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Danny Picard Reacts to The Red Sox 10-Game Losing Streak

May 26, 2014|

Danny Picard reacts to the the horrible Red Sox losing streak, and the brawl with the Rays.

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-- Playing ground -- to third backing up Longoria as that goes across the diamond and -- Red Sox have lost ten overall. The longest losing skid in twenty years. They fall today ate -- five a big bowl of hot tempers. And it objections -- another Red Sox would be. That -- in our own. Wall now the last I was on talk with you -- Saturday. Afternoon and it. We it was -- and that game Saturday. And then use while I was on was Dave Ortiz. Was not in the lineup and for team that needed offense we were all wondered why was David Ortiz not not sign up come to find out what that. First campaign and the Red Sox jumped all over David Price at present you with a big. Paul run in the Red Sox have five -- -- -- to Matt Damon you're asking Jake Peavy to that. Even if he gives up a couple of runs. You know just don't give up five I. That's not what happened the Red Sox ended up blowing that game on Saturday and you know how it ended an extra innings with Andrew Miller. -- a ball into center field. And the raids literally walking off with that one. That was frustrating. And you get the game yesterday at the drop. In which. Seventh inning Jonny Gomes. Pension situation I'll just a huge hit and it tied the game at three a two run home run. And honorable you know I was watching that Jonny -- on run on saint myself that was you know at that real that was. That was symbolic and all of what I think is gonna happen movement for which is the Red Sox are gonna get some some runs in the offense is gonna stock quicken and. And who did you get that -- Then Jonny Gomes in a pinch hit tight situation last season we talked all about all. A lot of things went right for the team and this -- we're talking about a lot of things going wrong and one of the things went right last year was. Jonny Gomes coming off the bench in a big spot. Taken a big hacked and went in the seats. And maybe it wasn't in the seats but he he Jonny Gomes had some very big hits last year and pinch hit situations. Or it's you know he doesn't. He's not gonna hit it 300. Right he's not gonna hit it thirty home runs but what Jonny Gomes does is he he brings that type of leadership to his team. That not only did you see yesterday at the plate in that pinch hit situation by that game at three. But you also start in the. -- -- In the bottom of the seventh inning after Craig Breslow blew this game by allowing five runs and that's at seven. An -- to give you know the race take -- eight to three lead at that point and then. The fireworks the drama. Yunel Escobar takes third page on a pitchers in difference. And couple plays in the Red Sox dugout didn't like it. They had some things to say. We don't have the exact quotes in fact we don't even know the exact plays from what I started on the tape to watch in this game yesterday. On Nash and is that Dave rush woods. What are the more outspoken guys in the dugout solid back and ask us and don't talk the me or you talk to me like that at home. Basketball is necessarily direct and his comments that. But Escobar was pretty fired up that he was called out -- taken third -- essentially walk -- and to third base while having a five run lead. That forced Jonny Gomes to come in from left field and it did take matters into his own hands and it's. Debt in escobar's face don't say it and it has pushed him. And the benches you know -- -- we get a bench -- I recalled -- all that that's the last thing a McCall is a brawl. What it closes if you're Red Sox fan and watch and as I was fired up and I jumped off -- -- out yesterday when this happened. And I guess at that point. I didn't think the Red Sox who gonna win this game yesterday at the fallen by 83 before then have to -- group blew that one. But I can tell you this I want this one yesterday -- gets the stock -- to brought this out. Of the they call -- and up to make this Scott and. You know I think -- step and that's bought yesterday. He gives you five innings allowed five hits three runs walked three struck out three a -- that one home run at odds are 88 pitches. And then you get the bullpen it to blow it and brush those a guy that I think is reliable and I think you you you keep going to him because. This is somebody that in the past has shown he can bounce back from from a rough outing. But he still -- still reliable guide me. I'm watching this game yesterday gather Red Sox lose it's their tenth straight they get into a little bit of a scuffle I was fired up about the scuffle. -- this watch just it wasn't as for what it anywhere close it was frustrating. As. Saturday's -- ones. Because Saturday you got some things don't always very early the the wheels fell off for David Price before he could even get back into its own dugout. And you get a five tuneup and lead. And really you're asking him Jake Peavy to hold on that they couldn't do. And that to me was the most rush it -- not Andrew -- that Paula senate field and extra innings yet yet. Didn't like to see that and obviously because you lost the game because of that. You have to think you have five tuneup and lead in the did you can't lose that game. A game in which you didn't start David Ortiz and we all complain and it'll Pierzynski had that big hit it I it's not alleged tweet me guys. What David Ortiz and a lot of luck and -- -- what I saw and that inning against David Price. Saturday I still -- put David Ortiz into my lineup. Okay David Ortiz it's in my line up. Movement every game over and fully yet even now all you get to a situation which you're going to AA. You're and a National League ball blocking just -- David Ortiz has -- the lineup is out and I'm ran for rob Bradford on Twitter. The lineup today. This afternoon game in Atlanta as you tried to break out. Of the a ten game losing skewed. There is Brock hopefully not -- their days in a ball got second and short Dustin Pedroia and it darted second base David Ortiz. Cleanup at first base in the nationally -- AJ Pierzynski hit fifth behind the