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Jared Remy changes his plea to guilty: Response and Reaction 5-27-2014

May 27, 2014|

We discuss what will likely mark the end of the Jared Remy case as he agreed today to life in prison without parole after changing his plea to guilty.

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I actually ended up sitting at home longer than I intended to this morning because I was watching on television. The down the testimony at the Jared -- on trial. The agreed to -- plea a plea of guilty to first degree murder and a couple of other charges as well -- matters is first degree murder. -- it meant. Life in prison without parole. As somebody said one of the commentator said afterwards there's only two ways Jeremy gets out of prison one as a box. And two was if his sentence is commuted by some future politician. But the chances of that happening happening are slim and none given that. The particulars of this case. So he knew that he was agreeing to that com. When I watched it and it was. It was tough to watch in the and the one thing that probably drove me than the naughty list are probably the same thing that I am about to talk about grant. At one point the judge read a statement from Jennifer -- brother. Who has custody of of the little girl now. And he opened that the and the judge is reading it -- opened the statement by saying I apologize for not being able to be there. But my wife and I just had a newborn baby and he's in icu. And the cameras on -- Grammy wilder. This is being read any looks at his attorney -- -- It. Well. -- that's not the wind was the one. Thing. -- go lower. All -- lower. On TV. The blame and tries to keep spam out. -- Yeah we did everything they could to help you know she had a good life in general said that my family was there real -- People talk -- each other. And I'm the bad apples. And if you ask what they're really Big Brother have he had never. OK that's fine I want Allen was OK I think ultimately and he blames her -- I don't think it's right what women use their kids it's there fox. And to all of the people believe it -- can be and hopefully your clock and go clean your closet. -- Now. But you know what what -- and I expect anything more. From this guy what to expect anything more after. Looking at his history in what he did hear. It take its history out of what he did the most recent thing that he did expect more. I don't -- look at it and how old are your honor -- today and a great deal but to take responsibility for what I had done. I was like you can that I always thought she really doesn't threaten me with my daughter. Yeah -- hear it. And threatened me with -- -- so. -- C'mon. If she did have a knife. What the hell could blame -- If she did and art and this is his word ports are -- don't believe a whole lot that he says but if she did have a -- based on their past history. Who could blame. Especially now knowing what we know. It was it was chilling. But it puts an end to this forever I mean the the custody case has been settled already. Now the legal case has been settled forever he's off to jail for the rest of his life without possibility of parole. And it puts an end to. And the details. All I don't know. Maybe I'd that is glossed over before. I don't remember the details. Being out there. Like they were in the in the story today -- -- -- vivid debt sales level of detail like -- on his tank top often putting it over her pants what happened that night. It just days just a terrible story and it's over for him is gonna spend the rest of his life. Imprisoned but the next part of the story is what does it mean for his dad and that's why. He went out of his way to talk about don't blame the family got his bid and he'd. Kind of like a parallel story to it to hit. There's this story and that it always comes back to he has the sun up and in the lead. In the Boston Globe today -- chronically violent man and said he is the son of iconic. Broadcaster Jerry Remy it's always whether it's in the first paragraph for second paragraph of any story always comes back to Jerry Remy. My -- the only reason we're talking about it and so fortunately there are other cases. Horrific like this and they don't pass our our attention here what we do for eleven. We talked about it here and have talked about it here because he's the son of Jerry Remy. It's true I mean -- it you cannot you cannot separate the two despite what Jerry -- tried to do today don't blame them blame me and that's fine and I'll agree with that. You can't separate them. Yeah and I think. If I could be mistaken on this -- I think -- of the Red Sox. NASA. Have have made their decision. That he's -- he's got a beer at least for the rest of the year mean John Henry in the last interview that John Henry has had. And it but that he's had on this topic. That let Jerry -- is going to be here. I know that Steve Lyons told us several weeks ago that he was going to do these games in Atlanta. I'm guessing coincidences and no I don't think so. My guess is that Jared -- in some conversations with his parents telephone conversations. At some point said. This is what I'm gonna deal. When we come back after Memorial Day I'm gonna plead guilty so you know that's when it's gonna happen. I have to believe that they had some inkling ahead of time that this is what he was gonna do and and that's why Jerry Remy wasn't in Atlanta yesterday is not in Atlanta today. I don't know when he's gonna come back and working and I don't know what the schedule calls for but you can certainly see where. It would have been more than a little uncomfortable to be do in the game tonight or tomorrow night. In the aftermath of this. There are so many levels of sadness. To this story multiple levels of sadness fuel -- that the parents. I'm