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How does Clay Buchholz fix a 'mental hurdle'?

May 27, 2014|

We discuss the implosion of the Red Sox, specifically the transition Clay Buchholz has made in one short year from the best pitcher in baseball to one of the worst.

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It petition management here. Go to an all four day weeks scheduled well. -- like the idea that. You know it's technically it's Tuesday but it's sort of our Monday having the sport week thing is is pretty nice I don't know delegates would miss you too much. I would miss that listeners too much there's something also to be said that you know DeLia dumb jerk -- about three years have a week so what's the big deal days it was a two way sometimes it -- last semi dependent on how things went. I'm excited I expect to see you again might get to see you -- hope ball all of you guys had a they're restful. Are relaxing. And reflective of a reflective of course Memorial Day weekend. The long weekends. Always play well in these parts don't they do now long weekend. When a cup talk about the Red Sox it's one of the checkpoints isn't. So Mother's Day usually at a checkpoint. Memorial Day as a checkpoint salute late Father's Day is that your point out. For the July labored. So much more they get away. After it yeah. That her day in the game losing streak obviously -- I was just -- they weren't gonna win by the time we came back. As the weekend was playing -- on. A -- have that ceremony. On Wednesday at Fenway Park they haven't got a way of celebrating -- you have a plan things cannot hollow has a great team. It takes the focus off the 2014. They go to that game. With a losing streak. It's just a natural split screen as an error the champions from 2004. Of the team that really really sucks but fifteen knots. You know how it's going to be portrayed here right if righted the ship a little bit if they you know. Reel off 34 wrote some like don't let that's where the -- -- know that the -- to probably but the east or got PPL the story I don't know brought those. Battling Red Sox. They responded the physical challenge at that Tampa Bay Rays and came out fighting. I mean I know that -- -- have a reputation of calling -- in baseball are swingers to get in with. Personal Langer. -- -- -- is that having no punched anybody ran out though while there you go and they -- declared an end if play buckled that he be exhausted. -- -- -- -- He spoke couldn't -- it or were up. He's very humid BA dot com on college guys that thousands are the question of the are done. They got about eight straight day we've worked the other -- just recently where we at some the first -- -- dot -- Do you think they're done are you wanna -- an optimistic person poorly it's too early about early. And and I I know that in the wild card era. You know if you lost ten -- you -- make the playoffs we just gave -- a couple of up teams in the in trending out two teams. That have had a ten game losing streak and still made the playoffs but the last -- the duo was the 82 braves so it's been awhile. 82 braves. And and the 31 giant to blog or pair them though. All of that the shot heard round the world that that same. Giants were independent giants -- independent. And loss of five games yankees in the World Series records and equipment but what are what are put that up or maybe it was six games no matter it's been a long time. Since the team with they would put together an impressive ten game losing streak and then. Come back and make the playoffs something they have enough. Don't have they may not but it's it's just early for me. In a Memorial Day weekend to declare them dead and buried in a better and a race all other relatives are at the battered but thankfully they play in the American League east this year. And and I'm just not willing to concede that the the top Toronto Blue Jays are gonna run away with things in the American League east where there in first place right now about the -- Tampa Bay Rays. Too much meet this weekend -- or better than the Red Sox but now everybody has been lately. And that -- only. Okay the Red Sox -- worse that's all. The acts that the Red Sox I think they need to make -- I don't know a move it is I'm I'm I'm sitting here telling you that they need to make a move. Suits year resuscitate themselves to really get back -- race I don't know what I don't know what they really have the flexibility to do about it and Jeff some martian day. -- but it what do you given up firfer Jeff samarra. And chances are it would cost you and I heard -- talked about this earlier pretty Smart baseball guy obviously. You know he feels it would cost you like Clay Buchholz and Henry Owens. To get some Marcia and Bonifacio -- could go on play center field for right. That it would cost is something along those lines now after -- yesterday for public say. They. Probably everybody's -- and do that but Henry -- would be another matter. I don't think -- -- I don't think I would I would. I wouldn't trade. Owens right now wouldn't trade you think about a few of the guys -- their prospects are prospects. Are overrated