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Remembering the 04 Red Sox: Memories will be so thick we have to brush them away from our faces

May 28, 2014|

On the night the honor the 10 year anniversary of the World Champion 2004 Red Sox, we look back at some of the greatest moments.

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We will open the lines get the call what you guys as the Sox are home against the Atlanta Braves tonight. The all fourteen is being celebrated here I don't know if you had a chance to see on Twitter last night Pedro Martinez who has his own Twitter accountant. I think you know tweets for himself. I tweeted out a picture last night evidently all the guys who were in town all got together and he tweeted out a picture of heat you know Guerrero. Another gentleman -- didn't recognize. Mediums poston who it is but I didn't and man. And they were out at some establishment is the whole team -- last night I and everybody smile and a laugh and and and I will say this many looked. As you sit there in the couch with with payroll or shoulder he looked like you to put the cleats on and -- play from a physical point of view he looked. In great she he's now going to be -- players slash coach for the Tripoli Iowa Cubs he certainly looks as though we re deploy. That I'm right you know I don't know I have to me you know great -- Tyler fell apart that he looked yeah I think that -- I. Or maybe had it's us medium shirt. But the pitcher was pretty tight on -- -- remember this is again it was looked pretty jacked even before. Did the -- is Jesus guy I was always again it was you know it's wrong. Players that the player coach thing to me is that's there -- -- -- I think everybody's scratching their head on now because. -- hate lets face it I'm not the only houses opinion is it's -- universal throughout based on that many many people think that. That Manny Ramirez was. In the top ten. Of the smartest right handed hitters to ever -- again of baseball's ours. Trying to set up pitchers putting himself in position to get the pitches that he wanted to hit. -- on -- sitting on pitches. Just tremendous at that. Went out there any indication that he can teach now. Exactly but I mean it's like move immediately LA I always use when when Bobby -- went to the Chicago Blackhawks. Wasn't there very long but what he went the Blackhawks and the story was one of his very first practices the work on the power play. And he's on the power place in and you do this and you go here and you do that. And one of the guys is kept. I'm not popular more like Bobby market all those things up you know he probably didn't even know how -- did all those things he was that gifted. I don't think -- thought a lot about you know what he was doing he certainly worked hard at his craft that's not what I mean but couldn't teach what he does now. -- be very difficult to it to teach the thought process that he had because you know every pitch is different every eat every hitters different when you're out there you're not. In the same situation that somebody else's and and think about it even down through time and and and Michael I know you can come up with contrary examples of this and there are. But when you think of the greatest players that played the sports that we love to watch. Most most guys don't go on to be great coaches and -- idea because they can't relate. Some mediocrity. You know the they're too good day to day fought a bed and as you said they work at big you know these guys don't get to greatness. Without working out that what they do. But it's much tougher for them to relate and or relay that information to guys that. Don't have the physical gifts that they view. I -- in the case of Manny. You know there are some teachers. Whether it's. Teachers of baseball teachers of literature some of them are really good at telling you what it is is that they are. You sit back you take notes they are lecturing you about what it's what you should be seeing what you should be thinking about their teachers were a little more back and fort. I can imagine if you're young hitter in AAA with the Iowa Cubs didn't see Manny Ramirez in their questions that you have for him. I -- what did you see in that situation what did you do -- and a picture was doing this to you when he was. We don't work constantly working inside or the cheap gas. 32 count what you're looking for there what you do what would your approach when you're down -- to. I think maybe. Could be easy maybe even an unintentional teacher and a -- just having Manny there to answer questions. Is better is a win for the Iowa Cubs I would. I think your I don't think that he. Knows how to relay that information he swung hard one you know on nine miles let's do it. And I think that that the most now the point is that he's gonna say well. Yeah now a stand and 32 count in a certain situation in -- music that is -- when you're stand up there. It was great it's sitting on pitches to -- in. Some. You know eat a lot of fuel -- that they were not gas meters ID. The most of those people lying to you when they see that it's it's really hard. Sit on it changeup you can sit on other pages. You know Jim Rice was a it was a great breaking ball hitter and he says army tea. Comic flick past on tried to get a piece of it. Follow -- like hand. But I'm really tennis and not break them all when you throw -- cameras. At one -- you ominous strike him out to rate them on exactly what I'm looking for. I've seen -- goes the plate and take three fastballs down the middle zone packing this stadium. And our our airline it was part of -- spanking not alimony was that something else and in many. -- maybe the best. At taking a team plane in to a particular game and stick with it. So he may strike out three straight times and now as for that bad -- Because he was looking for a certain pitch and finely you gave it to me and you know is -- Speaking of -- and -- and on put you on the spot here we talked about it earlier if we don't find it right now we'll find trust me and -- putting you on the spot. But earlier today I'm -- wrong. -- only -- he was talking about -- and there's talk about this whole situation with the with the Iowa Cubs right. What was Theo Epstein taking in the situation