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Dale and Holley with Steve Lyons: Are these Bad Sox the real Sox for 2014?

May 23, 2014|

Even our ace is getting shelled. Dale, Michael and NESN's Steve Lyons talk about the disaster that is this Red Sox 7 game losing streak.

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Oh don't worry if the Red Sox get a losing streak and after supper through that the stop oral command and take care -- that the glory don't rat. Yikes seven runs in the first two innings thanks for coming welcome to dale and Holley Sports Radio WEEI. Good afternoon am dot. What sub -- its ups like oh. I -- on dogs well alliances with us as well thank goodness -- on doing so well that I'm sitting you are chairmen will go free for you watch out. -- there's some things are some issues with the chair. That I can't explain to you you just have to experienced them on your own luck is the word Lysol involved in any of them. To find out anything we can do to kill some of those turtle there I don't think so and it's also gallon cans chairs on just little scared over what's going on suspension and I am looking over at the chair that I usually city and I'm not closer and it's not. A more comfortable looking chair. Yeah it's probably better now it's better now if I told you that you think you're doing well. And dale you mentioned the stopper. It in trending now look how long has this thing gonna go how long is history going to last because. We can't keep saying. The rest of the elite doesn't look so good when the red sharks keep helping the rest of the jail at least by losing. Well I've watched Stephen Tom Karen on the post game show last night and I know what it's like do when those when things don't go so well. It was tough to find much positive to talk about it. And he if you were really attempting to fill that glass half full I guess Steve you'd say well after the first two innings less. -- pitched okay. But Vietnam had to give up seven in the first two minutes it's kind of tough to make comeback after that. It was team isn't scoring any runs and it's been awhile since that -- they've been able to. Draw a lot of runs across home plate. And if you're not -- pitch it -- gonna be in any of those games you get down seven early. This it is not a team that that they've tried to fight back lasted they're the king of the comebacks and this year it is they fall short seemingly every time. Now the question is Michael can they fix this in the -- you and I've been gone back and forth on -- now I you know is it is it's still early enough where you can turn this thing around. Stephen Drew did clear waivers at 1 o'clock today. As we expected he would Alex Wilson has been called up to I joined the Red Sox for tonight's game. I will say this the weather right now in New Hampshire is not very good. I don't know that that's necessarily where they were shipping Stephen -- to play tonight but it made sense they would send him to Manchester to play for the Portland sea dogs and -- a look very good up there either so I don't know where he's gonna play if he's gonna play tonight at all. Well. Before before we get into you know can't be fixed or not I do have to say the story is that the story of the Red Sox. It's it's it's shocking. We're talking about a -- the Red Sox have a seven game losing streak it's happened before for teams in sports teams have struggled at the beginning of the year. But to me it's shocking because it's the Boston Red Sox and nobody saw this coming nobody predicted this. There there isn't a single baseball writer in the country who said. Hey I I really see problems ahead for the for the Boston Red Sox because Jacoby Ellsbury left because Saltalamacchia is gone at the time Stephen Drew his -- I I think they're gonna struggle I think they're they're gonna be light in depth look last place. At any time in the season and the in the AL east and it's shocking -- -- in my and I overreacting to this. I thought they'd win ninety games. But they're gonna win ninety -- I. I think in comparison to last year and and coming off that World Series championship it's shocking. I think that that if we. It if we did not have that -- ball back on if if we didn't have that to celebrate in these parts this would seem about right to us I mean think about the fact. They didn't make the playoffs for the three years before they won a World Series championship. Right now as it stands at this moment they're not going to be in the playoffs this year as it stands at this moment isn't last year kind of a weird. Very nice but weird aberration in this group. Yeah did you see it did you see that thing and I thought happened last year and well what the what the year before but that Steve did you think. Coming into 2014 -- go back 2012 all we want 2013. Wiped it away at twelve was steamrolled. By 2013. It's absolutely steamrolled to the point where. All of this this new philosophy and of the Red Sox of going away from long term contracts and not paying overpaying guys in the short term. For for three or four years maximum. Was the way to go people who aren't thinking about 2012. In spring training that was garnered spring training nobody thought coming into the 2014 season. Hey the Red Sox they're gonna bounce