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John Farrell : We won't put Buchholz in a position to risk further injury

May 28, 2014|

We check in with the manager for our weekly interview and get the latest on all things Red Sox.

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Welcome back to dale and Holley Sports Radio WEEI Steve lines here as well -- broadcasting live from. Fenway Park as we do every Wednesday when the Red Sox are home and every Wednesday when the Red Sox are home. We are joined by the manager of the Red Sox John Ferrell brought to you by our belly insurance town fair tire. And Mohegan Sun could say could see guys who could be back on the road thank goodness for the two wins because I had no idea how I was gonna be in the conversation it was like eleven straighter something at that point well it's not we won last two games and looking for again anfield tonight. Let's talk about I heard the other day talk about -- Clay Buchholz you said there have been some nights where you stayed up. Trying to think of ways to get him going some of the solutions. First for clay. And before he went to sleep when to come up with me to come up with everything that that would explain why is ERA as well over seven. Well prior to this past art you know we we discovered some things in his delivery that there was not allowing him to give in to a consistent position -- cute. From pitch to pitch. You know in talking with both he and one prior to a game in Atlanta. He probably had his best warm -- session it in quite some time with being able to repeat some of the adjustments -- we're trying to get to but. Not uncommon. A player gets into a situation where they're trying to make adjustments they'll revert back to some of the things that they've been trying to get out of that was the case the other day to a certain extent part of it too was that you know. He was trying to pitch fine and stay out of metal plate and unfortunately. You see the number walks that that piled up and and that is very uncharacteristically. And it tweaked his knee a little bit in that start as well is his throw a side session today. And William noble a little bit more after that yeah he's got a -- opened here later this afternoon. So we'll determine you know him coming out of axes and his status going for first next start so. Today is a pivotal day as far as Donnelly is workday. About where we go in this turn in the rotation obviously don't know more after that but what are the options stimulate those -- it really determined. By what happens today. Well the options in terms of clay not pitching or pitching yeah where you go with him -- -- policies fine. He comes out that he's fine when it what are your options with him. Well it becomes out of -- -- than what we've got to continue to stay the course and looked solidify the adjustments that have been outlined. We continually work through wasted to maintain the home focus and concentration in the moment not just be not just in bullpen work sessions. If he's not able ago. And the one thing that we won't it was put him in a position to further any risk you know you you look at something in the lower -- the ankle foot whatever might be. We don't want any added pressure stress placed on elbow or shoulder shall. Will be cautionary when it comes to open today so conceivably could make his next start if he's healthy out of this today I I think the the bullpen -- have everything to. To do that and until we get through that you know were were planning is not only his bullpen but if physically capable he'll start on Saturday. He is he is one of our lightning rod guys here on sports talk radio every year there's a guy like that you know what they used to be any. It used to be J. D. Drew last year Stephen Drew at times. Clay Buchholz you -- know much better than we do. The perception of Clay Buchholz is either that he's not tough enough. War that everything have to be perfect for him to perform and maybe get inside of his -- had too much. Is that the reality is that something that he. That that you would say. About him that. Known on I would I would dispute that all day long that we can point to the World Series as it is a situation where he was not a 100%. I hadn't pitched in quite some time and yet -- out and gave us what he could on that night and that was a start which she got us to middle innings turn it over -- in a one run game. Or tie game at -- at that time so. Clay is a competitor as much as anybody else in the clubhouse and and he's dealt with some elements that were all well documented some guys said just. By no choice of their own are they more durable than others. Possibly I'm not saying clay is is fragile and you let him in anyway but he's dealt with a number of physical things of course some time here in Boston. You said on the pregame show what with Joseph distinctly on last night that given recent outings your bullpen really needed it deep outing from your starter Jon Lester last night. And I thought that played into your decision to let him hit the last time could you wanted to get another inning out of him. And worry a little worried when he was getting upset -- Bob Davidson the last thing you need it was him and Davidson to get locked up here yeah I had. I didn't I wasn't fearful that he was going to be push in the in the situation in terms of what he viewed a strike would even go straight to the point of being possibly from a game. That was a tough decision in terms of -- were one run game we've got Jackie Bradley just a second base and Jon Lester that the plate even though he works at 31 count. Well we know that typically that's not a true RBIs combination. But the need to get one more inning was was the trump card in that decision even though John was already 97 pitches. We felt like there were four guys available in a bullpen and for a limited exposure. Know that though the one situation with is our gone into the next inning that was a tough on just because he's got warming is enough in the game he sits down between them and comes back out so. We have to massage our way through those final three innings and if John doesn't pitch to six setting were in a much different situation. I think two things happen in that ball game to make sure that that happened for you and it may get overlooked because it's it's a double play ball that. I don't spectacular double play that that he'd turn it was such