in there was some criticism of the always it's a publicity stunt and an eight PO -- now we're gonna really start asking some questions we were fine with that. With the rebuilding plan but how long does this thing got to take -- what exactly you doing. By bringing in -- bears. The -- -- system and modified it he said something earlier that that you got to be shocked. Talking about Manny off -- like I can tell you I wasn't shocked by it in your. Don't don't know exactly which talking about because when we were living throw it at the time we were saying. We were saying that Manny was trying to to get to play its way out of town. And and at times not playing his way out of town you know and taking those three strikes down the middle to Mariano Rivera and and you know. Let's be honest there were times when it looked as though Manning was giving less than a 100% effort and this is before Houston Texas and Jack McCormick and and the straw that broke the camel's back before they ever got that four. There are those who said you know blatantly trying very hard. I I would agree that I that I certainly saw him at times where he was less than his best. And looked uninterested and he can say that about a lot of players you don't really get to say that about guys that are financially secure -- not -- it. You know if unity he Demi your house payment -- year again it shows that the play every day once you know once you of multimillion sit around you don't know what to do it. Sometimes the motivation isn't the same minute I think Manny could drift. It was just that he was so special when he was did debt that's what you wanted from home all the time and you expected it. And and I think fans feel like you deserve it and I would agree with them. I didn't as a player didn't have the luxury of of showing up one day sand and and it really care today in take miles before today it's a big deal. Could afford to do that never not once and I would go for what I was trying to -- that and you know it was inundated when I went to the -- I was taken. -- care. -- we will -- during the break will find the audio -- it was it was buster only talk. It was -- only talking with -- -- let's let's let's hear available today when -- got an offer and he is not perfect but we'll get what -- here's buster -- earlier today with MFD. And I absolutely like he was completely shocked. Because. Well in all the burn bridges dead Manny had managed path I and I I actually believe this to routine. It is so much scrutiny of the guys. That he suspected using -- he's proven he's TDs. About a twenty year period I thought that would Manny Ramirez did in the summer 2000 it was the worst thing that I've ever seen that start covering baseball. Where. And it really would in my opinion wasn't that far removed from what we so with a black Sox in 1919. I don't I care wow wow you really aren't surprised me. The black Sox scandal that I didn't like the guy trying to get to Wear them out either. Black Sox scandal eight men out -- week. It's not hyperbole if that that the the worst thing you seemed to have -- Are we talking about one single incident here or common isn't a lot of he gets what many did in 2008 summer of 2000 summer of 2008 now if you wanted to say. The Jack McCormick incidents. Where he's going after the traveling secretary. In Houston because he couldn't get the ticket that he was looking for and he was enraged. And he has he has threatening wished him down is threatening Jack McCormick it was a bad accident. Is it the worst thing that anybody's seen in baseball. If you've covered baseball I buster only has probably not as bad the worst now trying to hit yourself traded. Not performing. When you want a different situation. Unfortunately. That is not a usual in the in the world of sports. Throw in the World Series. Always the World Series. Hanging out with a mobsters. Essentially had a situation where in my opinion in only Manny knows for sure. He essentially made up his mind he was not -- compete in an effort to get himself traded in the get into better contractual situations so. -- -- you like listen we we set that at the time we felt that I've felt that way I'm surprised that he went to the black Sox example amount but that was a little. A little -- -- a little aggressive what you're saying. Yeah going to tell him about the demonstrating guy who you know lays down a little bit so we can get out of town is like a -- done here I'm sick of playing I don't want to -- don't go somewhere else. You know it's not the way to go about doing it but we've seen what happened Floyd and. Steve role in the World Series right don't use your. Sorry Steve but I'm not buying your. He took three strikes down the middle because he was looking for -- melts. He took three strikes down the middle because he decided he wasn't gonna swing back. Well that's not the about that I was referring to are talking about the one where he goes to Yankee Stadium up and literally. Did not yet happened right off the shoulder that didn't accelerate down the middle now. To me that's the saint -- throwing a game now you one individual can't pro game but you're going up there intentionally making and now. And yet that is what that the black Sox were alleged to and the mighty and. In terms of that have a thing was I was referring to. Literally how Smart it was as a hitter sometimes if you didn't get what he would he would stick of his game plan -- get what is looking for it listens when the rat. And that was a complete different scenario and it's amazing how that the three of us in this room have. Completely different perceptions of the 2008 season because if you'll remember when they traded him yet he was on to the Dodgers USC was torn and some who has the best player in the gain for the second half of that season when he wanted to -- yet and it was if it was. It was Hollywood. And in fact that you -- actually was married anyway to cite an example of what this guy. Pretty Serb member of the numbers he. He came to the season whatever was at trading deadline you know it was late it was and -- -- sort of first out late Zelaya last. So -- most of the season's over -- He came to the Dodgers led the team in home runs. He played in 53 games -- 53 RBIs in 53 games. He hit some