Jennifer -- the sadness of losing your daughter your daughter being murdered losing your daughter and any kind of -- your parent and your bearing a child. I can't imagine -- unspeakable. Constant pain never goes away no matter what no matter what words said no matter what the situation is so that's the level of sentence and then there's little girl who witnessed this. Who has reporters all yet has her father in prison. So he's in prison for the rest his wife. -- mother is gone. There's a level of sadness. And I know. A lot of people really don't wanna go here because. There's some feelings about Jerry Remy and what he did in -- in the money that he has in the protection that he provided. -- on fine and some other probably did happen yes there was some some coddling involved. Would Jerry Remy but still. There's no parent who thinks one day. I'll take off from work I'll be in a courtroom. Before judge and they will say that my child is going away forever. Without parole. How sad is that to. And and it's not mean he's the guy. Who did it he said he -- -- responsibility for and in went on to not take full responsibility for knowing -- wanted to blame her. But from a parental standpoint. I mean just what an what an awful what an awful sight when an awful feeling. And to think about. What his life will be now. In the pink and to have to confront. If you're if you're willing to confront -- confront the failures. Apparently at some of the failures probably real some of them that you can't do anything about it. And if you don't wanna confronted it's something that just hovers over you constantly. To really sad day in the coming. To the F texture who wants to take me to task for being insensitive to the -- family. When I said this is the end of it talking about the legal case the legal case is -- for. There are no appeals he's waived all right to appeals. The legal case is all for. Obviously I'm not an idiot I know that the loss of a daughter never ends for the family of Jennifer -- and that's not what I was talking about at all I said was. There was one legal case that went on before had to do with the custody of of the little girl that's all for now this legal case is all it's done. And back. Will we ever say -- grammys name again. We really up up to output it to you this way short of wind Jerry Remy retires. Whenever that is. And then it might come up again. Will we ever say Jared grammys name again on these on these -- I can imagine why. Yeah at at the fair point -- and -- Jerry Remy again. Or the Red Sox have made their decision -- society that they made their decision maybe they have something Altamont. But for Jerry -- I mean this is what I what I thought -- beginning of the year. Whether it was a trial which won't have to deal with or. The sentencing of it. How do you find -- How do you find the strength. How do you find the right words to jump back in now. After this has happened here. Are you -- and now I mean not now there's a. It's clear the picture is -- this is what's gonna happen out -- you knew it was inevitable. You know there was going to be a curfew was just -- the bungling of this case it would be -- the greatest example or that. Worst example of bungling in the history. Of court cases -- for him to just walk away from this right. Well you know -- about Eric -- and got witnesses. He's there he's got blood on its hands he tried to each write a stab one of the people who try -- -- them all right there -- you took a man. Every everything was in place. By. You move on now and can go back to your job. Just check it out but the -- On -- on on my part and any different from last August 15 on the wizard on -- Wednesday night yet it happened but now here we are again this is your. Your your son we heard his voice now he admitted to it. Life in prison. Yeah I am I -- him. To me he's been dealing with -- since last August 15 Gerri I'm talking about not cherry. I was surprised he came back to be honest when it. Because I don't know if I could pull one foot in front of the other but I didn't begrudge him that he came back that's his choice I didn't begrudge the man making a living if their people wanna employ him to do it. I was surprised. But he's been dealing with it. Just the smile for the camera. I guess that's the heart -- even smile I even smile for a while I mean what's funny. Ahead and believe me. This is not me. This is not. An attack on on Jerry Remy I'm honestly trying to. Trying to figure out -- trying to imagine trying to envision. How it would go back to this job. Immediately I would think I would think. It would probably take him I don't know how many games line's got to do an appliance gonna do some games and others are gonna follow I probably have to take few weeks. In I don't know what you're you're you know that's an. I've I wouldn't be surprised to write and I don't know. And and maybe that's exactly with plans are. 6177797937. As telephone over the AT&T -- line 37937. Up we've got the -- Grammy case to discuss if you like to that we've also from the Red Sox out there and Clay Buchholz. Me personally if I'm in the Red Sox position of making decisions about these things. There's no way in the world -- is up there and four more days he's shown me that he's not ready for that well we'll see how the Red Sox and let. Right back to the calls -- to the call to review coming up next dale and -- Sports Radio W media. -- -- -- But there was one day I never stop doing that list my love for drugs and I'm sorry yeah. Can afford -- to people that keep using engines to make themselves look good stuff. You don't want your hey you know what you are. He didn't go meekly into the good -- did it so one person he's talking about a Christina hell yes and she spoke today who's the other -- I don't know I mean I've. And -- this is total conjecture. I'm guessing it's a member of the family whether it's the mother. The father or the brother it just seems like it's a member of the family that he's talking about but I don't know. And you know it. He just didn't go back to what he did. This -- This is not the time but I shouldn't expect. I expected more shouldn't expect more. I did something today as the day to be. Calling out other people into. Talk about what women should do in these situations. In. Shouldn't she threatened. You know use my child at the threat against me now. I mean they're -- a lot of things that happen in relationships that are are perfect but still. It doesn't excuse that well there is -- why are you bringing this up. Except if you wanted to take responsibility for take responsibility for. Say your sorry if you truly feel that way. And they don't know why you don't title article is Howard. Is a bully -- -- -- port. A bully and coward who used his physical prowess over women. And he took the cowardly way out today to yeah I did this but. She yeah I told her don't use my kid again please that coward. And he took the coward's way out. You can't help but that's who we as that's what -- Stare and you know wanted to techsters you know not to be insensitive here blood. How well why don't women go out with these creeps or how these guys get girlfriends out of the out of they have the power of women. I've it's a question that a lot of people. Have announced and so people are afraid to bring it up but. You know maybe this is one of those things maybe this is he. This tragedy. Will lead to some more education some more information clarification. For these domestic violence incidents and I'm sure those who work which -- domestic violence specialist. Who who have seen many situations. Similar to. This year -- case. They can speak to this and they can say oh this is the trend in this is generally what happens this is the profile of someone who might be. Lured into a relationship like this the one who might feel that they're trapped in the vehicle way and you look at it from afar it's just. Well trying to destroy go to the cops go here. It would go to a shelter but get away from this guy. And they can probably explain more but I hope it does bring more attention to a very important topic. It be the only positive about it that's right and there aren't any that I can come up with except yours if if that happened it's the only positive I can come up with. Our talking Red Sox were talking -- ready Christie are born -- law will join us at 330 to talk more about the -- case Mike on the -- Europe first on dale and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not heard anybody I learned I personally don't think that. -- should be on the -- and protests. Want to like first and that. I don't think you should be on because. Not because -- and should be able I honestly think that sometimes you might. At men and and I let my uncle that but it let me and we need to do the right thing and all of us or at times. I think it -- it would take a step that really take a look at what he means to England what the Red Sox means and -- would be kept him out there. In front of people and children. You kind of have to accept that as a man I stepped out. Why aren't quite yet but I think you know what you -- -- certain things you have to do is meant finite and I agree with that but in this case particularly he should step down -- the right thing beat is what. And giving giving it -- as -- specifically he should step down because his son is a murderer he should step down because it looks bad but what you reasoning for -- -- specific bit. Because -- because -- have very very intelligent guy and Jerry have to be aware. Of what his presence on net and on the Red Sox -- and what the Red Sox mean to the heart of the little. -- -- should be aware of what has continued presence. Is doing to the psychology of the fan kids especially kids who know about this. -- -- -- -- what to do what you won't. Have not try to be difficult it is what it is is there a little war. -- plane. What what does what does his presence to indicated. Is -- the father of a murderer. Should not be. But we should not be out there. Is boy shouldn't be heard by -- -- rookie going -- being there and that's what he's still. All I I think Mike I think you're missing Michael's overall point which is. God forbid okay that -- in a position where your son murders somebody should you just disappear at that point -- Well you know what if I am and now a broadcaster on net and on the Red Sox and again here and did and I'm. We're talking about what you do for a living what you do for a living whatever it is -- and I don't care what it is. Should you just disappear if if your son commits a murder. Since I've been well comets and no actually well what I need to really don't know what. -- right Mikey I'm talking that you says yes -- talk about you -- -- yes he said no no no not not what Jerry does not that he's well compensated what you do for a living. You should just drop it all and and step away if your son commits a murder if I'm doing Jerry Remy don't know steps now not Mike. You keep taken back to that I keep asking you. Because I think if if you try to turn it around TU. It changes your perception of things. And every time I keep asking about you you keep wanting to say if -- Jerry Remy yes what do you like. I mean I hope to god you never have to deal with a tonight about one -- nobody and nobody there are terrible but if if it happened to. You'd just pack -- openly. And I'm just not sure you know an an -- two others -- people work out. But in is not what Mike said you know doing what's right and -- -- certain things that men have to do I think some people would do it just out of embarrassment. Some