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Harry Manion on Aaron Hernandez's latest arraignment 5-29-14

May 29, 2014|

Harry joined the show to discuss the latest evidence against Aaron Hernandez.

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Also this is commence our number two you better hope there's no hell. Minute and his goal on Chris we were married that's correct that's true Bob yup yup she had. Past and you are we not only did act and talk and that's a legal talked about it. So orchestra and teller. One -- I wonder what would you do evil things like I was convinced it was laughed I might do some people wanna -- yeah it -- -- or nearby -- -- gently down Aaron Hernandez didn't. Was didn't vehicle and he spent his life in the room the size of -- -- -- I don't wanna do that is true age. -- on the AT&T element of our -- just the ball primary -- enjoys good morning Harry how are you guys. Safe to say the double murder case against Aaron Hernandez appears from where -- set. To be much stronger than the olden Lloyd murder case and what will -- -- prosecutors. Believe is the right way to proceed based on what we heard yesterday vs what they think they know about the old Lloyd case. Well they're both -- strong. Prosecution cases. I agree with you what we heard yesterday the recitation of facts which I thought was very neutral and very well done by the way I agree with. My -- magistrate Jerry Wilson has been doing it about forty years as a great magistrate. You know it was his car. The car was at the scene it was his gun. He was president. We have this don't drink motive and and it is a bone chilling. Recitation of ambushed by ambush assassination of a guy that have bumped into him. While dancing has focused and it's just a breathtaking. You know they got the cooperating witness Alexander Bradley and mean what what what state defense you're. Bradley did the shooting. In the Boston and the other two guys that -- in fact right there. And -- stated that there -- -- defensive. You saw with defense counsel yesterday this is all going to be about seeing if we can get -- you know the one in a million procedural -- Yeah they have they have two cases. There's so tainted. By prosecutorial. Misconduct. And prosecutorial. Air. That is the supreme judicial court of of Massachusetts. Or this superior court. Or are going to bomb allow eight. The triple murder but to go free it is so one in May be. A hundred million that's what I'm looking at for -- So so I -- it's no stretch to assume that Alexander Bradley Eric Hernandez wing man that night is singing like a canary he will probably be the star witness in this particular case. Did they have to apply pressure to him saying this could be a joint venture unless you tell us everything you saw. Absolutely. Absolutely he was there every step of the way and he was in the car and he was in the car wins Hernandez. Apart -- I got out. -- doesn't from the engine block. And he knew exactly what might happen this was a classic joint center. Bradley was located natural light and I'm not a 100% sure they haven't they don't have a plea agreement where he does kind. But you know they obviously that would happen to prosecute you for joint venture murder one which puts you behind the -- for the rest your life they gave him something back. You know -- that is Bradley it's three survivors that are right to identify. Hernandez the the other three in the car one with the wounded the attitude that dislike this cell phones put -- there are at the video cameras put -- there it. His car there's no question it's his car it's his gut there's the question it has gotten. So what what are we talking about here we're talking about. I -- is he added to a Remi I don't think so I think -- these these defense lawyers are going to. Play this out. And hope to get get that lottery ticket of double reversible error in the Bristol healthy and the county and that's what the Jerry. You know yeah I'm sure. Country Jerry would you like in his. Pulling your hair out when he's listening to good defense counsel. I'm sure -- -- appreciated that it registered Wilson's remarks but that's what that was all about we're already setting up. He can not get a fair trial yet you know he's gonna get a trial okay. And the trial is going to be there and he's going to be convicted. Next case a close close the door and and it just it's just bone -- and what he did. Excellent I like to hear that but here's what I -- -- if -- -- Lloyd's family I -- know why it took two years and another murder. Before we brought brought this guy in the custody it -- you just went down the litany you get three witnesses. You get all kinds of evidentiary -- London vehicle and videotape and you know stuff happen in the clubs. Shouldn't he have been arrested for the double murder along time ago there yet. Jerry and I hate it that is -- I think that's the key point here. It is that is the key point here. You know if if you have this. Abundance of evidence that you know that you've gotten and starting with. The -- the break you out would -- in terms of getting information from Bristol county. A lot like what what what was it where was the intensity. Of the investigation treaties that the debt of these young men. A two years ago. Because it would seem to me. That if you went and got the videotapes. Of which eventually get and you went and got. This the other forensics. It would have let you their -- and it now would have taken very extensive and good police work. But you know the question is. I get seat in the day you'd have to ask the questions -- took the Boston Police. You do not do it until you thought it might involve Aaron Hernandez and not you get -- so. It is it a troubling question it doesn't changed the guilt or innocence of Hernandez for sure. But as you point out