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Red Sox Second Baseman Dustin Pedroia joins MFB, 5-27-2014

May 27, 2014|

Dustin Pedroia talks to Merloni, Fauria and Benz in regards to the Sox recent struggles, Xander Bogaerts' head, and whether he'd rather party with Gronk or Johnny Manziel.

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-- hold then we'll start the base runners. Note to. Playing a line drive through. Big -- And here -- one run here come welcome them playing -- ball hard. Red Sox have not. Good but dry air. A moment it looked like how that would make JD would rather tentative. No but dry -- with two RBIs sixteen in the era is 63. The debut edition of Maloney Fauria and events demands Christian Fauria and when we're Loney on WEEI -- three point seven. WEEI Sports Radio network and flagship. Or the Boston Red Sox and joining us right now for the first time doing radio this year for the first time and our first show if I Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia. Dustin didn't feel like what in the World Series. Yesterday -- Atlanta. Is the big went for a semi we've we've got organ grinder lately. But not -- -- -- in July when the World Series is that the right direction enough. Don't go long way to go on the island certain thing around it in when a lot of August. But you're glad to be these shaved the -- -- and -- kept -- you know what what what's next right but yeah. I why it was free -- about it if you like and I that period so La. -- All partisan bent for you guys go to the stretch -- -- -- -- pro -- last year new group of guys I love that same court you win a World Series everything went right and its say there was so many different areas right nobody can take the blame because it was on a given night maybe something else. Was happened to cause you lose games how difficult has that been for this group. Yet it you know it's been tough I mean no one in all the guys they work together we we are really handling of -- You know on a flight the other trying to talk about how to pull ourselves out of did not turn anywhere air that we -- A lot of things that didn't go our way during Bernard that you and -- and the -- -- a couple games in champ by a ball. He got chopped up home plate to go over Brock Ed. A bloop single over my head and then you know one mistake -- you know street or -- And that kind of you know I've been happening throughout the -- You know you look at the big picture 162 game -- what -- -- -- -- You know what what -- and amen -- ball all played in -- goal for -- is that for double that -- on. You know ward at target the break since the start turn around and -- an -- They just are you looking for a solidified role as far as your place in the lineup you bat first second and third. David is designed do you prefer one of the other are at that point at this point is it just you know what can -- do to help out. Yeah that's what -- I -- to help out on the and we. You know obviously you know coming in here earlier we are we had a lead off hitter for. Seven years in Kobe and and add it all which it usually wreck -- -- -- third. And then David so obviously when Jacoby left. You know we we tried to mix -- -- little bit and then saying shame that the injury this year. So kind of you know what kind of trying to find some consistency at the op -- and I hit the opt for awhile. You know so but it doesn't matter what whatever wherever we're -- in the lineup you know we got to try to find a way to keep -- there and not that the problem everyone. You know you can say what you want about all the you know we need to keep a light at the same or whatever will keep -- -- -- the -- when we get the former Nowak -- -- You know David everybody it doesn't. Now one guy you know. Where are going to be consistent you know you're fired -- -- -- underweight so you don't really to be. Dustin Pedroia were this year and WB I'd just really glad you brought that last point because it speaks to something alassane earlier in the show. How much of an -- for you feeling David Ortiz Napoli before he got hurt for the losing streak 'cause I'm sure you heard what was going on here in Boston. All the Red Sox fans were getting very agitated with some of the younger players not stepping up and getting better but you guys were struggling and slumping to. Did you feel even more of an onus to bear. And breakthrough and try to carry the team while these young guys were going to their growing pains and how much do you think that contributed to the ten game losing streak. All of a little bit means that you get you know when when you know we're not -- -- offensively and you need that spark you wanna be that guy out to -- You know step up and and all out of it but you're not. You know sometimes you gotta step back and let the game come the year on the that there were a couple in camp over because it in game up at about. Not sure Australia will run on it's it's. You know they were necessary and obviously from something in the middle zone that processor ticket they can out walk in. Getting honored. You know try to do -- some on the -- absurd something. You know your strategy you're a little bit too much and -- You know after after my second about yesterday. I -- -- -- at Charlotte again on me relax play. And you know help -- anywhere I -- and and you know all the guys will start during the he's got to settle -- -- and the lack of the united a big believer. Hired 62 games at the end we'll be right -- to be here here occurred earlier they're a lot -- -- -- that your play or inning game here about 3030. That got back so -- got to the back in an acute with the process and it'll happen. You know a new shortstop is really nothing new for you I don't know how many you've played with but you know the signing of Stephen Drew but expects him in a week or so. But -- in -- Bogart's moves over to third base and he just Oregon comfortable at least offensively. How -- that -- -- you you talk an awful lot with him being young player you've been a veteran guy how is always Sanders had right now what Stephen Drew can mean for you to. In -- -- bogeys unbelievable I mean you got to air 4041 years old. -- -- winners so while the bail out an all American and how they appear on even offered Johnson or hit with -- aluminum bat this. Final are bigger market than. And in baseball and and he did an unbelievable everything that we got bogey did you -- he's been able you know -- -- -- that challenge and did. Great teammate. So we got slogan that disturbance in -- both -- just put our space and he's -- -- -- in and it and baker that are so. You know pretty proud the way -- From the first game that but now the way he's improved in every aspect of the game understanding the game you're going to be a good start for a long par four. He'll be out 'cause I know you work out errors only talked to all you go quicker Connolly he only first two years in professional sports and what it does that discussion take place does that. When I see him out to shortstop it's at its that first step is that reaction thing we're. Maybe it was lacking early on. All you are I think you -- -- would win. You know you don't know some of the hitters united on another bat out you don't know. In all