same question and you it is if you look at if you look it up he gives an answer different ways the one I saw. When -- about do you regret it one he paused. Which is if you do regretted. I think you come out right away and you say I do regret it was stupid -- a child -- pissed off that ownership eyes wander out I -- the only way I knew how to do it. The next one was. Made him basically saying the same day brits say hey look at my numbers is like. I'm apologizing but as you know I had really good numbers so I was kind of allowed to be a jerk. He liked to tell everybody you know a lot of people ask me if you regret what you did it mean to Rihanna seemed not to -- I don't regret it because it's not I wouldn't get too much used to -- Look us up on I'll think about but the other -- Rivera got a says the same point though what I think is like what what I remember about -- in this is in this picks out. Okay more than anything was the whole Manny being Manny. It was like people almost -- allowed. Him to have that response. As a it was like Michael puncher in the face. OK and I ate your bleeding bad and you go why did do a good -- -- -- it's it's -- be -- And I walk out the door. On and I get a pass it like. I got to forgive you for being a jerk and that's what the Manny being Manny meant to me like here's a guy that's completely self respect doesn't care. Make a lot of money because of how well he played early in his career -- would it matter to me. Is like a pedestal like he gave himself a free pass and that Manny being Manny I agree with was his. -- is like Iowa and its many schematic. -- that they probably are I'm always gonna remember any you know. -- because I know it like you know Florida -- -- like Poland -- out of his Coke is a clown I've always gonna remember Ramirez the same way you do in regard but I feel like sports fan base that wanted that championships. So badly they would still vastly prefer. To remember that the Ramirez that they liked. This was their opportunities say that's the guy we remember now because there is no impact anymore with a negative me. How did I know replied Russians for not eating dinner conversation really went when he came down to okay. -- gonna -- throw out the first pitch like how do you really think when I mean was it. Was OK okay it was it as simple as he's the MVP he gets to throw out the first pitch was he the most inspirational -- that he just -- the MVP of the world and expect -- so -- about you know -- what right does he bought everything else out beat the teams vote for him. Do I think that do you think the team our old friend I start to vote -- -- I sure got the impression they embraced it. Why don't we -- a choice to -- -- got to make it fun of them nobody had to go out and cutting off the first pitch they had to it that it happened that year why they why do you make reference to some that haven't ignored for years now. He wrote is -- that I think that those guys on the team. Look at -- -- nick played with -- they know what he was all about the aid they appreciate the steel not many of those guys are playing with guys that had that skill level. You all the dedication to hitting in and the art of hitting and and that's drive fall into it as as a former teammate it's like. I love Manny Ramirez. I love watched him hit. The -- was a man child baby ball when he cable from Cleveland. Amid it was a pleasure watching this guy hit in and do it in and be part of that team who watched average rate each and every night. But then there's the other side it's sort like Clemens and I felt the bottom right you just you can't ignore. The end you know you -- -- there's some things that you just. You can't ignore now most players last and of course. They're gonna put all that aside right that it it's at the love fest last night the teams back together again that brother at that family is back you gonna put all aside. And they love the man but they'll still probably the same breasts again that is being made some mistakes. You know in the last night you will forgive them you know but. You can't ignore him coming back was a great moment. I just don't think they had to make him the story. I would a one line opened somebody just drops of you wanna get in 61777979837. You can text to students always -- get through AT&T text line 37. 937. We got all sorts of folks lined up with different opinions on this -- in Christian. Get the impression that last night it was forced on Red Sox fans I don't feel that way I feel like more Red Sox fans want it's been did not. We'll talk about that we come back also. Will gives his firsthand account on missing out of the 2004. -- -- Yeah. Most of the act -- a pep talk about that we just goes great moment. As the decision on many in the there's -- people that could throw out the first pitch it's you know they decent was the captain. Curt Schilling his can -- -- extraordinary. And these days. Kgo is always enormously popular charismatic. But the the simple fact is that we are our championship. The World Series championship. Of 2004. And the MVP. In the World Series was better players. Larry Lucchino -- Dennis and Callahan you can hear that -- view. On demand WEEI. Dot com Maloney Fauria and -- MFB ten until two. Every day here on WEEI 97 the media Sports Radio network are itself. -- and Christian had a problem when it Manny Ramirez throwing out the first pitch last night in being the focal point. Of the return ceremony for the 2004 World Series team I do not because based on the crowd reaction. And based on the response that I felt that Fenway last night when -- there. I think the public got what it's what -- wanted seem to be entertained and appreciative of it so I guess I'm a little different you guys now regard. I think anybody. The crowd been detained Pedro -- on that first pitch and all four was advantage and it wasn't. -- what we saw from him early early years in Boston. Arguably one of the greatest pitchers of all time and I think for most Boston fans the greatest pitcher they've ever seen. You know here and it may go full wasn't as you hear the Pacman should -- first pitch. 