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SoccerCast - Brian Bilello, Revs President

May 27, 2014|

On this edition of the SoccerCast New England Revolution President Brian Bilello joins the show. We talk about the new MLS TV deal, the surging Revs, and of course the World Cup.

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Welcome to another edition of W you guys sucker cast -- -- -- young -- from the four. That's my time kind of -- going to happen. You can Brian how are you. They're -- feel like cattle up -- up to now very adjusting. I think that that yes yes very interest in. Tyler let's start right in -- what people are very curious about which is the new TV deal that was announced a couple weeks ago. What are some of the specifics that should be exciting us as fans and excite you as in the present of a major team here. What -- the first thing that the commitment that that all three networks BS and Fox News isn't showing towards sport. And towards our lead -- -- in the growth of Major League -- in the growth of soccer America. The eight year deal. News is really showing that that's support not just financially. I think the financial part of it what's what's what's really important -- -- and the financial commitment these networks and making. Is really financial commitment that it necessarily. Looking at -- ratings but looking at what's gonna happen in the future so. They're they are literally invested in our league and helping our -- grow I think for -- perspective that's been the most important in the peace. These networks really need this that that lead to -- they need the ratings to grow. And -- work hard not just that televising the games but the doing things to help the sport now probably grow. What one of the things in the TV deal that really. Strict some of me as a fan is it to the old you know. NBA and NBC the game of the week how important is that to really help grow the brand. We think it's we think it's critically important so we went into negotiations I think we I mean I mean the league I was sitting at table but. I only went into it one of the things that was stated by the league is really important to get. Regular scheduling regular programming -- and understand what our games are going to be on when they continue and so I think that consistent schedule having those games. Frankly back to back I think is gonna be really cool prepared that was something I it gives you would detonation or you know analysts is gonna live on national scale. And I think that's that's going to be really critical for the growth. Now EES at NBC sports has seen a great -- from the Premier League -- -- me. No blew out their entire networks. Schedules on a Sunday to play the entire. Final game in and have the championship run now how much do you think something like that the Premier League success on MBC. Really kind of struck common these other networks to really make a push for a good deal for that would benefit the MLS. You know I don't I don't. Think frankly it -- it. It -- ain't going to say we really need to get. More bombs talks because of that I think you saw the growth of soccer. Already people from the national team in the World Cup all the way through adolescence. If anything what I what I say from from not deals -- -- to -- showed. If you promoted the right way if you promote soccer in the -- these be promoted if he'd give it the attention needs to be cute the the support that it needs. That you can you can do more with -- soccer product has been done in the past I think the one thing I would say before that deal is but it was adolescent with a national team. Or you know -- the -- frankly I think those properties have been underserved in terms of promotion. And that was one of the times we look to sort of property and really promoted it well and got a return for that. And and I think will -- tackle thrower with with our property. Now one of the challenges I face on a weekly basis is -- obviously I'm working and we're covering all sports here in Boston and you I'm trying -- trying to convince people to get into the game people that never were into it grew up never playing it never really watched it. In trying to express them how exciting and how great of the game actually is. And some people get it miles still Arnold he gets it he's a big fan goes to Redskins. But others don't and that when you see the Landon Donovan news and how big and how much you caused an uproar. Aside from Landon Donovan being admitted is actually good sign for soccer here in the states that it was such a big story. -- navigate soccer story particularly domestics soccer story. That's focused on the game. I think use the news is great -- I think it is really showing you the underlying support there is for the sport the underlying interest terrorism when there's a a relevant story about soccer. People wanna hear about wanna talk about this wasn't. Some sort of scandal or some sort of other random often -- -- it was a discussion about you know a great player and not make the World Cup team and should he be should be it was really. That's part of me that was most encouraging or some sort of side story it was it was cordless the World Cup team this guys on the team what does everyone think about that. And I posted to -- -- that kind debate out there in in in many trees sports media. So how did you feel about former red star Taylor Twellman -- confused everyone and destroying Twitter for an evening. Taylor is the he's -- news breaking machine right now on the other we had a good run for you we pull out you'd like to think about. Music great army has it ever since he joined that group. And please -- He's gotten pretty good at the breaking news business lately. -- he he he is pretty good today and Twitter does go on an uproar when he does break some news let's transition here and talk a little bit about the team. Itself now and another great win. But here's the negative. They let their goal then let it go home they don't do that what the hell happened Brian. Yeah I was it was simply disappointed with -- that would happen happen at some point I'm actually just. Happy that we can you open goal is in -- -- and so that we still got three points on the board in we got the gold that would let up but we don't other. Another fourteen local activists will be will be pretty happy here -- went up to shorter. What was the what was the key to the turnaround because it was not a great start the season and it's been an amazing ever since you know 6011 in the last seven games. What -- Turn around their for the team what sparked that. You know I think. We we we took a pretty constant and consistent approach to what we do here. You know we weren't clicking prefer for the beginning -- -- But we return a lot of saying you know young players that we have -- and we are exciting attacking team last year I don't think we felt internally that. You know we were broken by any stretch the imagination. That we we weren't exactly getting what we needed and we had to -- a little bit we have some new players in. And -- -- -- guys like to deal and so just getting an integrated into our system and and what we do took a little bit of time. But you can see we've got to also owners right now in both of these guys are talking about the conflict Diego we've simply an unbelievable level and the news. You know frankly in my opinion the most underrated player we have right now -- again he's having a fantastic season. And the defense obviously is has regained his form from last -- -- I think we had one really take -- to pick up this season and a lot of people kind of focus sometimes -- -- this -- the revs are. But we are we are. You know we -- short that that that's not -- we work and obviously we've we've which shifted pretty dramatically from where we were the first game season. Well you've finally welcome back the MLS defender of the year. On Saturday finally got back on the field but he missed about two games there and you guys had a very successful run. Is that an encouraging sign that the defense is really developing. Around him even when he's not there. I think we look frankly agree that the defense. There's -- positions that the -- positions -- goalkeeping position you know where where team that likes to have depth say like that dep director of competition. And so yes certainly it's encouraging. When any of our players go down that that we continue that well equipment with talent -- currently have been with Caroline for for a few weeks he's come back the last couple games as substitute role. But you know diagnosed Serbian is a great job. For for Connolly missed him with injuries so again it would look about across the board to make sure we've got coverage we've got depth. We have. Multiple players who can who complained that we have a system that again these guys understand what it is we're trying to do and so when we have to do that with this but somebody else. Out for somebody that they know they do and they know what to expect of them that position and having -- -- a tremendous job not just this year but over. Over three years as coaches is -- but he his systems and and and making for the guys understand what to expect. Then you brought up Patrick -- and a couple minutes ago and he's. On fire right now scored four straight games and he's only the second rookie and the most history to ever do that. What did you see out of him before he selected him and what have you seen from him since that. -- party a better question -- in the coaches -- but from what I you know from what I don't talk without coaching staff they they live like. Patrick -- on the field but also off the field and and the way he carried himself with it -- -- -- -- -- You know for firms for relatively young guy. -- -- got a lot of conferences themselves. Note please do and and and mean he really -- -- challenged and so. It would be -- down in the draft. Offense to who who who were watching and it's always in draft that we moved up a little bit to get him it's frankly we. We didn't know you know white but so far. But it was a play that we treated that we have to -- to -- and that we need to do that in and so far. You know Patrick has has has been rewarding that's where or particularly that -- Absolutely -- next up you've got the Montreal impact in Montreal. On Saturday have believe. Who would be looking to see out of that game Montreal can be tough from time to time. Yeah I mean what -- that there's there's there's no easy games you know there's a reason why would treat it like that don't don't happen very often in. In you know not literally but talk around the world so. It's it's it's there's no easy games in their gonna play tough. You know we're coming into their house in and I think you know reached. With with the game with -- he needs. It DP showed that that you can play -- tough. What it was that big of a game by multiple goals and that's what he'd do a really good job. Both battling us defensively but also credit score -- it is themselves -- so. We expect Montreal to to be a tough opponent that we're all of their house and they're silent epidemic is beyond us. Thousands I have you here I'd be remiss to not ask. And I know all the fans are clamoring for the us any update on a new stadium. Now I don't have an update -- spirited defense right now what is it that it could still on the network committed to doing in that we are working on and and we really hope to have a solution for or for the red in it in. Or around the city of Boston that's that's -- the goal and we know what it would do this for valid as part team. Narrow lead but really we think for the sport of soccer. To have that you know professional team in in this sort Erving bought an environment. We've seen in other markets here and this is a fantastic soccer market and it would really be something special. Absolutely I have to ask -- -- target torched for never asking not -- that's right there you know there's been. In the past couple months there's been news about new teams popping up Miami Orlando. Atlanta and New York City. Do you do you think it's too much it would reach that cap number here in the amount of teams are gonna happen the analysts is this is this the right number. Yeah meant I think I think the expansion we have done or continue to do. Is is good in need we need to. Grow