like 340 turn that team around put them on their back and drove them into the playoffs because they were not a good team before he got there. And on his own Bobble head night wasn't playing. Came in com -- believe those I think it was the -- handled illegals walk up the team in the eight inning. And on his Bobble head night and hit a Grand Slam. Two pretty much you know ensure a Dodgers. Yeah I think he hit higher than 340 and it was even hard hit as high as that is I think the number who was. About 340 play out as -- probably was in the 360s. It was it was it was off the charts but. Look all of that stuff with Manny. There was something about Manny Ramirez and you're gonna see it tonight you gonna here tonight there was something about Manny Ramirez where. You could say like buster Olney just said earlier today on the station. It's the worst thing I've seen in baseball this is inexcusable. It's terrible -- never overcome that there's something about Manny Ramirez were some people would feel that way. But the majority never did. At that John -- earlier lightning rod guys many mayors of the lightning rod guy when he played here every single year there was an incident. When Manny Ramirez whether it. Not wanting to go into a game. Whether it is not running to first base. Whether it was saying he's sick and hanging out with the Yankee. It at downed at a downtown hotel on and on it was always fun when Manny. But he always found a way to overcome it county had the crowd tonight you'll have a crowd. Talent -- -- had he had he had a flair and he had ridiculous ability might. My problem with many end is is that the two time suspension you know the once everybody there is old enough guys don't know where you get caught once twice. That's too much for me that's one that's that's you you know thumbing your nose of the game in -- out of Kara I can do whatever I want even after -- test -- team on time. That that that soured things for me you know I've often said that guys that. Have been either accused or even convicted of PD use I believe will eventually end up in the hall of fame because he can't turn your back on the on the -- what happened. I describe Manning and I don't mean this to be derogatory it's just who it is I described and has as a perpetual twelve year old. He. Played the game when he wanted to play with exuberance and and zeal and you know life other about the young kid that was gonna end up being a great player. And then and other times he would be petulant and didn't want play and act -- twelve year old and and he you know that's that's really laws and the the good of the bad it took it. Manny Ramirez his last year with a Red Sox -- 296 not that twenty home runs 88 runs batted. He went to the doctor well. I would take those numbers -- -- the -- doctors' numbers he went to the Dodgers he hit 396. -- he had seventeen home runs and 53 runs batted in in 53 game. 396. Yeah. And what does that -- playoff numbers there to excellency at 340 in the playoffs that year to. You know they -- in drag a team into the playoffs and a -- -- demand there there were no good when he got there. And knows the Joseph Torre era. And it shape comic it's August 1 what you wait for. You know -- government into authorities you know his time with the Dodgers Leo's certainly dodger fans and see the best of Joseph Torre's -- and very many in the connector here -- Not you know appearance yeah that's our. I like every other manager. And -- very -- and and overnight but every manager at the same thing. I talk about the fans and how many would overcome it and always when the room. Think about the managers that he played for a -- for Joseph Torre whose policy manager we don't know that. Play for Mike Hargrove. Play for -- -- all these guys. Jimy Williams. Grady Little. They all. Did something that they're probably they all held their noses they all look the way they all tried that. Explain the inexplicable because of -- as you said he is unbelievable talent. The big -- -- -- not about the about the not that they told the -- and there you don't know. And an answer your question as we go to the break in the NL DS against the cubs yet 500. In the NLCS against the Phillies seat at 533 hawk well so I'm sorry I messed up those numbers bats without -- -- -- from other 06177797937. Telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. It's dale and Holley -- state lines here as well were broadcasting live from then why Pedro Martinez will join us here in our studio -- Sports Radio WB. Only when this game tonight. Manning UPD and then they get killed and six and game seven anything happens don't count talk about -- -- -- cannot count the socks found. There's a group of idiots that you know it gives us. Happening in the history of baseball but don't let us Hornaday has long run they'd be put to bed at night I. -- making ourselves. -- -- -- Years this stretch run. Is ready to go 32 -- and picked up the -- I have names I think coming up but I yeah. Capital I don't let us win that night. Remember some of the highlights from the 04 season we were going over the earlier this morning. And you still get chills thinking of some of them and -- it as painful as it was at times. For me personally yes to have people call it pocket -- her exit Friday one of the most painful segments in the history of Boston sports radio and remember it was Friday it was Friday. I've known Pittman maybe news. In exchange for truck which has looked bad but addicts all last. He was unbelievable. Year. Should have been the MVP. Wasn't. -- was unbelievable level playoff is that we were talking about it earlier this morning while we're talking about earlier this morning I don't think there is coming up for a forward gonna -- -- -- -- ignites and Pedro Martinez will join us as well talk to him. 6177797937. I ice on Twitter a little while ago they said some of the members of VO fourteen. Are out walking around on the on the warning track on the outfield. Just walking around taking pictures and taking pictures by via as they sat on the scoreboard says 2004 champions out there and some of these guys probably haven't accurate long time many are wondering why his name isn't one of them -- and it might be wondering might not play and I. -- locker -- has yet