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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Mass shooting at UCSB 5-27-14

May 27, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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I have -- brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network and by precision fitness equipment sharper the pros do precision fitness equipment I really missed this when I was away. I wake up and get -- down have for breakfast at 73735. This headline. Would think that I'm really analyze how was your they can get straight loss at -- carriage of nice weekend yes very good. Yeah you feel better -- OK I was in Maine will be which was nice. My daughter. It was uncle my daughter met President Bush. It's in the for formula -- well yes Barbara Bush at the with -- hurry in Kennebunkport literally met. It's like their hands. He's hello. Bop bop it upon Penner had also is condescending to. There's -- a proposal. A little -- to let -- -- met on the weekend Newt Gingrich public. Rest. In Iceland fully -- Now he was -- That's he seems like it you think was he with is that a -- -- yes yes that she was a big -- in you know I was amazed and we went after woods' wife and a girl that just went to this. Club and it was -- and my daughter in a Wiki Wiki -- is him practices what it sure he's. Married three -- to dump the bulk of his first two was while they were deal was in the hospital action. With cancer white robbery and guys like wanna amassed the third one this Alyssa does she seems like ice -- Unix like. The mother of the children of the -- -- and she is 24 years and companies. Really yeah. May I -- I thought she was like 647. Something -- really. Yeah she's weird party just now -- he says I don't yes and I. Let's say -- word now just and I know that we don't hear -- just wanna know apartment units as I said I'm what -- excellent picture. A with him via an. Now now he can she's she's break. There's -- catch up he Calista. -- -- a terrorist -- and a but and he just blew me -- -- but I never thought he wasn't that think that you know ICC. Does not advocate condescending sort of office -- debater and in a great speaker -- No never blows team is warm and Fuzzy bat. Yeah yeah yeah kind of and then we walked down the call Montgomery ghost come up and nights in walked behind him and it was like this lumbering written that. Hit it it but I mean I I wish I could talk to him cause he's -- Julie Guy share pitcher he's doesn't -- to your common ms. Oprah prominent mixed with compact a there's a brutal stories earlier Rogers store I mean. You see this stuff anything he's ever -- and it seems that just happens to a three times a year. Some of the assistant film directors I worked him Hunger Games abortion different movies is a big shot know him now you know augment and those movies I know you know I don't know I mean you know the name. -- tests. Peter Roger Federer is right yeah right yeah. You know when -- killing spree killed the couple was roommates -- kill people reimbursing California Santa Barbara you want killing themselves or seven people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If some of what he said here's a put a three sausage. That they're retribution. And going to enter. -- sorority house at UCSD. Holds water. Every single -- step up the line slot. Machines side there. The oldest girls that I -- so much. They -- -- rejected me and look down on me than inferior man. If I ever made -- sexual advance towards them. Well they threw themselves at. He's obnoxious groups. Take great pleasure. It's fluttering on the view. You finally see that I am in truth the superior one. The true alpha male. Yeah. Can understand one curls reject ulcers -- -- actual feeling. He murdered his romance with a machete right. And one of them. Chang -- long and engineered student from Taiwan. He said he stole three candles room that's. His right. He was upset because he had never had sex and age 22 that was the -- that comes at you that much to him now it's sex it's by it's -- must -- 34 times I'm not talking the back debts apartment aren't enough with somebody else -- with car with two people involved. Admitting people yes -- -- that -- -- progress that at a turning point. But -- every school get a hooker. -- some more white again and a chilling sound from ever get a couple but -- When you're -- easy to get he had BMW stats and money. Again a high class call girl at a social problems he was that it is a downside aliens appears likely for you know it's like -- that. After I annihilated. Every single girl in this story house. Will take to the streets of violent this. And -- in recent ascendancy there. Most popular kids. Who live such alliances hedonistic pleasure -- had to run and loneliness for all these years. It all