back to where they were in 2012 means deep did you think that. Well you know I think what happened it was last year was so magical to everybody that no one really took time to step back and say wait a minute. At this time last year. Nobody thought that this was going to be a team that was gonna win the World Series they're like who are these guys and why did anybody put this group. Of players together and think that they're gonna win a world championship. Everything. And not just talking about certain instances last year. Everything went right for this ballclub last year when they were getting beat they came back in one. When they when they weren't pitching well they were crossing the ball when they were hit never get shut out performances. They couldn't -- up. And this -- almost the exact opposite they almost can't get out of their own way right now outside it is painful these geysers these guys are hurt right now. If you saw -- in a post game interviews last night. You can see the pain of these guys is based they don't know what to do and -- So strangest thing about baseball it's tough and all of sports when you're not going well and I think baseball more so than ever because they don't know what. To do to make it matter you know what unfortunately sometimes we have we get captivated by by TV images which you know are taken out of context and we don't know what they mean. Late yesterday's game they had a shot of -- John Lackey in the dugout. I forget who he was sitting beside and Lackey was kind of laughing I don't know what it was about obviously enough about the plan on the field and of the game. You saw the -- the line drive that David Ortiz hit down the first base Encarnacion made the diving play Ortiz just started laughing about it. I'm sure it was the the frustrated got there's nothing I can do here today and through tears but but yes you see those still images. And if your Red Sox -- they're driving you crazy right now the last thing you wanna sees anybody laughing about any thing. I I promise you this as much fun for them I hate to say it but you know what it feels like Michael. -- like the Bobby Valentine year right now rock bottom. I don't know. I know well -- it -- it it will never be like that they may help they they may be that bad in terms of a team. But this is not -- Bobby Valentine. There are so many issues there. That that went beyond. The performance on the field the players didn't like him. He didn't like his coaches they didn't talk for long stretches of time he had 2312. Pitching coaches. It was a disconnect between bench Arrington and the front office to front -- has brought in the ownership they brought and Bobby Valentine. Bench arrogant and when I'm there. Let the organization is healthier now much healthier and obviously and they are not on the young talk about on what field nicely and I will. Tricky you right. But. Yeah I don't I don't know I don't know how they turn it around because in some areas. There's nothing they can do what we talked about the -- yesterday dale and Steve wasn't here. Satterfield there's nothing you can do -- in in center field. Thank you either live when Jackie Bradley junior or you send them down. Or you go out and get a retread. In center. Outside the organization or. You moved Shane Victorino to senator put somebody in right. Whether that's a little knob or whoever it but just it's still not perfect because. One of the hallmarks of year of your team last year in addition to all the things as Steve mentioned you know -- -- being able to come back and games being able to pitch well being able to hit well. Great managing moves. One of the hallmarks was their defense their outfield defense last year he had Jacoby Ellsbury playing at a gold -- level enhancing victory don't. Winning a gold -- -- -- -- -- Arizona senator he's not a great defenses that are built anymore and every -- right -- a -- gold -- Yes I think Michael that's the promise that you start to talk about -- moos. Tim may be shore up your offense at the sake of your defense again. And we already went through got about you know three weeks ago out watching a bad defensive team lose ball games because nobody was catching the ball. That's worse you know what you talked nobody to find some retread guy had to come play center field -- not gonna play center field. As good as JBJ they might hit better. You know those are a lot of questions that you know certainly there there's gallery right now they're looking around for teams that might want him make trades but guess what. Every team right now but wants to make a trade is trying to trade away the guys that are crap on their team. -- southern nor right now is looking to traded a guy away right now our trade some into the Red Sox that has any value. Interesting to note Michael that Daniel knob on and I pulled up the Pawtucket Red Sox statistics is playing primarily right field and attack. He is the best hitting outfielder the attack it has at this moment. -- sitting especially well against right handed hitting that's always been one of his strengths. So the Big Easy short term answer would be to send Jackie Bradley junior backed out of the -- at work on your swing we know you can play defense at this level. Put Daniel -- and right put