just the nature of and it's not like the Red Sox players and to do something aren't they all over -- -- but some of our our our intentionally overrated yeah. There's some -- just have to spend mr. valuation. So somebody's got like Henry -- Every -- the Red Sox think that he is going to be top of the rotation guy. And you wouldn't you had no intentions of trading Henry -- -- at the beginning of the season he had no intention of trading him. A month ago so just a margin becomes available you suddenly want to trade him because your team struggling that doesn't make sense that some of the other guys. Maybe you're you're second it's still good prospects but it tier below. An -- and -- sure you'll be willing to make a deal like that. And I think they'd be willing to move on from from -- -- Guided to I think they're probably. -- a little frustrated right now and it and you could you could see where the -- We'll talk about the -- personal woes later on we could see where a guy like Theo has seen Clay Buchholz knows him is I know what's wrong night you know we can fix this. I could see that happening. But I just think the reason I don't think it's too early to say they're down. Are the planet that division. And everybody in the bad division. Is better than they are led to close to simplify it that way all bad division. But turnabout division you're already eight games out yup. And and the other thing is quite quite buckled the guy. Richard depending on that helped turn this thing around. Where you -- missing. You're missing three reliable guys in your rotation. And not necessarily what -- you're missing to injury with you -- The other guys. It just can't count on him Jake Peavy can't count on Clay Buchholz who can't count on them and that leaves you with with -- Lester and Lackey as a guys. Who you think will give you a good chance to win a game every time detectable is. A pretty obvious based on his post game comments that did John perilous at the point where I buckles they make in his next start. Now whether he's just gonna skip a start so we can work on a stop or whether they're gonna. He says as not effusive in his praise as he could be about -- he sounded frustrated I don't blame them. They talked a lot about you know the late night film study for -- Clay Buchholz and figuring things out he was working on things between starts. He looked as lost as I've ever seen and yes the little Lewis and Clark couldn't of helped him find -- -- like I got a call right I think eight walks. Eight walk off -- didn't get through the fourth inning -- mean it is number could have been higher. -- and I just that there is no way in the world you can you can trot Clay Buchholz out there. At home by. I beat Debbie. He's one of those guys and we say it all the time and we don't believe. So you talk about and in -- it becomes a cliche but he talked about a guy who is outrageously talented. Many to eat he can throw all the pitches he can do everything first round draft pick likely buckle was -- April's hard. He can locate. Unbelievable athleticism. He could've played big time college football which -- buckles cut of all the all the things. We talk about that guy that we contrasts him with someone with not as talented and we say hey it's heart. More than than all the physical skills you have to have some ability but you really have to have something else. And then we always fall in love with the height weight speed guy the great athlete and we forget all the things that really make up eighty. 88 terrific competitor. It's not just physical built -- clip buckled whatever it is. Question regards -- second question that there's something sort of begged it to yes I am not going to go I'm not going to now. All I'm gonna say is there something missing what is it is something different from Paducah all all the things I just mentioned. Those things are true every single for. Michael those things have been missing three year. I mean a year ago at this time he was the best pitcher in baseball he was going to be the starting pitcher in the American League all star team he was he was unhittable. And then he got hurt not fault him there stuff happens you get hurt I understand that he disappears for the summer. Basically missed almost three months. And hasn't in the same -- cents. So is this all go back to the physical issues. A hard time believing the Red Sox would be trot him out there he's got arm issues -- shoulder issues elbow which issues whatever the heck it is. Well what happened the -- -- I saw a year ago as the best pitcher in baseball and now has the worst ERA of all qualifying starters in the American. As that happened while they keep mentioning. That some block where some hurdles yet to get over a mental hurdle. That he's not injured and this is not typical policy. -- and try to follow along too he's not injured. But the -- mechanics. But he picked up during his injury. Have led to some of the problems that he has right now so he's got to get over the blocked. Of throwing the way he did when he was hurt to stay away from feeling that pain. Going back to the way through before Geithner says it's too much breaking. Don't