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Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley on Sports Sunday: The Red Sox find a way to keep the losing streak going 5-25-14

May 25, 2014|

Butch and Buck kick off Sports Sunday on a Memorial Day weekend discussing the Red Sox awful struggles as of late and the 9 game losing streak. Yesterday's loss was a heart breaker. The boys discuss what is going wrong, if the team can turn things around and how they can do that.

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You bonds -- through the pitcher's mound and it won't let it roll it falls between Alton Miller nobody picked it up. Going to be a base hit everybody's -- -- -- citadel are all hopeful that it better. We'll back off and was -- I'll take -- no you'd take it no you take it used to be it's not bombing swing and a ground ball come back gonna Miller up while bestows as a. Did you sort of -- their country. Think there he's gonna start at the ballgame is over in advance deep. And a Red Sox have lost their ninth at a Rome Andrew Miller pops it up again. Going for a double play. There was nobody there at second base he went right into the outfield. On one battles. -- Tampa Bay wins in 156 supplies. I think there there's a fight that's going on you know guys -- given everything they they can everything they're capable of and things aren't clicking and we. We have a couple of scoring opportunities in the extra innings and they get a key strikeout or leave it -- or passed along to another -- in person -- -- And we come up empty handed but the fighters there and yet you looked up and say you know you when you get to its last fourteen innings of that ballgame. We're we're doing what we can. So there you go Sunday morning a Memorial Day weekend Boortz Stearns and Steve Buckley. -- times a Bruins game tonight after a we're talking about and off the errant. I made no plans for the Memorial Day weekend beat I ain't this a clear -- schedule. I cleared my schedule through June -- that's what you do in this business. And it was like cocaine not being schedule. Through June 22 because you may be -- the Stanley Cup final. And why I'm here this morning instead of doing a remote from that regard -- wherever that. I guess maybe. It would be damaged it was that he would have opened they would have opened up at home -- that -- -- -- -- so. I should be what this now is pocket that barking but you there. -- -- sorry we missed a problem with Pia. You know the thing I -- about this is that. It's a holiday weekend and for the most part of what he's -- good move three -- week and cape of -- main growing whatever the weather is kind of crappy. I hate talking bad stuff on three weekends have been doing this one the one year's. Honoree and in the business 36. And when it's the quality -- joyful at Memorial Day Labor Day whatever. And ambulance feeling. That each coach with the kids analysts. You want to be good -- but it. He had inherited David. -- in a -- the first -- it's it's -- -- -- -- -- agreement taking you literally get sick you don't wanna talk bad stuff so we are -- -- Red Sox. You gotta talk -- that was Michael OK you don't Abby -- are you gonna try to product on the other girls there ain't no positive spin bullet. That that was as bad game and but the funny thing is it was five nothing I was watching. And I'm not thing is that -- they're gonna win in in will be exactly is it just -- -- good show tomorrow you know around the right back in again. And now know. We talked about this -- that was a bad -- -- -- And you know John -- talk all he wants about how with a lot of fight -- don't -- that there is. But we're not seen the when it's seen the results. And this is why why did you do when the World Series last year you know a couple of exceptions mean I don't have Ellsbury added Sizemore and a little this a little of that you know Packers and -- the catcher and -- -- market. But by and large it's it's it's not that team didn't get stripped down this is Betsy -- Yesterday's game in particular you mentioned that. Consecutive fight. The fight is there. -- The fighters there and yet you look up and say you when you get to its last fourteen innings of that ballgame. What we're doing what we can. So quick game yesterday you point out the way -- -- David Ortiz. Scheduled day off lower body issues. Horrible against David Price but -- all know Mike Napoli. No Shane Victorino -- DO -- -- -- five runs in the first Egypt and DH hitting a three room. Blow kisses Cambodians to get him. So if I'm -- for David Price. You think it myself. To myself OK the streak ends here as the -- put up nine that your work in the armored pregame interview with. Would be able -- and John Farrell -- may -- -- -- Against David Price. Stranger things up. Up five minutes. The game. There is that a problem. Was -- leader by Brock coal it turn it would double -- -- guy on pace the -- the line that the next five innings that says that one degree. When it's 31. And and and Miller. My goodness more losses. Eleven games. Historic. Numbers the -- guys on the model for 40 yeah you know that situation at that. -- until like I've got. For a loss