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Picard says Doug Hamilton will be an All Star

May 23, 2014|

Next season could be big if Danny Picard's prediction turns out to be true. He and Mike Giardi also take a look at Shawn Thorton and the rest of the 4th line.

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You've got this on the iPod Michael throughout the Dolly this week -- absolutely without a crowd loves this stuff at all. Odd. I got my -- -- ready. My -- soccer. Now. -- -- Do you got for the Memorial Day we but he. And not yet not a whole lot of not alone and a unhittable art one that they're looking -- my where I'm working on made -- in my -- Monday well. We hit til two today phone lines are open for his 6177797. 9376177797937. Texted 37. 937 couple hockey notes for -- okay. Chris Kelly yeah. Underwent back surgery today and it herniated -- I don't wish back surgery on anyone I guess I sound like I've had and I haven't knock on wood. I don't wish I had a surgery on anyone but it's I'm glad that. His actions had nothing to do with filming in the new Whitey Bulger -- Because I didn't know aerial has a comedy was off -- -- for a movie I'm glad to know that was the case for us Florida six weeks recovery didn't think he'd be in the mean. Now. Talk about it that's after awhile they said back spasms and a regular season now after awhile it was when he was not on the eyes -- -- -- Yeah. I didn't nobody said that nobody home I thought he'd be back. Annual humorous in the mid may the first two games against the Canadian man -- well on other people into vs two games against the Canadians yes. Full Apollo like also launcher now forfeit nine. And it was really game one McChrystal hack but some do what they -- is over putted up no lag Chris -- on my favorite place in the team and I don't text earliest that the. Do you like that you did you had this like any other Red Sox yeah. -- just like getting out you lie I. A couple I I don't know it was not a Bruins be diluted also. Had surgery on his left wrist. I'm he is also expected to be ready to go return the Bruins want and what they want him fight not that risk is -- don't wanna bring back John thought. Clark is in Weymouth with -- Clark. I looked up I don't comment. How much that. I looked like parties aren't talking much more important important not exactly sure -- -- -- him about it QB situation where they could bring him back. And could turn a bit like back at. -- I -- -- -- ebony and all the time great and you know what he's going into game -- battle electric tot he won't back up and you think you might adopt strict account. Each played a -- at all. 5060. Yeah you know going to be lying or not somebody else while velocity you know any. Exactly I don't want anyone else fight my battles but Shawn Thornton the ones and I know this certain guys that won't fight Thornton. Because they're not as -- -- fighter. As they may be but trust is -- and -- are -- -- this year it was a good fight it was one of the more defense of fight to -- managed the that we don't you are correct as breast. Russell fight but -- penalized by tying up -- -- because stats John thought will be -- pretty. I -- she thought flight knowledge battles at that you can bring them back for 82 for the regular season and -- idea that leader. Look for for all the times where and thanks called the clock for all the things that we knock about him now. But not want to bring them back will not me -- of people but the all the things -- people knock them on. The mostly flavors and regular season against what they -- the best in hockey. They. Don't you can't sit out of the president's trophy. I mean if you could Iowa -- you know what what you sign a sound like into -- what is the first place. I don't really care about the president's trophy at a care about it the time I have right now is on the winning the Bruins on the cut. The Bruins play and I told your garlic salt as I told you were gonna wake -- I said before did the plaza beside it where one of the cup because of the young defense. So I really give a crap who was playing on the fourth. Speaking of young defenseman. I believe I tease my -- but on the other defense argued. -- yes as I guarantee this over the weekend to I want irritant to rethink -- Hamilton will be in the all star game next. That's by. Prediction and operation parity. Evening Alison at the stone cold lock dog -- Hamilton he showed me. A -- something up that I did it wasn't that bright in places I don't think he had this in his toolbox. I didn't think when push came to shove and you need to make the first -- I didn't think he'd be the dynamic in the first it. That's who was making the first -- Boy Doug Hamilton. And -- when he got his daddy gotta allow time to get so it's not a long way to I think if he continues to. Progress at the level he did especially late in the year. That last time