people would do it. Because -- -- so despondent. It wouldn't wanna deal. And when -- wanna deal with the public. On a day to day basis there's. Supposed to be a fun job it's a fun job. They're talking baseball. Right every night. It's a long game and it'll just talked baseball every night -- -- they couldn't and that's what makes it so entertaining. Is that. -- they may talk about a game we very rarely do you get the it to 22 game. Going into the tenth inning it can go either way let's just focus on every single every single thing. That that relates to the game sometimes they go far afield and talk about people in the stands and talk about movies and on and on. Is this. Did you feel comfortable doing that. An and I had a goal and I -- probably what personal life but the idea that I should tell you if if it was you are you gotta go get out of their you've got to leave. And and I say it's the reason I do this a lot with you guys is I say try to put yourself in that position. It's really easy for me to sit here or Mike our caller to sit there and say he's got to get off there. Okay now what you are you're the guy. -- You save my career is over. Because my kid committed a heinous act. I've got to leave I've got to I've got to pack up. -- find another way to make a living I have to -- if my kid does that. That's hard thing for most people to honestly truly look themselves in the mirror and say that that's what I do. We can be hard. We'll talk Christie are born at the bottom of the -- dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI. -- on the truck -- Brent how Oreo. Hey are you yell at Brett -- Brad and I apologize -- what's the matter hey I don't want about that Jerry Remy. Up so you know but did you guys and how they think that they -- the difference between. A private citizens who -- Commit murder. And public citizen like Jerry Remy whose son commits a murder -- that was the point though I was trying to make wise different. Well I mean you know you should yourself don't really know about this story is because -- -- make you -- -- and -- the only reason we talked about a -- Sports Radio. Well -- at the front page of the Boston Globe rats are very direct sure OK so here's the right. It seems to me that public figures. Have a responsibility. To the public right and it seemed to me that you know. It -- really want to. Got to follow your responsibility to the public. What you might consider doing at this point. It chewing it some public circus. Toward the cause vote. -- limit for example. Yes. I don't have an issue without us but but I don't know what that has to do with he should get off TV. Well I mean I think. You know I think that if he does not. And and acts as if this never happens. You know everyone watching the broadcast. Knows what happened. And you know Michael -- that point earlier out in our academic small talk about movies. Correct. It's gonna be in the -- but every view work. Right of our -- covered -- -- -- a great point guard what how how does he handle it from here if he does return. What's the appropriate thing to do and I think you know Brett brought up something that that makes a lot of sense. Do you use -- -- you make a statement on the year. You'll avoid the on air statement and let it be known through a press release that. You are saddened. By the the events of the past year and you are inspired to. Donate your your money your time your name. To some of these causes do you handle it that way. Tech is that I have come up with Brett I think it's a mistake just to come back and and go on with business as usual it's not business as usual -- because of his celebrity. Right that there's some some positive things with the celebrity and there's some negative things with his celebrity and and I think. Most celebrity's probably would agree with them there are some things he has gotten. That he probably doesn't deserve. Some the benefit of the doubt some attention -- money. That you get from celebrity and then there are some distractions. There are some. Issues that you have to deal with a lack of privacy. -- lack of patient because you're so pretty it is it's not enough when you're celebrities say -- deal with that in a few weeks no you have to deal with this right now because the people. Want to know we -- to do something. And I don't have a problem if he did that he he has made very public statements talk to the newspaper. About this whole thing talked about. The remorse that he and his wife feel for Jennifer's family how concerned they were about the that while his granddaughter. Jerry Jerry ads and Jennifer's daughter. -- for today changed any of the stuff he's already said publicly. When he -- all those things publicly like you said we all knew Jerry Graham made it. -- mean and and I I know the the cliche is caught red handed literally one yes. Yet so we knew Dan the -- Grammy debt the only difference is today he made it official. And and thankfully by the way spared both families and the taxpayers of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The time and expense of a long trial. And just said look I did it. While the difference today there there a couple of differences today you're right. He admitted to it. He was told. They try to explain to him up this is what it means you're waiving your right to this story are you sure you wanna do -- wanted to make sure that he -- row already knew what he was doing yeah that's different. Two we have details now about what happened that we did not have before. Three. He gave his final statement. And we hadn't heard that voice we hadn't heard him say and I know he wrote a letter to Marjorie -- didn't like her column. And and we saw the letter and in the globe had a excerpts that you know and obviously the heralded teams and he wrote. To a couple people at