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Pedro Martinez joins Dave and Joe for an inning

May 28, 2014|

Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien are joined by Red Sox Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez on the night where the 2004 red Sox were honored at fenway. Pedro talked about what it was lik to dominate as a pitcher at the pinnacle of the steroid era, what it was like to be a part of the 2004 Red Sox and his career after the Red Sox.

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Here's our favorite great to see. Pedro Martinez. And yet I think the biggest can't tonight. Pitches outside the -- call strike it's like a rock star. It's like with The Beatles are here it's you know that's that's what we're running through Fenway Park as soon as the highlight came up. But Pedro strike and somebody and then he was there. The place to -- -- It's great that. Thank you thank you very much right out the I keep saying it is separate from me every time -- -- -- And we just talked about that which he told me Bob -- -- how much he's matured and we had a lot tonight he was delightful. Well monies that changed man he thinking. No responsibility. For everything he's done before and also. Kind of set a real good with them hopefully leave you the caring about. On these kids he wants to be that the role model and father. All of -- going to be and -- mature enough games any thought to be really happy to. Be back with -- you know we're in Boston and also that perception that -- really excited. It was great. Opted strikes outs -- years -- who filed out his first time up the paper you looked great you've been busy year. With a Red Sox are it's spring training you get around the farm system. No not yet I'm I'm due to go to. Portland put to look at the ball between the -- They're on. It's also be the week and you know they don't know a lot to make -- -- -- to -- -- both places. Strike one to Gaddis. Lackey delivers in the pitches low and away. How do you feel about the club. Well the club couldn't go any worse -- -- expected for up to now -- built and and and until there's so many things and not go wrong with the same time. The only longer I think. This is that the in the unknown -- of you know -- he is a team that that that bottle for everybody else and and they're not gonna stay away. Not all year too many guys wearing rings but -- -- Well. They aren't. Going away for a ball with two and one John Lackey certainly is that I had a great comeback after the Tommy John. Well that day he got to always be enough. People are great competitor reminds him a lot of virtually. All of here's a line drive looked at the left the base hit. Did you have a chance to visit personally with -- Feel yep yep I got it to thoughts in my coaches -- called him a couple of times. You know. Little. He's he's feeling a little that we -- songs with the you know I try to -- them both it is like keep pulling him. That nickname my youth club for him and won't. You know he would he would smile he was doing the best -- -- They certainly have all of our prayers yes yes. Or base it would do now brings up -- to file the third his first time up but he takes a called strike at the knees. You know watching -- the corner of my time watching Pedro being interviewed and as a few minutes ago they put up his career winning percentage. Like 69%. 70%. -- that's a misprint does that. Well that's federal Martinez. That's almost 70%. Of the time that's ridiculous of the Major League. Love and you know what I got worse towards the end without a full year. Over a full second when when my dad who have done with the men say I didn't. -- -- -- in the game. I love getting worse as the years -- nothing that. In my career it was good to leave. And. It's still on the way it is you look at those numbers and that the way this place is so electric and ever Pedro -- well when it's that it was an event it. That's that they thing. And they'd go to the buzz in the stands. That Dominican flags those negative and no hitter every fifth day it was a possibility. You know. Yeah I if I noticed myself that McDonald's company they you know they'll come around. I I thought the big bars this the places that this sudden he'll -- Three and a miss strike three stick around other benefit to doing all right after three and a half to had a Red Sox of the Shaw's star market WEEI Red Sox radio network. However as it has paid much in his last for the fourth of having your Red Sox lead the -- it. They're attacking about. How remarkable it was to all of us who watch you -- ERA was three and a half runs better than the rest of the league. They -- dominated the ultimate hitters here. That was actually amazing how you could be so dominant win a lot of hitters -- a lot of help. I was over the more of a level -- all feel that. Looking back on it I I wouldn't want it any other way I want it to face the office. The best teams in -- be. They kill you like them taken today. Of knowing that I did it clean and and I feel them. Dominated is the word dead ball were excited by going to the hall of fame when it mattered is to be review that I think where's Nomar and the and Roger as well. Roger is excited that's a great class. -- Although to go in this and especially. As knowing how good of a personal glory thin and and actually getting to who was your. I've never really how to overseas you were well I was able to. -- in on Roger I -- more swings in this Izzo went to. And you know -- -- getting getting to -- and I I I expressed to him that I wasn't used what you plan. Coming -- that and you know -- not be able to new compete against them and the embodies that that. And all that in and now going with him for those -- -- both of us thought so little thing which I'm really grateful. Two to appeal a month ago. I think it's gonna be really great until you became my friend away from the radio Booth and actually all over even on the -- I remember talking to your -- you. You're you're different people -- the. That's not just about based off about. I would still high and away one and two really the B yeah. The preliminary act for you guys that special because I was so blessed to be here to cover all of your games. Along with -- -- Rodgers. I think you. And this sometimes you pinch yourself the 12 pitch is outside for twenty years I had either Roger historically if they except for 97. That if -- -- -- you're gonna -- you never have a losing streak and if they ever did lose it felt like you lost the triple