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Drew to play SS, Bogaerts to 3rd; What about Middlebrooks? 5-23-2014

May 23, 2014|

Middlebrooks will presumably be the odd man out even when he returns from the DL. Do the Red Sox still see him as the prospect that looked so promising during his rookie season?

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-- and Matsui picked prodigy got on day -- you look like GI. Michael -- a former colleague of lines from Comcast sports and linger on and along get a used a lot -- yet Patriots OTAs coming up we'll get. This and Patriots property and it was Belichick comments that I just mentioned. Will continue to talk Red Sox I see Red Sox calls I'll take images the second. On make sure you get -- and 61777979837. Will get to that NBA breaking news as well before we sign off and Mike G Roddy has. Interesting Johnny man's -- story that will get to later on as well bit. Now compared Johnny Mitchell to Brett Favre we just didn't know they were gonna do in this fashion so. Where it -- today. Johnnie van Zeller and some hockey because I know Mike you watch that Rangers Canadiens game last night the same way I watched that most people. In New England might have watched it which was why isn't. This the Bruins and the New York Rangers who get hockey at some point right now taken -- Red Sox calls still Dave is in Natick what's up Dave. -- -- -- -- a chance we -- and Chris have towards our -- that chance again just a -- I blew away you know I tell you stole -- under on a text and even texted as a model on and address via. I'll tell you have -- -- two years ago. Too bad now I'm not I'm idolize -- in the in the past but I think you wanna live in the future with potential trades -- what you got. Exactly I mean IE I can't believe I'm sitting here watching the -- team to win the championship last year they they they just whack everything right now. They lack -- relaxed the deal that defense. What I'd like to do sort should be bring up Christian Vasquez put it behind the plate and -- things. Them play in the Yadier Molina immediately or broken even look at it now. Did you commemorative ring the other night they want them to be a mild day and -- -- ought to read that you got a commemorative ring yemenite. Noise -- -- -- should get you want to -- that's a great point banks of the Christian that I it's great I was gonna bring up Christian Vasquez as a lot of my opening segment that we talked about. This team moving on to the kids while I was an advocate actors and the whole again since -- thing last night just what they've become a mid market that's. Is mid market or is it. Is needing to at some point with the top prospects. He is what -- -- -- like AI don't apply -- like I can regulate them do like the -- that's Lisa I did you know like that's opened the door for -- baskets. Open the golfer that was that might say yeah. So why not not Christian Vasquez. The Red Sox organization OK you know what he is. They caught they consider him to be and this is a little inside information on area and I'm not done without. They consider Christian -- to be the next idea Molina. -- -- -- That. Going into the Pierzynski shot and they only gonna sign somebody for one year you know like they believe Christian Vasquez could be Major League ready by June. You know it's date may twenty and may 23 and you know what that also is a commitment to the kids so Nadal on May twenty yard. At the seems Stephen Drew signing I'm not even sure they consider that plan -- plan anymore. Welker basket because I don't know what they do with the kids because clearly they haven't committed. To the original plan which I thought was moving on to middle Brooks bulldogs Bradley how I -- okay. However basket however. In defense of Christian Vasquez or move like that. Because of his defensive skills which are and clearly way ahead of his offensive skills of fifty home runs and RBIs and that this year. He's got his -- Freddy's known for throwing guys -- -- out there and I don't understand you don't be outstanding defense we have the medal. Vasquez Pedroia threw. And if you projecting. On committed to get it sounds like it sounds like Dave was to I think it's a great plan. I what they do it Stephen directed -- -- what you're committed to the kids but you're gonna trade for pitching which is gonna have to give up some -- committed to the kids that we are ready to see at the Major League level right now BC's. So yours right and that's what I'm that's it and don't look they did. Always bonds Varnado if you would why are those guys -- on the agenda at the 2014. Where they if they were I didn't get that list in my -- -- I don't even have a factors. That in itself out of the net at that I'm not. Like California avail -- can't go to these cars Phillies Salem does you've got mail I did it's I did hit a couple months sit next yet. I haven't sat next -- Number. What's up -- just wanna say hi my -- Tommy Garnett might Yani talking Espinosa Sami you know. But no commitment to kids I think was a plan from the beginning and got away from that a little bit but I think going and you knew it was going to be struggle right. Did you know who's going to be stroke -- my biggest thing but the commitment to its theory is that I wanted to see them stick with the kids through -- That's what I wanna see them do. I think that's the only way elect if this organization