The Herald. Well we didn't have the voice of Jeremy. We didn't have the admission the official admission from Jerry Jarrett -- And we didn't have the details of what he did that. So coming out a lot of things have changed. Well into that the detector that details your right to picture is it's much more clear now that it was a few weeks ago. Does it change. Any of the scenario for Jerry Remy not -- Does it change anything that you know the details that you didn't know before. My guess is Jerry Remy probably already knew them. Now I know some of the details I I don't think he knew what -- -- was gonna say today none out of no no not that I'm right about the details details what happened what happened that night. Mean I guess is he knew. Only gas and and if I if I don't if I don't wanna punish. Jerry Remy. For -- grammys actions. I sure so don't wanna punish him for -- grammys words. And and I think it's out. It's a complicated issue yeah because. The people who want him gone. I'm in their bare their their emphatic. They are convinced. That it's the right thing for him to step where I met a nicer in the wrong but there there components. They see it one way and there was a guy called earlier said that's what he has to do as a man there are certain things. That men have to do the right things and Jerry -- must do that thing. I think it's probably 5050. And for the Red Sox. When it's not 5050. That's when they make a decision. That everybody says Coca that's right they have 90% of the people out there were thing Jeremy half ago. There's no other way around the sponsors were checking and any would be gone. Right now I think what what John Henry is doing is. -- with his opinion. Are his opinion of Jerry Remy he's obviously fond of them. He has said he's got to stay and I think he has enough support not overwhelming but. I'd say it's out 52% a B 52% of the people say he's gonna stay. He should stay in 48% say I get him out of here he still has the majority the slight majority. And there's absolutely no doubt that he also has the clout to be able to -- -- got ago. He's become the owner if it -- if it came to that he's one of the guys who could say now you you've got to go what. Confusing and I don't John Henry he would try to run away from the incident an interview the midday show on opening day. And I at the time you know mutt set to -- your newspaper. Any kind of scoffed at that -- my newspaper yeah that your newspaper John. It is your newspaper you hope all names on the top of the got caught it -- it even as a step further. You up pointing at yourself. Publisher of the Boston Globe. Publishers do a -- what to politics. I don't care if you lean more toward the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) or the New York Times to New York Post to Boston Herald Boston Globe. No matter what your politics are the publisher of that paper. And you go to an editorial page of the paper and say in the paper says. We endorse this guy for president endorsed a star for governor at the start from there those are absolutely the thoughts of the publisher. The publisher doesn't put anything and it is in his newspaper but he doesn't believe it stuck like I'm gonna go with the consensus and even though. I'm a Republican on -- had endorsed Democrat -- a Democrat camera on the endorsed Republican and work that way newspapers. So. On one hand John Henry said. IA. What Jerry Jerry Remy is going to be here we support -- -- on the other hand -- newspapers and Jerry -- should step away. So which is. Is he trying to dance here. Or is he trying to allow. An editorial opinion it may not be the same as it is -- as. Oil a millimeter but it did they make every rookie -- -- ever in a process read -- try to change the game when it comes to the publishers are not going to be check -- a publisher who. Who puts my own opinion out here I'm gonna do something different -- have plausible well isn't it also immutable publishing business and I don't mean. Isn't it also possible that the publisher will allow an editorial opinion that runs contrary to what the publishers opinion is in the interest of fair play and had a column. So in a column but. Almost never on the editorial page. Is the edit to and it and again I'm I'm asking this in in all have their picture on it is just it doesn't have any nobody signed that any edit content on edit on memorial on the editorial page. Almost passed to -- by definition be the opinion of the publisher then right -- but he got writers where that is summarize. The opinion of the paper in the opinion of the paper usually follows the opinion of publish -- -- our -- of Watertown in my Qaeda. I don't I'd like echoed that call -- -- that -- -- a second but first examples. How when he -- himself to criticism. Today if you look at Twitter account you look at the timing of -- -- it's the exact time all the cheering was going on. I was about twenty minutes after I saw the same thing you do it and I acts -- -- VI I I actually commentator. In the are about -- cute she's tweeting about poppy wrote yesterday while this tarnished being guilty number. That that criticism you'll be so talk to -- and I'll say this his site his Twitter account. And their two people who theoretically week one is John. And then one is -- dog and and they put in parentheses. Whoever it is who's actually tweeting. And you're right there was a tweet put out on Jerry's Twitter account and in parentheses it said ram dog and it was talking about big poppy and you know the game yesterday and all that. And I thought the same thing you thought about timing. And and the only thing I'm and I don't know this scientists suggesting this. That you know he submits the tweet and somebody in the office is put it in forum and somebody was guilty of horrendous terrible timing is. It