Decker yeah. It's accurate they were 22 pitch. He is outside. Course next year you're eligible for Cooperstown. I think it to be unanimous vote there's never been one. But. Why wouldn't it happened with Pedro Martinez that someone would have to explain. We have to do is look what he did it in theory you did it yes ground ball hit the second base that style has it throws him out. You know there's got to be a time when the teams and I love the night and then be beaten him in 99 that the only person that didn't these guys if I -- it. What they'll be those who quoted. I didn't belong there. I can respect that he if they do with everybody but look a -- this the they're not that it's not a great years the two years ago you won and they give it to him and also gave thing you know. Previously. -- write an opera. Previously filled all the guys like Roger. -- -- in the red -- wounding. But I'll wonder why it's never. Any one of the two guys that come open and they watch. Is depicted as -- did well toward left center field Upton moving back but it was still active body makes the catch him track either one ever explained to you why they didn't know where you have yours and I was behind him. And one of the -- quoted saying that he would vote for it to. But then that record still something the committee vote for earlier loaded you voted for the pitchers out there. Thought I don't want to say it also -- kind of move. But. Sales on the extremely disappointed. If they that that I have -- -- you'd -- from. Any of them. Outside for ball to Jackie well in our book you wanna. Hit it in the he was right the most on just voting situation we've ever seen. Jackie swings at lined one into right center base hit past the diving second baseman less than Alan Jackson struck out his first time as a solid hit. -- it everything you've accomplished in baseball. And for pitchers is nothing you haven't done what stands out in your career -- glorious career. As the number one moment or achievement for you. You know what really taught me -- when novels. Just about to get off the books you know through the end out the trophy. -- -- the if you both in the 7 o'clock in the morning but -- yeah yeah all of a wolf. It's hysterical about youth and then it out because it felt like I. I -- I've just gotten off them. -- -- -- And that revealed the -- my field. -- Really forever yeah also a huge relief for me and I'm sure we will look forward many guys that. You know like. What we're here. Or there won't do it real you. On New Year's reeled him in I thought so many great saves. That that that -- -- -- week in and and so many theories but that he beat -- so many of the things and then never. Who could who could say probably that they they would part of you know that -- -- about it over even golf world. They'll clear the way for a who's who would know for. That's a great point and you guys are so magnanimous in bringing those people are mentioning them and talking about them when you did when it. All that -- with a laugh so it's always one with a runner at first to do down here in the fourth. Finally it it says so much about the kind of competitor you were. You don't talk about an individual accomplishment you talk about a team accomplishment in the moment for city in an organization. As your number one moment. That's not that I had in my career and then after that it's been. Good to -- additional -- that we kind of like two days later. That -- -- every time we come in there's the celebration. And not only that we got we got to handle that one last year for the Corey continue the. It tested the swearing and invested it gets down and -- so it's still want it to the course Pedro -- we know and I know he doesn't. He's a little shy about talking about -- put the for -- Philanthropy he's done the work you've done at home with -- foundation. Anyway fairly good running foundation that we continue to get back to so many people here. Great country the Dominican Republic. Yes right now we're Cody -- at the home she. Went to play vulnerable to I'll go to the Carolina both on the Eagles. Yeah I saw article college -- right yeah it's been a few of the political players though she decided to go with a couple friends who played a little bit of local and and and he looked -- learned and I'll walk all the way over here and probably her mom if they can get over. Carolina soulful beat you work with the foundation and I don't know how to go forward the thing I -- you know for the team that -- that he's doing now -- -- away from home. There were so happy to get to know her and the course and you've you've built churches you -- school you go recreation centers. -- into houses for a lot of. The well that's both out of my mind. My responsibility. To keep that the people in until everybody. I care about the people in you know -- the people will. I'll with a left -- If the people open and and also understanding that they they are committed to the community into hopeful that. That you will mean I I had a great -- you know pines. A native who understand that catering for the other it's soulful. In we. -- We could. Use him to do it very well 22 pitch to -- call this taken high ball three. You know the count all side means that Jack he'll be running. You'll be back here August 14. But to be stopping in before they haven't used trips to Portland to -- hit it. They elected is it the in the clubhouse to talk to the pitchers and the hitters. I enjoyed that I I certainly do 32 with a runner going driven filed down the left field side out of play. Have you given much thought above when that moment comes and you're standing up there in Cooperstown. Newbie inducted into the whole thing what that's gonna feel like what you might say at that time. You know like I hadn't thought to think about what I'm gonna say I would just I would just be like I I have. Like I am at the moment I -- I don't run you know. Short cuts I a play on the straight. Forward in that. I'm hoping to express at the same way it that way I'm fitting that that day. In not. Come over with something beaten I'm just gonna say that we are looking forward to know them. Mean -- the shortstop throws out told the papers sold our tickets at great communicative skills and he can do that. Right off the speaking from the start Pedro congratulations thanks so much for being whether -- league of what I'm against soon. After far it is to live up to Red Sox with a shot star market WB he had Red Sox radio network.

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