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The Merloni, Fauria and Benz Show makes its debut, 5-27-14

May 27, 2014|

The guys open their inaugural show talking baseball, as the Red Sox snap a 10 game losing streak with a come-back victory against Atlanta. The Sox also got into a bit of a scrap against the Rays over the weekend, and Lou, Christian and Tim have some thoughts about that as well.

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Boston is a big city. New England is an expansive regions of lots of choices for talk radio but after a few weeks of listening -- -- -- -- -- no choice. Christians -- and Mike -- Are doing events yeah during the Vince Wilfork nobody's gonna like the love big love of our red numbers -- the water on the grid gamut. Of we can get insert if you want -- You know this program every day sentence he'll still on WEI -- and it beat. Former reds player Lou Maloney former patriot Christian -- yours truly Tibetans. Boston or New England -- we'll be back. 10 we've got this show will never be referred to as gentle again how can probably be coming off a weekend. That's all this sucks they're losing streak crest at ten games finally getting a victory. Bottle -- -- I have heard it here and before that you brought this -- the Spaniard twenties alone to 31. Drunk drunk so you've gone through tonight your recovery and everything to boxing out -- came off. -- -- I'd heard it was before. But did anybody -- sick that the Christian part there we gonna keep that is can you. Reynolds and oceans apart again. I don't like this -- let's -- Who's got a great open oh Lauren. And didn't throw an anchor. The good. What people remember -- contribution you know why you didn't feel right square in the heat here that venerable article understands that I don't know. We can't we get like you know Christian Fauria is wide open and canceled the rest of it and they still didn't throw at all. It cuts to uncle -- I don't know I like that. You know we have a former Red Sox play at numerous Tony Hall was first at -- local kid doing well Oslo and act like. I don't know Donald elect a shortened version I just wanna finish to play did you catch that ball -- wide open and yet I mean literally I'm assuming so I mean I dropped some touchdown passes in my day bush -- assume that you know it was just -- -- out the end zone but. Oh somewhere else -- how delicate -- -- -- somebody else definitely yeah we're gonna the work on the I think -- do my own open because I wanna. If I'm gonna have a show with my first initial my last name minute. I'm good Iowa until late you know that you don't contribute to how it sounds. Got a little boot to with a ball before it's over supplies. -- inside ran on the side of the box otherwise side Brady. Played it the -- -- -- They'll let -- and I know exactly what planet that the pop pass them in my living catching pop vessels is basically. You don't miss direction play action pass through it looks at running back and I just so -- it's kind of look into where I'm doing in a look at you wide open. That's but it but it works it works real or comment oh and speaking of mindlessly giving people crap -- start the real killer and are -- and we stopped giving me grief for causing this Red Sox losing -- has not finally. I a look at this way they got the win just in time for the first shell that's alive you know -- was about me coming here since I've been here for the entire industry. You're nervous about that too like NC you know generally nervously or -- -- I'm from cult cult practice shows a dollar pre season shy girls pre season. Yet the -- company we get -- -- So so I mean you're you're you're nervous about America's you wanna be affiliated with that seriously right -- I think some would like that on for some reason wanting out of an easy target. Dustin Pedroia coming on 1 o'clock and he's I think you'll also be superstitious enough that you achieving his beard. I saw that now and everybody equally was something to shake up the losing streak -- be superstitious. -- -- -- -- Sucked into the superstores as well which -- -- -- it was a lateral way got brought -- rate of Alia on -- okay so I'm -- -- every -- -- in like he he he looks like somebody -- hundred times. And that it hits me it's the WB Mason guy from the from the from the paper. -- once I don't have one guy one curl up. We're stuck with that awful for somebody like Obama second all awful mustache like this NH and once I was like curled up. The other side dimension and -- broadcaster that was a poster -- -- maybe you just you know maybe. For the price point oh thanks in New York loves me some paper. They did that for you because it was who walked into an eleven game losing streak. In the moment you're showing -- Boston all of the Red Sox let's go get locked him. And you a lot of fun right watch this team the last week ten days to -- to get to get locked in get ready for the successful playing Yemen after her watch and what was it when he consecutive years of losing baseball wanna jump into a team that's lost and now. Enough but like pirates get the -- Sox World Series champs ten straight can't figure out a way to win. Hey you know -- one finally winning season here under my belt covered a baseball team like you go right to the Red Sox can