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Butch and Buck Compare and Contrast the State of the Bruins and the State of the Red Sox

May 25, 2014|

The Bruins season came to a miserable hault against Montreal, so Butch draws some correlations to the misery we are feeling with the Sox. But Buck says the Bruins had a bad series with a great team, however this Sox team doesn't feel right. What changes can the Red Sox make? Will Stephen Drew help right the ship? Also, the guys provide some classic Lou Gorman stories.

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So Buckley get a phone lines lit up we'll get right through them talked mostly baseball I got a -- Bruins question for assorted -- conversation for later. Since you're all Bruins all the time and you're not. It's screwed up your. Travel plans and things Missouri rule those -- was very rooted out and try to love let's just encrypted at Iowa over the -- the blouse last. I I've I've -- most of that a post season games the last 1520 years. Which is not a lot of post season games prior to 2011 that was the year they went to the second round. -- -- is when you they they lost to Washington and they had a year where they beat buffalo in the first round and I think west of Montreal the second round. But second round finishes haven't have been few and far between but since 2011. You know that was the news 2011 when the cup 2013 with the game fixing at the Blackhawks -- -- second round this year should've gone round and of all the stuff but it post season hockey -- Question I'm personally offended. That they're not the open -- maybe one even asking these questions if that's the case he restarting again lot of things being equal. Yeah connect via short answers to these we'll get to Bruins and a little bit yeah are you keep a -- -- are you keeping the first and second lines. In -- or is that part of your team for this team. Other words you of the Tony -- deal card Monty saying this he believes -- be better served with. A different type of player -- balls which each and again are on the line rather than. Don't like spoke and somebody believes you know maybe move -- on May be more I wasn't poised -- hockey talk today is they've been gone for two weeks but. I am of the belief that tinkering rather than blowing up that's what that teammate -- I I I honestly believe. If that sounds like -- making excuses it -- did what happened that she was an aberration. I I thought they they allowed themselves to get lulled into a false sense of something by the Canadians Canadians. Played with their heads and embarrass them date this hoping they don't respect Dotson and all that the Bruins heated up. I agree with what how to explain cricket stupid I'd I can't honestly preaching at Marshall I can't disappear I know I can't explain it. I've I really can't I why I watched all the games and treated well Ralitsa I can't say. -- she's pre formed well in the post season in the past so it's not like a bright lights and only -- the cup on the line and it's the belts that are. He's his past record indicates that would have been an issue yet it was so I don't know. I -- candidates that the -- go to John in marsh field here we're Barkin -- a Sunday morning map Loper taking your calls hello John. Hey guys -- -- the let's take just an observation about the president more importantly comment about the future I I think that this starting eight to additional players the Red Sox have right now. It's just simply not competitive and really one of the worst in baseball and it was actually pretty painful watching that game yesterday watching a dozen innings -- true. Futile starting -- opposite team. That if you combined emerged would be half of a very good baseball team. I mean John you know what's heck are you saying the lineups that were out there yesterday or when the Red Sox are healthy they're starting. -- especially what we saw yesterday okay because I can't wait a little note how healthy job done deal it struck out Tucker we -- so. And fairness. If you have David Ortiz Shane Victorino. And Mike Napoli to hold its hold up for discussion. And I think if you combine the two teams then and I agreed that it's likely that. You know Evan Longoria and will buyers -- permanent 240 hitters what we're seeing out there right now in terms of what both of these teams are doing. Is -- Offensively I mean it's it's really not even Major League. Baseball called the bigger we should all want the race is. You know last year was supposed to be a bridge here. That's what they brought in you know pieces like -- Victor -- -- we had a lifetime reputation of the of you know getting beat up. But it was a you know high character guy guys like Gomes these are nice piece is to play just to the future the biggest issue is. That future and correct me if I'm wrong your guys worst Bogart's Bradley middle books Iglesias. Now getting Olympic Clijsters who right now looks like your shortstop for the future not Bogart's. Ballpark is a great player but likely third baseman it looks like they're going to be giving up a little -- and incredibly haven't shown me he can hit Major League pitching the biggest issue to -- is that other side of the bridge. Doesn't look so appealing right now. Aren't you haven't yet saying I disagree with I agree everything -- guys are right it is except for that Iglesias at shortstop for the futures market and help. No but I don't know what -- I'm talking about the Red -- guy and so but his point about the bridge when you go over now doesn't look so