to leak. And elsewhere to go to el -- -- still works at another one another incident so many incidents. -- my favorite out there it is night cutting out to cutting out -- yeah that was my favorite all time cutting off the throw from center field about Kenny was playing left at the time was that was in Baltimore he had the day he read on the catch they jump up on the law hide behind it and I've -- -- -- -- awesome. I -- through the data first. Gotta remember that indicated a double life he did complete the double play after the high after the iPod. I loved it and he didn't have the iPod in in his back pocket he had a water ball. And eighteenth but he is out there is you know in their news at L water bottle in his back pocket at one point. I don't know that water crazy you know I was thirsty or if it was a spit cup you know and it just stuck back there and use that for that I don't know what -- wise. There were so many instances of stuff where he just he didn't know. It says a lot about the disconnect between. Fans. And media. -- when it comes to a -- Manny Ramirez the more outrage. It was almost like they attack you would take. And I don't know this yet you guys knows much about them out that -- -- your kids older its attack he would take with your -- Don't don't go overboard saying something that you don't like because -- -- -- to tell you if you really be against something. YouTube you want to steer away from it but you don't wanna be too vocal about it with the same thing. With fans. You know you have this the media outrage not Manny Ramirez in a crime the crimes he committed against baseball. And the fans would go the other way and say leave Manny alone he was one of the more popular players here. From the time he got here. Up until. 2002008. The Jack in -- -- that I lost it all right then he start to lose a great deal of fans but now. Even at that point even when he was traded. And the Red Sox -- that would Jason Bay in the trailer three team trade right up and -- -- Jason Bay there was still a lot of supporters say yet it's better -- And he may be a bit of a distraction. When you get into the playoffs. That I missed a bat like that turns out it turns out the Red Sox went to game seven sales yet that year we -- -- today. -- give back the World Series. But. You can make -- you can make the case even with even with that situation. He went to Jack McCormick situation and and make it to trade for good guy like Jason Day you probably do this account nightmare. My daughter who's now a junior in high school lots of wears number 24 in soccer and lacrosse because it's a seven year old. She was infatuated with Manny Ramirez as a little kid she thought he was the coolest thing she ever -- and to this day wears number 24. Justin his honor and she doesn't wanna hear about all the bad stuff you don't wanna know he was in. Entertainer you know and that and the diehard fans you know love to see what he did on the field and didn't like the antics that went along with it. But like. Any sport -- we will put up with the crap that a guy brings it if he's tremendously talented once I got loses his talent -- base any out the backdoor which is a double standard and it's stupid and it shouldn't be that way the desolate as a way we are. And in you know I don't want sex from from some moments ago Manny. Had loads of charisma and he didn't even have to open his mouth you know he was so expressive he -- showed up. When you saw Manny Ramirez you figured you gonna get a show. Patrick on the cell phone Europe next on sports -- -- now. Or I would have an actor who's gonna. I'm that guy I was the biggest. Me Ramirez. -- -- I was his biggest apologists. It's just me being Manny is running at 330 not thirty or walk and drive and Audrey. My whole career probably what 90% of its case. -- gave -- -- -- Ramirez. When I wonder I don't want to play a part of doctors as part of a baseball game. And I I without report time that -- burger -- back. If you don't -- American -- -- -- -- -- the sort of guy but I was going to go back. It's the pork spending many terrorist it's a hundred bought the second -- double play ball to second base. He gets thrown out of step. Legal problem that you know toward welcome to Yankee dugout oh yeah -- target yet. Amid a miracle putt or die the first report. I had never seen -- now part of my life. And I say to myself. That -- different in the guy's whole kind of balked -- great player. But what I didn't know he added. -- -- In the current. Crop that's great great really great players great hitter. Is an uncle was just an unbelievable hit my area wasn't a great baseball players an amazing just a great hitter. Yeah but I never you try to how hard is it really would -- open -- to see him get well I happen like that no one else would even a popular. It is in the whole country are bought -- ever seen a bundle up well and tried so hard. And truthfully that's why it was so frustrating when he went to Los Angeles and almost hit 400 and looked like a different guy. Because the guy that you saw playing here all summer long and that's -- buster made the point that he did. You know the guy -- not play here all summer long didn't exactly play like that the worst thing in baseball. Their -- out there aren't that well he didn't see blacks. -- this fear of it but you know that it. Your character in 1990s. To two thousands and there have been lots of incidents in baseball. That have been. That rival Manny Ramirez decided he was it was time apparently Boston. 