he got that down. Had more to do with the other guys but I bids it feel like he came back a different guy after. -- and I also think and here's -- and I also think. And you've worked enough locker rooms. And put deer in the microphone recorder front some and -- And I agree with my on -- and yes on. Batted like I got an NFL network needed an attack in Houston Texans locker room pretty much put it right and JJ watts face pretty shameless act. You gotta you've got to promote in that locker room now. But there are many guys so -- Letterman jackets don't still windows to make the Texans a couple of years where on the Letterman jacket a stupid. I love I think -- -- like two games since you. Curse of the -- jacket and -- whatever that there's are a couple of those Texans not on the way out of -- -- wonder why are there moderate but up. I'm sorry not that's all right I remember this and you're talking about Doug Hamilton. And you were talking about the how when he was scratched here for a couple games I think in -- -- are not -- Amen to Boston where a lot of accolades and you resist to use like cut about everybody else. Interiors. And it comes and I plays a replacement. December here are fantastic decent rookie year. Some of musicality issues but you say you know because -- confidence issue and a guy's gonna go to body and I remember talking and -- During the course of the year and even in the post season. You know you lose on the ice. And cover -- on the back door. The only yen -- the renters in that series -- years ago. And -- very emotional locker room now's Bruce the end of this post season run Bruins ranges playoffs now. This year early in the year talk Condo building get that sense of like. You know like -- and feel it all somebody in the year. I think his confidence grew so much that it showed with all of didn't show on the ice it showed in the room. I. Was like -- not only can I play at this level but I can play at a really high level at this level I just felt like. There was a little connection there with his confidence -- his words that went along with his -- And it was nice -- -- because you can just see the young it's the young man develop into -- do a real man at that level. And now being guy that you say. The projections are right when niceties mean number one defenseman in less he'd. Meant to leak checks out there's no reason why shouldn't. You know we know we -- again with Doug Hamilton. When the puck was on his stick. -- offensive defenseman type I think somebody that could you know what we call the puck movement yes that is you know me you know I hate that. -- -- I've been covered hockey that's what people been looking for ought to look at sport again by all or don't you bump him I don't weakest link to the Bruins it is. Their ability to get out of the zone quickly which means what. Yeah it out of -- puck moving defense look I'm not a black college guy. -- -- -- But toasty maybe better than anyone on the team and take the puck through the noodles alone. All the the Blue Line to create possession honestly is the reason the Bruins keep them I would be -- and try to trade him at the deadline next yeah. The problem that is heard -- possession is. Got him at the right decision to come out of the zone on his own. And letting up -- flip it up to mock up -- -- pop fly out and vocalizing it on its own. Not. -- Yeah. But Doug Hamilton when I don't we go again with him offensively the question was. What about the -- confidence and you know maybe ultimately. And the biggest thing is -- defensively. What did you see missed it this team was built to win defense of hockey games. Doug Hamilton and what the defense to break on -- he got that one bad at neutral zone pinch in game three you know. That -- if there's one day I go back to. Aunts and wish I could take back and I beat the Bruins probably feel the same way. It's that game three Montreal. Because they had the worst mindset I have ever seen a hockey team have -- history playoffs which was where I don't want a Montreal. We know all that the rafts. -- historically. -- -- Favour of the Canadians. And it got to put us in the penalty box any minor contact so we're aware that. What we're gonna try to do the opening face -- is stay out of the penalty box and Mike -- you know best and everybody else that watches these team. 82 games of the regular season -- On the Bruins are at their best. Their -- I don't know -- goal now if finishing checks and they're probably gonna get some penalties play that way. But they have confident that the gonna kill the penalty off rather than be scared to make the. Except they weren't confident that because there and have the first two games getting killed or not public yes yeah I go back to -- whole concept of speed vs to the county. I'm reminded of the herb Brooks a miracle play your game. Over and over again play your game they're playing their