good. I mean I would argue isn't that the case is that the norm with the young players. Young players don't come up and usually. Like the world on fire right away. That was a learning curve rice I -- we have the occasional. Ted Williams you know guys like that to just come up and go gangbusters right beginning -- Pedroia. If you if you think short term. Struggled in September of 06 and through the first month of the 07 season -- sitting under 200 early in May. Then if you look it up I remember he had that big big game against you on Santana on the twins. And I am almost positive that was like his big bust out game that it was lights out after that the right engine 197 and April. Look at the net and died a year and a -- it. Position players I think. A -- struggle more than pitchers. But there's there's a learning curve because Major League pitchers get the book. On a position player like they have the book on will metal Brooks -- book on Jackie Bradley junior and those guys on -- -- -- it wouldn't be here. I don't know I think it -- -- it could be buck let's go to Jack and Landon hello Jack. I don't guys Jack Steve. I have to rethink their wanna struggle and focus that first of all I gotta talk about. The pitching staff. I mean it being you were so deep and everything in now helping me. -- this guy you baffles -- I mean what I think. You -- 12 would gamesmanship. But they give a five not -- -- yesterday he blows it. -- You know let's put -- the ability and all week about let's forgive someone every want to give my 125 million and glad to -- good pitcher but to -- not. The complete type based pitcher he pitches rated them in the playoffs. But certainly three years or breakdowns. I think like she -- -- 67 weeks where he was brutally yet but he picked up again in the year before. They wanted to do I don't what they wanted to do them. And it's so they they incorporate everything and I have a friend Michael repelled schools and so Carolina. -- you -- kept the element the last couple years that Jackie Bradley is not gonna make it. Because he was the same way in college a lot of this is -- -- still -- someone tell me they saw him. And this guy is no good the bad they just have to win against the -- hit and I invite Mike Napoli I was so against. Resigning him and I know yet so big. It's like exactly the slowdown. Yeah -- would limit what to me just finish is pointless -- would you give up. And how much taking situations. And doesn't come -- yeah kind of a -- -- to -- every once a month with a big hit. I mean I think you give presents. RBIs. -- almost as many years working. You you -- by two points and it's it's. I I can't respond all of them but I just wanna go back to Lester went. Lester like -- -- is a 104 -- 62 with a 627 winning percentage. And -- I gripped the had a terrible season in 2012914. Am looking you know appear four point two year rate. Two and five hits and 16216. Hits and 25 innings. That was as bad season but. Even though he may have had a stretch as you point out last year. He still -- fifteen and 83 point 75 and 33 starts. Well actually lately about how much blame in this season unless a little bit. -- step by it but I'm I'm just try to you hit on a variety of points in right and I'm just trying to. Hit on. Out for the team helping the team goal. Would like for you this would strike -- so much like gold Napoli. Jackie Bradley Julia. -- -- -- I mean that's at that lineup is not a Major League -- my Mike just I mean that's. Which just it will work but when they get Napoli that he's victory in -- back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Napoli I kept it together Mubarak got -- like you said to a -- spot or even -- they don't think it's. When little book about and had that big part of his career that he was hit home -- the first to I think getting him at first base. You know get the perfect type body. And I don't think now he's saying about middle -- it -- -- -- -- let me quite a big hit a bad that I gave I guess they give up given up on a much needed anyway but they'll -- the get back seat. Do rebuke you you're never it gave me you know you're LS game Mira like. For the kid yes. Yeah. He lives right down the street from myself up a Beverly OK you know I might sudden he's in the system dusty brings its insurance. Prep. And they that would daybreak today epic Thanksgiving and they and all the they all after the game at all through imported -- audio follows whatever. And he's been up to his house in feasible by. So I don't realize you aren't -- -- differently removal me on the radio. And I don't remember I was epic game I do remember that -- problem -- what is executive this year. -- US Monday August 25 Monday August 25 at McLarty pews video games is upon raiser for the therapy they alas therapy development institute which that's some research. In -- leader -- -- a little sclerosis. If you and I'm gonna admitted to what you know the show which as much to reject the call and I did not page tactical with. But it was a -- a good moment that he brought that program that's gonna make it like it is when a -- To Jack's point about last night look at a PD go to six. Start stretch western during which he went 044040. And that bad but again if you look at the total numbers. If you need is -- wins but we've learned not to get too hot and bothered. But the one loss for the fact of the matter is here at three something your rate thirty restart fourth year. And won two games the World Series so while I I would still a journalist. Go to Mitch in Connecticut