6177797937. Brand it's on the cell -- hey Brenda. Pay no I. Get that heading up that game that might there is another whole layer to this deep because now I did there are -- ads. And that was about an or. That it wanted to go back up to be part of -- night celebrate inviting everybody back. Very cool. -- we tabloid stories adding I'll act has been elected for the guys in and make it in the World Series. We got the calls it -- go back on November 13 it changed the ending really what Matt. Can you confirm that Jimmy Fallon is in fact the Yankee fan. I'll. Add that you're back at I don't know it award again after that we -- -- the binding. -- -- -- Pilot sites that care everybody out -- in the double then -- didn't double in the -- like used up. My myself in the -- so we had our act set out to. Time you know we don't during the season we -- the magic happen in front of us and then when that line. The next step got a call that we can be and act in acting out of -- when it out about it that bad. I think you probably. Well you're probably right they almost had to re shoot the ending at that point that bothers me the anyone about it yet another payday of course the -- to be found from the -- from Massachusetts isn't. New Yorker and -- is -- a problem -- NBA he's an actor. -- the problem on the field after they won in Saint Louis he's walking up and down inciting the crowd chanting. With cute this. Enough for stopped its. -- -- -- -- Who's sort of removing went to promote my eyes and you don't think is talented Jackson RT east. 6077797937. With telephone and you know the AT&T text line -- 37937. Somebody just tweeted out in the ball park. That many just -- these kids through the door into the left field wall. I hope he's not showing him where EP if they don't they don't but yeah at some point -- the teachers you're young ones the correct related to to the outside while I'm hoping that that wasn't white took them through the door but supposedly east outlook field wall right now. -- we're here at Fenway Park Pedro Martinez scheduled to join us as well dale and -- and steam line Sports Radio W media. Anyway the high fly ball to deep center peel back those innocent on the planet that's all we all know. It's pretty nice dinner menu and it -- marriage and that Iraq -- that -- real. For a three run homer and Manny Ramirez hit the Red Sox and me not the -- swing applied. Yeah. The Red Sox are going to the American League Championship Series on. Days. It's a well rounded. -- -- -- -- -- Jerry trophy got all of the call on the Red Sox radio network 2004 the tenth inning walk off home run by David Ortiz. I against the angels sending the Red Sox and the ALCS against the New York Yankees he sort of might remember some of those details as well so -- written well. The -- Is great stuff. Warden. -- straight from the true growth in Saint Louis. You know I'm not sure. That is app that is straight he'll block that Jack a Jack but -- the original that is straight from the Jack Buck playbook. Let's get to imitate somebody go ahead and imitate the late great Jack. He could do a lot worse than that that's right I'll ask you aren't at all. I Tories in Dorchester -- next on Sports Radio -- now. Take. They'll Rachel up and it got all the way you know about the fallout. High school ought. -- how upset because the last. I'll go all out. A classic bowl which don't always -- out. -- without all this may not realize that any act quickly eat it because during the regular season. But the red hot under the is that it in this don't actually went -- I have all live in center to check in one game. And all -- quite. In that. It will not know what. Occurred -- they'll strike now although I eat a whole -- not at all. Albert Ogletree we gotta win that game one under but -- -- really back it's certainly want your government that. Her World Series so I I don't know of the -- Even out the fact how about that doctor and I thought. Apology from him that you guys. If they should be club there should be a peer group to -- -- house of blues. Over here. It before and after the game. All right another solid probably the house of blues man apologized to -- year. Low oil. He was editor -- And you thought about belt worn toll mentioned Mark Bell mourn remember the grief he took the entire regular season and applicable in light gun and then all of us and it comes up with a big home run in the last. You know bar for a son or as we -- in my back. Steve's in New Haven Steve you're next on dale and Holley. And goes into. I'm beat up -- -- They didn't view and discuss some again. But I don't be criticized -- my opinion piece of my opinions. Many -- Between ten and Pedro Martinez in the same sentence should be is the worst -- possible. With that had quite a pickle has quirks that it was a jerk. -- we we had a job bench clearing brawl because the government of the -- stole third base. But yet met him as -- on each team called both times since trade -- for Brett Favre. A guy who never showed up for anything that I won't do what he wanted to. That's funny I. Really don't harvest the combined I don't know if you don't Dallas money. Trading for Brett Favre. But I doubt that is disgraceful he. Completely -- you -- -- guys are not about the announcement. What do you find out what you -- -- about me as it called no I don't know I know it can't. Obviously your opinion abuse I wanna know why you don't think the -- mayors are a lot of things he did that I've found in I still find despicable. But but that's not one problem. That was actually making fun of the all the trade deadline every year -- He never let anybody else to lead in the history. Probably not seeing Ian admitted did things that no one ever -- ever before. -- back -- you should know you don't wanna be Mark Danner and. But just because he really great -- Let's not let's give -- a path to the fact that he was sick. Sure the conference an energy that you -- it six or zero and it seemed. -- let's not -- McCormick. Yeah the signs. Of holding the bat and he -- it great -- granted but just because it was that doesn't mean he deserves. I don't know. You know and I don't want and I want to go yet to go and ask you what can you report. Let's check that I think I saw Ted Williams play. Okay that's old idea which it felt like park where can I sustainable when did you find anything that tournament yeah I was like six puts some then. And on did you find anything that that Ted Williams did that bother you. I was I would. Yeah you just kind -- -- you won't litigate something that -- That there are also in those days they didn't talk about people's families and that is you guys are real life younger than me but not -- He never mentioned anything outside but they started writing about his mother and think about his brother. And that was nothing to precipitated that's you know twenty lover of thirty -- aren't you guys so trust me. That -- but that -- respected. The game kept never did anything look anything close and many integrated player. Terrific