1777979837. -- in Mansfield was a first time -- you're -- 937. The -- adrenaline and I want to gamma ray and I are gonna vote Republican opinion on -- And there might say and watch American -- that the green monster. I have a garden burger sources the personality where works at Fenway also. Is that. Do it too tired not in particular in -- seven is -- a huge -- -- -- -- And I think there -- I -- can wait till we don't do them autographed ball baseball and Aaron at the seventh inning. It took a tour in the locker room sitting on the bench in the locker room man. And when they came and sort -- a cap on student elect a nine year old schoolboy. And they wouldn't let them for about. And at -- -- -- -- -- be nice to not let me look I mean you know what. Wake him up like look our right now and again manic. You know what what the -- that I saw -- -- when I got home. All the boys and bullets Aaron I you know like everybody. You including you guys make mistakes and you know I leave it only became that guy -- older hopefully is a lot more mature. By you know that's annual aid and I dedicate my life. You know so I know that Obama -- -- that you know he says it changed man and end it's got his life in order that's a good thing. You know does that does that just -- race. And it fits -- -- at some point in his life. May being Manny won't mean jerk a whole selfish. And just keep adding to the list okay at some point which I'm sure he wants now he wants to be a coach. You know he wants to he wants to help the younger kids and you know -- teach them the -- the war the right way of doing things in life and on the on the baseball field. Manny being Manny will mean. Great guy teacher are meant for. Right now. That's not what it means that -- to not come to locker -- and Mandarin mayors sitting there of course like Tim said they're nuns there retired odds -- a first pass. First class seat up to the big -- I -- hey would you retire as a -- Or are you can legislate I don't know I don't know maybe not -- to have it you're not hidden -- of rulers of the honorees is that an army regret my tactics and it is different guys. But it's so meet to discuss point great RA like I did it does feel like. I just a grudge holder maybe I'm just still holding onto it like I can't let it go but because it -- buster all these column. On on east here we had him on yes we're gonna play that currently Euro later right now but. The things that he did. It just amazes me just this school locker real quick right. The locker room. And that whole year it's all about the idiots write -- tell me the most important being the most important player on that team was the guy who won the MVP. Who was just had the best numbers Christian I agree with you I think that's -- I would view it is personally but I got the impression last night that the fan base wanted -- like the guy. And the fan base largely was accepting. Of the idea of him being the focal point I feel like we would be in the minority you know it's funny like they want even what I thought about this 11 -- watching yesterday like that the emotions I had -- -- clear as day and -- like. Become the only one. I'm like I anomalous in the that the you know the TV unit cheers and nobody's cheered forum and he goes into the Booth and he's like talk about -- -- -- -- of Michael great. He found Jesus and I can't be critical of him now but I can't I -- -- -- case mammal like they've done it today or any of that. The point is -- the with the changed man thing and I am happy former LP oh Chicago and -- helps out maybe that's who he wants to do and improve kids' lives on and off the field like you said that he apologizes to Jack McCormick right. Pushing him down he was there last night yet and everybody loves Jack McCormick. And one of the greatest -- -- world. And Jack McCormick accepts his apology. Does that mean in the memory of what happened and now we felt then that Jackson just erase that from his memory like that there's. Because many apologized the and I don't Jack he doesn't he's -- giving man but. But I'm just saying it's. It was just because you forget Eric apologizes as them the memory of it gone what happened to him. Well what I'm saying is that you would what the fans whenever they feel about Manny. Because he's a changed man he's found Jesus. Should everybody just all the ill feelings that they have should we all just erase them from your memory because of that. -- senator what do you think. Hi guys I -- it puts up. I yum I turned it on a couple minutes slowly and I was thinking to myself where is there anywhere is an intimate song Kamal last throw out the first pitch I was shocked. I I don't agree with the decision I think you're. It should have been I agree with can be had there been an apartment celebration but not the last one introduced sort out the first