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The Bradfo Show: MLB.com Ian Browne participates in word association with 2004 Red Sox

May 27, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by MLB.com Ian Browne, author of the new book, 'Idiots Revisited,' to participate in a word association exercise involving the members of the 2004 Red Sox who are returning to Fenway Park to celebrate the world championship club.

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It's nice easy and. -- things that interest. So I wish my -- it's. Just sit there and still. Episode of this and to be who would win and show. Cheers rob Bradford. Welcome to another edition of the brow approach those sponsors as always by schools distinctive clothing the people who make you look so darned dead. And hope to a new insurance. Do fine fine institutions that you -- fine institution we have another one right here standing here at Turner Field. Ian Browne mlb.com. Does fine job covering the Red Sox but more importantly at least on this day in on the day with a 2004 Red Sox. Are returning to Fenway Park he wrote the what -- this highly acclaimed. Really critics just love this book. And it's called idiots revisited it's all about the 2004. World Series on the -- -- -- ten year anniversary perfect timing. Ian this is I know you've done a ton of media interviews but this is probably going to be your best one you agree by far because you -- Being you know you know what made this book's appearance he donated all the questions asked. I'm also in the tree in knowledge -- as well I should make that perfectly clear so instead of just talking about the book there's a lot Guitar Hero the book and it's this good stuff. But I wanna do something a little creative. Because we have the 2004 Red Sox returning to Fenway Park. It's a great time for the book it's a great time to talk about this subject so I have a list of players who have committed to coming back to Fenway Park. So what I wanna do is go through some of these players don't go through all of us that there's so many of them but I want to give you'd give me your favorite memory. They -- from the bookie can be in the book to the first in the comes to mind so. All right we're gonna mix it up this are just gonna be O David Ortiz made her manners. It okay. Ellis -- Ellis parts and he he came in with with the high hopes there -- some guy who's with the rest until late eighties or so to speak great homecoming for him. He was gonna put too with Ortiz against lefties and seems kind of crazy now. Quipped that he was that it factor in the clubhouse even though he's never really healthy but -- Terry Francona always thought he gave that to immigrate to present a great better present. Specialists this seat that's great today and his of the tigris stuff he agreed by the book it's great because. We think of Ellis Burks and so many ways at Red Sox fans. But really got 2004 season was unique for parks just because of all the things you just said in. But he that's what's great about this book is that -- rekindled a lot of memories not just the memories of coming back to the Yankees but a lot of different things to keep marching on here Orlando Cabrera. Orlando Cabrera just lit up -- -- of his energy and yet I'm Manny Ramirez in line in many where the guy to check out some times. And that Cabrera challenged him in the middle -- plus one day when many hours trying to pull plot line company said the union message in my paycheck right here and some players that's -- their jaws just dropped to my sock. Cabrera channels manually and then next thing you know -- was right back on the line. We'll pages -- on. It's on page -- 123. Fair enough Lenny DiNardo. Where it's an arbiter of the ruled five -- -- he finished -- game at Yankee Stadium. That it didn't really do much of that team to be honest yes that he he brought a lot of magic to that -- do you make the -- the book. He he did not make the cut -- left on the cutting room floor -- It's a -- that we remember other other memories from -- starting pitcher and Sony opener for the Italian World Baseball Classic team in the first year they did that L members. -- -- was you know a tough lefty. You know through through hard he he had a big -- -- he would always take the ball a mile as a specialist he would go against lefties. And right -- -- was you know what I'll always remember he was the guy standing on the mound when they won game seven to get the last out there so you don't always have. All right other -- the bullpen Keith -- Kids -- you know people that know at the time what personal problems whose don't bury his wife basically informed him. -- for the playoffs -- she was leaving him and he told me a big motivation thing and the -- passes -- wanna go home casino who's going home to an empty house. To this guy to throw a hundred pitches in three straight days over three days -- in game 45 or six. Of the ALCS at -- the most underrated performer on the team considering. Well he did that they've never when that -- he has about Tebow doesn't ever stop them document in his that's the type stuff the the whole divorce story and and BP had received thing vision again in this book him. And fortunately you're getting right now from Ian Browne on the brat votes show by the next one puppet Jack -- hitting -- Papa Jack and he was again that Johnny Damon went to win when Damon was in a slump. And the and the jail CS there and Damon and bounce out with with it. Grand Slam a three run homer in the apartment Jack always had a way of kind of keeping guys optimistically at them feel like there the best hitter in the world even when they -- in a -- America. You know Damon talked about how -- Jack and I kept him going. And he's out Damon giving games haven't. When Jones. And get to a lot of Korea and -- a lot of excitement there the first base coach's box when. -- Dave Roberts stole second but didn't didn't cover a lot of I think the sequel we're gonna Obama and John stark. Yes the twentieth anniversary Ira -- Jones for his obscenely