chain -- -- when -- now in May just be rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic here but at least it's a movie you could match. And that's a -- you can make but then we go on to the next problem. Although -- -- and there's a long list at well let's start with five guys. Five guys in your -- Murders Syria -- god knew that was coming -- birders I'm surprised that it made that reference -- developers but it. Jon -- you'd look for him yesterday it happened losing streak on them but if you think it's got it and you think it's gonna and it's six. Jon Lester is -- -- you like your chances another game at home and connect to go oh for hosting and -- gain. Parent know they don't. And Jon Lester can't do and that's your most consistent guy and he was not very good yesterday. There issues and the issues go beyond hey Jon Lester can be -- stopper. Issues are. Part of the partisan issues relate to the relationship between Lester on the mound talking about. Lester. In AJ Pierzynski. When Pierzynski -- Lester Lester is not as good. As your best picture. -- don't Lackey tonight -- pretty reliable we don't know what's gonna get from him. All of the time anybody's fairly reliable those two guys. The other guys -- and click -- -- So you have so many issues starting at the top of the rotation. With Pierzynski your everyday catcher. Not really being on the same page with your rights. Well and like it in general I think that that's a lot of crap what difference does that make. But I do think when it comes to pitcher and catcher it does matter if they're on the same page it does make it harder if you've got an issue there. And I understand why John Ferrell did it yesterday. AJ Pierzynski has hit Mark -- fairly well in the past this is a team that's got some offensive issues right now David Ross isn't getting especially well. So I understand why he did it. I disagree with the fact that he didn't. You have an ace on this team you've got a team that's struggling had lost seven in a row. Six general going into last night. You got to do everything you can do to make that work and that means giving Jon Lester the catcher that he's more. The bullet that you know I'm glad he says that deal because. I knew we did to this topic between these two guys and there's been. Rumblings all season long but there's a few pitchers that don't particularly like -- in the present ski we've seen him as a catcher. -- the ball back they're quite often he's never been a great defensive catcher. Pitchers and catchers wanna be on the same page and in what I mean by that is is when. A pitcher gets to a certain situation and he knows exactly what pitch he wants to throw to put a hitter away. Wording or even just the same -- and throw this -- and all get a -- out a guy or -- can punch him out. The -- needs to be on that same wave link to put down the right finger with a catcher in the -- at the guy just. Winds up throws a pitch it because they were on the exact same. Page a wanna throw a slider right here. If you know the catcher -- say let's go fastball in -- hey -- change upright here so that the pitcher -- that sit you know -- -- -- must take them -- that takes you know. Another thirty seconds before April's the next pitch and you finally get to the one that he wanted. And now is almost pissed that he's thrown at because nobody. Knew that he wanted to throw it now having said that. I along with view. Believe that some of that stuff is over rated. You know what happened to the days when the organization used to say we're paying you millions of dollars gold hits and pitched developer we say is catching. Oprah since he didn't throw the ball. I saw Lester looks so bad and it can't be all present -- spot in fact I saw Pierzynski yesterday. Get off the plate and on to the corners more than I'd seen them all your -- might complaint with Pierzynski most of the year has been. You know he can -- some balls that either he should be catching it was a stolen base last night on a ball that he -- cotton had a chance the throw a -- out. But he doesn't he sits in the middle plate. Last night I saw him move off to the corners more than I'd ever seen him do it before and Lester just was flat out bad last night. Well you know what you say -- Jon Lester or anybody else to say. -- jobs or throw the ball the organization gave me this guy whoever the catcher -- in my -- -- and do the job. But what do they -- not giving you the right guy Steve went -- his right to decide who catches he's not dead it's that -- that he's deciding in other words. What do page papers he's just not a damn good capture. Like how is that if you stop thinking along the game just outlined beautifully done much to. Must be sitting in that chair look at -- act out and out talk our biggest of course but it is outlined a beautifully. If a if a picture doesn't have to over think it. If they're on the same page 8590%. Of the time to talk about this all the time the Jason Varitek -- all the all the pitchers that are. Varitek is putting in the work again. He knows the hitters he's like another pitching coach out there he's like he's like a manager in some ways he knows exactly. What I'm trying to do and where and we're gonna do this together and it's fine. It if -- can't do that. Now