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Larry Lucchino on Manny throwing out the first pitch 5-29-14

May 29, 2014|

Sox president Larry Luchhino joined the show to discuss the thought process that went into Manny Ramirez throwing out the first pitch.

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The profit report is brought to you by noon turf care to -- business solutions and the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The president NC old Boston Red Sox Larry Lucchino joined the army AT&T hotline good morning Larry how are you. Was much debate. And the inner circle about the appropriateness of Manny being honored as to start last night show given his non baseball track record. -- -- Practiced future to recycle analyzing. And indecision about banning all morning Larry yeah scale oil -- And let me say first that it was a great experience most of the players were here for a two days. There's -- wonderful -- about before one day it was a bit like high schooler -- a bit like locker room celebration. And that was that was terrific and then we -- the public that yesterday. I for one enjoyed. Almost every minute of -- when he is two games certainly helped quite a lot of slope. But does as the decision on -- in the there's nobody people who could have thrown out the first pitch it's you don't -- Jason was the captain. Curt Schilling his captors of extraordinary. And these days. Kgo is always enormously popular charismatic. But the the simple fact is that we are -- championships. The World Series championship. The 2004. And the MVP in the World Series was better players. So that's why you picked -- -- I think you're right great candidates Pedro Schilling would be one and one B on my list I can't believe a guy who you know clearly he quit on the team many times over I only care about himself. Becomes the guy. And the focal point just -- seem bizarre and I said this earlier -- Steinberg sent McCann into a brilliant job I rarely if ever have that. Any. Criticism of their ceremonies but this one Larry put that that was a disgrace to let that become a boat this bomb this this this guy. Who manner America who quit on you guys on a number of -- Well I don't sister -- and I respect your opinion -- I just don't. It's he had a choice -- that he made among. Several. Candidates who were a fitting or appropriate. And I believe the decisions Karen about the World Series. And DP as a as a rational. That the world that's what we're honoring a World Series championship and that's seem to be. A rational decision. Was was Kurt. That's what don't usually do vote in the that's so I don't tell Steinberg has the best record of anybody ever tell Steinberg and on this whatever hundred times. He's nine and and a hundred in my opinion. And I I was -- team that was gonna ask you which -- asked because that he declined or was that was he not a consideration or was not asked. I think there are several people understand that in the the planners of the event considered. Several ways of doing it from start to finish several possibilities. Huddle and did it was such a and appealing to see those guys out there in uniform. But I think it was it gave really turned down all repaired -- and and the performance on the field. Not that it really matters but was the Johnny Damon interception of the first pitch scripted by the organization and Charles or did the idiots come up with that themselves. You know I don't know the -- that I believe it was scripted. By the organization. That I don't know I was surprised to see it I didn't know that was and don't do it now about it. -- coming out of the the green monster. To begin with -- that Manny. Is pitch and cut off. By Johnny Damon I was yes it was a -- moment. Q do you think is going to be appoint Larry where. Lackey wants to renegotiate the steely look at writing his best pitcher on the team man he's been the best pitcher on the team since last September October at some point is he gonna say. I can't make this much money I have to make this much money going forward. Well I don't know I. You know you'd have to speak to is is represented as if they're considering. That. I'd rather talk about his performance and how extraordinary it is and he was a. A roundly criticized at one point in his career. But we always knew what he gamer he was in quality. What what talent he had and he is among the most. The best liked and most respected guys in that clubhouse that may surprise some fans to hear that the but. That is that is indeed the case. Yeah I think -- was an informal poll taken. A lot of those is the guy have a team most likely to pick up the check Miller probably people there are there its job Lackey. So we I always feel infectious as a confidence when it's like he's tired and irritation. Larry what is life like inside the walls and what is the conversation tone and tenor like winning six game losing streak goes to eight in an eight game losing streak goes ten. Well. Couple things happened one is we are fans first you or -- because are highly competitive people. And we wanna win has -- say yes. Pick up basketball game or the office softball game whatever it is we we are competitive people we do wanna win. So we take it pretty pretty very very much to our kids. But we're also are people who have been in the baseball games for a long time and we understand that maintaining some equilibrium. He is awfully important. So this and the union Yankee go back and forth to -- you know this is not the time to. To panic sort of pro -- to show any panic you've got to kind of the role that this is part of this. Damn unpredictable game that we as we work and but that is human beings we we suffer I -- -- -- I was really very. It down very. This horror. For the latter part of that streak tried to two of them recognize that there there are these. Does volatility for the game of baseball and you've got to recognize that lives through it it's. And -- the so we've done that I did take some consolation in the fact that. All of -- won the World Series in 1983. And by early years of cigarettes so that was the Baltimore Orioles. We -- 27 game losing streak. During the course of that. Of that season yet we -- able to look pulled together when the World Series. So you know this stuff Cisco adaptive Berkshire virtually every season this is this as bad -- this -- this is -- -- -- Hey you know Larry I was very encouraged this year when you guys decided to take my advice and play the kids and give them a chance not keeping down on the farm until there. Old and gray it hasn't exactly worked out as I had planned. Not quite perfectly Jackie Bradley at the plate all dressed in the field middle Brooks all around has it changed the philosophy at all about the rushing guys to the big leagues. Well. -- premise to conclusion there if you assume that we are rushing people. I don't think we have we were Russian people we certainly hope for. A faster explanations to the big leagues and more consistent performance. From