plate. Jonny Gomes and sixth and right fielder Grady Sizemore and left field and seventh Jackie Bradley junior. -- did -- -- of Paul Bogart's. Pedroia Ortiz Pierzynski Gomes Sizemore Jackie Bradley junior. Buchholz is on -- on so we look at Buchholz. And this is a guy that needs to step up today in turn around I actually thought after the last dot you're gonna see some type of DL -- And not necessarily because he was heartened but they talked a lot about mechanics. May -- -- Words bent so bad for -- colts a dot may be. You try to fix those mechanics in the minor -- Right don't. Don't. Come out to a Major League mound again and try to fix it but that's not that's of the got to do it may be some negative realized there was something so minor. That. It's it's it was pretty easy to fix and now to go along with -- -- his velocity increased velocity daddy did have in the last dot. I don't if people. Alameda the at the Fenway. Radar gun was a little -- Of our coaches last thought that maybe it was really consistently 9394. When he needed to reach back. But. I wasn't at Fenway I watch on TV so I mean and maybe they use in the same radar gun but regardless. In May and even he said it afterwards faculty is velocity. Was as good as as it was all season long its last dot -- -- can take that velocity. And if he can continued to work and build on that today in Atlanta. I had the Red Sox Buchholz will hit hit ninth obviously to get him trying a drag it I'm still trying to get adjusted to the National League. Line up as we do every single year. So -- will will hit today but I assume -- just gonna stand up and look. I pitches. But you never know sometimes these guys are competitive with a might wanna take act and always. But. David Ortiz isn't isn't that's the story he is firfer team that is trying to break out of a ten game losing skid David Ortiz will be an and it should be an. -- -- -- It's been a debate before whether or not with Mike Napoli on the DL -- makes the decision a whole lot easier. For John Farrell but even if Mike Napoli was. Was not on the DL. I think I'd probably still go to David Ortiz to play first. We used to have a debate in big poppy play in the field I think we don't answer that question don't -- Yeah it's -- So I'm glad to see and I don't the the decision. Deport Ortiz and a lineup today and a nationally -- at first base is a lot easier when Mike Napoli is not around when Mike Napoli is on the DL but still. Even if that wasn't the case even if Mike Napoli was healthy I would still go to David Ortiz in the situation. You know we what we were frustrated I sat here on Saturday afternoon leading into that for clock stopped with David writes. -- Jake Peavy and we were all upset. As to. Why David Ortiz we didn't know why he wasn't plan again. For team that the night before. That you get shut out one not then in which you got a gem from John Lackey you beg him for offense what he's been playing backgammon and you don't want to look -- and Red Sox and that -- -- Five runs very early. You still couldn't shut it down that was the most frustrating -- -- -- Saturday it was way more frustrating to me than yesterday it was because I think that. Yesterday's the -- game that lets say in you know your previous. Ten games you were five and five or six in -- or even foreign six and had that game yesterday. You know I take what you say is. Well he had yet you know guy gets called up makes -- spots dot Brandon Workman gives you five innings. You go to the bullpen and one guy that usually is reliable as tough as tough thoughtful. And he. He blew that lead those things happen and -- 62 game season but since we are not talking about him all that lead and has not been a ten game illusions kid yeah. Looks even worse. I think it a normal season in which you don't have this type emergence due to a loss like yesterday I think you can accept more because what happened yesterday was. It was territory they had got a bad 71 of your relievers he's very reliable at a bad seventh inning. And that's that. But then you had fireworks. And the fireworks came and I would. I was his fight up as you can be darn. And maybe don't thing in the since it was dot net does not affect my mindset to put something like this I can only imagine what it was like for a player to be -- Either the Red Sox dugout -- beyond the field of Yunel Escobar. You know all that. Found in his chest wax and I mean I was gonna rip up and rip officer -- and style. Right there I mean what. What else is -- It's so so he needed to do something may not show up -- teens stand in front of that standard fronted dug out like that. No I think the reason. That Jonny Gomes came down and in front desk of law. Was put closed escobar's. Actions which is out of control. I can -- -- picked was because. I don't think it was because he stole. Third base or at least it shouldn't be I was upset with us -- taken their -- That was a five run lead -- -- to find in this game yesterday the Red Sox came back and it if they almost they almost made it's a ballgame and I didn't so I have no problem with a team. Trying to add on runs I had no problem with him taken their -- even though the reds starter essentially given to idle problem with just about taken there. Of course some Red Sox players had a problem when it and whether or not because they already don't like Escobar anyways. -- whether it is also combined with the fact that. Fired up because they're about to lose and straight games and nothing can go right for his team just won a championship last year showed up plays affected too. What are some of -- players don't like it somebody not a sets on them as of -- didn't like being called out for what Escobar really. You can't let a guy stand in front yard dug out. And stop on and it's just inflection like that point people to get it can happen so I'm glad Jonny Gomes came on and I'm glad Jonny Gomes got in his face and you know what. I'm glad this team a little bit of a fight because. If you follow me on Twitter at any god I was -- before this that. You know earlier in the -- and -- -- -- -- lit up Evan Longoria up and in both -- gets hit earlier in the game and I can tell you what I didn't think it was intentional that