is attach my name laughs. So eleven -- and -- -- that's the goal is teams to win not to feel good about yourself afterwards. And on the ones and stuff on the field by two times and just like Trenton I don't do anymore so my job situations put up zero we get there and and do it. I agree though that the picture and I don't know that it's if you watch that play though. The -- On the -- -- -- once a whole different it'll thought third baseman pretend that he is and always getting but he thought third baseman. And the throw to second base and and -- if you read the extended quotes in The Herald. -- -- -- came across the heat he concede that there is nobody at second base. But that he's already in a belief in ones he's already had a position which is -- the ball hop he's already position where it's too late to stop. Here's your -- coming across and you -- need you assume this -- going to somebody there I need to see that replayed again and again and again. There was nobody there and I don't know that with -- Pereira I mean Hillary Eric kind of froze. Look like and it I don't know what her -- on this team. It's it's he seems very limited as to what he did that they hardly use him I don't think he's going to be around too long. Well basically they're they're telling us he's on this team because he's their utility to complete what -- know what they're telling web site is the -- these are totally gross. I don't know I'll say it again I don't know why he's on this team. I don't think they'd eat -- limited as to where he can play. And you know no experience at third base. So. I don't understand the role that he plays with and I'm not gonna beat up on -- accurate about what this team has lost nine straight games. That is not playing very good baseball Lester was all -- I saw them play physically was at that the of the homestand. And Lester. Every fiber of his being. Suggested I mean it would be on the mound if if any was listening called me up. Call us up if -- at Fenway or if you watched that last game. The rolling in the eyes looking at the umpire is I don't opens the Pierzynski thing which he says it's not. But even John -- after the game that there's a comfort level Ross who can't -- And then Krzyzewski. Basically said don't blame game it's not my fault I don't want -- that question anymore but it's not my fault what is your fault. A part of that you give -- much your -- outplayed me you gotta say yeah we're all in this together. -- says on the eighteenth tee decks on 37937. Can't blame AG for this one like W the Irish trying to do yesterday. Without him I don't I -- the uttered in the Carter I didn't hear the part of our AJ. Trying to blame him. Other text line and by the way you can join us as always this morning 617. 7797937. Popular -- on Sunday morning. There Memorial Day weekend 6177797937. Buck we've all heard worst to first has there ever been worst to first to work. I believe there has. I looked it up in a minute but I I thought I read a couple weeks there is such a team on the what it is up to my. Of course there has got to be some other techsters. Chime in and -- random comments Ellsbury. Massively. Underrated. 455 million dollar guy could be wondering is it to fifty something for the Yankees who did get a big home run yesterday help the winning game but it's only second of the season though. Short term. Great because -- up a winning game yesterday long term hasn't been a great signing for the Yankees so far but. The 2013. Ellsbury is clearly missed on this team -- -- about that. He said to me to me buck here are saying you said two different things but Ellsbury means to the Yankees what is loss means the reds. And to go the second report he said what does loss mean for the Red Sox are really care what he doesn't do. But the loss to the red -- it was like the Deion Branch argument when he left are looking into anything in Seattle patriots had a gaping hole at wide receiver when he left. So his lack of presence in the patriots. Offense was huge for them that year. They replaced him with. Reche Caldwell in and Jabar Gaffney. But she got a little trouble recently did the rest of -- you know in hot water with Olympic. On up a look at up in Syria but now but I would say that the loss of Ellsbury. Has been a much more significant factor in the Red Sox he's in the whatever addition he's been to the Yankees compared what it's meant to the Yankees. The loss of Ellsbury has been significant detection point saying that. Ellsbury vastly underrated I think his significance. As the lead -- guy when he's been healthy and productive to the Red Sox I think we're seeing it was pretty -- significant and there's a domino effect to it. On this team so. All kinds of issues when it. Do you believe in the cliche -- for go to cause analysis -- a big believer in cliche I am too yes but you believe in this as a professional team I think this is really good for and I. You're never as good as when you're going great and you never as bad as when you -- on. You never as bad as you seem to be here and I use the cliche -- make your point get it right. Do you believe in our cliche I do actually get it -- so they're not the worst team in