a difficult short hop that he would field and turn it into a double play. And of course so he doesn't make up play you're looking at Lester it's on a lot more pitches in the fifth to get the extra two outs. And then of course he's facing the back half of the order which may have major decision a little bit easier to send back. Well there's there's no question all those things -- to play in the bases loaded situation nobody out I believe is in the third inning. Aware -- he gets rang and a tapper back to the mound and and were able to get out of that unscathed. He did a very good job -- there he didn't have a -- off last night and have as most consistent command. He made pitches when they had -- on -- men on base from being put on the scoreboard so. A kind of a blue collar night form. But was able to give us what he had and that was six innings and and you know what we caught a couple of breaks in the seventh inning inside that four run. Scoring opportunity some base hits that -- the other way Jackie Bradley comes up at a key moment and you know hopefully that's a little bit of a jump start or booster for his confidence. Against a left -- got very good stuff in Avalon and their bullpen and so a number things can't have come together fortune caught a couple of breaks but we've been able to actually cute in these last two days panel. Now you guys got a visit from the front office when you're in Atlanta have been -- and came down and apparently met with you in the staff I don't know if you about the team or not. But it was there anything was there any message. From his visit that that was instrumental in. Either turning the streak around or reassuring you was there anything that was said there that that you could take and and hold onto and say okay this makes a lot of sense. Well couple please Michael yeah that was a planned trip for him because there was some scouting opportunities in the Atlanta area that we're scheduled prior to. -- of the ten game situation we -- in. Our conversations are ongoing so it was a continuation of you know the status of the team status of individual players what we were certain what we are going through. So I can't say that that it was an opportunity -- and specifically because we are coming off a ten game stretch where. You know. We we were playing while bottom line giving you the record indicated it there was some gains inside that that I will hold steadfast to this is that. The effort in the preparation and the work. I was not. It didn't waiver yet sometimes we came up on the short and always behind the dust up on Sunday was it simply taking a back up five runs. You know what in that situation I think that's it that's in the gray area you can see you you're probably out on once if you're on the other side of the field. You're saying you know what hey who will all take an opportunity because -- -- seventh inning it's a five -- game. On our side Republicans take exception to because it's them against us. So there's some words that are exchange for dugout. -- challenges our dugout our guys are gonna back down there and probably compound it by some frustration in the stretch that we are in you know if it leads to the benches clearing him. You know those are things that are taking care of inside the lines which he's saying something to his former manager meaning you could have looked like he was talking to you -- one point. Now -- I didn't take anything directly to me that was. -- -- teams that are highly competitive it's become a very good rivalry between the two. And you look back to the types of games that have been played the they're hard fought the highly competitive. And we expect the same here for the weekend series in the come to town. I don't think it's surprise you one bit that Johnny Gaza's the first game and even -- we had to come in from left field I mean and in what he said was. Go ahead still all the bases you want but don't challenge my bench right after you do it take your helmet off and look in in my dugout and start screaming -- my guys are -- Yet to do with me and he's the as first man in. Yeah I think that's where you know we we take pride in having one another's back and when someone. You know takes those steps from makes those gestures or or advances something you like -- -- -- down from a the as you guys are constituted. Right now if you have enough to overcome this mean that -- was reading some stats yesterday there are two teams. That have overcome ten game losing streaks. To make the playoffs the last ones in 1982 braves. Has thirteen game when -- committees and a ten game losing streak you guys have enough right now with this personnel to turn it around. Well what we needed those two back at full strength you we can't control injuries. I know in talking with -- he's doing whatever he can to to improve the team. However that makes sense but it's also a time of the year and -- you refer back to 1982 the Major League landscape was completely different in the second wildcard is added so many teams in contention. Not being in this position but you don't hear much about trade talk right now because everybody feels. Like they've got a shot and and then -- -- you pull the plug in that to make a deal or if they make it go they've got to get over patent such that they can afford not to make it also. We we have to continually. Work to get the most out of our players here. We've got to get Napoli back of delegates in victory in -- back we've got to get back to full strength overall and take advantage of -- office here the other team with. 51 giant shot heard round the world -- -- the topsy. Stephen Drew is playing for Pawtucket how close to see him being here to helping your ballclub. Well he can't come back here good to -- you know just from a -- agreement standpoint til early part of next week right that's going to be the ten days so. He's scheduled for seven innings seven -- nine in excellent but talk -- -- DH a Foreman and tomorrow mentally. Shortstop again the following day likely a full game after that so our target has been. You know in that 125 at -- -- it to get a better sense of where things are bit. You know them but the most important thing in the stimulus that we we can't skips -- steps along the way he's got to go through the innings build up just to get his legs underneath them. It is back his body everything in shape but when he comes. -- -- -- certainly welcoming him here and