about it but Longoria then hits a home run off yet. And then you went up a double right in the fifth getting it to work -- first base is open won all. What do you do. I would have -- first -- open one out Longoria hit a home run -- got one up and and you know what I would -- firework went up and and and it didn't I was sort of negative -- but as I thought it was a perfect moment maybe this at some sort of phone or send some sort of message that day. We got plus nine straight games and you just got a big head office last time. But -- -- to come wit -- we got enough. And we're gonna make a statement here. I get -- -- -- public -- make a statement you go out you get a big hit a big spot to pitch it you know protect a lead you finally got on Saturday all right I agree with all that. But since those things didn't happen I just dot com in the fifth inning. Longoria had already had a home run. -- a double before that seat at first base -- -- -- out -- got it already got it up and I thought that you know that the atom. Just this message set up and see that and -- Synagogue to put a good pitch up and in data off the plate shake things up a little -- send a little bit of a message. Johnny bumps and the message I don't know if it turns into a reds to reds -- break out of this thing today on not I've no idea. And I'm glad that he's I'm glad that somebody did some of Azkaban because you cannot let these guys stand in front of the dugout and punish just the way he was doing it. You can't you just can't let that happen. I'm fine with -- with -- about taken their dates and not fine with the way he reacted to somebody column. Should one of the Red Sox play is called them out. I mean if you look at the video it didn't look like anybody was on the top step it is you know. Outraged by modest said something. But just what that would end in fairness to ask about we I don't think we know what was said exactly would probably never will. What if you got a guy reacted that way somebody needs to do something you cannot just sit there and look at. Call out your tire dug out Jonny Gomes was -- let that happen -- we ran in from left field. Jonny -- After the dam. Is what he had to -- The -- bag and mean I'm not concerned about back at all you know. I need is always. And scores -- it. Mean I wanted to and -- from within taking the value -- really much you know but. -- mind around point my diarrhea and take your helmet off basically challenger hold on out of prominent. It is probably that and all Jonny Gomes he also. Explained. Really why they turned it into a physical altercation between. Yeah owner got out you know. Kept yelling. Into his helmet off and continues -- Which patients were much time ran out of me do -- for you teach. -- Added that I -- a patient though he said he turned it into a physical application and I'm glad somebody do it now all. I was fired up watch and -- And I know a lot of Red Sox fans are fired up as well because this is a ten game losing skid. And eight's very ugly right now but it's even the things that we insignia of sort of -- his team to do. Going into Saturday's game like give you some offense we complain and that David Ortiz and lineup. And actually came out and gave the offense and then the pitching can't hold the five now openly. And then yesterday. I am I still think is I just don't like -- Red Sox bullpen. The -- has -- -- -- mom for a couple bad spots and I think some bad luck plays and. You know the -- I think she got the shortstop Guerrero is going to be -- Saturday night he wasn't. And it's on him again and -- seems to be I am a bond with some of these bad losses at the end of it. I still think he's a reliable guy because I love -- stop. He's got a nasty slider that go along with that 95 mile per hour fastball. Big and tall lanky lefty. I still like Camilla I still like -- -- our bullpen but yesterday Craig Breslow again it was awfully reliable in my mind. As the top seven then. So it's ugly right now I wanted to see that type of fight I was called for earlier and again it's something send a message. Rain is to bring this team together I don't all. -- consider compared to erupting back in all four because. Because this is look this is a Red Sox team it's different situation. And Null regardless of all this stuff. Clay Buchholz is gonna have to step into Atlanta and at Turner Field and he's gonna have to give you something a whole lot better than he's been giving you. I mean. Come knock -- am sort of surprised he's making its dot I am I'm sort of surprised apocalypse is gonna make the stop that. But he's got to make -- they talked about mechanical issues after his last outing. And I assume that they've addressed that I've missed I assume the city of truck they've they've that they've fixed it. And I think what you can hope is that -- cults if you wanna try and look at some you know glass half full his last outing he did have the velocity. For him. In my opinion. Is need the first things first he needs to have the velocity and the movement on his fastball to help the secondary pitches and we have to -- around his changeup. They talk a mechanical may be they fixed it. Maybe he's got the velocity today and they fixed the mechanics -- the changeup and maybe we see some -- location and some bad movement. And if you do. Then he's gonna give this team a chance to win. I love the idea that David Ortiz in the lineup today I get a Mike Napoli is on the DL so it makes the decision easier to do this but at the same time. -- David Ortiz in the lineup anyways. You don't against the righty Ervin Santana. It doesn't matter I mean really does and I would of David Ortiz in his lineup anyway you did the guys got the play. He's got to be a guide that helps this team break out of this illusion -- it. So can straight now. Where do we go from here. If -- the Red Sox you can only help the Clay Buchholz figures it out today in Atlanta first pitch at one and taking your phone call 6177797. 9376177797937. On -- economy -- told Red Sox coverage begins around 1225. Itself hit me up with a phone call will take -- we're talking Red Sox they play in Atlanta that they -- Santana. Back at this time.

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