and that the same cycle enabling that would do talk about what you're doing right now. What -- them well and I don't hear any other tweets kind of give an explanation or articulation. But you're doing in this case for him. I think everybody -- justice you know dale can speak for himself but I what I heard Mike -- that explanation from dale was just perspective on how something like that could've happened. Whether it was Jerry Remy himself tweeting or somebody tweeting. On behalf of Jerry Remy it's just it's bad timing we all agree this terrible timing. There was Remy who didn't like it if relegated it is. Unconscionable what what are you thinking about tweeting at that time but it probably wasn't -- here it's better -- -- the better story might it's a better story Arabs for -- purposes it's a better story of Jerry Remy. Was the one put that we doctor I don't think it happened. Ultimately just responsibility it is -- -- correct. Yes OK but but but but but -- a minute -- let's at least be fair -- -- we've got to defend in this regard. Well I would just 7 I am I gonna give you an excellent they like Mike please c'mon now you got to have. We're trying to it it's a conversation it's not a defense and why does it have to be a lot of times of sports review I'd love it. It's yes or no it's good or bad I love it or hated in this case I mean they're they're being you want to contribute conversation back in court. You guys that -- you get quote Twitter every day -- shall I never hear the dark story over the articulation on reached except this right now. And the only articulation I'm trying to give you his timing -- -- you if if you feel better practice today. He's a horrible human beings. Are so horrible that what what what what is it just it just trying to -- it kind of along -- to -- you picked apart culturally want to see him doing well yeah we agree we agree -- we agree -- that is just. What we're really getting we're getting. Probably it's too much tell about a week it's all about what's what's -- -- -- -- And and what are we agree with that I agree with you I agree that it is bad timing whoever did it spent time. I can tell you I think -- done based on knowledge that many of us have about Jerry's technical expertise. He didn't tweet himself he may have put the tweet out he may have sent it to them here -- this out with my name on it but he didn't physically. Send between a look at the exact same thing about the timing that you did and then I tried to look at it. With some intelligence and say why honestly truly believe that Jerry Ramey. Within minutes of his son pleading guilty to first degree murder was sending out a tweet about David Ortiz is exploits in Atlanta yesterday no I don't believe that I don't. Now if you wanna say that blind loyalty and and defense on my part and I can't I can't change. And if it did happen. What do what do you what are you thinking at that time. What do you think which is why don't believe it happened the way that the callers describe. Maybe I'm wrong and if I'm wrong god knows I'll be happy to say that. Will find out but will do -- are coming up the bottom of the hour talk -- airborne topic law about this whole case it's dale and Holley Sports Radio W media. -- -- Pleaded guilty earlier today to first degree murder and other charges was immediately sentenced up. Life in prison without the possibility of parole ending his legal lending his legal expertise. Is professor Chris Dearborn Suffolk law professor joined the suffered faculty in 2007. As provided his expertise on cases including Whitey Bulger arrest Catherine -- sentencing the Aaron Hernandez case and more. And -- Chris Dearborn joins us on the AT&T hotline right now professor dale and Michael how are -- thank you -- -- we appreciate your time -- this was a little unexpected I think for most people what happened here today. But it sure does make the process simpler for the state and everybody else. Absolutely I mean it was it's highly unusual for somebody that. Plead guilty of first degree murder under any circumstance and especially. And jurisdictions like Massachusetts where there's no death penalty can be taken off the table so. There's -- sentence reduction for the choice he made today it just doesn't happen that often. I think you have to assume the choice was it was about other things and I think he bombed not very artfully but I think Jeremy tried articulate what some of those things -- and part of it is. Statement today. Charlie said it's it's rare that it happens especially in Massachusetts. Do you think there was any type of convincing from his. His attorneys to have them do something else and and what you do when a situation like that way and yeah I know it's rare but what do you do wants it to recycle and win. A defendant says -- -- what this is what I wanted to do. It is a difficult position being at the end of the day it's got to be declines decision. So I'm sure there was a lot of conversation about this between and Ryan is a terrific lawyer and client. And the candidate that that's a decline want to do in the attorneys think the -- making a competent decision and knows what he's doing. That's his right I mean I think they probably went through it at a bunch of times and I'm sure had made it perfectly clear. There's no turning back from its want to make this decision. On your pleading guilty you're gonna and the rescue led by -- He says there are some other things he was trying to articulate what do you think he was trying to say. I think. I think a lot what he did today I am and -- they're kind of perverse way or whether it's in his own mind I think you trying to say based on a couple levels. First I think he was trying to save -- in terms despairing. The deceased family and his own family anymore problems I also think. He