don't Jon Lester in May -- should suck it up and deal with that but that's a problem it's not just a problem for left to -- Saying that Pierzynski isn't put networking and I believe that he is at the key is a study year I think. You know he's been in the American League most of his career he understands all those other teams and the other is a good if it's a good defensive catcher now. He was just brought here to be a good defense and get to but you talk about over thinking things. Isn't it's let's ballistic Lester out of the equation isn't any pitcher. That's so worried about who is catching him is he over thinking that rather than worried about being a good good pitcher. Believe I am not stupid I played this game but I played during a time where. Now kinda stuff Charlie O'Brien certain -- would just start and did do this stuff. I disagreed with that and I still disagree with it now because I feel like I'm a little bit old school about. Just go play of the game when the ball in your hand throws strikes have that -- You know what we -- out I don't like Pedroia at second base and it did Jackie Bradley Center field that you might catch a ball gets hit but he can't hit -- kitchen. All cart split right feel -- can't play right field when I -- Let me also how far is -- -- don't trivialize it though they -- that it is Ed but the special relationship between pitcher and -- you know and let's also make sure we stress something here before people go crazy Jon Lester hasn't -- never set work OK this is -- watching and thinking that's what's going on. I know that that John Farrell was asked about a post game I -- presents key was asked about it -- little snippy about it. Jon Lester has not said a word and and before you know what it's like in this town Michael it's gonna become all Lester was bitching about the catcher again was -- He never -- a war. In fact he took all the responsibility for what happened yesterday so I I just wanna nature and talk -- in some pain in a guy's face Lester you know. To depart last night I mean he he knew I mean bully talk about a flat cutter last night just didn't. Did not it may be the worst I've seen a drop but we can also go back to do if you're talking about organic operatives -- any of the characters. How many games have they won one presents he's been behind the plate deduce something right there -- case I mean. And I get a little bit Kyoto I guess we start talking about the tail wagging the dog in this game. I do think though if it's obvious that there's an issue and we're gonna break down the numbers for you as the day goes on here how Jon Lester has thrown the ball with one. And how he's -- the ball with the other if it's clear that there's a better working relationship. And that's what you gotta do I mean your job as manager here is to put your players in the best -- is positioned to perform at their best isn't it. And I had an -- and -- if there's a clear difference between how Lester throws the ball with Pierzynski behind the plate. And with Ross behind the plate you're not putting him in the best position if you play Pierzynski. Well I think I think that's that's true -- but then. You know back to Steve's point about you answer the question directly as it is presents a good defensive catcher he said now. It all and it's still circles back to that offseason usually. We want we worry about players celebrating too long. And they just can't they can't. Get themselves prepared for the next season because they're everywhere they go people are patting them on the back. And in news celebrating champions -- celebrating the championship and every time it anywhere you go there's attribute to you somehow. Well how about. I wonder about the baseball operations today. It was it was a say. Is this a celebratory took a tour for prepared -- and his staff to. -- look at it. Bringing your AJ Pierzynski. And that's not to accept it defined you can't talk right. The -- head -- now we -- pirated each other -- upset about it but bringing an AJ Pierzynski not having an answer and senator field. Not really figuring out the left side of the infield. What we're what we're doing and now we can look at it high payroll team what was his team in the offseason they felt like. We'll just continue. That -- we did before even though we're losing some significant part of our team -- Saltalamacchia. I can't believe it is this Celtics we miss you. Where there's Jarrett also -- ago. A nation turns its lonely eyes you know. Would that would arrive very well Google -- be honest with -- Six and 777. And 7937. As telephone number the ATP -- like -- common at 37937. We got a lot of stuff to get to not just Red Sox that's part of via the docket here today. I won't say who but we got a special guest is gonna join us and help us with support for. Coming up a little bit later on you can probably guess what time that's going to be Steve Lyons in the house -- dale and Holley Sports Radio W media. Off the middle. Ray is the shortstop hasn't behind second throws on the first and that -- the Red Sox have lost again. That is seven straight Red Sox lawsuits. Case you were keeping score at home. Dale and Holley with Steve -- in the house talking about the Red Sox issues. And let's Psycho crazy about how good Jarrod