didn't stick with the kids they're tough times news via Dustin Pedroia. What do the second baseman you'd be roll out Alex Cora when he and you know in his wheelchair at 45. If that's we all wanted to get all -- I might -- all on Alex -- to be the second baseman. -- -- that every started because I'm I'm guilty of it. That whole first month that Pedroia got called up in 2007. It was the worst month I've never seen a professional -- out he'll probably tell you but just as bad as when I was watching. But at and I'm guilty this I don't not sit down and go out and watching a stick -- them. And they did a good decision got to stick with the kids their time to stroke it there's there when he's got to stick Jackie Bradley not too. But they believe drought high ceiling so they stayed let them. They believe Bogart's as a high ceiling -- sticking with him maybe not at the position you'd like them to be sticking with Matt and what they're sticking with a -- a -- up -- taken up an ambassador Allen in terms of us in terms of with a bat so bad. I don't know I -- on will -- He wasn't a top prospect and his organization. He doesn't let me ask you this do you think Evan had a tradeoff for somebody to Red Sox in which they got a call -- -- that he's -- his dad's been OLE. Not this that the other thing oblong world number. And he said not can't trade will remember you ever think he rejected trade which middle Burke was involved in. Yeah probably okay. So they did think that this kid was gonna be -- ball like three years ago. But but as we haven't seen for 463 hours ago to know all official we have read all of this brings about he strikes out too much doesn't block and not. You know there are things frustrating with Emmitt played but he still young kid who's won at the Major League level that I think has shown signs that if he can't play in a -- season. -- you quote yes. I gotta be inspired Alex beer I will be there aren't EI dot com on ready for inspiration. Story on woman rooks. Headline I haven't shown where I am I I'd tease -- -- try to not to by the woman wrote six -- certain situation here's my. My favorite quote. He had to do what it had to do I understand that it's about us. It's not about will. Stop right there. It's not about will own wooden as says it works. He got their -- months. Why agree with their resilience and bodies. I think he's got that much himself does that present. I -- lighter -- I would've chosen some different word that far am I feel like the world's against will Mel Brooks yet clearly you do then I'm sort of I sort of got his back. It's not because he was itself the I got his back I don't. You gotta be are you gonna drive in the airport when he is traded. You gonna have a tearful farewell. Well who are we talking about -- and hung it out. Whose gonna trip remembrance without them if its -- -- this like deer are not you could straighten will -- -- -- sounds great in a perfect world. And that I pull down an example for our results and I drive to the airport if the right guys comment. But I'm not the right guys coming RG upset -- made it pretty clear. It was Bob form -- Cowboys plan we come -- -- what -- get it becomes this and it's and this is my issue with the whole thing. You gonna do the same thing next year going into the season. When Gilbert is a third baseman a bowl got a shortstop because if you thought there's no reason to mess with that right now what -- -- -- and go back when when Matt Roberts is ranked. That's wild thing I do -- do this again next year at shortstop has again who's the next year is -- got his first full year at short that's what's gonna happen. He's got to make some errors just got to make some mistakes is a learning process here. And it's not just as an. Issue two with a young kids and committed to the kids and the mistakes. And you you know may be looking like somebody has still has some work to do what is certain area. This isn't as you get -- -- -- opportunity in the big points. This is Boston. This is Fenway Park the Red Sox. This is you've shown up in Colorado San avenue or -- and -- -- -- it take a couple of acts on the -- and of mistakes happen they happen. Mistakes if we're going to be all be by next day. And this is a tough place to play and we always say that about guys well. It really speaks to the fact that he's now it will turn those struggles and help in in infielder around. And really shown me that he can still be locked in the play. Okay but you're writing off the fact that -- Brooks other than the first two months that he was up here. Has been there. At 220 hitter I'm not right off. But I'm not willing to for a taught one of the top prospects in the organization at one point they don't even admitted when. -- let's go back to that and that point. At that point that was before. Renato Owens Barnes. I'm in order to. Succeed beaten. Torn on that list. Well let's change but at the gift yourself and your system is this isn't a lot better than it was looked -- Injuries at middle Brooks of frustrated again it I have a tough time just sitting in knocking guys because they get injured I mean it's no stuff happens. Guys have some bad luck out there may Alberts has had more bad luck and it seems really most people on this Ross the last couple years but I am not 11 thing I don't wanna be. Wanna do I'm not where did you. Look at our young top prospect and say this is what -- is based on