was still somewhat liberated by what happened and he got to. Without sort of bashing everybody else got to stay a little bit -- his version of what was going on and why in his own however perverted it was code. Things made sense in other words he said. He said twice that. I actually had a night. Nobody was gonna -- now -- -- but also she was threatened to take his daughter away and so he made it clear that that was the highest priority for him. And I think in his own mind that -- justify his actions but at least gave him a little context you. The same pace a little bit and he also went out of his way to. To praise her as being an Angel. And then she be given a couple of barbs against what I had to assume or his his potential future in laws when he said -- couple people are taking advantage of the situation. I think he failed to -- you think he's safe race at all. Now that's bad about -- I that necessary that you get I think that's what he was I think in a perverse way that is trying to -- I mean I think you can make an argument. That is making peace with your own -- this point your life was that's what happens is is what's most important and I think. Maybe you can maybe he can go to bed and I forget what anyone else thinks I I didn't put that handling wild amateur anymore. And there's some redeeming virtue in in in accepting responsibility I'm not saying I agree that it that it worked and I think that's probably what he was thinking. Professor are there any rules and regulations to this out when when he read his statement I was a little surprised as well. Is it basically he can say whatever he wants to at that point. I I I think there would be pretty much yes and the same thing goes true for what are called victims impact statements I mean once you pled guilty. There's not there's no other repercussions can come his way. I suppose that he would if he totally gone off the deep end. I'm sort of split finger and other people are saying some really bizarre things. At that point -- -- the judge could threaten all of the content in and do so but to what end. So as. To answer your question. There really isn't a lot of boundaries around what you can do at that point you can capitalism that when he put guilty as an dresses like fine arts. What are techsters ask this question. Is one of the things that he could have -- his attorney could've negotiated on his behalf. In this case with some choices to where he was going to prisoner was that all predetermined as well. Well with the way that works in in Massachusetts is that you're going to -- -- -- house of corrections. Less serious offense. You can and try to add that you guys essentially -- -- facility. In Massachusetts went with something this serious it is typically just that department corrections decision this and you two whatever security level they've -- appropriate. -- -- -- a security issue for you or somebody else you're being there. And then the department corrections and sort of try to put you somewhere else I don't think that's something he. Com he was trying to negotiator could have the only thing he could try to negotiate -- -- -- production out of thing that was everything a consideration for the government in this case. Because of his name and as you can imagine the reason. We're talking you're right now Chris is because his last name is -- and his association to his father Jerry -- so. With his guilty plea today. Does that make it -- an open lane so to speak for the mark -- family to go after whatever. Assets. Jared -- has by extension in the aid try to get some money. Out of out of Jerry Remy and his wife mean is that guilty plea just basically say yes I'm at fault and that open up for the -- it is something. Well they'll with a caveat this a little out of my area of expertise on the criminal guy that I really don't think that's a concern. I think they'd go after any access -- -- -- hasn't civil suit. But I don't think there's a way to connect what happened here to his parents and either. You know he's an adult com. And so I don't think I don't think there's any way they can attach any of the assets that is that is his parents. So this is it now I mean we've. Short of you know when he passes away whenever that is we really have no reason to hear from or about -- -- again to -- Now there's no right to an appeal from a guilty plea mean the only thing you would hear from him again. Which is not on -- that is the same way except sometime. Next year and says what that I do. And them want to try to undo it by filing a motion to vacate the guilty plea in in order for that -- -- you have to say that. He really didn't know what it was doing very influenced there was an involuntary. Process and and -- Aren't that uncommon especially when people find out of their -- -- repercussions like immigration consequences for example the very. Commonplace and that happened. On but I think the judge -- very thorough job with him today. And I think it'd be really hard for him to. Come back sometime in the future and say I I didn't know what I was doing -- plea deal. Now you said your your expertise is is criminal law. If if Jared really hadn't done this today. -- what is the strategy of the the defense team to try to look for any type of inconsistencies. Any type of a break down. In the flow of paperwork. Or do you plead insanity and it seems clear cut what would the defense do to try to. Lessen the blow for Jarrett Jeremy. Well I think we've we've heard a little bit well floated out there we heard a little bit more than some of -- -- -- I think they would have gone with a mental -- defense on whether it was -- a complete. Now how to catch -- break on insanity defense and other jurisdictions. And and we we we call something a little bit different here or diminished capacity kind of