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David Ortiz joins Joe and Rob after the Red Sox snap their 10 game losing streak

May 26, 2014|

Joe Castiglione and Rob Bradford talk with today's first baseman and player of the game David Ortiz. David talks about what a relief it is to be back in the win column and how he felt playing first base for a full 9 innings.

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All right thanks at poppy has been awhile so glad to have you talking to us it's them but they -- I mean. It's. I know that every time I think you get something good happen I have right -- right definitely don't we front runners regret that crap -- -- Well certainly this what I had to feel so good and that you could feel the warm sort of turning right especially with that -- knew it was. Two out nobody on an 02 count to Nava and it takes off and not have -- -- I I. Finally kind of Garcia. Under so you know even being down by five runs. And that fit that fixing and in. The guy I was you know trying hard to -- to make something happen you know and there's -- now about more when we're -- working on the walk. And this whole line -- when -- -- you know Pedroia with a big hit. You know carry a couple minutes spot right -- kinda. You know way being home event at the affecting gay guys on base and and it finally happened you know and and and it's like -- say you know pitchers their concentration and if not the best. When they have run on Braves. And -- -- in them. And then now. They won their pitching you know what it's somebody you know they got tendency to made more mistake. Obviously when when when they got men on base and embassies in them when they're pitching so we're not afraid to work and -- you know like I know that I worry I have. It's one week this past week every now and bit off but. It's like they asked me when I was to implement some just now that I look a little frustrated with a -- last more than I did you know and I've been putting a lot of booze from the ball and and and nothing was holding its own kind enough frustration so so when. They David. I like -- your -- and today and I saw the same swings -- you've had in Minnesota every single swing you had today looked like you let it -- conference the united did. Is that the way you felt. The factly that's that's that's something that we never were. I don't I don't feel like he walked away from me. It just don't see who weighs in like you pulling down by the stats it's really careful they they they they want to be the last guy who Murton. And and I mean I've you know assistance like I say you know when when when when we all star game on base and and making things happen force and appreciative to go. -- -- Like they -- -- do it's it's it's hard you gave. I've got to score runs you know and and and and doing some them. But David and then. You came up there in the fifth inning it was a breaking ball and he had a very well but the wind was a very unpredictable did you think it was going. To be out of Q -- -- hit -- good I just don't know how far it was going to be by a sorely need the veteran. And then you put the pressure on the pitcher with a sac fly when he came up to put the red sexy had this day year you worked a 31 count in the you really had that kid on the ropes yeah I. I maybe a bad that I take it just so we we don't want idea don't. Making things happen you know and like I say you know. I know I've been live off last week. But I like I feel that -- when it's right there I mean I've been hitting some good ball they just not going anywhere that you're going right our people. And and when that happens you've got to keep from bottom. They do once again you look like a cat at first base is that at bat I -- quickest to obviously. Thought about but I got to about you going to be so. Part of our oh by a vote of but I think you man I gotta give a lot of credit to my teammate you know every time. The ball home buy a meal whatever and they should because and then -- common in every Tenneco American into -- they try to pump me up you know I. A -- keep me keep me confident in and I really appreciate that and there was no question we're going out there on nine innings during Korea -- ball. John asked me like runs with 78 inning how -- feeling and I told him -- man I wanna I wanna get these -- -- All the where -- still on the field you know the whole game I'm I'm I'm and I got a good support my boys and and and make sure that everything goes the right way and when they see you out there they if they feel that confident you know. And we have been in the club logic as you've been doing interviews of its got to be happy place. Definitely definitely hopefully do the beginning of the -- -- David thanks so much congratulations. They think festive they get David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia -- would be in the middle of it all all you got to credit the not a with a walk and of course -- -- another walk in the Brock called the with a big double and so many people contributing. -- -- wants to hear what it sounds like to have the relief of snapping a ten game losing streak listened to that view. That you could hear in his voice he -- he reacts to the players after the game. That's the sort of huge load off these guys first thing probably said that was only before we came on the it was -- if you guys -- while -- -- -- And then he really enjoys it and yet he's so it just active after game two yet -- in in. You know I think that he understands the responsibility that the gas and and how he's been struggling during the streak in him he takes at the heart and I also found interest in Joseph. How he really want to be on the field for the entire time for this win because it what it -- and Travis symbol that it sent. It's that that's a great point in -- he was there in that fielder flawlessly did have too many chances. But he did his job well especially at the plate. A three run homer and a sac fly the three run homer tying the game is sacked by putting -- Red Sox ahead solved a window the first class at the fourteenth of may.

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