on what a small sample size. I sort of wanna give it a shot for an entire season. Even if he goes down on the fifteen day DL again. Once somebody and make sure you stick with him I just. I have a commitment to the kids that I didn't necessarily wanna have a couple years ago but it's been forced upon me and now it's here. I disagree with -- What we get away from. -- from the from the four won the re did -- make. Mike from I think is full practice to strolled up the screen out but basically saying. How would you feel if you're a veteran player and you're watching these young kids make mistakes and you're trying to win now. It's frustrating but you know what that was the way the organization was Colin. And and you've got to hold -- they work on that let our bench Eric it'd it'd too much it's not critical as it is the deal. If anybody in that clubhouse right. It was a set with football gods had to say -- -- is not happy critical OT sounds a lot and he said it was a tough day. And you know what you want. He wasn't talking about the -- you know now what is -- topic tiger but the errors now he was talking about the fact that he. And the realization that they brought somebody in the play the position. That he loves client is all about -- that he's on the record I've sat there in the dugout right next on what he says Nona and on the shorts and a Rollins -- No ish in that room should be mad at him being frustrated with its -- I don't want anybody art because of anybody in that room. If anybody in that role in his shoes and they brought somebody and they'd be they'd be pretty pissed off too. Absolutely so it was it was a player who was a little bit older. That have been more vocal about it in a negative way. -- spoken an emotional yet measured. Clearly I'm hurt by it I'm not delighted I am not hurt Biden. But. What's best for the team. He also -- -- refer to himself and their personnel hit didn't Nelly is involved in what's up -- I like. I DA is utes really. Root for while I'm on Italian. It came with both that. You know -- Just. -- happy ain't nobody happy. Alexandra Stevenson baseball there -- the few exceptions people thought the pitcher. They wanted true say they are comfortable little. I happened that they both got -- going to be great -- back and he might be able an actual third baseman he doesn't think so. But it's not Everett hit that ball not get until. -- you're speaking my language right now. These -- she's actually really the ability to actually write the pitchers I want us to grow and you know what did you ever wanted drew. Let's see what are the older one of them missed him you know he didn't want. Durham -- so is it wanna lose the Boris. But the GM wanted drew all along with pitching staff wanna draw along and guess what. We suck -- left side of the infield right now so guess what we're gonna do -- swallow hard and get worse on the phone. Cheap -- imagine -- can also play short and really mentions that the pitches. Want a comfort level of drew behind them. Up the -- and -- and -- I and I are out at I'd be more concerned about my comfort level about strike but I don't like. Team. Did not call on the game and look I like to present its job last game I like person he's not a rookie comes in and he throws what he wants to throw when he wants to throw. -- I agree is so he's a bull headed -- yesterday because. Wanted to products out with a fastball and that's their receipt on a regular -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You'll pick John must've felt uncomfortable -- your head out of your ass stuff like that becomes downright -- right now I did it should be effective. I agree. In fact I think this. You're trying to make equation that comfort with the catcher. Is the same -- the cover with -- shortstop and I'll say it shouldn't be that way because the pitcher is the one who controls the game from out there on -- when the ball gets put in play. And his left side of the -- get anything. I'm saying that -- comfort level should matter at all I agree. The fact that Jon -- draw is stop him thrown fastballs and fastballs in yesterday in the first to win and I won't mix up at all because he does have good secondary stuff may -- doesn't. Wanna admit that up or even short that he does because he does have good secondary stuff especially outside the right handed hitters but. You're right he shouldn't that shouldn't be affected but the real like part of it is it is a fact. There shouldn't affect that's an -- that the comfort level what's up the middle he was a -- that shouldn't be an issue but it is -- -- But. Pierzynski. I got the plan was to replace him with young kid and baskets at some. And I got the plan was also the ball got to remain at shortstop. Even through times of. It's pretty clear that and no matter what they say about Bogart's will be -- not that it feels that way otherwise it would -- -- column. I guess Stephen Drew. In uniform. And finally get in -- -- they they got in any organization when will receive Stephen Drew. In an actual Red Sox uniform playing a minor leagues now has 25 and progress could be fun. Big will can be always and I thought about it and look at the McCord -- -- that he can't edited book became. We can't the mark this is going to be among point. 61777979837. On Danny Picard he is my GI do you -- -- -- to go back after this time out.

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