always my issue is too much looked up making a public trust me abrasive stupidity clay Clay Buchholz. Need to be a guest on the world famous like ground in embrace the stupidity stupidity will lead to great things for him. But doesn't that give back to what we were talking about a few minutes ago about questioning the toughness. If all this is is the mental block c'mon clay it's okay you're not hurt more let it go. Non I'm afraid I'm afraid of mice and I went to another look at the this topic jump outs but. It did and -- married her -- up as I conceded that. I was embarrassed for you don't hold me and I hope I don't. Like thank you enough the -- about it here. You've got to go about. Radio editor Fred -- was probably a record out covers the -- this issue. It's just. He's one of those guys at -- buckled and raise one of those guys who needs everything to be. Absolutely perfect for him to perform. And if everything. To be just right. -- -- -- -- He's off by 5%. That will throw a lot injury by going out and and pitching ninety to 95 times you know throw Oneida -- by pitches. Now he's he's he's skeptical that he's going to be he's got to be assured and reassured and reassured again and I thought. That bridge that they talked about that hurdle I thought you cross that. In the World Series vs the cardinals when he wasn't 100% helping. But he got the job done turn it over to Phoenix to -- won that game now you you continued to assure me yes that he simply misspoke. He misspoke he misspoke. -- -- -- -- -- Really really good and removal from foreign and analogue we're running out never. Never really caught my broken. Trying to patrol together and come along and and one myself you know it's its. -- -- And when I was ready for the for the -- and he's got two of incidents. -- Well he weren't. But it got -- From running ninety feet that he never got his breath back I -- Everybody tells me he's the best runner on the team. Am back when Jacoby Ellsbury was here they told me was the best -- yes the other was that they always want this match race Ellsbury against Buchholz in the team for. Obvious reasons -- -- and deliberate tournament as a pinch runner he's supposed to be. So it's supposed to be one of the best athletes on the team -- work so well. -- and ran to first base. On a single. Now okay he turned the base so let's add speed to it took 98 feet. -- never recovered from that. Being negative and how. They're getting back at the good positives but come on Michael I mean you know that that line I use all time I don't believe what shared that. Buckles that help himself all whites and saying nothing refused to comment. Say exactly what you said at the end I got nothing and just move on I mean the minute you say that stuff. Immediately for everybody listening you call into question his mental and physical toughness. It's it's gonna happen. Yeah I don't I don't think it's a question of MM ABM -- and his dancing around I don't think so. But I don't I don't think it's a question of physical toughness it's. He's got OK here we go here's the biographical book portion of program here at. Dale is gonna have -- -- do would you be turned down for the prom date there. -- -- has trust issues. He does is get back to your old not yet turned begin to clean up red on hurt before and heard so many times. Could this be since Derrick could -- -- -- why and could best be legitimate. So he's got -- antitrust issues in that it out of series here is not that he. Doesn't have the toughness to do it. I think he has questions about and may be up I don't know -- -- he questioned the the medical staff that's the question. That's never happened with a Red Sox are right or right -- So they're telling me that -- going to be OK -- -- despite this it feels funny in my shoulder feels funny in my arm. They tell me is going to be fine I'm not sure I believe it. I'd have to go doctor do it because he is that it's guys like this is not the toughest guys in the world like this do that if they don't have their stuff. Bit of everything is our goal all right formed it just a little bit thrown off. Then that you got shot and a -- it you've got shut him down. And and I don't want them back to square one out of one and go on for the next three months in anything like that. What you gotta let him work some of these details out pitching for the Pawtucket Red Sox enough for the Boston Red Sox or the Portland sea dogs if that's what you determine. Whatever it is wherever you think is better. Because you're not to win him any favors. This is back we talked about this last week we're talking about Lester and putting him in a position to succeed and if that means David Ross catches in the Dave across sketches -- which he -- tonight by the way. So you're you're not doing Buchholz any favors -- what you're basically saying is give up their top and out on just go on get out that I get out there again. Because it's obvious it ain't gonna happen right here right now so what do you put him on a deal for that he's gone on DL because of he's just not performing. You've probably noticed something not the end of it did it have to make some -- his arm