baseball right now and a. Last year when. They were winning all those games they won the World Series. It was all ball beards and chemistry in in in all of that Boston's drawing and and while lie in the race the fact that they embraced Boston's strong they they really. Understood captured the message and help disseminated to the public and god bless them that. It was real it was always very -- -- -- -- many games. They they -- they won because coach you are had a great season with David Ortiz bounced back. Napoli put up big numbers -- right and Pellegrino is to Reno was -- fought back in the MVP that's why they went and let me say this again just -- -- And have written a million times -- -- was planning their World Series trophy at the finish line of the marathon. Will remain one of the singular moments of my life because as a as you are. A native of this area. You were captivated. By the way this team embraced Boston's and I and I will always respect him. In the end though it didn't help them win the World Series it may have it may have. Brought them together with the team. But that's not why they won the World Series on the same token. That they are not playing well right now I don't think is because of lack of chemistry and a lack of embracing. What we're doing here is a community and so forth but they played very good baseball last year in in by the way. We popular with a couple weeks ago. More often than not and in the 84 tigers is that team that I always point to as an example. The other way to look at that that this stats of the individual plays the 84 tigers. They they didn't have a whole bunch -- guys having -- -- years. Bid but members -- rather pedestrian actually. Yet they get up that 35 and five start went on to win -- World Series they beat the Padres I think in five whatever was. But why in March when it when a team win the World Series. And then it when it's over you look at the numbers it's a hole with two guys had their best year. The amazing Mets and 69 or did they -- -- -- you look at the numbers now might look at what clean on Jones did Jerry coups and Tom Seaver. All what you guys rose as one -- had their best season. Or very good season well. Eagle back to last year David Ritchie didn't have a seasonal on the lines of the days of Manny and Ortiz. But had a really good season -- really good season. Victor Reno MVP caliber season. You Bihar had his best season. And and that's why don't -- you look at this team now with having their best season. Well one this team right now we can look wow autocrat but nobody Napoli was until he heard it -- he's got all kinds of hamstring and mean in the -- the finger issue these -- -- by the way the game may not be activated today to make room for. The reliever Alan Wilson because of all the guys that pitcher right because they need the extra guy from apple in my opinion. Let's go to the phones to kick things off here this morning we -- Cambridge -- barker butch again. Good morning guys and I don't McCullough. I had green that you -- the significance of elder felt very. But furthermore. It is an action in baseball coaches. To win and be -- can't be -- to be strong up the middle. The entire middle -- on salt heat rule and Ellsbury is all about. All the great teams always had a checkered. Short stop center field in place defensively. And I think that's a big issue with this team. I agree with that I mean did. -- Pierzynski is one of the where I know we have we have over -- one of the worth up at the catchers in baseball. As I think too mossy pointed out today in The Herald in the defense of no offense that it -- I'm getting to the defense and he was brought here because he was going to be good -- -- -- -- But he's not even a good defense that catches a lot of balls tipping off his glove and a and I. God I don't wasted yet funded Dan but I I see your point. And -- They -- thing about Lester yeah. He's like a left -- Jack Morris only not discussed. Start complaining -- I -- is tough actually. Well I think yeah yeah I'm Dan thanks to a call but listen I -- I was in new always disappointed. In -- the other day I was at that game was watching him everything about that game was. And eat it if he and a -- as many many maintenance. The singular problem I have with Jon Lester is the use too good a pitcher. To be constantly whining and rolling his eyes and umpires. That's something that foray Geist that's something that journeyman do that something that babies do. I'm Lester is is suppose it ABC's Rio on the World Series he's overcome cancer -- -- -- a no hitter. There's so much to be impressed with Jon Lester he is better than that guy who -- and. It's also becomes a self fulfilling. Prophecy absolutely -- it absolutely he wills himself and a bad when he he's been remarkably consistent -- talked about is winning percentage from day one -- As a lefty what he's done he's taken off a lot of the critics of the way he's pitched in the postseason however when he had his bad stretches in his career. It's almost like he's he's -- themselves to having them to your point because he's complaint from the get go about -- -- -- the body language is palpable with. You can see