some of the younger guys but if you like Jackie Bradley -- LSU games. He seems to profoundly. The father stroke do two they they contributions couple it's the last couple games. Standard program which is always is Jordan watch I don't think he's -- or stay -- -- so. No -- -- for it probably costing you a little bit -- to steal yourself for the inevitable. Problems that world. Developed when young people are are progressing through the system. But I still believe. Baseball as a game for young people for young players and -- we should definitely. Younger people. As as much as possible and as soon as possible -- particularly true. Given the era that we just comes through work. A players are able to play longer deeper in this -- Because of is that it means. Some. Percent of players. PDs. But it was a clean game that -- there has. Dealt a a crusade to bring about I think the young players are are -- are essential to success. Butler realistic about -- friends on us and invite them join us on the FM -- 93 point seven as our conversation with you continues Larry real quick read our rob Bradford this retirement Jon -- He said some players are frustrated how. Lol let's just first off force at seventy million racism in the reference Napoli passed some players -- -- upset with the Ellsbury offer. Has an offer change its SR spring training have negotiations continued with Lester. And you know Leo Leo to discuss negotiations on the on the radio. No matter how reasonable your question. They seem I think it's state to visit to discuss -- -- -- of -- negotiations. And it is a mistake they get the fixated on. Opening offer. What giving -- to even get the talk during the season. -- That he talks -- SARS free trade. Are yeah. Larry is the chain of events that led to the reconsideration. Of reaching out to Stephen Drew in the second part of that question -- -- which -- going to say about -- and -- anyway. Is there a possibility. That -- an -- A buyer's remorse exist and how much that's because of the ten game losing streak maybe because the three game winning streak might indicate you turn around and maybe don't need him. Well. There's been a lot of analysis of the units. Decision regarding he would -- always back to last fall and we offered him. Fourteen point one million dollars to qualifying offers standard. Two. To a place for us for four this year. In by doing so we are entitled to first or -- drastic. From. If you -- about a close. -- so there's been a lot of discussion about it it became clear at all and I think anybody expected this Scott Boras slur. Or Stephen Drew more or anybody in our organization expected -- He did do this is gonna play out as this played out. But. What we saw a -- needs unless cited field. Develop. Rea we had some injuries to two will there Brooks. When we. Look that the probability of us getting it drastic. According to the system. We the caller probable we re reassess hope peace sectors. You'd teams should reassess and when the -- changes change pressure. Your underlying position should change the fact they've changed. And and he remains enormously. Popular guy among his team just because he's. Good guys because he'd played say. A very challenging position. Very well and believes that we saw that as a way to get better without losing young prospect. Because they'll be other ways to get better. Going forward. To be sure most of that war Paul was serious expenditures. Prospects and talent. And Larry upon his arrival one of -- young prospects I assume has to go to third base meaning Zander Bogart's and then when will middle Brooks gets healthy one of him. Well I don't know those who does. Questions that John Farrell well we'll have to address I think you'll see some of flexibility. There are a couple of -- with respect to left handed pitching. And and I sort I think they'll be away four. For this. The left side to get stronger get better and and chill a little more versatility. I think you -- -- The and playing going to church. Against. Tough lefties. And what was sealed downplays it -- We need. When we need solid defense. The middle nineteen. And we need. The the office. That's both willing and dispute -- They won one last question my last night Larry we surprised. Schilling showed up did you talk to -- what do you have to say how's he doing. Well he wasn't there except right before the game. So I didn't get to see them. But I was so pleased that he is that he was there at least -- embody a video from a bunch of people in the in the front office some -- teammates. Two just wish him well. This is that we -- to go and. And like seeing him. I certainly felt. Felt better I felt -- I was so. It is images that perhaps he was. In. In a more. More -- painful and difficult for part of the process. But does he looked to be looked well. He is out there was this on his teammates embraced and that cognitive abilities gave one lasted about a -- and I have. And I thought it was just. It was a it was a very nice so nice moment for this team and for. Good to catch up they'll Larry thanks for the time all right you're -- -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- and -- hand through the front office report is brought you by -- turf care to shoot a business solutions. And the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. -- sort -- made our point in the first question when he said a lot of great candidate to -- the first and the stage and asked all the chilling and and Pedro Rex. I always like making a point you have another option. Not only that the -- -- they introduced some last -- let him come out of the wall mean they made it about man and I and it escapes me why you would wanna do that when you have. These other guys and -- the whole things was to be like team are they supposed to be in elected. 01 patriots. Altogether and for all I wanted 3.5 balls out -- I mean some guy to throw the first pitch. And who would you pick. Actually a picture and as -- well I think -- the most important member that. And I think Pedro chilling aren't the -- -- anyone but -- was better that your. But he -- the bloody sock it all that's a bloody sock in pencil and if you if you were gonna goof around yet and he was on Bryant but she could come with a bloody sock and all that -- -- thing didn't work -- I don't know him credit for trying and he's in and the likes can be an Indian. -- -- did laughed -- you don't know him laugh a lot like a minute left a lot less now and but I think -- -- -- declined -- and cute Pedro would have us. All right well we get back -- and final hour Dennis and Callahan running late Tony from Bridgewater has called back we have guys that will be good. And if you enjoy the following experience you want gonna wanna come back this fourth and final hour take a bunch of Mountain -- And like two cups of sugar in it and then drink it all down on your Mountain View liked that feeling we got something for you when you come back.

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