defense. Getting murdered out of same manslaughter or second degree I think they would have had to argue that whether it was steroids. Where the depression or being on -- knocking on man it's all that have contributed to a state of mind. We're either goodness -- in the specific intent to commit the crime maybe. Reducing it to another charge or gone for complete. Insanity plea saying that he would -- he was just wasn't -- responsible which is what we call it. In Massachusetts would call a lack of criminal responsibility defense but I don't I don't know how. Exactly the one of those would have been I don't know how. Detailed -- adapt the mental health records were. I know the the -- -- kind of the concept is something that it's catching -- a little bit nationwide I think you start seeing some people try to use that as as an offense and instant criminal cases. Life in prison and in that pretty much speaks for itself but I'm just wondering. What what are what are some of the how what's what's a precedent for some of the other charges. That are are going to be coming Jared Burmese way of me had some issues. Throwing a milk carton. At at an officer. That he gotten to a fight another fight in. And in another situation well what are those charges typically carry those -- Your tigers also I think -- the other ones I remember correctly were misdemeanors or what are called concurrent jurisdiction felonies which make it all. -- just house of correction penalties or jail sentence. So whatever happened -- cases. They're just gonna be thrown and it's it's icing on the cake in and it really doesn't matter. I thought theoretically possibly could fight one or more of those but I probably I would see any point to doing. It really window dressing nothing. I'll find final question from me professors -- fairly safe to say that our other high profile murder case involving. The sports world in the real world we will not expect to hear a guilty plea anytime soon. I'll be ready to retire that happened in that case and I think I think both those cases both the -- account universal. The county case is will be trials. At -- -- wanted to ask this question. But I want extended texas'. How much money did did shared with me in the -- families save by not going to to a trial on extending this -- wondering beyond that secret question but. How much money is the commonwealth save as well not going through struck. Well tell it that the taxpayer question is is up in a lot of money right because of the resource that would have extended term experts. And the work lies police investigating -- basket by DA's office and and the money spent on. On -- and possibly also federal appeals. So we -- -- taxpayers' money. You know I don't I don't know what -- I don't know what I like put on on now what. A statement that families -- and legal fees. You know these -- -- can be on anywhere from -- by the kilogram plus expenses. -- Bryant a terrific lawyer resolves not the kind of guys gonna get out of somebody so I'm sure and had a pretty reasonable fee structure in place. And I think it probably I don't think saving the grammys a lot of money list was an impetus here I think maybe saving. -- parents' arms and misery may have been part was going on here. -- airborne as a former criminal defense attorney Boston law firm of rank and insult and I now Suffolk. Law professor we appreciate the expertise in the time Chris thank you very much threatening -- -- that is a professor Christie are born. From Suffolk law paneling and out for -- I hadn't even thought about the the financial question is good question. On the part of the -- and I'm glad you worked it and he probably saved his parents as I'm guessing they were gonna foot the bill for this. A lot of money. I don't know how much or not elevated it can be anywhere from 75 grand 200000 dollars expenses. So who knows how high that would have gone by and and the Commonwealth's. Savings in this. Even more substantial with what they would -- had to do to try to -- You know and I think it's it's wanted to use cases authorities issues understands it has been this way since we. We first saw the globe's story. The extensive. Shocking globe's story Eric Moskowitz wrote the first time about your Grammy. And in the followed globe story and there -- ever since we have mentioned -- remain. People have been. Very. Either or yes or no there hasn't been much discussion right. There's been looking -- it if you don't agree with me. If you don't think that that Jerry Remy -- ago. You're defending Jerry Remy. There if you don't think that is. If you think Jerry Remy has to go. You're an idiot because you don't understand parenting and you can't do this many haven't been a lot of room to meet him I don't understand and it's one of these one of these topics. I just think that. Look -- people are lined up now to talk about. We weren't involved. We weren't involved. Thank I mean so yeah I mean let's try to maybe this is like a foolish appeal let's try to have a conversation about it at least we're talking about the -- Where it would Jerry Remy coming just full disclosure for those who don't remember a month and a half ago I said yeah he should step down. That's -- just my opinion about it. I'll listen to different opinion to -- I don't think he showed you think it's idiotic for anybody subject to suggest that. Jerry -- shouldn't be in that position that's fine let's just have a conversation about instead of saying. Paid -- protecting Jerry -- because he's explaining a tweak it try to explain how hits the free can Twitter account works. -- now you're an apologist for every Jerry Remy. 6177797937. Is telephone over the AT&T -- minus 37937. Mort for coming up top the hour dale and -- Sports Radio W media.

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