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Kristina Hill, Friend of Jennifer Martel, reacts to Jared Remy sentencing 5-28-14

May 28, 2014|

Kristina Hill discussed an emotional day in the courtroom and the issues surrounding Jared Remy.

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Welcome back it's Dennis and Callahan and -- hand as well. She got a very emotional. Victim's impact statement yesterday in court. This coming on the heels and perhaps providing some closure based on what she -- what you experience what you do about the events leading up to and including that fateful night in Waltham. A former believe she's former next door neighbor Jim Martell Christina hill joins us on the team to go like good morning Christina Howard you. RE a I've -- as -- as yesterday's victim impact an emotional one as did did did it finds did you find it. Helpful to your heart a catharsis if you will to get up there and say that in front of the world. And out yet it Ed and it felt that you can't talk about and and you. And talk about. You know what what what I like Alex has that -- you know at the same kind of like a patent statement not in great Britain and back and I think that he can occur on. Christina were US surprise as the rest of us that he did this that needs or wants it seems. Did something for someone else and and pleaded guilty to first degree. It took me by surprise. Yet now I I you know that he had a really solid case out. I am so I'm not sure that without their outlook or. You know mark. -- I can't read her let her out and not. I don't know what Hitler had to have linking -- action anywhere by. You content -- that he didn't happen. And it means that they should all that trauma. And more on the Internet child on. An interpreter. You know a couple of questions Christine we have for you in debating it I guess for a few weeks we've heard talk about it with on the mid day show was well. Did. Phoebe send. Jennifer a text that night before did you see a text from Phoebe threw -- to -- saying. You know. Robert dropped restraining order against chaired. Eli and -- about Iran means and I'm I'm no longer speak about not acting acting is it greatly altered -- from that I. -- on that you know what -- -- I'll let my mind eating you back. That when you land air or cut another article arm and that -- and I think that's the only thing. He could say I think at that point really neat little war didn't start thinking how old we are at least make sure that. People like and don't and like Aaron and -- helium out. I am I and that -- -- on the right -- them and and get all the live report now and and and mourn and and I hope people let me get a lot. -- in this in his in this speech gestures statement said that that Jen looked at the Remy is more as her parents then her own parents you agree that statement. -- you know I I I I can't -- on a scale of all who likes. You know what what -- I didn't. Can tell by the fact that I think that she's very very well there -- -- had a very costly and hard she. Admire them -- them and and they mailer aren't they work brickyard and actually went Hewlett their daughter -- -- Did you would find it offensive as most was that when he mentioned that part of Jennifer took -- a knife and used his daughter against him I mean it we could live without done without that I suppose. Yeah I mean the thing that I. Have been asked I think that yet to say whatever yet they help me and I am so that's at. You'll never know what happened and -- -- I like being -- -- and pretty well and that turned extremely out of character are you. Co -- in terms from being out of order. Order. Or ever. You know our counter again and -- issue wouldn't Derrick out. On the Caribbean honor and and being involved and sell. Eighteen. He was extremely improbable. I'm sure that I can't play. -- you know -- going -- -- -- -- naturalized now maybe he can't complain you know. -- -- We're talking with Christina held occur to you moved away from -- is that correct you're no longer living in the area okay that's fine. -- can can you explain the set of circumstances that led up. Who you. Paying for -- funeral. -- -- -- My heart and I reached out and aren't. Who are suffering seriously financially strapped. Or we're going to be on. I'm from you know how injury our current and hopefully her through college here and -- aren't thinking and -- and Lee apparently it was -- duty as Kevin and aunt should be able to how he's not a child out. That -- that correctly that you know I want to -- to be laid to rest and currently he is that they they. -- ball -- -- it still it has an extreme financial -- and I'll. Oh -- we did. We can edit it as there as the answer to them. And as well because I'm I know a 100% had -- me that generated on the same thing. Did the remedies either offer or refused to get involved in the funeral payment there are now and I'll let her arms are where they asked. Are not Angel -- Tom -- your wildest nightmares I was going to say dreams but clearly the term has nightmares -- -- wildest nightmares. Did you see this coming in terms with him being a potential murder you knew he was controlling you know he was abusive you know he was physically abusive. Did either one of you in your wildest nightmares think he could keel. Now I I was talking earlier about it yesterday and by their manner. You know every -- -- back and -- yesterday and Lee had a heart behind where we let. And I remember him adding that later on -- -- Helena star is about dot com and you know any in the -- -- hat on backward and he liked talking about dobbs and we don't know Lanny got ice cream afterward that. I -- not into it that he would -- her time currently we can better understand and you know mostly in particular irony here and there aren't that. There are you know are we actually you know finally a little bit the Bali added a little bit Atlantic about and and -- who never had police are capable of playing. Well actually -- Question we hear most often -- trainers I mean -- we see the pictures over beautiful woman smiling with her daughter. We hear nothing but good things about -- from people like Q what was she doing with this monster. Talk Denmark won -- are people that thought that she she does eight and -- and she is