it does raise a question in the minds of the -- -- I couldn't our our son our our father. My brother been spared. Is light if if if if if the if about the police said that what -- did two years later. Is that. Is the Angel dust offense and actual defense -- that doesn't work doesn't. Now go -- no it's it's not cricket. You know what else you can do I mean I took steroids that I was hi -- what they mean. If that was the case could be you know and 75% of the murder convictions could be overturned. Now movies in the besides looking is that it lets you look at his -- his conduct. Irrespective. Of his level of sobriety. And and irrespective of what he was on keenly conscious deliberate. Actions he took he took up conscious deliberate steps he laid in wait for these guys. He he what retrieve the -- he circled the the neighborhood he pulled up alongside this was a consciously planned premeditated. Malice aforethought. Murder in the first degree. End up only two died instead of five because of the five bullets pulled three 22 best. So it's just it's just bone chilling and and to think. Bit that this cycled past. But this homicidal psychopath as a member. The of the New England Patriots signed that contract and afterwards we went out and cheered him that's easier. And rooted for him is just it it gives -- it did it really makes you kind of at least me and I'm sure a lot of listeners feel the same way. It just makes you shake your head -- and -- really feel cynical and disgusted by the entire the entire thought of at all. -- circling back to my original question is there an accepted theory -- formula. That will prompt prosecutor to choose one case over the other in terms of chronology. It is they're you know. Both both prosecutors. Are committed to their case. But we know that Bristol and -- -- cooperating extensively. Bristol is -- a long line on the line. And I understand your question you -- when you go get stronger case to get the murder one so maybe get a plea of not have to do. The second trial in the series yes. They will be. Cooperating. Communicating. And decide. What what's what and -- also depend John on on the court system. We're a -- let's let's go to move faster where we gonna get a quicker trial we want we want a conviction as soon as possible. And that we hope that conviction will be a predicate for. 4 AM plea in the second case so -- -- -- communicating and yet the merits of the case. -- does play a role in -- but tightening plays a bigger role. I don't think that the -- and Lloyd Maris. Aren't any -- are are much less. A compelling for the prosecution right now then the bust in there. I understand they don't have the murder weapon in known Lloyd but it say it mean to me it was a it was a mile from his house. He walked in -- drive and got as we know all the evidence it's just their typical overwhelming. In cases of murder in the first degree they're both gonna result in guilty yet and -- they both want to make sure that that took the trouble is going to be. If if if let's say we do Bristol first Bristol goes and we get a conviction. Okay that's -- -- on an automatic appeal probably to the -- JC it definitely did yesterday. So it goes to the supreme judicial court. Now you go to to -- you say okay well we played there no cause I can get overturned and it's gonna take a year a year and a half two years. To get my appeal for. There's a prosecuted so. You know I knew if I hit it handicap it right now I think both cases are gonna get tried and I think both cases and he tried in the next twelve to eighteen months. I think he's gonna plead guilty to all the charges just to spare the victims' families the anguish of a trial hate. -- Jared -- can do you know anyone could do Eric can you help us out. What why what was the motivation why did you ever -- do. I have no idea Jerry I have no idea. I want it to believe -- -- woody was about to do. That you know that he that he finally. 8888. I don't decent. But in net -- Psychotic brain it is. But then I listened to his his is his response. To the the prosecutors recitation during the and any can't resist. And taking a -- post a post murder. Blow at that that it had been in his Martell. You know. And making this statement about that they did she use the child I would later used a daughter against me she had at night in. You know I can't stand -- -- abused women use children I can't tolerate the use women use in the children against the perpetrators adding that sort of sit. It caused me to say no he's he's the same as he's always been. So why did he do it I have no idea he got nothing. From the and -- and everything else is speculation that he got that he tried it lost he'd be exactly where he is right now behind. The wall. In eight block -- cedar junction which is exactly where he belongs and we should get the other a tight end right extort him as soon as possible. You think the mark tells will file civil suit. I don't know you know. If I were the if I were the -- I would be worried -- I would be particularly worried about the texts from mrs. red meat to. Two. Jennifer Martell. After the slamming in the into the -- incident in the restraining order issued and asking her not to press charges I would be very worried about. -- that. But those actions by mrs. Martell. It anything to -- family did to cause Jennifer Martell not to protect yourself. Or not to seek further and further protection from the court system in the police and -- the restraining order. Is that a predicate for a civil action. A we talked about this on EEI when it happened gay guys to remember. There was -- question of what could the possible civil liability be well there's been reports that there word you know numerous numerous text. Asking an -- and representation is that you know he's without. Everything's going to be okay. This