awful World Series really get around. When the when the was lost. No I drove out here the day after they got eliminated -- in town during NBA draft. I was in the lottery. Yeah the lottery I guess you are on -- out -- It's right because we did that the pre pre season Chopra was Mallory girl -- the daughter of the right right well I got hot daughter 5000 -- all of the axis the hot smoke cannot daughter and a -- is trying to force -- -- to Milwaukee don't associate. And doctor. Hey be used to what 25000. Picture to order bile rise after that day -- -- reservoirs are currently -- -- fight to see Hugo second. Host depression actually think it's a good thing no -- you -- any other it's lasted at the song let's start from the bottom into court and obviously. Started a -- a little bit with some local teams certificates got to pick it up now that the Sox turn this thing around on the topic of the now starting off. The -- run shows that we did this is proof positive -- at least I got something right what apple shows. Explain it to them everybody. As I was coming into town as I was listening as I was driving and when it wasn't bashing the Bruins it was bashing. The guys the bottom of the order to putt woods was it'll -- yes it was Jackie Bradley junior Bogart's in Bogart -- hit that quelled a bit but. That -- would get -- bit later on the back into the rotation. Dustin Pedroia had what one multi game during the streak to two RBIs. Ortiz had or hints no homers or RBIs during the streak. Those guys hit those guys carry the load. All of a sudden the streak is snapped the united it would pitcher gave them not. My point was the whole time for much we're gonna bash the bottom of the roster. That streak got as bad as it did mainly because that hole to stretch. The stars didn't do much anything either Napoli was hurt or got hurt no homers since late April no RBI during the streak before he got hurt. I just felt like the stars. Were getting a free pass along the way it lover but it was picking on everybody. If it's true and I think at the start to get them out of and they gonna need that mean -- -- better players got to step up when he teams struggling he saw that yesterday. That there's so much blame for everybody comedic. It what do starting pitcher goes up there to give your name is Lester buckles to broader PV -- down for nothing in the five nothing at the the second inning. Then you know -- put -- -- and Joseph let me RD in a hole -- -- the sort of continues. I I have got on the young guys and it was more the beginning of the season you know what lately the last ten he gonna pick us picks about the pick anybody -- -- and on and blame anyone. But early on I got to like the way the rush put together but the superstars got -- there's no question those guys are performing at the levels you expect them as well. Real quick let me jump in Maryland Christian news just came down Jerry -- did plead guilty -- the guys talk about the lawyers speaking -- Callahan. Right before we got him the showed today. That just came in now -- just got -- -- -- Jerry Remy does plead guilty so we'll get to more of that coming up later on the program. -- to lose point. It's you know we have a lot of one loss 11 run losses to run losses a couple three run losses but you had opportunities to win all these games. It -- during this during this losing streak so. Yes your your your big time players and not make those big time plays that you you know you you require them to but nobody else did either -- -- anyone ever everybody had an opportunity to make you play they didn't runners in scoring position -- guys home. You know opportunities for the pictures of -- guys out can't do dragging the situation making it worse. Finally getting some -- you mentioned you know your best players Pedroia. Listen I meet Ortiz and eight -- -- is much. Hatred as he gets he was one of the -- that was hitting the best. Out of bills you know quote unquote stars veterans at least all the veterans and hole the guy like -- and you know local I usually do just about this kid that. He still screws up every now and then does. And it's frustrating to watch exists only good -- -- -- has a lot of ability to seize a hustler you -- he works hard. He hits the ball you know bullet. There's something for the future there would this mean you talk about what -- Brooks and you know what he was at third base this -- future for him. I do it I just not be here not -- no doubt as far as you know what I see with -- -- -- bars attitude. You know work ethic. OK AZ perfect no he's not perverts -- just answer -- a lot of guys start Troy Brown start off as a guy. -- to start off that big guy you know look at players that I think you have an upside. You know first thing I'm looking that is the personality of looking at their attitude I'm looking at their ability to remember all the crappy plays that they haven't hotly -- come back. Tommy at the crappy play does not mean off the whole show but -- has a crappy play he comes back with a good play so. There's something there OK I'm activists say he's the next Dustin Pedroia okay but there something there that you know you've got to -- thinking okay. We got to find more opportunities. He's a good player like him I think a stick -- utility guy -- the -- utility guy has