who's next to buck board to Mitch. Morning guys I don't match. They. Three then I'll make quick. Are you guys deserve a much better time slot but are you all the other thing to do a show for it really I appreciate it thank you. Number two. The Red Sox are who they are and let it beat. Not gonna make it traits that they get -- a great -- commitment -- play at all but they are what they are and -- Surely do that but they and -- like it at last we. Match or your last year and you know we just go get through this you're out in gonna happen as far as playoffs or anything but it is what it is say they use that expression that that's what. -- they and it butch which -- Sunday night. -- -- We know and that it was. I will say this I've seen too many shows to call one of my favorites -- one of the best but it was definitely unique show he was taken requests early on it was. There was did you read -- Sunday. -- what tactical election and importantly -- we're going to guys came up. Directed at -- time in that. Well it was clearly disjointed it was the last show of the tour all bets were optimistic he took request start with a forts along. We weaken my -- played been challenged jump. In a casino. After. After planned roll of the dice. And leap of faith and then took a request -- played Santa -- come at a town all bets were off. Yeah yeah I read an up. But you know that our morale about it -- I was it was a great show I really enjoyed it. They wanted but I didn't let Elena -- is you guys all mentioned Lou -- up before people. I could at a hearing your voice is -- saying that you know your friend that. We need to several years ago I I didn't realize what you meant to accumulated Red Sox. Poetry event that respect and admiration that yet and I I didn't realize he was such a an important figure in the well I got it because it is -- sure that -- All right rich thanks for the call. We got to take quick break but as far as Lou Gorman. And is given my perspective as we go to break anybody that ever I mean. In our lives. I think we all here on you know holiday weekend like this week. A pause and reflect. On our servicemen have died and we just we -- these drive through existence is now we just mean never seemed I'm not I'm for anything. And I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time at Fenway Park for most of my career. And there were two guys. Who if you saw them. There gonna stop and talk to. And you knew you were gonna spend time with. So he needed to stop and have got time to spend and they were both -- Gorman and Johnny Pesky were cut from the same cloth never wants. When I took the time to stop. And listen to those guys that I ever ever regret. I have always came away feeling better about myself and -- on a personal note. Meant so much just don't know college in me being -- or grad when he found that out about me. I just became an extra fitness. Lou we used to call and he was just wonderful. Wonderful we take another quick break we're back -- more. It's a Sunday morning -- -- butch Matt -- ticket you call 61777979837. To join us. Text on the AT&T text line at 3793. Cents staggering. Six -- 777979837. As he went to break but Chris was asking what makes will warm and so special. I gave my story -- get your chance. Answer that question maybe add your comment. About Lou Gorman. You know I like best about little for my purposes will couldn't keep a secret. Yes -- adds up and making it you know you are much hello Lou and I -- a quick loose story. A secret keep secret -- -- 11 o'clock at night and he'd spilled the beans on -- -- was being made. The other if my favorite -- story is that you'd always stated me he'd call me up -- -- after he'd been retired from the Red Sox. It though it's called me up with -- one regret want to when these days that will at least those that want to -- And he -- -- ninety Weston west and -- went to drive out. And it will grab lunch I know this great little place he'd always say to me and to this great little place come on out the Weston of one. I thought it was going to be some little out of the way he you know family alone you know while it was something that would you know the -- when did kind of thing been around forever. I go to his house he takes -- to the friendlies. That was his great little out of the -- place nothing against armies but you wouldn't. You wouldn't sell it as a quite a lot of the way place and you know locally home -- and the great people and all that. It just wasn't what I was expecting. And it's just I. And was sitting there and apparently -- cruelties damages and Diet Coke and and that it was low liability it was just it was just classical I I love. -- miss him huge is that logo on the story just made the day of a good friend of mine John Maguire. Who left panera to join friendly you see him -- the -- commercials OK and he's trying to you know he's he's really doing a great job with its. Hillary has made John I'm sure -- -- -- images by the way not very good grilled cheese and potato. Let's talk some Bruins a little bit I agree with your promise I don't think it's time to blow it up. I don't think that losing a second round series when you were that team favored to win the Stanley Cup. Is to blow up at the Bruins and patriots territory. The Chara window was closing even though you're goaltenders morally Brady. And he's he's future's bright. As you broke. And what are your post mortem about the Bruins the three of them by the way yeah -- -- on -- they kept saying he does well what -- -- and aren't enough and then no one