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Pedro Martinez with Dale and Holley : Radio Gold

May 28, 2014|

Just listen. If you are a fan or observer of the Red Sox, we promise you will enjoy every second of this candid conversation with Pedro.

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The greatest Red Sox pitcher of my lifetime is in the house. He is here as part of the 2004 World Series celebration Pedro Martinez it is great to see you again will thank you very happy about Campbell -- -- -- home. -- all your pals last night. I saw the picture you tweet it out many looks great with a new hairdo and everything you guys look like you're having. -- -- like always you know the fallen in that group have never gone away. Every time we -- on the but I mean it is actually in Iraq with each other if in fact. We -- when it right back who -- what we're used to doing. How many guys had you seen for the first time here. In the in the last few hours -- mean hey have you seen that big group the big group together like this. So since 04. No no we never got. Two to see everybody together but but I have seen a lot of them. They want that IE I have never seen console war. Where Orlando. Cabrera. Pokey Reese. Wells Myers. There's a few of them but I didn't see. But but most of the guys -- I got to see -- and whenever we do any event here most. Now we're talking about this -- came. Down threes that in the ALCS. You lose that game 3198. And are one of my neighbors saying pockets they got to rebuild -- over in if it's just it's just terror Michael looked terrible. Art did you ever think -- ever cross your mind it's not about the stock apple force secured credit what did you think. I never did I almost -- the bitter about some comments that I've read in the papers and I actually. All the players meeting and everybody get by asking who who -- go in the meetings -- we were. Down three yen and pretty much no -- but I'm. I understood that seal them feeling well. And I will always coming in -- to run at least nine I'm that we have the pitching short rest and although aware that I was one of those guys that they -- right they needed and it's like gaming really early and before when running. I told the -- that someone in the Yankees that the of the guy Maine about a than what effect that -- that you know we look like -- than that. You know even though it would nice guys. Nice guys finish last. And I took that personally and I and I I think I it's impossible or go down without at least beating -- ones. And I told everybody that I told bibles I -- food to -- at least no political battle. Against them and that's when and when it happened we were one strike away from from being eliminated in all the things brave new you know broke apart. The few times that I've I've been in your presence and talk to you you seemed so friendly and so nice. And yet you would put that uniform on and you stepped between the lines. And -- have this huge chip on your shoulder and and you were like a different person that you have to have that chip to perform at that level. You know why I will be nice. So many chances he made me angry. But at the same time I helpful launch insightful watching angered. Fuller being denied being. Sick and get them any time. That I actually develop a habit of just being like that whenever I had the page goes. I we'll all night wolf legal bullet -- told that I all the good enough to do it. And I went to prove got it wrong and I and and that that little bit of anger that I titled time. Became a hobby for me in and for some reason I left the game with a protein. I had that demeanor and and and I think -- it worked pretty good. Student to keep me book I think not messing around long look at anybody at the Fran because I'll call him on -- goal all kinds of things. Coming up. And almost always. The only judge. And I want it to actually. Every time I came out. I would hope they had not to make a friend not to let anybody. Look at me like a friendly guy I went out there like you is not Q what thing Iowa. Like comedian -- would go on that that came out there to debate you've flown a mile -- like good. So Tommy LaSorda said you were small trader for the -- special issue number one on the list Tom -- Tommy LaSorda he said -- -- had a chip on your shoulder and you. Yeah he had bad intentions at times you're just really fired up because you're told you could do it was he the guy. Who inspired you the most because he had some doubts whether you could be a starting pitcher -- baseball. They live and -- I outlooks leveled labeled in the minor leagues even before looking at him before Florida -- -- the organization it's just. Pretty much thought levels gonna breakdown. Because let go to a hard. A very very skinny. Very lightweight. Four unarmed all of that and reach a haunted. They never thought levels going to be able to pull hold. Or forest lawn outside in. But one thing that I I guess somebody never -- You know about it you know. Or maybe two more time to look at. All of the wayward. A lot of people think if it was my way to work -- that way I wanted to do it. But I have my own programs -- -- -- pulled my body and I kill myself working my my my work routine we'll take to leafs five dollars. Daily so what to do -- I've ran -- I ran first of all Ron Paul and our outlook you remembered. But I I used to go on the warning track one BP started in and out to be be