huge glasses. -- -- Did -- it was like the team psychologists you know I talked him through this -- He broke down the characters are pretty much everybody in the team he knew how to relate to these guys he talked about Curt Schilling a lot of people thought he was an approachable wasn't a great teammate. Opposite is that the spent some time with -- He's at peel back the layers as we had to do because he -- which you know I don't want me to these guys -- And he did an applicant that bonded the team and all I know a lot of ways that the people that know about. -- -- skip to the -- -- -- going in alphabetical order may throw you for a loop here and I Kevin Youkilis. Kevin Youkilis to an update when when Bill Miller hurt his knee twice during that season and he -- and remain as Major League debut with -- now. I hit him now home run in May is in his first game in the major leagues and every time Miller went down nearly with the come off the bench. And and play well but the security was kind of right -- that the talk -- shuttle that'll work -- yeah -- and he's a huge part of that the team that won the World Series in 07. It is one and he's coming back I think you might bodies coming back pokey Reese. -- -- elected by the -- early in the season when me and had a lot to smile about the war plan that well. On Nomar was on the DL. Trot -- -- the on this guy may have played some of those acrobatic defense you've ever seen and I still many remember catching me on a Sunday night game against the Dodgers. -- heal up so high that you could dunk the basketball on this planet. All right Mike Myers. Mike Myers came in and get to the lefties you know they didn't like as an amber it was a straight lefty specialist miserly was -- today is brilliant for one or two guys. He was the last acquisition because they've got -- -- they got me gamers they got Dave Roberts mid August the -- thing goes on waivers and -- -- my mind sitting there. And he gets -- report -- the team down the stretch. Withdrawal to you which I have fond memories of an -- remember for specific stories. But this your stories might be completely different than mine I suspect they will be Scott Williamson. Scott will. Concerned he was big and audio three class for the team and I thought it was going to be kind of they're set up man in front of smoke. You know more and then if he gets hurt early in the here and -- well when he was healthy then there's the biggest -- New York. Where you know Williams and pull themselves out of the game bench coach only catch on -- in the middle of the clubhouse and he says you know we don't do that around here. But into the -- felt bad about it -- to -- it. Williams it was it was genuinely hurt -- -- having surgery and you know it's very much senator that's that's the main thing you know where we're going some. Of course I remember him for seeing dose of the Benoit hotel and in Saint Petersburg it. And I'm a little -- the you do not to a ten year anniversary book of chasing Steinbrenner the 2003 season Bruntlett Williamson definitely -- been a lot more prominent in the you know three book. -- Cesar Crespo. So is -- -- -- -- of the best spring training and a -- sites where everything is it something like six Tony I've. Then every year after that Terry Francona always cities NATO by spring training stats and you know as you Cesar Crespo has an example so he didn't do very much after return. -- give back to tennis some of the regulars here Mike Timlin. Mike Timlin was the leader of the -- -- folk was that was the cause of a timlin was with the guy coming gives guys a kick in the pants and they needed it. And he darting up the street traders he won two rings with the blue jays. And hit that Tenet that championship credentials. And he also get big outs for the team in both those three you know four. Right to be good story from the book for many. A man this good stories ever -- Camelot was talking about how. No one -- one game in Anaheim he had to remind. Many that they had a game minute because he said many call the -- on his way I. Some two or three hour drive in California -- -- a month ago by some antique car symbolize claims that many productive to demonize those that many that turn around and came back. We're basically we do fertilizing the entire books -- haunted by rumors of the book visit to be street -- John -- can do this -- we're gonna keep on -- march and on through here. But Trot Nixon. Trot Nixon you know people remember about Trot Nixon for many years that this squad was really messed up -- -- he didn't play very much during the regular season. In a couple of doctor actually told that he thought it was a reach that trial would be able to be back and it's not the playoffs when he went on the DL again in July. What's Allen to Boston University pretty much every day with Scott while one of the trainers have worked on the track. And every week at the back and knowledge to come back but Trot Nixon had some big games in the playoffs especially game five. Of the ALCS against the Yankees -- made two diving catches. And it they hit the set up at the game time around it's I don't think this team wins a World Series without Trot Nixon. All right now we get into the starting rotation Pedro Martinez. Well you know Pedro is one of the obviously being the best picture Red Sox history of wars a contract here. And he he admits to me that he was a little messed up mentally at the beginning of that -- he thought the team was leaking some things about his -- -- -- velocity going -- to -- leveraged. In the contracts that he said that once he finally just put that out of his mind he decided that -- that he was gonna become a free agent. That is set on the rest of the air remember -- bring the midget is meant it for and then in the -- I think it's called little person but that's OK this is a podcast. Need after a tough loss against the Yankees he brought as little as little personal friend into the clubhouse have. -- kind of alleviated some of the pressure the team with -- through. At that time -- one of