you can feel. When he does that not one of those -- -- -- -- -- -- And John -- mentioning you know we didn't get some calls okay. And it even John Farrell said even Farrow said I recognizes that comfort level with Enron with David Ross. And actually that's one thing I don't really have a problem with there are certain pitchers. Like the throw to certain catchers. And if you've got an ace pitcher. That's what Jon Lester we we can debate what the term aces all -- ball but he is the Ares. And EPA is issues thrown Pierzynski than you address that. Now if you didn't get addressed on that particular day by the way and electors its key crop because his numbers against mark -- a really good. Don't like nine for 21. With three RBIs believe that's what. So you've got a team with no offense. -- clearly is is having issues that the dish. So -- made. The move he felt he had to make. An inappropriate Hinske in the game. And -- well against Borough if you will went before. And less is just gonna at the second while he gave up five runs and two innings ended up pitching into the seventh and the Sox were pretty much dead after that first -- And that's that some of Westchester overcome and as the text deported out few minutes ago. Lackey and every problems actually I take that back elected -- -- prisons right. -- -- PH yesterday felt so you know -- -- -- to Pierzynski so maybe less chance -- -- -- Pierzynski having said that. I I didn't appreciate present -- basically saying don't blame me it's not my fault by need to hear more than -- veteran -- Steve Buckley -- I'm what Stearns to Sunday morning would buck in butch on Memorial Day weekend 617. 779797. Your calls and more after this. There is gonna give up in this group. You do the best you can with what you have -- York and that's that's the -- word right now. Well these types of games are difficult take care when I'm losing -- horrible and an outstanding job for. It shut -- innings we we with the backs against the wall we can to make big pitches that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We get fired from lead -- first we tomorrow we. Who put a great pass against price and to see them chipped away in -- that it's that 22 breaking ball to go hire back in the fifth inning. For the fourth and it runs. On their side and that was issues trying to get them away from -- get the spot. And the way things are going right now -- mistake we make it comes back on us. Way things are going right now is not good what's trending now is anybody that's playing the Red Sox. Nine in a row the Red Sox losing streak. You can call us at 61777979837. You can text him but he AT&T text on a 37937. The finest on Twitter at -- in Boston butch earns at WB EI and at M Loper Matthew -- are. Producer here as he puts the hash tag in the -- finding new ways to lose. The Red Sox got an answer Bartz who are now why did you do in the brick and listen -- west talking meaning interloper. Yes he would. -- and Hewitt. Holiday rim shot. Can't laugh track Andrea -- I think I have and that's radio I think I do have a worst to first to worst I sort of the 1997 Florida Marlins they -- They wanted did they go right to last through next year. Yet they won 92 games that you aren't lost a hundred -- the next yet that's the year they they've got rid of -- say saloon ignorant career and an Al Leiter and Kevin Brown. All those guys were gone within a year -- two. It was only their fifth year and exist yes was for his they made -- can -- that with those rare cases and worry they decided we're gonna let's go win a championship. And they were not acquired a whole bunch of guys. And they won and then they dismantle them quickly. Right look at look at the -- I -- -- in front of a technically covered that series Kevin Brown Al Leiter. I remember -- Ria had -- career knocked in council and again I don't know seven which is a little. That was that -- was very quickly broken up. Yeah and so they they lost 10000. Plus games. The Arab above that is the the fan base in Miami which is just awful fans. There was a lot of when they won the championship always finally won a championship while long nightmare is over it's like five years and the and good lord and it was just embarrassing. That of course the date it's one of those classic places where. First it was a bad venue they'll play I don't know what they were calling it that -- joy ride be whatever but it was an awful facility. They have that new spaceship they -- in now which they have not been to have driven by -- have been inside it. But with one of those places where they've they played well to a lot of bands played poorly place was and the and and it's not a it's. Would stop that thought we're talking about. On that team decides to guys you mentioned of course to beat Cleveland -- many rumors. Team then they had I don't know blunder by Tony Fernandez in the game seven like the gamer but not and Bobbie but Nia. Well -- on that team. Jeff Conine. Wells was on the team. Gary Sheffield. The director -- has said. He's a different sports -- you to Daryl hall and he Cattrall as Charlie Johnson I don't gold belt was put to effect on the team was he -- -- run our game -- time. Seasons that maybe Iraq but the point is that there was a concerted effort when that season was over. You look at the 97 Marlins took the Indians -- game seven of the World Series and they want them. And then they broke it up right way to do that what this team this team this team if you go back to spring training. I do recognize. -- so to say to the -- I understand the difficulty of repeating in baseball and in all sports in general. We haven't had a back to back championship team in baseball since the Yankees went three in a -- nanny and united 2000. Note in and then before that you gotta go to 9394. And 9293 torn blue jays could just doesn't capital while the teams went back to back World Series so. If history's taught us anything it is taught us that the deck was stacked historically and statistically. Against the Red Sox coming into the price. That doesn't have anything to do with competing I'm -- and I kid that is that statistic that -- get up and willing to bet that most. Of the teams. And in the most recent of the giants won the World Series two years ago didn't make the class Clijsters so I know what happens. But I am willing to bet that most of the teams that win the World Series while they don't win it the next years. As we have shown historically they do compete right there in it. At least for a chunk of the season now a week ago we're doing this show and saying listen. It's a it's a five member of the 500 parade at the 500 the 500 for 500 division. Picketing of first place by next Friday while here is next Sunday in their last place they lost nine in a row. That hasn't happened since 2001. -- and if we need to give you the background 2001 it was a complete disaster. Apparent when Joseph Kerrigan took added that the players rebelled against him. And I I don't think we're gonna see any of that but the fact of the matter is that when you are making comparisons. With 2000 one's -- or the put talks in Europe 929394. Or. Most recently the Bobby Valentine in Europe doesn't well then you're in big trouble and by OS I'm just waiting is it just matter -- -- somebody Belinda. Somebody Valentine. But that's got to Harry right you know is getting some play on the -- excellent Larry is responsible for the news and -- Larry runs the -- Now the texture says come August 1 I want pets she Keeney Owens and one of the young catchers behind the plate. If there around for -- you wish for that just. I would say this it's back before we move past it. If you -- -- final I'll hold the microphone called a show. When Larry -- you want but. That would mean you have to give them credit for the World Series victory last year. So he if you can it they've won three World Series in ten seasons correcting. So. It eight would you be happy if you're forty years old. And you got to live to ninety. That's that's fifty more years. If you forty years old -- would deny any that's fifty more -- you're going to be on earth okay. That's three times by would you be happy winning fifteen. World Series championships over the next fifty years. Statistically. So what I guess I'm saying is. If you're gonna blame Larry for this. You gonna blame Larry but back. Now -- credit him and you got to credit him for that but what I'm saying is. What do they do wrong this season. Let's break it down. It should they every sign Ellsbury I say they should not for the money he won a grade. So I give a pass on that I eight. Was not as in news as the masses. Over at Grady Sizemore and spring training because I recognize being the big thing we Arab -- that I am. In seeing how we tried to make a comeback in 75 after being out since 71. I recognize how horrid it is. To get back and pick up the -- of Major League Baseball after being out that law. So you wouldn't -- on the team I would have I I I'm just saying I I wasn't as over the top. People kept saying I'm thinking what should people kept saying 75% degrading -- will still be pretty good. The problem is. We -- get the 75%. That's the issue though. Did the biggest issue I have with this team in what I'm about the say is not going to have turned them around it would be of birth place and that means Bugliosi. Itemize would get this out there I don't think -- Bogart is a Major League shortstop. That I did say from the beginning and I thought they should have signed grow. That but they should have done so up in the middle Brooks either demote him not find out -- -- the first space something. I believe that Xena Bogut is a big league third baseman or morning guy in the outfield he is not issue its stuff. That is been borne out drop this season. To Martina herald today rights within the guy's going to be top five player in Major League Baseball I believe that I believe is going to be super star I think we can all see the tools -- but I saw you play shortstop -- with the mud mud -- scout here but I do arise. And I would watch him play like -- and I also know that. That what what -- their argument like ninety -- ball and so what it was like nineteen years old film and -- can look it up but baseball reference go to the minor -- chart. He made and I'd -- I'd lean hamburger it. And then went on to become a hall