the sport nationally and I think we need when you come to a soccer game we're really country. The need to viewing experience the -- confide in with our supporters in the singing. And and and how close you get to beat the action and it really is a sport that lends itself to -- -- viewership. And with that in mind. I think having -- market would have outlawed in some people can go and get that tight and affiliation to a to a local club. I think that's really important to this transport rate curator of self and you would not help market. We continue to watch the NFL not the highest standard in the world for you know is not the only step in the world war. For Americans football so. You have a reason to an -- you know you're living in a market like Orlando and there is an -- -- city in the last. In last week to cheer for the navy -- it and want to partnership or maybe you don't want to Bundesliga or something like that. So I think it is really important for us to have local millions of fans and grow up -- -- and analyze them -- local club. So it it is it is nice to see major. Major markets getting involved too you know Atlanta being huge major market New York obviously getting a second team Miami and Orlando being a big market and so it's nice to see. Bigger larger markets and you know. Columbus is a great sporting city but it's not a great. It's not a huge market. So it's nice to see. Miami and Atlanta involved in the mix even if they're not always the greatest sporting sensible. Well I think I think what what's going to be critical for us is to have a really successful -- In the big markets right so we have a lot of successful teams. Indians and -- markets right now but I think you know taking. The York or Boston Chicago or. One of those big big markets like guys -- and getting real relevant analyst team. To the forefront is is critical except partly. And again. We have confidence that we can do that here involved in arms as we just talked so we could leave some major major part of that. But we think it's possible to do that involved and that's what we're right there. Now I am totally -- I -- on this one did you happen to see the champions league final. Most that we had our game. That night so I watched the first step at home. And drove into the -- at a time and that kind of -- -- the second half from my office closed the second cup but again. Monica just was hoping that maybe one day we could see Jay heaps just blow up and run all over the field like Diego did that on Saturday I certainly don't expect. As the fair and I kind of hope I know you obviously don't play. It was a it was a spectacles interest since it was a spectacle. Right now comes in my favor part of the show every every time we do this from every domain of the when he goes I have to ask what your World Cup predictions and I don't know if it's changed since last time we talked to Bolivia Brazil winning at all. You know what I RA II. It's our numbers -- little bit. -- -- that don't know the the energy could -- be in the home is going to be. The positive uplifting one there or more repression is going to be hard to be and managed through. -- right now I I like Germany a lot. And now -- a project myself and then I also like Spain. If they don't -- Brazil. After the -- if they want a point Brazil that that first knock out game. Maybe not so much. But but I do I do you think a lot of people or are sleeping on Spain actually and didn't make a lot of noise. Uninteresting now when you say Germany you mean Germany not Germany junior which is. US men's national team. I mean I mean Germany Germany. But but obviously. Mine my heart is gonna be with the US team in. Hope that they can they can possibly in the last time they were and a really tough group like this was probably 2002. Portugal golf select group I was on the stand during those days and I was actually with my wife went to went to Asia to watch the US the World Cup so. I got to even get out -- by that it can be Mexico. So that was real fun -- and -- but hopefully they'll popular people at that time around. Think it now have a good statement that the media couple when that -- Fingers crossed right fingers crossed where can we find you on Twitter. Twitter you can try and get -- spread. And I try to be pretty active like and I'll poke some fun stuff for fancy. And Bible or -- but but also I try to be very responsive so fans have questions or want to interact with me not a great place to do it. And I thank you very much for joining me today -- I really do appreciate it certainly not best of luck in the future our current. -- those Brian below the president of the New England Revolution here. It was very great for him to join me today I really do appreciated talk about the the new TV deal and how important it will be for the growth of the league around the country. You start and receive really grow here in the in the New England region. And it's because you very successfully young team that's become entertaining to watch sometimes I feel like I'm playing a game of -- on easy. Would the revolution when their dropping goals like that but -- tough hard fought win -- DC united and thanks up about the Montreal impact so that'll be it. Another fun exciting game. And it's a good time -- -- fan I'll tell you that it's it's a very exciting time. And -- you've got a good team that's just growing together and growing and growing and and there's going to be some special here. Very soon. Maybe this year even. Who knows again thank you Brian below for joining me at reds president twitters where you can find him you can find me on Twitter at the end -- WEEI. As always the WEI soccer -- has brought you by the Connecticut school of broadcasting get your start in sports broadcasting today. Call 1800 TV radio or visit goes he has B dot com to figure out more and find out more if the program is right for you which I'm sure will be if you love sports and you're talking sports. It is the right program for you. So call 1800 TV radio or visit ghosts ESP dot com thank you guys from listening to the WEI soccer -- I'm your host young men and I'm out of here.

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