the things guys are most -- in this book is why Terry Francona had Pedro pitching game seven Yankee Stadium in the Red Sox. Candidate to one lead in the Yankees made a strong run there in the crowd really get back in the game -- -- -- no idea where wife and it's answers -- don't know about it. You know -- generated really give me good explanations Lawrence still. It still mystified as people. Speed -- Francona want to be some -- Francona stuff from this book Africa and it was it was great talking about the situation earlier in the year his very first game he was tested when. When Pedro Martinez -- only get -- in the first game of the year with that left the clubhouse early before the game. And you know Terry talked about how he really had to be stern with Pedro. Until they can get away away with that kind of thing and he was surprised when when Pedro had a different version of events and you know -- tried to say that yet heatedly departments it was actually in the in the family room next story tellers that well. Here's you know I let me something like that up solid I want to bring attention to it. So we have Terry where it was get a talking about how he kind of kept an even -- but he was about the struggles earlier in the -- or some management panicked. He did the same thing when they're down 30 email -- for a lot of managers might have pushed the panic button and juggle the lineup around Terry said that he -- the only way these guys can winners of the stuck with the guys who got their -- there. The -- and you think back that was his first years. Made it first here's a manager of the Red Sox are young right navigate that like you said that first. Today and then to to do what he did you generally been in the play -- as a manager either so. This study did you sense of when you're talking to Francona that he could look back at that in and understand how new everything was to him. Yeah he -- you know he admits now that he was a little naive about the whole thing and he didn't really realize how he used these games were. And Boston until the season started and he also talked about you know the top thirteen inning loss they had a New York the game when Jeter. Dover in the stands and Terry was outside the clubhouse after the game when guys are coming in patting him on the back if he's upset that at the -- is still upset they -- criticism from media members. You know accused -- them after a loss he was saying I had to tell these guys they're giving good effort tonight to keep the mentally in the game he thinks that that that. Came back and help them but you know Orlando Cabrera planets over this team doesn't win -- any manager rather than Terry Francona said he was the perfect printer for that team. I'm in a row through some names here who are going to be at Fenway Park. For the 2004 celebration. You want to give me stories that I suspect you don't have a lot of stories of these guys you just tell me if they I've been one single reference in the book ready. Jimmy Anderson. Every -- and memory they they call them up after like a series and action and usually that nobody in the bullpen. And you know I really have no idea who Jimmy Anderson wasn't to be reminded me about an hour ago so he's not so it's not the book -- is not the book that I'm glad for him that he has a ring. At that both nights -- -- of the Anderson family randomized to receive the book at a policy is in the book because we're in Trot Nixon was gone through a slump. I'm after the CES earlier in the World Series. He says that he had out of highs to go to the kids that -- Saint Louis before -- game three of the World Series and he's an out of lies too soft toss them and throw batting practice for about an hour. To help get a slingshot so that I did did nothing but fun to get them -- -- For about ten minutes that he said bunting was a great track device. For -- and say -- that applies to you from making himself available. That's a great enterprise do story but -- -- suspecting -- the next two games your gonna have great stories about distant like you know they're not the book to says -- -- that a non that's fine Jason shield. That Jason COR whose views do you trade from San Diego right you is. Theo Epstein went around when he was getting a lot of -- and sandy and then now is one of them by now I couldn't tightly that for the -- three -- Clavet in remember it was a four still sizable. I remember him being at the hope levering ceremony were very excited to get as Raymond wasn't so that ring ring server that I remember it was actually on the afford him. The last one is the last question I ask is he spent all about an hour so it's document Ortiz at bank. And tell me the finger Ortiz said they were like wow yeah that that's a really is story I didn't know about that and that's going to be making a lot of money by putting this. Are there -- -- is really talked about how personally. He took this -- these losses in the classroom and downs through you know and senator members like late in game three seeing some lady in the stands crying. And it wasn't so that when he realized what this is doing for people it's every day we get a we have that these people smile again and he really. Put the team on his back he almost made a hit happened single handedly. For a couple days and just to see him still doing that nine years later we did the class last year might even be more impressive than we do know for. As a man and -- receive another guy who impacts this team quite like David Ortiz did. -- -- doing this interview today it was there was the best. Book podcast that we have executed so far. The book is 83 visited you can pick it up anywhere all the bookstores. Go on line. It really lower you in the Amazon ranking. Art house echo to me at three digits -- they were. More but -- just last I checked for we can get to three digits that literate this is the goal or you podcasts so we -- our goal folks together and do three -- all right good luck with a look at facts are thank you.

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