been all year I think witness roster gets straightened out. You know he goes down you can option down and hold -- -- natural second baseman remembered two years ago. This first -- this entry before -- from Pittsburgh. And and it was a natural second baseman complacent short and is that work remote third because that's with a -- once even back then. There was not much depth behind -- of Brooks and I still don't have it but anyway. Well -- got to now. He's a natural second base to the errors you scene at third base just because of he has that much. It has that much experience -- -- that he's a guy ought to say that if there was ever thrown in a deal out of Boston and some team put him at second base but be very good player for somebody. And his team is good utility player. I mean it in your seat to watch a team struggle. Would you you just flat out forget about the names of the back of the jerseys forget about what they did in the pastors who stands out the it's me and he was a guy that stood out. You know upper big areas reasons you know the other guys were making plays so. You know you're looking at you know several lines looking -- building for the future yet you can move -- second baseman. Just I test flies. You know there's something there Red Sox fans the streak is over. I think it proves the point -- advancing some hard drive run shows last week that it was not -- our radar Aaron we cannot as a bit and danced around that and I just jumped all over it obviously. So -- -- but I was up like -- 61777979837. I do think this is about the stars emerging and it's sort of prove to the point you gotta you gotta get by with lesser talent back in the -- stars need to step up we'll talk to one of those guys in the 1 o'clock hour Dustin Pedroia. Will be on with his you can also text -- of the AT&T text line every 7937. They were good enough that they overcame a bad start from Clay Buchholz and we'll talk about that wars the show goes along the guys just to touch on briefly here in the first few moments that we have. And the 10 o'clock hour to begin what they can deal with Buchholz now. -- take one of the rotation. And then we've we've talked about this before it's like hopefully the next starting gets better -- better what you saw. I think yesterday was a -- that that is lost Indies are gonna come on say it may be will reject you Bradley just come I am lost any say I can't figure this thing out but. Of the body language on the mound. You know then he would Farrell took this guy out his head was down the whole time. Edit Prodi's Wallace had downing -- in the ball park are the content of this with a head down and throw actually gave them a glance at when he walked off the Mike and looked at them. Real quickly to see. He looks has zero confidence whatsoever. Something is going on somewhere whether it's mechanical or not I've never seen a pitcher. Basically after delivers a baseball through to be running towards first base the way this guy was in everything he was -- was that side you know it's like the third base first base side. He's off mechanically mentally he's actually lost announce how he can -- -- their five -- and. I'm with -- they gotta do something and and John Ferrell definitely hinted that something is coming. War Clay Buchholz -- He goes down they can't send down a drug deal a Marxist. From the bullpen or something but he -- we'll get to the exact quote from John for a little bit later on the show -- you've got actually -- Talking long before -- -- of the game and his warmup was was good the command was there. And then the inside the game you know in the command was Iraq. You know what we've got to look at this a little closer and there's no determination on channel five days from now but soon. And we've got to continue to talk about what what he's currently going through and what's best for him certainly was best for us. And imagine the reaction from most Red Sox fans great. Finally good. Well -- on thinking about right now. Thank you very much past that way when -- Olympic -- when -- was talking about. Ferrell gave a little side guy as these -- walking off the -- like. Even when you're down don't let him know. You know it is on -- right away and everything we got on a quote you know you got to -- to do I don't know the -- -- I -- that's suck it up. And yes your chin up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it it -- here's my question Lou because I saw sought something that Lester said about -- basically saying you know is ERA is it is climbing. Okay and mentally he might be think you listen I got a chip away at this ERA. And not realizing that it's a marathon chipping away at that thing not a pull -- -- So he may be trying to force pitches and they are trying to. You know did that year ERA down so he did you know save some face -- and because of that he's gonna press himself he's gonna he's gonna do things that he shouldn't do. How's that. Is that -- true statement is that something that you know a guy like him who's played so long would push board. While I do think that the go to guys in the slump I was -- to vote no changes are you a bad April also may first it's no longer April anymore. -- I'm gonna hit well and make this the new beginning for me. Right because it's been so bad that the problems