fame player -- caliber player. So I understand that but at the same time I see his body type and I see a week he he reacts the balls and I see according. So if if there is one big thing I can criticize the -- without being hypocrite. It's that I thought they should sign drew at a ticket back to last year. Where it was I've the first two months of the season and -- was not Fenway it's chase the Bruins around like I did the whole run. Which took me until late June that it it can't time -- you you you pick up the team after the all star break. And I have been hearing about Stephen dual season I didn't see -- -- -- -- in the baseball guys. So it's my CPA and it's going on there all of Joseph backed all writing all of Stephen Drew is the bee's knees. I did we see it. Until I was with the team alive and was at Fenway Iowa -- -- you if you if you see him play in a daily basis you realize how rock solid is that infield. Well you also realize to your point that there is a considerable drop off and the quality defensive play when he's not in their from him to Bogart yeah. So again just to preface it tested make sure -- if they had signed through the off season. Any had been if every game this season with Borger -- that there and I can't sit here and say they be in first place right now. But they wouldn't be a last place that they needed to be a bit better team. That's my way of saying there's a whole lot of stuff going bad this team right now some of its -- -- -- shootings those who have followed the errors that plays and so forth but. What we're starting to see now. With -- all the injuries would start to see a eight year. Just that they're just dissolving before our eyes. Go to -- we have some people more talk about this it's go to camp and talk -- Jimmy oh Jimmy. Yeah -- made that slut look at all I have eyes and I had the history liken them away peck and and spring rain in the spotlight at a hundred -- Henry and -- and then talk about. They want to go what the younger players like that and look at the improvement beat the Yankees and all this money all the world that Nelson Cruz. Thirteen million dollars against it's been an amnesty. -- the Red Sox. So you don't think they've spent enough money. Are you reader I'm pleased at all. I don't know about his point about them not spending enough money -- pay like ten million dollars below the luxury tax. -- I don't think his team not spending enough money is the reason they are where they are right now. Now not spending -- -- don't know his point about the young players tried to issues at the beginning of the year and they got a break when Dempster retired running got a chunk of change they can -- which they have now spent at 10% of Stephen Drew drew. I had a problem with three. Young guys all it wants. Middle Brooks Jackie Bradley junior and Bogart's. Wasn't comfortable with that because history tells us they're all gonna struggle that points. Even if one guy light the world on fire was seemed steady to your point. But it is a top five wherever we -- Bogart's become a major leaguer before rise we're not seeing that when Jackie Bradley junior not see it would know what will middle Brooks. I mean I know we hasn't been healthy but he's also been wildly inconsistent. Toward Roger plummet by Roger. I don't vote the Roger. I don't that doesn't. I would what you can't get the other night in a big the whole problem really -- I'm watching the role of the bottom of the screen and I'm looking at the lineup and unlike. I can't remember the last time that the three out over -- was flooded 789. In the lineup. And I went -- my -- -- prolonging. Certainly not let rice and Evans is it it is not at all -- -- yeah I mean. And there was talk that you ports I was not long ago was what last month -- they when when you put Sizemore and left. And you port Jackie Bradley junior senator victory your own right. It's pretty dim but I'll feel both offensively and defense I'm sure it happens more than you think but a but the NC a team -- That's what I would wonder about you really think it does. What -- what -- I agree -- you point -- -- -- I think you're right on what what I'm saying to slightly Alter it. I'm sure it happens. What do you think situationally. Which is based here they're not playing seven -- -- -- up till 789 a daily basis. What and Adam's story going on at changing here. I'm just wondering. It is a team that ever did in Ottawa has done it on a regular basis. Where you are routinely have you left -- wept -- the senate feel regular batting 79. Some little. Little contribution from those positions. That's pretty had to overcome and. Usually you center fielder is going to be a number one -- two here because he's he's generally faster and in your corner guys are generally power guys. Which you would think a -- hit some combination between three and six. And but that -- -- 789 and again not to -- it it was situation it's not like they've been doing in every game this season but it's worthy -- -- good point by -- -- out of body -- -- don't -- they go Roger. It could chieftains at that one. Not what you know that Estonia grad brought a very Cogent interesting. The testicle point of the