Saltalamacchia was as the Red Sox catcher. There's one area in particular where AJ Pierzynski. Robbers Saltalamacchia. He throws -- a lot more runners than Saltalamacchia in effect right now. -- Jarrod Saltalamacchia has thrown out 20% of the guys try to steal against him Pierzynski thrown out 36 point 4%. -- ERA though AJ Pierzynski is twelfth in the American League. And and I said I said this guy that's a man that all the matters -- number one and and I said esteem during the break. I think guys are afraid to throw that breaking ball down in the dirt. With two strikes to try to get a guy because they're not sure it's not gonna end up the backstop. You know maybe maybe the throwing percentage would be even better if he caught every pitch that. It's just throw out on how it happened again yesterday -- dropped the pitch where there at the stolen base took place and I am I'm listening to Dave O'Brien -- -- driving home. And Dave O'Brien said happens a lot to AJ Pierzynski. And I was like it does it and believe me I don't know I I'm uncomfortable sitting here and bastion AJ in you know wanted to. One of the text guys wrote in did he did -- -- to say they didn't bring a catcher in to be a good -- yeah they didn't. They brought AJ Pierzynski -- to be an offensive minded catcher. And that's what he's always been. And so you have to kind of live with the deficiencies that he has behind the plate that he as he well knows. Himself that he has some issues that there's so you know us talking about it -- -- like news flash to him. It's also what is he 38 now 3730 -- not the youngest guys sitting back there either so. Date decided that they were gonna live with a bunch of things this year they were gonna live with Pierzynski behind the plate. They were gonna live with the young center fielder they go live with the young shortstop. They made those decisions to go with some youth can change things around. But they didn't decide they're gonna live with the young civic center fielder not to beginning of the year. And I remember they sent down. JB JR. For your column LBJ the other day. Yet he was supposed to be they were they being handed him the job at spring training. He basically spit the bit. And they brought in -- more as a back up bezel -- as well at spring training up and so they flip flopped it but that's the plan was certainly to have JBJ in center field from day one. Except I don't I don't know I don't know if that was hit Steve I mean if the plan was to have -- there full time. That was that was that was an odd way of showing I think maybe ideally. They thought they would have some combination. Together of Grady Sizemore. And Jackie Bradley junior maybe I don't think it was. With the presence of Sizemore and he was able to play and spring training I don't think it was Bradley's job to lose. It now if it would have -- his job to lose if size award -- three a spring training says. You know -- a man than me my ankle my groin my back my shoulder. I just need you know bring it down here for -- -- four or five days and then we'll revisit that but once. Sizemore was there I don't know that was part of their plan but whether it's Jackie -- -- -- and that's it it's it's maneuvers are really whether the plan was. Jackie Bradley junior or whether it was Grady Sizemore. It was a very shaky plan now back to Saltalamacchia. I'm not overrated and a guy saying use you know -- Johnny Bench. Let. He never got credit for his defense last year he never did. But the pitching staff's performance. What's pretty steady for most of the year any did on top of that for him having very good offensive season. Especially an ad in the doubles department wasn't a whole lot. Home run hitter may be some people want it I mentioned AJ Pierzynski is twelfth in the major leagues -- -- CRA's four point 12 Jarrod Saltalamacchia. With what probably isn't as good pitching staff. His captors CRA is three point 61 in Miami. All the metrics would tell you that Saltalamacchia is not as good. As Pierzynski. His defense of war number is a minus Pierzynski is a slight loss. But the fact of the matter is. The the pitcher sure seem comfortable with him and and I thought from the minute Pierzynski arrived. They were almost protesting too much about how they were gonna get along with a you know aside guys and good teammate. You know I am not sure I'm not sure they ever felt comfortable with the idea that he was gonna replace a guy that they liked a lot. It'd be better -- continues to about a fourth -- in the season maybe a little bit more than that. And in -- anywhere. But some better figured out. Having said that if I'm if I'm John Ferrell David Ross catches every game Jon Lester throws this year. I would say and it's probably what's gonna happen in if that's pandering to your to your superstar and some people like to portray it that way. That's mine I don't care. I want I want my -- to be as comfortable as he can be and if that means David Ross sketches and then catch him but I say -- party take that stuff. While -- is -- year trying to take it to the nth degree I'm talking about pitcher catcher here I'm not talking about we want to right field. I'm not talking about who we want to third base because I've never heard a pitcher talk about that well it