tidbit is that was that negligent. That he you know was was that reckless and it -- connect serve. As they predicates for civil suit her for wrongful death and I haven't researched that but it's I'm sure somebody out there. Some personal injury lawyer out in the Massachusetts's is it is it is researching it and waited in my tells -- it just didn't looking at it I don't know. Perry before we let you go give us the cliff notes version of John -- Conley is situation. Well he I got it to utilize the overturned in the Florida because the predicate charge. I was not a valid charge. You know I they get -- -- get to retry him that he is sending back any and sent him to another state would it would warrant signed him. I I don't think that he. Is going to. Get out. I think he has. Hole. Popped up a bunch of other charges that the -- can be brought remember there's no statute of limitations in murder. And you know he's tied to Whitey Bulger and -- in the it is an unbelievable amount of evidence that came out against him in the Whitey Bulger trial and if prosecutors across the country need to keep -- behind the wall I think they can figure out a way to do it. A so I think this is a temporary victory -- Jack -- And until at least charged duke did not have to let it go and run three wild anyway until we charged and put -- -- because I think other states are going to be a filing hold it up Florida which. Just don't know yet what's what's gonna come out but -- -- certainly certainly that's going to be his position that. I should be it actually I should be free on bail. Put put you out there on that I'm not a flight risk of not a security risk I just don't after after the birth Bulger trial in the evidence there I just don't see that happening. -- -- always a pleasure we appreciate your input as we do every single time we -- thanks very pocket on the road. That matter Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline. You know some pictures -- criticize -- for you know. Presuming -- That's why we have more and so we can be honest. Pop and not be your typical mealy mouth defense attorneys spewing nonsense. Was allegedly his arms allegedly just -- I don't wanna jump to conclusions what we do all right which we have. The facts a lot of as we currently -- We're not a jury we get to presume guilt if that's how we feel. I as far as that Connolly. And changed my mind on this reasons but that's a shame that he's gonna walk free from even a couple days. Wicked day. For day to increase the air real bad sun. And then he gets home this season mansion and live -- he maneuvers his ex wife distilling that you would know that the -- is sorted it -- -- Andy Andy's -- to -- is kids' -- -- pad his dog and on the that that the Luxembourg follow up and they you know they get out and they say mr. -- -- under arrest mr. hands behind your back don't even given time the -- dumping his old house just just don't you let him breathe the I do think though that the issuance of the more we don't you mean these big part of it yeah that's true teams enter the mean the guy who's planning and some Australian actor right looks kind of like a little bit. Yeah if you're the old Lloyd family. And it what Harry says he he said he doesn't know which way they're going to go let's assume they go with and clearly the stronger case I think it's a stronger -- -- you have. Alexander Bradley say this is what he did this happened also for the other one can be clouded with ambiguity that. They got the car didn't see yet don't know who did it maybe it was him maybe -- -- Even the old Lloyd people. Do you want. Him to plead out with the old Lloyd case and spare yourself the trial or do you want complete justice and make him. Go to trial court of first degree murder. Depends on which -- remember talking to movement if they want you know. Like -- say revenge just yes right don't want these but I also would want answers I don't know if there's any one vacancy to. But it -- Lloyd's family -- -- -- -- just busted his bomb. A year earlier and Saudi ought. -- I -- -- a result. -- today and I -- had taken some great police were to make that that seemed to me that would have. Haven't listed all the evidence it seems like you it was a pretty easy haste to figure out that that was -- in this mean people are right right the witnesses in the car one -- injured shot in the arm yeah. And the other got runaway. Those guys. Saw something they saw a lot. They were in the club -- Hernandez and obviously videotape at the club -- so it's like you know and then you have to to see Toyota forerunner which he was driving. Mean you have a lot to go on and if they had brought him in the custody. Is an -- one alive today yes yeah oh yeah. Might be somewhat old and did you know imprisoned or whatever but. I fumbled once and that's my first question he knows why it was free with the serve. Fibers not one operative because they knew he was a gang -- they'd come after him. I believe I read where they weren't even aware that that's who that was so maybe it could settle that's the patriots Heidi it's a big -- tattoo exactly you know and down bright in the UC Hernandez in the videotape at the club. -- -- You know you may be answered questions at the top -- BC -- was what's going. Wendy's drive them I always with the you know does he have. Good to see me hugs. Good guns in the car -- -- honest I was what -- -- -- problems -- his -- -- feel -- for those 617 -- -- 7937. Larry Lucchino joins us at 845. Meant -- hand there was just with headlines and news in -- headlines and I think he's going to be gloating a little bit you know conceal it he played a darkness he's Lanka. In one of Aaron and his associates he's got it done -- apart and got it taken care of us we'll be right back.

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