about. Which I agree with the premise you know that like it or not the too good thing that Tim Thomas thing will be different to go until he wins Stanley Cup. But they shouldn't blow up however. The hardest thing to do is win a championship when you're expected to championship is in it but maybe the -- -- -- I think the hard thing to do is to win when your crappy team. Okay well they don't have an attitude out. There are crappy team we all agree they have a good have a good team. So that it -- religious basis think about it you don't need to blow this team. And it it it is it is the human nature knee jerk reaction. When when a good team that -- that is expected to win doesn't. You you want head she wanted to hold -- -- set every you know. And it it's just like. Thought I've figure who was an EEI last week was saying just get rid of this -- you don't just get rid of guys that thought that he want to contracts and trades and so forth. But you know let's stick bachelorette -- The Bruins as currently constituted don't need to -- ripped apart this Red Sox team. Coming into the season as a defending World Series champion was expected to win this goes back to your point about how hard it is to women -- expected to win. I disagree I think it's hard it's women with -- it was a hundred games because it means that crappy team. But the Red -- team. There may be a couple three weeks away from bomb maybe they are going to be that bad. Maybe they will be that bad but I I still say. I still say with Lester with Lackey. That there's two guys who should win by two games. Which in a brokered division by the way people keep talking to crappy division is well. And I still say that the sub par division but suddenly the bay that -- -- -- police suddenly the blue jays have won five in a -- Re right freedom against his awful Red -- team but now they're in first place by couple pre. We went to five good I think just last Sunday we had five teams within two games of each the Red Sox losing nine in a row the blue jays winning five in a row. Blue jays are the top division -- structure at the bottom to your point that's a crappy the division as it takes one week. To change that over the course of time I think the the Bruins analogy -- Knowledge Frieden. Illusions hours column is hockey content which is very good. And Cam Neely made the point that part of the difference for the Bruins this year and their success was they always had more than one line role. -- take that to the next level. We got a team that has the depth is bigger than you know one individual line which was a difference maker and then being the bit better than most teams in the regular season. But -- you mentioned the Oakland a's Oakland a's have put together teams that. I get a very proficient. On our budget wanna get to the post season they don't get it done that is in the Bruins because they've won Stanley Cup. However when you get to this point. And -- get older. I mean. I don't know I don't know what to make of changes you got add something here I think again was the first decision. He's either gonna take. A little bit of a hometown discount sign with -- team right or you gonna go -- try to maximize his last contract so that decision gets made for you if he comes back. I mean you just rolled back out there and. We're not gonna happen in the playoffs you don't act like nothing happened but again -- take back the Red Sox. The the Bruins went down for a week now and I look at the I look at the Bruins and not a lot needs to be done with the Bruins I think they had a bad series they let the Canadians get inside their heads they played a bad series. They are still depth -- a very good organization. They are built to win. The Red Sox have gone from winning a World Series the Bruins went from game six. Of the Stanley Cup finals to having the best record hockey the next year and and going to the second round and -- disappointing. -- the next season the Bruins played as a Stanley Cup contender. I don't see him getting away from that next season. They didn't have a bad season they had a bad season in the grand scheme to your expectation was that the -- going to win the Stanley Cup. Than they did deliver on that promise in that spirit the season was a waste. But what they did was they had a bad brutally bad post season. And here we are they don't need to be blown up now to get back to the Red Sox. I was a disaster of a game yesterday it's been a disaster of losing streak. In in the great scheme it's been a disaster -- of a season. Eighteen that went in and this is why the comparison is interesting the Bruins came within an eyelash -- a Stanley Cup championship and then the next season. Put a powerful team on the ice that should have competed for Stanley Cup in only -- -- Failure in the post season. Red Sox -- I don't know where it won a World Series and people can say it was a fluke team and in Albertson's. I don't -- actually going to this pisses me off and I and I challenged listeners on this. These people would say it was a fluke season last year you can't go back in time. The last year and and suddenly announced -- appalled sees it as though it wasn't as much fun it was as much fun. As reflects instead -- ever had. Now I -- four is a special season because. 