show that's what have come to expect and don't regret would be if yes would -- even better -- from Braintree. But backward or after this. It is it's it's rare that we talked about that we were due for a couple. I mean we had so many opportunities the previous -- to do things like this. And weren't able to do so so today blustery day you're able to get that little bit of remote -- -- again. Joseph Maddon and his rays beat the Red Sox again yesterday fifteen innings of one run and win. After the Sox scored five -- David Price Tampa is six games under 52228. There's six games back. -- Red Sox now after nine game losing streak. -- 2020. They are seven games back of the Toronto Blue Jays were first in the American League east. Your point about -- say this earlier this week book and I agree with the division Sox. You know -- of the fifteen teams in the American League are only six. Have a positive run differential. And only one in the American League east that's on what we want every other team I didn't know that he's not until now -- golly it was don't know grad house. By the way Texas as skybox not chieftains well my young friend. We all know anybody that is a tried to graduate from college that they are now called the sky box however. Once achieved with the buyout to all political correctness. I actually did a story which apparently Lou Gorman you know very well wasn't yours you undermine. And Lou did so much for story -- fields named after everything I did story in the NCAA decided. That. They made all the division two team changed there. Names you know anybody that in deference to native Americans. -- was on the committee. But actually names don't -- The Chieftains. And -- name was given to honor native American and so what the NCAA was actually doing was a slap in the face. The native Americans by making a change in chieftains according to. That was his comment on the story believable now so when the people say skybox like chieftains -- they wanna -- the PC group. Your home that's when. Not a texture says it's a good one a one why Oakland young players and pitchers develop faster. But it's optional prospects are the scout bad instructions to -- to the Sox -- -- their talent so frustrating. That there out of it. Social. So you're coming about a local but I'll -- the last point. Is that they are nine or they're not out of it there's seven games back -- -- -- horrible point goalies make its prospects and where disagree. Is that if you go back to. 2000 than. Why. Look at the number of brilliant prospects that have prospered in the big leagues for the -- Papelbon and -- five Lester -- 06 Pedroia -- seven Ellsbury you know seven. Only missing. Buckles. -- -- Up and down but still -- flourish and I mentioned Lester what's to come up in 06 I think. And yeah I mean it's clear that they've had a rough spot recently with some of these guys -- fight I don't think they have forgotten how to develop talent. If you go to and I understand there were different people and place -- my -- in was in here for instance when they were drafting. Pedroia error in the Papelbon back and that was that was Theo Epstein. And just different crew was in place but at Lowry or leverage in order to get a lawyer who's now with the cubs and in the deep draft and -- who who's -- -- a pretty good player. When you -- -- -- when you look at Oakland though what they've done a really good job of drafting and developing -- -- data related to go pick it up it's -- experts actually force chaired by our Josh reading Randy Moss but you look at their rotation this year. Their two best pitchers -- Sonny -- who they drafted and the latest Bartolo coal reclamation project which Scott Kazmir. Guys get six quality starts out of his ten in -- ARA under three Scott Kazmir. But Terry Francona didn't keep last year in Cleveland. Is their second best -- Oakland is not all about developing young players. There about doing it on a budget home money ball thing. He grew up and down that lineup and like he said -- It's ex Red Sox players but it's at the cab stops its prospects it didn't get a chance it's the Coco Crisp and the world at the second best record in baseball right now. The thirty in nineteen Sampras go giants -- The only -- that -- grenades is that it is this is not. If you gotta take this as a criticism Soviet. But it's just a fact. Billy Beane has done an enormously good job over the years of putting together teams that and one of the regular season. Used yet to get the molester or even to the world yeah. And they they don't perform well they they put these bargain basement teams cast Dobson kid dozens and and so forth. And high on base percentage run they hustle they play great baseball or legal up against the -- of baseball in the post season it -- -- perennially faulted. And how much you like to travel to different spots in -- which would -- Institute of -- -- Maria sub shop. Gold there -- should park yourself down because there's real foreign Jerome. It's there all the time and I Jimmy powers talks based up to armory -- -- wrong. Eight yeah that's true best substance found bruised and like this what do you do let -- don't want to achieve their who has