looked down upon me every time I try to go out and join them you know treated me like -- -- Now. I will be a god compared to you. Do all the animals. You aren't and -- weekends. -- -- Exacting retribution. All those who deserve -- you do deserve it. Just for the crime of living a better life than me. He's popular kids. We've never accepted me. Know you'll pay for it. I only took freshman level psychology and states -- really not qualified to say this but I think there may be some psychological issues there well via their war that it no longer disease deceased but. I guess that the family couple extra soft money YouTube stuff. Contacted the police police talked him said. -- -- -- -- -- -- And they've visited -- in his apartment where he had. The guns guns bought with money -- Greenpeace sent them right. And they said checks out. I mean how hard that question mark on the look -- the cops were aware of this YouTube stuff yeah yeah yeah. Call that some believe it's badly X-Factor. That's topics that we really do that but he did terrible tragedy obviously another. A machete gun violence Luke does seem like you know there's the stuff every four reports and -- today's fall on shortens the Indians he spent. -- weeks months on the call of -- Right some gears of war there's killing -- me of myself right now. A Mexican man once listed as the world's heaviest human has died at the age of forty -- mean well your rebate slimmed down. Nobody earned 67 pounds well below his then record peak weight of 1270. Pounds. -- certified 2000 six's Guinness world record. Greece's -- was -- Monday by an official of the Health Department the states though there was a reason for death. I was the eighteenth -- Merrill on a -- -- a heartbreak hill Serwer checking it went if you -- to get our space I would say he can get -- that's okay. We have sound from him it's your from man well you read here this week you know we get eighteen off days a year the big I think we deserve -- -- on ourselves. That's that's a no hitter and the Guinness record yeah that's not that's it again that's not bad 12170. Pounds. How easy it is -- that's when we knew more sausages and six regular size -- right when you weigh that much how easy it was we lose weight -- you know don't. Yeah he supports ten -- today skip the twelfth you know one big Mac you'd normally -- -- promised elections and how much of the easy to get that I mean obviously 54 and went to breakfast 181000 calories like Rask. Bacon you know -- at all it's anything that pizza every day like big large meat which was even mobile is was he these guys confined to a bed Hillary and even you know even a debate in events are at that picture of -- it's nauseating. Actually. Much worse he was taken to the hospital -- -- I think abducted then this can diagnose him with some like it -- -- It cost cores of a hobby oh so -- now pounds now did you think you're gonna have to 48 sausage. Yes you do. -- -- Because you're going to be trimmed down and -- -- yes yes genes yes some say -- cupcakes here again the other. For what they were and decides to -- that as an expert on yes. Or 480. Missed some columnist and an epic you know it -- takes the money he's asked the joy and so have a cup and these last day would be like participating in the -- ought to -- and had to do -- -- these two ironically it it's not object that's all. Final one a rise in sexually transmitted diseases among older couples the up up up up could have been caused by the fifty shades of gray effect will -- doctors -- doctor Shirley Jones. To the fifty shades of gray trilogy is that older couples becoming more adventurous in bed welcoming other couples can explain me rise -- TDs. Among the over fifty crowd doctors started to see significantly more cases of get over fifties and sixties gonorrhea syphilis. Chlamydia in a rush. Rush -- rush rush what's that rush I don't know it would crash was the. I think in the man from -- -- -- the man from uncle heard it. So rush I think it was the battle organizations. -- public elected people in Nigeria that stole the girl be called Russia yeah. I've -- -- series books at Sotheby's big book that should not at war now passed then that -- isn't -- sequel. 51 states sent me to -- that they were not there possibly to be careful I've public and hoping that I have no choice of a rush I don't believe there's no comment. The other people welcomed -- via. Indian clergy are the keys -- an average -- area that now. That's analyst Roger play eighteen did you become a convert to scuba -- and -- -- we -- -- well here I'll talk about that. Yeah I'd want to -- There were some issues out there were some issues but a good time in Dominican Mexico which is the most important 617 -- -- 7937. Your phone calls -- the NC.

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