what we're looking -- joined this team. Things -- about a couple guys at the back half the arguments and -- jail already nice night for him last night he really needed blunt. Sizemore over his last fifteen at bats good looks like a different player are you continually seeing signs out of both of those guys that they're headed in the right direction. -- it in both cases yes and -- still has its challenges with certain types of pitchers. In Saudi giving games but I think the one thing is the defense never gets affected by what's taken place offensively he's come up and some big moments like he did last year with. Men in scoring position has done a very good job overall and consider. The batting average and RBIs. -- it in. In the situations that he's found himself and with -- It's seemingly week by week you're seeing a little more quick twitch and explosiveness in the body that's taken place last -- steal third base was an example of that. Where you know he went on his own he he he's got an understanding of what -- is in his unloading time and felt like he can make it you know -- and then. That kind of threat Mecca and athletic system certainly gives the bottom our lineup a little bit of a in -- a little bit of a jumpstart when needed. Pretty good explosiveness to go on for star home the second on that play too with the Hayward out there make it a good throw as a it was a tough decision almost looked like he out ran the ball a little bit there in it did in order be safe at second to. -- -- and the passing of all this is that say you know even after fifteen days fifteen inning game down in Tampa he's ready to go the next -- so the physical. Concerns and then the cautiousness that we took the spring training in the first. Basically threw four weeks of the season that's kind of behind us now and we. We look at him is a player with no restrictions and yet we're still back filling two plus years of an activity. But we're seeing that timing -- that Major League timing in season timing becoming that much more sharply tweak. When you guys lost in the race -- once that AJ Pierzynski had a pretty big mistake how to handle situations and he's a new player he wasn't with you. Last year how do you handle talked with him about -- -- with with any player. Unity UT you wanna get an idea of what what the thought process was. -- you're gonna take care of things individually. It took it to ensure that it doesn't happen again and continually. Repeat and remind with the expectations are. In and one -- situation one run game. Those smaller things loom large and they become magnified because of the outcome -- the and the score but. That was that was -- We got to. Former major league baseball players in this room and we don't have to say who they are it's obvious which I'll -- one of them clearly. But one guy here who played Major League Baseball thought that the idea of a personal -- we have this conversation last week he thought that that was a little overstated. And it's that little it maybe it's being being pictures too much is that a fair characterization mr. Lyons. Think he can be I think there it is the relationship between pitchers and catchers is huge it is no doubt you have to feel comfortable that. You you can't get to the point at Butler the tail wags dog sometimes it's like you know you're managing the club you need to put the best club on the field to give that chance to win. On that given day and if it happens -- need this cancer. I need a pitcher to deal with eroded the opponents early and be comfortable. And it's obviously referring to David Ross and Jon Lester. How would you characterize that relationship between Lester and Ross compared to Lester and AJ Pierzynski. I I would compare -- in Ross's that would John Lackey image presents -- very efficient -- there's a report that. You know two guys' skin and can. Feel more comfortable with. You know I'll also go back to opening day and age because Jon Lester and and it was a very good ball game so to say that. Jon Lester will never -- AJ Pierzynski again would be a problem politically harsh statement probably premature in my part. But I can't deny the fact that there's a longer history between John and an -- in the and David and when you talk about putting the best team on the field. That's not only in terms of runs scored it's also about run prevention so if there's a combination that is favorable. With a reported battery you'll look to take advantage of that as well. Time now for a Mohegan -- question for John Ferrell today's question comes from Steve -- Steve -- and Palmer. He wants to know what is the long term plan for Alan Webster is he ready to step into the starting rotation. If the need in order to present itself yeah both -- ruby -- exceptional ball very well and as -- but I would say that they'll Rosa and Webster because there. Experience at the Major League level already they put themselves in a position to it to come here now. Will certainly rely on the on the recommendation of the staff of Tripoli if there's a need to make a change. But I think -- of all the guys in spring training Alan Webster may have had the best spring training of any one and the reason I say that is I think he's fine in the that the lights start to Guam is in his mind with he understanding who he is a pitcher. And what works best for him against Major League hitters and the use of missed receivers become more report on the pitch when you. When you start talking about is to enforcing fastball and he's blessed with tremendous stuff but when you got that sinking type action. That sets him apart from the guys that just throw our you love you've got few extra players in the ball park tonight the 2014 is here anybody volunteer to help you out yet. I heard there's thirty of them here tonight so -- should be a great ceremony hopefully the weather holds off which we have every reason to believe it's going to be we're going to be on time and knowing eruptions but to. To shake the 86 year curse. I'm sure this will be a great moment and a great opportunity for that group -- guys get back together. That they've done something so unique and so special Red Sox history. And I'm sure everyone in the in the ballpark will be glad to see the moment walk on the field tonight John we appreciate time as always thank you okay that's Red Sox manager John -- -- -- Sports Radio WEEI.

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