part -- and people. And you know like I'm Trent and it says -- -- -- a little hard it here can we care what -- -- and -- on them literally. Content from the beginning. -- You don't when he was nineteen literary like when he mortgage in nineteen he'd helped you out again. And be there oriental and block it out and do whatever and I haven't and her and her interview how the Republican Party in south. You know I think she stopped on a world had been in earth in good order on. Mean you know meeting -- and hacking that she. That in -- that other people and seeing and I think that she also thought that actually in Vietnam that -- -- That's hard we're countering his -- cards and they work and -- thirteen. And I think that should not only you know run down and I'm not realize that that means may not in the case and Hewlett. Here maybe being an. Coupons. About about the situation because he can you keep thinking to our. We're talking with Christina hill a former best friend of legend Martell. -- any rhyme or reason in your mind or any rhyme or reason the gender shared with you as to what specifically. Would set Jared the nice guy the friendly guy off on these rampages was there anything specific. Well I mean that they don't think it is very different about about that night and I are thinking that you're -- anti. When I saw him and what happened with -- counted 08 or a day. Deleted very calmly -- went on and he -- and he's green and yell. And -- Neither profanity and they -- -- -- and we are being very and and Matt that happens. That team that was the only -- -- think -- Mac yet elk. Like in general and apparently they are greatly. -- interactions with every. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well he got the cart it -- a -- when you're in the apartment compact that. Engage. Are -- political that he didn't believe that you. Let little outlet. I think that obviously -- he helped -- out because a lot of people. We said yesterday said he told Jen she could leave at any time did you get that sense that that was the case at all I mean did she feel that way at all does she feel trapped. No I mean I don't particularly note that a work trapped there aren't alone until I think he felt. -- she didn't know what went -- option and because she wants she was adamant about our and I have been honored and yeah. -- -- she heard the engine you know what so readily to bring up a little a little girl and she tried her -- Q -- to actually keep on Mac and -- -- she was trying to figure out a way to make sure that. That yeah Arianna did not -- and -- And that you know like for her elegant -- challenge and that and that made leading complicate. Our -- a final question for me an excuse me if this has some degree in sensitivity to it. Does anybody know how much area and a slot that night. I'm not gonna comment on -- I you know let let let let her on her -- Hopefully loved being I had to run around and play. -- You know -- action. Al. You know those documents in and -- energy and -- culture and -- -- You saw a blood so crazed. Jared -- Did you think you were gonna get. He was gonna turn on you. You know be on that question Lara yeah that aren't already there -- here at her I try to stop him like you happy deal like you that it. I have they feel quite honestly I never never happen and -- the only honor our friend laying. Look on the ground covered in blood into it and -- and I have something and in the entire time and and you know by the thing that. Hearted element everyday life and I can actually. -- On -- -- on and outlook has landed on my -- and I out of ninety backhand and all these things out. What why you know like ninety more and you know they're they're not only see. The -- so what are not -- that actually if -- -- Urban and his. Like where I -- and helped and never seen anything like the floor at night. Without relying on I didn't know what was going not screaming and crying and there he. And you know I wasn't thinking they can sell out and happily let every day. Is that you know I am really healing and kill her -- in a helper and and he hadn't -- -- out from mainline train her hair and and her body arm and hand print online. My great -- there is done. And you out here that the and let it hurt me. Well percent if there's any solace to other people men by the way tried to helper as well they couldn't do it either so I wouldn't consider. Your effort collector of any kind of failure to people probably stronger than you weren't able to get. Him away from her. Yet. Yet no and it -- Get a great job. I'm trying to help that while an excellent album -- -- went to Bloomberg here are not going to be done now. They not that it matters that do you know how he got the wound on his head that we saw on the day he was arraigned in came before the cameras was -- for a -- what many government. No I -- now. -- hill thank you for much of the time we appreciated after a very emotional day yesterday we appreciate the conversation. Eric Berry and -- hill with Dennis and Callahan and -- hand on the AT&T hot. That was taken. If she had to be like she says out of my mind and you're. Process and a picture and also and we don't know what are NS RO OUNC and getting up. Are anything but can you imagine what Christina hill saw. And Q is really wanna get in the details on glamour but -- mean he's covered in blood he's got a knife. The most hated Iran is in the steroid rage. And cheese jumped on to stop not you believe she was killed and as he thought and he killed his girlfriend in his -- And he's gonna stop when a neighbor who jumped on whether to -- girl anybody's it's amazing he didn't. Part of the -- yeah shock. All right 6777. Point 7937. Fault lines are open we -- you -- with this discussion if you so choose not play knee is hurt. But his waistline has trimmed now -- a lot Jon Lester not exactly an -- to start to somebody in the paper said good enough to win a game. That's two in a row and rob Bradford says the Red Sox -- do one a little Christmas -- and -- million. Bring in drew lights a fire -- the -- he looks better -- the -- to us it's a fire and -- call you mentioned trade for outfielder Jackie Bradley it's going to -- it's funny how that a couple of months.

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