86 year reason and and all the problems the utilization had. With the racism and cronyism he alcoholism all of that all the wrong reasons. All the reasons they didn't win it suddenly with all four is is is these special year. But that aside last year had overtones in 1967. In which they come out of nowhere and win a World Series championship. I don't like the idea of looking back on last year now it was a fluke season. Well did you say then everybody drive home after game six fighting they won but it was kind of -- here. -- it was special it was so much violence. But but going to the Red Sox analogy and asking the same question that we just asked about the Bruins. All that aside the fact that they want to however you want to categorize this season. For the plan of the Red Sox. What are you thinking if you bench -- he's staying the course. Are you looking to acquire another chip in this and other which we just did this about the Bruins but. -- I highly -- they signed Stephen Drew tells me. And I'm sure they'd know that gonna lose five in a row from the moment that they've inked him on the contract it's about five games since they signed him. The fact that they signed Stephen Jude tells me that they think they can still compete this season and by the way. I don't have to win 98 games in it if this division stays that way. And they can just get to the post season with the -- with good second half by Lester Lackey. -- little -- even if it's just that that what that one and done wild card. If you just yet the post season with two good started. You know three would be nice. If you just gets in the post season in an -- in a league where. It doesn't and that and by the way I'm not sold on the tigers and they had a great run their -- while. But -- the lost like 45 in a row. A much sold on the tiger's on record sales pitch in my buckles was last year. That's a difference I have deliberately ignorant but if you can just get to the post season the way this season shaping up and I'm I'm guessing that maybe I'm wrong. I'm guessing that the reason they signed drew is because they think picking it back -- I would agree to -- -- says hey guys pro constitution in March and lost Red -- having a bad streak they have a lot of time to turn it around IE 1988. 1980 -- -- -- scheme as a blocker on the team too but to your point is get to the post season you get kaposi's not a techsters says. -- was a blast but a -- -- Now it says we're going to the guy is the guy say that -- can't maybe you respond via text is the thing that knowledge did he say that driving Olympic Games -- question. Our text -- we're gonna be swept today want to lose twelve straight season is basically over for us this team somehow always finds a way to lose real. Really the sky is falling Red Sox at that as I grew to have the sky is fallen but they don't know right now underway to -- not right won three championships the last ten years. -- -- See if you wanna beat up on the Red Sox give us the call you all the time we want. The sky is falling. As -- doubt about that it was nine enrolled at that meet the textbook definition of the sky is falling. But they don't always find a way to lose a -- talking -- just in the last nine games because. -- -- games they've found extraordinary ways to exercise flu season doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. So many people were thinking that it was a perfect storm that created last year and not a power house team may be guys don't understand what -- means. He seems to think that focused on an insult and I don't know how to answer that I mean a lot of teams that win or not the team that was picked so is is. That does the team that everybody picks to win every year always went all. The Rangers in the Stanley Cup this year in -- -- when sold. So I guess the flu -- more than we think corollary in a car wants chime in on this I Larry. I I I guess not but I would argue that you know I think last year was a -- year -- it. A lot of us realize it at the time that they just played over their heads and then you know I think. Along the way everybody kept on thinking OK whenever I start to loose and they just never. I said that I would say that August. Readily admit it. So it was a bit of a -- that the activate -- out perfect storm and look what happened against Detroit. That data out hit and every single one of those gains but I want. We scored nine runs in the series. A seven game AL CSU scored nine runs. And one of the. Don't read it it was a -- this year I think that. Albania. Cinderella. You know the coach is now upon him. Well no Larry may be I'm sorry butch you know it it may be wary that we didn't cut -- semantics here. And I I guess the point that I'm blanking on is. People. How can I put this I didn't hear in November and December I'll it was a Luke. I'd always heard was wow what a great season and and -- -- -- -- hearted to guys there is when it comes this now I don't like this it's a lot of crap. What as as a as an impartial observer. Who beat up on the Red Sox for many years when beating up was what was required. I thought that from a pure entertainment spectacle what they did last season was phenomenal and I never once stood out in again I had my doubts. All season. Is the latest is like I said some text to keep thing or use that dog issue wait for the wheels to fall out. I wasn't waiting for the will the ball up I simply had my doubts about this team in August. I didn't figure was particularly good season last year. A good team last year but obviously they rose above the italics if that makes them afloat so be it the point I'm trying to make it now I'm sorry go Hillary. The market -- -- you agreed that they weren't the best scene. But they won the ball yes yes yes and that probably not as bad as the airplane right now either. Well that