pitch I I think that ensures that Curt Schilling considering. What he's recently been through India -- bloody sock. Episode. Eric come on board with you but. What do you think about the theory that the Red Sox forced it is the other guys were talking about was it forced or are you denying Christian just in the minority in that regard. I you know I don't know golf course that never. I never thought of that -- now what what are you guys keep saying that -- the fans wanted they wanted it that way it. I was Mia I certainly felt that at Fenway Park -- us and everybody seemed on board everybody seemed like their have a good time with it very. The only thing I consider where that is a very knowledgeable. Baseball fan and I go to the go to quite a few games in the and the people around -- -- -- -- -- sound like critical but a lot of them don't even. No like -- players. That doesn't matter -- doesn't matter the -- who's on the roster doesn't matter if they knew Manny ones. Yeah problem it's. About wanting her stealing or you know what 643 double plays this is about -- recognize that guy he's pretty famous and this is fun to have him back -- -- good graces. I think you would get the same reception it was Pedro Martinez virtually Iraq. You know -- -- enjoy it -- you but you wouldn't you wouldn't have all his conversation going on today that's you know this would be page Martinez are out the first pitch. Would not be -- might be talking about we would be breaking it down as much and you know and what's so much emotion you don't passion about it or Curt Schilling. You know the same way I mean I guess the thing is is like. I guess I go back to the reasoning behind having him be that guy. Hit what are the players say I -- they're all there are also in the right thing now where -- go back into it took to the bars and they go back and have dinner. And an and the most important people would be who they don't trust leave. What are they saying like to believe they have African guy at that -- out of all the guys. The tell -- those conversations happen in the car when he going to -- and they have on the bus after -- game. -- is not gonna happen for why you're on the field. And man he's walking out six was 777979837. -- your view of the 2004. Celebrations easily left in 2003. -- those guys. I was part of that no three you know basically that core I saw the transition. I saw what guys like Ortiz came in his first year -- it can mean that a team Billy Miller kept him a large Johnny Damon. And aegis you knew what was building up close we were still you know it's not fun amid the don't get remarkable idea. Would have liked to open being from here being the guy on him on a team that would've won a World Series that brought you a lot last night and in the press -- asked my -- music videos -- it was it was it was I would like -- terrible mixed emotions a member of watching. The win the World Series some of the watch him beat the Yankees channel four -- -- wanna win the World Series of mixed emotions and it was. I was happy for all these guys because I know -- -- happy jealous I had guys jealous but I know how hard it was our tech war and now what it meant the Pedro and all these guys trot. You know granted that hero before what we went through an in game seven Tim Wakefield. You know the pain he felt game seven -- Buddhist home run it will I know what that locker room was like -- -- and it was grown -- crying in game seven Yankee Stadium. We were that close it was that we were gold of the World Series. So to see them come back. I thought it was great but at the same point I wanted to be part of that that. You know an eagle back universities like you mr. -- you're so -- all these guys I play with the year before you know he not there so it was it's mixed emotions. NBA -- Leading by what is. -- guys start on Tuesday and asked Julia you're at it. As I walked in -- -- this is a thing. -- theories we brought we brought this up while -- right -- we felt that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in 2003. If we held on to beat the Yankees. It went on CB -- It would out of socks -- it would it out of this week away from everything that would have been special it would have been great but 856. Years it would not have been good as the bloody sock with Curt Schilling and going to Saint Louis that that team franchise and beat them and I might add at least not in college coming back and -- -- and make. From -- -- it -- great story up just spectators on the companionship makes it whatever that would have been great for us on the cover sports history but it would have been as good for you -- throwing out the first pitch in 2013. Actually my ten year anniversary last year writes nothing can be 2004 nothing. Except 2008. 20042004. -- senior high school. And junior high school you know elect it was it was great moment forum because you know made for some I -- -- -- like this is going to be -- this year -- our our lives. 03 god of war -- which thankful that all three happened thankful. Six was 77797937. Or you can text us 37937. Text -- -- how great of a moment the brutal rumble was in Boston sports history please. Are we come back. I thought we had found the greatest media faux paw of all time with the French Open got. Who asked Nicholas -- how good he felt after losing a match but might have topped that already -- what it is we come back this is WTI Sports Radio network.

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