game. Are certainly not for long enough stretches in that series which is why I thought they were closed at six and I thought they were gonna lose game seven I had no confidence. And I did not believe there are going to be the Canadians it's a commercial the midway through that series -- but you're not you're not playing like you just I don't. It's yet commercially -- Barbara you have to see. The commercial and coaches in the room says bank. Remember that movie that we watched. Any game that pep talk before the game and a -- sad and controversial at all helpful and under I mean the breakdowns. Defensively. This team is what caused the Bruins. This series -- By the way -- -- talk about a mindset in game three. I'm a -- -- guy. May I don't always turn me into one yes I noticed -- into oracle guy absolutely. And it's the I think he handles all this stuff that comes of the Boston market which I think again. Some people discount that I think it's pretty important. I also think he's a good coach of the good guys played form. He set the tone for that. He was talking about the officials before the series are always and then and then -- between games two and three. Holy crap don't do it he put it. You put it out there for -- any left -- trying to influence there is trying to influence the league and the officials are going to be on that game don't call it. Like we know you're gonna call but it put it ahead of his own got I don't -- I play I -- play like dog trying to game three and they played a dog crap game six I think they felt like they're gonna get the same exact treatment again. Even though in -- for how many calls what they -- many right what -- what would it but they went into game six of the same mentality the same as well you know how it's gonna be a Montreal were up 320. -- senator. I want this to -- seven. You burn that game three tapes so fast affect you know do we only Saddam. They got to restore -- I get to Wilmington Thomas did they direct credit god Matt where have you gone back to god to pull her body up and put the -- -- I don't know not you -- deal like that -- on fire prone to trespass he get the teams stand around and -- after the morning that that is -- -- stretch and T shirt and shorts and stretch around the game. Three a year in Montreal that point so you go out the saint Catherine's street. And used -- -- stretched around the burning game tape of game three that was an awful mentality. And I know that Doug Hamilton had that defense to break down in that game now PK coming out of the penalty box. Right first I've never seen. The neutral zone. Cross ice pitch anyway it's not all. Oh yeah I I don't know like well why they went. -- law I can't send them on auto off the weather. 78 says 78 Julian negatives teams ready for game -- What do we watch it. They want the game seven to 2011. On not moment of the night they play game seven. Against Iran note two years ago when they're now afford -- one it's by the way I mean miraculous comeback but they wanted to interrupt and so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Isn't the most frustrating part about the Bruins not plan right now. And the Canadians playing against the Rangers. Is that did stick it did six of seven. I don't think the bruins' outside of those people to break those couple depends breakdowns and missed opportunity. The sixty minute efforts games six and seven I don't think they played that bad. Have -- and accurately. -- almost to me as -- aren't giving credit -- -- I won't give credit to Montreal for game three and at the Bruins that was. That was not really talkative but I thought in game six and seven the Canadians did everything. The Bruins wanted to do and I didn't think they had that in their toolbox which is finished checks more on the Bruins did -- block every shot. Thomas what candidates with -- -- -- -- when his turtleneck. I mean. They would do and they sold out and I was there look I said wow and I look back -- game during and I say that can happen you can't let you -- -- a playoff game with that mindset. Montreal. Was cooked him bacon eggs the -- kitchen before the series it restarted which again. Who would've thought that Wright was good when you when answers to -- the better team. I don't know people that pick Montreal win. Well I thought these people that say -- action plan a -- line. Well you know what happens anyplace stop plays in the -- finder in the playoffs I'm Mike Richards got to what's what's toilets don't that I yeah. There's golf on ideas maybe not the same course as the Bruins probably not. Collect and big check to troop that I -- three years. I'm not company that neither you know neither are you not yet at least we -- until 2 o'clock phone lines are open for -- 617779. 793761777979837. On the Cape -- He is my GI from Comcast sports net back at this time.

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