speaks to my point Larry is when things to the cliche you're never as good is when -- playing great -- never as bad -- when your playing horribly. It is also the domino effect mean everything one thing led to another last year. A great -- start led to a great Lackey start led to a dramatic 659. Inning walk off win. This losing streak is the perfect polar opposite of that right out -- these five runs off David Price in the first and they get two hits the rest of the game. On our Tampa team that's ripe for the taking. It's just it's unbelievable thanks for the call. -- you got. Not a quick break it's -- -- a Sunday morning and the idea part of. Yeah -- -- stuff. You know again there's no excuse you've got to get a -- to hold that. That lead me to stand up what -- bill. With -- as we're going. Jake Peavy on his start yesterday after getting a five nothing -- give up five runs. -- went to fifteen innings Red Sox lose their ninth in a row are looking this up on this date last year Red Sox are twenty and 28. They have right now today. A year ago they were 2820. The complete opposite. Red Sox scored a 109 and he runs this year up to this point -- of the scored 231. Almost a running game difference and board. Red Sox have given up this year 214. Rounds after 48. Pressure they gave up 202. So by numbers compared to last year their offense. Is the problem here there we gave up twelve more runs than this point Ali Abdullah -- -- -- aching over five not denying it. As also a matter of perspective there run differential. At this point last year was plus 29 it's minus war buddhists tied for the second worst. The American League with Houston Astros -- worse. And -- Texas for 24. They were game behind the Yankees at this point last year another eight games out. In the division so you come up with a variety of numbers that indicate the -- extinct. Hit it just it I mean. We've been talking a lot this morning about how polar opposite in the reasons why right fluke verse in this that it's complete barrels the office -- -- it was -- -- the course not a -- barrels not a Smart. Eight games under 500 invited all 500 it is. Well I I I do I do take numbered yet you know I'll manages its Smart -- is the seasons ago. Having said that in a big -- -- guy norms that he was mightily in Maine in what you need before. -- go back this guy along way enormous respect for but. The he has been inconsistent on the bombings that this year it it's them some of the opposite -- And I had to -- why he's doing he's trying to generate property and oppressed different buttons and and to go back police at a couple of seconds ago we -- when you press the buttons manages our -- do need to do. -- things Warrick. He's based -- -- every genius button you pressed all Warrick. You -- kind of down and that's the unfortunate aspect of managing. Go to Mike in a car on -- board to Sunday morning hello Mike. Hey Rory good morning guys. An entity that talked before about weather map see Luke and I think Lucas probably the wrong -- I think it it was more -- he was unexpected. Cut that was unexpected one house -- -- so exciting so yes from my perspective was a good thing that we are expecting. But I think it the fact that one watched you're not fashion. Or healing of maybe overconfidence by eight both hands and partners that I think an immediate. Realize that he realized the significance that a lot. Three key component to last year's team which saw -- yet to Peru and a lot Ellsbury. So you remove those three components in to replace them with three unproven -- -- just -- you know finally present he apparently Blount and current successful but what part of at least in the court last year but simply. -- ordered to remove. Ally and he realized that they have something and I think they're Red Sox and need to get -- bit more patients. Perhaps more state. Interim management unit delivered real world championships and I'm Mike. Guards and there -- intact and the first step this. Signing either girl that's not the end all that -- all forms but it's one of the process -- to figure out and the next move. I think that that what they do it. We're not current perspective. Is -- out you know out you know a bunch of spare parts well apparently yeah. -- we have now we have Jackie Bradley who's not doing what we hoped we would Google and its succulent. Regret more sperm which really isn't. Working out. It probably working out like he thought it might but not what we spoke so I think that they would need to do is. -- -- you are back at some of these sort -- -- -- restore our value. Whether it will keep that sort or airports that don't create them. So backing out of Europe it will only mentioned in a morning show earlier in the week that perhaps north as -- chances available -- the dark. Mean -- from that camp. I'll feel you have to take on -- 120 million dollar Steve camps about 58 now they're not available either you won't it take on -- 120 million dollars. Well I know let that they need to work we have no right right so skylights. A bat like that story you will come in and enact some punched doubt that I use in court. So I wouldn't disagree same Michael let's go to your point because it's been brought up two or three times now about up the metal about catcher shortstop and center field. So Saltalamacchia. Vs. AJ presents a significant difference. There's significant difference between the two of them. I think I think cellphone market it and looking better pitcher like that -- well. Well this year I don't think Yasser outrageous money I don't think