finished. I'll Ronald spears or I'll do if you will clearly I'll run an island and on the fears. Sometimes take very low and gold running in the part. The book for an hour every day every day except today that it. And so would allow detectives that's an hour -- said so what about the other four hours allies I have to go -- legs I have to do mad ball. How to do court. I have to do so many things that I have to do get my bullpen in between. Get might only between. It's it was a long process sometimes I'll come out in the third or fourth inning. All the games he's fight if I didn't get here really -- Hi -- I was sitting in the right field grandstand with my brother. The night of the 1999 all star game. And I watched you. Did you prone to heart did you do too much that night no it seemed to take something naughty we're soul. So -- -- -- that night. Well I outlook the way everybody -- not -- They gave my velocity. With the normal -- Theo use in the game and the good thing because polls polls almost throwing all year. What happened when I think the problem develop what. I told okay area he wanted me to start the first game coming back. He wanted to give me some time. The that is some time off in between. The outing in the all star game and preaching back when -- -- coming back so I ended up with spending nine days. Before appears in I didn't not do any throwing. You have to put -- little bit and carry -- that he would -- indeed said no you're not gonna dog bolt bolt laid to rest well we can use you in the second half. And it ended up affecting me bad but I almost perfectly fine. Fine that day I -- buying the whole season but when you when you don't stretch arm and you go out there and you push it. We'll -- -- and and that's what happened on the I think that's what the problem off it wasn't that I will not topple it. Doubles overthrowing finding that that Powell speaking and out all the way -- the Baltimore expecting good so it -- like it. I IE idea I kept my focus like it was a real game. We had a had guys call me talk about the chili Davis game. In New York one hitter. And a lot of people say that was your best game now for me it's it is hard to come up with that that's in a lot of it games had a game and in Baltimore after the suspension remember that the suspension that -- -- situation -- game of Baltimore Frank Robinson sit right behind the plate. And thank you have like 1415 strikeouts -- -- he had -- fifth fourteen or fifteen strikeout game if the Braves here. Haven't been with the seventh inning if the Braves aren't so so. The point is there a lot of candidates to choose from what do you think. Regular season was your best. Regular season on how to do -- -- best game loss in one game that you can tea products but I I I I felt out. That was gaining currency the what are we have doubled and by community. And we weren't doing well. All of the only one page you want their rotation at the time and -- supposed to be this pulpit because -- -- -- -- salute dates said Kato. I'm on the -- I emerging economies straight you know among the you'd go. Possible if you can. And take a punch for the team if you have to. Because I do not want to use anybody in the bullpen and I can not I chilled these days. Two to actually do that because you do wonder if people -- -- and I remember giving up -- In the first inning. 55. Months. And I. I'm pretty sure that in any all the situation. That would take me out. And I I was aware of what was going on in and someone my teammates even say that you know what I'll I'll I'll take the ball regardless of how we usually have. And you know like I said. It's okay. I'll I'll I'll welcome back and and I'm not I'm a little comfortable to do and I -- that a preaching again. That day why well it's all important. Because -- the first time that somebody ever expressed -- -- you lied to one that I want to do these jobs. And only they let you go and they expect to compete in handled those things but the problem Monica come up to you. For Nathan tell you it's your responsibility to -- to pick up your teammates. Without all the main reason my teammates. The dead at the boy opened a lawful use that did the book and -- beat up. -- -- -- letting them down if I didn't go deeper in that game also important to me. It almost -- or not -- the one in Cleveland when I came in relief. -- that was -- that was mine. That was my Pedro game that goes on all the important game where I jeopardize my careers and if you -- opted that it's one every. Shoulder issue that I had. -- -- it was right after that Cleveland's season the 1990s and where I not only I had after the -- I gave up problem. But. -- carried over to the playoffs in the first game and play also speech in review on most of the balloon there's a pool and Jimmy told me no you're not gonna peach you're not gonna pitch. Apple -- -- -- up until the end of the game. And he would -- if you go and I -- my job and technology. It did that -- a -- to. And if you don't -- me out there if I can -- Well you and how to pitches on the mile and you mean the give me very much looked at me and go. In -- and don't -- And the and he'd let me go a man when I got to the bullpen ankle children. Rob Dick I think children become OK -- please leave them on the -- the final year veteran. And you would have won multiple Google in but he beat you -- -- please let me go Eagles of course you'd -- -- you have taken for Austin. Today