you get into -- you getting -- at a buck fifty bucks sixty. And you're hoping that I gotta get hits in each article eight for four. -- credit eight bits and explore -- can happen. Right it's like a process we look at your ERA in Europe there and you're stared at any 66268269. -- I think I gotta throw shut out just to get this thing under a six. Right and an eagle eagle already lost not all that's going -- with him. You know I I think that he needs some time off whether I think it's DL stint you figure the sting out and start to get a look at some of these young guys. Does he say the deals to you -- just skip and you know what -- start and this new -- I can literally -- -- you know you're not said he just leave -- out there are now what you start apple Lotto. Now -- -- start to -- work minority in this rotation who's the long guy. You know now now you and you don't -- -- killing your bullpen and so it's like you. I don't think you can afford if you have four guys. Out there that we're dealing in giving it blanks you could say you know what for -- for ten days is so. We can put him on the shelf just leave them to skip home. In our bullpen is set we get along guy out there we get for the guys deal call that triple that whatever it is but. I think eating at a body county in just shelf a guy with the way this rotation throwing right now. Do you think that what happened the night before with the fight. Not sign -- -- the dust off the bench clear right a couple of banks is actually cleared that's about it call baseball fight us. Point -- yelling and screaming. Between the two teams have anything to do with the bounce back is that to mean -- looks like low hanging fruit that's an easy explanation. Of the. People want that that's just something simply that people wanna look and -- now they went -- -- -- that's defining moment. I don't believe that's the case I don't I don't especially when you look at -- buckles came out and start of the game and how they got down so fast running next game I didn't see much carry over from. Over at them baseballs you -- you know you can have a great win the next not know the next legal there's started as a five -- -- first and -- -- there goes any kind of that moment of it. For stuff the -- dust up thing. You know I I love what I heard from Jonny Gomes because I didn't I didn't have a problem with the steal bases this is the get go -- after the game to the ball that. The some and I mean I'm not concerned about -- at all you know. I -- is always. And scores aggression. Mean I wanted to. From within -- the value indymac really much you know but. You don't mind -- -- point my diarrhea and take your helmet off basically challenger hold on out of prominent. We is that that where the deaths -- you saw the bag so that dug out. Was all over emotional they lost nine straight wanted to snap anything in -- that yeah and then. Whether David Ross and all the time it wasn't sure -- -- him or not he's usually look at it wasn't me. That's what do we -- ninth straight you wanted to scream at somebody I don't think that was an issue stealing up five. What Jonny Gomes now in the guy tick someone off and he's basically sit -- -- -- arms in the air screen with a -- dugout. Probably no documented that it got from left the topic generally yeah that's right the problem about Joseph Maddon Anderson. Regarding this this this crazy stuff about lesions in nineteen -- -- -- runs I didn't take any sense exception. When they when they still in his -- -- eight innings in the division series but I hate to leave Ellsbury on the still I didn't take any because our goal is to. -- optimism scoring wizard goes to score score. There -- to do I mean stop playing baseball this stop -- you don't listen rocketed try anymore. It's like -- like look to Micah OK so once you you're seeing college football time you know of division one school goals against a lower division school. In Iraq up you know 35 points in the first half that put the Tuesday -- the reason there. But that too is that there is there not even did a place of you can't doubles guys to not try to based gore. And it's not the coaches poll meter running the football tour dubbed the stop them yet the same issue is an AV pro level. My issue is I'd say Britain I'd like dual thing I was like bummed out about. Couple things one nobody came out of the dugout right away so -- he raised his hand he starts you know conference being confrontational somebody should step right away. And it it took gold too long it was it was faster -- I was sure it got there. Bastard so he -- -- that guy out with no way in his life and really challenge at the bar and seat for real if you really want to fight. And I think it's all north it's a little dog and on reports yapping away. I we come back. Stick around because if you were listening as Christine alluded to before we did sneak on air -- night last previous we were in safe harbor. And you already missed something. You already missed something good to -- had to say about the doing the patriot quarterback situation was spot on with some analysis that we'll get to that takes on a new light. You know we read about Tom Brady over the weekend we'll do that we come back it's been days -- -- -- -- 90%.

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