of their their throats and we're there trying to get the ball and in the play in the middle field or -- You know getting good Johnson and and you know looking into the -- and the end you know we're gonna hurt that you seamer away and you know we excuse -- -- in the right an idiot that you got to know where he insists they weren't gonna get the ball in that respect I'm here we -- that on it and end. You know you don't know when he had -- the players so I think the second time around it definitely the made some plays. In Tampa that we're you know ranging ranking to a -- made a a play yesterday -- -- -- that the -- -- You know what we're gonna get the ball and he's improving every every day. Yeah you know listen I Clay Buchholz is obsolete struggling a little bit the last couple starts. What would -- what would you advise him to do what would you advise don't thrill to do based on you know the best way to get him back to playing at a high level. -- And expect any of our guys I think. You know. Ladies and know that we're gonna go or wanna go he's got to give the article. I mean that got electric stuff. You know everybody culprits get down there aren't that mean that my culprit here or earns or where the game speeds up on everything. You know. You go out there beginning hitters count that drop he hit it in on order some new swing at a you know little things don't go your way so. There -- I would just tell me all they are gonna go your way you keep working keep current and got a lot more -- long long way to go but we're gonna we're gonna get back in this thing to do what do you got to he's got to be at the art. Dustin Pedroia with a second baseman for the Boston Red Sox and the guy. Dustin you guys good enough to get back into this with what you have in the clubhouse right now or do you need help from the outside. Go out there and help us win back I think every game now that that we play and we -- the guys that we have. I did you know I I feel that we've got a great chance to winning every night even though we just off again -- You know one yet surely came back that so I hurt you. But every time we show up I got I got a good feeling network so. Went for the world. What -- -- world chance that they got think about it in Portland Oregon -- one that. Got to find ways. But -- are going to be easy on never it. Speaking of fights Dawson -- just got to touch on that our work I you know these guys trying to you know schooled me on this unwritten rules or baseball going to be in a -- at a football players so. What do you take out of that skirmish the other day with Escobar or what would you. Would tell you just break that gap from me -- we are we reading too much into this. Our -- -- serious -- elation of unwritten baseball code. You don't know I probably in third -- our you know our dugout I I. The way the way I play I mean how would never. Once think about -- in the rays dugout yelling at at Joseph -- her or you know I would never yell at David Wright he's going to be a much respect. For their team in the end into the against them that that was it would -- -- -- solid at second -- I didn't know what was setter -- -- I -- have a problem in the back problem -- -- -- You know being just being -- just jerks percentage the right -- a -- early years -- long term deal earlier that's going to be a for a long long time and and now some guys couple years from now they'll be gone so. Guys like Jon Lester should get one pitch play with for a long time in the deal that came on indicate a lot of people talk about four and seven. And I'm sort of afraid that it is an unwillingness to kind of move -- to pay these guys and keep the good players -- long term because the prices up and that was -- only had an article -- and maybe some guys -- In that locker room weren't too happy with that Duke the guys want this guy back here. Jon Lester says that one a hometown discount Hal poured his -- for this team you think the kind of keep this guy around. Yeah that's very important Don Johnson. Everybody's seeing what Jon Lester -- Red Sox uniform mean every Derek army at the ball. On the good -- and we have a big and -- gets is that Dunlap. And I mean there's there's. I'll look playing behind him -- mean. Eat eat eat in the compete until the last it may and now you know -- you wanna go to work for guys like that every single day and I sure hope he's here here we meet her other markers together. Does that bother you when you guys heard that I mean that it kind of scratch your head saying no. Why would we office demo money greens are proven he can be he -- who he is. -- I mean I I don't. And I've been to the business side of this and and I don't try to. What emotion into it I mean you know I all I know Obama's former teammate and make sure that. You know -- spoke it in the right area and -- You know he sticks to what makes -- good that the -- job make sure. He's not start mandate. In the weight room where it now hurt the order material they're attracted to be great. And you know that got put into that that I focus on what -- with John and he. Inside not somebody else and if they're not the contract up to. Try to focus on the game and an and the rest we will take care of itself. Dustin Pedroia with a -- WEEI's Maloney Fauria and then it's lasting four he would dust we always get a question from one of our listeners on FaceBook. Just when comes to us from Kyle it's a good one if you could bring back one guy from last year's championship roster who wouldn't be. And why. -- It's now I know I have a great answer but it but it. I don't know I don't know anybody else know. About you know Guerrero. I know absolutely. Like the -- you know had back surgery knee surgery and that guy -- -- out for a long time he was. Or David -- pitcher youngsters here to let. Very intelligent hitting guy in the US dollar and eight. Help and now picking up things here and there are. You know -- a pretty good go but we're not in -- -- -- -- in order for guys that from actors in a lot but they're they're great players. And then when -- -- that are that are you know Jacoby wants Yankee sultan. I mean there's there's concern in a great he is tempered tired so. Convert the few guys in our I'm local -- that want to play with when you're in makes it special Wallace and that's the one in the World Series so. You know yelled at full form and hope they do well. I guarantee that's not the answer Kyle was expecting. Now you know you know Guerrero. Everybody's looking him up as we speak I got one quick question this is this is a personal question. Let's go back to did the single Dustin Pedroia days. -- you have two guys to choose from you're going to Vegas you're going with John -- -- or Rob Gronkowski who we think we'll have more fun with. -- She -- probably that's for me probably a grown man on any along Bayern Munich it's I'm not all. You know we get in the little. It'll fighters on the money back though he's -- did. And Dustin thanks a lot coming I'll let us in a big part of our debut show on your debut interview here for 2014 thanks a lot for c'mon Maloney for invents. All right got sick Erica experiment. Dustin Pedroia Red Sox second baseman here on 937 WEEI.

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