argument that one. When now when I think the 2004 World Series team it's such a unique group of personalities. And end up putting it has -- places where it's like and how it work how did you make that group of personalities work -- here. What was the first global would we kept it -- And you know when when you wanna meet a woman you'd have. And and you spend a lot of time together. And that's what we did we would like a good date that we weather always I'll always. This big group of guys not not not too many coaches. That 12 maybe element to doing it. But bit. We weather all week I'll always give it inevitably -- and if we got the plight we would hold together and we know what we were doing that the pack would cut but at this struggle will -- You know what oh politely and together we know what we were doing we know how to do it we went to do it. And we we were very you know very very very unified a demon and but not anything I guess we just aren't the greatest group of guy whose -- two one. And beaten and beaten in and -- -- cares about what you. In. The approach we took. All the personalities never crash. Will grow -- Aviv on. Being great being moved in. Not worry about what you would -- about what the media of today. -- to the stadium TV deal ultimately they talk about air and at. And idiotic things that we were doing and yeah but the thing that will go to your to your talent will will put on -- to. And I -- you had an opportunity to to play on the same team with your brother which is very special for you other than your brother. Would you say there was a teammate. Who was your favorite was their teammate that you were particularly. Close to more than the others. A lot to say probably bloody. Bloody because he came up with a kid -- would mean they would -- became big league it would mean. I -- told me these so many guys that I can mansion. David paid -- -- he'll. -- Both guys were really close but I I'll say bloodied took about each of the fact that he was. A young kid that need a lot of help and count came to me like a little brother. So I ID I had to take everybody in every aspect of imported food I have to wake up birdie to go get him food. So I got really cold boot too bloody and al-Qaeda that the person that I got closest to. David it's also on the other guy that we have been really really close we're a long time. Money money was also a guy that -- I don't mean a law to salute for everything money was guy that. Wolfowitz short on on on you know with the media a little bit he needed me to be around -- I wanted to get a quote to bring good for the media to that. You know he Wilson. Quoted saying something he didn't mean to say. I have so many players that I that I became really close to Clinton and that but to me that the -- envelope global all of them. They know it's always say the people that it is amazing for you. Your English is fantastic you very proud of and I remember talking about it many times. Just give people a sense of how you worked on your English in the amount of English you knew when you got -- -- baseball. And your journey now they just because I don't think a lot of people know. Well it's not easy definitely in which is really talk and and how to practice a lot and and and even if they cycle back to -- him. Then next time -- coming in mind -- is a little rusty. It is not the same you have to consistently practice and and and and read and write in and all those things. When I was a youngster. In the minor leagues I remember. I I know how to speak you know pretty much to get by but thank god that the Dodgers. Always kept student in English classes is this all the time then and now. IE I used to love addiction. And every day you know -- optical boards and stuff like that and then try to stale and and also take you know headphones and and put him on and and listen to English music dialogue it's everything it will -- our -- but it but it's it's worth it. Sometimes people would watch you pitch and they say it's unfair to the hitters it was unfair when -- when Pedro is pitching. When you look back on the era when you pitched and you now know that so many of the hitters. We're using things that you weren't using. It should have been unfair for you. And yet it wasn't. Well because the numbers because Lula what I could that come on the -- able to put up. That I had the same time eight you know it's things like like I love. You know beyond a doubt. But I I never I never really will want. Any other way I wanted to face the best guys out there at the bit that they could be. At their best to see you don't. What level made up and and I don't think I let anybody down now most proud of every game might I really hot out there. He could've been a bad game and -- -- to remember -- polling now and thank god for every game. Because almost ultimately done enough that I believe that most any game in the big leagues who knew he wasn't on our. Because I wasn't supposed to be there. Albeit that they had to pay most experts. That we. You know in the minority in the big leagues. And I see if if the -- time. It's just a lot of time we'll -- eighteen years later. I could say you know. I I think that I thought that this excel we. You checked in with or I -- have you checked in with them as George king in the bale -- they checked in with you after. 