player but but you'll get a fight over guy's -- third base in the chamber can get it passed because he makes actually look like -- -- -- -- here over the suns system to other examples of play. But we're we're kind of up against here I mean I -- I appreciate that you've got several other examples what he had a lot of things -- like either. The minute Jack McCormick at the flooring Houston Manny Ramirez was done forever for me. Probably should have been before that but that was the the single event that that precipitated at all as far as I was concerned Roberta was in Medford and Roberta you're next on -- -- They would -- and I think that they can make up here. I'm good at I don't know a packet type that let -- at a -- story about -- being -- -- go to my friend and great school and I'm beginning at college. They -- the meal or a six club you know and that's -- -- -- -- -- And -- the impact of these great stories about being in the it would come from the people one -- a couple of the accountant had gone down in the club. In approached me and hinted it will have been on the books and he got extra money have you been catching it checked -- -- -- that I blog did you lose -- we can and you replacement. Adam and he pointed to include -- it's. You've got a package that button in the it's a couple of million dollar and aeronautics and catch. It. And I got an extra two million of payroll that you'd have to be funny like we're usually. And homer and you have -- that dropped my and let the other at the end of the game to make that -- There's stories like that about about a bunch of players those that Rickey Henderson on the gave him like a bonus cheque for a million bucks he framed it. Never tested. It's refreshing and Infiniti it's sad because I guess it eventually -- -- built a solid -- and that's our candidate you don't think that's refreshing has now about the money. No got to know million dollar is refreshing about not casting a million dollar check when you know. Forty million in the bank as a refreshing I think everybody up ordered the president you don't have time and you don't catch it that's refreshing. We'll take quick break way that you -- for a fourth top of the hour we got some things to play for its dale and Holley and the -- Sports Radio WB yeah. The pitch it up. -- -- -- Iran didn't -- He's he it's -- looks loyal you looking at Arroyo and he walked up -- -- hurt me. It's. A lot of movement -- and oh yeah. It was Texas yeah yeah. And first base side. And not an American record in the middle of a -- They -- -- the political play this kind of -- It. -- -- -- Varitek away from. -- You know it's it's hard to really tone here a moment come on people say this on I'm not you know. All's I know is that you know I mean you lose your emotions sometimes I just think is insensitive driver and just shows you how much. You know both teams that. July 24 2004. Yes I love. Comparing and contrasting the Boston Red -- in New York Yankees radio calls. How many people remember how that game and it. It was come back with an eleven at ten or something like that Bill Miller a Miller off yeah hit to win. The high scoring game right and I I don't remember the score just maybe because there because there it's a call and actually semi professional. I like hearing what the other guy that's all right well it was good. Want professional you watch it you -- you're listening to the Red Sox and what those guys rooting for the red documents for the Yankees want them rooting for the Yankees. I like that that that. Pretty even if it's not real what the perceived to bitterness. Between rivals. Every now and then every now and then Steve lines. Got it's -- -- time that it would clear the -- and we don't do anything to stand around and. Us and you know you might look like -- understand allows listeners of the Red Sox side I could actually. Understand what was going on it was painting the picture for -- -- has listened to Steiner had no idea what was going. On the that you wouldn't have anything to do with what the Charley Steiner being the -- that your talking about the opinion born yes. I will say that's also to this day. The picture of the Jason Varitek wants contact. Are people ask him on many occasions there's that famous picture tech in his glove it's in Iraq space. And to this date Jason Varitek will not sign it he said it was a two embarrassing didn't want his kids think in him. Playing like about kids Jason -- fans loved to orbit kids. Did you. -- we all know what would A-Rod sit there right now listen this does nothing and ESPN personal life. -- you know HD HD nation we can read everybody's lips now they're doing a little thing where. They kind of blocked and counseling it out Hamas now wonder if they replay that now. Will they added because you can see A-Rod saying adjacent where Varitek read lately he said. Come on him at -- mid day. Did that through on M happy let's go to. I exactly when he doesn't exactly what is that right Bennett -- Hampshire next on Sports Radio Dele Ali. They're both great show things while I appreciated it then they. -- that you played the job of Roy Hobbs responsible and get a moderate but smoked for opening up sort of real quick. -- -- -- for a big gain for the LCS. I remember having the worst pizza I ever had. Along without the worst beer ever had. And god I would -- -- National Action Network -- and that's forehand sit on a cold marble table we did not moon -- we didn't say drinks. Never the other people are rich are different slide pretty. -- -- A cart and harmonies superstitions people out Ronaldo England's -- and they won this game that we did this so I got to -- the same thing. Kirk -- and on the -- Kelly it showed just tweet about a few minutes ago Pedro Martinez fourteen years ago today against the Yankees. Nine innings pitched no runs nine strikeouts one walk he -- ERA after the game dropped one point 05. It's hard to get lower evil and you don't give up any runs community aren't like that you know god it's the best picture of my Red Sox lifetime as greatest Clements was. And he was great at times here. Pedro Martinez for that five or six year period was the best I've. Life or fourteen years ago so in 1999. I believe. Was the year we want to Yankee Stadium and the one