meant something now -- tell more stories lately. If nothing happened after that there's a rumble effect including what about -- is sub shop at. And you guys and to me that's where you maybe I'm crazy. Can't block colts placed third base and until little push comes back if if some understand and everything to -- is -- -- The block -- drink when he is is not like thank. Well Stephen Drew is going to be here in a couple of weeks of. I look -- look at how we. They wanna kiss up which we really get minute -- -- in any of the shortstop went right. Anybody gonna carry that looks like with little -- about. Bob. And says just I. Got -- as good. Our reality as the opposition right now is on the DL and indeed do -- I guess I'm being devil's advocate general is as well Miller Brooks played well enough to be angry about losing a third base job. Well I don't know not a -- that's that's good that's just -- that's away his. All I know I wasn't aware that he was angry about losing their base and we don't. It is not target the report does not we zoom in on the trip. Well this is it any kind of reporter -- some he says I'm not gonna talk about it. I was unaware that I'd like I can tell you he's not on the trip right now I don't know I read that the -- -- in fact I saw a thing on FaceBook -- at a charity event. Yesterday the day before Boston. So I know we -- of the trip so would whatever angst he has the ball. We're he's playing enough playing and so forth I I don't think he's in a position to talk about -- he's not with the Sox to general's point about -- just with the mayor said that it federal entry for days and I'm aware of your own. Part about holds playing third base. I mean. The Oakland and we brought joking about really when you get to the big leagues and you start hitting -- do it consistently doesn't at a -- kind of go out the window. Mean doesn't where you were drafted him in -- -- let it should yeah it's a great baseball among other sports is such a long -- -- more than that the numbers bear themselves out. -- -- I can say that in recent years the Red Sox have done a good job of not. Kowtowing to peregrine now and I covered Minor League Baseball. The Cleveland Indians -- that almost everything was real much and and we -- those -- those hot young kids they were they were fast tracked in the big leagues and it was ago it gave Gallagher who was putting up great numbers in the minors. Who can play all -- all the positions he was going to be superstar but when they needed a fourth outfielder they always called up the hot young kid. And you know Dave Gallagher ended up playing 1011 years in the big leagues is -- -- though -- but only a few games that with the Indians because they didn't look at it as a prospect. These guys have consistently terrible and I call up indeed Domonique back in 04. Who is a minor league journeyman. And they called him up because he was the guy playing law that they needed right now so I think that they've got a good job at that now. Wouldn't win Stephen Drew is ready. He's going to play shortstop and -- Brooks I'm sorry Bogart's is going to play third. That's unfortunate for brought Cole. Who by the way. Only has a hand four games of big league experience at third base. And they need that that they need to settle down the left side of the infield they can't fix every single problem with one -- But I think this is a fix for what ails them on the left side of the infield. And if it brought colts continues to hit in loses his every day playing time that's unfortunate but that's also the reality of the situation. Even in Maine wants talk about Stephen Drew hello -- It's got IE and knowing. You're gonna. -- let's talk about he -- Beckett. I think she bought it about your. About poker a little bit and I agree or -- it it overtly out. It or recorder player or their -- Still. Doubt that but he they're -- of course they couldn't do much there'll Brooks but. But it was even Euro but now that. Major. Or short stop. But he implied an early look at. Relied. On about whether -- order. It until. They're there really playing solid it. And yeah they are up real quick but I I feel like -- pay them. But. I think it's I can be ordered that a lot. It'll be yet to be seen if it's a great signing. In if it's worth it -- I think people -- mixed emotions about the drew -- I will agree with his point -- that I think. What drew does add whatever his averages. What he does that is a veteran presence you know both defensively and offensively. So we'll see what he does for lineup I mean. Fur is inept as he was at times and especially in the post season during the regular season. If you look at his numbers he was actually one of the top. Offensive producing short stops in the American League last. I think that says more about the position and him -- that I don't think it hurts. -- all these young guys have been lineup or Grady Sizemore like you mentioned only get hurt to have a veteran like drew added to the lineup offensively. We'll see what type of impact past John marsh field you'll be up next when we come back it's Bakken butch on a Sunday morning. Here on WB EI.

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