will at what point did you start here in pitchers complain about who was catching them. -- -- -- -- -- Took off for years all -- know know what was was Tim McCarver wasn't Tim McCarver Steve Carlton yeah personal catcher. Years -- years ago when we talk about NE YT. Was his caddie and then and it was always portrayed as such an -- it is very few and far between name -- three other guys that did. OK I'll go it now how far back we wanna go focusing the -- Andy Pettitte you can look at. David but the Yankees teams had a couple of those situations. Where I think George or it was it was somebody's personal catcher and -- like the way young at that time young posada. Handled the pitching staff know maybe I'm thinking I -- late ninety's. This is this is not a I don't think this is unusual at all Steve this is this just happened at times in baseball history I think it happens. Far fewer than you think and I had I happen to be -- guys ready chaotic -- it happened. Randy Johnson had that situation. And I think he had a didn't either and it was an Arizona. You know some that was over played too because you're talking about a situation where -- back up catcher needs to get some time in anyway. So they decide hey here's going to be the guy that you'd catch. He gets seem to work pretty well together so -- throw that guy back there with because he's gonna have to play one out of every five days anyway I didn't even bring up the -- belly Wakefield combination simply because that's so weird anyway it -- -- that caller yeah that's totally different. Back to the cult or to the calls we go -- on the -- on Europe first on dale and Holley. They keep the seventeenth. Your finger real quick just such an assault on mark Saltalamacchia issue first. I don't know what everybody doesn't understand but Saltalamacchia for years indicates your first stop gap until the kids at that market are ready to come up to catch they didn't want at -- for four years that's not hard to understand so that's why there military air current. Now that our -- egos and I'm no AJ fan by any stretch of the imagination however. I happen to agree totally with -- cycle and it's just because of the fact that if you wanna break it down this way. Every pitcher is gonna wanna throw rocks. You can't have you can't hire managers and that way and just that a step further -- last are specifically. Yesterday's game. It's the 66 game losing streak last game at -- That's the tying that. A starter who's looking for sure her Kershaw or something in that area money. You should be on the -- to Bob Montgomery. You shouldn't have to have a special catcher and the way of watching that game yesterday in the first. Four outs of that game. That reminded me so much Josh Beckett being petulant child. Throwing a ball. Until EMS came out and Arctic then he settled down and actually pitched another or things that we're halfway. Into it up another run. But AJ not throwing fastball straight down the middle that are getting watched. It looked to me like who -- you -- -- call for. And -- -- Michael chick comes and it does it's it's it doesn't matter if if you call Oprah felt all her -- called for a cutter. It's all about location is not the one that got to locate the fastball and -- -- want that kind of money you want to be 88. -- got to step up in those situations and not look like 01 -- that -- sitting catching today some at a group fastball down the middle of the plate. Until I get my way into. A huge political elite receivers this tragic news or two different things here number one you're talking about he -- need a personal character that's that's fair but here's something else. I expect something underneath your comments and you can clarify for me sure it seems like. You'll think John masters of baby. It seems like you don't really think he's an ounce -- -- legislative he wants to be an AC he used the case here it's. Right Michael -- he is the case why does. The weight that he carried himself when he went to the mound yesterday and a way that he performed and that type of a spot. For this team is a great playoff catcher and they're -- -- don't get me wrong. It's just there's this issue of you have to make him. Comfortable and not just at any of the pitchers. They should be able to throw so cool. They're behind the plate that editor out early Internet and tied the State's AJ is nine purporting to like I'm against early is a better -- Our offense right now quite frankly stinks. A -- the offensive player in there but I can't do that because Jon Lester or you brought a lack a year whoever. Is going to be annoyed because they -- -- sort of raw. He can't do that you can't can to -- players that way I'm sorry I just the -- Everybody right now earlier in the middle of a losing streak like this you do whatever you can do to get a win. And your best opportunity to win the way this offense is going is to get a well pitched game from Jon Lester. And it's all -- good to say he should be able to throttle at a garbage can back their fine in theory you're right. But in the real world if he's more comfortable throwing to the other guy you got to let him from the other guy. Perry age he had a bad day yesterday I mean nothing he did was less stressed at all I mean his cutter and cut. We knew