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Manny Being Manny with Joe and Dave

May 28, 2014|

Dave O'Brien and Joe Castiglione are joined by Manny Ramirez on a night where the 2004 Red Sox were honored. Manny talks about his time with the Red Sox, what it was like to be a part of two World Series Champion teams, and his thoughts on curses.

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Bottom of the second coming up no score between their Red Sox and the Braves here at Fenway. The cardiovascular. Instituted Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center -- invite you to join the club the walking club. Giving free tools and tips to get you and your family walking towards better health. For more go to VI DMC dot org slash. -- Just settling in at the microphone. We go the way we are loving it here do. Manny Ramirez many great this is nice to see -- would welcome home think he would welcome back great ovation by the fancier. All of it that's special. A little bit. Like -- stated that it's kind of the whole war movement in -- whistles. A great ceremony welcoming back the world champions in 2004. -- Jonny Gomes getting in here against the right hander Gavin Floyd. And the pitcher on the way to Johnny will be right through -- for strikes he's hitting to 36 with five home runs what was it like being back with with all the championship guys. -- them or ghosts. Having. All hopefully is from the 2004. In a table it was unbelievable. Lieutenant threw short charging it Pena throws off back. For the first baseman -- the right field line -- is gonna go sliding into second base safely on the throwing error by Pena should be. Bases they've also they say that to basis that's a very thin right there. And so the single and an error on the short stuff we get redundant. Second base on it seemed like there was no probable with a all of you guys being together. We stick to go to firemen and -- way. We have so emotional time. We can ask for something more than than being to remedies both of whom. I think -- Curt Schilling secret compiled. Manny some -- you know so fighter you know we pray for. We know guided them through his work -- -- them and that's what we need to do to keep praying for him. -- Grady Sizemore in with a runner at second. As -- challenge Manny Ramirez here at Fenway Park the pitcher is swung not a -- Grady. Getting to 27 with two home runs this a guy you played against. You know this guy well grade do you think he's gonna make it do you think he's gonna hit he's going to be able to get back to level he was asked. I think he's gonna hit he took great play of remembered in these two years. So let's be patient for him I don't know -- we'll take him a little more a little time to improve his into the rhythm until his move -- all the that it goes you face them. Lately has swung a better bat he takes pitches outside and its one on ones and you are so Smart the batter's box when you gonna coach hitting. And also play some that I -- what you're hitting philosophy that -- well the first thing I gotta do is listen listen to them and we've seen others do and watched them. Because you know they also -- so -- -- -- -- -- you can coaches and I don't wanna stay open nobody's beating. We're gonna work together with the team. It's very it's. A great way to start. And it's nice next week. My heart that I speak to -- and now hope next we pivotal. Role there. -- ball in two strikes on Sizemore with Gomes at second no score here in the second inning. Floyd delivers. Swing and a foul ball back towards the on deck area. We just don't like to play. Yeah I think so you know the game that I love what. Those few friends for that and now. If he's got wheels and. Wanted to run Sizemore. Many there weren't many days in late may when you -- -- where it was this cold this is ridiculous -- -- -- one on filed back got to play. Not really you know welcome to Boston until it was like -- it's always like this but on the film without Manny so you know we just got to go play and so. Anyway we're doing our pregame in the dugout that. We talked about you throw in the World Series George -- as your home -- -- we do throughout Larry Walker and have a good everybody disposable one that is known two. But in this field. So I was. He won two and it's loan scandal and -- Gaddis and Jonny Gomes to advance to third down on goes back to the box seats. Public human and Johnny Damon now did you guys reverse that of all the that the play there where you know -- good enough about the seriousness of -- that was also brought that to say that the fans the memories and we do. Those through because you've been -- them. In a mile on deck notes -- runner at third for the Sox though in the infield commission now for Atlanta. Johnny looks like he could still played today. Yeah he's he's in shape. He looked great. He's been playing a lot of soccer youthful homicide. That. Maybe the pro soccer. Who would see him in Brazil that is that that could I -- you have to look -- Ultimately. You know -- even a sizable -- Only guys -- great. And notes you know it's only ten years. -- -- publicly through through. And everything went so fast you know who can even believe that we came back. Campbell it was the schedule. Gives them good you know he's healthy and the infield hits and somebody -- Ten years -- flies in the Beijing. If that's what you got to think about -- so with time knowing George. He's going to broken -- ground ball file along third base is great he's gonna need. And do bad here. Just last week they just tell me how what you're doing and also what a good player you Sonics. Yeah muscle he's he's he's pretty good it's a great player. And this group is he's gonna go into the draft and do -- think -- runs alone. We go to college. As possibility that the affiliated people would have been away if you look at around -- for me this is Manny junior mining in this. It just an eighteen. And outfielder. First base. Two balls two strikes on Sizemore looking to pick up an RBI and nobody out the pitch. Is down loan out three and 21 Brady's so consider really find a bad here. What about those -- and speeches that we hopefully which they listen to break. Hasn't eligible mine. It was such a great job with some -- Shut -- on the eighth and ninth inning. I was watching them much it is unbelievable what they do. 32 coming. And down local golf courses Sizemore. Works a walk in the Red Sox have runners at first and third. -- Daniel -- about to step -- when you watch somebody like -- like Koji. And it's not like he's throwing 979080. School dvd 89 with the split but you think in yourself. This is Mike people -- this is how I wouldn't give him and I know everyone goes into the game plan but he's so tough even though he doesn't blow people away with a fast. Well he earns it the best pitch is this -- so he's he's really so good. And not looking into the deafening speeches through the locate very whose. And they never challenge anybody in the infield you know going to be of them that this deal was promoted to beat beat yourself. To do when you look at who's. It's -- one online -- all the top of the Atlanta dugout often left. -- GC 8089. Miles an hour to get swings and misses. But the ball ballooned and its pursuit of a mechanic you know hottest guys feel -- big -- but -- the -- Get a little hesitation. Every pitcher from Japan virtually that we have seen as death. You know that little hesitation the top of the windup. Red Sox trying to strike here as we visit -- Manny Ramirez Red Sox celebrating the ten year anniversary. Of the 2004 world championship Red Sox a team that broke the curse. -- one. Is down -- how much thought did you give today a whole curse business where you were playing for the roadside. -- the youth and an. What. We look at the that that it will. No we wouldn't -- do -- -- little that. He would explain it. But -- home you know things got out and broke the -- And so you know it was blatant and when you know people. Also in -- public person. -- you know we. One wants -- on ground ball to second was stellar in the second one on the first and he held the bag to turn the double play. The Red Sox get the run in goal scorers and a Red Sox are on the board one announcement. Not only broke it broke a three time. It just to secure about your body Big Papi still hopeful and I hit. Shots everywhere man they've added some voodoo or he's still got his rhythm. Now obviously British day. And now he's modern hopefully. I think at least a few more years that. Really well I think -- -- -- 42. -- You know he's forty. Is Jackie Bradley junior and he lays off the first doughnuts in there for strike one city. He's he's a better hitters are smarter hitter now than he was just a few years ago. I'm not saying the I think now he got more experience you know he knows how how the little fiction. Than Rivera but now they used to -- the -- So he's hotter for him to it. Before away when he came to Boston they didn't do through that she is so much. They think we're a lot of hits the fact that they can and out of it's it was when. 02 on Jackie did follow up the first base line Freeman tracks it down a foul territory to count full wood two on Jackie Bradley. Which young hit -- you like look at. You and I like Pedroia. I like the way he plays the game. He still was in that attack small. You have -- -- you know he's small boy the got to do our. He's such a pleasure to watch it in play defense is unbelievable for him he can take pride. On everything that you do. It's just five for ball one into the count. Want to be -- teammate yeah. You were -- I'm just happy you know let up they would in the and I was to win -- he came in. Jackie after a big hit yesterday in Atlanta. Swings here and files and off the catcher one ball two strikes. Red Sox they had won enough thing is we visit -- Manny Ramirez. Pedro Martinez maybe by as well. You watch your body ball aren't TV. I like to -- time it's fluently both. If -- -- -- is the result -- He likes to talk 12 pitch swung on and found that he always like to talk to him we knew we knew it was gonna have -- social. So when you played with you do one date which we knew we knew it was a little bit of food so it's a and then you know what happened today Duke Blackburn was looking for me. The clubhouse guy yeah you know why because people that the -- blow -- and 2004. And do it. As everything is stupid pitcher isn't the -- But he found after the whooping. Excellent -- can plug in the so -- and -- rumors one nothing -- nights after two shots on target W Pirates 93 unit.

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