hitter of the chili Davis games a seventeen strike I think he may have won 23 games up. And this has told you about wins and now wind can be overrated in not really on the story. He went 23 games in 1999. I believe -- 2000 season. Was better than 99 season when ninety -- but 2000 of the Q1 eighteen games. It was just control. Of everything so dominant so untouchable and easiest -- Pedro Martinez. Made it easy for baseball reporter for two reasons one. Who's always there with the with the quo unless we're danced on the -- -- which artisan one talked him. Is always there with an interest in colorful quote -- If Pedro Martinez didn't have a good game you as a baseball reporter. And cannot should be up that means he's her. That was that you have to have to check what 234 sources if Pedro Martinez gave up five or six runs. And in five innings. It wasn't just. All that happens and they had a bad Day-Lewis on his game so much that if he had an outing like that he was hurt. 6177797937. -- in Connecticut Jeff you're next on bail on how. Yeah I thank -- good -- for stories that nobody also care about but. I had such a good time but those talks -- 68. I want to the blowout game with my family. And right after that -- -- Europe the next state for business side actually so happy to leave. Did you stay for the whole -- thing the 1918 interstate. Right for BM. We'll let you know in the eight inning and I don't blame him out of there. But an apple Europe. Didn't expect much and back an old forty projected covered by the Manchester England but I I've worked in Fairfield -- so. I Yankee fans and fox and -- me back and forth and I stayed with the game that way he couldn't get them rocket there. They finally get to the seventh game they decided to broad -- in Europe on fox Europe. Court it was a -- morning I was flying up the next morning on in the airport hotel in Manchester the game tomorrow 130 or 2 in the morning. I'm here by myself watching it there's no commercials they show the game and it cut the two -- major leaguer. Sitting at a sit in England and -- what was happening. They didn't win didn't come on what you did. I knew that I'd just stop there gonna win big men I now have nobody after all those years via fox and itself. I go to many more. You know -- and argues you're right that lead voice messages all by Yankee friends and get -- a light. The best part though what the white with a new work. And I got off the plane with my stocks had a line picked up the New York Post and all the New York papers I've never had. Such a good feeling it all here and I remembered that day. It was just great -- -- -- -- likely -- and all the home run in between but I saw the last game it you know be in the morning and 4 in the morning. I'll I'll I'll say this you know we've had a string of championships. You know three Super Bowl championships three World Series and NBA and NHL we've had this string. The all four World Series for me will always be the number one. I am because of the history because of the eighties cultural significance because of what it meant I mean you'd see people sobbing. You know and and and people taking taking the newspaper took that to the cemetery. And and holding it up to the great stone of their father or their grandfather did it it it just meant. So much to this area to all of England but. As as great as the old one Super Bowl was in New Orleans and Adam Vinatieri -- to beat the rams battle for World Series was the one that just. Opt to. Like about Baghdad stories. And it's typical of the Red Sox yankees. Rivalry you know any time. Bet that they had any dealings and affected. Obviously that you're not -- -- -- the World Series you know you have to eliminate them before it happened but you always if you get a chance to win the World Series your point right back to the Yankees again that guy. When they won. He'd call is Red Sox friends. To say how -- He called -- yankees -- NASA to say you know did our first on the list so that he could -- it knows that part that was the year before. Yeah. I I think I have to say I gained a lot of respect for Weber decided to do it I don't know but with captain. Derek Jeter or Joseph Torre when 2005. After the World Series. -- Hillary they are here again -- rains. And the Yankees -- there on the top step of their dugout. Watching the entire ceremony in a few guys Red Sox were not -- -- -- hitting Israel and taking up with cap. Tipping his cap to the Yankee dugout and -- going to get the ratings mean there was a there was me there was anger there there was. There was some hatred but there was also respect. Jonathan's in Malden Jonathan you're next on Sports Radio dale and -- Yeah I want that touchback on the whole don't -- it. When I say -- I know he's staying -- walked so stupid. Blunder. And -- coupons dot back coupon halfback but what I think should get a lot of what I -- Is that why in game six as ago. A-Rod is -- big note for now when it's one of those -- what was -- thinking I'm keeping you company get to doing that. Hamburger helpers it yeah -- and everybody and -- said afterward you know one set up for Jonathan you remember this quote from Iraq through 2000 brought him play. He almost got away with. I'll get -- -- -- -- his batting. Here's his performance at the plate. More more than for that plan. Yet they but yeah I think oh I just think that -- stupid. Bone headed to Miami went to think go to the out of buried 86 World Series that everyone goes back to -- or whether he deserved it or not. But it's it's something very big -- is just always that one. Q did play and coupons got -- for the -- regret think for the jail yet it's got to be A-Rod and that's flat yeah. Frankly I I forgot about the timing of it you're right and it was just such an incredibly dumb thing to do I I guess to get away with -- it would have been brilliant -- game six. I've forgotten about it and and I mean. And forgot about the play -- I forgot about. I'd imagine in the same game. On the umpires got a right twice yes and this is something that you know to to Steve's point. You know cynical fan base and in some cases rightfully so. Having me you go he go that many years without. Winning a world championship -- sometimes it's because of your own you play your your incompetent