after three hitters but he didn't have his good stuff and you're you're trying to throw back leg cutter to a couples guys both those pitches. Stayed out right over the middle -- -- didn't move a bit and got hammered. And so. You know if you put a little bit of the blame on who was catching because he's not comfortable throwing to him if that in case it isn't. In fact the case. You certainly can't put all the blame on the guys sit by the plate. He can throw the -- one quick note as we go to break in and we should be fair here about this 'cause I I made the point that the caller made a good point about Saltalamacchia. Jarrod Saltalamacchia signed a three year 21 million dollar deal with the Miami Marlins AJ Pierzynski has signed a one year. Eight point 25 million dollar deal. Again going back to the point about catchers percolating through the system you probably don't want Saltalamacchia here for three years. And you probably do want a guy here for one your like Pierzynski as the signing makes sense from that respect. OK well maybe maybe it's somewhere in Italy on here that is there an organization and for them. What three years might be too long one year is not long enough. Can you get could you have come to an agreement. For a -- -- deal before it got to Miami because we know Saltalamacchia wanted to come back here I don't know I don't know if he -- or not. If he -- attempted to I don't know. And with the qualifying offers. That they give him a qualifying offer. And they gave it to Stephen jury rejected they gave it to Jacoby Ellsbury obviously. He rejected it too big give him a note there was an issue in and forgive me for not. Being on this remember in this there were some hurt feelings involved with Saltalamacchia he didn't understand. The actions of the team and I don't know it was. Not offering him the fourteen million dollars -- we'll check on I know there was an issue there that he wanted to come back to Boston. And then when it was clear they were looking in another direction. He took the Miami offer 6177797937. Is the telephone number the AT&T -- line 37937. -- Hollywood Steve -- Sports Radio WE yeah. Of what's taking place currently. We have to remain positive in our daily work and our approach. And the guy like -- said the guy that takes the mound. Tomorrow night John Lackey we're gonna look him to set the tone and stabilize. John -- after yesterday's loss. Michael just in the interest of clearing up this question for yeah the Red Sox gave qualifying offers to Jacoby Ellsbury Stephen Drew and Mike Napoli. Received the draft pick compensation for the Ellsbury selection obviously re sign Napoli and announce re sign -- They did not give a qualifying offer to Jarrod Saltalamacchia surprising many people. He he went into the free agent market without having to cost another team. On draft pick if they signed him he ultimately signed a three year deal with the Miami Marlins. And it probably was to his benefit they didn't give him a qualifying offer but it probably also to make him very happy that that they didn't. -- makes more money overall he makes what seven million dollars more overall roughly. And the Red Sox. Save. You know maps -- a stretch but six million dollars -- revenue as saying in the in the neighborhood of six million dollars by. Going with. AJ Pierzynski for one year instead of Jarrod Saltalamacchia for when -- mistakenly called qualifying offer he accepts it so he's he's playing. On a one -- fourteen million dollar deal up. As opposed to one year 8000004. Pierzynski. Is it. Where the savings. -- enough to. And adapt to justify the situation we have right now would you have been better would you have been better off with Saltalamacchia for one year and paying six million dollars. More and no one's no one's -- Saltalamacchia fourteen million dollars a year to come back and that's that's why that's why it all worked out this way. They've figured that they were gonna get an offensive upgrade and Pierzynski in the figured that is. Defensive deficiencies. Wouldn't be all that glaring and make -- live with that everything would be fine I think where they're right in your opinion about -- right I think there's it's a bigger issue. Then what anyone expected and it's all high test because there's not going to be a guy that clubhouse that's gonna come out and say but they don't like thrown -- on there's been whispers. The entire season and started in spring training but you're never gonna hear anyone say that. And you know it's gonna be good fodder for talk shows like we're doing right now but. -- on -- Saltalamacchia fourteen million dollars a year to play baseball -- took the offered out of Miami because that was his career deal right there. At three years and 21 million it's never gonna see that kind of money again wasn't didn't see it before it won't see it again he had to say. I wanna make a move in this game for my life in my family even though I'd rather play back but the Red Sox I gotta take this deal. Take the money go out play for a team that's not going to be any good for awhile but also myself up to. But we -- order ago we're out of order because the qualifying offer. Would have cut if if he accepts the qualifying offer Miami's is a relevant scientific data they make -- more because he's not -- that this I didn't do it. While it is worth it to them. To who may be worth to the Red Sox the reps say he's probably worth -- -- the -- -- here to -- that you can't have a both ways Steve you're telling me. He's not worth it to the Red Sox you know -- saying yeah all right so he's not work with the Red Sox. Yet the alternative yes anything good about you -- told me what they expect to get from them. What they've gotten is. A lot of nothing to -- -- now Pierzynski. So he's not -- -- to the Red Sox -- he's worth it if the alternative is not working out yet he's worked. While the other thing to remember and he made four and a half million dollars last year. -- -- qualifying offer would have been fourteen point one million not a chance number what he got was six million this year seven million next year. It's eight million a year after that at the whole of -- a lot closer to a four point five million than it is fourteen point one -- just not happening that's good so. They cut their losses with him and went look for someone else and present. Since these numbers overall over his career he has beat him a better than average catcher maybe not defensively but this is a guy who's. Won a World Series he certainly eight you know he caught the Texas staff last year he -- a World Series staff in. In the White Sox and we started this entire conversation about -- what's wrong with the Red Sox last year was an aberration really it was a a magical season that nobody saw come. He talked about nobody -- common roster it was what you never sought comment. This year is what everyone thought you gonna get last year. 05 White Sox were the same Tim they have no chance of winning a World Series with Pierzynski -- And it ended up in a World Series how's the team that just came out of nowhere also won 66177797937. Jackson Bedford -- next on Daylon. -- they certainly aren't sure what's up I -- I absolutely agree with everything that you had. Believe it's taken a step further I think are pretty direct talks offered. Let her four year seven million it hopes that you wouldn't take out -- and Jakarta compact it showed yesterday what kind of that he's bigger -- -- tortured and I don't wanna called bumper god not upon is that good pitcher but it's like him. And I think all of a part of that game he would. -- quote they didn't have a catcher. Recruit well -- it's doing in the. -- stop stop with Scott yes. I mean yeah he's got nothing on the line here himself he's a free agent out of the year so we just couldn't rule all. He went into. It. And let her so we just couldn't just let it grow it just nice to him. Portland. And I. -- -- -- -- -- -- Let me just -- -- -- political opera like the actual number that does not. In Lebanon. Let's just hustles up please please go to when what I want to make serious and the Red Sox. You don't believe the Red Sox have a desire to bring back Jon Lester that I'll let I'll -- -- warrior I don't know you know bad negotiating about our business I don't know I have no idea I have no idea Jack got -- I don't know why they gave that offer but I. I think they do want Jon Lester back because -- if your if your plan is if your plan is. Max Scherzer. -- you you offered a guy who was on the level with Max Scherzer you've offered him seventy million dollars. Because you don't want and take it. But I don't wind up paying Max Scherzer -- more than a 104 twice that much what -- why -- president's own. Fear. Do you think you don't there's still no I'm not don't dance would be howling and we know each other too long we -- -- eligible I think it's a you think it's a good idea and a I hear you think it's a good idea to let Jon Lester while. I do OK well let go of the. Option -- here is that Lester just had a bad day. He's been pretty darn good his numbers don't necessarily show that as far as is win loss record because. This team around him hasn't been very good but these guys aren't machines even the best pitchers in the world go out and you know -- not every once that law. He didn't look like himself yesterday I don't care who was catch -- on you know if David Ross was behind the plate. I don't think that that -- was gonna be any better. In the his cutter was just flat. And he threw too many pitches right out over the middle plate nothing was working form and he couldn't find a -- I'm waiting on all of that but this idea that he that he was pissed off to -- on -- not a chance in hell I mean yeah he's got nothing right now on this right. Those guys. Above everything else that with the amount of money that's in the game today and and god love them get as much money he can't. But sometimes when you're a multi multi millionaire sometimes the only -- new walked to the ballpark with is your own personal pride. That's what you see out on the mound and says. I have to perform today in front of 40000 people the stands and how many people -- a lot to me because of -- -- balls down the middle they get hit out glanced down. I looked pretty stupid and I don't look like a ballplayer I have to listen to all day tomorrow. On shows like this you show up with your personal pride if there's nothing else dale and -- Steve Lyons -- while Sports Radio WEEI.

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