1999. You know what they did. -- I was supposed to be the MVP it probably took one quarter overweight from media and not year. They haven't really apologize or say anything. I'm writing a book written and I'm I'm I'm I'm actually opened the state that I felt like it was a personal. Way to to treat me. And you know that that. Takes those somewhat out of you because. -- -- clean. Politically now that they know why did it clean clean. And in those difficult years. In and you just because you felt like just because you -- did that Pollard to do that you go against the guy that you don't even know if a man. And it I think doubles doubles week in some ways and and and it's going Canada that they probably never. Face the situation the neighbors say -- meaning they'd never. They never in the else spend up to lose to to whatever mistake they made. In 2002. He also became part of history is the first part that that that a pitcher leads the league and -- -- optics that. That borders look at. And -- win it because they meet in new face to make of that what I don't feel anything people. Look at what. Look what happened. I love those guys that they voted for probably 99. We're taking it. A lot of those guys that they did they gave their bull. The 994 MVP. Because there wasn't he wasn't just clutch winning it Pletcher had a great year and then just let me I think -- served. But it some of the other guy that they gables who. If that some of those guys -- -- Messed up. And now -- YouTube's. Right go to -- exactly and and also the numbers the numbers though that I find somebody struck out 300. I can ask you about one other relief appearance. Game seven Yankee Stadium. And Tito brings him to the game did you know that you were gonna pitch in that game. No. One day and on the -- pitching game in that they Hitler. And and I I -- with the New York -- have gotten -- I couldn't understand wow. In -- in the go ahead. And nobody else -- going to be there that's a Red Sox fans were doing he had to -- -- nervous at that time. Ever say why he put in the game that he ever blame lie I've heard a comment that he that he that. He thought I want to be in the. He didn't. Necessarily feel that way and all problems floors -- I had gone to many exercises here in and that goes in the clubhouse because remember I couldn't go. In in in in around Yankee Stadium running. -- and all the things that you guys go novel. That is you know because of the media and -- was created behind me and and the America president and all that. I had to had to not security industry. In the Alltel. And also not not even run outside in in in in the Yankee -- -- -- somebody who's going to be something they attack me they'll and capital. Objects I mean like batteries and stuff and I remember 11 of the papers on the and the New York papers -- one of those columnists. Road -- not we know about -- it'll hurt credit bureau in and out. Neither. You know turn things and stop like that may be reluctant battery who will probably. Heard on am somebody wrote that nobody wrote that. And and old golf topple because of what they did that the an incident if the only thing I on the bears about. But he is not because of what happened really. It's who helped him. I'm very respectful to people in the I'll never got any problem in the streets and in baseball is a multiple sat out or maybe that you don't you know someone that tariffs mean it would -- been okay. That but the only and that they each acme in and it also attacked me through. Who's to he would award he called me before right before he kind of got me. -- about the and stay well it a he didn't have my mom and a very good place at the ago. I was really shocked about in an -- Well -- appoint a little bit you know more than anything. The fact that he tried to job you'll do with. It was really difficult to -- -- and I have to do what I had to do. But that's the question before we get out of here Steve lions had to leave early to ask Pedro. If he thinks that his ability to make every pitch. Look this thing coming out of his hand. Was one of his big advantages that you could be throwing different pitch but you couldn't tell from your release point. Could be occur all could be a fastball who knows. This is Paul made it look the same do you think that was the thing that's accurate representation. I think so I think that a lot to -- it. The idea practice like -- ID. I did things that when normal I hold the -- do longer than the average guy in my mind I. I actually. Called you would hire. And you you -- -- on the 88 -- the and he gets how many people balance and in in and get them out in the crime or right on the Michelin. The -- like everybody takes that oath reads them. Well he that he has the ability to actually. Not only command these beaches. Here for purpose with the pitches and he's also one of the things moms be. The theme of the lot of people detained out in the lot of people that possible. You know even that little colors slider. That that it goes through its it looked like this thing and that well. -- always aware that I needed to keep the arms beat whenever right through whatever it. Have a great time with your teammates tonight and the fans who are also excited to see here tonight. Thank you for taking the time to join as we really appreciate it it's always a pleasure being here you guys. Coming back about the in the plan. If out of the parade in the evening and Pedro Martinez joining us on Sports Radio W yeah.

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