it -- present the solution. OK I would argue that I'll give you that I'll give you that bit Saltalamacchia was a better fit than AJ Pierzynski but not a significant difference. I -- between the two. I would say that the shortstop situation. Big difference defensively however. As big difference is Bogart's has been defensively than Stephen Drew oh. He's been better offensively even as a young player struggled to learn Major League pitching. And as bad as the brits have been as imagined -- given -- 214 runs only twelve more. Then last year they're tied for seventh or not eighteen worse than them. The American League in runs given up shortstop to big part of that and center field defensively Jackie Bradley -- been as good. As Jacoby is what puck and I just said before it's really offense. That you point to. So I don't think I don't my point is I don't think the up the middle. Stop defensively. Has been as significant as people make it out. -- -- what would you can perhaps comment on. There's this obsession with battling and enter Bogart's sort why did it matter whether they sort or third we all agree that. You don't that we probably don't want an -- every week it is going to be a great. Right -- I -- that -- I can speak to that if I make. I say this -- I don't think he's the shortstop of these third baseman. With him being shortstop is is twofold number one I think a lot of fans in management hoped he would settle in -- the position be good defensive player. Because anytime you can get offense out of a position like shortstop you're you're that much ahead of the game. As opposed to putting your -- Old fashioned 240 hitter with a great glove you know mark pointer type. Part of it's true I think -- in caller. Is that Bogart's has made it clear he would scream and shout out but -- did indicate that he was hurt. Devastated because seasons it was a shortstop now -- a contest -- will Maloney variety night. And I said on the at a low will we -- your shortstop your -- -- and -- going to yet. Of course he would. Every single middle infield in most of the third base a Major League Baseball. We're the shortstop from the time they played Tebow and batted third or fourth -- -- -- the peak and you go back sit at any point your life that go back annual kids. That that that the best kid the best that we played shortstop. Assuming it was right at your point is there's a cash shade of that position of course serious. And I remember back in the day when Nomar was coming up Jimy Williams took over as manager and they had this. They lied to John ballots and they said that's going to be a quote unquote try out its shortstop in spring training. In that either Nomar downton when he emerges the shortstop it would go to third or second it again which. And we don't know with the lie we all knew that no what was going to be the shortstop we don't know that no question of in the shortstop. But as open way of like -- waging -- balance and it's ego. They lied to them and an end in doubts it was just obviously should have been pissed -- is that you he was in a fake contest. They sprayed grow balls around the -- -- three days and threw it around that they'd always there's just not be won the competition you ate in and out walked at a camp. Per day. -- -- -- he should have been as was his right to be pissed off that he came back and said -- help whatever they want but dole always considered myself a sure what's the right. Ernie Wright came to the Yankees and they moved in the third because the area Derek Jeter at short he said okay I'll do it but I'll always consider myself issue with the right. I believe there are about 85 or ninety. Players in Major League Baseball. That being every second baseman every third baseman. Who believes he's the shortstop doesn't Pedroia where shorts and -- story was strap it as a shortstop out of -- issue. It's from ski was the shortstop will -- Brooks was as high school shortstop. So when when you get. I'd I don't think there are a lot of high school second baseman who gonna go wanna play in the big leagues I think the playing second base and no offense to that you know placed second base for. A variant or whatever what I'm saying is that if you play second base at that level it's because you've got Pete noted shorts. And and maybe there are college second baseman -- -- go to the big leagues becomes second basement. But by and large. They are shortstop who got to a certain point Jackie Robinson was a shortstop didn't have a hole is for sure -- the mood in the second base after a year first race. So let's try to understand the mindset of the into boulder it. And I understand that mind set and I respect that mindset. But we as observers of baseball have a right to our opinions mine happens to -- -- at third base. Well my other thing I think the point you made right of the top of that as the best one you can get. The other point to pretty crappy -- well -- was the basket and if you can get offered to production out of your shortstop position. All things being equal meaning you can have more pop at third base India -- -- production how do you shortstop you're ahead of the game you're ahead of most Major League teams. If that's the case all in Rhode Island billion a car quit and Connecticut is that we channeling our jaws. Beat from beyond the grave. Quinn's gonna join us analyze the body of merit really died at the age of undergone three for fifteen years she kept their virginity not a better record for this vicinity.

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