players your incompetent managers you're incompetent. Ownership general manager umpires somebody else so I -- -- the latest. Quiet somebody's got to get me and in this case. Things started term for the Boston Red Sox because the gulf -- home run clearly it was a home run. -- get it right the first day initially didn't think it was a home run then they looked at Julia home run and then on A-Rod initially was safe. And they got it right. No replay just got together with moderate talk to each other 6177797937. Pedro Martinez will join us. After the top of the hour here on Sports Radio WE. You know. Here is -- that the pitch swinging it that we're off the the back down the first base not a royal excess profit. I think nothing. Yeah yeah. It's. The ball a bit. -- I got slapped the ball out of his. They hit it got in the way out -- -- went -- left forearm that knocked the ball away that away. I don't of the umpires -- The ball a lot of these slap the lot slap thick blob what is. This is -- -- all this is that you decision. Very very big decision you know very pivotal point in this ball game in this series. -- -- that is going their way out. The other part that -- out. It goes back up first thing here not story while they got it right again. And yet the umpires credited on the idea of the umpires crowd at. And in the old Red Sox world -- get -- total sales and realize that call. -- -- I remember A-Rod. After snapping the ball out of -- -- and the umpires -- about. Him. And he running. Well. More. Even remember what the Yankee fans do when they got. Called all yeah -- they had to outline the field. That's the it was the swat team came out. It was pretty ugly. And then as you pointed out in the exact same game they got the home run call correct. Initially not called home run no replay back in those days instead the umpires huddled. Changed the call decided it was a home run Red Sox got the benefit of two calls in the same game. How do you. Do you stick to your guns when -- proven wrong and it's it's like now when the club on the call is clearly made. In the right in -- initially was overturned and they made the right call. How do you then get so upset about it as a Yankee fan it. You're blinded by a bullet actually happened and what the correct ruling was still wanna be belligerent in that would be -- -- Now that -- in the face that's what's been Yankee fan and his unit around. It with the greens of course the world -- -- -- -- and -- that. And the pace of and they actually prove that the right call was made -- display utility electric. I want my Twitter followers that it wasn't a stupid play by Iran but it was going to be out anyway so what the heck he might get away with and I think it was either I mean everyone talks he's clearly sat. Same thing year round on the lottery actor to what I need to get at the ball away from them as you know -- As I said to the caller I'm not gonna jump on him for that if you jump on Iran and to our man I am not out doing -- I think it's just the lack of the lack of performance the lack of production. He he is he has brought to New York. He's in 2004. Many get get the World Series in 03 loose tomorrow -- -- go to New York. They're supposed to be the super team and looking for production from him especially bad time. We know anything about Iran and its performance enhancing drugs. He was the best player in baseball he and Barry Bonds. That's why he's best -- the American League certainly. And I think people were the Yankees fans were looking for him to produce than I did bad things happen I don't know. I'm up later on when his production was so bad and Torre started -- intimate. You know fuse or -- and yeah yeah. G eighties at Westfield you're next on Sports Radio stale and -- Hey guys great show I agree that it -- a perspective. But -- -- I got two quick stories are that -- -- seventeen strikeout game. We were out with my wife haven't pizza and the lakers had to -- -- -- in the fire Kazmir riveted with a cheap means they're pizza that the technical. And then after about fifteen minute she -- apart each and ride out to -- at the -- careers we couldn't couldn't turn away. There are still those rebels say that that was the best pitched game for Red Sox pitcher ever you've you've had. -- -- no -- and but they're -- that was put it guests. Yeah you are people who -- and car straight still was amazing. Why you know the I mean did you did you eat crappy pizza again for the next few days you know added. You know the thing that made Pedro so you guys I'm sure all of the involved in the conversation I don't work. When he comes and it. Everybody. Seems to talk about gotta work or driving Cabarkapa that I -- yeah I -- yeah he's combat you know we're gonna go. You know -- -- I talked about -- -- get fired -- refrain from a you know make it to about my -- it. Fredricka I think Amanda collaborative. Buttress that. But -- people -- That the the famous thing -- talked about with pitching now -- Is they see you have to change the angle hater you know and by that they mean you know you gotta go up in the zone and keep the ball down these different arming. To me and please ask Pedro about this because. I could be completely wrong but the thing -- -- made Pedro. As great as he was. Is because every -- was the same not different. It was the same his arm angle and the his arm velocity in everything he did for every pitch well that was a breaking ball change up. He -- or seem possible use in -- it. It was exactly the same. And that's look mean and tough changing things you know what you're getting because it looked exactly the same every time. Ask him about that has to me that's what I thought was his greatness comic trade guests let Steve lines go and Pedro Martinez is scheduled -- why are you guys get the better -- -- -- -- on our. Is that fair what else what ultimately if you probably don't have something I mean. Here after a pocket catchup here to pick that catch up I that's a catch up stabilize him. For you guys would depend drummer Steve -- got work on Aston Villa in the game celebrates the again. Scene we'll take a break here and and as we said. Pedro Martinez still get join us in the next hour Sports Radio WE.

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