is evidence -- but write it but internally. When you say -- buckles. It's time for you to go on the -- Why are you what what are you telling -- buckles you've just -- is that it is suck so you want to go another -- nice. And what you're what you're saying is look we we've gone over the mechanics with yet. You still haven't been able to fix it we can't -- to work on a pitching for the for the Boston Red Sox. So all that stuff we've given you one EMS is worked with yet. I -- talking as I'm John Ferrell you know I won over the video with a Mike came up with stuff we gave you the list of things this is what you got to deal and you can't keep doing it year. Where are already as you pointed out eight games behind the American League east I can't keep trot out their work on this stuff. I mean look maybe -- Webster doesn't give me any better chance to win. But -- do you think it could have been worse than what you saw yes. Well I think. Anybody who replaces him in the rotation based on his production so far and replaces them and rotations gonna give you a better enable an equal chance if not better probably better chance to. Seven ERA. Even even your number two or number three starter AAA. It should be able to do better than seven ERA equivalent of that. But for Clay Buchholz if you if you -- disappear for a start or two or three starts you still have to address the issue what is the issue of the issue. If you hurt and you actually. Good news no no no because given trot out their when he -- but what I'm saying if that explains it if they do further test and they find. A strain here a hair got tripped up by that -- at least you can understand. Not putting trying to be it was trying to be. A standup guy he was hurting but he -- want to let the team down and he kept deceiving people and it finally caught he's hurt that would explain things. It comes back the toughness to a lot of people in the text line of questioning his toughness and you are not there guys. -- make it to first base in the heat got to -- a tough busy. But AP if you if we find out that he has hurt. Isn't that a question of -- -- an issue of testosterone. Going too far as -- supposed to say we're keeping it real goes wrong but he's trying so hard. He's trying so hard to take away the perception. That he's just a lightweight. That he's lying to everybody. Trying to help this team of the same thing John Lackey didn't. Yeah here's a truly we found out after the season ended the Lackey never should've taken the ball and gone out there to his credit he did in season meant nothing in the -- gone. I mean we all -- in fact if anything it helped turn around the perception of John lack in this town -- he went up there and took when he probably shouldn't. And and knew it was gonna get lit up -- but did it anyway in. For him to stick two years to turnaround after a while it did so he's out and it is the wire 2012 year what we -- 2000 trustees. Why is John Lackey hanging out with this team is a bad employs his particular bear guy. And finally in 2013. He started he started getting credit for the things you've done two years earlier. I I don't know Clay Buchholz well enough that it took comment on whether he is -- isn't tough all I know always when he says stuff like that. He invites me and everybody else to ask those questions and back to your point I thought it was a great point you made earlier on it just seems like everything has to be perfect. By the late tonight starting pitcher needs to kind of have a turnaround performance of his own. Based on his last -- And the body language and the perception of people that he didn't care -- was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At the -- bad start for him but you know you look at his his track record is his lasting and -- his last five starts no issues with Jon Lester if you really wanna quit. Questioned Clay Buchholz no question his toughness and what he's all about nobody can say in what should be. Goal juvenile schoolyard. The in my life look at -- way. I feel about that. I may not be tough. Slot but I gain. This is -- I have in real life. -- it's not as attractive as mine but. There is required for our Perez thank you are -- -- -- -- our federal overall area and better and what we come back and I I mentioned this briefly today the guys. -- -- -- MF be at at the cross. It was. Gut wrenching and -- it was heartbreaking to listen to some of the stuff that happened. During the Jerry Remy proceedings earlier today by the way -- airborne is gonna join us at 330 from Suffolk law school to talk about the Jeremy guilty plea. It kinda bought when there was closed door meetings going on between the prosecutor in the defense attorney with Jerry grammys permission. Hour long meetings that went on on. Thursday or Friday with his permission you kind of thought they were working towards some sort of up up plea agreement. If not plea bargain and there was no bargain here. But we'll talk about that as well then we'll open line to bring you guys and we'll talk about Jared Grammy. It just a couple of minutes at dale -- -- Sports Radio WE.

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